Jul 22 17:02

China’s Serious & Breaking Vaccine Scandal: Are Your Vaccines Made In China?

Please consider this a “public service announcement,” if you will, because the mainstream, lamestream media probably will not report on the growing Chinese vaccine scandal and huge protests against...

Jul 22 15:38

Israel using Pegasus spyware to eavesdrop on its own citizens

"The Supreme Court of Israel has denied a petition to unseal records under a certificate of state immunity. The petition alleged that the State of Israel uses Pegasus and similar spyware to monitor journalists and human rights activists.

"On 10 June 2018 Judge Neal Hendel said that once a certificate of immunity is issued, it cannot be repealed. Therefore, it is impossible for criminal case defendants in Israel to expose whether they have been targeted for surveillance by Pegasus or its sister spyware, Da Vinci..." >>

Jul 22 14:12

Moon will turn a stunning blood red on Friday in total lunar eclipse which will stretch for nearly two hours - the longest this century

The moon will turn a stunning blood red this Friday for the longest total lunar eclipse this century lasting nearly two hours.

Jul 22 13:25

Hollywood Finds Child Rape Hilarious !

scroll down



Jul 22 13:01

Donald Trump Jr. shares sweet photo of his kids with their 92-year-old great-grandmother

Donald Trump Jr. with his son Spencer. (Photo: Instagram)
Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Trump, shared a photo of his children and his grandmother that has people up in their feelings about their own grandparents and great-grandparents.

Jul 22 13:00

Little public support for Trump in doubting Russian interference (POLL)

A majority of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump casting doubt about U.S. intelligence on Russian interference in the 2016 election, with relatively modest support for the president even in his own party and among conservatives in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Jul 22 12:59

Iowans search for 20-year-old student who went missing while jogging

Authorities have very few answers after a college student from Iowa went missing on Wednesday night while going out for an evening jog.

Jul 22 12:21

Catholic Priest Asks "So Why Are So Many Christians Still Against Migrants And Refugees?" (VIDEO)

Fr. Martin discusses Christians who use the bible to justify their position. There are a few problems with his position. First off is that he begins his video with the phrase "Why do some people HATE REFUGEES?" It's dishonest and disingenuous to characterize people opposed to mass, unchecked immigration as those who "hate refugees." Second is the presumption that all of these cases are legitimate asylum cases, which is a stretch at best. I also outline what the Catholic Catechism actually states on immigration, which is that 'Immigrants are obliged" to respect the country that receives them, and to "obey its laws". Also, a shocking official document from U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on immigration, which actually states that a "duty of government is to secure one's border and enforce the law for the sake of the common good."(!)

Jul 22 11:52

EastEnders legend June Brown, 91, looks frail as she lights a cigarette on a street step

She recently renewed her contract to remain as beloved EastEnders character Dot Cotton for another year.

And June Brown was taking a well-deserved break from a casual stroll in London to light up a cigarette in London.

The soap actress, 91, was seen resting in a doorway while enjoying her cigarette.

Jul 22 10:09

G20 Ministers Call For Greater Dialogue On Trade Tensions: Draft

BUENOS AIRES: Finance ministers and central bankers from the world's largest economies meeting in Argentina said heightened trade and geopolitical tensions pose an increased risk to global growth and have called for greater dialogue, according to a draft communique from the meeting.

The draft reviewed by Reuters, which is still subject to possible revisions, also noted that emerging market economies are better prepared to adjust to external shocks but they still face challenges from market volatility and reversals of capital flows.

"Global economic growth remains and unemployment is at a decade low. However, growth has been less synchronized recently and downside risks over the short- and medium-term have increased," the draft said.

"These include rising financial vulnerabilities, heightened trade and geopolitical tensions, global imbalances, inequality and structurally weak growth, particularly in some advanced economies."

Jul 22 09:31

The Numbers Behind Selfie Deaths Around the World

Zachary Crockett over at Priceonomics recently sifted through all the news stories from around the world and broke down the facts and figures into a series of charts that offers a clearer picture of where and how selfie fatalities occur. After searching through 3 years of news stories, he found that 49 people have died from selfies since 2014, that 75% of the victims are male, and that the average age is just 21 years old.

Jul 22 09:18

Slavery Did Not Make America Rich

Jul 22 09:00

Poll reveals near 60% of Russians see Czar’s family homicide as atrocity

Most Russians believe the murder of the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II, and his family members in 1918 had no justification, describing it as a monstrous crime rather than an act of retribution, a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center ahead of the centenary of the execution of the Royal family showed on Monday. "Most Russians (57%) believe that the execution of the Royal family is a heinous unjustified crime ... Russians generally see Nicholas II in a positive light (43%).

Jul 22 08:36

Hurting bad!

I am very embarrassed to have to write this. I have had Crohn's disease
for 44 years and it hasn't been easy. I have had several run ins with the feds over my choice of medicine. Since 2014 I have been in continues flares. From 2004 to 2014 I had a remission,a little over 1 flare a year.Since April of 2014 it has been one continuous flare after another.
A couple of years ago my wife canceled my medical insurance and I haven't been to the doctors since. Should have seen the handwriting on the wall.
Wife told me in early July she was moving on because of my disease which the lady knew about before we were married.
If anybody needs a good internet researcher and would employ me so I can
get on with my life I would appreciate it Big Time and so would my cats.

Jul 22 08:04

Russian agent met with Obama administration officials in 2014

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina and former Russian Central Bank Governor Alexander Torshin met in April of 2015 with Obama administration officials Stanley Fischer (vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank at the time) and Nathan Sheets (Treasury secretary of international affairs during the Obama administration) on several occasions which managed to go unreported by the media.

Jul 22 01:12

Well, That’s Sad : Two-Thirds Of Rich Kids Depend On Parents’ Inheritance To Maintain Lifestyle

As young people continue their journeys through life with a negative net worth, more members of the "mass affluent" American youth are openly admitting that their financial stability in retirement will depend on inheriting money from their parents, another family member or a friend, according to Bloomberg.

Jul 22 01:07

“It’s All Fake” – Reality TV That Masquerades As American Politics

Much like the fabricated universe in Peter Weir’s 1998 film The Truman Show, in which a man’s life is the basis for an elaborately staged television show aimed at selling products and procuring ratings, the political scene in the United States has devolved over the years into a carefully calibrated exercise in how to manipulate, polarize, propagandize and control a population. -- Likewise, “The Trump Show” keeps the citizenry distracted, diverted and divided. -- This is the magic of the reality TV programming that passes for politics today.

Jul 22 01:02

America’s Derangement Syndrome A Danger To World Peace

It is significant that Presidents Putin and Trump have both spoken out against “haters” among America’s political establishment who would rather see conflict between Russia and the United States instead of a normalization of bilateral relations. -- Following their landmark, successful summit this week in Helsinki, Putin and Trump separately made public comments deploring the hostile hysterical reaction emanating from broad sections of the US political establishment and its dutiful, controlled news media.

Jul 22 00:53

Should There Be A Litmus Test For Politicians To Measure Their Stupidity?

Did you ever hear this one: What’s the difference between dumb and stupid? The supposed answer is, “You can’t fix stupid!” -- Keeping the above in mind, recently I came across some statements made by politicians, which prompted my thinking there has to be a litmus test for measuring the stupidity that every wannabe politician must take and answer publicly before qualifying to run for public office. Is it true elected politicians can get away with statements like these...

Jul 22 00:46

Why Indefinite Detention Is Un-American

When due process is ignored, it means that the government doesn’t have to prove anything. They simply have to accuse someone of a crime and secretly send them off to a prison or assassinate them. This goes against the very fibers of a civil and free society. We should never trade liberty for security, and we don’t have to!

Jul 21 22:27

RUN in 2020??? Creepy bag lady Hillary couldn't stand in 2018<

PIC - Bag Lady Hillary @Ozzfest --nyc-7-21-2018

Jul 21 22:26

Tourist in France get to feel multiculturalism

video clip, ya got to see

Jul 21 22:26

Tony Blair advises the Saudi government in £9million deal with his 'institute for global change'

The institute was paid £7.6million in January for the work in the Middle East but they have so far received more than £9million ($12million) for the work, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

Jul 21 22:11

SCHIFF + FAKE NEWS BTFO -- The FBI paid Christopher Steele for the piss dossier

I'm old enough to remember when it was a conspiracy theory to say the FBI funded the Steele Dossier

Jul 21 19:50

Trump lashes out at Michael Cohen for 'inconceivable' and 'perhaps illegal' tapes of him discussing hush payment to former Playboy model... but says the 'good news is that your favorite president did nothing wrong!'

Trump broke his silence on reports Cohen recorded a conversation they had about a payment to a Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Trump
The president tweeted Saturday that it was 'inconceivable' and 'perhaps illegal' that Cohen recorded their private conversation
The FBI seized Michael Cohen's devices during a raid on his home and office this spring
The longtime Trump lawyer is known to have made numerous recordings
The New York Times reported authorities have a two-minute tape of a conversation between Cohen and Trump
It relates to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims she had an affair with Trump
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said it is 'powerful exculpatory evidence' for Trump

Jul 21 18:09

George H. W. Bush's Heart Doctor Fatally Shot as He Cycled to Work

Doctor for former President George H.W. Bush fatally shot in Houston

Jul 21 17:24

Jeff Berwick & Luke Rudkowski @ #PillarUnconference - Day 6 LIVE | Pillar

Join us for the Decentralization & Self--Ownership Day with Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) & Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) LIVE from Vilnius. Be with us at the #PillarUnconference!

Jul 21 16:22


Speaking at a news conference in Berlin, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that Europe can no longer rely on the United States to impose order worldwide, and that European nations need to be ready to take matters into their own hands.

Angela Merkel did not elaborate on exactly what this “order” meant, but it comes in the context of recent polls showing German voters resistant to her desire to increase military spending. This suggests Merkel is trying to sell increased armament as a way to intervene regionally.

Jul 21 14:27

Creeping annexation of the West Bank and wanton cruelty in Gaza: Israel’s March of Folly

Uri Avnery explains Israel’s “cruel… detestable policy” which aims to achieve the “abominable aim” of driving the Palestinians out of the occupied West Bank and replacing them with Jewish settlers, and its mindless cruelty towards Gaza.>>

Jul 21 13:16

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum publishes video & translation of 1939 Hitler speech: "Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples"


"The peoples [of the earth] will soon realize that Germany under National Socialism does not desire the enmity of other peoples. ... I want once again to be a prophet. If the international Finance-Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed in plunging the peoples of the earth once again into a world war, the result will be not the Bolshevization of earth, and thus a Jewish victory, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

Jul 21 12:49

The View - Dividing & Distracting America one episode at a time, since 1997

This "hate gossip" feud between Whoopie Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro is a big distraction that has both sides all riled up. Neither of these people are innocent. By the way, included is a clip of Goldberg defending child rapist Roman Polanski on the view.

Jul 21 12:21

Liberals triggered over Trump’s latest tweet

It appears Donald Trump triggered liberals across Twitterland Saturday after the commander-in-chief tweeted he “did nothing wrong” in reference to Special Counsel Robert Muller’s the ongoing fake federal probe into Russian collusion.

Jul 21 12:19


President Donald Trump called out China and Europe Thursday and again on Friday for manipulating their currencies and keeping them low against the dollar. Hours after Trump's comments were first aired on CNBC Thursday, the People's Bank of China set the dollar's reference rate at 6.7671 yuan, steering the currency 0.9 percent lower and weakening it the most in two years.

Jul 21 11:37

'We're in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity': Joe Biden

'We're in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity': Joe Biden (ABC News)
'We're in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity': Joe Biden originally appeared on

Jul 21 11:36

Sarah Palin speaks out about daughter Bristol joining 'Teen Mom'

Sarah Palin (Photo: Getty Images)
With Farrah Abraham out of the picture on Teen Mom OG, it was revealed that MTV has reportedly found her replacement. Bristol Palin will be the newest member of the cast, even though she is now 27 and has three children.

Jul 21 11:33

Dad goes to pick up 3-year-old and finds him dead after spending over 3 hours in scorching hot day care bus

When a father went to pick up his 3-year-old son from day care in Houston Thursday evening, his boy was nowhere to be found. He started searching, and that's when he made a devastating discovery.

Jul 21 11:12

NYC Climate Change Suit Sinks in Federal Court

Climate change is a fact of life, as is not contested by defendants,” U.S. District Judge John Keenan wrote in a 23-page opinion. “But the serious problems caused thereby are not for the judiciary to ameliorate. Global warming and solutions thereto must be addressed by the two other branches of government.”...Chevron’s attorney Ted Boutrous, from Gibson Dunn, said that the judge “got it exactly right Trying to resolve a complex, global issue like climate change through litigation is ‘illogical,’ and would intrude on the powers of Congress and the executive branch to address these issues as part of the democratic process,” (FYI Boutrous is the lawyer who said that he will "represent pro bono anyone who Trump sues for exercising their free speech rights.")

Jul 21 11:01

Judge lauds 85-year-old who took on burglars in Luton

A judge on Friday told a 85-year-old Irish man living in Luton, London, who took on two burglars with a billiard cue that he wished there were more people like him.

Judge Richard Foster said he had “enormous respect” for Michael Ring and his granddaughter who had confronted the two masked men.

He was speaking at Luton Crown Court where he jailed Stephen Simons for 14 years and Roderick McDonald for 12 years after they were convicted of burglary and causing Mr Ring, who is originally from Cork, grievous bodily harm with intent.

Jul 21 10:48


The non-profit Coolidge Reagan Foundation on Thursday filed a Federal Election Complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, their law firm Perkins Coie, and Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy that authored the “pee dossier,” for violating campaign finance laws.
The non-profit charged that those parties hid payments made to and received by Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Steele to produce the dossier, in violation of finance laws.

Democrats have accused the Trump administration of colluding with foreigners when in reality it was the Democrats who colluded with foreigners, the non-profit charged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gotta love this; couldn't be happening to a more deserving bunch of people!!

Jul 21 10:40

US Adds Another $200 Million to Ukraine Military Aid

US officials say they will not accept any referendum in breakaway Eastern Ukraine about accepting an offer of autonomy as part of Ukraine. They say no vote would be legitimate unless the rebels surrender first, and the vote is held under the auspices of central government rule.

The referendum is being pushed by Russia as a solution to the Eastern Ukraine war, which has been in a state of on-again, off-again ceasefire for years. Russia generally supports the rebels, while the US has been backing the government.

Underscoring that the US is backing a solution that doesn’t involve a free, internationally supervised election, the Pentagon announced Friday that they are adding another $200 million to military aid to the Ukraine. They say this is intended to improve Ukraine’s military capabilities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Two hundred million to Ukraine for military equipment... while one homeless Vet sleeps rough in our streets?!?

So I can see it falls upon me to ask the Pentagon, politely, quietly, and peacefully: forgive me, but where the hell are your priorities?!?

Jul 21 10:35


When it was issued in April, the Trump administration’s Conventional Arms Transfer policy was widely panned by critics for prioritizing the profits of weapons companies ahead of transparency and human rights concerns. The White House was blunt about its intentions, promising that the executive branch would “advocate strongly on behalf of United States companies.”

But one change in particular may make it easier for American companies to sell weapons to governments that routinely kill civilians in conflicts by discounting killings that the governments claim are unintentional. The change could have a significant impact on sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — the top two U.S. weapons clients — both of which are engaged in a destructive bombing campaign in Yemen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that our President has become the Merchant of Death in Chief, with this change.

So having done this as this country's President, logic dictates that neither the US Deep State, nor the Military Industrial Complex can seriously label him a "traitor" regarding the Helsinki Summit; hell, the man is selling American weapons as quickly and as furiously as is humanly possible, right?!?

The two, hawking American weapons, and being a traitor, are mutually exclusive, folks.

No can do.

So now, every global tinpot dictator, Like Saudi Arabia's Prince bin Salman, The Butcher of Yemen, can buy all the US weaons it wants, because it can now characterize every assassination its military creates in Yemen as "accidental".

Let me show you what these "accidental" assassinations in Yemen look like, courtesy of the Saudi Military, enabled by US weapons, refueling, and guidance.

Images: Yemeni infants and children, killed by Saudi bombing runs

WOW! Don't those images just make you PROUD to be an American, right?!?


Jul 21 10:23

The Democratic Party #WalkAway

Jul 21 10:21

'Don't worry about life jackets – you won't need them': Survivor whose NINE relatives - including her husband and kids - drowned on Missouri duck boat, claims captain waved them away from vests

Survivor of duck boat sinking says passengers told they didn't need life jackets
Tia Coleman, who lost nine family members on Thursday, is one of 14 who lived
She says there would have been more survivors if they'd all been in life jackets
Of 31 passengers and crew, 17 died on the Missouri lake on Thursday night
Four of the fatalities were children, with oldest victim being 73 years old
The duck boat they were on was built in 1944, the US Coast Guard said

Jul 21 10:19

Indicted Russian Company Concord Management Taunts Mueller – Cites Kavanaugh Decision to Argue Junk Bot Case be Dismissed

Indicted Russian company Concord Management taunted Mueller this week, perhaps as a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Concord’s lawyers cited Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Kavanaugh’s decision from a 2011 case, Bluman v. Federal Election Commission, as their argument to have Mueller’s junk bot case dismissed.

In fact, Kavanaugh said the government would have to prove that foreign nationals had knowledge of the law’s restrictions before seeking criminal charges. And he said the ban did not include foreign spending on “issue advocacy and speaking out on issues of public policy,” SF Gate reported.

A Russian company accused by special counsel Robert Mueller III of being part of an online operation to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign is leaning in part on a decision by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to argue that the charge against it should be thrown out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The irony here... is more than rich.

Jul 21 10:16

MGM turns to never-tested law to sue Vegas shooting victims

The unprecedented move from MGM Resorts International to sue hundreds of victims of last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas using an obscure U.S. law never tested in court has been framed by the casino-operator as an effort to avoid years of costly litigation — but the legal maneuver may not play out that way.

The company is not seeking money in the lawsuits filed in at least seven states over the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Instead, it wants federal courts to declare that it has no liability to survivors or families of slain victims under a federal law enacted after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

MGM argues that the Oct. 1 shooting met two conditions of the law: it qualifies as an act of terrorism and federally certified security services were used at the venue where 22,000 concertgoers were gathered as gunfire rained down from the company’s Mandalay Bay casino-resort.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know who , in the byzantine bowels of the MGM legal system, signed off on this use of this law against the victims of this shooting; but the optics here are completely horrific.

What it may do is negatively impact the financial health of MGM, by inspiring a call for a boycott of ALL things MGM, and for a long basis: I don't think that the attorneys who were so quick to grab this as their strategy, thought the whole thing through.

And if Homeland Security does NOT determine that the act was, "an act of terrorism", this strategy is toast.

Jul 21 10:15

Hillary Scolds Trump for Hesitating to 'Defend a Diplomat' — Then 2 Benghazi Warriors Show Up

Then Hillary Clinton dared to jump into the false story.

Jul 21 10:04

Trump-Putin Summit Brings Out Deep State “Shadow Government” Threats

Will President Trump’s meeting with Putin lead to a coup by “shadow government” operatives of the CIA, State Department, and other federal agencies and departments? That’s what a former top-level Deep State official ominously seemed to be hinting at — and promoting — in a blistering CNN “analysis.” President Trump’s recent European tour, culminating in his summit with Vladimir Putin, sent the Deep State’s political and media operatives into Trump Derangement Syndrome overdrive. They still have not recovered; the torrent of vituperation they orchestrated and unleashed on President Trump before, during, and after his July 10-16 excursion to London, Brussels, and Helsinki continues to escalate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To label President Trump a traitor" because of his wish to ratchet down tensions with Russia, which he appears to be starting to do, can only be laid at the feet of a dangerously powerful military industrial complex, only concerned the effect on their financial bottom line should peace break out, and not at all about the safety and well being of their brother and sister Americans.

Jul 21 09:57


Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega has hit out at what he has claimed is a “murderous, coup-mongering satanic sect” behind a three-month uprising against his rule that has left more than 300 dead.

There is growing international consensus that Ortega’s own forces and pro-government militias are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the violence that has gripped Nicaragua since protests erupted in April.

However, during a pro-government rally in Managua on Thursday, Ortega sought to shift blame for the bloodshed on to the “diabolical force” he claimed was part of a US-backed conspiracy to topple him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Ortega, a word, please: the only thing "diabolical" in your country, are the living conditions in which your citizens find themselves at this time, under your reign.

Nicaraguan Peace Talks with Daniel Ortega's Government abandoned after Mother's Day Protest

The Observer: Nicaragua Needs a New Director

Daniel Ortega Slams Catholic Bishops as Allies of Coup Plotters

The Unraveling of Nicaragua

Is Time Running Out For Ortega? Many Nicaraguans Angry With Sandinista Hero

Taking a look at the economic picture in your country, it isn't very pretty, and your people are tired of suffering, and your apparent deafness to this reality.

Index>: Country: Nicaragua

The article goes on to state:

"Nicaragua’s economic freedom score is 58.9, making its economy the 100th freest in the 2018 Index. Its overall score has decreased by 0.3 point, with lower scores for investment freedom and government integrity outweighing an improvement in the judicial effectiveness indicator. Nicaragua is ranked 20th among 32 countries in the Americas region, and its overall score is below the regional and world averages."

Of course the US government sanctions have not helped: 5 July 2018: US slaps sanctions on Nicaragua for violence and corruption

If you, sir, are incapable of fixing these problems, you should resign, and pass the baton to someone who can fix them. At least, let the OAS attempt to mediate for you. Nicaragua 2.0: will history repeat itself?!?

Jul 21 09:45

REPORT: Germany Files Charges Against Seven Not-For-Profit Groups for Human Trafficking – Including ‘Doctors Without Borders’

The issue of human trafficking is listed as being one of the largest businesses on the planet and yields millions of dollars in annual profit from gross human rights violations—namely the exploitation of all of those who are most vulnerable to predators.

This continued atrocity of exploitation is just one of the many crimes which have been enabled by a number of questionable governmental policies of the past. Generally speaking, these policies are formed from all but complete ignorance of those who enter and exit a country and the typical hazards which such lack of oversight can be for would-be victims of trafficking.

Jul 21 09:25


The airstrikes began to slam Gaza just hours after Israeli soldiers gunned down at least three Palestinians during anti-occupation demonstrations. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says one of its soldiers was killed by retaliatory gunfire from the Palestinians.

"Israel, one of the most powerful military powers in the world, is about to launch a military campaign with F-16s, Tanks, Naval ships and drones against a besieged, stateless population in Gaza."
—Yousef Munayyer, U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights

"Palestinian defense forces fired back at Israeli snipers who have been murdering Palestinian men, women, and children for weeks," noted journalist Ali Abunimah.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I predicted yesterday, Tel Aviv, understanding how Americans were being heavily bombarded with Anti-Trump, Anti-Russian propaganda this week, as a result of the Helskinki Summit, believed that this would be the best one of the best possible "windows" for their genocide of Gaza.

Prayers for our innocent brothers and sisters in Gaza, who will most likely get assassinated in this round of Israel's version of "the killing fields", and prayers also for those Israelis who understand that this new wave of assinations is a very bad idea.

UPDATE; BREAKING ON FOX: HAMAS HAS ACCEPTED A NEW CEASE FIRE WITH ISRAEL: unfortunately, if Israel does not want this to hold, it will not hold.

I have to wonder if Netanyahu even bothered to inform President Trump that this would be happening.

I still cannot wrap my head around the reality that some dangerously powerful people in the US military industrial complex, decided to characterize President Trump as a "traitor" for having done this summit, when he was very dramatically attempting to de-escalate tensions with Russia. He knew this would be risky, yet he was willing to take the risk: I congratulate him on this.

But being old enough to remember this, I recall that the same kinds of posters went up in Dallas, on the same day, and right before President Kennedy was assassinated:

The Price of Encouraging Political Violence

And to all those who may be thinking that extreme, mob violence is the answer to the "problem" of the existence of Trump as our President, I would ask you to please... think again.

Jul 21 09:20

LGBTQ Totalitarianism in Boston: The Destruction of the St. Patrick's Day Parade

In 1995, a remarkable 9-0 ruling was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court. A Catholic veterans' group, organizers of the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston, were vindicated in their refusal to allow a homosexual activist group to march in their parade. The Court confirmed that the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council was protected by the First Amendment and could reject a group if it "impart[ed] a message that the [parade] organizers do not wish to convey."

Twenty-three years later, orthodox Boston Irish Catholics will no longer have the prominent public voice on St. Patrick's Day. They've been elbowed out by secular celebrants of disordered sexuality.

South Boston has fallen. LGBTQ radicals have just seized complete control of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, with the director of a front group, OUTVETS, put in charge of the event.

Jul 21 09:03


Earlier this month it came out that among Facebook’s myriad algorithmically induced advertising categories was an entry for users whom the platform’s data mining systems believed might be interested in treason against their government. The label had been applied to more than 65,000 Russian citizens, placing them at grave risk should their government discover the label. Similarly, the platform’s algorithms silently observe its two billion users’ actions and words, estimating which users it believes may be homosexual and quietly placing a label on their account recording that estimate. What happens when governments begin using these labels to surveil, harass, detain and even execute their citizens based on the labels produced by an American company’s black box algorithms?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you do not want to be surveilled by Facebook, please stop using Facebook, and go to sites like Yandex; DuckDuckGo, or Gab.

Jul 21 09:00

Russia May Put Androids in Orbit Next Year, State Media Says

The mission would be the latest for FEDOR, created for rescue work — and more recently given the ability to shoot guns.

The International Space Station should prepare for the arrival of its first android crew members, Russian state media says. The Roskosmos space agency has approved a preliminary plan to send a pair of humanoid robots called FEDOR into space in August 2019, according to “a source in the space and rocket industry” quoted by the RIA Novosti website.

But while previous robots were shot into space as cargo, Russia’s pair of FEDORs — the acronym stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research — will “fly for the first time to the ISS as crew members, and not as cargo in the transport compartment,” RIA Novosti wrote, adding that the robots will fly in an otherwise unmanned Soyuz rocket. State media called this a “good PR move.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Congrats to Russian scientists, who have gone so far with this AI technology.

But the point is not that they will be deployed most probably next year; but why does the US space program not have this capabiliity at this time?!?

Jul 21 08:29

The Creature From Jeckyll Island

- A Micro-Documentary Interview With G Edward Griffin

Jul 21 05:36

Retired St Helens rugby player beat 15-year-old boy unconscious and broke his nose in 'revenge for bullying his son' but the 48-year-old star is spared jail for assault

He said: 'I'm quite prepared to accept that you genuinely believed your son had been bullied and that either the complainant Cole Olverson or one of his friends was the person who had bulled your son.

'I'm quite prepared to accept that because from what I've heard about you, you wouldn't have carried out this attack unless there was this genuine belief.

'But the first thing it is important to say, whether there was this genuine belief or not, is this isn't the way to deal with things.

'You don't take the law into your own hands, which is what you did. You're a strong powerful man. He is a 15-year-old boy.

'It was inevitable who was going to come out the worse and that is what happened.

'You repeatedly punched him to the face. I hope you've seen those injuries and seen what you did to that boy.'

Since the attack Cole has struggled with breathing and has depression and anxiety.