Jul 28 14:41

This is a critical point in US history. We’ve entered a dangerous, chilling period that could lead to a race or civil war

BY Mitchell Feierstein

The Democratic Party and its willing cabal of party activists will do anything in its power to get rid of Donald Trump. This cabal works hand in hand with their friends over at the fake news media who report that the widespread rioting, race wars, looting and arson are nothing more than “peaceful protests.” The stark choice on offer for the 2020 US Presidential election is a modified Trump or Biden’s unknown handlers.

Jul 22 12:26


This election may determine for a long time which of the above boxes rules. Don’t listen to the leftist corporate bought and paid for media shills or their manipulate polls. Just use good sense, and the way should be clear.

Just a little perspective from an election that took place in Alabama a couple of years ago. A righteous man named Roy Moore was running for U.S. Senate. The sleazy people at FOX news announced a poll 24 hours before the election saying Moore was behind by 10 points. After the election was over, Moore had lost by less than 1 1/2%. A somewhat smaller margin would have justified a recount which probably would have revealed some cheating. Do you suppose some of Moore’s supporters were discouraged by the suppression poll of FOX news and they just decided not to vote? My money says that’s exactly what happened.

Jul 14 09:52

Barack Obama says EVERYBODY should be be able to vote by mail and takes aim at Donald Trump's claims it will lead to widespread fraud

Former President Barack Obama chimed into the debate on mail-in voting Monday, knocking down President Donald Trump's claim that it would lead to widespread fraud.

'Voting by mail shouldn't be a partisan issue – especially during a pandemic,' the ex-president wrote. 'Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.'

Obama then linked to a National Public Radio article that said the possibility for fraud was 'such a miniscule amount it's not statistically meaningful.'

Jul 13 14:58

Cat That's Been Dead For 12 Years Gets A Voter Registration Application In The Mail

One family in Atlanta just received a voter registration application for their cat. But that's not all: the cat, named Cody, has been dead for over 12 years.

Owner Carol Tims told Fox News in an interview: "There's a huge push [to get people to vote] but if they're trying to register cats, I'm not sure who else they're trying to register. I'm not sure if they're trying to register dogs, mice, snakes.”

Jul 07 07:00

Electoral College takes a hit: US Supreme Court rules states can PUNISH electors who ignore popular vote results

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that state governments have the right to penalize so-called ‘faithless electors’, members of the Electoral College who do not support the victor of their states’ popular presidential vote.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote in the court’s Monday ruling that states have the right to instruct their electors that they “have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens.” That direction, she said, “accords with the Constitution — as well as with the trust of a Nation that here, We the People rule.”

Over 30 states already require their Electoral College voters to cast their ballots in accordance with the voting of citizens.

Jul 06 07:38

Wayne Dupree: The Democrats will use fraud to win this fall’s presidential election, and Trump may have to call on the military

Biden’s supporters are manipulating the polls and planning to cheat on mail-in ballots and use other dirty tricks to seize victory. These are perilous times in America – so will the troops back the President’s call if it comes?
If the United States mainstream media will blatantly lie in their ink and broadcasts day after day to smear President Trump, skewing an election poll to achieve the same effect is a no-brainer.

I believe their main intent is to demoralize Trump supporters, so they won’t bother to vote. What the left has learnt is that they can continue to put out fake polls showing the Democrats are way ahead to try to influence public opinion and depress Republican turnout, and people in the GOP will continue to believe them.

Jun 30 12:15

Oregon shows how not to do vote-by-mail

If the 2020 pandemic makes vote-by-mail inevitable for this November's presidential election, the nation needs to know how not to do it the Oregon way, which encourages ballot harvesting.

In 1998, Secretary of State Phil Keisling introduced vote-by-mail to Oregon and the nation. At the time, it seemed a decent idea. But Keisling, a good government reformer, forgot one thing — to secure the ballot box. He instead left it wide open for 20 days in every election. Between special elections, primaries, and general elections, Oregonians can literally spend months in the middle of an election.

The late Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, Oregon’s only Republican statewide officeholder in 18 years, examined vote-by-mail and found very little “Chicago-style" fraud. What he didn’t examine, and what Oregonians have had to deal with, is a more complicated corruption, and an insidious part of the vote-by-mail process known as ballot harvesting.

Jun 30 08:00

Paterson council members charged with voter fraud

Jun 29 06:07

Report: Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump Rally Attendance

An article published several days ago written by an anonymous attendee made the claim that the management for the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma sabotaged attendance for the campaign rally by President Trump held there last Saturday.

This resulted in thousands of empty seats in the BOK Center and the cancellation of plans for Trump and Vice President Pence to speak to an expected overflow crowd of thousands on a stage set up just outside the arena before speaking at the rally inside.

The fire marshal and arena management put attendance at just over 6,000 while the Trump campaign claimed 12,000 had cleared metal detectors.

May 28 13:11

Sorry, Twitter, But Trump Is Right About Mail-In Ballots

President Donald Trump has had a problematic week on Twitter, engaging in political combat with foils like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has inspired a backlash beyond any he’s faced before as president.

Part of the reaction was Twitter’s decision to stick a “fact check” label on two of Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballots. This decision, in turn sparked its own backlash around issues of freedom of expression and political bias. (Will President Stacey Abrams ever get a tweet fact-checked by Twitter? Probably not.)

May 28 12:43

Texas Supreme Court Rules Lack Of COVID-19 Immunity Not Enough To Qualify For Mail-In Voting

The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that “a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19” is not a physical disability that qualifies people to vote by mail.

May 28 12:30

Exclusive: Matt Gaetz Drafting Bill to Drop Big Tech’s Legal Immunity over One-Sided ‘Fact Checks’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) will announce today that he is working with Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee to craft legislation that would strip social media giants of their Section 230 legal immunity if they fact check content on their platforms, according to a copy of his podcast which Breitbart News exclusively obtained.

On the Florida conservative’s podcast, Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz, he said that he is working on a bill that would prevent social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google from fact-checking content on their platforms. Gaetz’s announcement follows as Twitter decided to fact check President Donald Trump’s tweet on Tuesday.

Twitter tried to fact check the president over Trump’s tweet, claiming that mail-in ballot would lead to increased voter fraud.

May 28 11:59

NJ NAACP Leader Calls For Paterson Mail-In Vote to Be Canceled Amid Corruption Claims

A Paterson NAACP leader said the recent city council vote-by-mail election was allegedly so flawed that the results should be thrown out and a new election ordered.

“Invalidate the election. Let’s do it again,” said Rev. Kenneth Clayton said amid reports more that 20 percent of all ballots were disqualified, some in connection with voter fraud allegations.

“These kinds of acts make people not want to vote anymore. They feel disenfranchised, disconnected that their votes don’t count, and that is not fair to people," he said.

May 22 11:17

THIS IS HUGE: Oregon Government Orders Facebook to Remove Gateway Pundit Article on Republican Ballot Scandal – Facebook Complies — Despite Hundreds of Confirmed Testimonies

Gateway Pundit readers may recall a recent story we did that shed light on hundreds, possibly thousands, of Oregon voters who mysteriously had their party changed, most from Republican to Non Affiliated, without their permission, consent or knowledge, effectively denying them the right to vote in their party’s primary and disqualifying them from being Precinct Committee Persons.

Today we found out the State Of Oregon is now working with Facebook to delete all mentions of this story.

Earlier today Facebook gave The Gateway Pundit a strike for posting this story even though we had 32 statements from different Oregon Republican voters to back up our report.

May 22 09:04

Trump Threatens States Over "Illegal" Vote-by-Mail

May 19 06:22

Could 'rogue electors' tilt the balance of the US election?

May states penalize and replace electors who fail to vote in accord with their states’ popular vote outcomes, or do such actions violate the right of electors to vote free of legal control?

That was the question debated before the supreme court this week in an extraordinary oral argument. At issue were a pair of cases emerging from the 2016 election, which witnessed no fewer than 10 electors either voting, or trying to vote, in defiance of their pledge. In Colorado, a state Hillary Clinton handily won, three Democratic electors sought to vote for the Ohio governor John Kasich as part of a long-shot effort to find a consensus alternative to Donald Trump. The Colorado secretary of state ordered the three to cast their votes as state law required or face replacement. Two of the electors complied; the third, a 23-year-old graduate student named Michael Baca, refused, and found himself replaced by a Democratic elector, who then promptly cast his vote for Clinton.

May 19 06:20

For Biden To Win: Hillary And Michelle Want All Governors To Order Vote-By-Mail

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Friday making his state the first in the nation to switch its November election to all-mail balloting amid the coronavirus.

Now, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wants the other 49 states to follow Newsom’s lead and order vote-by-mail for November’s election. “I hope other governors around the country follow @GavinNewsom’s lead. No voter should be forced to choose between their safety and exercising their civic duty this fall,” she wrote.

May 15 06:16

Video: Google Manipulations of Votes in Elections. Doctor Robert Epstein, Senate Testimony

The video below shows Doctor Robert Epstein during his 2019 Senate testimony concerning media manipulation in the 2016 US elections.

He testified that Google’s manipulation of votes, through biased search results, gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And in 2020, they could shift at least 15 million votes without people’s knowledge and without leaving paper trail for authorities to trace.

May 15 05:06

Martin Armstrong: Are Democrats Trying To Eliminate Proof Of Who You Are To Vote?

Just when you thought it could not get any more corrupt, the Democrats have demonstrated to the world that they are beyond all morality, ethics, and are outright corrupt.

Tucked inside House Democrats’ new coronavirus bill is language that would create a loophole in states’ voter ID requirements, allowing people to cast ballots without having to prove who they are.

May 13 17:42

Supreme Court to rule on 'faithless electors' who tried to defeat Donald Trump in the electoral college in 2016 by NOT voting in line with their states' results

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard cases dealing with whether 'faithless' electors may vote differently than they pledge to the state voters who selected them – in a matter that could play out in the 2000 election after briefly threatening Donald Trump's victory.

It is an issue that could bring a 'constitutional crisis,' warned one of the attorneys arguing before the court.

Justices questioned Lawrence Lessig, the attorney representing the side of Bret Chiafalo, a delegate for Hillary Clinton who was fined $1,000 after carrying out a plan to instead back a moderate Republican because he believed Trump was a 'clear and present danger.'

May 11 05:30

Russian "Interference" Bugaboo is at Play Again as US Election Day Nears – Analysts

?yber experts from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI have warned about the possibility of Russia's interference in the 2020 presidential elections, according to a 3 February memo obtained by The Associated Press. International observers have explained what is behind the resurfaced "Russia at it again" claims.

The document titled "Possible Russian Tactics Ahead of 2020 US Election" outlines eight tactics Moscow could supposedly pick to influence the outcome of the November vote.

Apr 22 04:25

All the Celebrities Behind Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote Initiative

Michelle Obama has described her When We All Vote initiative as a non-partisan effort to boost voter registration among all Americans. But the project, which is also aggressively pushing voting by mail, is backed by a slew of left-wing Hollywood and sports celebrities whose past public statements have been anything but non-partisan.

Apr 21 06:22

Federal Data: 28.4M Mail-In Ballots Have Gone Missing Since 2012 Election

About 28.4 million mail-in ballots went missing in the last four election cycles dating back to 2012, federal data obtained by Breitbart News reveals.

The data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the Election Administration and Voting Surveys for the 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 election cycles finds that nearly 30 million mail-in ballots sent to registered voters went missing.

Apr 14 03:51

REPORT: More Than 28 Million Mail Ballots Went Missing in Last Decade

The left is using the Coronavirus as an excuse to close down the polling stations and allow nationwide mail-in voting for the 2020 presidential election in November.

Apr 14 03:50

KKK-Blackface Governor Ralph Northam Repeals Virginia Voter ID Laws, Expands Early Voting Programs

KKK-Blackface Governor Ralph Northam (D) on Monday signed sweeping legislation repealing voter ID laws and expanded early voting programs.

“Voting is a fundamental right, and these new laws strengthen our democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder,” said Governor Northam in a statement. “No matter who you are or where you live in Virginia, your voice deserves to be heard. I’m proud to sign these bills into law.”

Northam signed legislation allowing early voting 45 days prior to an election without even stating an excuse.

Mar 18 02:57

TV Station Broadcasts Biden-Sanders Results Day Before Election

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A television station in Illinois broadcast results from the Joe Biden–Bernie Sanders Democratic Primary contest on Monday–the day before the actual election was scheduled to occur.

Paris, Illinois resident Sherry Daugherty noted the discrepancy in a widely-shared and commented upon Facebook post.

“While watching The Price is Right our station accidentally runs tomorrow’s election results,” she said. “It’s Monday our election in Illinois is tomorrow.”

Local CBS affiliate WCIA ran the graphic showing Biden leading on 50 percent of the vote with 986,341 votes. Sanders had 45 percent of the vote in the WCIA graphic with 893,249 votes.

After Daugherty’s post and other viewer-captured videos of the pre-results were shared, the network immediately caught an intense amount of flak online. Suggestions of vote-rigging and electoral fraud.

Mar 17 04:08

Rigged US primaries aren’t the problem – the rigged election system is

Activists are calling for international observers for US primaries, claiming they’re rigged. The thing is, observers aren’t mandated to watch internal party processes – but the real problem lies in multi-party competition, anyway.
With hashtags such as #RiggedDNC and #RiggedPrimary trending, there has been a flurry of calls for outside monitors on social media and by activists, who cite a series of voter-suppression acts and possibly rigged voting machines.

Mar 15 10:16

Rigged US primaries aren’t the problem – the rigged election system is

The author has worked in the field of international diplomacy for more than a decade and has deployed as an election observer to several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, and the United States.
Activists are calling for international observers for US primaries, claiming they’re rigged. The thing is, observers aren’t mandated to watch internal party processes – but the real problem lies in multi-party competition, anyway.

With hashtags such as #RiggedDNC and #RiggedPrimary trending, there has been a flurry of calls for outside monitors on social media and by activists, who cite a series of voter-suppression acts and possibly rigged voting machines.

Mar 09 13:05

Hackers Easily Breach U.S. Voting Machines in Chilling ‘Kill Chain’ Trailer

The vulnerabilities of the United States’ election system are highlighted in the unnerving new trailer for the documentary, Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections, debuting March 26th on HBO.

Mar 01 06:17

Tulsi Gabbard: Presidential candidates must also condemn election interference by US intelligence agencies

Reckless claims by anonymous intelligence officials that Russia is “helping” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are deeply irresponsible. So was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s calculated decision Tuesday to repeat this unsubstantiated accusation on the debate stage in South Carolina. Enough is enough. I am calling on all presidential candidates to stop playing these dangerous political games and immediately condemn any interference in our elections by out-of-control intelligence agencies.

Feb 28 14:45

Top Democrat Leaders Reportedly Prepping Plan To Stop Bernie Sanders At Convention

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this week that she would be “comfortable” with Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as her party’s presidential nominee, but a bombshell new report from The New York Times is directly contradicting this, stating that top Democratic leaders are preparing to launch a plan to take him down at the nominating convention this summer.

After interviewing dozens of party leaders and 93 super-delegates, The Times found that many of them are secretly planning to stop Sanders at the convention, even if it will hurt the party’s chances of beating Trump in November.

Feb 28 10:04

100s of DEAD voters still registered for 2020 election in Pennsylvania – lawsuit

An Indiana-based law firm is suing Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in federal court for having hundreds of dead people registered to vote in the upcoming 2020 election, among other bizarre irregularities.

The lawsuit alleges that some 1,600 dead people are registered to vote in the 2020 election, while almost 1,200 people are registered to vote without a date of birth listed, and some have even listed the 1800s as their birth years, all violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

“One registrant is stated as being born in ‘June 1800,’ the same year Thomas Jefferson won eight of Pennsylvania’s 15 Electoral College votes against President John Adams,” the lawsuit filed against Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by the Public Interest Legal Foundation claims.

The nonprofit law firm behind the suit is run by a former member of President Donald Trump’s now-disbanded Voter Fraud Commission.

Feb 27 09:20

U.S. Intelligence Is Intervening In The 2020 Election

President Trump’s ongoing purge of the intelligence community, along with Bernie Sanders’ surge in the Democratic presidential race, has triggered an unprecedented intervention of U.S. intelligence agencies in the U.S. presidential election on factually dubious grounds.

Feb 26 06:35

Less Than Half Of Americans Have Faith In Their Elections

Claims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election (and the 2020 campaigns of Trump and Sanders) and the recent debacle of the Iowa caucus, where technological glitches and error-ridden results caused mayhem, have shaken many Americans' confidence in elections.

Feb 25 04:36

Glenn Greenwald: Interference from the national intelligence community is more dangerous than whatever Putin may be trying online

Glenn Greenwald, co-founding editor of The Intercept, said Monday that interference in the presidential election from the U.S. intelligence community is “more threatening” to the nation’s democracy than potential Russian interference.

“It really is domestic intelligence interference in our election,” Greenwald said on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

“It’s interference by the CIA and by homeland security and by related agencies in our domestic election, which is infinitely more threatening to our democracy than whatever mischief Russian agencies are primitively doing on Facebook and Twitter.”

Feb 23 00:53

FLASHBACK: Election Fraud Suspected After Vladimir Putin Wins North Carolina Congressional Race

NORTH CAROLINA—Election fraud has been suspected in North Carolina's 9th congressional district as Russian president Vladimir Putin emerged victorious in the contest Friday.

Feb 18 13:09

US has meddled in election of 80 nations since World War ll: Analyst

Despite US accusations that Russia meddled in America’s 2016 presidential election, US intelligence agencies attempted to influence the elections of 80 nations since the end of World War ll in 1945, says an author and political commentator in Chicago.

The CIA and the NSA [National Security Agency] have meddled in elections both in the US and abroad,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Monday.

“It may do it together with Israel, but it certainly does it on its own,” Lendman said.

Feb 18 11:37

Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival

It’s been obvious to me since he declared that Mike Bloomberg is not a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination. He is everything the Democratic base doesn’t want — white, billionaire, oligarch, Wall St. 0.000001%’er.

Oh, and until just a couple of years ago, he was a Republican. Billionaires like Bloomberg change parties to where ever they see their money will go the farthest.

Right now, that is the quickly fracturing Democrats, who are staring at a revolt to Bernie Sanders that doesn’t sit with Wall St. at all.

Feb 18 07:16

The Hillary Minions Behind The Iowa App Disaster

For the first time ever, the Iowa caucuses failed to yield any kind of tally the day they occurred, as the app that was used to count the results failed due to a “coding issue.” The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) allegedly found “inconsistencies” in the three sets of results it had promised to deliver, and then announced that it needed time to conduct “quality control.” Iowa Democrats refused an offer from the Department of Homeland Security to test the app and ensure its security before the caucuses, even after they were warned by local officials last week that there were “serious problems with the app.”

Feb 14 12:13

MIT researchers find voting app used in West Virginia's 2018 midterm election is 'riddled with security risks' allowing hackers to easily alter, stop or expose how an individual voted

West Virginia allowed residents to cast their vote in the 2018 midterm election using the smartphone app Voatz and thousands are expected to use the technology in this year’s election.

However, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the app 'is so riddled with security issues that no one should be using it.'

The vulnerabilities hidden in the technology give hackers the ability to alter, stop or expose how an individual users has voted.

Researchers also uncovered that Voatz's use of a third-party vendor for voter identification and verification poses potential privacy issues for users.

Feb 13 17:33

MIT researchers disclose vulnerabilities in Voatz mobile voting election app

Academics from MIT's computer science laboratory have published a security audit today of Voatz, a mobile app used for online voting during the 2018 US midterm elections and scheduled to be used again in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

MIT academics claim they identified bugs that could allow hackers to "alter, stop, or expose how an individual user has voted."

"We additionally find that Voatz has a number of privacy issues stemming from their use of third party services for crucial app functionality," the research team said in a technical paper released today.

"Our findings serve as a concrete illustration of the common wisdom against Internet voting, and of the importance of transparency to the legitimacy of elections," researchers added.

Feb 13 11:25

Sanders campaign must not sugarcoat Israeli racism

My own conclusion is that the biggest concern Democrats should have in Iowa is the unconscionable decision not to adhere to the guiding principle of one person, one vote, but rather to weight the votes of white rural voters over those of people of color and other residents in urban areas. This worked to the advantage of the more conservative Pete Buttigieg and against Sanders. Voters should consider: Is it 2020 or 1964 in the Democratic Party?

Feb 12 13:15

BUSTED: NH Primary Elections Official Breaks Election Law “I Think Voting Any Democrat is Wise”

Feb 11 21:19

Watch – Pete Buttigieg: Flood Small American Towns with Immigration to Grow Population

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, is touting a new visa program to flood small American towns with legal immigrants to grow the regions’ populations — a boon to corporate investors, housing developers, and big business.

During a campaign stop in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Buttigieg touted his investor-friendly plan to inundate small American towns and rural communities with legal immigration for the sole purpose of driving up population growth.

Buttigieg said:

Feb 09 09:15

The Game is Rigged

Have to agree with this guy on one thing. The game is rigged.Keep voting for the so called lesser of 2 evils and you still got evil!

Let’s not beat around the bush. The game is rigged. The fix is in.

I’m not just talking about the neofascistic Donald Trump, the Republican Party, the Republican-controlled United States Senate and the fake-impeachment trial that body just concluded. I’m talking about their neoliberal enablers, the Democrats too.

Feb 08 20:56

To avoid more election confusion, DNC will release New Hampshire primary results ahead of actual vote

In an attempt to avoid the chaos that occurred in Iowa, which resulted in two days without a declared winner, the Democratic National Committee has decided to release the New Hampshire primary results days ahead of the February 11th vote.

Feb 07 05:23

Sanders declares victory in Iowa as DNC demands a 'recanvass'

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has declared victory in the Iowa caucus after three days of chaotic counting and recounting, calling the popular vote in his own favor with 97 percent of precincts reporting.

“What I want to do is thank the people of Iowa for the victory they gave us on Monday night,” Sanders said in a press conference on Thursday. With some 97 percent of precincts reporting, the Vermont senator is ahead in the popular vote by over 6,000, but still lags slightly in delegates behind South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Feb 07 05:07

Dumb Dems?: Associated Press 'unable to declare' an Iowa caucus winner

Despite 97 precincts reporting results from the caucus, the news agency reported that it will not call a victor, as Buttigieg currently leads Sanders by three state delegate equivalents out of 2,098 counted -- or a margin of 0.14 percentage points. At the same time, Sanders, at this point, leads Buttigieg in the raw vote count.

Feb 07 05:03

Rachel Maddow Suggests 4Chan to Blame For Democrats' Iowa Debacle

Rachel Maddow suggested Thursday night on MSNBC that the anonymous message board 4Chan was to blame for the Democrats' Iowa caucus debacle.

Feb 06 09:30

Illuminati PyOp - Discredit 2020 Election in Advance

How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election. Russia, China and Iran are already being blamed for using tech to undermine the 2020 election. Yet, the very technologies they are allegedly using were created by a web of companies with deep ties to Israeli intelligence.

Feb 05 05:21

Initial Results Give Buttigieg Win in Iowa Democratic Caucuses | Failed App Developer Is Buttigieg Supporter

Young Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems to have won the Democratic Iowa caucuses.

Sanders came in second. There is 62% of the vote in 99 counties reporting in. This is a tremendous defeat for Joe Biden.

Even these results aren’t final, as 38% is more than the margin between victory and defeat. But this is what we have right now. But given the delayed fiasco that was this caucus, the win has more asterisks than a Taco Bell public health inspection.

Feb 05 05:20

Buttigieg linked to app that wrecked Iowa Caucus

Feb 04 16:36

Dems Release Only 62% Of Iowa Caucus Results -- Just Enough to Have 'Mayor Cheat' In The Lead

This election is more fraudulent than anything out of any third-world banana republic.

Feb 04 14:17


To begin, stolen elections are a reality in this nation. John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Richard Nixon. Nixon stole his re-election in what became known as the Watergate scandal. George W. Bush likely stole the 2000 election from Al Gore, and everyone had a ring-side seat watching Hillary Clinton trying to steal the election from Donald Trump.

A good place to start to learn about election stealing is the HBO documentary, "Hacking Democracy." It is available on NetFlix, Amazon Live, and Hulu. Here is a YouTube video of the final scenes showing how an electronic voting machine has the election results changed without even needing to touch the machine!

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 04 14:15

Chaos and confusion in Iowa as results from caucuses still delayed

The chair of the state Democratic Party, Troy Price, said in a statement Tuesday morning that the plan is to release results "as soon as possible today" and said an investigation found the "underlying data" collected by the new app was sound.
"As part of our investigation, we determined with certainty that the underlying data collected via the app was sound. While the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data. We have determined that this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system. This issue was identified and fixed. The application's reporting issue did not impact the ability of precinct chairs to report data accurately," Price said.

Feb 04 14:11

Democratic presidential candidates campaign across New Hampshire as they scramble to put the Iowa fiasco behind them even though there are STILL no results from Monday's caucuses

Democratic presidential candidates put their own inexact spin on the Iowa caucuses Tuesday morning as they headed to campaign events across New Hampshire – after a snafu threw one of the nation's premier political events into chaos.

The Iowa Democratic party had yet to release a count, saying it will put out results 'as soon as possible,' with the state party chair saying he had every indication 'that our systems were secure and there was not a cyber security intrusion.'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts spoke almost as soon as she landed in New Hampshire – the next big battleground on the political calendar – declaring herself satisfied with her performance after flying direct from Des Moines.

'When I left Iowa, I said it was too close to call, and it still is, but I feel good,' she told reporters. 'It is good to be in New Hampshire.' She declared her own organization, with hundreds already deployed across the country, up to the task.

Feb 04 14:11

Iowa caucus fiasco sparks a flurry of memes mocking the tech trouble that delayed results - with people blasting the 'quality control' and dubbing it 'the Iowa CARCASS'

Problems with a mobile app appeared to force a delay in reporting the results of the Iowa caucuses Monday, leaving the campaigns, voters and the media in election limbo and pressing for an explanation.

But many social media users watching at home were left humored by the fiasco, taking to Twitter to share hilarious memes mocking the situation.

One Twitter user hilariously dubbed the event 'the Iowa Carcass', creating a meme by emblazoning those words over an image of a dead animal.

Meanwhile, another pertinent tweet simply stated: 'A look in at the Iowa DNC leadership..' accompanied by a GIF of a dumpster fire.

Feb 04 08:30

Chaos In Iowa: Thousands Of Furious Supporters Claim Iowa Caucus "Rigged" Against Bernie

The official results from last night's Iowa caucus are now 12 hours late. Offering a terse update, the Iowa Democratic organization said Tuesday morning that their new app-based reporting system, which was never tested before caucus-day, had a "coding issue" but that the results would still be reliable.

The problem, they explained, was that the app only reported partial data. Somehow, the Dems managed to completely botch an app that was only ever meant to be used by 1,700 people helping to oversee the caucus results.

Of course, this wasn't the only 'technical glitch' to impact the caucus: Over the weekend, the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll that was set to be released Saturday was instead scrapped because of complaints from the Buttigieg campaign about its methodology. Sources said the issue was attributed to an issue with the 'font size', as one of the pollsters enlarged the text, bumping Buttigieg's name off the list of options.

Feb 04 04:01

'It’s a total meltdown': Confusion seizes Iowa as officials struggle to report results

A technical meltdown in Iowa Monday night set off bedlam in the critical first contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, triggering competing claims of victory and stoking doubts about the legitimacy of the eventual outcome.

No results had been reported by midnight Eastern, and two campaigns told POLITICO that after a conference call with the Iowa Democratic Party, they didn’t expect any returns until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

Jan 20 12:06

DNC to take 90% of Bernie’s votes and redistribute them to less popular candidates

The new front-running candidate for the Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, is facing some new opposition.

The Democratic National Committee will be taking 90 percent of his primary votes and redistributing them to less popular candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Todd Steyer.

Jan 15 09:45

Voting Machines Can Easily be Hacked

Jan 11 12:02

The reality we must face: Our Country, the United States, is a Rogue Nation and Our Leaders are Criminals

For as long as I’ve been alive, my country has been a rogue state.

Actually, the US became a rogue state four years before my birth in 1949 when, in 1945, Washington decided to bomb two militarily insignificant cities in Japan with its new super weapon, the atomic bomb, instantly incinerating several hundred thousand Japanese civilians, including many, many children, and condemning at least that many more to slow agonizing deaths from resulting cancers and birth defects.

Jan 07 11:14

America is keen to protect ISIS so they killed Qasem Soleimani: Syrian Ambassador

New Delhi, Jan 04 (ANI): Speaking on US strike on Iran where Iran’s top commander General Qasem Soleimani was killed, Ambassador of Syria to India, Daniel Chuburu said, “This process will make danger escalation in the region. It proves that how America is keen to protect terrorism in the ground because America killed the leader who was against the terror groups. The leader Qasem Soleimani was the leader of military group and defeated ISIS in the ground of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is created by CIA, which is Central Intelligence Agency of America. Because America is keen to protect ISIS so, they killed Mr. Qasem Soleimani.”

Dec 19 13:24

'Stop This Illegal Purge': Outrage as Georgia GOP Removes More Than 300,000 Voters From Rolls

A federal judge Monday night allowed Georgia to move ahead with a purge of over 300,000 voters deemed "inactive" by Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, sparking outrage from rights advocates who accused the GOP of an illegal voter suppression effort ahead of the 2020 elections.

"Georgians should not lose their right to vote simply because they have not expressed that right in recent elections, and Georgia's practice of removing voters who have declined to participate in recent elections violates the United States Constitution," said Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight Action, a voting rights group founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp, the former Georgia Secretary of State who was widely accused of spearheading a mass voter suppression scheme before the 2018 election.

Dec 01 06:21


Digital systems can never be shown not to have bugs. As Computer Science Elder God Edgers Dijkstra wrote: “Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” Many bugs in many important programs persist for years before they are discovered. A list would include Flash in IE6 (persisted 12 years), OpenSSL (15 years), LZO data compression (18 years), and bash (25 years). None of these examples are outlier programs or trivial; they are all used by millions, essential to enterprises, networks, etc. Each of these bug is an insecurity waiting to happen. And that’s before we get to Trojan Horses, which are bugs introduced deliberately by a developer for purposes of their own.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Doing away with electronic voting, and replacing it with hand-counted votes, makes the margin for error quite a bit less possible.

Remember the 2000 election, and the Florida recount??!? That happened, because of an horrendously flawed voting system.

Nov 28 06:31


The Israeli government is aiming to increase the volume of Israel’s defence exports, reported Globes, which has revealed the main points of the plan for the first time.

The project, being overseen by the Defence Ministry’s International Defence Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) led by Brigadier General (Res.) Yair Kulas, will begin to be rolled out in early 2020.

According to Globes, the plan is based on “focused seminars for senior commanders in foreign armies”, Israeli military “assistance for promoting sales of Israeli weapons”, and “subsidising small and medium-sized defence companies seeking to sell arms around the world”.

Speaking this week, Kulas said that SIBAT favours a major expansion of agreements between countries, resulting in significant deals for the large defence companies, especially Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Color me unsurprised at this development; but one has to wonder how Israeli weaponry really stands up to that of China or Russia, at this point?!?

Nov 13 08:42

Florida Audit Finds 24k Illegal Votes in ONE County: “Dead Voters, Double Voting, Double Registrations, Noncitizen Voting”

A new report is raising concerns in the state of Florida one year before the 2020 elections. The shocking report shows that Palm Beach County, Florida has AT LEAST 24,000 instances of “voter irregularities” which means that there are deceased voters, double voters, and double registrations. They also found cases of illegal aliens registering to vote!

Every state has plenty of time to purge voter lists before the 2020 election. Citizens should demand it! If there are 24k illegal voters in one Florida county then there must be millions in the entire state!

Nov 07 17:01

Check out the voting totals for Kentucky Gov.

Graphic in comments

Kentucky Gov. Bevin talks to media after refusing to concede tight race
.03 Percent

Nov 07 09:20

Massive Voter Fraud In 3 States Yesterday

Nov 06 17:14

Kentucky Gov. Bevin talks to media after refusing to concede tight race

.03 Percent

Incumbent GOP Governor Matt Bevin is refusing to accept election results that reflect his opponent, Democrat Andy Beshear, unseated him by a razor thin margin

Nov 05 10:11

China Breaks the Western Debt Stranglehold on the World

The west has colonized, exploited, ravaged and assassinated the people of the Global South for hundreds of years.
Up to the mid-20th Century Europe has occupied Africa, and large parts of Asia.

Latin America is waking up – and so is Africa.

In Latin America, street protests against the US / IMF imposed debt trap and the consequential austerity programs, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, are raging in Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and even in Brazil. In Argentina,In Latin America, though much of the sub-Continent was “freed” from Spain and Portugal in the 19th Century – a new kind of colonization followed by the new Empire of the United States – under the so-called Monroe Doctrine, named after President James Monroe (1817 -1825), forbidding Europeans to interfere in any “American territory”. Latin America was then and is again today considered Washington’s Backyard.