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Ali Baba and the Myth of Global War on Terror

Indeed, it does require "monumental denial" to dismiss the fact that the Zionist program of targeting Islam worked marvellously. Faisal Shahzad's May 1, 2010 "attempt" to detonate a crude car bomb in Times Square – called a "terrorist plot aimed at murdering Americans" by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. – was designed to perpetuate the notion that all Muslims are Jihadists. Few pondered upon the fact that the naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, who stemmed from a secular family, despite his supposed Pakistani Taliban training had used the "the wrong kind of fertilizer for his bomb.

Frank Doyle, a bomb expert and a 33-year veteran of the FBI questioned Shahzad's training and "a series of really serious mistakes he made." This was besides the fact that Mr. Shahzad left "clues at every turn" and obviously expected to be caught. Shahzad's "failed attempt" hammered a few key phrases in the Zionist-controlled media – "weapons of mass destruction," "terrorism," "Taliban," "Al-Qaeda" – that justified the new reality of a police state with depleting individual rights, and promoted the sale of new security measures, including Full Body Scanners, designed to make a few Zionist executives wealthier.