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Jordan King confirms steadfast position on Jerusalem

Jordanian King Abdullah II has reaffirmed the country’s position regarding the occupied city of Jerusalem saying “Jerusalem is a red line” for him and that the Jordanian people fully stand with him on this issue.

King Abdullah said during a meeting with dignitaries from the Jordanian province of Zarqa: “I am not going to change my position regarding Jerusalem, the Jordanians’ position regarding Jerusalem is clear and we in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have a historic duty towards Jerusalem and the holy sites there. Jerusalem is a red line, and my people stand with me,” he said.

Pressure is being exercised on him personally to change the kingdom’s position regarding the occupied city, he said, stressing that “no one can pressure Jordan on this subject, and the answer will be (No), because all Jordanians stand with me in one row and the Arabs and Muslims will stand with us on the subject of Jerusalem.”

Earlier this month, King Abdullah warned US officials of the consequences of the Israeli escalations in occupied Jerusalem following the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Jewish extremists.