Mar 28 07:17

The Greatest Depression - corbettreport


The Age of Terror was inaugurated with a series of controlled demolitions in New York City on September 11, 2001. Now the world is being led into the Age of Biological Terror with a controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage across markets and around the globe. As the dust settles on this demolition, an entirely new economy is ready to be erected in its place: one in which no citizen will be out of the sight of the all-seeing government. This week on The Corbett Report we examine the details of this collapse and why the bankster class is seeking to destroy the financial Ponzi scheme that they themselves created.

Mar 27 17:51

Yeah, that Zoom app you're trusting with work chatter? It lives with 'vampires feeding on the blood of human data'

As the global coronavirus pandemic pushes the popularity of videoconferencing app Zoom to new heights, one web veteran has sounded the alarm over its "creepily chummy" relationship with tracking-based advertisers.

Doc Searls, co-author of the influential internet marketing book The Cluetrain Manifesto last century, today warned [cached] Zoom not only has the right to extract data from its users and their meetings, it works with Google and other ad networks to turn this personal information into targeted ads that follow them across the web.

This personal info includes, and is not limited to, names, addresses and any other identifying data, job titles and employers, Facebook profiles, and device specifications. Crucially, it also includes "the content contained in cloud recordings, and instant messages, files, whiteboards ... shared while using the service."

Mar 25 12:34

Microsoft says hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in ALL versions of Windows that lets them hijack users' computers — and there's currently no fix

Microsoft says that hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in all current versions of Windows that lets them hijack users' computers — and there's currently no fix.

The security flaw — which the tech firm has given its highest severity rating of 'critical' — emerges in the way that Windows handles and renders fonts.

Hackers can exploit the vulnerability by tricking users into opening a malicious document — or viewing it in Windows Preview.

This allows malware — like ransomware — to then be remotely launched onto the victim's system.

Mar 25 10:20

Two Hundred and Thirty Years of Rights and Liberties Shredded: Why I Oppose The Lockdown

Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville

Although it was nearly twenty years ago, I can remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. I remember the shock of hearing about the planes crashing into towers, at first believing it was a tragic accident and quickly learning it to be otherwise. I remember being told that 19 hijackers, part of a fundamentalist plot to destroy America, were behind the attacks and that the mastermind was a man in a cave in Afghanistan named Osama bin Laden.

As all of America was glued to their television screens, many rushed out to give blood in an effort to at least do something to help one another. George W. Bush’s answer for Americans was to go to work and then go out and shop. Americans dutifully complied. But the government’s answer, in tandem with mainstream media, was also to be afraid. Very afraid. Americans also complied with this request, perhaps more than any other.

20 years later, here we go again...

Mar 25 10:02

World Health Organization, Facebook, Microsoft team up in COVID-19 hackathon

The World Health Organization (WHO) has teamed up with tech giants to launch a coronavirus-themed hackathon to develop useful technologies for those impacted by the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the WHO, alongside Microsoft, Facebook, Giphy, Pinterest, Slack, TikTok, Twitter, and WeChat said the global #BuildforCOVID19 hackathon "is an opportunity for developers to build software solutions that drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic."

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in over 435,000 confirmed cases, at the time of writing, worldwide.

Mar 24 13:17

Hackers Hijack Routers’ DNS to Spread Malicious COVID-19 Apps

A new cyber attack is hijacking router's DNS settings so that web browsers display alerts for a fake COVID-19 information app from the World Health Organization that is the Vidar information-stealing malware.

For the past five days, people have been reporting their web browser would open on its own and display a message prompting them to download a 'COVID-19 Inform App' that was allegedly from the World Health Organization (WHO).

After further research, it was determined that these alerts were being caused by an attack that changed the DNS servers configured on their home D-Link or Linksys routers to use DNS servers operated by the attackers.

As most computers use the IP address and DNS information provided by their router, the malicious DNS servers were redirecting victims to malicious content under the attacker's control.

Mar 24 13:16

Fake Corona Antivirus Software Used to Install Backdoor Malware

Sites promoting a bogus Corona Antivirus are taking advantage of the current COVID-19 pandemic to promote and distribute a malicious payload that will infect the target's computer with the BlackNET RAT and add it to a botnet.

The two sites promoting the fake antivirus software can be found at antivirus-covid19[.]site and corona-antivirus[.]com as discovered by the Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence team and researchers at MalwareHunterTeam, respectively.

While the former was already taken down since Malwarebytes' report, the one spotted by MalwareHunterTeam is still active but it had its contents altered, with the malicious links removed and a donation link added to support the scammers' efforts — spoiler alert, no donations were made until now.

Mar 24 13:14

Ginp Mobile Banker Targets Spain with "Coronavirus Finder" Lure

In today's deluge of malicious campaigns exploiting the COVID-19 topic, handlers of the Android banking trojan Ginp stand out with operation Coronavirus Finder.

They prey on the anxiety generated by the massive spread of the virus and launch on infected devices a page claiming to show the location infected people nearby for a small fee.

The purpose is to make victims provide payment card data in the hope of learning how close they are to infected individuals.

It's a particularly heinous campaign because it targets users in Spain, a country that's been hit hard by the new coronavirus: close to 3,000 people died from the virus and almost 40,000 are infected.

Mar 24 11:39

Hey Alexa, stop listening! Employees urged to turn off smart speakers while working from home during the coronavirus over fears of privacy risks

Now that millions of people are currently working home due to the coronavirus outbreak, employers are urging their stuff to power down the technology in order to keep it from listening to confidential phone calls.

Mishcon de Reya LLP, the UK law firm that advised Princess Diana on her divorce, advised staff to mute or shut off listening devices like Amazon's Alexa or Google's voice assistant when they talk about client matters at home, according to a partner at the firm.

Video products such as Ring and baby monitors are also on the list of devices to be away of while working from home, as first reported on by Bloomberg.

Mar 24 09:21

UK internet capacity could be RATIONED to prioritise ‘critical’ apps and websites, experts reveal

BRITAIN'S internet capacity could be "rationed" to prioritise critical apps and websites, experts have told The Sun.

It comes as networks and apps reveal how the coronavirus crisis places new pressures on the UK's mobile and broadband infrastructure.

Mar 23 04:31

New app tells you when you've come in contact with a coronavirus patient

The Health Ministry's new app is called "The Shield" ("HaMagen"), and it allows people to identify whether they have come in contact with a known coronavirus carrier and what they should do.

Mar 22 05:20

Officials warn of scams, fraud, disinformation amid COVID-19 outbreak

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently spoke out against the increasing spread of disinformation. In a video released by the White House Friday, he said false information is not only coming from random actors around the world, but also from nations like China and Iran.

This came amid reported efforts by Iran and China to blame the U.S. for the outbreak. Pompeo accused both nations of wanting to undermine the U.S.’s handling of the outbreak, but noted the American people have responded to what President Trump is saying.

Mar 22 05:18

EARN IT ACT: Bipartisan Bill Gives Government Backdoor to Encrypted Data

The measure — the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies (EARN IT) Act — removes legal protection from many of the Internet’s most popular uses, including blogs, social media, instant message services, apps, and sites whose content is created by the public (think Wikipedia, for example). Should the EARN IT Act become the law, the Internet will be changed forever.

Mar 21 22:16

Never let a crisis go to waste: US lawmakers bask in coronavirus panic while quietly building the police state of their dreams

The ominously-named EARN IT Act (short for “Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act”) that quietly debuted in the Senate earlier this month is a carefully crafted weapon for crushing encryption without explicitly banning, industry professionals have warned. While this particular bill purports to be all about ending child sexual exploitation, the industry is concerned it will make their business model unsustainable - while doing nothing to protect children. So are independent media producers, who fear their speech would be declared anathema. It would in practice strip section 230 legal immunity – protection from liability for third party content - from any website that failed to comply with a set of “best practices” imposed on a supposedly voluntary basis by a 19-member “commission” run by Attorney General William Barr.

Mar 21 16:11

RedLine Info-Stealing Malware Spread by Folding@home Phishing

With the rise in popularity of Folding@home, security researchers at ProofPoint have discovered a new phishing campaign that pretends to be from a company developing a cure for Coronavirus.

These emails have a subject of "Please help us with Fighting corona-virus" and state that they want you to help "speed up our process of finding the cure" by downloading and installing the Folding@home client.


Embedded in the phishing email is a "Download now" button that when clicked will download a file called foldingathomeapp.exe, which is the Redline information-stealing Trojan.

Mar 21 16:08

WHO Chief Impersonated in Phishing to Deliver HawkEye Malware

This spam campaign started today according to researchers at IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence who spotted it and it has already delivered several waves of spam emails attempting to pass as being delivered by WHO.

"HawkEye is designed to steal information from infected devices, but it can also be used as a loader, leveraging its botnets to fetch other malware into the device as a service for third-party cybercrime actors," IBM X-Force's research team previously said.

The emails come with archive attachments containing a Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) CURE.exe executable described by the attackers as a "file with the instructions on common drugs to take for prevention and fast cure to this deadly virus called Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)."

Mar 21 16:06

FBI Warning: Phishing Emails Push Fake Govt Stimulus Checks

FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) today warned of an ongoing phishing campaign delivering spam that uses fake government economic stimulus checks as bait to steal personal information from potential victims.

"Look out for phishing emails asking you to verify your personal information in order to receive an economic stimulus check from the government," IC3's alert says.

"While talk of economic stimulus checks has been in the news cycle, government agencies are not sending unsolicited emails seeking your private information in order to send you money."

Mar 21 16:05

Extortion Emails Threaten to Infect Your Family With Coronavirus

Sextortion scammers are now also attempting to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic by threatening their victims to infect their family with the SARS-CoV-2 virus besides revealing all their "dirty secrets".

If you have received such an email, it is important to know that this is just a scam and that no hacker has stolen your passwords or can infect you or your family with an actual real-life virus.

Just paying attention to their threats should be reason enough to discard their attempts at extortion and delete such emails immediately.

Mar 21 16:03

Netwalker Ransomware Infecting Users via Coronavirus Phishing

As if people did not have enough to worry about, attackers are now targeting them with Coronavirus (COVID-19) phishing emails that install ransomware.

While we do not have access to the actual phishing email being sent, MalwareHunterTeam was able to find an attachment used in a new Coronavirus phishing campaign that installs the Netwalker Ransomware.

Netwalker is a ransomware formerly called Mailto that has become active recently as it targets the enterprise and government agencies. Two widely reported attacks related to Netwalker are the ones on the Toll Group and the Champaign Urbana Public Health District (CHUPD) in Illinois.

The new Netwalker phishing campaign is using an attachment named "CORONAVIRUS_COVID-19.vbs" that contains an embedded Netwalker Ransomware executable and obfuscated code to extract and launch it on the computer.

Mar 21 06:49

Et tu, Brute? Why Huawei's Development of France's 5G Network Will be a Game-Changer

On 12 March, Reuters broke that France would permit the use of some Huawei equipment in the country's future 5G infrastructure, citing two sources close to the matter. According to observers, European states are defying Washington's diktat and opening the door to Huawei because they want to gain a competitive edge.

According to the unnamed sources, ANSSI, the French cyber-security agency, has opted to use some of Huawei's 5G apparatus in non-core parts of France's networks.

Mar 21 04:36

NTSB Faults Tesla And Publicly Calls Out NHTSA To Share Blame In Fatal 2019 Crash

The NTSB has once again cited both Tesla and regulations surrounding partially automated driving systems as the cause of a fatal 2019 crash in Florida that involved a Tesla on Autopilot. The agency also said that two drivers were to blame.

Yet again, Tesla, Autopilot and our nation's regulation of the partially automated driving system has come up, and yet again we will bet that both the NHTSA and congress does absolutely nothing about it - which has been par for the course for them over the last several years.

In their report issued on Thursday, the NTSB said that design of Tesla's Autopilot system allowed the driver to not be paying attention, according to WFTV. They also said that Tesla failed to limit where the automated system could be used, allowing drivers to activate it where they shouldn't.

Mar 21 04:33

Researchers Use World’s Fastest Computer to Search for Coronavirus Cure

In an effort to find a cure for the COVID-19 coronavirus, researchers are using the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the IBM-built Summit, to find potential compounds that could be used to fight the pandemic.

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are screening through more than 8,000 compounds to determine which ones can bind to a so-called S-protein spike. Viruses infect host cells when they inject them with a “spike” of the virus’s genetic material. If scientists find compounds that bind to the spike, they could potentially stop the virus from infecting host cells.

So far, the computer has identified 77 compounds that may potentially be used and has ranked them according to how likely they are to bind to the spike protein of the coronavirus. The research has been published in the journal ChemRxiv.

Mar 20 08:34

Surveillance State Seizes Coronavirus Pandemic as Opportunity to Expand

Following the advice of Rahm Emanuel to “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” the Surveillance Hawks in both government and Big Tech are seizing the “opportunity” provided by the coronavirus pandemic to increase surveillance of citizens.

The Washington Post is reporting:

The U.S. government is in active talks with Facebook, Google and a wide array of tech companies and health experts about how they can use location data gleaned from Americans’ phones to combat the novel coronavirus, including tracking whether people are keeping one another at safe distances to stem the outbreak.

Mar 19 04:17

Move Over, Sex Dolls! New 'Touchable' 3D Holograms Poised to Revolutionise Entertainment

The creative implementation of ultrasound in the new invention effectively allows a user to interact with a hologram at a tactile level, if the reports about this technology are to be believed.

It seems that the realm of adult entertainment may be in for some significant changes in the near future, thanks to a new advancement that lets a person interact with a digital projection on a physical level, the Daily Star reports.

According to the newspaper, a team of researchers from the University of Sussex led by Dr. Ryuji Hirayama has succeeded in creating holograms that can be touched, essentially producing "a true virtual reality" which one can experience without the need for special gloves and goggles.

Mar 19 04:14


Even as President Trump says he tested negative for coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic raises the fear that huge swaths of the executive branch or even Congress and the Supreme Court could also be disabled, forcing the implementation of "continuity of government" plans that include evacuating Washington and "devolving" leadership to second-tier officials in remote and quarantined locations.

But Coronavirus is also new territory, where the military itself is vulnerable and the disaster scenarios being contemplated -- including the possibility of widespread domestic violence as a result of food shortages -- are forcing planners to look at what are called "extraordinary circumstances".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not know if this kind of "contingency martial law" scares the hell out of you; because it certainly scares the hell out of me.

What occurs to me is that wonderful line so beloved by Rahm Emanuel; "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

We are looking at draconian controls over Americans, the like of which we have never seen in our lifetimes.

And one has to wonder if the worst case scenario comes from the Covid 19 per se, or the controls which are being contemplated, to be thrown at US society.

Mar 18 21:35

Ransomware Protection

Mar 18 20:17

A sneaky attempt to end encryption is worming its way through Congress

The EARN IT Act could give law enforcement officials the backdoor they have long wanted — unless tech companies come together to stop it

Mar 18 13:04

Data of millions of eBay and Amazon shoppers exposed

Researchers have discovered another big database containing millions of European customer records left unsecured on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for anyone to find using a search engine.

A total of eight million records were involved, collected via marketplace and payment system APIs belonging to companies including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, PayPal, and Stripe.

Discovered by Comparitech’s noted breach hunter Bob Diachenko, the AWS instance containing the MongoDB database became visible on 3 February, where it remained indexable by search engines for five days.

Data in the records included names, shipping addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, items purchased, payments, order IDs, links to Stripe and Shopify invoices, and partially redacted credit cards.

Also included were thousands of Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) queries, an MWS authentication token, and an AWS access key ID.

Mar 18 07:46


Over the weekend we noted with alarm that the Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now tapping counter-terror forces and technology to fight the "invisible enemy" of the coronavorus - as Netanyahu put it in a Saturday address.

“We will very soon begin using technology... digital means that we have been using in order to fight terrorism,” Netanyahu had said. Among these new "emergency measures" include broader domestic phone tapping powers as part of the counter-terror technology initiative, as AP reports:

Netanyahu’s Cabinet on Sunday authorized the Shin Bet security agency to use its phone-snooping tactics on coronavirus patients, an official confirmed, despite concerns from civil-liberties advocates that the practice would raise serious privacy issues. The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why do I get the feeling that government leadership is not all that concerned with actually controlling the spread of the virus, per se, but controlling the people the virus may effect?!?

Remember that phrase so adored by Rahm Emanuel, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."?!?

I think we are going to see that, writ large, by many governments around the world, in the coming weeks and months, under the "excuse" of controlling the virus.

Mar 17 20:01

Windows 10 Update Problems: Performance Issues, Boot Failures Arise Again

Windows Latest today reported that KB4551762 appears to have caused performance issues, boot failures and other problems on some PCs. The update failed to install on some systems, too, and we suspect we'll see complaints about other problems as the update continues to reach more Windows 10 users.

Mar 17 19:32

YouTube warns more videos than usual could be removed as content moderation is automated amid coronavirus outbreak

YouTube has warned creators they could see more videos than usual being removed from the platform, as a result of its employees being told to work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

YouTube announced Monday that its video review process will be "temporarily" more automated, relying more on machine-learning tools instead of its bevy of human content moderators. Google, YouTube's parent company, has ordered most of its nearly 120,000 employees to work remotely as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus.

Mar 17 05:04

Department of Health and Human Services 'is hit by a cyber attack' during coronavirus response

The Department of Health and Human Services is thought to have been hit by a cyber attack during its response to the coronavirus over the weekend.

Sources told Bloomberg the incident was targeted at slowing their systems but did not do so.

It forced the National Security Council to tweet late on Sunday night: 'Text message rumors of a national #quarantine are FAKE. There is no national lockdown.

Mar 15 06:00

'Entirely Wrong': Google Slams Trump Claims of Nationwide COVID-19 Screening Website

On Friday, Trump declared a national emergency in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in the US. During a press conference he claimed that Google was working with his administration to develop a website that would assist people in determining whether they need to test for the virus and where to go to receive a diagnosis.

Tech giant Google refuted US President Donald Trump’s claims that the company is collaborating with the president's administration to build out a website that would assist Americans in screening for the coronavirus, according to WIRED.

According to the media report, citing an unnamed source, company officials were surprised by the president’s announcement, which is, according to the source, "entirely wrong".

Mar 13 09:44

State-sponsored hackers are now using coronavirus lures to infect their targets

Government-backed hacking groups from China, North Korea, and Russia are not letting a global pandemic go to waste and have begun using coronavirus-based phishing lures as part of their efforts to infect victims with malware and gain access to their infrastructure.

During the past weeks, the cyber-security community has seen state-sponsored hackers from China, North Korea, and Russia attempt these tactics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How does anyone know these hackers are state-backed?

Mar 12 15:41

Airports To Use Self-Service Facial Recognition Luggage Check-In Kiosks

By MassPrivateI

A recent article in CBS Los Angeles revealed that the Los Angeles International Airport will allow airline passengers to check their own luggage using self-service kiosks.

Despite being purposely vague about how self-service luggage kiosks are being used to identify airline passengers, they did at least acknowledge that they plan to use facial recognition at some point...

Mar 12 06:20

Chelsea Manning hospitalized after suicide attempt

The attempt came just days before she was scheduled to appear in court over sanctions related to an investigation of Julian Assange.

The activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempted suicide on Wednesday, her legal team said in a news release.

The statement came only a few days before Manning was scheduled to appear at a court hearing on whether sanctions imposed on her after she refused to comply with a grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should continue. Manning came to national attention after she leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks and was court-martialed for violating the Espionage Act.

Manning has claimed that the grand jury investigation was potentially open to abuse, writing in 2019 that it was “an effort to frighten journalists and publishers, who serve a crucial public good.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A note to all her jailors, and the powers wishing to keep her in prison; this woman will die before she breaks trust on Assange; making a martyr of her; any further isolation in jail, is probably the most stupid thing you could possibly do right now, which makes it imminent.

Mar 12 06:02


credit: Fotech

A recent article in Offshore-Technology revealed that British Petroleum (BP) bought a majority interest in a fiber optic innovation company called Fotech.

Why would anyone care about BP buying Fotech?

Because Fotech "uses artificial intelligence and edge computing in its products, covering areas such as surveillance, transport management, cable monitoring and rail management."

Roughly translated, they use fiber optic cables to surveil vehicles, people, pipe lines, public transit, etc.

Fotech's "products" page reveals how they plan to turn smart cities into real-rime listening devices using "Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)."

Mar 12 05:46

New EU rules that could mark the end of 'throwaway culture' and e-waste will force tech companies including Apple and Samsung to make products that last longer and are easy to repair

Smartphone owners are being given new rights to have their device repaired under laws introduced by the EU that could put an end to 'throwaway culture'.

Manufacturers will made to fix broken electronic devices under the EU’s new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), which will also cover the UK despite Brexit.

The plan, unveiled on Wednesday by the European Commission, will give Europeans ‘the right to repair’ by making devices easier to fix.

The laws, which will also apply to tablets, laptops and printers, focus on a more circular economy – where electronic resources are kept in use as long as possible.

Mar 11 10:23

Details about new SMB wormable bug leak in Microsoft Patch Tuesday snafu

Details about a new "wormable" vulnerability in the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) protocol have accidentally leaked online today during the preamble to Microsoft's regular Patch Tuesday update cycle.

No technical details have been published, but short summaries describing the bug have been posted on the websites of two cyber-security firms, Cisco Talos and Fortinet.

The security flaw, tracked as CVE-2020-0796, is not included with this month's March 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, and it's unclear when it will be patched.

Mar 11 10:01

Whisper app which lets people make anonymous confessions online leaves database of 900 MILLION messages exposed with personal data that could leave users open to blackmail

Nearly 900 million confessions and secrets posted to the app Whisper were left exposed on a non-password-protect database open to the public internet.

Although messages were not tied to real names, 'a user's stated age, ethnicity, gender, hometown, nickname and any membership in groups, many of which are devoted to sexual confessions and discussion of sexual orientation and desires' were visible, according to The Washington Post.

The public was able to browse and search through the records, many of which were posted by children – The Post found 1.3 million results were connected to users who listed their age as just 15 years old.

The database was discovered by the advisory group Twelve Security, which said the personal information tied to the messages was enough 'to unmask or blackmail' the user who shared the post.

Mar 10 16:48

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones arrested for DWI in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — (AP) — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested in Texas on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, authorities said Tuesday.

Mar 10 09:23

Apple: This is how you should disinfect your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

But don't mess it up, because liquid damage isn't covered under Apple warranty or AppleCare.

Mar 10 06:39

Apple Suffers "Doomsday" Plunge In iPhone Shipments Across China

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives called the decline of iPhone sales in China a "doomsday type" like decline. Ives said the fall was an "unprecedented" drop and was "not surprising given the essential lockdown that most of China saw" in February.

Wedbush expects Chinese demand to come back online in the second half of the year.

Mar 09 13:23

Hackers can clone millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia keys

Over the past few years, owners of cars with keyless start systems have learned to worry about so-called relay attacks, in which hackers exploit radio-enabled keys to steal vehicles without leaving a trace. Now it turns out that many millions of other cars that use chip-enabled mechanical keys are also vulnerable to high-tech theft. A few cryptographic flaws combined with a little old-fashioned hot-wiring—or even a well-placed screwdriver—lets hackers clone those keys and drive away in seconds.

Mar 09 13:18

Why downloading this Windows 10 update could be a serious mistake

However, it seems KB4535996 is inadvertently causing a number of problems on some PCs that install it. As noted by Windows Latest, these range from frame drops when playing games to being greeted with Windows 10’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

Discussing the latest cumulative update on Reddit, one user said: “It's not extreme, but I say my frame rate in games has gone down 10 frames or so and stuttering occurs once in a while. After uninstalling the cumulative update, everything was fine. Weird.”

A different user, posting on Microsoft’s Community forum, posted: “Newest update KB4535996 is crashing machines. Makes the machines lock up and blue screen at log in screens. Not able to get into any safe mode and uninstall this update. Forcing rebuild and GPO's to block this particular update. Microsoft says they haven’t heard of any problems. However when you search the web there is a slew of issues just from this optional update.”

Mar 09 13:16

PC Won't Stay in Sleep Mode: Windows 10 Update Blamed

How much can an optional Windows 10 update break? It's starting to seem like Microsoft tried to find out with the KB4535996 update, because Windows Latest reported Saturday that the update has prevented certain devices from staying in sleep mode.

The report cited numerous complaints from Windows 10 users who installed the KB4535996 update. Some claimed the update stopped their devices from going into sleep mode at all; others said it automatically woke up their devices every few hours.

Mar 09 10:32

Vimeo Censors my Interview, In Which Catherine Austin Fitts and I Discuss Coronavirus and Vaccines

By Jon Rappoport

To boil it down: a video was posted, then it was censored. Removed. Deleted. By Vimeo. On March 4. Bang.

Why? Because you’re not supposed to know what was discussed in the video.

It might give you a wrong idea.

You might infer something you shouldn’t. You can’t handle making up your own mind. You have to feed at the official and approved public trough for truth. Truth is defined for you by those in charge of Knowing. You’re a pawn who must be controlled, for your own good. That’s why Vimeo took down the video...

Mar 09 10:10

Unfixable flaw in nearly all Intel chips released in the last five years could allow cyber criminals to hijack computers and wreak 'utter chaos'

An unfixable flaw present in nearly all Intel chips released in the last five years could allow cyber criminals to hijack computers and wreak 'utter chaos', an expert warns.

The vulnerability arises because a security feature designed to protect malicious edits to the computer's random-access memory does not launch quickly enough.

This creates a brief window of time in which hackers can run malicious code on start-up, with full system privileges, and bypass other security features.

Although Intel has released patches to make the weakness harder to exploit, the nature of the flaw means that it will likely not be possible to provide full protection.

Mar 09 07:43

Former DHS watchdogs charged in software and data theft

The Department of Justice announced it has indicted Charles K. Edwards, a former acting inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security, and one of his former subordinates for allegedly stealing software and confidential databases from the U.S. government.

According to a DOJ press release, both Edwards and Murali Yamazula Venkata are accused of carrying out a scheme between October 2014 and April 2017 to steal confidential and proprietary software and databases containing personally identifiable information of DHS and U.S. Postal Services employees from the DHS Inspector General's Office. Edwards, who left his post in December 2013, allegedly struck a deal with Venkata to steal the software and records to underpin a new, enhanced version of the system that he planned to sell back to DHS IG and the Department of Agriculture.

Mar 08 05:31

Women's Day: PM Narendra Modi 'signs off' from twitter, hands over his social media accounts to seven women achievers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (March 8) greeted the nation on International Women’s Day and signed off from Twitter, handing over his social media accounts to seven women achievers to celebrate the special day.
"Greetings on International Women’s Day! We salute the spirit and accomplishments of our Nari Shakti. As I’d said a few days ago, I’m signing off. Through the day, seven women achievers will share their life journeys and perhaps interact with you through my social media accounts," tweeted PM Modi.

Mar 07 16:47

Post-Coronavirus Future? Injectable Biosensors, A.I. Virus Detection, Robots and a Cashless Society

By Aaron Kesel

As a result of the coronavirus, we are witnessing a push towards injectable sensors for virus detection, Orwellian surveillance, A.I. and robots, as well as a call to quarantine U.S. fiat money coming out of China due to its potential to spread the virus...

Next year, if the FDA approves it, a military biosensor designed by Profusa and backed by DARPA could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to even show...

Mar 07 06:35

Virgin Media Breach: Company Linked Customers to Porn and Shock Sites

Virgin is Britain’s second largest telecommunications firm and it is believed that the breach is the biggest the country has seen in recent years. However, representatives from the firm say that it does not pose a risk to customers.

A breach of Virgin Media’s database has exposed customers’ contact details to porn, gambling, and shock sites. The UK company revealed on Thursday that personal information from 900,000 customers was available online from 29 April 2019 to 28 February 2020 and was accessed at least once by an unknown person. It also said the breach had occurred due to an incorrectly configured marketing database, which it blamed on a negligent staff member.

Speaking at a press conference CEO Lutz Schuler urged customers to remain calm and said that the data was not stolen. "There is no evidence that the data taken has been used in the wrong way. We want to avoid any panic".

Mar 06 14:39

NEWS/ASIA PACIFICFighting in Rakhine, Chin states rages as Myanmar limits internet

Yangon, Myanmar - Continued fighting between Myanmar's military and the Arakan Army armed group has left several people dead in recent days as the government continues a clampdown on the western region.

Activists and journalists have decried the internet blackout the government has imposed as part of the clampdown as a violation of human rights.

Myanmar violence: Thousands displaced by fresh fighting
Students injured in shelling at school in Myanmar's Rakhine state
UN urged to suspend Myanmar return plan for Chin amid unrest
Reports on Tuesday said at least 11 civilians, including five Muslim Rohingya, had been killed after being caught in the hostilities in Rakhine, a western state that is home to more than three million people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I never used to think, that I would ever have to say, "watch out, folks, here comes a highly nationalistic Buddhist Army, ready to exterminate the Muslim Rohingya in their country!!"

Unfortunately, Myanmar, and its military, has proven me wrong on this one.

Mar 06 13:09

A Massive U.S. Property and Demographic Database Exposes 200 Million Records

More than 200 million records containing a wide range of property-related information on US residents were left exposed on a database that was accessible on the web without requiring any password or authentication.

The exposed data — a mix of personal and demographic details — included the name, address, email address, age, gender, ethnicity, employment, credit rating, investment preferences, income, net worth, and property information, such as:

Market value
Property type
Mortgage amount, rate, type, and lender
Refinance amount, rate, type, and lender
Previous owners
Year built
Number of beds and bathrooms
Tax assessment information

Mar 06 12:57

Windows 10 KB4535996 Update Issues: Crashes, Slowdowns, Audio, More

Since the release of the Windows 10 KB4535996 cumulative update, Windows users have been reporting numerous problems including boot issues, crashes, performance problems, audio issues, and developer tools no longer working.

The optional Windows 10 KB4535996 cumulative update was released on February 27th, 2020 and while it resolved some Windows Search issues, it also introduced other issues for users who installed the update.

Mar 06 12:46

Apple and Google crack down on false information on coronavirus by rejecting apps and blocking searches related to the disease

Apple and Google are cracking down on the spread of coronavirus misinformation.

The App Store is reportedly rejecting apps related to the virus not developed by the government or health officials.

Developers told CNBC that in order to be accepted by Apple, 'apps with information about current medical information need to be submitted by a recognized institution.'

Google Play is blocking all searches for the virus- users are shown 'We couldn't find anything for your search' when searching 'coronavirus.'

Mar 06 12:43

Self-isolating and working from home as a precaution against coronavirus could overload broadband networks and cause internet 'bottlenecks', experts warn

Many companies have implemented a mandatory work from home policy as a precaution against coronavirus but widespread adoption could lead to internet connectivity issues, experts warn.

The added strain of remote access, video conferencing and the use of VPNs may cause some difficulties for the internet's infrastructure.

Domestic broadband for customers served by an antiquated copper-wire network would be worst affected and could see a data bottleneck.

Mar 06 12:23

Virgin Media admits breach exposed 900,000 customers' personal information after database was left unsecured for ten months

The company said the breach did not happen due to a hack but occurred because its database was incorrectly configured, allowing unauthorised access.

The information in the database did not include passwords or financial details but did contain names, email addresses, phone numbers and details of customers' contracts with the service.

However, the independent company that alerted Virgin to the breach found details that linked some customers to 'explicit websites', it told MailOnline.

Virgin Media is blaming the error on the negligence of a staff member who did not follow correct procedures.

The information was accessible from April 2019 until February 28, 2020.

Mar 06 12:22

More than one billion Android phones and tablets around the world are vulnerable to hackers because they are no longer supported by security updates, study warns

Consumer watchdog Which? found 40 per cent of Android users have been using old versions of the Google-made OS that no longer receive vital updates.

The most at-risk phones are any that run Android 4 or older – however, those using devices on Android 7.0 that can’t update to a newer version should also be concerned.

The study, based on Google data, highlights the importance of using up-to-date software to avoid being at risk of data theft, ransom demands and other malware attacks.

The current software version is Android 10 while Android 9 and 8 are still 'in theory' getting security updates too and are safe to use.

Mar 06 07:20

Virgin Media warning as 900,000 customers at risk after major security blunder

Virgin Media has revealed that almost one million customers could be at risk after a database containing personal details was left unsecured for 10 months. The incident occurred due to a member of staff not following the correct procedures. This meant that personal details such as name, home address, email and even date of birth were all easily accessible.

Mar 06 07:19

AI Microprocessing Chip Developer Hailo Raises $60 Million

Tel Aviv-based chip developer Hailo Technologies Ltd. has raised $60 million in a series B investment round, the startup announced Thursday. The round was led by existing investors Jerusalem-headquartered equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, Israeli entrepreneur Zohar Zisapel, and Israeli car importer Delek Motors. The round was participated by strategic investors including Switzerland-based ABB Technology Ventures, NEC Corporation, and London-based Latitude Ventures. Existing investors such as Maniv Mobility and Next Gear Management Ltd. also participated. The investment brings Hailo’s total funding to date to $88 million.

Founded in 2017, Hailo develops microprocessing chips for artificial intelligence applications on edge devices used in autonomous cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), internet of things (IoT) devices, and smart home appliances. The company has around 80 employees.

Mar 05 13:25

Cybercriminals exploit coronavirus panic by creating hundreds of fraudulent websites offering fake information and home test kits to steal users' data and make cash

Cybersecurity experts reveal that since January more than 4,000 coronavirus-related domains have been registered and some 300 are deemed 'malicious' or 'suspicious'.

A new report, released by Check Point, found that domains about the virus are 50 percent more likely to be owned by cybercriminals than other domains registered during the same time period.

Omer Dembinksy, security researcher at Check Point, told that fraudulent sites offering information or test kits in order to gather people's information or receive payment.

Mar 05 10:28

Intel CSME bug is worse than previously thought

Researchers say a full patch requires replacing hardware. Only the latest Intel 10th generation CPUs are not affected.

Mar 05 06:40


“If, as it seems, we are in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.”—Philip K. Dick

Emboldened by the citizenry’s inattention and willingness to tolerate its abuses, the government has weaponized one national crisis after another in order to expands its powers.

The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Much of what happens in China's future, depends on its military; how loyal it will continue to be to a centralized government, which continues to abuse its people and act with an incredible degree of hubris, , or develop a new-found loyalty to the Chinese people themselves, suffering under the boot-heel of oppression.; and right now, that issue is up for grabs.

Mar 04 18:05

Amazon's Ring keeps a log of every time a smart doorbell is rung, a motion-sensing camera is activated or the app is used on a smartphone - but claims NO video is saved

Amazon's Ring keeps a log of every single time one of its cameras, doorbells or apps is activated and used, it has been revealed.

Events that are logged include motion detected by the cameras, a doorbell being activated or pressed by a visitor, or an action by the user to activate a live feed to converse with a visitor.

The data recorded also includes exact GPS co-ordinates of the devices as well as the duration of each event in seconds.

It has also been found that every time the Ring app is used by a customer, a permanent note of the device model and which network it uses is saved and recorded in a vast database.

Experts have slammed the feature and said it poses a 'serious threat to people's privacy' and could easily be stolen or misused by criminals.

Mar 04 14:34

VPN vs Proxy - which is more secure?

VPN and Proxy both help its users to access the content and stuff which are geo-restricted. Its allows the users to virtually be appeared anywhere in the world. However, there is still a little difference in between both of them, one protects the privacy of the users and one does not.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a privacy tool uses to hides the user identity. VPN reroutes the traffic through isolated server and hides the original IP of the users. That means the ISPs of the users monitoring the activity and collecting the data no longer can see what the user are doing online. The encryption also protects users from surveillance, tracking and hacking if anyone tries to get into your system. VPN offers ultimate online privacy and security.

Advantages of Using VPN

1. VPN uses different protocols to encrypt your network traffic to keep the data safe and secure.

Mar 04 14:34

VPN vs Proxy - which is more secure?

VPN and Proxy both help its users to access the content and stuff which are geo-restricted. Its allows the users to virtually be appeared anywhere in the world. However, there is still a little difference in between both of them, one protects the privacy of the users and one does not.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a privacy tool uses to hides the user identity. VPN reroutes the traffic through isolated server and hides the original IP of the users. That means the ISPs of the users monitoring the activity and collecting the data no longer can see what the user are doing online. The encryption also protects users from surveillance, tracking and hacking if anyone tries to get into your system. VPN offers ultimate online privacy and security.

Advantages of Using VPN

1. VPN uses different protocols to encrypt your network traffic to keep the data safe and secure.

Mar 04 10:43

Gene Genovese And Our Criminally Reckless Wars

Eugene Genovese (1930-2012) was an accomplished and influential historian of the United States whose professional and personal trajectory carried him from the radical Left to a distinctive form of conservatism. As a young man, he was a card-carrying communist. He ended up a devout Roman Catholic. His contributions to scholarship were legion and his impact on our understanding of slavery and on Southern slaveholders massive.

Genovese did not place a premium on getting along with others. Instinctively combative, he was a cantankerous colleague who never hesitated to say what he believed. Giving offense he considered a plus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Genovese was right on both counts here; there is no "moral rightness" in the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan; Iraq; any of the invasions of Africa; or Syria; this was all about money and resources; regime changing countries in order to expropriate natural resources to which the US had utterly no moral right; have them processed by multi-national centric companies not unfavorable to the US; and only sold in US dollars.

And please remember; the US is aiding and abetting Saudi war crimes in Yemen as I type this. And just in case you are dealing with a really bad case of SMD (selective memory disorder), let these images remind you of US complicity in Saudi war crimes (warning; these are graphic, to a "lose your lunch" point, but need to be posted, and seen.)

The Saudis are killing and maiming innocent children with their bombing runs.
The US military is providing "guidance" for these strikes.

images: Yemeni children killed and maimed through Saudi bombing strikes
Yemeni children killed or maimed for life from Saudi bombings
Yemeni children are being starved to death through malnutrition, because of US-Enabled, Saudi blockades of Yemeni ports:

Images: Yemeni children dying from malnutrition, due to Saudi port blockades in Yemen

Yemeni children dying of starvation, courtesy of US-enabled blockade of its ports

Saudi coalition using depleted uranium weapons in Yemen
Deformities in Yemen suggests that the US military has supplied the Saudi military with depleted uranium weapons.

The result of this use of DU is causing massive rises in cancer rates; stillbirths, and horrific deformities of Yemeni children:

And yet, apparently, the Royal House of Saud; the Saudi government; and the US government, are perfectly comfortable with poisoning Yemeni children in the womb, and destroying not only their lives, but their families' lives as well. If there is a more cruel form of child abuse, I cannot imagine what that is.

And please DON'T start with me about "collateral damage"; in my world, there is none. Just non-combatants caught up at the wrong place, in the wrong time.

Mar 04 08:27

Windows 10 run commands you should know (but probably forgot)

If you know the right keyboard shortcut and the right commands, the Windows 10 run command can be a powerful tool. We explore 12 run commands everyone should know.

Mar 04 08:26

Honeywell says it built the world's most powerful quantum computer

When it comes to quantum computers, we tend to think of companies like Google and IBM as the big players in the field, but there could soon be more competition in the space. Honeywell says sometime in the next three months it will unveil a quantum computer that is at least twice as powerful as any current device.

Breaking down that claim requires some context. As Protocol points out, most companies talk about qubits when they speak to the capabilities of their machines. For instance, Sycamore, the computer Google claimed last year achieved quantum supremacy, had 53 qubits. Honeywell is instead using a metric called quantum volume to talk up the capabilities of its machine. IBM coined the term, and here's how it defines it:

Mar 04 04:33

Twitter encourages employees to work from home amid coronavirus scare

Twitter further also informed that the 'Work from Home' system will be mandatory for Twitter employees based in our Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea offices due in part to government restrictions, adding that its criteria may evolve as per the situation and it will further keep the employees updated in the matter.

Mar 03 13:15

SETI@home Search for Alien Life Project Shuts Down After 21 Years

SETI@home has announced that they will no longer be distributing new work to clients starting on March 31st as they have enough data and want to focus on completing their back-end analysis of the data.

Mar 03 12:31

Revealed: New cars coming to the market this year are STILL vulnerable to keyless thefts, latest vehicle security tests find

Assessments of 13 new cars found that some models are still being launched with 'inherent security vulnerabilities', according to Thatcham Research.

'Poor' ratings were awarded to the Mazda CX-30, MG HS, Subaru Forester and Vauxhall Corsa because engineers were able to access and start these vehicles using relay attack equipment.

Mar 03 12:26

Baby monitors and smart cameras are being HACKED by burglars and used to spy on victims' homes and families, cyber chiefs warn

Baby monitors and smart security cameras used in homes risk being hacked by cyber criminals, security chiefs warn today.

They fear weak passwords can allow online attackers to control wireless cameras and spy on families in their homes.

A suggestion for a secure password:


Mar 03 09:48

Airbnb Gives Renters Secret Risk Assessments And Personality Tests

By MassPrivateI

What does the Church of Scientology and Airbnb have in common? If you answered secret risk assessments and personality tests, then give yourself a gold star.

If you have you rented an Airbnb in the past six years, the odds are pretty high that you have been given a secret risk assessment and personality score...

Mar 03 04:42


San Francisco – Schools across the country are increasingly using technology to spy on students at home, at school, and on social media. Today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched a new Surveillance Self-Defense guide for students and their parents, so they can learn more about how schools are watching them, and how they can fight back.

The surveillance technology currently in use includes software to scan students’ social media posts, cameras with facial recognition and other scanning capabilities, and microphones to “detect aggression.” Schools can even track you on devices that they don’t control: if you have to download a certain kind of security certificate to use the school Internet, they may be monitoring your browser history and messages you send.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know that here in Indiana, parents are turning increasingly to home schooling, to avoid just such kinds of surveillance, and insure that the core values with which those kids are impressed, are their parents' core values.

Mar 02 14:19

Hackers Can Use Ultrasonic Waves to Secretly Control Voice Assistant Devices

Researchers have discovered a new means to target voice-controlled devices by propagating ultrasonic waves through solid materials in order to interact with and compromise them using inaudible voice commands without the victims' knowledge.

Called "SurfingAttack," the attack leverages the unique properties of acoustic transmission in solid materials — such as tables — to "enable multiple rounds of interactions between the voice-controlled device and the attacker over a longer distance and without the need to be in line-of-sight."

In doing so, it's possible for an attacker to interact with the devices using the voice assistants, hijack SMS two-factor authentication codes, and even place fraudulent calls, the researchers outlined in the paper, thus controlling the victim device inconspicuously.

Mar 02 06:01

New Bluetooth vulnerability can be exploited to silently hack phones and laptops

This morning, Armis security published details of a new Bluetooth vulnerability that could potentially expose millions of devices to remote attack. Dubbed Blueborne, the attack works by masquerading as a Bluetooth device and exploiting weaknesses in the protocol to deploy malicious code, similar to the Broadcom Wi-Fi attack disclosed earlier this year. Because Bluetooth devices have high privileges in most operating systems, the attack can be executed without any input from the user. Blueborne doesn’t require devices to be paired with the malicious device, or even be set in discoverable mode.

Mar 02 00:41

Neocon Vulture Capitalist Paul Singer Buying Up Twitter Stock to Oust CEO Jack Dorsey: Report

Vulture Capitalist Paul Singer, a major pro-Israel donor who pushed the GOP to embrace the LGBT agenda and funded the notorious Steele dossier, is reportedly buying up shares of Twitter stock in order to oust CEO Jack Dorsey.

Mar 01 07:25

Don't be like Bezos: How to keep your phone from being hacked

In January, the world was surprised when the news broke that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. But people are still buzzing about it because the idea that a corporate executive would be the target of a government is a perfectly legitimate, albeit shocking concept.

What happened with Bezos is that the Saudi royal family member, whom everyone calls MbS, supposedly sent a booby-trapped video to Bezos via a WhatsApp message on May 1, 2018. The two men had met at a small dinner in April 2018, exchanged phone numbers, and four weeks later, Bezos received a 4.22 MB video through WhatsApp. The video allegedly exploited a WhatsApp bug to download and install malware on Bezos' personal iPhone, which then exfiltrated data from it. Why would this have happened? Well, the Amazon CEO is the owner of The Washington Post, the newspaper that employed Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered by Saudi agents later in 2018.

Feb 29 06:58


It’s common in British courtrooms to have something called a “dock”, a place where defendants sit separately from court proceedings. Not all UK courtrooms have docks, and not all docks are the “secure” glass cabinet type which Assange is kept in; they can also be open wooden enclosures. Because Assange is being kept without explanation in a maximum security prison normally reserved the most dangerous violent offenders and terrorism convicts, his trial is taking place in a cage that is very much the “secure” type (so much so that he’s been complaining that he can’t hear the proceedings in his own trial through the bulletproof glass), and there is an expectation that he remain there. The magistrate has ruled that this nonviolent offender shall be kept in his sound-resistant enclosure throughout the duration of his trial, bizarrely asserting that Assange poses a danger to the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please remember; nothing ever reported at Wikileaks, has ever been proven to be wrong.

What is happening to Assange is punishment for having told the truth, and "embarrassing" certain US public officials; nothing more and nothing less.

His extradition, and ultimate guilty verdict in an alleged US "Court of Law", means that no journalist will ever be safe in this country if they tell the truth, EVER AGAIN.

Feb 28 13:36

Hackers are sending malicious software in emails disguised as information about the coronavirus in order to gain access to people's computers

Security experts have discovered cybercriminals are sending emails with a malicious strain of software disguised as information about the outbreak.

The emails, discovered in Japan, claim the virus has spread like wildfire throughout the country and prompt recipients to open an attachment to 'learn more'.

This attachment gives hackers access to the victim's computer, allowing them to harvest personal data and infect their computers with a virus.