The horrors of ‘the first 9/11’ are routinely overlooked | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The horrors of ‘the first 9/11’ are routinely overlooked

On September 11, 1973, Salvador Allende’s democratic government in Chile was ousted by United States-backed forces in one of the Cold War’s defining moments. Allende himself was killed during the coup while his presidential palace, La Moneda, was extensively bombed. Many thousands of Chileans were either murdered, “disappeared”, imprisoned, and coerced to emigrate or enter exile. Allende’s widow and family were forced to go into hiding in Mexico for many years.


The horrors of ‘the first


The horrors of ‘the first 9/11’ are routinely overlooked

(*Because It Has Been Decided For Us ThatThe Horrors Of The Obama Era Are Far More Horific , Illegal , Immoral , and The Worst In History , which , by the way is kind of being rewritten to show that Bush , because of the "R" beside his name on the roster is in leaque with what is being spun into "The Strong Leadership From The Right" , which you can ponder while you consider The Strong Leader From The Right , President Trump had to turn to "The Socialist NAZI Fascists On The EVIL Left" to get the debt ceiling raised higher . However we all know that action isn't as sweet as it sounds , so give it a year , maybe even nine months , or less before we start hearing how The Debt Ceiling Hike Of 2017 Was Done By The Democrats , To Damage Trumps Credibility , and you'll know it's accurate because you saw a talking head on FOX NEWS Frothing About It .
The very credible FOX NEWS , who has a lot of very good people , by the way , did their part to ensure The horrors of ‘the first 9/11’ were routinely overlooked , In Real Time)