Jun 17 17:58

The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover

Brexiteers should have been prepared for the shattering intervention of the US. The European Union always was an American project.

It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.

Jun 17 17:09

Paul Craig Roberts Brexit EU Interview

Jun 17 14:49

First Brexit Poll After Jo Cox Death Reveals Stunning Result

British support for remaining in the European Union has weakened in the wake of the murder of the pro-EU politician Jo Cox, according to an online research company Friday.

Qriously, a London-based technology start-up that gathers data and intelligence about consumers through mobile phone apps, found that backing among likely voters for Britain's EU membership has dropped to 32% from 40% before her death.

The poll was based on 1,992 British adults surveyed on June 13-16, and then 1,002 on June 17 — the day after Cox was shot and killed in northern England.

Jun 17 14:37

NATO storing tanks & military hardware in Cold War-era Norwegian caves

NATO is deploying tanks and military equipment to a series of caves in Norway. They have been largely redundant since the end of the Cold War, but now the alliance is stocking up on hardware, which will be deployed near NATO’s border with Russia.

Jun 17 10:38

Labour MPs urge Britons to vote for Brexit next week to topple Cameron and Osborne

A new advertising campaign, launched with just seven days until the UK’s historic in/out vote on EU membership, instructs voters to ‘Wipe the smile off their faces’ above a photo of the grinning Prime Minister and Chancellor.

The pitch to voters fed up with the Conservative Government has been funded by the Labour Leave group, supported by prominent Brexit-backing MPs such as Kate Hoey, Graham Stringer, Kelvin Hopkins and John Mann.

Jun 17 10:17

Ex-Brussels chief pushes for EU Army and tells leaders to work FASTER to create one

Former Nato secretary general Javier Solana, who was the EU's foreign policy chief, said the organisation's 28 members need to join forces on defence and security matters to form a united force against jihadism and radicalisation.

Speaking during a presentation of an EU study titled 'On the way towards a European Defence Union: White Book as a first step', the retired diplomat said: "As Europeans we must move towards greater integration in defence and security, so that our responses are effective."

His comments will be seized on by eurosceptics as another move towards the creation of an EU army.

Jun 17 10:16

Germany unleashes weapon to keep Britain in EU – by threatening to withhold SAUSAGES

GERMANY is trying to bribe the UK to remain in the European Union by giving out sausages so UK meat-lovers will know what they would miss in the case of a Leave Vote.

You couldn't make it up.

Jun 17 10:07

'We shall not take anyone in' Angry Hungarian ministers hit back at EU migration quotas

HUNGARIAN politicians have said the country will not accept any migrants because the country “does not need immigration”.

Jun 17 09:24

Brexit Campaigns SUSPENDED after UK MP Killed… Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder… Elites Fear Brexit Would Reverse Their Globalist Agenda

The remain camp is so desperate, they know they are going to lose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"BREXIT is still ahead on the polls! Find me some more politicians to shoot! I need bloody shirts! I need bloody shirts!" -- Number 9 3/4

Jun 17 09:17

EU extends Russia sanctions over Crimea for 1 more year

The European Union extended Friday for one year its economic sanctions against Russia.

The EU said in a statement that its restrictive measures imposed over what it called Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea has been extended until June 23, 2017.

The sanctions, which have been in place for the past two years, prohibit certain exports and imports, and ban investment and tourism services by EU-based companies to Crimea. Moscow defends Crimea’s rejoining Russia as legitimate, saying more than 90 percent of the people in the Black Sea peninsula voted in favor of rejoining in the referendum of 2014.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

(Sigh) why are the members of the EU, who have extended these sanctions, lying through their collective teeth, in order to pursue these sanctions?!?

Russia, for the gazillianth time, did not annex Crimean.

When Victor Yanukovych got dumped under the proverbial bus, courtesy of the putsch which put Poroshenko into power, the Crimeans knew that they had no legitimate representation in Kiev.

They then held a national referendum, which was characterised by observers as "free and fair" where the Crimean people voted to petition the Russian government to become a part of the Russian Federation. Russia accepted their referendum, and that was how they came back to being a part of Russia.

But EU members are starting to get annoyed at with whom they can, and cannot do business. There has been talk about various countries wanting to start re-establishing trade with Russia, which now the EU says they cannot do, with certain items, for at least one year.

This is why, most probably, we will see the breakup of the EU come with the Brexit, Grexit, and Frexit; the economic hurdles it throws up so speciously and flagrantly, are coming home to roost, and member nations are tired of it.

Jun 17 09:01

Brexit Poll: Majority of Brits Want to Leave EU as Referendum Looms

Public opinion in Britain has swung sharply in favor of quitting the European Union, according to a poll published exactly one week before the country's historic referendum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We have to stop the vote! Quick; shoot another politician!" -- Number 9 3/4

Jun 17 08:49

The Scottish Farmer's poll shows agricultural support for Brexit

Scottish farmers’ attitudes towards leaving the EU have hardened in recent weeks, according to The Scottish Farmer’s final poll on voting intentions before the EU membership referendum.

Hundreds of votes have been cast through phone, text and website portals – and all have shown a remarkably consistent result of 85% wanting to leave the EU, with only 15% voting to remain, as compared to the first The SF poll, published in our May 28 edition, which had 69% wanting to leave the EU.

Jun 17 08:48

Campaigns react after majority of Mail readers tell us they want to leave EU

North East voters are set to back Britain’s exit from the EU, if the results of our poll are anything to go by.

More than 3,500 people voted on-line across the Echo website and those of our sister papers the Shields Gazette and Hartlepool Mail.

And more than two-thirds of those taking part indicated they will be voting ‘out’ in the ballot a week today.

Quitting the EU attracted support from 72 per cent of those taking part, with just 28 per cent of those voting indicating they were backing the ‘Remain’ campaign.

Jun 17 08:44

REVEALED: The map that PROVES Britain is set for BREXIT in EU Referendum

Google has revealed how the UK are searching to vote for the upcoming EU referendum on Thursday June 23rd. And in terms of search traffic, it is a landslide victory for the Leave campaign.

The interactive map breaks down searches for Leave the EU or Stay during the seven days between May 31st and June 7th 2016.

Only 11 county boroughs searched for more terms associated with remaining in the UK on Google during the week-long window, with the rest of the UK favouring searches around the Leave campaign.

Jun 17 08:39

Kent backs Brexit in EU referendum poll

Our survey found 57% of those likely to vote or will vote want to leave, 58% of those who favour Brexit say immigration is the most important issue and the economy and jobs were most important for those wanting to stay (47%).

It also indicated turnout could be as high as 91% and ten MPs might be out of step with their constituents on the question of staying or leaving.

Jun 17 08:37

Cox Witness Says No One Shouted Britain First

A sign in a shop by the spot Jo Cox was killed states the claims that the gunman shouted "Britain First" are untrue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the guy the media claimed reported the "Britain First" comment, and tackled the shooter. He is saying both media claims are lies.

Jun 17 08:33

Euro 2016 riots (video)

Jun 17 07:52

NATO chief makes personal pitch for Canada to join Baltic force to deter Russia

While Canada is facing a lot of international arm-twisting to join a NATO brigade destined for Eastern Europe, sources are telling CBC News the Trudeau government is hesitating over concerns participation could detract from future peacekeeping missions.

Jun 17 07:51

Britain mourns murdered lawmaker, EU referendum campaign suspended

Britain mourned lawmaker Jo Cox on Friday after a man wielding a gun and knife killed the 41-year-old in an attack that has thrown next week's referendum on European Union membership into limbo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As it was designed to do!

Two false-flags in a week? The elites are panicking!

Jun 17 07:01

Was Britain Taken Into The EU Illegally?

Many constitutional experts believe that Britain isn't actually a member of the European Union since our apparent entry was in violation of British law and was, therefore invalid.

In enacting the European Communities Bill through an ordinary vote in the House of Commons, Ted Heath's Government breached the constitutional convention which requires a prior consultation of the people (either by a general election or a referendum) on any measure involving constitutional change. The general election or referendum must take place before any related parliamentary debate.

Jun 17 07:00

Former Danish PM: Europe can take a million refugees

Former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who introduced a series of restrictions on asylum seekers and refugees while in office, now says that Europe could easily take in one million refugees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And how many are you planning to let live in your house?

Jun 17 06:57

U.S. says it will stay in Black Sea despite Russian warning

The United States will maintain its presence in the Black Sea despite a Russian warning that a U.S. destroyer patrolling there undermined regional security, the U.S. Navy Secretary said.

Jun 17 06:40

2016 St Pete Econ Forum Opens - EU President Juncker, Italian PM Attend

Meanwhile the US, UK, and Baltics among others, are throwing tantrums that Russia is clearly not 'isolated' whatsoever

Jun 17 06:39

Brexit to Result in 'Catastrophe' for Swiss Economy - Swiss Lawmaker

The possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union would have a negative impact on the Swiss economy as it would further strengthened the national currency, thus hitting Swiss exporters, a Swiss lawmaker from the Christian Democratic People's Party told Sputnik on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me see if I have this right. Switzerland, which just withdrew its application to join the EU, is demanding Britain stay in the EU to protect the Swiss economy?!?

Jun 17 06:29

France once again under Nazi occupation

France is once again under a Nazi occupation. The evidence is clear that France is controlled by Germany. Nicolas Sarkozy, a Nazi Germany reunification advocate and sympathizer has played a pivotal role in the Nazi European Union ideology and bailouts. Sarkozy was sent by his Fuhrer German Chancellor Angela Merkel to China to beg China and other states to bankroll the Nazi German dream - a unified Europe under the control of Germany.

Jun 16 22:23

Scotland Just Banned Fracking Forever

Waking Times Media

In one fell swoop, Scotland banned fracking — permanently — when parliament narrowly voted in favor of cementing the country’s temporary moratorium on the controversial practice.

Jun 16 12:40

US 'Having Hard Time' Forcing EU to Deploy Troops Near Russian Borders

The attitude of NATO countries toward the planned deployment of troops in the Baltic States is far from united. There is a fierce debate going on in the alliance, with the United States literally struggling to coerce European states to strengthen military presence in the east, German magazine Focus Online wrote.

Jun 16 11:14

NATO aims to feed fears by painting Russia as ‘treacherous enemy’ – Russian Defense Ministry

Russia’s Defense Ministry has rejected allegations from NATO accusing Moscow of thwarting military transparency in Europe by holding an “unexpected” military exercise. The ministry blamed the block for deliberately creating the perception of a “Russian threat.”

Jun 16 09:44

European Union officials outraged by glyphosate opposition as Germany, Italy and France refuse to relicense herbicide

Within a matter of weeks, glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, declared a likely human carcinogen by the World Health Organization last spring, may no longer be approved for use in Europe.

Jun 16 09:37

German ‘Boots on the Ground’ as NATO Troop Build-Up Continues on Syria-Turkey Border

The US and NATO are pulling out all stops to turn their Syrian quagmire into something resembling their objectives in Syria. While US and UK troops had been setting up base in the north of Syria ostensibly in order to strike ISIS in Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army has stolen a march on them with air-cover from the RUAF.

Jun 16 09:35

European Peripheral Bond Risk Explodes: Forget Brexit, "Now It's Italy's Turn"

If there was any doubt that Brexit was "relevant" then the surges in European peripheral bond risk, despite massive bond-buying by The ECB, should send shivers up and down the status quo huggers that are shrugging the referendum decision off because "central banks will provide liquidity." However, it's not just The UK that EU officials need to worry about, as The Globalist notes, Germany will have to change its policies if it wants to avoid exit of other countries from the eurozone.

Jun 16 09:16

ANOTHER poll gives Brexit a six-point lead with just a week to go as Boris denies he's fishing to be Prime Minister

With just one week until the historic referendum finally takes place, the latest surveys matched a string of polls over the past week to have shown big leads for Leave.

Despite the Remain campaign scrambling to halt an apparent slide in support, the new snapshot of public opinion by Ipsos-Mori indicated the momentum continued to be with Brexit supporters as Leave led by six points.

Survation released another survey showed Leave up seven points on 45 per cent, leading Remain on 42 per cent, down two. Excluding 'don't knows' Brexit leads 52-48 with a week to go.

Jun 16 08:53

Brexit: a Challenge to America’s Domination of Europe

The lead financial writer at the Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, wrote in 2000:

Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe.


The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE [below, we’ll explain who these players are] in the late Fifties. The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth.

It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which “adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable”.

In other words, the U.S. State Department recommended ramming through the creation of the EU before Europeans knew what was happening.

Jun 16 08:44

NATO Says It Might Now Have Grounds To Attack Russia

NATO is now alleging that because Russian hackers had copied the emails on Hillary Clinton’s home computer, this action of someone in Russia taking advantage of her having privatized her U.S. State Department communications to her unsecured home computer and of such a Russian’s then snooping into the U.S. State Department business that was stored on it, might constitute a Russian attack against the United States of America, and would, if the U.S. President declares it to be a Russian invasion of the U.S., trigger NATO’s mutual-defense clause and so require all NATO nations to join with the U.S. government in going to war against Russia, if the U.S. government so decides.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope this is just an attempt to bluff Putin into not releasing Hillary's emails!

Jun 16 08:20

Brexit Is The Only Way the Working Class Can Change Anything

Working-class people’s voices are rarely heard outside their communities, and almost never within the political or media sphere. However the EU referendum debate has opened up a Pandora’s box of working-class anger and frustration. It is clear that the Westminster politicos are quite unnerved by this. Even I am surprised by how the referendum has captured the attention and the imagination of the same people that only last year told me they had no interest in the general election “because ‘they’ are all the same”.

Some 13 months later they are asking me what I think and arguing with me about the finer points of Brexit. In working-class communities, the EU referendum has become a referendum on almost everything.

Jun 16 08:18

Thousands of Greeks ask premier to resign

Thousands of dissatisfied Greeks have staged a protest rally in Athens and another major city to ask the government to resign over continued austerity.

Jun 16 08:01


British banker explains why he is voting LEAVE for BREXIT...


Jun 15 18:20

The Truth About #Brexit

Jun 15 17:51

Remainer Ed Vaizey savaged by facts and has no answers against Brexit

Hats off to Andrew Neil!

Jun 15 17:18

Record immigration in Boston, England sways Brexit votes

" was pretty hard to find anyone who was prepared to say they wanted to stay in the EU."

Jun 15 17:15

Pictured: Iraqi migrant who raped a ten-year-old boy in an Austrian swimming pool 'because it was a sexual emergency' bows his head in shame as he is jailed for six years

The 20-year-old migrant, who had been taken to the Austrian swimming pool to be taught how to integrate into his new community, was found guilty of serious sexual assault and rape of a minor and was sentenced to six years in jail.

The man, who had fled to Austria through the Balkan refugee route in September last year, hung his head in shame before he was sentenced for the horrific crime which left his victim suffering post-traumatic stress.

Jun 15 17:00

Osborne on the brink: Furious Tory MPs pledge to OUST Chancellor after he threatens to hike income tax and slash spending if we leave the EU

The Chancellor faced the unprecedented backlash from more than 60 of his own colleagues as he warned against opting for 'austerity' with dramatic hikes on income tax and fuel duty.

He insisted the poorest would 'pay the price' if we decide to take a 'leap in the dark' - and also risked further inflaming public anger over immigration by dismissing the prospect of curbs on free movement from the bloc.

But in the most vicious Blue-on-Blue clashes of the campaign so far, Conservative Brexit supporters immediately responded that they would not allow him to impose the 'emergency' Budget. They said his position would be 'untenable' if he tried to impose it.

And even his Remain allies Labour disowned the drastic measures, saying they would be the 'wrong thing to do'.

Jun 15 15:53

New poll shows slump in Scottish support for remain vote just days before EU referendum

Support for remaining in the European Union (EU) appears to have dipped in Scotland as the referendum draws nearer.

An Ipsos Mori poll for STV suggests backing for the remain camp, while still well ahead, has fallen by 13% over the last two months.

The poll of 1,000 adults - carried out between June 6 and 12 - shows a majority (53%) still support remaining in the EU, with 32% backing Brexit.

When the same question was asked in April, 66% were in favour of the UK's continued membership while 29% wanted to leave.

Jun 15 15:48

Most Herald readers backing Brexit, our EU poll says

Two-thirds of The Herald's website readers are backing the UK to leave Europe, according to our exclusive survey.

The online poll (below), which has been active for the last two weeks in the run-up to the referendum, shows more than 64 per cent of readers intent to vote to quit the EU.

A total of 1,049 people have voted so far, with 676 backing leave, 370 backing remain and 48 undecided.

Jun 15 15:47

Business Insider readers are backing a Brexit

The vast majority of Business Insider readers based in the United Kingdom believe that Britain should vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

Last week, we launched a poll asking readers: "Should the UK leave the European Union?"

Seven days later, the result speaks for itself. Out of 7,018 UK-based respondents, 4,691 said that Britain ought to leave the 28-nation bloc. This is approximately 67%.

Jun 15 15:24

Scaremonger Alert! Brexit would trigger tax hikes, spending cuts: Osborne

British Finance Minister George Osborne has warned that Brexit would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts across the UK.

Osborne, who is campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU, made the remarks Wednesday as stock markets plunged on the prospect of Brexit.

Jun 15 15:03

EU referendum: 65 Tory MPs say they would block George Osborne's 'absurd punishment budget' as Jeremy Corbyn accuses Brexit MPs of faking 'Damascene conversion'

An astonishing 65 Conservative MPs have rejected George Osborne’s proposed emergency budget as ‘absurd’ and have criticised his suggestion that he would threaten to ‘renege on so many manifesto pledges’.

They have warned: ‘If he were to proceed with these proposals, the Chancellor’s position would become untenable.’

Commenting, Vote Leave Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said: "George Osborne’s reckless teenage temper tantrum has proved a step too far.

"Threatening to vandalise the economy has led to his MPs effectively declaring no confidence in him. The Prime Minister must reflect on the failure of his appalling scare tactics and stop undermining the British economy for his own political interests."

Jun 15 14:00

NATO Violates Pledge to 'Not Station Permanent Combat Troops' in E. Europe

As NATO continues its largest military buildup in Eastern Europe since the end of the 20th century, international affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda discusses the West’s fueling of a new Cold War.

"Four thousand troops is not a military threat to Russia in any way, shape or form," Sleboda says, describing NATO’s plan to deploy four new battalions to the Baltics and Poland.

Jun 15 12:41

BREXIT, German Yields Scare Markets

Jun 15 09:35

Jeremy Corbyn Urges Labour To Back ‘Remain’, Despite Own EU Doubts

Jeremy Corbyn has urged the “whole Labour movement” to back the drive for the UK to stay in the EU, in a bid to halt the momentum of the Leave campaign.

Jun 15 08:30

No more polygamy & underage wives for immigrants, says German minister

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has promised to crackdown on the growing problem of multiple, forced, and underage marriages that immigrants from developing countries are bringing with them – but which have often been ignored by authorities.

“No one who comes to us has the right to put their cultural roots or their religious beliefs above our laws,” the politician from the center-left SPD party told Bild newspaper on Tuesday.

Jun 15 08:08

Saber Strike Military Exercises Kick Off in Estonia

This year, over 10,000 servicemen from 13 NATO and partner nations are taking part in the drills. Participating nations include three Baltic states, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet another "exercise" right on Russia's doorstep.

Jun 15 08:07

France Begin Mass Arrests Amid Huge Revolution

French authorities have begun the mass arrests of protestors taking part in what some are calling the biggest revolution in France for 200 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is only going to make things worse, by sending a signal that government is more concerned with the banks than with the people; a sentiment remembered from the time of Louis XVI!

Jun 15 08:02

Nigel Farage, His words are coming true!

Nigel Farage , He’s been fighting the Eurozone concept for years, the fact it’s trapped people and indebted countries, The European Commission Greece trapped Article 121 Millions of people will feel the pain Boom & Bust, Undemocratic The model is failing it’s a Euro Debt Union

Jun 15 07:50

Scaremonger Alert! West collective security under Brexit threat: Defense minister

Leaving the European Union would not only hurt Britain but will also undermine “the collective security of the West,” says Britain’s defense minister.

Jun 15 07:24

Bulgarian Man Finds Migrants On Land…He Shows Them Why He’s Called “The Destroyer”

A self-styled migrant hunter has organised gangs of vigilantes to patrol and hunt down illegal asylum seekers in Bulgaria.

Dinko Valev, 29, has managed to acquire two armoured vehicles to travel through rough territory around the city of Yambol near the border with Turkey.

He says the reaction has been so positive among the population that he is now trying to recruit more people to expand his vigilante operation.

Jun 14 18:57

MEPs order champagne and scotch to their desks: European Parliament revealed to have alcohol delivery service and special restaurant serving gourmet meals

As well as receiving a salary of over £75,000, MEPs get a 306 euros (£243) daily subsistence allowance to pay for food and drink while away from home.

Vote Leave chief executive Matthew Elliott last night said: ‘This is literally the gravy train that the £350 million a week we send to Brussels is paying for.

‘If we weren’t paying for the fine dining and extravagant cuisine of MEPs we would have more money to spend on our priories like the NHS.

‘Too many in Brussels seem more concerned with their lunch menu than they are with dealing with the challenges the EU is incapable of solving.

‘If we want to take back control of our borders, economy and democracy we have to Vote Leave on 23 June.’

Jun 14 18:55

Britain caves in on talks over Turkey joining EU: Leave campaigners say climbdown makes mockery of Cameron's claim country will not join EU until 'the year 3000'

Britain last night caved in on Turkey, agreeing to let it take another step towards full EU membership.

During talks in Brussels, UK diplomats initially resisted allowing the country to open a new phase in its negotiations with the EU. But within only a few hours, Britain backed down.

Leave campaigners said it made a mockery of claims by David Cameron that Turkey is not on course to join until ‘the year 3000’.

Jun 14 18:54

Sir Cover-Up 'blocks questions on the EU': Cabinet Secretary accused of 'contempt' after stopping release of information about impact of EU on public services

Tory MPs have accused the Cabinet Secretary of showing ‘contempt for parliament’ by blocking the release of sensitive information about the impact of the EU on public services.

In a strongly-worded letter, four Conservative MPs have accused Sir Jeremy Heywood of ordering civil servants to refuse to answer parliamentary questions that might jeopardise David Cameron’s bid to keep Britain in the EU.

Jun 14 15:59

Flashback: How much extra did the UK have to pay the EU?

At the moment the UK is £1.9bn out of pocket, with the promise of further rebates and repayments.

All this reveals the complexity of EU affairs, and the fact that even a Eurosceptic government with no wish to pay any extra ends up having to pay something all the time it is a member of the EU.

Jun 14 15:56

Flashback - Price for rejecting refugees: €250,000 per head

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new system for enforcing the relocation of migrants around the EU, giving countries that refuse to accept refugees an expensive “pay-to-not-play” option.

The measure, which would set a price of €250,000 per migrant for countries that want to avoid EU-imposed quotas for the resettlement of asylum-seekers, is part of a raft of new proposals aimed at rebooting the EU’s beleaguered strategy for dealing with the migration crisis.

Jun 14 15:54

Flashback: Top EU officials see monthly salaries rise above 31,000 euros

The pay increases, which apply retroactively from last July, come as the European Union is struggling to rev up its economy following the financial crisis, with unemployment standing at 10.7 per cent in the euro currency area.

Jun 14 15:49

Is this Remain's last chance? The EU's top bureaucrat set to wade into the Brexit battle after poll leads for Leave mean he can break a secret deal with Cameron to keep quiet

Jean-Claude Juncker is poised to make a major intervention on Britain's EU referendum after a string of polls handed Brexit a large lead with just nine days to go.

The President of the European Commission had promised David Cameron he would stay out of the Brexit battle for fear of making it look like Brussels was bullying British voters.

But the pair secretly agreed the gloves could come off if Brexit was ahead going into the final week, it was reported today.

Jun 14 15:48

Juncker: EU should be able to take in 2 million refugees

The European Union should be able to absorb 2 million refugees, the leader of the bloc's executive said Monday, despite tensions among member states over the arrival of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers last year.

Jun 14 15:47

Flashback: FURY over £74MILLION wage rise for EU chiefs - funded by OUR taxes

All 55,000 Brussels civil servants are to benefit from the 2.4 per cent salary hike, backdated to July.

This is despite a year marked by a shambolic reaction to the migrant crisis and the stuttering economic performance of the eurozone.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will get an extra £8,300 next year.

His basic salary will rise to £230,490.68 plus a residence allowance of £34,573.56 to cover the cost of accommodation in Brussels and annual expenses of £12,490.56.

Mr Juncker’s basic pay is 60 per cent higher than the £142,500 annual salary earned by David Cameron.

The commission president is among 10,000 Brussels officials who earn more than the Prime Minister.

Jun 14 14:59

Scaremonger Alert! UK military to take massive hit if Leave campaign wins: Osborne

British armed forces are going to face major cuts if Britons vote to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum later this month, UK Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne has warned.

Jun 14 14:50

Brexit Chances Surge: Live Chart Of Bookmakers’ Odds

Two polls putting Leave well clear of Remain – five points according to yesterday’s Guardian/ICM poll, seven points according to a Times/YouGov poll – have seen bookies slash their odds on Brexit, implying that it’s more likely than ever before – as shown by the chart above. A few weeks ago, the betting markets thought there was an 18 per cent chance of Leave: now it’s 41 per cent.>>>
It may not be long before Leave takes the lead: William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe says ‘the momentum is such that it seems inevitable Brexit will be favourite by the weekend if this trend continues’.>>>

Jun 14 12:10


French police unleashed tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators Tuesday as tens of thousands packed the streets of Paris in an outpouring of opposition to the government's anti-labor agenda.

The CGT labor union, which helped organized the march, hoped Tuesday's mobilization would be the largest since protests launched over new labor standards, which allow employers to more easily fire workers and create precarious, lower paid positions in place of permanent contracts.

"I’ve been to all the demos since March because I want to live in dignity, not just survive," Aurelien Boukelmoune, a 26-year-old technician, told AFP in Paris. "I want the reforms to be withdrawn, pure and simple. Only then will it stop. For the government's sake, they should withdraw the law, otherwise we'll block the economy."

Jun 14 08:49

It's not just the plot to let in 1.5 million Turks... DANIEL HANNAN outlines ten bombshells the EU's keeping secret until after you've voted

1. Banning hair-dryers
2. A bigger budget
3. Open borders
4. More bail-outs
5. Deeper integration
6. Human rights
7. Arts import licences
8. Wrecking our ports
9. Quotas for online TV
10. A European Army

Jun 14 07:55

Murdoch Newspaper Urges UK Exit from European Union

According to the YouGov poll for The Times, "Leave" held 46 percent support compared with 39 percent support for "Remain." Undecided voters were 11 percent, while 4 percent won't vote.

Last Monday The Times/YouGov had reported a 1 percent lead for the "Remain" campaign.

In another, though not unexpected, boost for "Leave," media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper called on its readers to vote to quit the 28-member EU.

Jun 14 07:53

SUN SAYS We urge our readers to beLEAVE in Britain and vote to quit the EU on June 23

WE are about to make the biggest ­political decision of our lives. The Sun urges everyone to vote LEAVE.

We must set ourselves free from dictatorial Brussels.

Throughout our 43-year membership of the European Union it has proved increasingly greedy, wasteful, bullying and breathtakingly incompetent in a crisis.

Next Thursday, at the ballot box, we can correct this huge and ­historic mistake.

It is our last chance. Because, be in no doubt, our future looks far bleaker if we stay in.

Jun 14 07:43

EU-Turkey refugee deal illegal, court challenge claims

According to the complaint filed with the Luxembourg-based court last week, the EU is violating international law and its own statutes by sending asylum seekers back to Turkey, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday, citing a legal memo sent to member states by the European Council’s legal service. The memo was obtained by the civil liberties website Statewatch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What a mess these people have started!

Jun 14 07:40

Luxury hotels, private jets, limos and even EU-branded chocolate: Vote Leave dossier reveals how eurocrats spend £28m of your money on lavish expenses and perks

Eurocrats have lavished tens of millions of pounds on expenses and other perks, including trips to luxury resorts, expensive meals and flights by private jet.

In a dossier published today, the Vote Leave group claims the ‘exorbitant’ expenditure by EU officials also includes Caribbean cruises, thousands of pounds of alcohol and chocolate and team-building days.

The figures were culled from the European Commission’s own website, which lists so-called ‘discretionary spending’.

Pro-Brexit campaigners said the findings showed how Eurocrats were able to live a ‘life of luxury’ at our expense

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Get The Party Started (Vote Leave) aka Brexit Song 2

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After losing control of the Cyprus Parliament to an increasingly nationalist vote in an election on May 22, Anastasiades has remained behind at the presidential palace in Nicosia, where he met on Tuesday with the NATO official now conducting Cyprus negotiations for the United Nations, Espen Barth Eide. The Cyprus Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulides, is due to met US Secretary of State John Kerry, on June 13.

So sensitive is the US-Turkish plan for Cyprus that American reporters for Associated Press and Reuters at the State Department have refused to ask Nuland about the talks. Gayane Chichakyan, a Washington-based reporter for the Russian government television company Russia Today (RT), has also refused to lift the news blackout.

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One of Cameron’s biggest donors WITHDRAWS support over his ‘IRRESPONSIBLE’ EU campaign

Edi Truell, who has donated more than £270,000 since 2010, is also reportedly considering quitting the Tory party altogether after Mr Cameron’s “unfair” scaremongering about a Brexit.

The pensions expert said he will only hand over his money to the party again if Boris Johnson or Michael Gove take over after June 23.

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Proof we CAN'T stop migrants: Five million new EU citizens given right to enter Britain

NEARLY 900,000 migrants a year are getting EU citizenship, giving them the right to live in Britain.

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Good reason to vote for the BREXIT right there.

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'BREXIT TSUNAMI' UK exit would cause 'BIG problems' for GERMAN banks, watchdog warns

If Britain votes out of Europe, Germany's biggest banks would suffer a huge hit that would shake the eurozone's financial system to its core, a top policymaker in Frankfurt has admitted.

Jun 14 07:14

Gordon Brown's 'panicked' Remain speech blasted by Boris as Brexit surges ahead in poll

Last night leading Leave campaigner Boris Johnson dismissed his intervention as a sign of “panic”.

Mr Brown was also attacked by Labour MP and chairwoman of Vote Leave Gisela Stuart.

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BREXIT - Last speech of Nigel Farage at EU Parliament June 2016

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Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else: Why I am voting to leave the EU

Stripped of distractions, it comes down to an elemental choice: whether to restore the full self-government of this nation, or to continue living under a higher supranational regime, ruled by a European Council that we do not elect in any meaningful sense, and that the British people can never remove, even when it persists in error.