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"Colombia is now the third largest recipient of U.S. military aid after Israel and Egypt. Direct U.S. military intervention looms on the horizon for this region (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), which exports more oil to the U.S. than the entire Middle East." -- CovertAction Quarterly magazine, Fall/Winter 1999, p16



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November 21, 2018

Nov 21 12:22

Malware Posing As Innocent Games Downloaded By Millions Of Android Users

It seems like Google’s crackdown on developers and refining the Play Store was only a drop in the bucket; the problem seems much bigger than anticipated.

Today, a security researcher at ESET, Lukas Stefanko, called out thirteen Google Play Store apps which were originally malware disguising themselves under the name of the driving game for Android.

The Android apps which ranked on the Google Play Store with installs more than 580,000 were removed by Google as soon as the news the broke out.

Nov 21 12:20

Stock Markets Remains Extremely Overvalued – Hussman

Let’s be clear. October’s market decline was a rather mild warning shot. At its lowest close, the S&P 500 lost -9.9% from its September peak, before rebounding in recent sessions. As I noted during the 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 collapses, intermittent “fast, furious, prone-to-failure” rebounds are among the factors that encourage investors to hold on through the entirety of major declines. After particularly severe down-legs in the market (which we have not yet observed), these rebounds can extend for weeks, and sometimes approach gains of as much as 19% before the market plunges again.

Nov 21 12:19

Trump says he ‘does not know anything’ about Assange, gets called out on hypocrisy

President Donald Trump said he doesn’t “know much” about WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, dodging a reporter’s question on whether the editor should go free. The claim follows reports that the US has secretly charged Assange.

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday, Trump produced a stunning claim, saying that he has a very superficial knowledge about the most famous self-exiled fugitive in the world.

Nov 21 12:19

Israel to turn to U.S. government over Airbnb removal of settlement listings

Israel plans to consult with the U.S. government over a decision by home-renting company AirBnB Inc to remove listings in Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, a cabinet minister said on Tuesday.

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Nov 21 12:16

After Airbnb, Booking.com asked to remove West Bank listings

Rights activists on Tuesday urged Booking.com to follow the example of Airbnb and withdraw listings for rentals in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, even as Israel called the move "disgusting" and threatened legal action.

Airbnb said Monday it will remove such listings, just ahead of the release of a Human Rights Watch report criticising the inclusion of settlements.

Israel strongly denounced Airbnb's decision and threatened legal action against the company, while Palestinian officials welcomed it.

The US-based rights group HRW issued its report on Tuesday and called on Booking.com to follow Airbnb's "positive step".

Nov 21 12:15

More British troops to be deployed to Ukraine in face of threat from Russia, MoD to announce

Britain will increase military support for Ukraine as the country continues to face Russian aggression, the Defence Secretary will announce today.

Additional troops and a Royal Navy ship will be deployed to Ukraine to defend “freedom and democracy”.

Ukrainian Special Forces and Marines will be trained by British personnel and HMS Echo, a Royal Navy hydrographic survey ship with a company of 72, will deploy to the region.

“As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, it will find a steadfast partner in the United Kingdom,” Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, will say.

Nov 21 12:15

Planet of War

American militarism has gone off the rails -- and this middling career officer should have seen it coming. Earlier in this century, the U.S. military not surprisingly focused on counterinsurgency as it faced various indecisive and seemingly unending wars across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa. Back in 2008, when I was still a captain newly returned from Iraq and studying at Fort Knox, Kentucky, our training scenarios generally focused on urban combat and what were called security and stabilization missions. We’d plan to assault some notional city center, destroy the enemy fighters there, and then transition to pacification and “humanitarian” operations.

Nov 21 12:14

North Korea blows up 10 guard posts to ease tensions with South

North Korea on Tuesday blew up some of its front-line guard posts as part of an agreement to ease tensions along its heavily fortified border with South Korea, Seoul’s Defense Ministry said.

In September, the Koreas’ militaries agreed at a leaders’ summit in Pyongyang to eventually dismantle all guard posts inside the 248-kilometer (155-mile) -long, 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) -wide border. They later withdrew weapons and troops from 11 of their guard posts and decided to completely dismantle 10 of them by the end of November.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry said it confirmed the dismantling of 10 North Korean guard posts on Tuesday. A ministry statement said North Korea had informed the South of its plans in advance.

South Korea began dismantling 10 of its guard posts with dynamite and excavators last week. Ministry officials said Tuesday that they haven’t completed the demolitions yet.

Nov 21 12:13


The meeting in Dallas the night before the assassination included:

H.L. Hunt
J. Edgar Hoover
Richard Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson

…At the home of Clint Murchison, the Texas oil tycoon.

Murchison owned J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, and State of Texas law enforcement and stood to lose a fortune if Kennedy changed the oil depletion allowance and faced the very real possibility of jail time should then-Vice President Johnson be indicted, which gave the appearance of being a certainty.

Nixon and others involved claimed not to remember where he was that night.

The fingerprint found in the Book Depository sniper’s nest and suppressed by the FBI belonged to LBJ’s henchman who was convicted in at least one murder and was suspected of committing several others on Johnson’s behalf.

Nov 21 12:13

UK to Send Marines, Warship to Ukraine for Sake of 'Democracy' - Reports

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson will reaffirm Britain’s commitment to Ukraine during a visit to Kiev.

The United Kingdom will ramp up its military assistance to Ukraine, deploying additional troops and a Royal Navy ship to defend 'freedom and democracy,' Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson will announce on Wednesday, The Telegraph wrote.

Ukrainian Special Forces and Marines will be trained by British personnel and HMS Echo, a Royal Navy hydrographic survey ship with a company of 72, will deploy to the region.

“As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, it will find a steadfast partner in the United Kingdom,” Williamson will say.

Nov 21 12:12

EXCLUSIVE: Khan’s London City Hall Scraps Female Showers, Goes ‘Gender Neutral’

Sadiq Khan’s City Hall has replaced female toilets and shower rooms with “gender neutral” facilities, Breitbart London can reveal, prompting concerns the changes will be rolled out across the city and possibly put biological women at risk.

Sources inside the headquarters of the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the Mayor of London’s offices say the changes have been made in some of the staff areas on the upper floors.

Images passed to Breitbart London show new signs, which are claimed to have appeared this week, reading “Gender Neutral Toilets and Showers.” Some of the men’s toilets, with urinals, are still marked as for men.

The shower rooms have always been available to both men and women, but the sign on the door previously showed a man and a woman. The female toilets were previously marked as for females.

Nov 21 12:11

‘Lock Her Up!’ Liberal Pundits, Entertainers Target Ivanka Trump over Private Email

Left-wing pundits, activists, and entertainers attacked senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump following reports she used a personal email account to conduct government business, with some calling for her to be fired from the administration and imprisoned.

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business from a personal email account last year, the Washington Post reported Monday.

The emails were sent to White House aides, Cabinet members, and Ivanka Trump’s assistants, many in violation of public records rules, the paper said. The emails the group uncovered include correspondence between Ivanka Trump and Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But none of Ivanka's emails were classified, unlike Hillary, and also unlike Hillary, Ivanka did not have her own email server set up in her home.

Nov 21 12:09

Dershowitz: Shouldn’t Criminalize Private Email Use by Hillary or Ivanka, ‘Hypocrisy on Parade’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz argued that private email use shouldn’t be criminalized, whether the email use was done by Hillary Clinton or Ivanka Trump and criticized the “hypocrisy on parade.”

Dershowitz said, “I think it’s hypocrisy on parade. Each side uses whatever arguments they can to help and bolster their partisan position. Look, everybody uses private emails. We now have a list of probably a dozen people in public life who have used emails. Apparently, Ivanka Trump used the emails only for scheduling purposes. There was no classified material. The emails are all preserved. It’s a non-issue. It’s just partisan bickering. We should not be criminalizing the use of private emails, whether by Hillary Clinton or by Ivanka Trump.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A Title 18 violation is a Title 18 violation, Alan.

Nov 21 12:08

UN environment head resigns after spending almost $500,000 on air travel in less than 2 years

The head of United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has stepped down after racking up $488,518 in air travel and hotel costs. An audit has called his globe-trotting extravaganza a “reputation risk.”

Erik Solheim, Norway’s former environment minister and the head of UNEP since 2016, found himself in the midst of a controversy in September, when it was revealed that he was away from UNEP’s headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, some 80 percent of the time. A preliminary report on him prepared by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) was leaked to The Guardian, detailing the official’s exorbitant traveling spend, which accounted for 529 days out of 668 that had been audited.

Nov 21 12:07

FLASHBACK - Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Uncovered, Reveal Additional Mishandling of Classified Information

Judicial Watch today released 1,617 new pages of documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing numerous additional examples of classified information being transmitted through the unsecure, non-state.gov account of Huma Abedin, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, as well as many instances of Hillary Clinton donors receiving special favors from the State Department.

The documents included 97 email exchanges with Clinton not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 627 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over, and further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails had been turned over to department.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!!! Look at Ivanka's use of private email, not Hillary's!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Hitlery

Nov 21 12:06

Mexican Journalist on the ground lays out exactly what is going on with the caravan including:


-> Children accompanied by women that are NOT their mothers
-> Caravan migrants are ARMED with glocks & AR-15s
-> Violence in Tijuana started by woman in caravan

Nov 21 11:56

Global Compact for Migration

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is expected to be the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner. It presents a significant opportunity to improve the governance on migration, to address the challenges associated with today’s migration, and to strengthen the contribution of migrants and migration to sustainable development. The process to develop this Global Compact for Migration started in April 2017. The General Assembly will then hold an intergovernmental conference on international migration in December 2018 with a view to adopting the Global Compact.

Nov 21 11:55

The Stories Continue.....

A Romaine Lettuce E. coli Alert, right before the US holiday, started this rumination. That aside, wishing all a convivial and Happy Thanksgiving!

Endemic Diseases Brought across the Borders... Illegals, Migrant Workers, Food Handlers... Real World Anecdote

Free-access borders to Cent.Americans, Islamic world migrants... bring in intestinal parasites (E. coli, hook worm, tape worm, amoebic dysentery, etc.) Plus un-treatable TB, scabies, typhus, cholera, rodent-host diseases...)

Those living in conditions where parasites are the norm tend to have high infant mortality rate. Those not eliminated from the gene pool may be under-nourished.

Nov 21 11:52

Bipartisan Panel: US Must Prepare for 'Horrendous,' 'Devastating' War With Russia and China

A bipartisan commission appointed by Congress issued a lengthy report Tuesday backing the Pentagon’s plans to prepare for a “great-power” war against Russia, China, or both, making clear that the Trump administration’s belligerent policies are shared by the Democratic Party.

Safe in the knowledge that its findings will never be seriously reported by the mass media, the authors of this report do not mince words about what such a war will mean. A war between the United States and China, which according to the report might break out within four years, will be “horrendous” and “devastating.” The military will “face greater losses than at any time in decades.” Such a war could lead to “rapid nuclear escalation,” and American civilians will be attacked and likely killed.

Nov 21 11:51

Unpleasant truth: 1941 parachuting of Rudolf Hess in England

We have to keep in mind that our knowledge of the Second World War was mostly redacted by American and Western historians that carried over time a deeply fake idea of reality. In an ironic way, this makes of history a very interesting and lively subject today, since this overall incomprehension of WW2 allows a researcher to solve in July 2018 an event like the parachuting of Rudolf Hess in England on May 10th 1941, which has remained an event shrouded in mystery for 77 years.

Its complexity and huge historical ramifications make it the most interesting enigma that we have left from the worst war that the world has ever known. If the event didn’t hide vital information, the British government would’ve revealed a long time ago its classified documents on the matter. For Hess’ landing in England isn’t a simple war spy flick, it’s actually at the heart of the shaping of our world. And Rudolf knew it.

Nov 21 11:50

Ecuador won’t last forever: Assange will likely stand trial in US, ex-CIA director says

Julian Assange can’t stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London forever – and when he finally does leave, he’ll likely be extradited to the US, former CIA director John Brennan mused in a recent interview.

Asked by MSNBC’s Brian Williams on Monday if he thought “we’ll ever seen Julian Assange on American soil” or “inside an American courtroom,” the Obama-era top spook responded in the affirmative.

Nov 21 11:49


Nov 21 11:49

Obama backs Pelosi ahead of her bid for House gavel

Former US President Barrack Obama has thrown his support behind the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, before her new bid for speakership in the wake of victory in the midterms elections.

"I think Nancy Pelosi, when the history is written, will go down as one of the most effective legislative leaders that this country's ever seen," Obama told "The Axe Files" podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN, calling her an "extraordinary partner."

When Democrats take control in the House, Pelosi would need 218 votes to become the speaker.

Nov 21 11:48

Israel Is Now Powerless – Palestine Is Inevitable

The current military-political doctrine of the Israeli leadership is based on the continuation of the occupation of the Syrian and Palestinian territories occupied by the state of Israel, which requires constant violence and acts of international aggression and state terrorism against the population of the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Syria and Iran.

Also, the military-political doctrine of the leadership of Israel requires impunity, and no losses. Israeli society is not prepared for any losses. Israeli moms love when their children dress in a beautiful green uniform, eat in army canteens and kill Arabs, but they don’t like their children being killed in a war.

From a historical point of view, when citizens of a state are not ready to die for their country, such states die (as an example, Byzantium, whose walls could no longer protect them, and had only mercenaries).

Nov 21 11:48


In Ukraine, over twenty cities remained without heat supply. Mostly relatively small, up to one hundred thousand inhabitants, but also six hundred thousand in Krivoy Rog, and in the capital, in Kiev, separate houses, and even whole neighborhoods are left without heat.

Nov 21 11:47

May’s greatest delusion: ending EU jurisdiction

Theresa May’s most outrageous lie is that she is ending European jurisdiction over Britain.

You don’t need to read the nearly 600 pages of the draft agreement to work out that she is lying: just remember that she promises also that she will keep Britain tied to EU laws on customs, the environment, labour standards, social standards, and the fiscal costs thereof.

Ask her this: how can she keep Britain tied to EU laws without being subject to EU jurisdiction?

Please ask her, because journalists don’t ask her. Most journalists seem too lazy, ignorant, or biased to compare May’s lies against her draft agreement.

So please allow me to reveal her agreement’s dirty secrets. In fact, the whole agreement, and every EU law, agency, programme, activity, in which Britain remains, and every aspect of the customs union itself, are subject to the European Commission (the unelected part of the EU’s executive) and the European Court of Justice or ECJ.

Nov 21 11:46

Banks that offer personal loans BIGGER than your annual salary... and give you the cash in minutes (at sky-high interest rates)

Customers are being bombarded by banks with offers of personal loans larger than their annual salary.

Money Mail has discovered banks are marketing loans with sky-high interest rates, despite warnings that Britain's household debt has reached record levels.

UK families are currently £25billion in the red — equivalent to almost a quarter of the NHS budget, according to the Office for National Statistics.

But, despite alarming echoes of the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis, lenders are continuing to push more unsecured debt as we approach the Christmas period.

Nov 21 11:46

Amaz-in! Forklift driver causes an entire warehouse to fall like dominoes when he nudges a shelving unit

The footage, posted to Facebook on Sunday, currently has more than 512,000 views and 10,000 shares.

It is unclear where the clip, captured in July last year, was filmed, which company uses the warehouse, or the condition of the driver after the accident.

But it has left viewers wondering how on earth it could have happened, and whether the driver survived such a catastrophe.

The driver veered his forklift to the left as he came to a stop, slightly nudging the racks of boxes with the top of the vehicle.

Nov 21 11:42

Young tech whiz kid hacked Silicon Valley executives' phones to steal cryptocurrency - and one victim watched as his cell went black and $1MILLION disappeared from his accounts

A young Manhattan man allegedly stole $1million from a Silicon Valley executive by hacking into his phone and stealing his cryptocurrency.

Nicholas Truglia, 27, faces 21 felony counts after he allegedly went on a hacking spree that targeted six victims.

Authorities said Truglia successfully hacked into six victims' phones, but was only able to steal money from Robert Ross.

Nov 21 11:40

As fast as lightning! 35 stealth fighter jets get airborne in just 11 minutes in huge military drill to prove they can deploy at a moment's notice to protect the US

U.S Air Force personnel in Utah staged the first ever 'Elephant Walk' exercise yesterday with the $100 million F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jet.

In a demonstration of military might, the 388th and 419th fighter wings performed the combat power exercise at Hill Air Force Base, launching 35 F-35A fighter jets in 11 minutes.

'Elephant Walk' exercises are also known as short-notice combat readiness drills, and can be conducted using many different types of military aircraft - even helicopters.

Nov 21 11:39

Obama blames climate change on 'mommy issues' without naming Trump

Former President Barack Obama cattily ripped on his successor in a long-winded speech to a room full of his young acolytes Monday night as a part of a two-day "leadership summit" named in honor of himself.

Obama slammed President Trump during an onstage conversation with writer Dave Eggers, opining that "the reason we don't" address climate change "is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism – mommy issues." While Obama has conspicuously avoided using the president's name since Trump took over as Commander in Chief, there was little question as to the target of his remarks.

Nov 21 11:37

‘Obvious threat’: Russian officials warn Poland not to proceed with permanent US military base

Moscow will have to respond if Warsaw pushes through a plan to build a permanent US base on its soil, top Russian officials have warned, as the Polish defense chief said construction of the so-called Fort Trump was a done deal.

Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed that a permanent US military installation will be “undoubtedly” created on the country’s territory. While bolstering US military presence is not a matter for negotiation, the exact mechanism and select units to be deployed are still being discussed, Blaszczak told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

However, he did not reveal any details citing the need to protect a “strong negotiating position.”

The idea of building a permanent US military installation is wholeheartedly supported by top Polish officials, who are even ready to pay a hefty sum of $2 billion for it.

Owl 1
Nov 21 11:36

Paris Prosecutors Probe Campaign Donations to Macron’s Party – Reports

Paris prosecutors on Tuesday opened a preliminary inquiry into the campaign financing of French President Emmanuel Macron's La Republique En Marche! (LREM) party, Europe 1 reported.

Public auditors were unable to trace back to the source the 144,000 euros ($164,000) in funds contributed to the party in 2017 and notified prosecutors about a possible violation, France’s Europe 1 radio said.

Nov 21 11:35

Russia offered Israel deal to remove Iran from Syria in return for US sanctions relief

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Israel a deal which would see Iranian-backed forces removed from Syria in return for relief from recently re-imposed US sanctions on Iran.

The deal was revealed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a closed hearing of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee on Monday and exposed by Axios yesterday.

It is thought that Putin made the offer during a brief meeting with Netanyahu in Paris on the sidelines of a First World War commemoration on 11 November. At the time, Netanyahu described the meeting as “good and practical,” adding: “I would even describe it as very important”. Neither party revealed details of the discussion.

Nov 21 11:34

How Israel weaponises anti-Semitism to block Middle East peace

One of Israel’s most powerful weapons against the voices of Palestinian rights has been the exploitation of Jewish history — the Holocaust included — to justify its own atrocities against non-Jews. The Holocaust is undeniably one of the worst human tragedies in human history, an evil horror in which Nazis sought to cleanse the world of Jews and their religion.

The hatred that fuelled Nazi atrocities before and during World War Two were undoubtedly driven by anti-Semitism. Since then, though, anti-Semitism has been weaponised by Israel, not just to confront the Holocaust deniers, the neo-Nazis and the hate filled anti-Semites, but also to undermine the righteous movement of justice to restore the inalienable rights of Christians and Muslims in Palestine.

Nov 21 11:34

Germany denies free speech on Israel’s crimes

A few years ago German police dragged me across the bare gravel, my face pushed into the cold ground.

It was fall 2015. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, had declared that Haj Amin al-Husseini, a Palestinian political and religious leader, talked Adolf Hitler into exterminating the Jews.

A group of us protested against this disgraceful and dishonest claim outside the Chancellery in Berlin. We held placards reading “Netanyahu is a Holocaust denier.”

That evening I was hospitalized due to my violent arrest.

A Palestinian from Gaza and I had been asked by the police for our identity documents immediately after the demonstration ended. Although we fully cooperated, the police resorted to brutality.

I screamed as police officers dragged me along the ground. One officer placed her feet on me. Another officer twisted my arms; it felt like he was trying to break my fingers.

Nov 21 11:32

Chefs take Israeli propaganda off the menu

One of New York’s best known chefs has withdrawn from Round Tables, an annual Israeli government-sponsored propaganda initiative.

Gabrielle Hamilton, the award-winning chef and owner of Prune restaurant in New York City dropped out of the Tel Aviv initiative this week. Hamilton, author of the memoir Blood, Bones and Butter, follows Ana Roš from the Slovenian restaurant Hiša Franko, who had earlier pulled out of the event.

The cancellations follow sustained calls for boycotting the events. Ninety international chefs and culinary figures had signed an appeal to respect the Palestinian-led campaign for boycotting Israel.

“[As] professionals committed to food sovereignty and food access for all, we know that none of us can lend our names or our cooking skills to an Israeli government-sponsored culinary event such as this one. Our values around good food must include everyone, including the Palestinian people,” the appeal states.

Nov 21 11:31

Israel tears love apart

The only way that Moamen Asad Bashir could live with his wife was to flee Gaza.

Moamen married Nermeen Hamdan in Hebron five years ago. The couple had met in Ramallah – another city in the occupied West Bank – where Moamen worked as a carpenter and Nermeen as a teacher.

In June 2015, Moamen returned home to Gaza for his mother’s funeral. Afterwards he made multiple applications to cross the Erez checkpoint, which separates Gaza and Israel. But the Israeli authorities refused to give him a permit.

Forced to live apart from his wife and children in the West Bank, he also lost his job in a Ramallah furniture factory because he couldn’t return to it.

It wasn’t until February this year that Moamen and Nermeen were reunited. They now live in Brussels, with their two daughters, Yumna, 5, and Ayah, 4.

Nov 21 11:31

Marcia Fudge Endorses Pelosi for Speaker As Reports Emerge She Vouched For Man Accused of Killing His Ex-Wife

Marcia Fudge has dropped any plans to challenge Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House amidst newly surfaced reports that she personally vouched for a man now accused of murdering his ex-wife.

Fudge had toyed with the notion of taking on Pelosi, saying, “People are asking me to do it, and I am thinking about it.”

“Things could change rapidly,” she presciently added.

Change rapidly, they have.

Lance Mason, a friend of Fudge, has been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with his ex-wife, Aisha Fraser’s death. Mason is accused of fatally stabbing Fraser.

Nov 21 11:30

Cluttering the Space Commons? Upcoming SpaceX Launch Irks Orbital Debris Experts

Space-junk experts are raising a red flag about the upcoming launch of more than 60 small satellites atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The mission, dubbed SSO-A: SmallSat Express, was scheduled to launch Monday (Nov. 19) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, but SpaceX pushed it back to perform additional inspections of the rocket. No new launch date has been set.

SSO-A: SmallSat Express will be the largest rideshare mission from a U.S.-based launch vehicle, with 25 percent of the customers launching for the first time. [See the Evolution of SpaceX's Rockets in Pictures]

Mission management provider Spaceflight has contracted with more than 60 spacecraft from approximately 35 different organizations. Spaceflight is a service offering of Spaceflight Industries, based in Seattle.

Nov 21 11:27

Judge Calls Female Genital Mutilation ‘Despicable’ – then issues a Stunning Decision

A federal judge has ruled against a federal ban on female genital mutilation despite calling the practice “despicable” in a stunning ruling Tuesday.
“As despicable as this practice may be…”
Female genital mutilation is a religious practice carried out in many majority Muslim countries, although the Koran does not specifically command the operation. However it is condoned by Muhammed, and some scholars say ordered, in a Hadith, a separate part of Islamic scripture.
District Judge Bernard Friedman said that “as despicable as this practice may be,” Congress had overstepped its constitutional power in banning the operation, and said regulation should be left up to the states instead.
“As laudable as the prohibition of a particular type of abuse of girls may be, it does not logically further the goal of protecting children on a nondiscriminatory basis,” Friedman wrote in his decision.

Nov 21 11:24

Rep. Fudge, possible Dem challenger to Pelosi, wrote a letter of support for a man who beat his wife

In 2015, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) wrote a letter supporting a judge who was sentenced for beating his wife. This weekend, that judge’s wife was murdered, and he has been arrested as a suspect. Fudge is considered to be a favorite to challenge Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the role of speaker of the House of Representatives.
What’s the story?
In 2014, Lance Mason, a former Cuyahoga County judge in Ohio, punched his wife, Aisha Fraser, 20 times and slammed her head against the dashboard of his car while their children watched. She ended up with a broken bone in her skull, while he ended up pleading guilty and spending nine months in prison.
On Saturday, his wife’s sister called the police, saying that her brother-in-law had murdered her sister. Mason tried to flee the scene, but crashed his car into a police vehicle. The police officer in that vehicle was sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

Nov 21 11:19

Mueller got some answers, but he's not done with Trump

President Donald Trump on Tuesday finally submitted a set of written responses to Robert Mueller, signaling that he was done for good with the special counsel's questions.

But Mueller is far from done with him.

Nov 21 11:18

There Are Hundreds of Groups in the US Furthering the Interests of the Israeli State - They Should be Registered As 'Foreign Agents'

Depending on what criteria one uses, there are between 200 and 600 groups in the United States that wholly or in part are dedicated to furthering the interests of Israel. The organizations are both Jewish, like the Zionist Organization of America, and Christian Zionist to include John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, but the funding of the Israel Lobby and both its political and media access comes overwhelmingly from Jewish supporters and advocates.

Many of the groups are registered with the Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes as 501(c)3 “educational” or “charitable” foundations, which enables them to solicit tax exempt donations. One might dispute whether promoting Israeli interests in the United States is actually educational, but as of right now the Department of the Treasury believes it can be so construed, protected by the First Amendment.

Nov 21 11:17

More Evidence Supporting the “Russia Did It” Narrative Is Another Branch of Spiritual Warfare

The deeper we look into the resurgence of nationalism / retraditionalization the more evidence we find to support some of the reasoning behind the western media continually shouting “Russia did it“. Corporate media does this in the face of overwhelming evidence that China has been, and will continue to be, the major threat to the U.S. economy. We are not calling either nation an enemy we are merely pointing out that China’s economic engine, along with the build out of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and all the parallel financial institutions pose more of a threat than Russia. Russia’s economy, while growing stronger every single day, is still years away from challenging the U.S. dominance in the market place. China on the other hand, many would argue, has grown her economy to overtake the status of being the largest economy in the world.

Nov 21 11:16


Watch this before you ‘celebrate’. BUT, it’s a day off so enjoy your family and the yummy feast as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 21 11:13

Loggers In CA Boldly Defend Trump’s Claims On Forest Management; ‘We Work In The Woods Every Day’

Loggers in California boldly defended and agreed with President Donld Trump on a huge factor that has stirred the headlines for several days stemming from several comments he made regarding the California wildfires.

Last week, Trump tweeted about California’s forest management, saying: "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor."

Then, again while speaking to reporters a few days ago, Trump praised Finland for its approach to tackling forest fires.

"We’ve got to take care of the floors, you know the floors of the forest, very important," he said. "You look at other countries where they do it differently and it’s a whole different story."

Nov 21 11:12

Britain's enemy is not Russia but its own ruling class, UN report confirms

As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict millions of victims of Tory austerity.

A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides incontrovertible evidence that the enemy of the British people is the very ruling class that has gone out of its way these past few years to convince them it is Russia.

Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent two weeks touring the United Kingdom. He did so investigating the impact of eight years of one of the most extreme austerity programs among advanced G20 economies in response to the 2008 financial crash and subsequent global recession.

Nov 21 11:08

A conspiracy theory is born: US comedian calls Ocasio-Cortez ‘a Russian tool’

‘Russiagate’ seems to have claimed another victim. Comedian Jen Kirkman went into a full meltdown, starting by branding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Russian tool and ending with blaming Putin for messing up her life.

Representative-elect Ocasio-Cortez is a rising star of progressive politics, whose way to national prominence began after she defeated veteran congressman Joe Crowley in a Democratic primary. She runs on a progressive platform and wants similarly-minded people to get elected the same way she did – by challenging centrist Democrats and thus shifting the entire party to the left.

According to Kirkman, this is all a secret ploy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wants to divide the Democratic Party and "take over America." On Sunday, she shared her suspicions about the politician with her 260,000 Twitter followers in a long thread that has since gone viral.

Nov 21 11:07

Borders & barriers: Could Spain derail Brexit because of Gibraltar?

As Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez threatens to reject the draft Brexit deal unless it clarifies the state of future talks on Gibraltar, Birmingham City University lecturer Dr. Arantza Gomez Arana speaks to RT about that possibility.

Prime Minister Sánchez underlined Spain's position when it comes to the draft agreement on Tuesday, stating that it must be modified to make clear that Gibraltar's future will rely solely on talks between Madrid and London.

"As of today, if there are no changes with respect to Gibraltar, Spain will vote no to the agreement on Brexit," Sanchez said. He also drove that message home on Twitter.

But what exactly would a "no" vote from Spain really mean for Brexit? Dr. Arantza Gomez Arana, a lecturer from Birmingham City University's School of Social Sciences and a member of its Centre for Brexit Studies broke down the situation for RT.

Nov 21 10:53

Tech firms 'FAANG' stocks lose 1 Trillion dollars and counting -

This could be the final nail in the coffin for the FANG trade.

Nov 21 10:41

France on strike: Mass ‘Yellow vest’ protest against rising fuel prices continues

Nov 21 10:38

Venezuela's former treasurer took $1 billion US in bribes, newly unsealed court documents reveal.

Alejandro Andrade received properties, platinum and gold Rolex watches and Mercedes-Benz cars thanks to scheme.

Nov 21 10:36

Vegas Man Rushed To ER After Flu Shot, ‘I Can’t Feel My Legs’

A Las Vegas man was sent to the ICU following receiving a flu shot. Monique Morgan says her husband, Shane, was given a flu shot on November 2nd. He began showing symptoms of the flu shortly after the shot.
“36 hours afterward, he developed flu-like symptoms,” said Morgan. Flu symptoms soon turned to paralysis.

“He’s like I can’t feel my legs… I need you to take me to the emergency room,” said Morgan. Doctors treating Shane believe it could be a “rare disease” called Guillain-Barré syndrome that is often linked to the flu shot.

Nov 21 10:30

House GOP 'Working With Whistleblowers' In Clinton Foundation Probe

"There is a great probability, of significant improper activity that’s happening in and around the Clinton Foundation"

Nov 21 10:23

Official demands teachers ‘not culturally appropriate’ Native Americans on Thanksgiving. Uh oh. (4 Pics)

Lauryn Mascareñaz is director of equity for North Carolina’s Wake County Public School System — and she had strong words for teachers leading up to this year’s Thanksgiving holiday:

“Teachers! Repeat after me: I will not have my students make ‘Indian’ feathers/clothes,” Mascareñaz tweeted Friday. “I will not culturally appropriate an entire people for ‘cute’ activities. I will tell my students the truth about this country’s relationship with Indigenous people.” Her tweet ended with the hashtag #PinterestIsNotPedagogy.
How did one observer react?
It appeared that most comments on Mascareñaz’s tweet affirmed her position, but A.P. Dillon — a Wake County parent and local conservative blogger — tweeted Saturday that the school district should “‘appropriate’ academic instruction and drop the social justice warrior virtue signaling,” the News & Observer reported.

Nov 21 10:16

Chick-fil-A top choice with students for new restaurant at college. But school officials say no way.

Chick-fil-A was the top choice among students at New Jersey’s Rider University for a new restaurant on campus, according to Campus Reform, which cited a student survey from last spring.
But despite students’ collective desire, Rider officials looked past the survey and nixed Chick-fil-A because “their corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider,” Campus Reform added, citing a Nov. 1 email from the school to students the outlet obtained.
How did a conservative student leader react?
Julia Pickett, president of Rider’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter, told the outlet she believes her school’s decision isn’t fair — but that Rider is private and can do what it wants.
But in regard to Rider nixing Chick-fil-A over the restaurant’s corporate values, Pickett told Campus Reform that “they sell chicken, so as far as I am concerned that should be the focus.”

Nov 21 09:55


CPAP units, heart monitors, blood glucose meters and lifestyle apps generate information that can be used in ways patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be sold for advertising or even shared with insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement.

Medical devices are gathering more and more data from their users, whether it’s their heart rates, sleep patterns or the number of steps taken in a day. Insurers and medical device makers say such data can be used to vastly improve health care.

But the data that’s generated can also be used in ways that patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be packaged and sold for advertising. It can anonymized and used by customer support and information technology companies. Or it can be shared with health insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement. Privacy experts warn that data gathered by insurers could also be used to rate individuals’ health care costs and potentially raise their premiums.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Expect every and any data any which these devices process, to be sent, sold, or analyzed,in ways which never even occurred to you, as the end user.

Nov 21 09:44

PETA Blasts The Turkey Pardon: They Have Committed No Crime

President Trump pardoned his second turkey, a 39-pound white wonder named Peas. The animal rights activist organization PETA, however, is calling for an end to the "inflated and misguided tradition" that treats innocent turkeys like criminals.
"Turkeys don’t need to be 'pardoned,'" laments PETA on the organization's website. "They aren’t serving five to 10 for armed robbery."
PETA uses the moment for some cheeky humor by suggesting the turkeys could theoretically be charged with drug crimes for all the "growth hormones and antibiotics that farms pump into these birds during the few short months of their lives."

Nov 21 09:41

Your Medical Devices Are Not Keeping Your Health Data to Themselves

By Derek Kravitz and Marshall Allen

CPAP units, heart monitors, blood glucose meters and lifestyle apps generate information that can be used in ways patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be sold for advertising or even shared with insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement...

Nov 21 09:38

WATCH: Vicious Fight Breaks Out In Broward County School, Student Not Arrested Until After Video Went Viral

A high school sophomore at Monarch High School in Broward County, Florida was arrested late last week after a video of her allegedly beating a fellow classmate went viral.
The incident, which happened on November 9, "shows two girls exchanging words before one of them repeatedly punches the other, pulls her hair and slams her head down on a classroom desk as dozens of students watch," WPLG Local 10 News reported.
The 15-year-old suspect was reportedly issued a civil citation and was not criminally charged because Broward County adopted the PROMISE program, which is an Obama-era program that seeks to significantly lower punishments for crimes committed by students.

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Nov 21 09:37

Bobby Dunbar: The Boy Who Vanished And Came Back As A New Child

A young child goes missing, the whole country starts looking for him, and eventually, the family gets him back, only to realize that he wasn’t their kid after all.

No, this isn’t the Invasion of the Body Snatchers or an episode of the Twilight Zone, but an actual event that happened in Louisiana in 1912 to the Dunbar family. And in the end, the truth was stranger than fiction.

Nov 21 09:25

Plan Working Perfectly, Look What The Establishment Just Did To Try To Save The Fed

Nov 21 08:04

Tech rout erases US market's gain for year

Apple sank 4.8 percent Tuesday.

Retailers also fell sharply. Target plunged 10.5 percent after reporting weak results. Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands fell 17.7 percent.

Energy companies slumped as the price of oil sank 6.6 percent. Devon Energy lost 7.4 percent.

The S&P 500 fell 48 points, or 1.8 percent, to 2,641. The benchmark index is 9.9 percent below its September peak.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 551 points, or 2.2 percent, to 24,465. It was down 648 earlier.

The Nasdaq lost 119 points, or 1.7 percent, to 6,908.


(*The "Soros Sponsored" tech rout has a familure ring to it , that could 'get over' on the Trump Fixed The Economy faction of The Base , no ?)