Indo-Pak Crisis: Initial Assessment | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Indo-Pak Crisis: Initial Assessment

Hostilities between the two broke out after India claimed to have bombed one of Jaish-e-Mohammed's bases in Pakistan in retaliation for the group's involvement in the Pulwama attack, which India also says that Pakistani state institutions were involved in planning, though it didn't publicly provide any proof to back up either of these two claims.

Nevertheless, Pakistan says that India violated the Line of Control (LoC) for the first time since their 1971 war, which is why it shot down one of its jets and even captured the pilot before swiftly releasing him as a goodwill gesture that Prime Minister Khan said was to show his country's peaceful intentions. Wing Commander Abhinandan quickly became the human face of this conflict and tensions seemed to abate after he returned home, though heavy shelling still persisted along the LoC. Even so, the Indian Ambassador to Russia told Sputnik over the weekend that his country wasn't considering any more strikes against Pakistan at the moment.