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Is President Maduro ‘Illegitimate’? 10 Facts To Counter The Lies

the following from 15yUltimo indeed delivers the facts straight. It’s important for those still sharing the ‘democracy = elections’ dream not to wind up in error on the subject of Venezuela – the last election that saw Maduro defeat his opponents was clean, transparent, and fair by the liberal, western standards of late modernity. FRN is not of the view that legitimacy and sovereignty are determined by the specific mechanics of what a particular time and place considers ‘democratic’, or that ‘democratic = legitimate’. This is a larger historical, theoretical, and philosophical question which, however, has deep ramifications if one wants to be consistent. Venezuela is a sovereign state because it asserts itself as such through its actions. Maduro is the legitimate leader of Venezuela for reasons beyond the scope of the below. Still, the Empire has decided that their attack on Venezuela will use, as an opening, a debate over whether specific and somewhat fetishized technical practices occurred or did not occur in the last election.