Sep 14 08:42


The Swedish Minister for Finance, Magdalena Andersson, now considers borrowing large amounts of money from EIB to increase immigration to Sweden. Although the government over the summer has raised a wide range of taxes, there apparently is still not enough money to support all the migrants from the Third World who right now flows into Sweden.

Sep 13 11:31

Exclusive: Obama Admin. Resettling Refugees in Republican States

The Obama administration is mainly resettling migrants in Republican-controlled states, according to analysis.

Sep 13 11:29

10,000 Germans in protesters rally against the Islamic invasion

Sep 13 11:19

Forget the Greek Crisis, Immigration Will Divide Europe Against Itself

Europe has complex immigration rules. As the EU web site shows, there are multiple layers of immigration regulations encompassing both the local national level and the EU level.

But, as the recent influx of refugees and economic migrants has shown, the EU government is able to flex its muscle in an ad hoc fashion in the service of compelling member states to accept the migrants and refugees. The "quota plan" being forwarded by the EU government would divide up migrants and refugees among the EU member states, and, of course, over time, these migrants would qualify for those member states' taxpayer funded public benefits. In Germany, for example, officials "estimate that as many as 460,000 more people could be entitled [next year] to social benefits."

Big Countries vs. Little Ones

Sep 13 11:15

Gaddafi You idiots I had warned you!

Sep 13 11:09

Rabbi says migrant influx into Europe is 'excellent news'

as the 'death of Christianity will bring back the Messiah'

Sep 13 11:08

Obombus wants more Syrian trojan horse terrorist illegals to invade

During a conversation with members of the United States military, black guy Obama explained why he was doing more to bring additional Syrian terrorists posing as refugees into the United States, telling service members it was “not just a European problem” but “a world problem.” "The US needs more democrats who won't fight for their country, Eurabia is leading the example of what we are striving for, a caliphate, Allah Akbar". Obama said the number of 10,000 terrorists earlier this week was a “floor” of what he expected in the future. "We even dipped into the terrorist population of Somalia , plenty more turds we can take into our country so it can be a third world shithole eventually, God willing, of course."

Sep 13 11:07

Merkel calls in the army: 'Generous' Germany faces migrant chaos as troops put on alert

GERMANY has put 4,000 troops on standby as the country buckles under the pressure of the record-breaking number of migrants arriving in the country.

Sep 13 11:07

North to bear brunt of Cameron’s 20,000 Syrian refugees with south east barely affected

DAVID Cameron’s promise to take in 20,000 Syrian immigrants will spark a deep North/South divide across Britain with a single working class northern town taking more refugees than the entire affluent South East region.

Sep 13 10:17

‘We’ve reached our limit’: Germany halts trains from Austria, introduces border controls

Austrian train operator OeBB says Germany has stopped all trains coming in from the country, and Germany’s Interior Ministry has abruptly introduced “temporary” border controls with Austria. More than 2,100 extra police have been dispatched to secure the borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the US-created refugee crisis, far from leading to a blended global population for the New World Order, is tearing the European Union apart!

Sep 13 10:15

German man could not hear media lies about refugees | Eng Subs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the English subtitles are not visible, turn them on!

Sep 13 09:41



Sep 11 15:30

U.S. Afraid to Call China on Undeportable Illegals: “They Do Not Want These People Back.”

Illegal immigrants, shady individuals, violent criminals, and diplomatic strain.

The issue plagues America, but this part of the problem is not with Mexico or Latin American nations, but rather China.

In cities across America, U.S. immigration agents arrested more than two dozen Chinese nationals with unfulfilled deportation orders, telling them that after years of delay, China was finally taking steps to provide the paperwork needed to expel them from the U.S.


Sep 11 15:23

Denmark creates unbearable conditions for refugees

The Danish authorities intend to do everything possible, so that migrants do not stay long in the country. In particular, the local press reported that social alliances for refugees would be reduced two times. Beside that, migrants will have to speak the Danish language to gain residence permit.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission said that over half a million refugees had arrived to the EU since 2015.
According to him, migrants should be distributed among all the EU countries from the territory of Hungary (where migrants arrive mainly from Syria through the Balkans), Greece and Italy (these countries suffer an invasion of African states' residents, the Libyans first of all).

Sep 11 14:25

EU raises issue of compensation for refusal to accept migrants

Serious disagreements among EU countries on the problems of migrants and the quotas for their accommodation have raised the idea of "paying compensation" for the refusal to accept them, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told TASS in an interview on Friday.
"Different ideas have begun to appear now, such as payment of compensation. If you don’t want to accept migrants - pay. The sum is quite modest - €7.5 for each unaccepted refugee, but it’s per day!" - he said. "All attempts to spread evenly among the EU states just 40,000 people of the half a million that have arrived to the EU by sea since the beginning of this year, have been unsuccessful. Each EU country acts based on its own understanding, which may cardinally change in a few days. One day they open the borders, another day closing them, first remove people from trains, then put them in buses," he said.

Sep 11 14:12

Islamic State joins Syria's Assad in warning against fleeing to the West

The Islamic State (IS) militant group has warned Syrian refugees against seeking to flee to the West, saying it would be a "dangerous major sin" to take children to a place where "they are under the constant threat of fornication, sodomy, drugs and alcohol".

"Sadly some Syrians and Libyans are willing to risk the lives and souls of those whom they are responsible to raise... sacrificing many of them during the dangerous trip to the lands of the war-waging crusaders," said the latest issue of group's propaganda English-language magazine Dabiq.

Sep 11 13:09

Eyewitness : On the border with Austria, migrants attacked the bus with the Poles' These large powerful horde of savages

"Half an hour ago on the border of Italy and Austria with my own eyes I saw the huge hordes of migrants ... Despite the solidarity with people who are in a difficult situation, I must say that what I saw is appalling ... This mighty mass of people - sorry, I write that - but it is an absolute scam ... Throwing bottles, loud shouts of "We Want to Germany".....

I saw how they surrounded the car of an elderly Italian woman, dragged her by the hair out of the car and wanted to go on this machine. The bus in which I was with a group, tried to turn, throwing us shit, pounding on the door, opened the driver, spit on the glass ... I asked: "For what purpose? How does this game wants to assimilate into German?

These large powerful horde of savages ... Among them there were no women, no children - the vast majority of these were young men are aggressive ...

Sep 11 09:22

Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify "Safe Havens" in Syria

While the Western media attempts to portray the sudden influx of refugees suddenly appearing out of no where at Europe's gates, the reality is that for years they have been gathering in expansive, well-funded refugee camps in Turkey.

Sep 10 23:11

The Judgement of History

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow?
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and
Scoffing at the wise

-Neil Peart


Sep 10 12:46

Finland imposes new “solidarity tax” to save on migrants

The centre-right Finnish government has offered today to increase taxes.
Such measures are necessary to cover expenses on migrants, that flow into the country. The increase is to be subjected to those with higher incomes.
Thus, the Finnish Parliament tries to escape accusations that migrants deprive the poor and middle class of their money.
Finance minister Alexander Stubb claimed that citizens of Finland earning over €72,300 would have to pay a so-called "solidarity tax" for 2 years.
However, even despite these measures the Finnish budget deficit in 2016 is to make up €5 billion, analysts say.

Sep 10 12:20

And then came the rains: Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire after storms batter eastern Europe

Torrential rain has turned the Macedonian border into a sea of mud – the latest trial facing migrants on the 1,000-mile trek into Europe.

At least 7,000 people, including many parents lugging young children, braved downpours and scuffles with police to cross Greece's northern border into Macedonia.

Greek border police said it as the largest single wave of refugees they had seen so far.

Despite wrapping themselves up in garbage bags of every kind, the migrants were soaked to the skin, their trainers caked with mud and hats dripping with rain.

Sep 10 09:55

Migrant crisis: Hungarian army stages border protection exercise

Hungary's army has begun exercises to prepare for a possible future role in guarding the southern border to try to stem the influx of migrants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can we hire them to guard the border with Mexico?

Sep 10 08:53

Globalists Who Created Refugee Crisis Now Exploiting It

The politicians and establishment figures in the United States and European Union demanding that the West accept millions of Middle Eastern refugees are the same globalists that created the tragic situation in the first place by destroying the countries their victims are fleeing from. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond all offer plenty of evidence showing that to be the case. The horrific consequences of the globalist establishment's machinations, though — the genocide of Middle Eastern Christians, the emergence of savage terror groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS), the tsunami of refugees right now cascading into Europe, and more — are only just beginning.

Sep 10 08:53

Inslee orders review of prosecutor’s decision not to charge Pasco officers in February shooting death

By Joel Connelly on September 9, 2015 6:27 PM

Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered a review of the decision by Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant, announced Wednesday, not to prosecute three Pasco police officers who shot to death Antonio Zambrano-Montes last February after the orchard worker had thrown rocks at police in a busy intersection.

Sep 09 17:41

German School Bans Miniskirts and 'Transparent Blouses' To Avoid Offending Invading Hordes of Muslims: Feminists Completely Silent

A school in Pocking, Bavaria sent a letter home with students warning them not to wear certain clothing in order to 'avoid misunderstandings' with immigrants who are staying temporarily in a school gymnasium. They also ordered students to "refrain from staring or taking pictures of the refugees."

Sep 09 15:38

EU Proposes Redistributing 160,000 Refugees Throughout Europe

The European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has unveiled a proposal to relocate up to 160,000 migrants and refugees across the continent in what is one of Europe's largest efforts to address any migration crisis.

The plan comes as Europe struggles to deal with the escalating refugee crisis in its territory, where hundreds and thousands of people have arrived fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. Figures from the United Nations show that 381,412 people arrived to the EU by sea in 2015 alone – the vast majority (51 percent) of whom are from war torn Syria.

Sep 09 12:27

Danish rail firm DSB cancels Germany trains amid migrant crisis

DSB said it was suspending its train services between Germany and Denmark for an unspecified time. The company said the action had been taken after hundreds of migrants refused to leave a train in a town on the border with Germany.

The Danish rail firm's decision followed a request from Danish police, as authorities struggle to process the influx.

Sep 09 11:16

Washington threatens confrontation with Russia over Syria

Any expanded Russian presence on Syrian soil could lead to a “confrontation” with Washington’s “coalition,” which has been bombing Syria, supposedly with the aim of countering the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), US Secretary of State John Kerry threatened in a phone call to his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over the weekend.

Kerry’s extraordinary threat of an armed confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers was reiterated Tuesday by White House spokesman Josh Earnest.......

Sep 09 10:15

As Predicted: Overthrow of Qaddafi Led to Horrific Migrant Crisis in Europe

With the death toll in one of the most devastating humanitarian crisis continuing to climb, many are pointing to the fall of Muammar Qaddafi, and the destabilization of Libya, as a factor in the deaths of nearly 1900 individuals in the Mediterranean Sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It was a small price to pay to get rid of that @#$% Gold Dinar!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 09 09:31

‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11

“Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” ? Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Sep 09 09:12

Media Manipulation

Photo journalists have moved the dead body of the Kobani child refugee to a better location for photos.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 09 08:29

While Refugee Crisis Explodes, Elite Burrow Into Bunkers: “They Want More Refugees to Distract”

After dragging the rest of the world into seemingly endless wars in the Middle East, policy makers and the major media outlets are now happy to flood the public with guilt-inducing reports about the refugee crisis.

[I]t is not us, as a collective, who is responsible for this catastrophic state of affairs. It is a relatively small number of people, each of whom is quite insane... that have, for example, created the current refugee crisis in Europe.

Elites want more refugees partly because it helps to distract us from analysing and resisting what they are doing overall.


Sep 09 08:10

Heads Up: It’s a Trap

First, there are repeated reports that the federal budget will not be finalized by the September 30 deadline. This means that both the new fiscal budget and a needed increase in the debt limit will be in flux when the Pope addresses a joint session of Congress on September 24. The next day he will address the UN General Assembly, followed by a mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 27.

On Monday, September 28, with the U.S federal budget still presumably in play, the following world leaders will address the UN General Assembly:

Xi Jinping

There are rumors that Hollande will propose a Palestinian state. What is not a rumor is the UN’s new Post-2015 Development Agenda. This is being referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids.

Sep 09 07:58

Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

Sep 09 07:57

Hungarian journalist fired after kicking, tripping up refugees on video

A journalist for Hungary’s N1TV channel associated with the far-right Jobbik party has been fired after her colleagues filmed her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing from the police.

Camerawoman Petra László was filming at a migrants’ center near the village of Roszke on the Hungarian-Serbian border when hundreds of migrants broke through a police cordon in a field.

Sep 09 03:48

No More Regime Change - Refugee Crisis' Lesson for US and Europe

People's Daily Online sharply criticized the US and Europe for adhering to aggressive foreign policy strategies, calling them "dangerous and stupid." According to the newspaper, they emerge from what is essentially the key element of western democracy: choosing visionary and well-informed politicians is impossible in countries ruled by money and populism.
The United States and Europe should view the influx of refugees as a warning, People's Daily Online noted. The time has come for the West to rethink its foreign policy and learn the following: Don't do unto others, what you wouldn't want done unto you.

Sep 09 02:46

Amateur Dutch choir sings song of welcome to the illegal muslims who throng the shores

Basically this is that scene from Independence day where idiots party and chant welcome to the aliens from a rooftop right till they get blasted

(warning: text and singing awful lol)

Sep 08 22:59

The phoney « refugee crisis »

While the European media arouse emotion by showing photographs of a drowned child and reports of crowds of refugees crossing the Balkans on foot, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that these images have been fabricated. It’s certain that they serve the purposes of the head of the Federation of German Industries, Ulrich Grillo, and also NATO. But they do not show the phenomenon in its totality, which leads the Europeans to offer inadapted responses.

Sep 08 20:27

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the ‘Do Something’ Lie

we had to destroy the country to save the country: this lie didn't work in the Vietnam era and still doesn't work now

Sep 08 15:19

VIDEO: Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash

The Greek island of Lesbos has been turned into a war zone by rioting migrants, leaving the island’s 85,000 residents in despair. Around 25,000 migrants are currently camped out on the island with hundreds more arriving daily, leading to frequent violent clashes and rioting despite their claim to be fleeing violence.

Sep 08 15:17

2015 Invasion of Europe: The Balkan Route. Part 1

Apocalypse in the Old World: Europe overwhelmed by hordes of voracious migrants...

2015 Invasion of Europe. The Balkan Route. Part 2 How to become a refugee

2015 Invasion of Europe. The Balkan Route. Part 3 "Great" Hungarian wall

Sep 08 14:44

Hungary: 2 terrorists detected among refugees

Hungarian Special Forces claimed, that they detected two Arab terrorists, that had infiltrated into the territory of Europe with a flow of refugees. The revelations took place due to their Facebook accounts.
The Hungarian M1 channel showed photos, where they pose with weapons somewhere in Syria or Iraq, and then smile happily arriving to the European land. There is no information on their names and current location.
Today, it was also reported that a group of migrants escaped from the reception camp in Hungary because of bad living conditions. The day before local police used pepper gas trying to contain a crowd of migrants forcing their way through the border.
The Hungarian government claimed about its intention to stop letting the Syrian refugees freely go to Germany and Austria through their territory.

Sep 08 10:54

Stop Immigration NOW say British public

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to our world!

Sep 08 08:48

Refugee Crisis May Put an End to Schengen Zone – Latvian Foreign Minister

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics predicted the end of Schengen Zone era if no acceptable solution is found for the refugee crisis in Europe, RIA Novosti reported.

The continent's beloved borderless travel system is at risk of being cancelled due to the unceasing flood of refugees from Africa and Middle East into Europe.

Sep 08 08:47

The border with Austria: Pole shocking relationship with the coach assaulted by immigrants

“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror.This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany is now a paradise?

I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass. My question is- for what purpose? How do they want to assimilate in Germany? For a moment, i felt like in a warzone. I really feel sorry for these people, but if they would reach Poland – I do not think they would receive any understanding from us.

Sep 08 08:33


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that Germany would ensure that migrants who need protection receive it, but those from countries where they aren’t in danger will have to leave. Mark Kelly reports.

Sep 07 15:48

Fox News Doesn’t Get it, Blames Russia for Refugee Crisis in EU

DC has lost it....totally!

There is one thing Fox News has learned to do well over the years — that's to blame Russia for all the bad stuff that happens in the world. The Syrian war breaks out — quick to blame the Russians, the US government organized a coup in Ukraine — of course the Russians were behind it, the channel screams. What's next, Fox News? Perhaps the Russians also started the Ebola virus or were behind the extinction of the dinosaurs?

This time, it was no different after Fox News decided to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. KT McFarland, a Fox News National Security Analyst invited to talk on the issue, was quick to blame… that's right, none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin for creating the refugee crisis in Europe.

Sep 07 15:44


Through both your actions and your deliberate silence, you have helped to engineer the mutual tragedy of this refugee migration - a disaster now being compounded by phony refugees piggybacking along with the real refugees. You know this true, but you won't dare say it for that might bring to light the fact that Israelis are the preeminent human traffickers in world history.

Sep 07 14:13

Turning the Cradle of Civilization Into its Graveyard

snip: Under U.S. leadership and Israeli influence, French political leaders have championed “regime change” in Libya and Syria on the tacit assumption that civil war would be better for the people of those countries than living under a “dictatorship”. In practice, however, most people can get along better without a vote than without a roof over their heads. Or without their heads.[...]