New Study Reveals Shocking Information About Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims (Video) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New Study Reveals Shocking Information About Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims (Video)

As was the case when candidate Trump said things on the campaign trail, now that he is president, often times after Donald Trump makes certain comments he is immediately laughed at by both the Democrats and the mainstream media. Considering how often both groups have underestimated Trump, and how often he’s proven them wrong, one would think they might have learned by now to hold off on the ridicule, at least temporarily.

When Donald Trump said he believes he not only won the electoral vote, but that he also won the popular vote if all the fraud was removed from the final numbers, the far-left went bananas. At least they’re consistent, right? Now President Trump has launched an investigation into the alleged voter fraud, and Democrats and the mainstream media are in full panic mode.

What follows in the video below, and in two posts that will follow this one, should demonstrate that there is good reason for the far-left to begin panicking. Based on what we've learned from two separate nonpartisan watchdog groups who estimate as many as seven million votes for Hillary could have been fraudulent, what we’ve learned about a newly opened investigation by Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), John Roth, that is investigating why Obama’s DHS attempted to hack several state’s election systems, and what we’ve learned about a new study performed by political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University, it looks like Democrats might have good reason to be nervous…