Aug 30 14:27

The Muslim Brotherhood's divisive dress code for women

Nureddin Sabir says the proliferation of the Muslim veil, including the controversial swimwear, the “burkini”, is an indicator of the spread of a pernicious ideology propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood and should concern everyone of us.

Aug 30 12:24

End of the EU? Italian referendum triggers SHOCK ALARMS across the USA and Europe

The Wall Street Journal has said that the outcome of the October referendum on constitutional reforms is “more important than Brexit”, with the future of pro-Brussels PM Matteo Renzi riding on the result.

Other international news organisation have suggested that Italy could become the weak link of European growth and the possible centre of a new political shock ready to weaken the EU.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais called Italy “the new sick patient of Europe that could drag the continent back into crisis”.

Aug 30 08:54

Eruption fear in Iceland as a DOUBLE earthquake rocks massive Katla volcano

Iceland's Meteorological Office says two earthquakes have rocked the caldera of Katla, one of the country's largest volcanos.

The quakes measured magnitude 4.2 and magnitude 4.5.

Aug 30 08:49

Apple paid just €50 in tax for every million made in 2014, European Commission report finds

Tech giant Apple has vowed to overturn a record €13 billion bill after European chiefs found it had a sweetheart tax deal in Ireland.

In a landmark ruling following a three-year investigation, Competition Commissioner said the maker of iPads and iPhones paid just 1% tax on its European profits in 2003 and 0.005% in 2014.

Aug 30 07:43

Vice-Chancellor: TTIP trade deal is dead

Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Sunday that negotiations on a massive trade deal between the European Union and the United States were effectively dead in the water.

"The talks with the US have de facto failed because we Europeans of course must not succumb to American demands," he told public broadcaster ZDF.

"Nothing is moving forward."

Aug 30 07:38


Europe is inexorably nearing the brink of civil war. What is the essence of this war? In order to understand this, we should pay attention to the two major forces that are unleashing this war and becoming its main poles. On the one hand, there are the hordes of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. On the other, there are European nationalists whose influence and determination is growing in strict proportion to the number of migrants. Hence the equation: the more migrants, the more nationalists, and the more that migrants resort to violence, the more hysterical and harsh the nationalists’ response will be.

Aug 29 13:48

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond Works Against May To Slow Brexit

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond is trying to put a halt to the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for the country to leave the European Union as quickly as possible.

Despite her wishes, Hammond is resisting attempts to speed up Brexit, arguing he wants to ensure that the UK’s financial services sector is protected in advance of quitting the EU.

Aug 29 10:01

German Economy Minister: "TTIP Talks Have Failed"

In the latest blow for Obama's global trade agenda, German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that free trade talks between the European Union and the United States have failed, citing a lack of progress on any of the major sections of the long-running negotiations. "In my opinion the negotiations with the United States have de facto failed, even though nobody is really admitting it" ZDF quoted the minister, according to a written transcript of the interview to be aired on Sunday. “[They] have failed because we Europeans did not want to subject ourselves to American demands.”

Aug 29 10:00

Norway Builds A Wall, Because Migrants

The Left always complains that the United States isn't more like Europe, particularly Scandinavia, and now the joke's on them because Norway now plans to build a border wall to halt the flow of illegal migrants pouring in from Russia.

This racist display of European white supremacy will be a 660 foot-long steel fence stretching 11 feet high and will run from the Storskog border crossing on the Norway-Russia border.

Aug 29 08:42

Putin now more popular than Merkel in Czech Republic – German media

Vladimir Putin’s popularity in the Czech Republic has surged and could now be higher than that of Angela Merkel, who has seen steadily falling ratings, German mass media report, referring to data from recent opinion polls.

Aug 28 19:57

'Single currency experiment has been a disaster' admits Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz in The Euro

"Europe, the source of the Enlightenment, the birthplace of modern science, is in crisis.” So says Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist and sometime chairman of President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisors.

“Large parts of Europe” have endured “a lost decade”; incomes per head are “lower than before the [2008] global financial crisis”. While Germany is doing “relatively well”, there’s “soaring youth unemployment” in France, Italy and Spain. “In a well-functioning economy, there’s rapid growth, the benefits of which are shared widely,” Stiglitz writes, but “in Europe we see the opposite”.

So what, he asks, is the “big policy problem”, Europe’s “one underlying mistake”? To some, his conclusion may be surprising. For Stiglitz points his finger squarely at “the fatal decision to adopt a single currency, without first providing the institutions to make it work”.

Aug 28 19:54

Brexit may send EU 'down the drain' - German vice chancellor

Germany's vice-chancellor has warned the future of the EU could be in doubt if the UK's exit is handled badly.

Sigmar Gabriel said the EU would go "down the drain" if other states followed Britain's lead and that the UK could not keep the "nice things" about Europe while taking no responsibility.

It comes as Theresa May summoned ministers for a meeting on Wednesday to discuss ideas for the UK's withdrawal.

Downing Street said Brexit was "top" of the prime minister's agenda.

Aug 28 18:41

Iceland: PBS News Celebrates Refugees "Diversifying Their Mostly White & Christian Nation"

You can witnesses in this one video how our nations are being destroyed from within.

Aug 28 18:40

Austria: Norbert Hofer Leads by 6 in Presidential Election Do-Over

Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer has extended his lead in new polls heading into the Austrian presidential re-run as he continues to dominate his rival Alexander Van der Bellen.

Aug 28 11:03

Erdogan Set to Flood Europe With Millions of Migrants as EU Refugee Deal Falters

The European Commission is set to release a report finding that Turkey’s human rights practices failed to comply with the terms of the deal – a finding that would end all hope of Turkish citizens receiving visa-free travel and likely forcing Erdogan to open the floodgates.

Aug 28 09:27

German Economy Minister: "TTIP Talks Have Failed"

In the latest blow for Obama's global trade agenda, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that free trade talks between the EU and the US have failed, citing a lack of progress on any of the major sections of the long-running negotiations. "In my opinion the negotiations with the United States have de facto failed, even though nobody is really admitting it. [They] have failed because we Europeans did not want to subject ourselves to American demands.”

Aug 27 19:09

Google and Facebook could be forced to pay for news stories if they want to use publishers' content

The internet giants will have to reach deals with content providers, such as newspapers, before they can use excerpts of articles on their sites.

Officials at the European Commission in Brussels say the plans, which will be unveiled in September, are being drawn up to dilute the power of big online operators whose market share gives them an advantage in commercial negotiations.

Aug 27 09:33

Plans for EU army back on as Brussels fat cats take advantage of Brexit

The plans are the brainchild of Hungary's right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who believes that Europe should strengthen its military capabilities to bolster security.

Mr Orban put pressure on Angela Merkel and her band of EU fat cats over the issue at a meeting with the German chancellor and the prime ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He said: "We should list the issue of security as a priority, and we should start setting up a common European army."

Aug 27 08:15

Belgium: 15yo Muslim Faces Deportation After His Call for Christians to be Killed Goes Viral

After video of a 15-year-old Muslim "Belgian" calling for Christians to be annihilated went viral last week, this week he's facing deportation.

Incidentally, it turns out his father is a radical Muslim hate preacher who was already facing deportation himself.

What a shocker.

Aug 27 07:49

Sweden To Become The World’s First Fossil Fuel-free Nation in History

Waking Times Media

The Swedish government recently announced that their aim is to become one of the world’s first nations to end its dependence on fossil fuels. They will be investing an extra 4.5 billion kronor (US$546 million) into renewable energy and climate change action in their 2016 budget.

Aug 26 20:09

Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote

Theresa May will not hold a parliamentary vote on Brexit before opening negotiations to formally trigger Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, The Telegraph has learned.

Opponents of Brexit claim that because the EU referendum result is advisory it must be approved by a vote in the Commons before Article 50 - the formal mechanism to leave the EU - is triggered.

However, in a move which will cheer Eurosceptics, The Telegraph has learned that Mrs May will invoke Article 50 without a vote in Parliament

Aug 26 10:33

EU tries to twist Gazprom's arms before freezing in winter

The ultimate goal of the EU is clear: Russia should not build a pipeline bypassing Ukraine, as Kiev would lose a source of its income, and the EU would lose its leverage for Moscow. The worse it is for Russia, the better it is for the West - this is a well-known postulate. The third energy package of the EU therefore demands the owner of the pipeline and the gas supplier be different subjects. This is a weapon against Gazprom. If there were a Western energy corporation in Gazprom's place, such as Shell or BP, we would not see any form of the Third Energy Package. In addition, the European Union is obsessed with the idea to switch to other sources of fuel supplies, for example from Qatar or Iran. Supplies of liquefied natural gas from the United States are also possible. Yet, the above options require considerable investments that the EU can not afford. For the time being, the EU has TANAP - the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline, approved by the European Commission.

Aug 26 10:00

Kosovo: Europe's grey area used by criminals, extremists

Kosovo is a grey area in the heart of Europe and an abode for criminals and radical extremists, the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin said on Thursday as he took the floor at a session of the UN Security Council, which discussed the Kosovo peace settlement. "The feebleness of law enforcement and the security structure in Kosovo has transformed the region into a grey area in the heart of Europe, which Islamic radicals, as well as members of criminal networks use as an abode and a transit point," he said. "This facilitates the use of the territory by extremist groups for the recruitment and training of militants," Churkin explained. "Kosovo ranks among Europe's top three for the number of IS combatants per capita of the local population, and that's why should any measures be taken to check the situation, they would still be clearly insufficient," he stressed.

Aug 26 09:52

Slovakia's PM speaks out against anti-Russian sanctions

"In my opinion is it is high time to reconsider the sanctions from a rational point of view and say that they are harmful for both the EU and Russia," he said. "They have not settled the problem, which they were supposed to influence." On Thursday, the Slovak prime minister visited Russia, where he had a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. "Yesterday, with Vladimir Putin we came to the common opinion that our purpose is to develop mutual trade," Fico wrote on his Facebook page. At present, Slovakia is currently chairing the European Council for a six-month period. In the past, Slovakia’s prime minister has come out in favor of having the anti-Russian sanctions lifted several times. Fico said that his government is interested in correcting the current situation in the relations between the EU and Russia. According to him, Slovakia is committed to restoring full partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation between Brussels and Moscow.

Aug 26 08:21

Hungary to build a second ‘massive’ wall to keep out migrants heading from Turkey

Hungary will build a new, 'more massive' fence on its southern borders to defend against a possible surge in the number of migrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Orban, who earlier said migrants were 'poison', said on state radio that there may soon be a 'greater need for security' and the fortified barrier would be able to stop 'several hundreds of thousands of people' at the same time, if needed. He did not say when construction could start.

Orban said the surge could take place if, for example, Turkey allows the millions of refugees living there to leave for Western Europe.

Aug 26 08:02

EU is ‘BIGGER threat than Russia' Danish MP warns of Brussels power as DEXIT calls grow

The ferocious slap-down saw Marie Krarup, of the right-wing Danish People’s Party, dismiss Russia as the country’s main threat and instead pointed the finger at divisive Brussels.

When asked whether the EU was the biggest danger, Ms Kararup replied: “For Denmark? Yes, without a doubt!

“Just Schengen alone is a catastrophe.

“It’s something that will make Denmark disappear from the world map if we don’t pull ourselves together.

“That national borders have been disbanded is a threat against Denmark’s existence.”

Aug 26 07:56

‘We’re not a MIGRANT WAITING ROOM’ Austria blasts Merkel and demands 'deportation summit'

AUSTRIA is not Germany's "waiting room", the country's defence minister has said, in the latest attack on Angela Merkel's immigration policy.

Hans Peter Doskizil claims the beleaguered German chancellor's "welcoming" stance on refugees fleeing the Middle East is creating a new "attraction factor" for those hoping to relocate to Europe.

Aug 26 07:20

Asylum seekers leaving Sweden in record numbers

Sweden received a record 163,000 asylum applications last year, but after the country’s government subsequently tightened its policy in the area – including the introduction of photo ID border checks and temporary residence permits – the numbers applying dropped dramatically to around 19,270 in 2016.

At the same time, according to Swedish migration authority (Migrationsverket) statistics reported in newspaper Sydsvenskan, at least 10,665 people have voluntarily departed Sweden in the period between January and August 2016.

Aug 26 07:13

Portugal to bail out its biggest bank to the tune of €5bn

The European Commission and Portugal have agreed to inject up to €5 billion into the country’s biggest and ailing bank Caixa Geral de Depositos

Aug 25 14:57

Greek Debt And The New Financial Imperialism

This week marks the first anniversary of the 2015 Greek debt crisis, the third in that country’s recent history since 2010. Last Aug. 20-21, 2015, the ‘Troika’—i.e., the pan-European institutions of the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB), plus the IMF-imposed a third debt deal on Greece. Greece was given US$98 billion in loans from the Troika. A previous 2012 Troika imposed debt deal had added nearly US$200 billion to an initial 2010 debt deal of US$140 billion.

Aug 25 13:25

Labour Will Block Brexit, Says Leadership Rival Owen Smith

Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith has vowed to stop the government triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the official process to bring Britain out of the EU, unless a second referendum is held on the final Brexit deal.

The leadership challenger said on Wednesday the party wants to stay in the EU and that he will hold a second referendum if he becomes prime minister.

Aug 25 10:51

WHEN WILL IT STOP? Brussels demands even MORE aid from EU members to help stricken Greece

THE European Union has called on member states to cough up more aid money for Greece after the number of migrants arriving on its shores skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Jean-Claude Juncker's EU Commission said other members of the bloc must not "turn their backs" on the impoverished country as it struggles to cope with a refugee influx.

Aug 25 10:50

‘End of road’ for EU: Now France's LEFTIES blast Brussels for plunging Europe into crisis

MORE and more people are calling time on the European Union in France - with even left-wing politicians in the country now saying it is the “end of the road”.

Aug 25 10:46

ITALY REACHES BREAKING POINT: Rome sending migrants BACK to Sudan on private jets

ITALY has started to send migrants back to Sudan on specially chartered flights, with 48 already deported.

Aug 25 10:45

MORE EU FINANCIAL CHAOS: Portugal in desperate £3.8bn bid to stabilise its banking system

PORTUGAL is set to inject billions of euros into its biggest bank in the hope of stabilising the country's economy.

The €5billion (£3.8bn) planned recapitalization of Caixa Geral de Depositos carefully side-steps European Commission new rules that mean state cash can't be used to shore up banks.

Under the plans, the government will put in money into the bank but it's hoped it will get more money back after Caixa will also issue out highly subordinated debt.

Aug 25 08:31

Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food

Just days after the German government advised citizens to stock up on food and water, the Czech government has followed suit.

Hello? HELLO??? Can you hear me NOW???? Something is clearly hurtling down the pipe.

Czech news channel CT24 broadcast a message from the government telling citizens to ‘prepare for the worst’.

Aug 25 08:16

Will Europe crumble and disappear? Aug24

“The open-door immigration policy of the European Union is justified by pointing out Europe’s guilt for past colonial sins. Well, I have news. You can go anywhere in the world, focus in on any nation, any tribe, and you can discover that, at some point in the past, they did grievous harm to some other group, nation, tribe, or to their own people. You can use history to claim that everybody should give back everything to everybody else. Everybody should be down on their knees, weeping and gnashing their teeth and giving away all they have. Stimulating guilt in order to seize and maintain power is a strategy as old as the hills, but the current generation seems never to have heard of it.”

Aug 24 15:33

Here We Go Again. Serbia Has a New Government

Aleksandar Vucic failed to keep the promise that he made during his visit to Moscow on May 2016 to form a new government by mid-June. The government was formed 14 weeks after the snap elections that were held from April 24 to May 4, 2016. There is little doubt that the procedure was delayed due to the complex political situation in Serbia and the ambivalent position of Aleksandar Vucic and his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). On the one hand, if the opinion polls are to be believed, the Prime Minister’s approval rating is considerable and he has the support of nearly half of the population. His trump card is his dramatic, expansive and emotional style, coupled with confidence, a command of the facts and a knack for turning a patently losing situation into an attractive ideologeme. On the other hand, the actions of the last government ran counter to the values and perceptions that the politically active segment of society has formed since October 5, 2000.

Aug 24 15:30

“The Narrow Corridor” of American-Polish Relations

The current state of Polish-American relations is considered to be nearly the worst in recent history. At the same time, one cannot say there are reasons for serious disagreements or a personal dislike between the leaders...

Aug 24 15:06

Owen Smith Vows To Block Brexit Unless New Vote Held

UK Labour Party politician Owen Smith says he will block the triggering of formal negotiations to leave the European Union (EU) unless the government holds a second referendum or a general election to approve its final Brexit deal.

In a historic referendum on June 23, some 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the EU after 43 years of membership, while roughly 48 voted to stay in the union.

Aug 24 13:46

6.2 Earthquake Wrecks Central Italy, Kills At Least 120: “Town Doesn’t Exist Anymore”

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time. Earthquake watchers have been observing the build up of pressure and worrying... and more events with larger magnitudes (7.1? 8.3? 9.0?) may be coming to an area near you!

The worst hit was the small town of Armatrice, with some 2,700 residents:

Caterpillar Radio2 reported “many collapses” in the town of Amatrice in the Rieti province.

“I’m trying to contact the services. The town doesn’t exist anymore,” he added.

Read more at SHTF

Aug 24 12:43

Finland: Video Shows Fight Between Migrants & Locals, 15yo Finn Beat With 'Hard Object'

A 15-year-old Finnish boy was injured after being beaten with a "hard object" outside a migrant center in Forssa, Finland.

Aug 24 09:41

Leaked Docs Show George Soros Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Ireland

Leaked documents show Hungarian-born Jewish billionaire George Soros quietly dumped heaps of cash into the coffers of pro-abortion agitators in Ireland.

..."The move was said to be part of a strategy to force the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, potentially setting off a chain reaction in other strongly Catholic countries in Europe."

Aug 24 08:20

Here comes AUXIT: Austrian election hinges on Brussels - with Eurosceptics SURGING ahead

The run-off vote in October will pit two highly contrasting candidates against each other once again, following an initial vote in April and a first, annulled run-off vote in May.

Former Greens leader Alexander Van der Bellen is running as an independent against Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the Freedom Party (FPO) - a Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant party that is gaining ground in the country.

While Mr Van der Bellen won the first run-off, the FPO successfully appealed the decision following accusations of voters fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Vote fraud is a conspiracy theory!" -- Obama

Aug 24 07:58

Encryption under fire in Europe as France and Germany call for decrypt law

A fresh chapter of the crypto wars looks to be opening up in Europe, after the French and German interior ministers took to a podium yesterday to lobby for a law change that would enable courts to demand that Internet companies decrypt data to help further criminal investigations.

So, in other words, to effectively push for end-to-end encryption to be outlawed. Yes we’ve been here before — many times.

Aug 24 07:27

After Brexit 'It's Hard to Find Anyone in Europe Who Supports' EU

Speaking on Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear program, Pilger declared that Brexit is the last nail in the coffin of the EU. “It’s very hard to find anyone in Europe who supports” the bloc, he said, referring to surveys conducted across the EU in the aftermath of the UK referendum.

“With democracy being sidelined in so many institutions in Brussels, I think many people in Europe will be feeling that it is time for their countries do what Britain did.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 23 21:46


Updated 1 min ago
ROME -- A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck central Italy early Wednesday, levelling buildings in several towns as residents slept. The mayor of hard-hit Amatrice says a family of four is trapped under debris without any signs of life and that "The town isn't here anymore."

Aug 23 15:50

Capoterra, Sardinia – Pakistani “refugee” masturbates in front of kids in park playground

Parents of children enjoying a summer's day in a playground in were horrified when they noticed a man lowered his trousers and begin to masturbate. They immediately called the police who promptly arrived to the idyllic park in Capoterra, near Cagliari in Sardinia.

Aug 23 14:49

No wonder Sweden is afraid of Russia!

A Swede explains why the increasingly dysfunctional state and self-appointed "World's Humanitarian Superpower" is so terrified of a Russian invasion.

Aug 23 12:03

Brewing Collapse of the Western Monetary System? German Government Warns of an Upcoming Catastrophe, Tags Russia as an “Enemy Nation”

On a related note, against many Members of Parliament and several ministers, the German Bundeswehr (army) has declared Russia as an enemy nation. This is akin to a declaration of war. The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei Puschkow, has posted the Twitter message:

‘The decision of the German government declaring Russia to be an enemy shows Merkel’s subservience to the Obama administration.’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to say that things are looking up, geopolitically, and that peace may break out; unfortunately, I cannot say that with a straight face right now.

The best you can do is not panic, but prepare, as we have stated all along.

Make sure that you have storable food; potable water; and any medications which you (or your pets) may take safely stored as well.

Make sure your bug-out kit is up to date, and please do know your kids' school's policy for releasing them before the end of their school day, and under what circumstances they can go back to their parents before then.

Have a pre-approved gathering place, if people are separated, to regroup.

The more you take care of this now, the easier it will be to withstand a real crisis if the excrement does hit the ventilation shaft soon.

I am no Nostradamus; but looking at the gathering collection of tensions, geopolitically, I cannot bet against a major military confrontation, involving US troops, possibly well before the end of the year.

I hope to heck I am wrong, but that's what it feels like to me.

Aug 23 09:32

Ireland’s Biggest Bank Charging Depositors – Negative Interest Rate Madness

Deposits at Bank of Ireland are soon to face charges in the form of negative interest rates after it emerged on Friday that the bank is set to become the first Irish bank to charge customers for placing their cash on deposit with the bank.

Aug 23 09:14


In June, the ECB began buying the bonds of some of the most powerful companies in Europe as well as the European subsidiaries of foreign multinationals. This pushed the average yield on euro investment-grade corporate debt to 0.65%. Large quantities of highly rated corporate debt with shorter maturities are trading at negative yields, where brainwashed investors engage in the absurdity of paying for the privilege of lending money to corporations. By August 12, the ECB had handed out over €16 billion in freshly printed money in exchange for corporate bonds. Throughout, the public was given to understand that the ECB was buying already-issued bonds trading in secondary markets. But the public has been fooled.

Aug 22 12:03

EU Prez Juncker: ‘Borders Are The Worst Invention Ever’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has declared that “Borders are the worst invention ever made” in an anti-nationhood speech at the Alpbach European Forum in Austria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then why does he live in a fenced and gated residential complex?

Aug 22 09:15

EU mocked for suggesting it 'won' the Olympics

The message was accompanied by a graphic which showed the European Union standing in first place on an Olympic podium, while the United States took second place and China languished in third place.

The tally combines medals won by British athletes with those of their European counterparts and has led to the EU being accused of trying to "piggyback" on Team GB's Olympic triumphs.

It sparked an immediate backlash on social media, with one user responding: "This is disgusting EU propaganda! Did you asked the sports man and woman [sic] if they agree with this."

"The "European Union" were NOT participants in #Olympics at #Rio2016 so stop pretending you were part of it," fumed another.

A third replied: "[This is] the perfect definition of piggy-backing...Might as well do a humanity league table."

Aug 22 08:43

The scramble to save the EU: Leaders meet on the Italian island where the idea of a federal Europe began as they plot to stop the Brussels project unravelling following Brexit

The leaders of the EU's three biggest countries are meeting for crisis talks in Lazio today as they scramble to save the Brussels project from unravelling after Brexit.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to Ventotene, a tiny island off the coast of Naples, to discuss their strategy ahead of next month's crucial summit of all 28 leaders.

Aug 22 08:26

Brexit: Worst Case Scenario For EU; Armageddon Promise Now Exposed As Pack Of Lies

Project Fear predicted economic meltdown if Britain voted leave. Where are the devastated high streets, job losses and crashing markets?

Aug 22 07:08

Put PIGS' HEADS on border fence to keep out migrants, says top politician

A HUNGARIAN politician has caused uproar by saying pigs’ heads should be impaled on border fences to deter migrants.

Aug 22 07:02

‘Borders are the worst invention’ Deluded Juncker says MORE EU is antidote to nationalism

EUROPEANS should be putting the Union first and stop calling for political independence in their home country, the president of the EU Commission has insisted.

Aug 21 22:55

Athens presses German reparations bid

Alternate Foreign Minister Nikos Xydakis emphasized over the weekend that Athens will push its demands for wartime reparations from Germany, despite the insistence by Berlin that the matter has been resolved, noting that the issue is primarily a moral one for the Greek government.

Aug 21 16:25

Welcome to The Netherlands, Where Turkish & Kurdish Migrants Wage War in the Streets

Thanks to Europe's open borders policies, the ongoing Kurdish-Turkish conflict is now being fought out in the streets of The Netherlands.

Aug 21 09:59

'Do menial work for 87p-an-hour or LOSE your state handouts': Austria is set to force migrants to earn their keep – but left wingers slam proposals as 'slavery'

Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz said many asylum seekers were 'illiterate' and should be made to carry out mandatory community jobs to help integrate them into society.

They would be required to work between 15 and 30 hours a week for just one euro an hour on work like street cleaning and municipal gardening, Kurz said.

He is now calling on coalition partners of his right-wing OVP party to support the proposals when a bill comes before parliament.

Left-wing parties in the wealthy Alpine state have branded the scheme as 'one step away from slave labour'.

Aug 21 09:10

Europe Starts Banning Burkas

Aug 21 08:24

Seeds of democratic revolution in Ethiopia?

Graham Peebles senses in the unrest sweeping across Ethiopia the beginning of the end of the ruling party’s dictatorship, and calls on the Western donor countries propping up the regime to do the right thing and side with the oppressed people.