Aug 19 09:37

U.S. forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies

Washington's main Syrian ally in the fight against Islamic State says the U.S. military will remain in northern Syria long after the jihadists are defeated, predicting enduring ties with the Kurdish-dominated region.

The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of militias dominated by the Kurdish YPG, believes the United States has a "strategic interest" in staying on, SDF spokesman Talal Silo told Reuters.

"They have a strategy policy for decades to come. There will be military, economic and political agreements in the long term between the leadership of the northern areas (of Syria) ... and the U.S. administration," Silo said.

The U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State has deployed forces at several locations in northern Syria, including an airbase near the town of Kobani. It has supported the SDF with air strikes, artillery, and special forces on the ground.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but have Syria's Al Assad and Russia's Putin received the memo on this?!?

Aug 18 06:49

Russia’s relief efforts abroad reach unprecedented levels: "We even delivered aid to the US twice, in 2005 and 2012"

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has recently sent one of its aircraft to extinguish wildfires in Armenia. This humanitarian operation was just a small drop in a series of Russian humanitarian operations around the world. Due to a significant increase in the number and scale of emergencies in the world Russia’s relief operations abroad have reached an unprecedented level, Yuri Brazhnikov, Director of the EMERCOM agency told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. "More than 430 large-scale emergency operations have been conducted since 1993, including 278 operations to deliver humanitarian cargo. We even delivered aid to the US twice, in 2005 and 2012," he said. Humanitarian operations are really expensive, Brazhnikov noted, and only a powerful and great country recognized by the UN and other influential international organizations can afford them.

Aug 18 06:33

USA, hands off Venezuela! - Russia

The United States has renewed its threats to Venezuela to impose new sanctions in the nearby future. “Venezuela is sliding into dictatorship”, the US Vice President Mike Pence wrote on his Twitter account. “The United States will not accept the rise of a dictator and there may be new sanctions against Venezuela soon,” Pence told the crowd at a press conference during his visit to Colombia. “We have many options for Venezuela, including a military intervention if necessary”, he told reporters in New Jersey. While legitimate opposition does exist in Venezuela, the Maduro government is obviously not willing to bend over backwards far enough to whatever demands of the US energy interests in Venezuela, which is one of few reasons the US ever considers military intervention...

Aug 18 06:31

SBU to assess propriety of Ukrainian children's vacations in Russia

The Security Service of Ukraine will give a legal assessment of the vacation trips of Ukrainian schoolchildren in Russia. SBU will conduct a test at the request of the Ministry of Education of the country. This is owing to the fact Khobzei, deputy head of the Ministry of Education, considers it "incorrect" that Ukrainian children vacation in Russia. He acknowledged that the Russian-Ukrainian border was not officially closed, and officials had no right to tell parents where their children should vacation. At the same time, the department is concerned about such facts and they ask the SBU to pay attention to them and give them a legal assessment, writes Tsargrad. We recall that, earlier in the occupied Slavyansk three teenagers were featured in the center of ascandal - inflated by mass media of Ukraine - because of refusing to rise under sounds of the anthem.

Aug 17 14:49

Assange Vows To Prove Russia Did Not Leak DNC Documents

Julian Assange, the founder of the global whistleblowing service WikiLeaks, has denied Democratic claims that he obtained leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) documents through his ties with the Russian government.

Assange said this during a meeting with Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican who chairs an important House subcommittee on Eurasia policy, on Tuesday at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been holed up for years, The Hill reported on Thursday.

Aug 17 13:12

War Games: Russia, China, and CIS battle it out for military honors

For the third year running, the Military Games has thrilled crowds with an explosive mixture of war games, battles, and target practice - all in a peaceful manner! This year did not disappoint. Who doesn’t love the smell of gunpowder and diesel in morning. Well, soldiers from a total of 28 countries certainly do, not to mention the thousands of civilians who watched the third Military Games simultaneously taking place in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Last Saturday on Aug.12, the Olympic style “battlefields” came to an end. Troops from the CIS countries, Africa, and China went head to head in a range of different disciplines: On the water, in the air, and on the ground...

Aug 17 13:03

Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Russia’s 4 dreadest military inventions

These weapons weren’t ever used in combat. Let’s hope they never will... TOS-1 Buratino is heavy flame-throwing system. Like the fairy-tale character, Buratino, (the Russian version of Pinocchio), this system can push its “nose” into any hole. The vehicle is based on the T-72 tank. Instead of a gun mount, however, it features 30 tubes (220-mm caliber) capable of unleasing a hurricane of fire in just a few seconds; the missiles contain a thermobaric mixture that literally smash shelters and troops into smithereens with shock, fire and shrapnel. The real hell begins afterwards, however. The thermobaric charge in each projectile creates an “air-mixture cloud” that explodes, creating pressure at a temperature of around 3,000 degrees Celsius, consuming all the surrounding oxygen and collapsing the pressure. It does not take a vivid imagination to guess what happens to anyone inside this cloud.

Aug 17 12:22

Russian cosmonauts launch several nanosatellites

Russian cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergey Ryazansky launched several nanosatellites during a spacewalk on Thursday, Mission Control near Moscow told TASS. "The launch of nanosatellites TS530-Zerkalo and Tomsk-TPU-120, two nanosatellites Tanyusha YyZGU and TNS-0 N.2," Mission Control said. Yurchikhin and Ryazansky began the space walk at 17:45. They are to stay outside the space station for six hours and five minutes, during which time they are to dismantle and install research equipment and test a new generation space suit, Orlan-MKS.
"A Proton-M heavy-lift launch vehicle with a defense ministry’s satellite has been successfully launched from the Baikonur space center," the press service said.

Aug 17 12:12

Vedomosti: New Internet regulation restrictions under consideration in Russia

Russia’s Communication Ministry has proposed a new version of the draft law on Internet regulation, which is to limit foreign ownership of the so-called ‘traffic exchange points’, Vedomosti says. According to the bill, a foreign country, organization, legal entity or a Russian company with more than 20% of foreign ownership cannot directly or indirectly own or control more than 20% of shares of a "traffic exchange point". The restriction also covers foreign citizens, Russian nationals with citizenship of another country or people without citizenship...

Aug 17 12:09

Trump Says “Military Option” On The Table For Venezuela; Provokes Statement From Russia

By Brandon Turbeville

The United States has finally rattled its sabers loud enough against Venezuela that it has provoked a response from Russia. After imposing yet another round of sanctions upon an already economically embattled nation following a questionable Venezuelan move to reassemble the Western-backed opposition-dominated National Assembly, the U.S. is grandstanding yet again about “democracy,” “human rights,” and all the other things America tends to ignore except when it is able to use those concepts to justify foreign wars...

Aug 17 07:56

Russia’s FSB Says It Foiled Moscow Terror Plot

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Monday it had detained four people suspected of plotting terror attacks on Moscow’s public transport system and major commercial centers.

In a statement on its website, the FSB said it had uncovered a terror group in the Moscow region which was planning to commit "a series of terror attacks in crowded places, including transport sites and large commercial centers.”

The FSB also said it had shut down a bomb-making lab on the outskirts of Moscow.

Aug 17 07:54

NATO-hosting Ukrainian Ministry of Defense calls Russia - Belarus alliance a threat

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak called the Russian-Belarusian exercises on the border with Ukraine "a threat" and an "unfriendly step."

"We are monitoring the situation, we are aware of all the movements of Russian troops along the direction of our border, we understand what threats may arise and we will respond adequately to the threats posed by these exercises, we have envisaged a number of measures that would be adequate in response to these threats, threats of invasion " - said Poltorak.

Aug 17 04:12

Poroshenko orders probe into reports about supplies of missile technologies to North Korea

"No matter how absurd accusations against Ukraine would look, we, as responsible partners, must thoroughly check reports by the New York Times about an alleged supply of rocket engines or respective technologies to North Korea," the president wrote in his Facebook account. He also instructed the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to carry out a probe into the situation with the assistance of the Interdepartmental Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation and Expert Control, and together with Yuzhmash rocket-making company and Yuzhnoye design bureau. It should report on the results within three days. The Ukrainian leader believes the investigation will make it possible to "definitely confirm the farfetchedness of allegations about "Ukrainian trace in the North Korean missile story".

Aug 16 23:41

Russians start drinking less

A recent research has revealed a declining level of alcohol consumption in Russia. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said that they do not drink alcohol, whereas 59 percent admitted that they drink from time to time, but not more than several times a month, a research conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centrer (WCIOM) said. Sixteen percent of the polled said that they consume alcoholic beverages two or three times a month (23 percent among men and 11 percent among women). The share of those having alcohol drinks two-three times a month is the largest among 25-34-year-olds and 35-44-year-olds. Four percent of respondents said that they started drinking more, whereas 44 percent admitted to the opposite. Eighty percent of Russians are convinced of the negative impact of all types of alcohol. Only 15% of respondents believe in the existence of harmless alcohol. In their opinion, the consumption of wine, beer and cognac does not harm the human body.

Aug 16 23:37

North Korean missile technologies originate from Ukraine, Russian pranksters find out: Ukrainians can be more dangerous than Koreans

On August 16, well-known telephone pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, also known as Vovan and Lexus, contacted Yuzhmash CEO Sergey Voit, supposedly on behalf of Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov. Voit told "Turchynov" that Yuzhmash had been working with North Korea for many years, while Yuzhnoye design bureau had been maintaining contacts with North Korean engineers for 14 years already: "We have just started doing little things with Korea. Yuzhnoye Design Bureau has been working with Korea for more than 14 years, with China - for over 20 years. What do they do there? I don't know. We do not receive this information - security services do," the official said in a conversation with the pranksters. It appears that American masters of Poroshenko and Turchynov will not be happy about the new information. One may only wonder what consequences the Ukrainian authorities will have to deal with in the near future...

Aug 16 16:18

What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all? A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore

A group of intelligence pros and forensic investigators tell The Nation there was no hack— the media ignores it

Aug 16 12:43

Russia warns US not to attack North Korea

Aug 16 10:18


The State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) will not sue The New York Times newspaper for its article about the possible purchase of Ukrainian-produced missile engines by North Korea, SSAU acting chairman Yuriy Radchenko told reporters on Tuesday.

Aug 16 09:21

Sanctions – A Conversation with Dr. Cynthia McKinney

The “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” rocketed through the US Congress at record speed in July, imposing sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia. Faced with a veto override, an unhappy President Trump signed it into law on August 2, 2017.

The response was swift. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker threatened retaliation. The German Minister for Economics and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, declared the sanctions illegal and urged the EU to take counter-measures. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the law had ended the possibility of improving U.S.–Russian relations and signaled “an all-out trade war with Russia.”

Aug 16 09:05

Ukrainian Lawmakers Disclose $45 Million In Bitcoin Holdings

As Ukraine's crackdown on corruption continues, three lawmakers from Ukraine’s ruling party revealed this week that they own a combined $45 million in bitcoin, according to a report by RIA Novosti, a Russian foreign news service.

Their holdings came to light during mandatory financial disclosures by members of the Ukrainian parliament, part of an IMF-approved strategy to tamp down corruption in Ukraine. The country's democratic institutions, which were never very robust to begin with, have been further destabilized by the civil war that's seen pro-Russian separatists seize control of two regions in eastern Ukraine. Lawmakers must now disclose their assets and wealth in an online database.

Dmitry Golubov possesses the most bitcoin, with 8,752 BTC, an amount worth roughly $36 million at current prices, according to CoinDesk. Alexander Urbansky possesses 2,494 BTC, or $10.3 million, while Dmitry Belotserkovets owns 398 BTC, or $1.6 million.

Aug 16 09:05

Iran Threatens to Quit Nuclear Deal If US Keeps Adding Sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, replaying to the latest round of US sanctions and threats, insisted his country remains committed to the P5+1 nuclear deal for the time being, despite repeated US violations. He warned this could change, however.

Iran has repeatedly sought redress for violations to mediators of the deal, but the US has continued to reimpose sanctions they removed under the deal, coming up with new pretexts, usually pretexts very light on details. Rouhani warned that if this continues, Iran might be forced to quit the nuclear deal.

Rouhani said US actions prove they can’t be trusted to deal fairly over the pact. Iran’s parliament, particularly the hardliners, are pressuring him to make some sort of reaction, and this is likely Rouhani’s attempt to warn the other five signatories that the deal could be at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I kind of hate it when a guy I don't particularly care for, is absolutely correct, as Rouhani is on his assessment of the US's behaviour regarding the P5+1 Agreement.

This laying on of more sanctions against Iran, on issues which have nothing to do with the actual agreement, are simply fabricated out of thin air.

And then we have this very worrying story, out of from yesterday:

Nikki Haley Accuses Iran of ‘Holding the World Hostage’ With Nuclear Deal: State Dept Vows to Keep Sanctioning Iran for Non-Nuclear Reasons
The story goes on to say:

"Many in the Trump Administration are openly hostile toward the nuclear deal, and Haley suggested Iran was using the existence of the deal as a pretext for “support for terrorism, disregard for human rights, and violations of UN Security Council resolutions.”

These allegations are built largely not on anything Iran’s done, but on consistent US efforts to undermine the pact with new sanctions to replace those they were required by the deal to lift, with Haley suggesting Iran thinks it’s immune to getting those sanctions back so long as they comply with the nuclear deal."

It's very clear what the White House is doing here; pressuring Iran to leave the P5+1 deal through these sanctions, as a prelude to a military action against it.

And of course, Israel's Netanyahu would love to see Israel's alleged "existential threat" in the region "neutralized" (but only, mind you, at the costs of American blood and American money).

This administration has gone down a very dark path of accusing countries it doesn't like, or wants to regime change, of doing what they haven't, then punishing them for it.

I can think of no more painfully clear examples of that than of the US sanctioning Russia for allegedly "annexing" Crimea, which it did not, in 2014.

The same thing holds true here with Iran.

But I would like to very carefully caution President Trump that such a military action against Iran, may come at an horrific cost to the US military.

Russian officials and military have pledged, should Iran be attacked, to come to its defense militarily. This means that there will be a war with Russia, as well as with Iran.

And right now, the US military doesn't have the money, the manufacturing, the troop strength, or the weaponry to compete effectively against Russia in a military showdown over Iran. The Russian weaponry in Syria shows that it has had some major technological breakthroughs, and that weaponry is now in high demand around the world:

How Russia's military campaign in Syria is helping Moscow market its weapons

And what can the US offer in terms of weaponry?!? I give you... the Lockheed Martin F-35, the Edsel in the living room of military hardware

The F-35 is still an expensive mess

2017: F-35 failures still legion

What went wrong with the F-35,
Lockheed Martin's Joint Strike Fighter?!?

Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly

10 Things you should Know about the Air Force's F-35 Propaganda Effort

Aug 16 08:42

Russian FM Calls New US Sanctions Against Iran 'Illegitimate in Principle'

Speaking at a press conference, the minister said that by imposing sanctions on Tehran, the US tries to turn a hard-won balance on such a sensitive issue as the Iranian nuclear program for his own benefit, it can disturb that balance.

"Such provocations should not be made. We are not talking about someone's national interests, not about the interests of any one country, but about the interests of a huge region, in which we are interested in securing a non-nuclear status," Lavrov said.

Aug 16 08:42

Russia-US cooperation in space must be pragmatic and without sanctions — senior official

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin believes that large space researches must be done by joint efforts of the global community, as they "cost too much"

Aug 16 08:09

Russian,Turkish, Iranian companies ink $7 billion energy deal

Russia's Zarubezhneft, Turkish Unit International signed a $7 billion agreement with Iran's Ghadir Investment Holding to drill for oil and natural gas in Iran, the Turkish company confirmed on August 16, 2017.

Aug 16 07:57

Russia, Equatorial Guinea agree to boost military cooperation

Defense ministries of Russia and Equatorial Guinea have agreed to boost military cooperation and relations between navies, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters following talks between Russian Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin and Equatorial Guinea’s Minister for National Defense Juvenal Mbomio Nsue Nsang. According to the source, the talks took place in Moscow on Wednesday. "During the talks, there was a discussion of the current issues concerning bilateral defense cooperation," the source said. "The focus was on ways to enhance bilateral military ties and educational cooperation, as well as develop interaction between the two countries’ navies. Besides, the parties exchanged views on pressing issues related to regional and global security.

Aug 16 07:55

US criticism of religious freedom in Russia groundless — analyst

The US Department of State’s report on the freedom of religion, which claims religious minorities in Russia are subject to persecution, should not be taken seriously, an expert on religious affairs, Doctor of History at the Moscow State Linguistic University Roman Silantiev has said. On Tuesday, the Department of State published its 2016 report on the freedom of religion in the world. The report was presented to Congress for the 19th year in a row. On its basis the US Secretary of State may draft recommendations for blacklisting this or that country. "Such reports have repeatedly been examined by my colleagues and yours truly. They cannot be regarded as serious documents, because most claims made against Russia have no facts to rely on," he told TASS...

Aug 16 07:45

Military intervention in Venezuela crisis is unacceptable – Lavrov

“We are united in the need to overcome the existing disagreements in the country by peaceful means through a nationwide dialogue as soon as possible, without any external pressure, not to mention the unacceptability of the threats of military intervention in the internal affairs of this country,” Lavrov stated.

The minister added that most Latin American states also condemn the possibility of such actions.

Aug 16 02:04

Russian watchdog detects over 23,000 websites promoting suicide in 5 years

"Since November 1, 2012, Rospotrebnadzor examined more than 25,000 links to Internet sites," Rospotrebnadzor said. "More than 23,700 of them were found to contain information about ways to commit suicide and/or calls to commit suicide. As part of inter-departmental cooperation, Rospotrebnadzor actively cooperates with law-enforcement bodies in order to promptly exchange information on communities and groups promoting suicidal behavior among children and teenagers online". According to earlier reports, Russian telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor has blocked access to more than 275,000 web pages since the law on restricting access to websites with banned information came into force nearly five years ago. The majority of them - more than 97,000 websites - were blocked on the basis of judicial acts that ruled that the information they contained was banned in Russia. In addition, more than 70,000 websites were banned for promoting drugs.

Aug 15 11:33

Ukrainian agent testifies his group was trained for plottings acts of sabotage in Russia

Ukrainian security service SBU agent Gennady Limeshko, detained by Russia’s security service FSB for plotting acts of sabotage in Crimea, has testified he underwent training as a member of a group of saboteurs tasked to stage acts of sabotage in Crimea and other Russian regions and also in the Donetsk Republic, as follows from a video made public by the FSB. In the video obtained by TASS Lemeshko says the course included physical training, shooting practice, special tactical instruction and the handling and use of explosives. "What were your tasks?" an FSB investigator asks Limeshko in the video. "Reconnaissance and sabotage in the Donesk People’s Republic, Crimea and other areas of Russia," the detainee says in reply...
Ukrainian national detained in Crimea served in Armed Forces

Aug 15 11:30

Moscow to respond in kind to new US moves against Russian diplomatic missions

New US steps against Russia’s diplomatic missions will indicate Washington’s readiness to further strain relations and will be met with a tit-for-tat response, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with the Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn (or International Life) magazine, the full text of which was published on the Foreign Ministry’s website on Tuesday. "We can assume that they [the United States] will now find another pretext to raise tensions further and take new steps to hamper the activities of Russia’s diplomatic missions in the US," Ryabkov said. "If it really happens, they will send us a signal indicating their readiness to further strain bilateral relations. We have warned them many times to avoid such actions," the Russian diplomat added. "I would like to use this opportunity to reiterate once again: God forbid Washington does something like that," Ryabkov went on to say. "In this case, we will immediately respond in kind.

Aug 15 11:07

Crimeans no longer have to pay their debts taken on at Ukrainian banks

The head of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, approved a bill that exempts the residents of the republic of Crimea from payments on loans taken from Ukrainian banks. Amendments to the legislation give the Crimean parliament the right to write off the debts of citizens.

Aug 15 11:04

Malorossia and Novorossia need to return to Russia - Putin's Adviser

The historical lands of Malorossia and Novorossia need to be returned to Russia, otherwise these territories, occupied by pro-American puppets, will constantly threaten Russia's security. This was stated by Putin's adviser Sergei Glazyev. "The people never recognized in any form the current Ukrainian Nazism. Thanks to the wise decision of our president, the Crimea returned bloodlessly, legitimately, with triumph. But, unfortunately, we could not do justice to the rest of the Russian world... I want to say that until we return Little Russia and Novorossia to Russia, we will live with this decaying wound - the captured part of the Russian world where millions of people are trained in anti-Russian hysteria. We will always be under the threat of security and escalation of this hybrid war on the front that is most vulnerable to us," he said during the international patriotic camp-forum Donuzlav-2017. "Today Ukraine is an occupied territory.

Aug 15 11:02

The US has become "utterly shameless" building Naval base in Ukraine - Russian Admiral

The construction of the command center by the US in Ochakov near Odessa is evidence that the US has become "utterly shameless." The next step in Washington may be the transfer of old American warships to the Ukrainian Navy. This was stated by the former Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Russia's Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov. "By and large, I do not see danger per se. Moreover, the Black Sea Fleet is now receiving new modern weapons: submarines, surface ships, new types of missiles. I think that the Americans will not match it in this part of the world, but, in my opinion, they have become utterly shameless in their endeavours. They're jumping out of their own skin in order to reach Russia's zone of responsibility..." said Komoedov. The Admiral did not rule out that the US will give warships to Ukraine as they formerly did to the Baltic states. "I think that something old will be given. They have already trained many soldiers. Some kind of personnel potential has been created.

Aug 15 10:49

FSB detains 4 ISIS militants planning attacks on Moscow [Video]

In recent months, this is the second such special operation in the Moscow region: in May, the FSB reported on the detention of four militants, also citizens of Russia and the states of Central Asia, who were preparing explosions at transport facilities. In both cases, the terrorist attacks were prepared with the participation of the leaders of the Islamic State, who are in Syria... The FSB published an operative video recording of the detention of alleged Islamic state militants who were preparing terrorist attacks in transport and in shopping malls in Moscow. The footage shows, in particular, how the operatives conduct an analysis of the explosives seized from the detainees. "We took samples." According to the samples... this is a tri-peroxide of acetone, a very dangerous initiating explosive," the employee explained.

Aug 15 10:47

Ukrainian terrorist attack stymied in Crimea

FSB agents seized two TNT bombs, a grenade, a telephone, a saw, and a camera from the detained Ukrainian saboteur, Gennady Limeshko, as well as documents: a Ukrainian passport and a migration card showing the saboteur entered Russia on August 9, 2017. During interrogations on August 12 Limesko said "I received five thousand hryvnias for the assignment," after the attempted attack was stymied by the FSB officers. The Investigation Department of the FSB Agency for the Crimea and Sevastopol has filed a criminal case. The Kiev regional court of Simferopol has put the saboteur in custody for two months. We recall that today the FSB prevented a series of attacks prepared by Ukraine in the Crimea. According to the DSC of the Russian Federal Security Service, an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine, Gennady Limeshko, was detained. Yesterday, Crimean border guards detained and handed over to police officers two Ukrainian citizens who were declared on federal wanted list in Russia.

Aug 15 10:45

Saboteurs are being trained by CIA to be sent to Crimea and Donbass

Saboteurs are being trained in Ukraine by CIA instructors to be sent to the Crimea and the Donbass Republics. There's a real 'pipeline' of talent at work - one group is sent after the next group. The process can stop only after the change of the Ukrainian Nazi ruling regime - ex-Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev told "PolitNavigator". "As long as this power exists in Ukraine, it will pose a threat to Russia, to Russian citizens and will in every possible way provoke a war. If they are afraid to go to open military actions, they will do terrorist acts. And, proceeding from the fact that the entire branch of work with Russia, the Crimea, the People's Republic of Lugansk and the People's Republic of Donetsk is supervised by the guys who work directly for the CIA, it will be so. The mechanism is running, and they will send in group after group. The groups are of 6-8 people. Many of them were trained in the United States.

Aug 15 09:16

What's Behind N Korea Summoning Envoys to UN, Russia, China

The meeting of key North Korean ambassadors in Pyongyang could help temporarily defuse the increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula, according to political analyst Dmitry Mosyakov.

Aug 15 08:44


United States Naval Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees (C.B. – construction battalion), of the Naval Construction Force held a groundbreaking ceremony for a maritime operations center on Ochakov Naval Base, Ukraine, July 25. According to the, the official website of the US Navy, the maritime operations center is one of three projects that are currently planned to be executed by the Seabees in Ochakov and will serve as a major planning and operational hub during future military exercises hosted by Ukraine. The Seabees arrived in Ochakov in April to establish contracts, obtain construction permits and perform other logistical tasks for the maritime operations center project.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now, the US military has boots on the ground, permanently, in Ukraine.

IF those in the bowels of power in DC actually wanted better relations with Russia, they would not be permanently installing a naval base at Ochakov.

Aug 15 07:26

Russian bank disconnected from SWIFT

Russia's Tepmbank has been cut off from international system for the exchange of financial data (SWIFT). The bank has been disconnected from SWIFT after the management of the credit organisation fell under US sanctions. Tempbank opened correspondent accounts for the Iranian central bank and a number of large banks of the country after economic restrictions were lifted from Iran. Immediately after that, the chairman of the board of the Russian bank received a warning letter from human rights organization Associations Against Iran's Nuclear Program. In the letter, the bank was recommended to refrain from cooperating with Iranian and Syrian companies. Earlier, the same organization threatened the Tempbank management with personal sanctions for its "friendship" with Iran and Syria. Many Russian experts believe that the Russian financial system will be able to successfully overcome possible disconnection from SWIFT owing to the new Russian payment system SPFS created within the BRICS.

Aug 14 14:31

Kiev in immediate denial of reports that N. Korea used Ukrainian engines for missile 'success'

Western experts have suggested that Pyongyang's "astounding progress" with its missile program might be directly linked to an illegal acquisition of engines produced by a Ukrainian factory. Kiev appeared to be extremely infuriated with the reports, with top officials and agencies releasing official disclaimers.

"No other country has transitioned from a medium-range capability to an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] in such a short time. What explains this rapid progression? The answer is simple. North Korea has acquired a high-performance liquid-propellant engine (LPE) from a foreign source," a report published by a London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Monday, claimed.

Aug 14 12:06

CIA Head Says ‘Iran, Hezbollah & Russians’ Involved In Venezuela, Pose ‘Risk’ To US

CIA Director Mike Pompeo claimed Venezuela is overrun with Iranians, Hezbollah, Cubans and Russians in response to questions about Donald Trump’s statements about US military intervention.

Pompeo appeared on Fox News Sunday where he responded to comments made by President Donald Trump on Friday, in which he said there was “a possible military option” for Venezuela.

Aug 14 11:42

Is Trump Spear-Heading a Bluff on North Korea?

If you want to radically change the dynamic then you have to apply extreme pressure. I feel this is what Trump and his advisors are doing. They are appearing to “have the strength to force the moment to its crisis” to quote T.S. Eliot.

And that strength or purpose is creating large movements. Trump is a bully. It’s what he does, at least publicly. The response so far from China has been to denounce the idea of regime change in Pyongyang.

The response from Russia, through Foreign Minister (and top diplomat in the world right now), Sergei Lavrov was to announce a deal brokered between it, North Korea and China to get what Trump wants; no potential for nukes in North Korea.

"Russia together with China developed a plan which proposes 'double freezing': Kim Jong-un should freeze nuclear tests and stop launching any types of ballistic missiles, while US and South Korea should freeze large-scale drills which are used as a pretext for the North’s tests."

Aug 14 11:08

US Officials See Arming Ukraine as Chance to ‘Pressure’ Russia

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump was adamantly opposed to the idea of arming Ukraine, seeing it as contrary to a potential diplomatic rapprochement with Russia. As with a lot of candidate Trump’s positions, President Trump’s position seems to be shifting.

The possibility of arming Ukraine is now the topic of intense debate within the cabinet, with proponents arguing that such arms would be a great way to increasing the pressure on Russia after a flurry of anti-Russia sanctions.

Such a move is potentially risky, because Ukraine is in the midst of a shaky ceasefire with eastern rebels, a ceasefire the US hasn’t publicly endorsed. The armament of one side could be seen as overtly trying to undermine the ceasefire, and encouraging Ukraine to attack the rebels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To those in the Bowels of Power in DC, I am politely informing you that doing this would be a very bad idea for the Ukrainian people.

The corruption seen in the "appointment" of Poroshenko by the West in 2014, has not abated, but become far worse, in the three years since it happened.

In Ukraine, Guns Prevail Over Law—And Treason Is Everywhere

Junker says corruption is undermining Ukraine's progress

Ukraine tops corruption list

Also, what kinds of weapons is DC thinking about sending/selling to Ukraine?!?

As reported at

" The last time the United States considered arming Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons — about three years ago — the proposal was ultimately dropped over concern for Russia’s reaction. But amid a flash in tension between Moscow and Washington, the U.S. Defense Department is back at it.

According to a Monday report in The Wall Street Journal, the Joint Chiefs of Staff — with the support of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker — has drawn up a proposal to deliver anti-tank weapons (some have speculated this includes advanced Javelin missile systems) and anti-aircraft missiles to Kiev’s military."

And how can the US government be assured that these weapons actually go into the hands of the Ukrainian military, rather than be sold off on the black market, to various factions, as happened with Ukrainian black market rocket engines winding up on North Korean missiles?!?

North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

Now, let me get this straight; theoretically, Ukraine is supposed to be an ally of the United States, yet... this was still allowed to happen?!?

The US has troops embedded with the Ukrainian military as "advisors" , through a group multinational training group, and will be there until 2020.

US special forces are in 70% of the world's countries, including Ukraine.

At this moment in time, arming the Ukrainian military will send the absolutely wrong signal to Moscow, that the US is itching for a fight against it, and Ukraine seems to be a reasonable place from which to start that war; unless that is the real calculus driving the decision to arm Ukraine.

Aug 14 10:05

Russia unveils new fleet of 'invisible' supersonic fighter jets - and boasts that they will be the envy of air forces around the world

Russia has unveiled its new fleet of 'invisible' supersonic fighter jets, boasting that they are already the envy of air forces around the world.

The £120million Sukhoi-57, which will have a top speed of 1,615 mph, is said to rival America's F-22 and China's Chengdu J-20,

Aug 14 09:51


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has sent a series of highly apposite Tweets regarding the recent right wing versus left wing protests in Charlottesville that have resulting in one death and multiple injuries.

In the above Tweet, Assange has juxtaposed a neo-Nazi torch march in Kiev with the far-right torch march in Charlottesville. Apart from the torches, it is clear that the Ukrainian fascists were far more equipped for violence as they were wearing bullet-proof combat gear and facial coverings.

Apart from this, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis got scant political coverage in the western media in spite of the fact that their actions included overthrowing a legitimate government as recognised by the United Nations and the installation of a fascist regime which continues to wage a war of aggression on the peoples of Donbass. This war has included the use of chemical weapons on civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There was an absolute aura of "cool" around Obama, which made it "double plus ungood" to criticise the negative actions President Obama took, even when they were hurting democracy around the world, like the overthrow of Yanukovych in Ukraine; the arming and enabling of the Saudis against Yemen; and the selling of arms to Bahrain, when peaceful protestors would be tortured to extract "confessions" from them, have them tried by a kangaroo court, and jailed for a long over nothing they had actually done.

Aug 14 09:31


When the US State Department supported Ukraine domestic forces and nationalist elements to stage a successful and deadly coup against then pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, the outcome was supposed to be a nation that is a undisputed US ally and persistent threat, distraction and non-NATO opponent to bordering Russia. Instead, it now appears that it has been Ukraine which was, as the NYT writes, the secret behind the success of North Korea's ballistic missile program.
Specifically, in a blockbuster report this morning, the NYT alleges that North Korea has been making black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines from a Ukrainian factory citing "expert analysis being published Monday and classified assessments by American intelligence agencies."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF in fact true...holy cow!!

I love the smell of irony in the morning!!

Aug 14 07:26

Russia to Boost Iraqi Army Potential With Upcoming Supplies of T-90 Battle Tanks

In late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Vice President Nouri Maliki discussed the issue of supplying Russian T-90 tanks to Iraq.

"The deliveries of T-90 tanks to Iraq will begin soon in accordance with the previously signed contract. Negotiations on other sectors of defense industry cooperation are underway," Maksimov said.

Aug 14 07:26

Russia Offers Helping Hand to Iraq in Restoration of Energy Supply to Mosul

Russia is ready to help the Iraqi authorities restore energy supply to the Iraqi city of Mosul, which has recently been liberated from Daesh terrorist group, Russian Ambassador to Iraq Maksim Maksimov told Sputnik in an interview.

Aug 14 00:25

Ukrainian military more than 20 times violate ceasefire in Donetsk Republic

Ukraine’s Armed Forces over the past 24 hours 23 times opened fire on territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the republic’s command said on Sunday. "Under fire were districts in 13 settlements," the Donetsk News Agency quoted the command’s representative. On June 21, Martin Sajdik, the special envoy of the OSCE chairman-in-office said ‘peace and quiet order’ would cover the entire harvesting season from June 24 through to August 31 and therefore the parties to the Minsk talks decided to call it a ‘bread ceasefire’.
JCCC observation post in DPR’s south comes under shelling by Ukrainian troops - agency: "At 17:30 local time, the village of Bezymennoye in the south of the DPR came under shelling by Ukrainian troops. A 82mm mine was reported to explode some 200 meters from the JCCC observation post," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying.

Aug 14 00:05

From household waste to drowned ships: Big cleaning effort in the Arctic

Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources has offered a roadmap of a major cleaning in the Arctic, which is planned for 2017-2019. The targets include cleaning of vessel burial along the Kola Bay, the former storages in the Murmansk region and at the Kula gold-extracting factory, the scrap yard in Tiksi (Yakutia), the oil pollution and the waste gained at the Franz-Josef Land in the Arkhangelsk region, as well as the open dump in Naryan-Mar. TASS writes about who clears what in the Arctic, about problems there and about the local specifics... "In 2010, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made a working trip to Franz Josef Land, after which he ordered organizing a big "cleaning" in the Arctic," Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov said. "This year, the president has inspected how the work continues. The result is impressive: from Franz Josef Land and from Novaya Zemlya more than 40,000 tonnes have been removed, and the technical soil recovery has been made at 270 hectares"...

Aug 13 23:50

Russian FM explains Russia's actions in the war of sanctions

Speaking at "Territory of Meanings" forum, Sergei Lavrov said that some of Western elites would like to see Russia weak. To achieve this goal, the "war of sanctions" was started to force Russia make concessions to the detriment of its interests. "We will not do anything to the detriment of our own interests, and everyone knows that," Lavrov said. At the same time, he noted, international relations have already reached a turning point. The era, in which the West was playing the dominating role for several centuries, is going down in history, and the world may already see the emergence of what is called the polycentric world order. Along with Western countries that were pioneers of the development of the world, new centers of economic growth and financial power emerge.

Aug 12 17:23

Russia-Gate’s Fatally Flawed Logic

There was always a logical flaw in pushing Russia-gate as an excuse for Hillary Clinton’s defeat – besides the fact that it was based on a dubious “assessment” by a small team of “hand-picked” U.S. intelligence analysts. The flaw was that it poked the thin-skinned Donald Trump over one of his few inclinations toward diplomacy.

Aug 12 09:23

Murakhovsky: New US base notwithstanding, the Black Sea can no longer be turned into a NATO Lake

In late July, the construction of the Operations Center for a US military base on the Ukrainian coast. The base will be located in Ochakov in the Mykolayiv region. This is one of three construction projects carried out by the 1st mobile construction battalion of the US Navy in the Ukrainian Navy Ochakovo Base, where the 5th surface ship brigade of the Ukrainian Navy now officially is based. Earlier it was reported that the US is also going to supply Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine for about $ 50 million.

Pravda asked Victor Murakhovsky to comment on the situation. He is editor-in-chief of the journal Arsenal of the Fatherland, a member of the expert council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, and a reserve colonel.

Aug 12 09:14

Ditching the dollar: Russia's long-term response to Washington

Russia will respond to new US sanctions with the help of an unexpected decision: Moscow intends to reduce dependence on the dollar and American payment systems.

New US sanctions against Russia have become the largest since early 2014. The law, signed by US President Donald Trump, hits the energy sector, which is extremely important for the Russian economy. In addition, the document provides for the possibility of imposing sanctions on the state debt of the Russian Federation in six months, and this would be a serious blow to the country's economy.

Therefore, a response to sanctions is necessary, and we should not talk about expanding the food embargo.

Aug 12 08:29

Video: Relatives Recognize Russian Children Stranded In Iraqi Orphanage After RT Coverage

People claiming to be relatives of the children shown in RT coverage from an Iraqi orphanage have contacted the news outlet after the video was aired and published online.

Aug 11 17:42

Is North Korea Showing the Emperor is Naked?

Amid the thick fog of (rhetorical) war between Washington and Pyongyang, it’s still possible to detect some fascinating writing on the (unbuilt) wall.

A case can be made that President Trump is using North Korea to kick the 24/7 Russia-gate narrative out of the US news cycle. It's certainly working. After all, in Exceptionalistan weltanschauung, the prospect of war and its possible rewards certainly trumps hazy accusations of Russian hacking and election interference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, what Escobar is saying is true, this could potentially destroy the entire structure of the US international security relations horrifically quickly.

Aug 11 16:26

Cold War files show CIA support for guerrilla warfare inside USSR

Recently declassified documents from the archive of the Central Intelligence Agency detail financial and material support given by the United States to groups of armed guerrillas in Soviet Latvia in the 1950s. The documents, initially marked ‘Top Secret’ but now declassified, show that the CIA was aware and supported the activities of an anti-Soviet guerrilla army known as ‘the Forest Brothers’.

Aug 11 14:57

New Cracks In Russia-Gate Foundation

The Russia-gate groupthink always rested on a fragile foundation of dubious analysis and biased guesswork, but now has been shaken by new forensic studies of the purported “hack,” as Patrick Lawrence reported at The Nation.

Aug 11 11:47

Trump Thanks Putin For Kicking Out US Diplomats

US President Donald Trump has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for kicking out hundreds of American diplomats, because the United States is “trying to cut down [its] payroll.”

Aug 11 11:47

The American Anti-Russia Hysteria And Sanctions Bill

Recently, the US House of Representatives voted 419-3 and the US Senate voted 98-2 to lump North Korea, Iran, and Russia together in a massive, sweeping sanctions bill. Does it not strike anyone as strange that these quite different, hardly connected countries would be lumped together in one huge sanctions bill, and for no apparent or specific reason except that: “We don’t like you. We think you are evil. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves with great moral authority to punish you.”

Aug 11 11:44

Trump thanks Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 US diplomatic staff: 'We're going to save a lot of money'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay; that was the shark!

Aug 11 10:55

Lavrov: "There Is A Russian-Chinese Plan To Defuse Korea Crisis"

In a glimmer of hope that a military conclusion to the North Korean crisis may yet be averted, Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that "Russia does not accept a North Korea that possesses nuclear weapons", cautioned that there is an "overwhelming amount of over-the-top belligerent rhetoric on North Korea’s nuclear and rocket programs from Washington and Pyongyang", but most importantly said that there is a joint Russian-Chinese plan to defuse the North Korean crisis, according to which North Korea would freeze its missile tests, while the US and South Korea would stop large scale exercises.

"Russia together with China developed a plan which proposes 'double freezing': Kim Jong-un should freeze nuclear tests and stop launching any types of ballistic missiles, while US and South Korea should freeze large-scale drills which are used as a pretext for the North’s tests."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is completely logical; which is why the US government will most likely reject it out of hand.

Aug 11 10:47

Why Some U.S. Ex-Spies Don't Buy the Russia Story

In 2003, when a number of former intelligence professionals formed a group to protest the way intelligence was bent to accuse Iraq of producing weapons of mass destruction, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a sympathetic column quoting the group's members. In 2017, you won't read about this same group's latest campaign in the big U.S. newspapers.

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) have been investigating the now conventional wisdom that last year's leaks of Democratic National Committee files were the result of Russian hacks. What they found instead is evidence to the contrary.

Aug 11 09:11

Clashes Around Marawi as Philippines Continues Siege

A new round of fighting has erupted around the southern Philippines city of Marawi, as ongoing attempts to recapture the city from the ISIS rebels had led to what is basically an open-ended siege.

Fighting over Marawi began back in May, and has been ongoing since then, though not as heavily as it was early on. This latest fighting, according to officials, left at least nine Islamists killed, including one identified as Isnilon Hapilon, wanted by the FBI.

The Philippine military is claiming that the Islamists inside the city have been trying to dig a tunnel out under a major mosque as a way to get out of the battle zone. The military is acting in a fairly broad region around the city,so tunneling that far would be a real trick.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Timing, when it comes to geopolitical issues, and wars (including alleged "drug wars" are never accidental.

Did you note that ISIS didn't rear its ugly head in the Philippines until Duterte vowed to execute them all?!?

The brutal war on drugs in the Philippines (warning: very graphic images)

And then, suddenly, "like magic", ISIS appeared in the Philippines this last May, in an attempt to take Duterte out because of his stand on illegal drugs.
Did You Know ISIS is Now in The Philippines? Here’s What You Aren’t Being Told

And even though I think his approach is counterproductive in the extreme here, I have to ask myself, cui bono?!? Who benefits from Duterte's losing power?!?

Further on, in the article by

Regardless, this is where this story gets interesting. Duterte has claimed multiple times, including in his recent interview with RT, that the CIA would want to kill him for upsetting the current world power structure and cozying up to adversaries Russia and China. And yet, according to Duterte, even with full knowledge of this ISIS-linked insurgency, the U.S. decided to block an arms sale to the Pacific nation that would most likely be used to combat these militants. Why would they do that? Because of alleged human rights abuses, as was the official explanation? The U.S. just signed over $110 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, a rights-abusing, ISIS-sponsoring radical Islamic nation — and barely batted an eyelid in doing so. On one hand, it seems the U.S. could very well be playing a game of chess with Duterte, perhaps even going so far as facilitating the movement of militants that could put added pressure on his defiant government in order to ensure that America won’t lose its military bases in the country; using the potential ISIS threat as justification for their presence. At the same time, this refusal to sell Duterte arms will only push Duterte closer to Russia and China; he told Russia directly that he needs modern weaponry to combat these militants. Russia will likely have no problem filling the void. In fact, according to RT, Russia and the Philippines just signed a defense cooperation agreement following these recent developments. This is bad news for the U.S. military establishment, which will stop at nothing in order to put a wedge between Russia and the rest of the world. In tandem with the corporate media, the demonization of Duterte is already well under way. This should give you an idea of where this narrative is headed, as we have seen it all too often before with other former U.S. allies who came too close to America’s Cold War rival.

Aug 11 08:29

Moscow Urges Pyongyang Against Using Force Ahead of China Summit

Russia has urged North Korea to steer clear of using force and instead opt for “maximum restraint” as Pyongyang’s feud with neighbor South Korea simmers.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the plea, addressed to “all sides involved” in the conflict’s resolution, during a meeting with his North Korean counterpart in the Philippines Monday. Lavrov’s comments, paraphrased by Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, come as he confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss North Korea further with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a meeting next month.

China and Russia are North Korea’s only neighbors besides South Korea. Russia has so far not taken a hard stance on the dispute. Moscow’s strategy has largely reflected that of Beijing, unquestionably North Korea’s most important trading partner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Serge Lavrov: as you are aware, the BRICS summit runs from 31 August to 4 September of this year.

BRICS meeting schedule, 2017

Sir, you may well not have until 31 August to get these tensions ratcheted down, depending upon what Kim Jong Un and the American Deep State decide to do here.

This is 11 August, and the next two weeks will be critical to resolving this situation, before it breaks in to a shooting war between the US, North Korea, and potentially, China.

And I can guarantee you, Foreign Minister Lavrov, no thinking American I know wants this war.

Aug 11 07:56

'Putin's laughing at EU!' Ex army chief DESTROYS Brussels' dream for 'pointless' euro army

BRUSSELS’ dreams of creating its own army were today brutally dismissed by a former military chief who said Vladimir Putin will be laughing at the prospect of facing a euro force.

Aug 11 07:55

Wild boars make mockery of Ukrainian security wall

The Ukrainian "Wall" project, designed to protect Ukraine from "Russian aggression" has come under threat. Wild boars have already undermined and punctured the wall in several places. This was reported by the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti.

Vyacheslave Zadorenko, head of the Cossack village Lopan in the Kharkov region, told reporters that near the village there is an sample plot of the construction where politicians and media representatives are brought for demonstration.

"And if you walk a little in the direction of Zolochev - there is already no moat or fence: go, whoever wants to. Yes, and we have a grid in poor condition, in some places boars have broken and dug underneath," Zadorenko explained.

Aug 11 06:55

China will prevent US first strike against North Korean regime – govt daily

China just said NO!

China will prevent the US and South Korea from carrying out strikes on North Korea and trying to overthrow the leadership there, but will remain neutral if Pyongyang launches missiles at American targets first, the state-run Global Times said.

Beijing should make it clear that “if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral,” the Global Times wrote.

But if the US and its ally South Korea take on Pyongyang and try to “overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so,” the paper stressed.

Aug 10 13:21

Russia Reacts to White House Soap Opera With a Shrug

Russia is learning to live with Donald Trump. That is to say it's learning to ignore him, and the brouhaha around him. Reuters reports: The soap opera of White House personnel changes, intrigue and investigations has alarmed a part of the American public and shocked some foreign governments, yet Russian officials have found their own way of responding. With a shrug. Russia's elite celebrated when Donald Trump was elected president because it expected a thaw in relations, but expectations since then have plummeted so far that in Moscow, signs of dysfunction in the administration barely register. "Nobody pays any attention any more, or expects any improvements," said a person close to the Russian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss foreign policy issues.

Aug 10 12:26

US begins illegal deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine

Exclusive information has been obtained, confirming the contract between Ukrainian state-owned company Spetstehnoexport and the American company AirTronic USA, on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, the Control Shot reports referring to Veterans Today. This is a contract for the supply of 100 PSRL-1 launchers worth 554,575 US dollars. The date of the contract is November 11, 2016, the delivery date is April 8, 2017... In addition, AirTronic USA intends to develop new ammunition for installation. According to some sources, the launchers were delivered to the National Guard of Ukraine, including the Azov regiment. According to the source of the information, this delivery was so far the only instance of the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. However, the contract and delivery are clearly in violation of US law, since the US legal authorities have not yet approved the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Currently, Washington is still considering this option.

Aug 10 12:24

US Navy Starts Building "Maritime Operations Center" in Ukraine

The US Navy has launched construction of a maritime operations center in Ukraine which will serve as a “major planning and operation hub” during military exercises hosted by the country. “Seabees [US Naval Construction Battalions] held a groundbreaking ceremony for a maritime operations center on Ochakov Naval Base, Ukraine, July 25,” the US Navy said in a statement released on Monday. The Seabees have been in Ochakov since April to establish contracts, obtain construction permits, and perform other logistical tasks for the maritime operations center project, the Navy said. The maritime operations center is one of three projects that the Seabees will execute in Ochakov. “Beginning construction in Ukraine is a significant accomplishment,” Lt. j.g. (junior grade) Jason McGee, officer in charge of Det. Ukraine said.

Aug 10 11:56

West views Putin's visit to Abkhazia as a crime of lèse majesté

Saakashvilli, then President of Georgia (before becoming the former governor of Odessa expelled from Ukraine and stateless), launched a military operation against South Ossetia in August 2008, bombing cities and using artillery against the people. Russia then decided to intervene, ejected the Georgian army outside the borders of these territories. And Russia finally recognized the independence of the Ossetian and Abkhaz republics. The international community, for its part, accuses Russia of occupying these territories. Eventually came the war in Donbass. And the international community has evidently become accustomed to supporting the hangmen against the victims. In the event, they signed an agreement allowing the use of the Russian medical insurance system and access to the Russian medical institutions for the inhabitants of Abkhazia. All this has not been to the taste of the United States and their satellites...

Aug 10 11:54

How Congress ‘Learns’ About Russia

A congressman once admitted to me that he and his colleagues know a lot of things, generally speaking, but their knowledge only “extends about one inch deep.” In other words, the briefings provided by staffers and in committees is intended to touch only on what is important to know to look well informed in front of the C-SPAN cameras without any unnecessary depth that would only create confusion.

Aug 10 11:38

Ukraine’s GDP losses from blockade of Donbass reach 1.5%

Radicals from the so-called Ukrainian voluntary battalions supported by a number of lawmaker blocked traffic of coal-loaded trains from Donbass territories not controlled by Kiev on January 25. First, they explained the move by the necessity to stop contraband coming to Ukraine along with coal. Later on, they demanded all trade relations with the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) be severed. The blockade drove a number of Donbass companies to a halt, some are on the brink of closure...

Aug 10 11:36

Abkhazia slams Georgian officials for 'nervous' response to Putin’s visit

"Unlike US Vice President Michael Pence’s visit to Georgia, which took place against the backdrop of NATO’s joint military exercises in Georgia, which began last week and which pose a real threat to security and stability in the South Caucasus, the Russian president’s visit to Abkhazia was exclusively peaceful and productive creating additional guarantees for Abkhazia’s safe and steady development," the ministry stated. "The Republic of Abkhazia is an independent sovereign country, which builds relations with its partners on its own, despite all attempts by Georgia and its Western partners to deny the existing political realities in the South Caucasus remaining hostages of their own illusions and distorted ideas," the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry said. On August 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a working visit to Abkhazia and held talks with President Raul Khajimba. Putin’s visit coincided with the ninth anniversary of Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia.

Aug 10 11:27

Russian plane makes observation flight over CIA, Pentagon and White House

A Russian aerospace force plane on Wednesday performed an observation flight over central Washington and the suburbs of the US capital city, including Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Congress and the White House, CNN said later in the day citing two anonymous sources informed about this flight made under the Open Skies Treaty. A Russian Tu-154M plane flew over over the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland which is used to receive aircraft of foreign leavers arriving in the United States and organize flights of the US leader. After that, the Russian plane was to fly over Bedminster, New Jersey, where President Donald Trump is spending his vacations. And finally, the Tu-154M allegedly flew over the countryside residence of US leaders in Camp David, Maryland, near the Wright-Patterson air force base in Ohio and near the Mount Weather emergency operations center in Virginia.

Aug 10 11:24

Russia to sign military cooperation deal with Niger

Russia plans to sign a military cooperation deal with the Republic of Niger in West Africa, including interaction in the war on terror and measures to strengthen international security, according to a Russian government resolution published on the government’s legal information web portal on Thursday. Under the draft agreement, the sides will interact in the war on terror, exchange information on military and political issues and the issues of strengthening international security. Moscow and Niamey will also develop relations in the area of joint troop training, in the sphere of military education, military medicine and other fields. Russia and Niger intend to exchange the experience of peacekeeping missions and interaction in peacekeeping operations under the UN aegis.

Aug 10 11:12

Fourth Russian submarine arrives in Crimea to join Black Sea Fleet

A solemn ceremony was held in the city of Sevastopol, the Crimea, on Aug. 9 to celebrate the arrival of the Krasnodar diesel-electric submarine. The submarine has arrived to join the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, TASS reports. Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko told reporters that the arrival of the Krasnodar submarine - the fourth submarine in Sevastopol - completed the formation of the submarine group of the fleet. The Krasnodar set off for a mission to the Crimea four months ago. During this time, the submarine conducted two successful attacks on objects of the Islamic State terrorist organisation (banned in Russia)...

Aug 10 10:30

Russia Surveillance Aircraft Flies Over Washington Secure Airspace

A Russian surveillance aircraft has made a low altitude flight over the Pentagon, the Capitol and other US government buildings in Washington.

The Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-154 made its flight on Wednesday as part of the Treaty on Open Skies, which allows military aircraft from the US, Russia and 32 other nations to engage in aerial observation flights on each others’ territories, in a move which is aimed at promoting transparency.

Aug 10 08:40

UN War Crimes Prosecutor Quits Commission After Unable To Frame, Prosecute Assad – Blames Russia

An international war crimes prosecutor has resigned from her position on the U.N.’s Investigative Panel into human rights abuses in Syria over her frustration regarding the perceived impotence of the commission and the lack of ability to prosecute war criminals. Essentially, Carla Del Ponte is resigning because she and her panel have not been able to overcome Russian objections to framing Bashar al-Assad for crimes committed by America’s terrorists.

Aug 10 08:17

Urgent: US begins illegal deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine

Exclusive information has been obtained, confirming the contract between Ukrainian state-owned company Spetstehnoexport and the American company AirTronic USA, on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, the Control Shot reports referring to Veterans Today.

Aug 09 13:55

'Comrade in Arms': Russia is developing a freethinking war machine

Kalashnikov Concern - the largest arms manufacturer in Russia - has created a seven ton robot called ‘Soratnik’ that’s designed to help the country’s military battle terrorists at home and abroad. It has caterpillar tracks to traverse rugged terrain and thick armor to withstand artillery and grenade attacks. Looking like a small, unmanned tank, Soratnik can be equipped with a wide range of weapons from 7.62 mm cannons to 12.7 mm machine guns. Engineers also plan to deck the machine out with 30 mm jet fighter guns and anti-aircraft missiles. This robot can cooperate with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) flying over battlefields and operators controlling the robot from the safety of a bunker or secured area. Its software uses AI and Soratnik works in three different modes. The first is with an operator, who is able to control the metal beast from up to 10 km away. The second is semi-automatic mode, but information about this is being kept top secret.

Aug 09 13:39

Russia buys tons of gold in response to Western sanctions

Russia continues buying large quantities of gold. In July, Russia's Central Bank purchased 9.1 tons of gold. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, because of new US sanctions, Russia is forced to start developing a system, within which the dollar will not be needed. Pravda.Ru conducted an interview on the subject with Alexei Vyazovsky, analyst, vice-president of the Golden Mint House...

Aug 09 13:32

Ukraine concerned about call from Germany to develop relations with Crimea

Ukraine's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pavel Klimkin, expressed serious concerns and outrage about a call from Germany to develop relations with the Crimea. The initiative to develop relations with the Crimea came from the head of the Free Democratic Party of Germany, Christian Lindner. "We are very concerned that some politicians, such as the leader of the Free Democratic Party of Germany, Christian Lindner, are trying to ignore or even justify obvious violations of human rights," Klimkin stated. Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Remzi Ilyasov, said that the Crimea was a "forbidden fruit" for Ukrainians when commenting on appeals from a Ukrainian minister not to travel to Russia's Crimea. According to the Crimean politician, the Ukrainian authorities only kindle the desire of the Ukrainian people to spend their vacation in the Crimea. "Now is not the time, when one can show others where to go.

Aug 09 12:50

Is America Trying to Start a World War? This Is How It Would Happen

Last Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump signed new sanctions into law against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The legislation was supported so overwhelmingly in Congress that President Trump’s ability to veto the legislation was rendered completely ineffective.

Even anti-interventionist Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted in favor of the bill, once again proving that Republicans and Democrats always find common ground when it comes to beating the drums of war against sovereign nations who have taken very little unwarranted hostile action — if any — towards the United States.

But these are just sanctions, not acts of war, right? There’s nothing wrong with economically bullying other countries into submission over non-compliance with the current global order, right?

Not quite.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears to me that those in the bowels of power, in the Unhinged, Surveilled States of America, are looking for some war - any war - to happen ahead of the complete financial collapse this country is looking at experiencing, most likely, relatively soon.

Aug 09 09:39

Sanctions - Western elites grasp at the last straws of hegemony

The Transatlantic/North-Atlintic elites weren’t happy about Putin making those statements. You could tell it by the reactions the Western officials gave him. As such, NATO’s then- Secretary General Japan de Hoop Scheffer called Putin’s speech “disappointing”. US senator John McCain (who was a presidential candidate) said that “Moscow must understand that it cannot enjoy a genuine partnership with the West so long as its actions at home and abroad conflict so fundamentally with age core values of Euro-Atlantic democracies” (yeah, you’re not democratic if you think differently and if you don’t do what the US dictates you to do).

Aug 09 09:22

Never Forget: The Nukes N. Korea is Threatening to Use on America CAME FROM AMERICA

In fact, the only thing that makes North Korea a threat is their nuclear capability — made possible by the Clinton and Bush administrations.

These two administrations played key roles in helping the late Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards.
Former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of technology giant ABB when it won a deal to supply North Korea with two nuclear power plants.

According to the 2003 report from SWI, the Swiss-based ABB told swissinfo that Rumsfeld was involved with the company in early 2000, when it netted a $200 million (SFr270million) contract with Pyongyang.

The ABB contract was to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho, on North Korea’s east coast.

However, Rumsfeld was simply taking the baton from the Clinton administration, who, in 1994, agreed to begin replacing North Korea’s domestically built nuclear reactors with light water reactors.

Aug 09 08:56

Putin's prophecy comes true - Munich Speech 2007

The Munich Security Conference of 2007 is often pinpointed as the period in time, in which President Putin of Russia became the big, bad wolf in the eyes of Western elites and media. He delivered a bluntly unexpected speech on his perception of world affairs. Putin had predicted the unrestrained use of force in a unipolar world, where the hegemon remains unbalanced by other powers and acts entirely in their own self interest. Putin called for a multipolar word, based on principles of international law and mutual respect.

Moreover, he had warned of the divisions that America's imperialist foreign policy would create within its own society, precipitating a split of US national unity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And he was right!

Aug 09 06:03

Observers from over 60 countries attend International Army Games

Over 60 countries have sent their observers to the 2017 International Army Games, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Alexander Fomin said on Wednesday. "We have sent out invitations to all our foreign colleagues to take part in the Army International Games as observers. Over 60 countries have responded to our invitation, including America, Europe, and also our partners from CIS countries, the Middle East and Asia," he said. Some observers have expressed their desire to take part in the contests of the Army International Games as participants next year, the general said. "And some contestants from this year’s competitions are considering holding some contests of the Army Games on the territory of their countries". "Last year, teams from 18 countries participated in the competitions, whereas this year their number is already 28.

Aug 08 17:32

Trump on collision course with Germany over US bid to dominate energy market

Klaus Schaefer, CEO of German energy company Uniper, said "strategic economic interests" were behind Mr Trump's sanctions.

He predicted the United States will soon push its liquefied natural gas (LNG) into Europe in a bid to dominate the energy market.

Mr Schaefer said: "The core reason [for the sanctions] are strategic economic interests, meaning the targeted dominance of the US in energy markets.

"Uniper's readiness to finance the Nord Stream 2 project with other European partners arises from the conviction that this additional gas link makes economic sense and that our contribution to its financing will be profitable."

Aug 08 15:47

The Unsung Summit Of Putin And Trump

This week marks the 72nd anniversary of the criminal US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And as is the case each year, there is much discussion and lamenting over this atrocity, as there well should be. For the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary for victory; Japan had already sued for peace. It was the opening salvo, a brutal one, in the first Cold War in which the world was nearly incinerated during the Cuban missile crisis.

Aug 08 14:54

Ironic development: International investors interested in Russia more than before new sanctions

For the first time since the beginning of summer, international investors have invested more in the Russian stock market than taken from it, says the Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR). It is reported that for the last week of July, the net inflow of client funds into funds focused on Russia amounted to about $2 million, whereas in the previous seven weeks investors have withdrawn almost $700 million from Russia. Thus, last week was the first since June, when international investors invested more money in Russia than they took out...

Aug 08 14:44

Leading the free market? Cartels outlawed in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to tighten criminal and administrative responsibility for the creation of cartels and to form a coordination body between departments to combat them. Putin approved a list of instructions on the implementation of priority measures aimed at identifying and suppressing the activities of cartels. The president instructed the government to introduce a corresponding bill to the State Duma. Until October 1, the Cabinet should take measures to "improve the interaction" of antimonopoly bodies with interested agencies and companies. This is necessary for a more prompt response to violations of Russian law when concluding anticompetitive agreements.

Aug 08 13:52

Putin visits Abkhazia without seeking Georgia's consent, NATO not happy

Georgia on the night of August 8, 2008, fired from the South rocket launcher "Grad"at South Ossetia, when Georgian troops attacked the republic and destroyed part of its capital Tskhinvali. Russia, defending the inhabitants of South Ossetia, many of whom took Russian citizenship, sent troops into the republic and after five days of fighting pushed out the Georgian military.

After the "five-day war" in August 2008, Russia recognized the sovereignty of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, formerly part of Georgia. Russian leaders have repeatedly stated that this decision is not subject to revision. In response, Tbilisi severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

Aug 08 12:50

Kissinger Fears ISIS Defeat Will Lead To “Iranian Radical Empire;” Russia Rejecting Atlanticist World Order

By Brandon Turbeville

Henry Kissinger has never been one to mince words when it comes to his desire to engage in genocide, the destruction of entire civilizations, or the imposition of Atlanticist world hegemony. In a recent address given to the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security and subsequently published online in an expanded version, Kissinger lived up to his reputation for stating openly a desire to move ahead with disastrous geopolitical policies...

Aug 08 12:37

New leaked phone call drops TRUTH BOMB on Russiagate; and look who gets blamed for starting it all

Liberals across the nation and Democrats on Capitol Hill have been so desiring the Trump/Russian election tampering story to be real that they have actually lost the capability to factor and quickly are losing what shreds of credibility they may have once had.

Aug 08 10:13

Why Germans NEED Brexit Britain: USA could bring Germany to its knees over Russia

GERMANY fears its economy could take a battering if Donald Trump presses ahead with plans to slap new sanctions on Russia - potentially further pressing the need for Berlin to force through a good Brexit deal.

Aug 08 10:12

'Significant Accomplishment': US Starts Building Major Naval Facility in Ukraine

The US Navy has kicked off the construction of a major maritime operations center in Ukraine, which will serve as a major planning and operation hub during future military drills hosted by the country.

Aug 08 10:09

Bullhorns: Targeting RT

The war against freedom of speech continues and you guessed it - RT is being targeted again.

Aug 08 08:02

Leave Us Out of It: EU Commission Refuses to Get Involved in US-Russia Spat

The European Union considers the diplomatic dispute between Moscow and Washington a "bilateral" one and is giving the fracas a wide berth, an EU Commission spokesperson has said. While not a direct condemnation of US actions, the bloc is clearly keeping its distance, and may not be dancing to the US' tune as enthusiastically as it once did.

Aug 08 04:13

Russia ready for the USA to pull our from International NucleaR Force Treaty

Russia is ready for the US to pull out from the treaty on the elimination of small and medium-range missiles. At the same time, Russia does not intend to get involved in the arms race with the USA. Russia still hopes that Washington will not take such a "short-sighted step." At the same time, Russia and the United States have reciprocal claims to each other about the non-fulfillment of the INF Treaty (International Nuclear Force Treaty). The USA is likely to pull out from the treaty, and Russia will respond asymmetrically to thus reaffirm that Russia has a sufficient defense potential to resist provocations. In February of this year, The New York Times published an article stating that Russia secretly deployed new cruise missiles in violation of the INF Treaty.

Aug 08 03:57

Russia’s Defense Ministry to show trophy weapons seized from terrorists in Syria

The Army-2017 forum will be held on August 22-27 on the territory of the Patriot congress and exhibition center, the Alabino practice range and the Kubinka airfield, and also in all the Russian military districts and in the Northern Fleet. "The main events of the upcoming forum include the display of an exposition in the Patriot Park devoted to the activity of the Russian military contingent in the Syrian Arab Republic, and an exposition of trophy weapons seized from international terrorist groupings in Syria," Mironov said at a briefing with foreign military attaches accredited in Moscow. Also, the second Drone Biathlon Championship is planned to be held as part of the forum. Over 1,200 enterprises and organizations have confirmed their intention to participate in the forum, the Defense Ministry official said. "Over 18,750 exhibits will be on display. National expositions will be demonstrated by Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Slovakia and South Africa," he added.

Aug 07 12:50

US Plans ‘Global’ Drills To Counter Russia & Other ‘Complex Threats’ – Top US Military Official

The US military is shifting towards a “more global” exercise program in preparation to deter what they term a “more assertive Russia” as well as countering other complex threats, a senior officer commanding the US forces in Europe has said.

Aug 07 11:52

Video: ‘The Simplest Things’: Ex-Russian Ambassador Kislyak Opens Up On What He Discussed With Flynn

Now-retired Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak said that the main topic of his conversation with former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was counter-terrorism. The talks were transparent and never touched upon sanctions, he added.

Aug 07 11:50

Why China and Russia Agreed to Tough New Sanctions on North Korea

On Saturday, Security Council members imposed sanctions on North Korea for the seventh time since its first 2006 nuclear test.

New ones aim to deprive Pyongyang of around one-third of its export revenues, cutting them by about $1 billion.

They ban DPRK exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore, and seafood. They prohibit all new joint ventures, ban new investments in current ones, and prohibit sending more workers abroad for jobs.

They tighten restrictions on technology to prevent Pyongyang from acquiring military related items. North Korean vessels caught violating SC resolutions will be banned from entering foreign ports.

Imposing sanctions is one thing, enforcing them another. North Korea is adept at exploiting loopholes in restrictions and minimizing them other ways.

Most important, China wants Pyongyang’s economy kept from imploding. It accounts for around 90% of its exports. It’s the DPRK’s key ally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These sanctions may well have slowed down the US rush to war against North Korea; but ultimately, these sanctions may not stop it from using war against North Korea to achieve the outcome it wants, which, in spite of what Rex Tillerson has stated publicly, is regime change in the North.

That, would - of course - most likely to cause China to enter into the hostilities on North Korea's side.

But the biggest thing with which the UN Security Council has to contend is not Kim Jung Un's threats; it is what he is actually willing to do, militarily, to confront these sanctions, or whether he will, begrudgingly, enter into negotiations with the US, China, and Japan.

I frankly do not hold out a lot of hope for the latter.

Aug 07 11:07

U.S. Sanctions Bill Adds More Targets To The List; U.S. Set To Sanction Itself Into Isolation

By Brandon Turbeville

With the new U.S. sanctions bill having been passed by a united Congress and signed by a President allegedly opposed to it, U.S. sanctions are now all over the news. But the sanctions bill was not just a step toward a second Cold War with Russia, the bill was also aimed at North Korea, Iran, China, and even Europe. In his excellent study of the bill, “U.S. Sanctions: A ‘Loony Tunes’ Bad Remake; ‘Irreversible Decline Of The U.S. As A Global Superpower,” F. William Engdahl described the legislation as being a “nuclear barrel bomb with sanctions flying in all directions.” Sadly, Engdahl is right...

Aug 07 10:50

German techno band faces charges for Crimea concert: Ukraine envoy

German techno band Scooter faces significant legal consequences for performing at a festival in the Crimea region of Ukraine that was annexed by Russia in 2014, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany said an interview published Saturday.

Andrij Melnyk, Ukraine's envoy to Germany, told the Funke Mediengruppe newspaper chain that the band's decision to enter the Crimea region "illegally" on Thursday was "not only a scandal, but also a crime with serious legal consequences."

Melnyk said Ukrainian prosecutors had already begun legal proceedings against the band.

"This isn't some minor infraction, but a serious crime that will be punished," he told the newspaper group.

The band was due to appear at the ZBFest rock festival in Balaklava on Friday.

Scooter front man H.P. Baxxter told German media last month the band was going to Crimea to perform music, not engage in politics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Andrij Melnyk, a word (or two), please.

First, let us politely strip away your completely idiotic, lying pretext that Russia allegedly "annexed" Ukraine.

Ukraine was regime changed by US/IMF/Soros agents in 2014, when the non-Eurocentric, duly elected Yanukovich got thrown under a bus, and Poroshenko got "anointed" as Ukraine's president, in an election more crooked than is a dog's hind leg.

President Obama publicly admitted to US culpability in this process:

Obama admits that the US brokered a deal in support of regime change in Ukraine

It's not Russia that's pushed Ukraine to the brink of war

Also, unless you have a really lousy case of SMD (Selective Memory Disorder), you will recall the reality about Victoria Nuland's nearly bragging about having spent 5 billion dollars to create regime change in Kiev in a presentation:

Victoria Nuland's Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to "Subvert Ukraine"

Those, sir, are the realities of the situation; there was no annexation of Crimea by Russia; the Crimeans held a referendum of their people ( an exercise in peaceful self-determination, which as a signatory to the UN Charter, Ukraine defends, right?!?) as to whether Crimeans wanted to stay with Ukraine, post-coup, or petition the Russian Federation to join it. In an overwhelming majority vote, the Crimeans voted to petition the Russian Federation to become a member, and the Russian Federation accepted their petition.

Now, as to these German nationals performing in Crimea; if, in fact, they are German citizens, the law of Ukraine holds absolutely no sway in Germany, so there is utterly no legal foundation for a prosecution against them.

IF Germany decides to prosecute them, due to their going along with the "US Party Line" which supports the lie of Russian annexation, that is well within Germany's purview.

Now I am no fan of techno pop; but as a sister musician operating in a profoundly different musical paradigm (I'm a published Christian fine arts composer), art needs to be free, and be performed wherever there is welcomed, and not politicized.

Sir, in pursuing this lawsuit, you are appearing to the world, to be behaving as the nether end of a jaysap, and I would strongly encourage you to drop this lawsuit, and right now, for the sake or your and Ukraine's international reputation.

Aug 07 10:40

How Trump threw peace, prosperity under AIPAC bus

Two days ago, a close colleague of mine was on the line from Greenwich, Connecticut to discuss my upcoming book when the conversation turned to these new Russia sanctions. My colleague related a story from Capital Hill and an insider who explained the vote on the sanctions law. The gist of this insider's revelation was that the overwhelming "yes vote" in Congress indicated one powerful player behind the curtain - America's pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.

Aug 07 10:20

US Firms 'Will Shamelessly Occupy New Niche' in Russian Market Amid EU Sanctions

US companies are likely to take advantage of the EU's decision to introduce anti-Russian sanctions over the Siemens scandal, political expert Alexei Mukhin argued. According to him, Siemens could easily be replaced by American companies, "which will shamelessly occupy the new niche" in the Russian market.

Aug 07 09:51

US to Respond to Russia's Move to Reduce US Diplomatic Mission by September 1

Talking to reporters after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) and Related Meetings, which is currently underway in Manila, Tillerson said that he had informed his Russian counterpart about it, according to the Associated Press.
Tillerson, however, did not specified regarding the US retaliatory measures.

According to Tillerson, the White House wants to continue cooperating with Russia and not to cut off ties due to the existing contradictions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid sanctions that Congress placed against Russia, North Korea, and Iran, may well have far worse consequences than imagined.

It has already brought North Korea and Iran closer together.

Iran ditched the dollar earlier this year.

Iran ditches US dollar as a medium of exchange

China and Russia ditched the dollar earlier this year.

Russia and China bypass US Dollar

What happens when the rest of the world follows this trend, and the US, even with all of its military might, is unable to stop this?!?

Aug 07 08:28

Russia vows move to cut reliance on dollar

Russia will speed up work on reducing its dependence on US payment systems and the dollar as a settling currency in response to US sanctions, RIA new agency cited Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying on Monday.

Aug 07 08:25


The number of employed Americans hit a record high of 153,513,000 in July, according to the latest numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 345,000 more Americans who gained employment over the month, and more individuals joined the labor force as well.

Aug 07 08:15

North Korea can show it’s ready for negotiations by stopping missile launches, Tillerson says

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday that North Korea could show it is ready for negotiations by stopping missile launches, and said he told Russian diplomats that the Kremlin’s meddling in U.S. elections had created “serious mistrust” of them among Americans.

Aug 07 08:11

Iran and Russia to enhance military ties after new US sanctions

In light of new US sanctions on Iran and Russia, the two countries have vowed to enhance their already-deep military cooperation, according to state-run media of both countries.

In July, American lawmakers passed a bill placing sanctions on Russia for the country’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election, while also extending those placed on the country for its 2016 invasion and annexation of Crimea. In response, Russia announced its expulsion of more than 700 US embassy employees.

Sanctions on Iran are meant to punish the country for its continued testing and development of ballistic missiles. Iran has lashed out at the US, saying the sanctions are an affront to the landmark nuclear deal reached two years ago, which the Iranians say they are abiding by.

Aug 07 08:11

Sen. Tom Cotton: Vladimir Putin causing US-Russia relations to tank

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has driven relations between the two countries to a low not seen in many years.

"Russia remains an adversary to the United States. We have some overlapping interests. It would be better if our relationship was better," he told "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson on CBS. "But our relationship is not good right now because of Vladimir Putin," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

'Scuse me, but who is sanctioning whom right now?

Aug 07 07:29

Russia to reduce reliance on US dollar & payment systems in response to sanctions

The blackmailed dummies in the US Congress just shot the USA in the ass!

The Russian government will intensify efforts to cut the country’s dependence on US payment systems and the dollar as a settling currency, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on Monday, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Aug 06 16:28

Lavrov details Russia’s response to US sanctions in meeting with Tillerson

“Lavrov pointed out that the US law on sanctions against Russia has become another link in the chain of steps unfriendly and dangerous for international stability, striking a powerful blow to the prospects for bilateral cooperation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, published on its website on Sunday.

“Naturally, such actions, including the illegal retention of our diplomatic property since December of last year, could not remain unanswered, and won’t be in the future. At the same time, we are ready to normalize our dialogue if Washington pulls back from confrontation,” the statement reads.

Aug 06 13:33

Lavrov explains to Tillerson Russian counter-measures to US sanctions

"We had a lengthy meeting with Rex Tilleson," Lavrov said after a talk with the US Secretary of State on the sidelines of ASEAN events. "He wanted to know, first of all, and he started with this, the details of those decisions, which we had had to take in response to the law on anti-Russian sanctions adopted in the US Congress. We gave these explanations. Naturally, such actions [the US sanctions], including the illegal seizure of our diplomatic property since December last year, could not be left unanswered. This will be in this way from now on. At the same time, we are ready to normalize the dialogue, if Washington gives up the confrontational line," the ministry said.

Aug 06 13:22

Ukrainian Authorities Demand 8 Years of Imprisonment for German Musicians due to Performing in Crimea

The Ukrainian Prosecutor's office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (currently based in Kiev) has begun a criminal proceeding against the German techno band Scooter, due to its appearance at the musical event in Crimea, a territory which now belongs to Russia. The German musicians are now threatened with eight years of imprisonment for “violating” regulations for foreigners. The authorities in Ukraine even went as far as to contact the competent authorities in Germany in order to obtain international legal aid and eventually interrogate the band members. The German band Scooter made its appearance on Friday, in scope of the musical festival known as ZBFest, and which took place in Balaklava. Scooter’s frontman HP Baxxter has already promised that the band will return to Crimea.

Aug 06 13:19

Moldavan president, Russian deputy PM discuss bilateral relations, Transnistrian issue in Iran

The Moldavan president told TASS by phone: "We discussed the measures that need to be taken to prevent any further deterioration in bilateral relations following the recent decision made by the [Moldavan] government [to declare Rogozin persona non grata - TASS], as well as the situation surrounding Transnistria. I asked our Russian counterparts to refrain from taking retaliatory steps and imposing sanctions which could damage the interests of companies and ordinary citizens. I would like to stress that I intend to continue cooperating with Dmitry Olegovich [Rogozin], who is the Russian President’s Special Representative for Transnistria and a co-chairman of the Russian-Moldovan intergovernmental commission". Dodon also said that the Moldavan government’s actions against Rogozin indicated its unwillingness to cooperate with Moscow in order to solve pressing issues that the country’s companies and citizens working in Russia had been facing.

Aug 06 13:15

The Forgotten Game: Why is Russia Enemy #1 for the US and West?

The late President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, openly said not long before his death that “Russia saved the world from recolonization.” A similarly important point can also be found in the long forgotten speech of Zbigniew Brzezinski from 1979 on threats facing the US and how the US should formulate its foreign policy. Brzezinski pointed out a revolution that hit planet Earth in the 20th century: “From 1900 to 1950, world population growth [has jumped] from 900 million to 2,5 billion…as a result of this political change, the number of states and nations tripled to more than 180, in the life of every one of us in this room, this is the biggest political revolution in the history of man kind…Because of modern technology and communications, the billions have become aware of new ideas and world injustice.” After the Second World War, we should recall, the main field of struggle was against the colonial powers who sought to preserve their colonial system.

Aug 06 08:30

Donbass Locals Take Up Shovels, Confront Ukrainian Troops Building Dugout

"In government-controlled Sopyne the SMM observed about 40-50 residents (of various ages, over half of whom were women) angrily confront 10 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers," the SMM said in a report on August 3.

Aug 06 08:14

NBC: Pentagon asks the White House to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine

The Pentagon has sent a recommendation to provide Ukraine with high-tech, anti-tank weapons to the White House, the NBC News reported on Aug.4, referring to its own sources among the U.S officials.

The proposed aid includes Javelin missiles with an estimated cost of around $50 million.

While a Pentagon spokesperson didn’t confirm the information to NBC, the American TV station’s sources said that indeed no decision has been made yet but Pentagon is in favor of the move.

“It is the right move and I see the fingerprints of Secretary of Defense (James) Mattis all over it,” Retired Admiral James Stavridis, a former commander of NATO and an NBC News analyst said.

Mattis expressed full support for Ukraine and supported the preservation of sanctions against Russia as an aggressor country during a meeting with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in June in Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sec-Def Mattis, a word, please: what, precisely, do you mean when characterising Russia as an "aggressor nation", when it is obvious for anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and a grasp of recent history, understand, completely, that Russia neither "annexed" Crimea in 2014, nor did they meddle in the the US 2016 election cycle?!?

Would you please elucidate?!?

Because all I can hear, in your demonisation of Russia, are war drums, beating toward a crescendo, culminating in a US war against Russia.

Aug 06 08:08

Robocop of the Seas: Russia's New Naval Missile System Not to Be Messed With

Russia is a world leader in the design and production of high-tech weapons, and the new “Pantsir-ME” sea-based missile system is fresh proof of this.

The Pantsir-ME, unveiled to the public on June 28 during a naval show in St. Petersburg, is a shipborne version of the Pantsir-S missile system and could be installed on Russia’s next generation warships.

Reminiscent of a fighting robot from a sci-fi flick, the Pantsir-ME is capable of simultaneously attacking up to four targets flying at a speed of up to 2,240 miles per hour, with a reaction time of three to five seconds.

The naval version of the Pantsir-S can hit targets with missiles at a range of up to 12.4 miles and at an altitude of up to 9.3 miles.

The system has a feature to automatically fire artillery armaments if it turns out that a "target is not hit or not sufficiently hit" after a primary missile attack.

Aug 06 02:16

Ukraine sends foreign mercenary snipers against Donbass

The Intelligence Service of the Donetsk People's Republic reports the arrival of a division of Ukrainian militants to the south-west of Donetsk and the arrival of foreign snipers at the southern sector of the front. This was told to the journalists by the deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin. "According to the information available to us, the enemy is carrying out an intensification of the units of the 92nd mechanized brigade south-west of Donetsk that had lost their combat capability. To this end, a National Guard unit arrived in Ugledar in the number of 150 fighters, reinforced with two tanks and four armored personnel carriers," said Basurin. In addition, the arrival of ten snipers from a foreign private military company was noted near the village of Pavlopol in the direction of Mariupol.

Aug 06 02:14

Ukrainian Army uses arson on Donetsk civilian village of Spartak

Today at 17:20 (Moscow time), Ukrainian servicemen deliberately set fire to dry fields near the village of Spartak. After 30 minutes the fire approached the first line of houses. This was reported by a source in the operational command of the Donetsk People's Republic. "The arriving firefighters from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk Peoples Republic can not begin to extinguish the fire, since the Ukrainian soldiers opened fire with grenade launchers and small arms towards the settlement, preventing the rescue of civilian dwellings from the flames. "These actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces can be regarded as continuing the genocide of the peaceful population of Donbass," the command of the Republic stated. Earlier, the intelligence service of the Donetsk People's Republic reported the arrival of a division of Ukrainian militants to the south-west of Donetsk and foreign snipers to the southern sector of the front.

Aug 05 08:08

BUCHANAN: Is Trump's Russia Policy Being Hijacked?

In crafting the platform in Cleveland on which Donald Trump would run, America Firsters inflicted a major defeat on the War Party.

The platform committee rejected a plank to pull us deeper into Ukraine, by successfully opposing new U.S. arms transfers to Kiev.

Improved relations with Russia were what candidate Trump had promised, and what Americans would vote for in November.

Aug 05 08:01

Cut the Americans off from space? Here’s how Russia might respond to new US sanctions

There is one area where the Kremlin can markedly damage Washington’s interests, without much economic pain. And that’s in the realm of space. Because since the shuttle Atlantis staged its last flight, in 2011, NASA has been entirely reliant on Soyuz launchers to reach the cosmos. Should Putin decide to cancel agreements where Americans hitch a ride on Russian-led trips, for the first time in decades, US astronauts will be completely earth bound.

Also, the cost to Russia wouldn’t be much. At $80 million a seat, dropping Americans from the flights won’t break the bank. Plus, to make matters worse for the US, Boeing, which is developing its own proposed rival to Soyuz, is reliant on Russian rocket engines.

Aug 04 21:46

Milk-Bar Clausewitzes, Bean Curd Napoleons: In the Reign of Kaiser Don

Political Science from Fred On Everything!

Why do those inadequate little men in Washington and New York dream of new wars? Because the empire is near a tipping point.

Washington must either either start a war in Korea, or gets faced down by the North, its carriers ignored, its bombers “sending signals” and making “shows of force” without result. For the empire this is a loss of face and credibility, and an example to others that America can be challenged.

Aug 04 18:36

Kunstler Warns "'Russiatosis'... Will Blow Up In America's Face"

Russia hysteria has become a full-blown national psychosis at a moment in history when a separate array of troubles poses the real threat to America’s well-being.

Most of these have to do with the country’s swan dive into bankruptcy, but meeting them honestly would force uncomfortable choices on the grifters and caitiffs in congress. Meanwhile, the Treasury Dept is burning through its dwindling cash reserves, and all government activities will face a shutdown at the end of the summer unless congress votes to raise the debt ceiling — which may be way harder than passing the stupid Russia sanctions bill.

Aug 04 18:21

Jatras: "Isolated Trump Flails Helplessly, Bows To Irrational Policies On Russia & Europe Imposed By Congress"

President Donald Trump has signed the sanctions bill against Russia, North Korea, and Iran. With the near-unanimous, veto-proof margin by which the so-called «Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act» was passed by both the House and the Senate, Trump was in a lose-lose position.

In the signing statement issued by the White House, Trump and his advisers tried to put a brave face on what can only be seen as a humiliating defeat. Despite some cosmetic changes –

Aug 04 16:59

Russia wants to restore Gaddafi-era economic links with Libya

Russia plans to resume contracts with Libya agreed by former leader Muammar Gaddafi. The infrastructure projects have been frozen since Gaddafi’s assassination and the breakout of civil war.

"We plan to resign the contracts signed during Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. This includes the previous agreements in the transport sector, construction of railways, energy, electrification and a number of others," said Lev Dengov, the head of the Russian contact team on Libya in an interview with Kommersant daily.

Aug 04 13:30

EU Imposes More Sanctions Against Russia, Blacklists Deputy Minister

The European Commission has decided to broaden sanctions against Moscow on Friday. As RT notes, more Russian individuals and firms accused of delivering Siemens gas turbines to the Crimea have been blacklisted.

The updated blacklist includes Russian Deputy Energy Minister Andrey Cherezov, the head of the department of operational control and management in Russia's electric power industry Evgeniy Grabchak and state firm Technopromexport CEO Sergey Topor-Gilka.

As we detailed earlier, this was expected.

The European Union is expected Friday to expand sanctions against Russian individuals and companies that were allegedly involved in the transportation of at least four Siemens turbines to Russian-controlled Crimea in violation of an international ban, according to Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be willing to bet that Russia's retaliation will be both swift; and severely economically painful.

Aug 04 13:16

Putin Should Thank US for Sanctions: Russia and Iran Ink $2.5 Billion Deal

Russia and Iran signed a $2.5 billion deal on Monday to start up a much-needed rail wagon production operation. The agreement was forged between the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) and Transmashholding, who is Russia’s largest rail equipment supplier. The two sides will set up a new joint venture, which will be 80% owned — although completely funded — by the Russian partner.

Iran is currently in the midst of what could be called an infrastructure building bonanza. Emerging from decades of sanctions which left much of the country’s transportation infrastructure descending into proverbial ruins, Iran has embarked upon a near complete rebuild of its highway and rail networks. The country is expected to add on 15,000 kilometers of new rail lines in the next five years alone — a rapid expansion which is going to require 8,000-10,000 new wagons each year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of irony in the morning!!

Aug 04 12:57

Mueller Impanels Grand Jury In Russia Investigation: Report

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller tasked with investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has reportedly impaneled a grand jury.

Aug 04 12:55

Russia: Pence Balkans comments expose Washington's Cold War ideology

Accusations made by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence that Russia is working to divide the Balkans from the West are destabilizing southern Europe and expose Washington's Cold War mentality, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Pence made the comments on Wednesday in Montenegro on the final leg of a tour designed to reassure Eastern Europe of Washington's commitment to its security despite doubts sowed by U.S. President Donald Trump's lukewarm support for NATO.

"It is regrettable to note that Washington is sliding ever deeper into the primitive ideology of the Cold War era, which is completely detached from reality," the ministry said.

It had called on the United States to stop defaming Russia and its foreign policy, which it said was based on respect for allies and a readiness to work with international partners, the ministry said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Russian Foreign Ministry has to know to where all this Russia-demonisation is leading: there are those in the bowels of power in DC, who are just mad-dog crazy enough to envision a shooting war with Russia (China, Iran, or North Korea, take your pick) as a way to defuse the coming US economic crash, and to prevent the world from evolving into a more multi-polar economic environment which, ultimately - with the Unhinged, Surveilled State of America in decline - is nearly inevitable.

Unfortunately, those in the bowels of power in this country who desire this outcome, have managed to deliberately stay pig-ignorant of the real state of affairs, when it comes to our military.

I support and respect our military.

But the inevitable hard truth is this; at this moment in its existence, the US military does not have the weaponry; the troop strength; the money; or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome against Russia and/or China (or Russia and Iran; Or China and North Korea.)

As most of you know who read this blog on a regular basis, I abhor war as a method of resolving geopolitical differences; that being said, if war is happening, all of our troops deserve the best of the best of the best, with money well and intelligently spent by the Pentagon, to insure that they get that.

The current military-industrial complex is very content in screwing over the Defense Department, as exemplified by Lockheed Martin's poster child for lousy engineering, non-existent planning, and cost containment, the F-35, which is still plagued with a zillion problems which should have been prevented in the first place.

This culture of non-functional weapons, and massive cost overruns has got to change, and fast.

Aug 04 11:45

Advisor to Putin recommends declaring US an Aggressor state

Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev has called for recognizing the United States of America as an aggressor country. He said that keeping the currency of the foreign exchange reserve in American securities is a dubious investment. First, they are low-yielding. Second, there is a risk that the capital can be frozen, and third, it is immoral, since when we invest in US securities, we subsidize the costs of the US, including for defense. Sergei Glazyev believes that now the US demonstrates aggression. This is the occupation of Ukraine, made through a coup d'état with the subsequent planting of neo-fascists, as in Libya, Iraq, and Syria. "We have seen it all this. America is an aggressor country," the news agency Tsargrad cites the presidential adviser. He urged abandoning the dollar, stop investment in US securities, and generally make payments in US currency both domestically and externally...

Aug 04 11:42

Kiev Council and regional deputies demand the impeachment of Poroshenko

Several Ukrainian regions immediately supported the June decision of the Kiev regional council to demand the launch of impeachment proceedings against Petro Poroshenko. The Verkhovna Rada was called upon by deputies from 10 regional councils of Ukraine to adopt a procedural law on impeachment. The need for the resignation of the incumbent president was declared by Dmitry Pavel, the head of the "Opposition block" faction in the Chernovts regional court on behalf of several legislators of the regional councils, whose appeal is at the disposal of Izvestia. At the same time appeals to bring the Ukrainian leader to justice were heard from both Western and Central and Eastern Ukraine from representatives of different political forces. In recent months, the demands for the impeachment of Petro Poroshenko have repeatedly resounded in the country's parliament.

Aug 04 11:17

Seymour Hersh Cracks ‘RussiaGate’ As CIA-Planted Lie — Revenge Against Trump

During the later portion of a phone-call, by the world’s greatest investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, Hersh has now presented “a narrative [from his investigation] of how that whole fucking thing began,” including who actually is behind the ‘RussiaGate’ lies, and of why they are spreading these lies.