9/11: The day racists burn God’s book | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

9/11: The day racists burn God’s book

What is happening to Muslims throughout the world today is more dangerous than the cold war which preoccupied the world for decades. The West has declared – through actions, measures and laws – that Islam is the enemy, and that Muslims are the target. Muslims have been blamed for the 9/11 attack, despite the large number of questions raised about the event, its objectives and the credibility of what has been published about it. The only constant element in this event is that its objective was launching a long war against Islam and Muslims and making the 9/11 attacks a justification for every war, law or measure against Muslims. The first response to such a claim is that the law in these democratic countries has essentially changed to allow for arresting and torturing 'suspects' without the need for any evidence to prove such accusations or even charging the suspects. Other laws have been passed to allow for treating 'suspects' as convicted criminals.