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China might start a ‘limited war’ with India

According to an article published in China’s state newspaper Global Times, China is preparing to start a ‘limited war’ in order to drive the Indian soldiers out of the troubled Doklam region. There has been a strain in relationship between China and India since June when the Indian soldiers entered Doklam area which is situated in the middle of Bhutan and China. The Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese soldiers from building a road in that region. Both the Chinese and the Bhutanese lay claim to the area. The Indian army entered the area upon request of Bhutan and as a result, a standoff ensued between the two armies since then. A researcher by the name Hu Xi Yong from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that the tension between both the Chinese and Indian forces won’t last long as China’s limited military action could start within one week. According to Yong, the Chinese government would notify the Indian foreign ministry before taking any military action...
Video emerges showing clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers (Video): Reuters is reporting that Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in an altercation in the western Himalayas on Tuesday, according to Indian sources. Video capturing the altercation between the two countries shows tensions rising in what is already a two-month standoff in another part of the disputed border.