Feb 14 11:09

Favorite For Italian PM Matteo Salvini: 'Out Of Control Immigration' Is Causing Social Conflict

Viral video from Italy shows Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini, the current favorite for prime minister, stating plainly that mass immigration is triggering social conflicts such as the recent shooting of multiple African immigrants carried out by Luca Traini in reaction to the murder of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro by a Nigerian immigrant.

Feb 14 08:48

'Change their minds' Billionaire Richard Branson joins Soros in latest bid to STOP Brexit

BILLIONAIRE Richard Branson called on MPs to vote against the withdrawal bill at the end of the Brexit negotiations despite polls showing the majority of British people would still vote to Leave.

Feb 14 08:34

Twitter Shocked: Dutch Senate Passes Law Making People's Organs 'Gov't Property'

The Netherlands has passed a controversial new law making every citizen a potential organ donor unless they specifically chose to opt out.

The upper house of the Dutch parliament approved the new donor law on Tuesday by just a slim majority, while the lower house of parliament passed the bill 18 months ago.

Under the new legislation, every person over 18 will be included in the organ donor register unless they specifically say they don't want to be.

Every Dutch adult who is not yet registered as a donor will receive a letter asking whether or not they want to become donors after death. If they don't respond to the first letter, a second one will be sent and if it goes unanswered they will automatically be added to the donor list.

Feb 14 08:25

'Greedy b******s!' Britons LET RIP at Remainers wanting to THWART the Brexit vote

BRITISH people have voiced their fury at “greedy” Remainers who are out to stop Brexit - insisting they must accept the democratic vote and “follow it through”.

Feb 14 08:07

EU united front DISINTEGRATES as Austria warns Brussels to cut spending after Brexit

THE European Union’s long-term funding plans have been thrown into chaos after Austria refused to pay more to help plug a £11.5bn budget black hole caused by Brexit.

Feb 14 08:07

Tusk accuses Austria of fuelling populism as he tells Kurz he MUST accept migrant quotas

DONALD Tusk has hit out at new Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz following the pair’s first official meeting in Vienna – with the Europhile implying the Austrian’s opposition to migrant quotas is fuelling populism and dividing the EU.

Feb 13 11:29

If Europe arms Ukraine - Lavrov hints at Russia's help to Donbass

The United States is trying to "connect" European countries who share Russophobic tendencies, in order to arm the Ukraine further.

This was stated in an interview with Russia 1 television channel, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, answering the question on why Europe is silent given the United States is supplying arms to Ukraine.

"Europe is not silent, it objects, but is quiet and unpublic. According to our information, they, in our conversation with the United States, express disagreement in response to Washington's urgent demands that Europe should join these initiatives of arming the Ukraine.

But the US is trying to lure the countries marked by their Russophobic tendencies into these projects. These are our Baltic neighbors. . .">>>
At the same time, he added that Russia can not prohibit Americans from supplying anything to anyone.


Feb 13 10:41

Disgraced Dutch Foreign Minister Resigns After Admitting Lying About Putin's "Greater Russia" Comment

The Netherlands' foreign minister was facing a tough debate in Parliament Tuesday following his admission that he lied about attending a meeting hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin at his country retreat more than a decade ago.

But, Minister Zijlstra just confirmed he is stepping down at the beginning of the debate in the House of Representatives.

He called it "by far the biggest mistake of my political life, the Netherlands deserves a foreign minister who is beyond any doubt."

As reports, on Monday, the coalition seemed to want to support Zijlstra. But that became difficult when the Volkskrant reported that Zijlstra not only lied about the source of Putin's message - not he, but then Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer was present at the meeting - but that Zijlstra also misunderstood the content of the message interpreted.

* * *

Feb 12 19:00

REVEALED: How EU is scrambling to plug £11.5bn Brexit shortfall

THE European Union is scrambling to find ways to plug an estimated £11.5bn (€13bn) budget black hole after Brexit, with ideas currently on the table ranging from cuts to its flagship policies to a bloc-wide plastic tax.

Feb 12 13:18

Hungary PM Viktor Orban Vows To “Fight Those Who Want To Change The Christian Identity Of Europe”

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been somewhat of a lone voice in Europe against the Muslim invasion, and on Wednesday he gave a “Hungary First” speech in which he declared that he would “fight those who want to change the Christian Identity of Europe.”

“Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion,” Orban said in a video statement on Facebook. “For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe.”

Feb 12 10:57

Billionaire Soros Vows to Spend Additional $138,300 on Anti-Brexit Campaign

Hungarian-US billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF) are set to pledge a new donation of 100,000 pounds, or roughly $138,300, to the campaign to stop Brexit, according to media reports.

The latest pledge comes on top of 400,000 pounds that Soros had earlier decided to contribute to Best for Britain campaign, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday.

The spokesperson of UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday, in a comment on Soros' donation, that London's position on the withdrawal from the European Union would not change and there would be no second referendum.

Feb 12 10:33

Sweden Demands American Student Leave While Giving Former ISIS Fighters Housing And Benefits

The absolute state of Sweden.

American student Miranda Andersson, was told to leave Sweden after she didn’t have enough money in her bank account for a short period.

Feb 11 09:44

Lawmakers vote to outlaw references to 'Polish death camps'

Poland's lower house approves bill prescribing up to three years in prison for using phrases such as 'Polish death camp' to describe Nazi killing sites in occupied Poland; critics say would be impossible to enforce the law outside Poland.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel wants to blame Poland for the holocaust to extort money from them. But Poland lost 20% of its population to the Nazis and as the below video indicates, there were as many Poles at Auschwitz as Jews.

Feb 10 15:14

Italy: Refugees Stage Protest to Demand Cable TV

"They explained that they wanted to watch football matches on Sky TV..."

Feb 10 10:25

REVEALED: Furious German city facing EU-funding EXCLUSION because of Brexit BLACK HOLE

German officials believe Brussels will have their sights on the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) city of Wuppertal, which has received considerable cash from the bloc in recent years, as the EU attempts to salvage the money lost from the UK.

The European Commission is understood to be considering cancelling the Structural Funds for Germany and other relatively wealthy member states in a bid to save billions of euros.

Reports suggest the EU could save £886million (€100billion) over the next seven-year financial period from 2021 to 2028 if ended subsidies to countries with a per capita income above the EU average – which would also affect France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

According to expert calculations, a 15 percent reduction in structural funding would mean Germany would be excluded from all funding programmes.

Feb 09 10:30

German Feminist SJW Rebecca Sommer Reveals “It’s Too Late For Germany”, Announces Plans To Emigrate To Migrant-Free Poland

…Well, that is – for some people it’s not a secret…

Feb 09 10:10

UN warns of rampant sexual violence in Greek refugee camps where 'bathrooms and latrines are no-go zones after dark for women and children'

Asylum seekers suffer widespread sexual violence and harassment in the country's overcrowded reception centres.

The situations has become so bad in some centres, like Moira on Lesbos and Vathy on Samos, that even bathing during the daytime is a risk.

Feb 09 07:25

Trump should relocate US military forces in Germany to Poland

She might be the hero of western international elites, but by abandoning promises to increase defense spending, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has betrayed the most important of all international alliances: NATO.

The betrayal came on Wednesday, when Merkel's Christian Democrats and the center-left Social Democrats agreed to a coalition deal which fails to recommit to the NATO defense spending target of 2 percent of GDP. Instead, the deal says only that Germany will make "an appropriate contribution" to NATO.

Considering that Germany spends just 1.2-1.3 percent of GDP on defense, and before this week had pledged to reach 2 percent only by 2024, the latest abandonment takes things from the ludicrous to the insane.

Feb 08 13:16

Professor Stephen F. Cohen: Rethinking Putin – A Critical Reading

Professor Cohen is right: the real Putin has absolutely nothing, nothing at all, in common with the pseudo-Putin the Western media presents to its infinitely gullible and zombified audience.

I do believe that Professor Cohen will eventually go down in history as the most intellectually honest and courageous Russia expert in the US. In the meanwhile, the West is still stuck in its old, ideological ways: imperialism, nationalism and messianic exclusivism on one hand, and a complete surrender to post-modernism, cultural self-hatred, petty minority politics and moral relativism on the other.

Feb 08 11:43

Pakistani Immigrant Qaisar Mahmood New Head Of Swedish National Heritage Board: 'I Haven't Read Anything About Cultural Heritage'

The Swedish National Heritage Board's new chief is a Muslim Pakistani immigrant who openly admits he "hasn't read anything" about Sweden's cultural heritage.

Feb 08 11:27

Greeks Are Revolting Again

There were not five or ten thousand in Salonica, they were probably around five hundred thousand, nobody knows exactly. It was not a simple demonstration, it was a revolt, even if peaceful, for the time being. And today, everybody waits a much larger crowd in and around the Constitution Square in the center of Athens, named after the 1843 Revolution which obliged the first King of the Country, the Bavarian Otto, imposed on Greece by the Holy Alliance, to accept constitutional rule.

Feb 08 10:56

Munich Report: EU, NATO Face Growing Risk of Inadvertent Russia War

The annual Munich Security Report, this year entitled “To the Brink – and Back?” warns that the European Union and NATO are facing a massively increased risk of an inadvertent war with Russia.

The report, due to be published later this week, cites mounting security concerns in Eastern Europe, fueled by weakening of nuclear treaties, mounting tensions, and mutual military buildups along the frontier.

Each of these increases the possibility of a miscalculation or other misunderstanding that would lead to a military conflict, which could quickly escalate out of control into a massive nuclear war.

This report echoes what many other reports have already warned about, that NATO-Russia relations are at their worst since the height of the Cold War, and that there aren’t enough safeguards to prevent a disastrous conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this looks like to me is more propaganda in an attempt to "sell" a NATO war against Russia, using some kind of a false flag to kick it off.

And if NATO is truly looking for some kind of repair in the relationship, and a ratcheting down of tensions, why are they not having some kind of delegation immediately negotiating with their counterparts in the Kremlin to prevent an horrific "accidental war" from happening?!?

Of course, THAT... would be logical.

The fact that no one in NATO's high command seems to want to negotiate with the Russians, to fix these problems, does not augur well for peace.

Feb 08 10:46

EU Threatens Force Against Countries Refusing Migrants

European globalists are preparing to "force" Central European nations to accept mandated migrant quotas and open borders, according to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

Following a meeting with fellow Fidesz party officials, PM Orban posted a short video on Facebook summarizing the threat leveled by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at Hungary and allied governments, vowing to stand firm in defense of European civilization and Christian identity.

"The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian prime minister, that they will - if necessary with force - obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants," Orban said. "According to their plan, this will happen in June at the summit of the prime ministers in Brussels."

"Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Are you flipping kidding me?!?

Feb 08 10:11

‘He is no friend of Britain’s’: Tory MP tells George Soros - the billionaire investor who 'broke the Bank of England' – to ‘butt out’ of UK affairs after it emerged he gave £400,000 to campaign to thwart Brexit

Billionaire George Soros was today told to 'butt out' of UK affairs after it was revealed he had pumped £400,000 into a campaign fighting to stop Brexit.

The US investment mogul is one of the biggest donors behind the Best For Britain group launched by Gina Miller.

The revelation sparked fury among Brexiteers who said 'serious questions' must be asked into why a foreign national can bankroll a UK political campaign.

And they said Mr Soros - who is known as the 'man who broke the Bank of England' after he bet against the pound on black Wednesday -is 'no friend of Britain's'.

Feb 08 10:09

Record Support for Conservative, Pro-Sovereignty Governments in Hungary, Poland

Recent polls show that the conservative, anti-mass migration governing parties of Hungary and Poland are receiving record support as EU unity on immigration continues to crumble.

Nearly three-quarters of Polish voters, 73 per cent, believe President Andrzej Duda is performing well, according to a study by pollster CBOS.

In a separate survey conducted by IBRiS, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) would pick up 47 per cent of the vote if parliamentary elections were held this week – way ahead of its rival, Civic Platform (PO).

Feb 08 10:08

Danish Left Unveils ‘Ambitious Plan’ to Slash Third World Migration

Presenting an ambitious plan to slash migration from non-Western nations, Denmark’s Social Democrats said the country lacks the capacity to integrate further flows of third world migrants.

The largest party in Denmark, where it is part of the left-wing opposition, the Social Democrats on Monday unveiled a 44-page migration policy document pledging “to introduce a cap on the number of non-Western foreigners who can [enter]”.

“We want to reform our asylum system, among other things, by setting up reception centres outside Europe, and in the future it will not be possible for refugees to obtain asylum in Denmark outside quotas set by the United Nations,” said Social Democrats head Mette Frederiksen.

Under the proposals, immigrants would no longer be able to turn up “spontaneously” at Denmark’s border or migrant centres to file asylum claims, and would instead be sent to a Danish-run reception centre in North Africa while their case is examined.

Feb 08 09:56

'Do you know what you're talking about?' Is this Andrew Neil's most BRUTAL interview ever?

ANDREW NEIL ripped into the international trade minister, Greg Hands and a shadow Labour minister, during an explosive debate over Britain’s position in Brexit negotiations.

Feb 08 09:55

'Germany will lead Europe AGAIN!' Schulz hails coalition and vows 'FUNDAMENTAL EU change'

MARTIN Schulz has promised Germany will lead "fundamental EU change" after forcing his way into Angela Merkel's cabinet as part of the controversial coalition agreement.

Feb 08 09:54

REVEALED: George Soros hands Gina Miller campaign £400,000 in desperate bid to STOP Brexit

BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros has handed £400,000 to a campaign group founded by Gina Miller which is trying to overturn Brexit with a nationwide advertising campaign and Momentum style rallies, it has been reported.

Feb 08 09:53

'We've lost the battle' Defeated Verhofstadt's hopes for EU reform CRUSHED

GUY Verhofstadt remains positive and defiant after his bid for EU reform and the introduction of transnational lists for MEP elections was crushed today in Strasbourg as EU lawmakers rejected a proposal for pan-EU lists of candidates for seats in the European Parliament .

Feb 08 00:26

The Spice Girls Are 'set to Embark on World Tour Kicking Off This Summer but Won't Be Recording New Music'... And Victoria Beckham Is 'fully on Board'

The popular girl band, who announced last week that they were reuniting, are said to be performing their plethora of hits up and down the country in England first, before jetting Stateside

Feb 07 16:58

Sweden: 55yo Man Fined Over Facebook Post Saying Muslims 'Behind Many Rapes'

A 55-year-old Swedish man was put on trial and fined $1,265 for committing a "crime of opinion" by writing on Facebook that Sunni Muslims "account for a lot of gang crime in Sweden and other violent stuff like rapes," Fria Tider reports.

Feb 07 08:59

Polish president signs Holocaust bill, triggers Israeli, U.S. criticism

Poland’s president signed into law on Tuesday a bill that imposes jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, prompting sharp criticism from Israel and the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is a question that will put this in perspective. Had the Nazis not occupied Poland, would the Polish have taken it upon themselves to start rounding up Jews and sending them to the slave labor camps?

Feb 07 08:57

Polish president: Enforcing Holocaust law may be ‘unrealistic’

'The point is not to punish anyone,' says Andrzej Duda of controversial legislation that sets jail time for suggesting nation's complicity in Holocaust

Feb 07 08:55

Macron set for EU FLOP as MEPs ready to vote DOWN integration plans after Brexit

EMMANUEL Macron’s plan for outgoing British MEPs to be replaced by transnational candidates looks set to be blocked when the European Parliament votes later today.

Feb 07 08:53

'We risk losing everything' Verhofstadt FUMES over 'backroom dealings' to replace Juncker

GUY VERHOFSTADT warned the European Union they “risk to lose everything” during a passionate tirade at the “backroom dealings” and process to elect the European Commission President.

Feb 06 13:13

Berlusconi Pledges to Deport 600,000 Illegal Immigrants From Italy: 'Social Bomb Ready to Explode'

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said immigration is a "social bomb ready to explode" and pledged to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants after a Nigerian migrant brutally murdered an 18-year-old girl and triggered a retaliatory attack where six African migrants were shot and wounded.

Rather than repeat platitudes about how "our diversity is our greatest strength," Berlusconi called for a return to sanity.

Feb 06 08:19

Hungarian Prime Minister: UN Migration Compact ‘Looks Like It Was Copied from the Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has blasted the “dangerous” new United Nations Global Compact on Migration, saying it bears the fingerprints of billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros.

“Principles are being formulated which, for example, raise the possibility of lighter penalties for illegally crossing borders, or propose that every country in the world simplifies and accelerates administrative procedures – in other words that we reduce the screening of foreigners who want to enter into our countries – or that NGOs should participate in these procedures,” the conservative heavyweight explained in an interview with Kossuth Rádió.

“Well, Hungary has had some rather bad experiences with NGOs: the bogus civil society organisations dealing with migration all eat out of George Soros’s hand,” he added.

“By the way, what we know about the text today – as it hasn’t yet been officially released – looks as if it was copied from the Soros Plan: in spirit it’s exactly the same.”

Feb 06 08:11

New anti-Brexit party to be launched in UK with inspiration and help from France

A new political party inspired by Emmanuel Macron's En Marche movement and supported by some of his French MPs is being launched in the UK. Its aim is to reverse Brexit.

The launch of the new movement called Renew had been kept under wraps in the UK, but word has got out in France where MPs from Macron's En Marche party have been offering advice and support.

Renew will officially be launched next week, according to France Info radio, but the movement already has its own website at

Feb 06 07:42

What's brewing? British, American, Canadian Advisers Arrive In Donbass

Citing intelligence sources, the representative of Donetsk, Eduard Basurin, has stated that British instructors have arrived in the Donbass, at the locations of the Ukrainian Forces.

"In the area of 93rd separate mechanized brigade in the vicinity of the city of Volnovaha, a group of foreign instructors has arrived - led by a representative of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, for the purpose of training of Ukrainian servicemen on how to carry out sabotage and subversive activities," said Basurin.

"In addition to the British, from February 5th to the 9th, a delegation of the US military will join the Brits. They will assess the expenditure of funds that Washington has allocated to the army."

The DPR stressed that rotation of the Ukrainian military has been completed>>>

Feb 05 08:34

ITALY ELECTION WARNING: Eurosceptics seek major gains amid growing anger with Brussels

ALL EYES are on Italy with a month to go before crunch elections with Eurosceptic candidates cashing in on the country's growing resentment at its treatment at the hands of European Union bosses.

Feb 05 08:22

German FM: The Holocaust Was Carried Out by Us ‘And Nobody Else’

The Times of Israel reports: BERLIN — Germany’s foreign minister said Saturday that Germany and only Germany was responsible for the Holocaust as it sought to reassure Poland that Berlin would condemn distortions of history such as descriptions of Nazi camps in occupied Poland as “Polish concentration camps.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, no, NO! Poland is guilty! You are ALL guilty! You must ALL give us your money!!!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Feb 04 11:53

French Diversity In All Its Glory

Feb 04 11:07

US Sanctions, Baffled Russians, Hot Air and History – The Saker

The paradox: US sanctions – a blessing in disguise?

Now that the the US Treasury has released this “list of marked individuals” (and their families, relatives or associated corporate entities) for potential, unspecified, future sanction, who do you think will freak out most, the Eurasian Sovereignists or the Atlantic Integrationists?

What is absolutely certain is that this latest move by the US is, again, a dream come true for Putin and his supporters, especially right before the elections.

Feb 04 08:43

Italy: Teen Girl 'Chopped Into Pieces By Nigerian Migrant,' Man Goes On Shooting Spree 'Targeting Migrants' Days Later

The blood of these victims is on the hands of the politicians who opened their nation's borders.

Feb 03 21:30

African migrants injured in Italian drive-by attack days after Nigerian accused of murder

A lone gunman has targeted foreigners in a series of drive-by shootings in a central Italian city, wounding six people, before being arrested.

Italy's interior minister Marco Minniti said the gunman had been motivated "by racial hatred" and had "a background of right-wing extremism with clear references to fascism and Nazism".

The shootings came days after the murder in Macerata of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro, whose dismembered remains were found on Wednesday in two suitcases.

A judge on Saturday confirmed the arrest of the main suspect, identified as a 29-year-old Nigerian.

The man arrested for carrying out the shootings was identified as Luca Traini, a 28-year-old Italian with no previous record.

He had run for town council on the anti-migrant Northern League's list in a local election last year in Corridonia, the party confirmed, but its mayoral candidate lost the race.

Feb 03 11:43

PEOPLE POWER: 1000s sign petition to force Government NOT to cave in to EU Brexit demands

THOUSANDS of frustrated Leave voters have signed a petition calling for the UK to exit the EU without a transition deal after the bloc set out its terms this week, demanding the country is subject to Brussels laws for the two-year period.

Feb 03 06:01

Hungarian mass honoring Nazi ally canceled after Jewish protests

A Budapest church has called off a memorial mass it was planning to hold in honor of a former Hungarian leader and Nazi ally on Saturday - International Holocaust Remembrance Day - after protests from Hungarian Jews and the World Jewish Congress. Parliament's deputy speaker who is member of the ruling Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, had been due to speak at the event called in memory of interwar Governor Miklos Horthy. The planned ceremony for Horthy, an admiral who led Hungary for 24 years until 1944, and handed over hundreds of thousands of Jews to the Nazis, triggered strong objections from Jewish organizations. With the WJC declaring it a provocative measure honoring an "unabashed anti-semite", the Budapest church which had organized the Catholic ceremony, canceled the event on Thursday.

Feb 03 05:49

Poland's Senate passes controversial Holocaust bill

"whoever accuses, publicly and against the facts, the Polish nation, or the Polish state, of being responsible or complicit in the Nazi crimes committed by the Third German Reich … shall be subject to a fine or a penalty of imprisonment of up to three years".

Feb 02 13:32

#120db – European Women Unite to Stop the Wave of Sexual Abuse by Migrant Men

Waking Times

With every major event in our world, there is always a side of the story that always brushed under the rug of public awareness for political reasons. For years we’ve been hearing about the mass migration of millions of Muslims into all corners of Europe, and heard the divisive arguments for and against allowing this to occur.

Feb 02 11:07

NATO warships looking for opportunity to break Crimea's defence

It should be noted that the Duncan destroyer and the Gaziantep frigate have reserve places for Mk.41 vertical take-off missile launchers. These are unified installations that can be used to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles.

It is also necessary to take into account the growing activity of US aerial reconnaissance. Several days ago, officials with the US Department of Defence accused a Russian pilot of a dangerous, as they believe, manoeuvre, when the pilot approached a reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force.

A Russian Su-27 approached EP-3 Aries reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force in neutral airspace over the Black Sea. The Russian fighter jet manoeuvred at close range in various positions, being "five feet" (1.5 m) from the right wing of the EP-3. Such manoeuvres are unsafe, officials with the 6th US Fleet said. The Pentagon was so impressed with the manoeuvre it has published five videos of the incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though NATO is playing piccador here, and is spoiling for a fight; so I strongly caution NATO to please be very careful what it wishes for, in its aggressive behaviour against the Russian military.

Feb 02 10:26

EU to veto Brexit if Theresa May fails to protect citizens’ rights, Brussels sources say

EU diplomats are threatening to veto any Brexit deal if Theresa May doesn’t backtrack on her “shameful” plans to deprive EU citizens of free movement rights during a transition period, it has been claimed.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday during a three-day trip to China, the prime minister left audiences baffled when she seemed to suddenly toughen her stance on EU migrants. May said she wanted to make it “clear” that EU citizens arriving after the UK effectively drops out of the EU – set for March 2019 – will be treated differently from those who are already settled.

Resisting the much-spread idea that nothing would change post-Brexit, May said: “What we’re doing now is doing the job that the British people asked the government to do, which is to deliver on Brexit.” She added: “In doing that they did not vote for nothing to change when we come out of the EU.”

Feb 02 10:17

Europe Cries “Never Again” As It Repeats History of Censorship And Euthanasia

Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville

After Europe’s tragic experience during the second world war at the hands of Nazis, many Europeans have prided themselves as being the tip of the spear of “tolerance,” “anti-racism,” and “liberal” policies. Though the horrors of the Soviets and Communism are rarely mentioned, the horrors of Hitler are repeatedly bashed upon the heads of Europeans with the requisite collective guilt and trained need to atone for the crimes their grandparents and great grandparents were allegedly responsible for. Of course, the older generation was simply cannon fodder for the great powers of their time and it was the same power structures and elitists maintaining their positions today that were responsible for the horrors on all three sides but still the general public is viewed as responsible for the atrocities committed in their name, despite risking their lives for even speaking out in dissent at the time.

Feb 02 09:14

In German GroKo talks, not much love for Europe

European politicians, intellectuals, think tankers and business leaders have all hailed the hoped-for rebirth of Germany’s “grand coalition” as a game-changer for the EU in recent days.

“La GroKo allemande,” a headline in France’s Libération declared, is “the chance for Macron’s Europe.”

If all goes according to plan, the thinking goes, Germany’s two biggest parties will have agreed to remarry by the end of the weekend, bringing Europe a big step closer to a new dawn, as Berlin seizes the initiative on European reform to lead the Continent forward.

Feb 02 09:03

Holocaust Bill Could 'Whitewash' Crimes Committed by Poles - Chief Nazi Hunter

The Polish Senate has passed legislation that criminalized attempts to link Poland with Nazi crimes. The new bill, awaiting approval, stipulates a three-year prison term for people who mention the Polish nation in context of Nazi-committed wrongdoings.

Feb 02 08:53

WATCH: German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Increased Violence Against Women as a Result of Mass Migration

A group of German women have launched a campaign called #120db to lend a voice to women who have been physically or sexually attacked as a result of mass migration policies.

The group, which calls itself 120 Decibels after the sound intensity of rape alarms, launched a video this week in which several members list the names of recent victims of violence committed by asylum seekers.

The women in the video reference the recent case of a young girl called Mia, who was stabbed to death by her former asylum seeker boyfriend in the German city of Kandel, as well as Maria Ladenburger, who was raped and killed allegedly by migrant who lied about being underage, and 11-year-old Ebba Akerlund, who was torn in half after being struck by a lorry during the Stockholm terror attack last year.

Feb 02 08:51

Foreign Meddling Into Brexit Revealed

The British Broadcasting Corporation has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organization” working against British interests after new allegations of heavy pro-EU bias in selecting guests for BBC’s TV and radio shows discussing Brexit.

The accusation has been levelled by the former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit in the House of Lords in response to reports by the Institute of Economic Affairs and the think tank Civitas which claim that the ratio of guests on BBC flagship discussion shows over the past years has been heavily skewed towards pro-EU advocates.

Feb 02 08:51

EU to build itself a new £136 million conference centre - and taxpayers will foot the bill

The bloc faces a £13bn budget blackhole a year after Brexit but will still splash out public money on the gleaming new building which officials claim is a "necessity".

According to public tender documents published by the European Commission, the complex will accommodate up to 2,480 speakers and will have 29 meeting and conference rooms, parking, cafeteria and a banqueting room as well as daycare facilities.

Ashley Fox, the leader of Conservative MEPs, said: “I fear it is another example of the EU being irresponsible with public money.

“No one wants to see another unnecessary vanity project in Brussels when the money could be better spent on helping small businesses, research and innovation."

Feb 02 08:50

Switzerland REFUSES to meet EU treaty deadline as defiant Zurich stands up to Juncker

SWITZERLAND is digging its heels in by refusing to meet a European Commission deadline for signing a treaty which would bind the country more closely to its biggest trading partner.

Feb 02 08:50

REVEALED: Why Angela Merkel REALLY opened the borders to Germany - and Europe

ANGELA Merkel welcomed more than one million refugees into Germany during the European migrant crisis to save Berlin from losing millions of euros from a Greece bail out deal, a politics expert has claimed.

Feb 02 08:37

Israel Slams ‘Baseless’ Holocaust Legislation in Poland

Legislation in Poland that would outlaw blaming Poles for the crimes of the Holocaust has prompted swift and furious condemnation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Israeli lawmakers across the political spectrum.

The measure, which passed in the lower house of the Polish Parliament on Friday, would make it illegal to suggest Poland bore responsibility for atrocities committed on its soil by Nazi Germany during the occupation in World War II.

“The law is baseless; I strongly oppose it,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a statement on Saturday. “One cannot change history, and the Holocaust cannot be denied.”

Feb 01 13:04

Moscow notes NATO’s increased arms deliveries to Georgia

Moscow notes that NATO countries have considerably intensified armament deliveries to Georgia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told TASS after a meeting in Prague with Georgian Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze on Thursday. "We see the intensified activity of the United States and NATO in Georgia. I won’t give any figures but the deliveries of armaments have been stepped up considerably," the Russian diplomat said. "We see the transformation of Vaziani [the Georgian army’s base near Tbilisi] into a quite modern training center for the Georgian regular armed forces. This causes our concern and the concern of our neighbors in Abkhazia and South Ossetia," Karasin said. Responding to a question about the possibility of Georgia’s accession to NATO in the imminent future, Karasin stressed: "Let’s not run ahead and let us remain optimists."

Feb 01 12:48

USA wants to bury Nord Stream 2 project in Europe, but not in Germany. Russia tells the constantly complaining Poland to source its own gas

Washington does not stop its attempts to bury the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project, which is supposed to transport Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during his recent visit to Poland that the Nord Stream 2 project represents a threat to the overall security and stability of Europe in the field of energy policy, because the project is part of Russia's plan to monopolise energy supplies. The US Secretary of State made the statement in the Polish capital, and it was not accidental. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky is an ardent adversary of the project. Washington's motives are also understandable: the US is striving to reduce Europe's dependence on Russian natural gas to increase exports of its liquefied gas to the countries of the Old World. Recently, however, ten countries in the EU Council advocated the adoption of a directive that could block the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.

Feb 01 12:22

White death comes to Hungary to kill

Hungarian meteorologists have warned the population of Hungary of the natural phenomenon known as "white death." "White death" designates low temperature winter fog. Scientists from around the world have not been able to find an explanation to the phenomenon, but people traditionally associate it with mysticism. Citizens of Hungary say that "white death" is incredibly beautiful, but tourists should better run away from it not to find themselves in the center of the natural phenomenon. A sharp decline in temperature may lead to lethal outcomes and this may happen both to human being and animals, who fail to escape to warmer places.

Jan 31 13:01

What the Heck Is Italy Doing on Russia's Border?

75 years after Italians froze in the ice of Stalingrad in their tens of thousands, Italian soldiers are back - a 10 minute fighter jet ride from ex-Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). What would happen if some Russian fighter jets Sukhoi Su 35, stationed at Zurich airport (only a ten minute flight from Milan) were to patrol the Swiss/Italian border under the pretext of protecting Switzerland from Italian agression? The entire Italian parliament in Rome would have risen to its feet, immediately requesting diplomatic and military countermeasures. Yet this Parliament, accepts the substance of and without so much as a murmur, the Nato decison to station 8 Italian Eurofighter Typhoon fighter planes at a base located at Amari, Estonia, just a ten minute flight from St Petersburg, to patrol the border with Russia on the pretext of protecting the Baltic countries from “Russian aggression”.

Jan 31 08:24

BBC Brexit BIAS row: Fury over 'two THIRDS of guests on flagship shows being anti-Leave'

THE BBC has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organisation” against British interests after new evidence emerged of its supposed heavy pro-Remain bias in selecting guests.

The accusation by former Tory chairman Lord Tebbit came during question in the House of Lords ahead of a new damning report which shows that two thirds of guests on BBC Question Time and Any Questions over the last two years have been anti-Brexit.

The analysis by the Institute for Economic Affairs follows another report by the thinktank Civitas last week which revealed that between 2005 and 2015 only 132 of the 4,275 guests asked to speak on the Today programme about the EU supported Leaving.

Raising concerns about the whether the BBC is producing EU propaganda rather than balanced coverage, Ukip peer Lord Pearson urged ministers to intervene.

Jan 31 08:17

Poland Signs into Law Anti-Sunday Shopping Legislation, Aims to Give Families More Time Together

New legislation hoping to help Polish families to spend more time together and to give shop workers at least one day’s rest has been signed into law by President Duda, and will come into force in March.

The legislation, worked out by the conservative government and the Solidarity trade union, is expected to draw protests from large Western supermarket chains that are the main target of the law. A large part of their profit is earned on weekends.

Jan 31 08:17

Shock as Merkel’s business leaders rally AGAINST Macron and Juncker’s EU integration plans

ANGELA Merkel’s ongoing attempts to reform a so-called “Grand Coalition” with the Social Democrats (SPD) will ultimately result in a more bureaucratic and less stable European Union, business leaders in Germany have warned.