Apr 10 14:17

Britons demolishing Sergey Skripal's house and a pub in which his daughter is poisoned?

• Bi-Bi-Si announced that Julija Skripalj, 33, was directly taken from the hospital, "taken to a safe location"
• Last night, the Russian ambassador to the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenza, expressed concern that the inclusion of the CIA in the game between two Skripals could lead to "no one ever sees them." At the same time, Sergei and Julia were called "archival witnesses"
The daughter of the British spy Sergey Skripal - a former colonel of the military intelligence service convicted of the betrayal - was released from the hospital.
Bi-Bi-Si announced that Julija Skripalj, 33, was taken directly from the hospital to "taken to a safe location".

Her father is reportedly still in the hospital, but British officials say his condition is rapidly improving.

Nothing can be checked, despite Julia's departure from the hospital confirmed by Christine Blanchard, the head doctor of the city hospital in Solzberi. She even discovered:

Apr 10 11:30

Britain, US, France May Intervene In Syria Again

The British Prime Minister Teresa May, US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed that in order to maintain the ban on the use of chemical weapons, the international community must respond to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the spokesman for the British premier said.

“The Prime Minister held a telephone conversation with Trump who agreed that reports of a chemical attack in Syria are highly deserving of a condemnation, and if they are confirmed, there is yet to be proof of the outrageous cruelty of President of Syria Bashar al Assad in relation to his own people, as well as complete disregard for their legal obligations for the non-use of such weapons,” the British statement said

Apr 10 10:23

UK To Jail Viewers Of "Far-Right Propaganda" | Amber Rudd

Apr 10 10:22


In the years since the declaration of a ‘war on terror’ and the invasions of first Afghanistan and then Iraq, the world has witnessed an enormous proliferation of private military and security companies (PMSCs) seeking to profit from instability and conflict. Hundreds of companies have been established in the past few years alone, and there now exists a vast private industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Sadly, rather than introducing binding regulation of the industry, the British government has decided to allow the mercenaries to regulate themselves.

The UK is an important hub for the PMSC industry. At the height of the occupation, around 60 British companies operated in Iraq. Now there are hundreds of British PMSCs operating in areas of conflict around the globe, working to secure government and corporate presence against a range of ‘threats’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These organisations are not creating global "stability"; they can be counted upon to create even more global instability, for massive profits, of course.

Apr 10 10:09

The town facing a 'humanitarian crisis' caused by the radiation from state-of-the-art street lamps: Residents have endured insomnia, nose bleeds and even stillbirths, scientist claims

Radiation given off by state-of-the-art street lamps is wreaking havoc on the residents of Gateshead.

According to local scientist Mark Steele, 58, people living in the area are experiencing symptoms of insomnia, nose bleeds and several women have even endured the horror of stillbirths since the introduction of LED lamps that emit 5G radiation.

In his circle alone, Mr Steele is aware of three women who have lost their children since the lights were installed in September 2016, with one giving birth to a deformed child that survived just three hours.

He said: 'We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people's bedroom windows. It's a humanitarian crisis.'

Apr 10 10:05

Russian spy: Yulia Skripal discharged from hospital

The 33-year-old left Salisbury District Hospital on Monday and has been taken to a secure location.

Apr 10 10:00

Yulia Skripal is quizzed by security officials at safe house as Russia says any plan to resettle her and her father abroad with new identities would be 'an abduction'

Russia today claimed any plan to resettle its former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia abroad with new identities would be 'an abduction'.

The Russian Embassy in London said it would be 'another gross violation of international law' if the Skripals were sent abroad with new identities.

Apr 10 08:43

'You're positively TOXIC!' Humphrys hits out at Tony Blair on calls for NEW centrist party

The former Prime Minister shut down claims he is looking to start a new centrist party in Britain but was caught out by the BBC host over his campaign for global change, which promotes centrist policies.

Tony Blair claimed there is a blank space for a centrist party in Britain as the Tory Party becomes “defined by Brexit” and engages in “narrow-minded nationalism” while Labour becomes increasingly engulfed in “far left” politics.

Mr Blair said he would like to make clear that he is not “advocating or involved” in a centrist party but John Humphrys hit back and asked whether the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is putting together the infrastructure for a new political party.

Apr 10 08:43

‘Enormous setback!’ Meddling Hillary Clinton wades into Brexit row with Northern Ireland

HILLARY Clinton has waded into the Brexit debate by warning Government officials against agreeing to any deal which would see a return of a hard border on the island of Ireland, branding the prospect “an enormous setback”.

Apr 10 08:31


If you've been following the Skripal spy case, then you'll know that things have taken a turn into the surreal. I'm reminded of the old television situation comedy Green Acres with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor, which was something of a twisted mix-up between Hee Haw and Salvadore Dali; the plots and storylines were so self-evidently absurd that one kept watching just to see what sort of nonsense would follow. Lisa - played with remorselessly chic and stupid elegance by Eva Gabor - was often so confused that she would notice the "credits" at the beginning of each episode, and sometimes read them.

Apr 10 08:09

Russia To Publish Theresa May Correspondence, Showing Inane Kremlin-Phobia

Russia plans to publish the correspondence of British Prime Minister Theresa May when she was in the leadership of the country’s Interior Ministry.

“Today, we will provide you with copies of individual documents from relevant criminal cases, including correspondence from the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs, directly with Ms May during her duties as Interior Minister of the country,” said Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Sahak Karapetyan.

According to him, at that time, Britain rejected the largest number of requests from Russia for extradition of criminals. London refused to extradite 60 people at the request of Moscow, of which 55 were granted refugee status or asylum in the UK. These people are known criminals, some even have a murder verdict against them.

Apr 10 08:05

Britain harbored 55 Russian criminals who stole at least $8.4bn – prosecutor

Britain has routinely given asylum to criminals, who got extremely rich in Russia and fled with their ill-gotten money, Moscow said. PM Theresa May was personally responsible for shielding many of them from Russian justice.
Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office on Monday accused London of harboring dozens of wealthy criminals. Over a period of 15 years, Moscow asked Britain to extradite 83 people for prosecution in Russia, Saak Karapetyan, a senior prosecutor responsible for Russia’s legal cooperation with law enforcement in other nations, told journalists. Of those requests, 72 targeted people accused of financial crimes that have proven damages totaling around 500 billion rubles ($8.4 billion at the current exchange rate).

Apr 10 07:57

London mayor to institute 'knife control' policies after spate of attacks

London's murder rate has surpassed that of New York City in 2018 so far, and Mayor Sadiq Khan is determined to stop it.

The mayor, who branded stop-and-search tactics of suspicious individuals as "racist," now says police will dramatically increase the practice as well as banning home deliveries of knives and acid, which is another popular weapon used by criminals in the city.

Apr 09 09:24


In the early 20th century, British citizens were trusted by their government to own firearms. In fact, then-Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury once said he would “laud the day when there was a rifle in every cottage in England.” However, beginning with a law requiring a permit for handguns, Britain would embark down the slippery slope of a total citizen disarmament, and by 1996, all guns, including handguns, were banned in the UK.

In fact, so scared of its citizens having guns is the United Kingdom that in 2006, the government even banned toy guns under the guise of “reducing violence” with the Violent Crime Reduction Act. Fast forward to 2018 and — as gun rights activists have consistently warned — only criminals and the government have guns.

Apr 09 09:22

Ex-Spy Skirpal Recovering Rapidly, Hospital Confirms

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and his health is improving rapidly, more than a month after he was poisoned with a nerve agent in England, the hospital treating him said on Friday.

Novichok, the much-vaunted Russian nerve agent alleged used in the Salisbury attacks, has been presented to the public over the last month as the ultimate killer. Officials predicted brain damage to those exposed to the agent, treating scores of people on even the flimsiest pretext. The New York Times went so far as to call it “The Nerve Agent Too Deadly to Use.”

Yulia Skirpal, the daughter of the purported target, has been improving greatly and is expected to be discharged from hospital soon. Now medical officials at the hospital say that her father Sergei is also “recovering rapidly,” and is no longer in critical condition himself.

Apr 09 08:38

'North Korea could be EXTINGUISHED in just 48 HOURS' THIS tactic is set to CRUSH Pyongyang

Sir Malcolm Rifkind told Nigel Farage that while the public war of words with North Korea has dried up, the shocking impact of sanctions has been revealed in economic reports.

The former foreign secretary spoke to Mr Farage this morning on the former Ukip leader's LBC radio show, where he discussed how North Korea has been crushed in recent weeks.

He surprised the MEP by claiming that US President Donald Trump had little to do with this victory that, and in fact, China is the main reason Kim Jong-un now wants to negotiate.

Sir Malcolm explained how China remains the key figure in the North Korean crisis, and how Beijing could "extinguish" North Korea in 48 hours if they wanted to.

Apr 09 08:22

Cameron CREATED the gangs! Activist makes SHOCKING claim about knife crime wave

RACE RELATIONS activist Stafford Scott argued that drugs have “nothing to do” with the spate of stabbings that has plagued London, and sensationally claimed that former Prime Minister David Cameron was responsible for creating the gangs perpetrating the violence.

Apr 09 08:18

Twitter Explodes as UK Prof Claims Skripals' Awakening "Miracle"

Sergei and Yulia Skripal have been awake for a while now, with doctors saying that both are out of critical condition and responding well to treatment despite initial claims to the contrary.

Alastair Hay, Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Leeds University, explained to Sky News how the Skripals’ “miracle” recovery became possible.

Apr 09 07:37

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan declared a new knife control policy as stabbings in London soar to unprecedented levels.

This of course completely crushes the ‘guns cause violence’ narrative the left pushes since the UK has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Next up: Fork control!

Apr 08 09:25

‘You can’t decide in 24 hours what type of poison was used’ – 1st OPCW head on UK’s Skripal probe

It is impossible to find out what type of nerve agent was used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter within a short period of time, the first head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons told RT.

“You can’t decide in 24 hours what type of poison was used and where it comes from,” Jose Bustani, a Brazilian diplomat and first director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said in an interview with RT.

Apr 08 09:00

Jeremy “Jesus-Christ” Corbyn and Britain’s Zionist lobby

"Recently we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset “the Jews”, and by “the Jews” I mean a few loud, obnoxious voices who claim to “represent the Jews”. Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas who are apparently the “wrong” Jews, according to the Zionist lobby.

"The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) are beside themselves. During a phone-in to LBC Radio BDBJ’s President Jonathan Arkush stated that Jeremy Corbyn has “reached the tipping point”. The BDBJ had made it clear to Corbyn that he should stop giving any credence to Jewish “ultra-fringe” groups...">>

Apr 08 08:38

UK Refusal to Issue Visa for Viktoria Skripal Politically Motivated

London's refusal to issue UK visa for Viktoria Skripal is politically motivated and leaves a lot of questions, a spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in London told Sputnik on Saturday.

On Friday, the BBC reported citing a government source that the UK Embassy in Russia refused to issue a visa to Viktoria Skripal, who was planning to visit her cousin Yulia.

"Such a decision of UK authorities regarding the denial of visa to Viktoria Skripal, as we have said, is politically motivated, and raises a lot of questions about the reasons for the decision. The number of questions to the UK side is increasing," the spokesperson said.

Apr 08 08:33

Why the Russian Double-Agent Skripal Could Not Have Been Poisoned with “Novichok”

Initially, the man who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, Francis Boyle – Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, Champaign, with a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University – told Washington’s Blog:

If this had been military grade nerve agent, the Skripals, the first responder policeman, and many others in the town of Salisbury where the Brits say it was spread around, would have been dead almost immediately. Yet Yulia is now apparently recovering. How did they get over to the park from their home when they should have been dead on the doorstep from contacting the agent on the doorknob?

And, Captain Doug Rokke – former Director of the U.S. Army’s Depleted Uranium Project and an expert on chemical weapons, with a PhD in health physics – told Washington’s Blog:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Skripals had a seafood risotto pesce with king prawns, mussels and squid rings at Zizzi, as reported here in the Daily Mail on March 6.

This is a dish with a well known reputation as a source of shellfish poisoning.

The Skripals were okay when they arrived, okay when they left, and passed out 40 minutes later on the bench with symptoms similar to a paralytic reaction from shellfish poisoning.

Apr 08 08:11

Moscow wants British explanations over Skripal's niece visa refusal

Moscow wants explanations regarding Britain’s refusal to issue a visa to the niece of poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, RIA news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying on Friday.

The UK Home Office (interior ministry) said earlier on Friday that Viktoria Skripal, who had planned to travel to Britain to take Sergei’s daughter Yulia back to Russia, had been denied a British visa.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal are being treated in an English hospital after being found unconscious on March 4 after an attack with nerve agent, but both are no longer in critical condition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Britain is probably concerned that Viktoria will learn that the Skripals actually were victims of food poisoning.

Apr 08 08:05

'Free Gaza': London protesters denounce killings of Palestinians

Demonstrators protest against Britain's complicity in Israel's 'apartheid' after 31 Palestinians are shot dead in Gaza.

Apr 08 07:52

How Fake News Becomes Fake History: British Propaganda and World War 1

While it took a while to pick up steam, the Skripal Salisbury poisoning incident has lately dominated Western media headlines. Daily we are treated to the smug and self-righteous faces who, in one breath, compare Putin to Hitler, Stalin, and Czar Nicholas II, before proceeding to compare Russia to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire simultaneously. This would surely be the height of all evil, assuming it were true!

And of course we are supposed to assume it is true because this latest fake news is built on an edifice of an entire history of fake news. Simon Tisdall recently wrote in one of the largest purveyors of fake news, The Guardian:

Apr 08 07:51

SPECTATOR: Sadiq Khan Is a Lousy London Mayor. Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed?2266

The Labour politician is best known to Breitbart readers for his noisy opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump and police stop-and-search powers, noisy support for the European Union, mass migration, and the admission of supposed ‘refugees’ to Britain, and the deadly crime wave currently sweeping London, which has been the major feature of tenure.

But Gilligan claims that Sadiq Khan’s term in office, which is already halfway through, has also been a failure on its most basic terms, particularly when it comes to bread and butter issues like as housing and transport, despite promises of a transformative mayoralty before his election.

Apr 08 07:50

London: Multicultural District That Voted to ‘Ban Trump’ Facing Almost 40 New Corruption Claims

Detectives drafted into a diverse London borough at the centre of a number of serious corruption scandals are reportedly looking into 39 new claims of electoral fraud ahead of local elections next month.

A specialist team from the Metropolitan Police’s crime and operation division are actively investigating 28 out of a total of 39 complaints made over the mayoral contest in Tower Hamlets, East London.

Reports were made to police by councillors, journalists, election candidates, and an MP, according to the Evening Standard, and concern bribery, forgery, and ballot tampering.

On May 3rd, anti-fraud officers are set to monitor polling stations in Tower Hamlets where they will be stationed wearing body cameras in a bid to deter illegal activity.

Apr 08 07:49

Britain’s Not So Distant History of State Sponsored Assassinations

Addressing the House of Commons on Monday, Prime Minister Theresa May alleged Kremlin involvement in the incident due to ‘Russia’s record of conducting state-sponsored assassinations’.

These words were spoken in a self-righteous sense, one that suggested the UK held the moral ground over Russia and would never go so far as to conduct assassinations of political opponents on foreign soil.

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of British foreign policy towards Ireland however, would know that this patently isn’t the case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let us not forget Dr. David Kelly!

Apr 08 07:47

As Skripal-Gate Collapses so Will the May Government

The United Kingdom is headed for a break-up. Not today or tomorrow, mind you but, sooner than anyone would like to handicap, especially in this age of coalition government at any cost.

By responding to the alleged poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with histrionics normally reserved for The View, Theresa May’s government has set the stage for its own collapse.

Government’s fall when the people lose confidence in them. May has bungled everything she has touched as Prime Minister, from Brexit talks and her relationship with Donald Trump to her response (or lack thereof) to the escalating level of domestic terrorism and her pathetic campaign during last year’s snap election.

Apr 08 07:42

Newly Revealed Docs Shed Light on UK's Intervention in Russia During WWI

British military intervention in Russia in 1918-1919 was unlawful and indefensible, British government papers held by the National Archives reveal. It has turned Russian public attitudes towards Britain from friendly to hostile.

In March 1918 the Bolshevik government signed a peace treaty with Germany, as they had promised to the nation exhausted by four years of the devastating and senseless WWI. The Russian Revolution was triggered by the overwhelming public desire for peace. The war-weary Russian army simply could not carry on fighting. Britain and France immediately accused Russia of betraying the Allied cause and sent in their troops. In a show of "solidarity" reminiscent of today, a dozen Anglo-French allies took part in the armed intervention in Russia. The official excuse was to keep the Eastern front against Germany and protect the Russian war materiel from falling into German hands.

Apr 07 17:01

Picked off by a paedophile gang, plied with drink, repeatedly raped and pregnant by 14: Victim of Rotherham child abuse ringleader reveals social workers and police did nothing despite knowing about her ordeal

At least 1,400 children, most of them white girls, were subjected to sexual exploitation in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013.

Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple abusers, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated by gangs of predominantly British Pakistani men.

Apr 07 13:18

Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Support!

I am being sued for libel in the High Court in England by Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s chairman Gideon Falter. I have made the decision to fight this crucial battle for freedom of expression even though this fight poses a real risk of bankrupting me and my family. I choose to fight their suit because I believe that the CAA and its chairman and its use of libel laws pose a danger to freedom of speech and the future of this country as an open society. Enough is enough! I am going to need some four figure donations to find the ludicrous amount required. But every single penny mounts up and please do give something. If you support the right to point at the truth without being labeled ant-Semitic – this lawsuit is the battle ground, my fight is your fight. I appreciate any help you can give.

Apr 07 06:16

The Salisbury Incident. Manipulating Fear, Heightening Hysteria of a Russian Threat. The Need for a Genuine Anti-war Movement

There is no doubt that Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, et al, have worked hard to achieve a consensus amongst NATO and EU states, and has had some success in persuading other leaders to condemn and react to the unproven Russian involvement.

Many of these leaders, perhaps, have reasons of their own for latching on to such a flimsy agreement. France, Germany, Italy, and Holland are among a number of nations reeling from their own domestic political turbulence. Collapsing centrist parties have watched their traditional voter bases divide and file off to the left and right, as all over Europe the political polarisation hardens. Being seen to be part of a new unified front will, they hope, strengthen their domestic positions. It is a familiar response from desperate neoliberal administrations; instead of taking responsibility for the declining interest in their policies, they would rather fall back on the policy of fear in a dangerous attempt to appear ‘strong and stable’.

Apr 07 05:56

Majority of Bulgarians Back Gov't Refusal to Copy West Over Skripal Case – Poll

The overwhelming majority (88 percent) of Bulgarian citizens supported their government's decision to not expel Russian diplomats over the poisoning of former GRU agent Sergei Skripal on UK soil due to lack of evidence of Russia's involvement in the incident, according to a poll conducted by the Gallup International Institute.

Apr 07 05:55

Humpty Dumpty Boris Johnson

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

So goes the famous English nursery rhyme for children, which applies aptly to the hubristic and accident-prone Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

The buffoonish Johnson – who has an unenviable reputation for making cringing public gaffes – was this week spectacularly caught out telling lies about Russian responsibility for an apparent nerve agent attack in England last month.

Apr 07 05:31

The Best Explanation For The Skripal Drama Is Still ... Food Poisoning

The Skripals had a seafood risotto pesce with king prawns, mussels and squid rings at Zizzi, as reported here in the Daily Mail on March 6.

This is a dish with a well known reputation as a source of shellfish poisoning.

The Skripals were okay when they arrived, okay when they left, and passed out 40 minutes later on the bench with symptoms similar to a paralytic reaction from shellfish poisoning

Apr 06 16:03

Russian diplomat calls on UK to provide official statement on Viktoria Skripal’s visa

The idea that Viktoria Skripal’s visit to UK is organized by Kremlin is absurd, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

Apr 06 14:55

'Critically Ill' Sergei Skripal Now 'Improving Rapidly,' One Day After Daughter's Leaked Phone Call

Bombshell audio was released yesterday purportedly of Yulia Skripal telling her niece Viktoria in Russia that her and her father are doing "fine" despite both allegedly being poisoned by a deadly Russian nerve agent dubbed "novichok," which the UK government insisted was made by Russia.

Yesterday, the BBC claimed, "Mr Skripal, 66, remains critically ill but stable."

Apr 06 12:49

UK opens permanent military base in Bahrain

The United Kingdom opened a permanent military base in Bahrain on Thursday, Bahrain’s state news agency BNA reported.

The ceremony formally opening the UK Naval Support Facility was attended by Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Britain announced in 2014 it had sealed a deal to expand and reinforce its naval presence in Bahrain, allowing it to operate more and bigger ships in the Gulf.

The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet is also based in Bahrain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the UK, as is the US, formally supporting yet another Sunni tin pot dictator in the Middle East, whose views on any potential Shiia human rights, mean that they have none.

So far, demonstrations in Bahrain have been peaceful, as the Shiia Bharainis have been advocating to see a Constitutional monarchy replacing its existing monarchy.

So how have the monarchy and government been reacting to this?!?

The Al-Khalifa monarchy has put down any peaceful demonstrations with extreme prejudice; its police and military have violently attacked and tortured such peaceful demonstrators and the first responders who kept them alive, then sentenced them in kangaroo courts to outrageous sentences which had utterly no justification in the facts of their actions.

And the British monarchy, represented by Prince Andrew, has put its "stamp of approval" on this behaviour by the Bahrain government by presenting him as their front man for this event?!?

Prince Andrew, I am sorry, sir, but in light of how the Al Khalifa monarchy is treating its people, you should be ashamed of yourself for participating in this event; the UK could have found some other place to establish a larger military presence in the Middle East which at least had some notion about, and protection of, human rights.

That would have sent a very powerful, moral message to the human rights movement here; of course, right now, with the UK's internal problems and Brexit, I guess Prime Minister May's government couldn't be bothered.

I am deeply concerned that this decision, on the part of the UK government and military (as well as those of the US government and military) may well come back to haunt them.

Apr 06 10:58


Six teenagers have been stabbed within 90 minutes in another night of violence on London’s streets.

A 13-year-old boy was among the victims of four separate knife attacks, which took place as protesters gathered elsewhere in the capital to demand action to prevent young people dying.

Earlier, Tottenham MP David Lammy said violence in London was the “worst I’ve ever seen it” and warned there was “absolutely no sign” of an end to the bloodshed following a spate of murders as drugs drive turf wars between gangs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Londonistan, under the watch of Mayor Sidiq Khan, is not faring well at all, with regard to youth violence; and he has got to appear to be doing something, or he will wind up a one-term mayor.

What the UK should be doing, is to follow Portugal's lead, and just pull the rug out from under the drug gangs, by legalizing small amounts of drugs for personal use, but giving people counseling to get them off the drugs.

Portugal’s Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All Drugs, From Weed to Heroin

Of course, in the UK, that will happen after pigs discover they are aerodynamic, as the cartels managing the street gangs are making too much money, and money fuels both money laundering, which the banks love, and very covertly and quietly, election cycles.

And if you don't believe me, please take a good look at the following image:

Hillary Clinton Poses With Drug Dealer Jorge Cabrera

Apr 06 10:39

Hither Green 'burglary death' suspect to face no action

A man arrested on suspicion of murdering a suspected burglar has been released without charge.

Richard Osborn-Brooks discovered two intruders at his home in South Park Crescent Hither Green, south-east London, on Wednesday.

The 78-year-old was arrested after Henry Vincent, 37, from Kent, was fatally stabbed during a struggle in the kitchen.

The Met said Mr Osborn-Brooks had been released and would face no action.

Apr 06 09:46

What will be the blowback for UK government after Libya revelations?

Admission that the state was likely in contact with Libyan groups linked to Manchester bombing raises fundamental questions about British links to terrorism

Apr 06 09:22

Will Putin Fall for Washington’s Lies?

I have been waiting to see how long the British Prime Minister, the British Foreign Secretary, and the British Defense Secretary could continue to lie through their teeth before it caught up with them.

The liars got away with their lies longer than would have been possible if there was any longer any respect for truth in Western governments and media.

The British Foreign Secretary announced publicly that he was personally told by someone at the Porton Down laboratory that it was “absolutely categorical” that the nerve gas allegedly used in an attack on Skripal and his daughter came from Russia. The chief executive of the Porton Down laboratory has now stated that the scientists at the laboratory cannot confirm that the nerve agent is Russian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That egg timer just ran out!

Apr 06 09:11


Boris Johnson is on a hook of his own making after he was exposed as making a false claim in an interview that Porton Down chemical weapons facility had ‘categorically’ told him there was no doubt that Russia was the source of the poison used in the Salisbury attack. Porton Down’s CEO yesterday told Sky News that the facility had not identified the source.

Johnson’s embarrassment has been compounded by the revelation that the Foreign Office (FCO) – which initially dismissed Johnson’s falsehood by saying he ‘misspoke – had also tweeted the claim. The FCO deleted that tweet yesterday when Porton Down’s admission was garnering attention.

The Establishment machine has kicked in to try to exonerate Johnson, with the BBC editing video to make Johnson’s lie less obvious and claiming that it can’t find footage it has only just shown.

Apr 06 09:08

BREXIT CRISIS: Germany HEAVILY hit by UK exit - shock EU report devastates Angela Merkel

BREXIT will hit EU powerhouse Germany where it hurts when Britain finally unshackles itself from the bloc, according to a shock report.Regions in Angela Merkel’s nation will feel the strain on trade and production when the UK exits.

Apr 06 08:54

Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight

Hospitals in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London resemble those in a war zone, a senior surgeon working to save victims of the capital’s surging violent crime wave has said.

The shock comments made Thursday morning come after two more men were killed overnight, a couple of days after another night of violence saw a boy, 16, stabbed to death and a 17-year-old girl shot in a “drive by”.

Wednesday night’s killings, both in Hackney, East London, brought the death toll from suspected murder in the capital to 50 so far this year, pulling away from New York City, which London overtook at the weekend.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, the lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust in East London, said that knife and gun wounds had moved from a “niche” part of his job to a daily chunk of his workload, and a growing number of victims were “children”.

Apr 06 08:33

Camilla and Prince Charles in Australia BACKLASH: 'Go home - you're not welcome!'

The Royal couple began their seven-day tour of Australia by attending the ceremony on the Gold Coast in Queensland last night amid a republic row over Australia breaking free from the Monarchy.

Onlookers quickly criticised the duchess, 70, for looking “bored”, “miserable” and “uninterested” as she watched the opening ceremony from the VIP box.

Former Olympic diver Matthew Mitchum tweeted: “Camilla is not even trying to look like she wants to be here.

“Top lip betrayed (sic) a constant look of contempt when she was looking up from her magazine.”

Apr 06 08:32

Did British Gov't Assist Manchester Bombing Gang to Topple Gaddafi?

The British government has said for the first time that members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – widely suspected to be behind the Manchester bombing – were likely among those they supported in Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi.

Apr 06 08:31

'Stupid Decision': Italian Ruling Parties Outraged Over Skripal Case Expulsions

The coalition of center-right and right-wing parties, who won the majority in the new Italian government, lambasted the decision of the outbound Cabinet to expel Russian diplomats amid political uncertainty

The anti-immigrant eurosceptic Lega Nord as well as the center-right Forza Italia and Brothers of Italy parties have condemned the decision of the outgoing government to follow the UK lead and get in a diplomatic row with Russia. According to them, the step can possibly entail grave consequences for the new ministers.

Apr 06 08:29

Britain opens Persian Gulf military base in Bahrain, 1st MidEast facility in 4 decades

Britain opened its first permanent military base in the Middle East in more than four decades on Thursday in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain. The move gives the UK an expansive presence along key international shipping routes, AP reports. The HMS ‘Juffair’ naval facility can house up to around 500 Royal Navy personnel, including sailors, soldiers and airmen. British officials have described it as the first permanent British base east of the Suez Canal since 1971. Maritime security in the region ensures oil shipments and goods make it from Asia to Europe.

Apr 06 08:29

Russia SHOCK CLAIM: 17 countries were PRESSURED by USA and UK to stand against Putin

RUSSIAN Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko claimed the international community has shown a clear intention to disassociate itself from the UK and the US over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal following the failed Russian proposal of a new joint investigation of the case.

Apr 06 08:21

Russian spy 'no longer critical' amid claims he 'might NOT have been posioned'

Today it emerged Skripal is no "no longer critical" just hours have Skripal’s niece Viktoria – who has been very vocal of sharing information about the case – is questioned whether or not they were even poisoned.

She suggested whether or not the duo might have been sick due to “bad fish” as she appears on numerous Russian television stations talking about the Skripals.


She also questioned how the Skripals pets – two cats and two guinea pigs – could have survive if they were poisoned by “Novichok gas” at home.

Earlier today it was revealed one of his cats – Nash Van Drake – was put down at Porton Down after being found “very unwell” and the two rodents were also destroyed.

Apr 06 08:20

Russia demolishes UK poisoning hoax during emergency security council meeting

Russia’s UN envoy blasted the UK’s attempt to blame the poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal on Moscow, describing the entire hoax as a “theater of absurd.”

The extraordinary UN Security Council meeting was requested by Russia, following the announcement made by the secretive British Porton Down chemical laboratory, that it had not established that the Novichok nerve agent used in the poisoning was of Russian origin.

According to RT, top British officials explicitly cited the Porton Down laboratory when pinning the blame on Moscow, so following this revelation their theory started to fall apart, said Vasily Nebenzia, noting that the UK’s secret agencies rushed to help the government, producing new claims based on some “intelligence data.”

Apr 06 07:54

Skripals' Last Restaurant Order Not Released by UK, Niece Tells Russian TV

Victoria Skripal, the niece of the former Russian intelligence officer poisoned in Salisbury, England, has given her thoughts on the incident during an interview with Russia's Channel One TV network.

The niece of Sergei Skripal referred to the Salisbury pizzeria after visiting which her uncle and his daughter had been found by policemen after the March 4 incident. She pointed out that the two allegedly ordered fugu fish — quite a surprising suggestion as this dish is part of Japanese cuisine, and should be carefully prepared to avoid a lethal poisoning. The Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury does not offer any fugu-based dish in its menu.

"Is it difficult to obtain an account and see what people ordered at the restaurant? For some reason this information is classified. Did they eat some unknown dish that you cannot eat? Or is it forbidden in England?" Victoria Skripal said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am starting to doubt this story. A quick check of the area restaurant guide shows there are several Japanese restaurants, one of them very high end, in the same neighborhood where the Skripals supposedly ate lunch (We have only the word of the British government that they ate at a pizzaria). But the only restaurant in England that serves fugu is in London, 77 miles away.

This makes the supposed phone call between Yulia and Viktoria suspect.

Someone is trying to sew confusion into the discussion, possibly to distract from Britain's embarrassing performance at yesterday's UNSC meeting.

Apr 06 07:47

How the Ex-Spy Case is Transforming UK Media Into Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth'

The admission by scientists from the Porton Down defense lab that that they could not actually verify the source of the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter has not stopped British media from blaming Russia for the affair, or calling on London to take an even tougher stance against the Russians.

Apr 05 14:54

'Theater of absurd': Russian envoy shows UK version of Skripal case 'falls apart' (VIDEO)

Russia’s UN envoy described the UK’s attempt, without evidence, to pin the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter on Moscow as "theater of absurd", in his address updating the UNSC on the scandal.
The extraordinary meeting was requested by Moscow, following the announcement made by the secretive British Porton Down chemical laboratory, that it had not established that the nerve agent used to poison the Skripals was of Russian origin. The top British officials explicitly cited the Porton Down laboratory when pinning the blame on Moscow, so following this revelation their theory started to fall apart, said Vasily Nebenzia, noting that the UK’s secret agencies rushed to help the government, producing new claims based on some “intelligence data.”

“I don’t even know how to comment on this. It’s some sort of the theater of absurd. You couldn't have come up with better fake story?” Nebenzia asked.

Apr 05 13:15

Russian TV Releases Phone Call Of 'Poisoned' Yulia Skripal Saying Her And Her Father Are 'Fine'

Is this the final nail in the coffin of the British government's Skripals poisoning hoax?

Russian TV on April 5th released audio purportedly of a phone call between Yulia Skripal and her niece Viktoria who lives in Russia. During the call, which was made in the morning on April 5th, Yulia tells her cousin: "Everything is ok. He [her father] is resting now, having a sleep. Everyone's health is fine, there's nothing that can't be put right. I will be discharged soon. Everything is ok."

Apr 05 13:08

UK: 78yo Man Arrested For Murder After Stabbing Armed Burglar to Death In His Home

A 78-year-old pensioner in the United Kingdom was arrested and jailed for stabbing an armed robber to death in his home.

Apr 05 12:30

UNSC meets to discuss Skripal poisoning case

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has gathered at Russia’s request at its New York headquarters, to discuss the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK last month.

The extraordinary meeting was requested by Moscow, following the announcement made by the secretive British Porton Down chemical laboratory, that it had not established that the nerve agent used to poison the Skripals was of Russian origin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"VETO!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 05 10:25

London: elderly man charged on suspicion of murder for defending his home against thieves

“The 78-year-old resident found two males inside the address. A struggle ensued between one of the males and the homeowner. The man, aged 38, sustained a stab wound to the upper body.”

“London Ambulance Service took the injured male, who was found collapsed in Further Green Road, SE8, to a central London hospital. He was pronounced dead at 03:37hrs.”

The Telegraph states: “Police arrested him [the homeowner, Osborn-Brooks] on suspicion of grievous bodily harm before then arresting him on suspicion of murder.”

Arresting Osborn-Brooks on what grounds? Defending his home? Defending his life? Defending his wife, who was sleeping upstairs?

Since when is it murder, when a person fights off a thief? Was Osborn-Brooks supposed to sit quietly in a chair, tell the thieves (one of whom ran away) to take everything they wanted, and ask them not to harm him or his wife? Is that proper behavior? Is that what the government demands of its citizens?

Apr 05 09:19

France to launch 'EUROPEAN ARMY' by June – and the UK is invited to join even AFTER Brexit

FRANCE will launch a deployable European military crisis force in June, French Defence Ministry sources have revealed, as they confirmed the army would work outside of existing European Union efforts.

Apr 05 09:19

Yulia’s awake now and chatting to her cousin Viktoria - but not apparently saying anything we can hear about straight from the UK authorities. Sergey is doing ok too. 100% failure for the assassins then. Using deadliest nerve agent known to man

Apr 05 08:58

MURDER CAPITAL Sadiq Khan faces calls to resign over London’s spiralling murder rate after another teenager gunned down overnight

The Mayor of London, who vowed to increase stop and searches in January to prevent a bloodbath, is facing calls to resign as the 48th person killed this year was named as 17-year-old “Tanisha”.

Apr 05 08:57

Russian spy Sergei Skripal’s pet cat and guinea pigs are taken away for tests

Neighbours say the poisoned Russian spy's animals have not been seen since he was hospitalised

Apr 05 08:57

Russian Foreign Ministry: What Happened to Skripal's Pets, Why's UK Silent?

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday the ministry is concerned about the absence of information on the condition of pets belonging to former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal.

Zakharova told reporters that information on the fate of Skripal's pets could help the investigation into the case of poisoning of the former spy and his daughter.

"We have checked this information. I haven't seen it mentioned in the media but we are reliably informed that the Skripal family had pets living with them," the spokesperson said at a briefing in Moscow, without specifying exactly what pets the former agent had.

Apr 05 08:56

Britain behaving like ‘mafia state’ in Skripal case – OSCE ex-VP Willy Wimmer

The UK is exploiting European solidarity and behaving like a ‘mafia state’ by pushing forward warmongering accusations and excluding Russia from the Skripal poisoning probe, the former vice-president of OSCE assembly told RT.

Britain’s behavior in the Skripal poisoning scandal is “a major danger to international peace,” believes Willy Wimmer, who held the vp position with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) assembly from 1994 to 2000, and who had previously served as state secretary to Germany’s defense minister.

“I think we would call this state a mafia state because it is against all European and international rules and regulations how the British government has behaved in a criminal case with regard to another country,” Wimmer told RT.

Apr 05 08:55

UK Foreign Office’s attempts to undermine Russia on social media seem strangely familiar

Boris Johnson’s department has been extremely busy this week. Pretending interviews didn’t happen, slinging mud at Russia and making “informative videos.”

It’s difficult to know where to start with the creative project carried out by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) this week.

It’s made social media videos to “explain” what is happening between Russia and the UK. The short videos blame Russia for the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on March 4.

They go on to “explain” how Russia uses the internet, videos and government departments to push its own agenda or “fake news.”

Isn’t that exactly what the FCO just.. no, no, of course it’s not the same.

Apr 05 05:34

Labour suspends council candidate accused of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism

A Labour council candidate accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial has been suspended by the party and dropped for the forthcoming election. It was confirmed Roy Smart had been dropped from running for local office in St. James Ward, Tunbridge Wells in May, after it became apparent he had shared allegedly anti-Semitic material online. Articles shared by Roy Smart included a Holocaust denial post in 2015, which lists countries where questioning the Shoah is illegal, before saying "the truth doesn't need laws to protect it." In the text of the article, called 'Holocaust deprogramming course", it says "free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about 'six million' Jews 'gassed' in 'gas chambers' disguised as shower rooms".
Note: This "holocau$t denial" and "anti-Semitism" has lost all credit ability.

Apr 04 22:54

Britain's feral gangs 'are now a bigger danger than terrorism': Criminals' online boasts of shootings and stabbings inspire the next generation of gangsters says crime expert

Criminology expert has said that gangs pose a bigger threat to UK than terrorism
Criminals using social media to encourage gang members to carry out killings
MP David Lammy said rise in London violence is being driven by organised crime

Apr 04 16:30

The niece of poisoned spy Sergei Skripal is demanding that Britain tells her if his beloved cats and guinea pigs have been killed by nerve agent as she prepares to travel to the UK

Viktoria Skripal (left) says reports that her uncle and his daughter (right, with her cat) were hit with a lethal nerve agent while at home are 'nonsense'

Viktoria said: 'Nonsense. First of all, it is not possible to go close (to the house).

'Secondly, if they were poisoned there, what happened to the animals?

'They had a cat Masyanya (imported) from Russia and one more cat, from a shelter.'

Then there were two guinea pigs.

'The cats might run away but the guinea pigs should have been found dead in their cage.

'Nothing has been said about this.'

Apr 04 15:26

All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence

Over the last few months, Professor Joseph Mifsud has become a feather in the cap for those pushing the Trump-Russia narrative. He is characterized as a “Russian” intelligence asset in mainstream press, despite his declarations to the contrary. However, evidence has surfaced that suggests Mifsud was anything but a Russian spy, and may have actually worked for British intelligence. This new evidence culminates in the ground-breaking conclusion that the UK and its intelligence apparatus may be responsible for the invention of key pillars of the Trump-Russia scandal. If true, this would essentially turn the entire RussiaGate debacle on its head.

Apr 04 15:26

Russian spy: Labour urges probe over Johnson comments

Shadow Cabinet Office minister, Jon Trickett, said Mr Johnson had "serious questions to answer".

Apr 04 15:09

Putin calls for probe into spy poisoning, saying scientists have failed to identify source of nerve agent

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow wants a thorough probe into the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in Britain and will demand to be part of it.

Putin, speaking Tuesday in Ankara following talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, cited the head of Britain’s defense laboratory who said that its scientists have not identified the precise source of the nerve agent used to attack former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Putin said, given the lack of precise information about the agent’s origin, “the speed at which the anti-Russian campaign has been launched causes bewilderment.”

Apr 04 14:54

The Lobby

Al Jazeera Investigations exposes how the Israel lobby influences British politics. A six-month undercover investigation reveals how Israel penetrates different levels of British democracy.

Episode One: In part one, Al Jazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain’s youth.

Episode Two: In part two, our undercover reporter joins a delegation from the Israeli embassy at last year’s Labour Party Conference.

Apr 04 13:31

Jeremy Jesus-Christ Corbyn

Yesterday we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset ‘the Jews,’ and by 'the Jews' I mean a few loud obnoxious voices who claim to ‘represent the Jews.’ Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas, who are apparently the ‘wrong’ Jews according to the Zionist lobby.

Apr 04 12:50

Foreign Office deletes tweet blaming Russia for Salisbury spy attack

The Government had posted a message online that stated the Kremlin was responsible.

It said: ‘Analysis by world-leading experts at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down made clear that this was a military-grade Novichok nerve agent produced in Russia.’

But yesterday Gary Aitkenhead, from the Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, said the role of his lab was not to work out where the agent came from.

Apr 04 12:46

MoD failure to ascribe novichok blame makes intelligence the key factor in justifying claims against Russia

The inability of Porton Down to ascribe blame to Russia means that intelligence is now the key factor in the accusation against the Kremlin. And such overwhelming dependence on intelligence, most of it unknown to the public, has inevitably led to comparison with the fake intelligence which was used to justify the Iraq invasion.

It is also perhaps inevitable that Mr Johnson would be in the centre of the controversy. In an interview two weeks ago he had stated that Porton Down scientists were “absolutely categorical” that the novichok came from Russia: “I asked the guy myself, I said ‘are you sure?’ And he said ‘there’s no doubt’.”

But “the guy”, Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) at Porton Down, was pretty clear that although the scientists had ascertained the agent was novichok, “we haven’t identified the precise source”.

Apr 04 11:54

Boris Johnson Lied: Porton Down Scientists Can't Confirm 'Novichok' Nerve Agent Was Made In Russia

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray was entirely correct when he reported weeks ago that Porton Down scientists could not confirm the supposed "novichok" nerve agent allegedly used to poison former Russian spy Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made in Russia.

Apr 04 11:39

Italian Journalist: ‘I Feel Deep Shame for the Behavior of the West Today’

I feel a deep shame at the behavior of the West today. In this behavior, I see the crash of the last remains of what Europe always declared to be its ideals and values. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from a number of EU countries on March 26, a day of national mourning, showed that, for my generation, there are only ruins of morality left on the Old Continent. One can state that the expulsion was unacceptable for four reasons.

Russian Envoy: OPCW Has no Authority to Probe 'Skripal Case'
First, the choice of date: they chose exactly the day when Russia was mourning those died in the Kemerovo fire, despite that even in the Middle Ages there were days set aside to pick up the injured during wars, and our politicians, while constantly referring to human rights, have no idea of pity.

Apr 04 10:43

Britain's establishment is desperate for Russian guilt, and will ignore anything to get it

The UK Foreign Office denies its own on-the-record claims after being undermined by government scientists. The media is ignoring reports which could help avoid a major confrontation with Russia. Welcome to post-Skripal Britain.

When Jeremy Corbyn called for more evidence to be provided about Russia's alleged role in the poisoning of the Skripals, the howls from Parliament and much of the media were deafening. When the laboratory in charge of investigating where the nerve agent used in Salisbury came from said it couldn't actually back up claims it was from Russia, it was the silence that was deafening.

Apr 04 10:42

‘Lies & smears’: Livingstone slams UK’s Skripal claims as backtracking plagues investigation (VIDEO)

Livingstone said the UK “clearly doesn’t want an open and honest investigation” into what happened in Salisbury on March 4. However, politicians insist on blaming Moscow, without evidence.

“The British government has set out to blame all of this on President Putin and Russia from the very beginning,” Livingstone said.

“All the evidence coming out brings this into question. The idea it can only be Russia behind all this is nonsense. Our country has a principle you are innocent until proven guilty, but here we have our Prime Minister Theresa May on the television immediately denouncing Russia and ordering the expulsion of Russian diplomats.”

Livingstone said the UK is attempting to spread an “anti-Russia” rhetoric and NATO has seized on it. He also said the mainstream media will not challenge the ideology being spread.