Donald Trump as the Slave Master of the Black Athlete Plantation | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Donald Trump as the Slave Master of the Black Athlete Plantation

First, let’s get this out of the way. The NFL kneeling protests have nothing to do with the flag or the anthem. They are about the persistent problem of racism in America, especially with regard to policing. Trump and his army of racist overseer trolls can try to spin it anyway they want, but it’s about racism. (Trump lamented that white NASCAR drivers don’t bother us with this nonsense.) They can act all butt-hurt about how much the flag means to them, but it’s not about the flag. It’s a common racist trick to make any unwanted racial protest an “attack on America.” Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights activists of the 1960s were routinely called “communists” who wanted to “destroy” America. Trump’s pathetic attempt to make this about the flag only reinforces the fact that this is about racism. “It’s not what the black people say it is. It’s what I say it is.”

(*Alrighty Then Mister President


You need to learn some history.....

Ethan Allen and...

Old Leftie! This article you posted is racist bullshit. You want to divide and make people mad? Well it is working! Good to see you outa the closet.

re: want to divide and make people mad?


(*you nailed it .
precisely how I feel everytime I see an article Ben And Tuck tearing a liberal apart But we have been told a million times it isnt racist
it's fascist , so you must have missed the article's point . albeit , he did make a great secondary pitch on the racist element in the situation)

(*Corporate Fascism , to be clear)

Old Lamer is racist against Trump.


Because Trump is not the Kenyan.

Who Is The Kenyan Then ?



(*If you read this website , Youre supposed to be better then that
doesn't mean you have to be.)

LOOK AT THE KID FRONT & CENTER facing camera not flag


(*"Kick that Son Of A Bitch out of school !"
the White horse
But back then , they probably didn't have the level of integrity , that we've grown accustomed to in todays top executive office ,
, so the liberal teacher , and the rest of the dumbass class probably never bothered to turn it into the national scandal it deserved to become )

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