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Scott Adams: Border Funding, Weed, #40YearsofFailure, Apologies

Will Congress ignore border experts and disrespect the public?
Any diff between the experts and Congress without explanation…
…is spitting in the face of the American public
“Finish the Wall” is clever framing
“USA” hats, seen at the rally last night, smart move by campaign
President Trump’s new hashtag for Iran, support for Iranian people
AOC…every Dem candidate for President, backs her Green Deal
AOC in effect is already running the Democrat party
Virginia’s non-quitters planning to hang in there
Supporters overlooking their sins cause they were so long ago
The 20 year rule applies, if they’re better people today
A “festival of apologies” is developing, between Dems
David Duke endorses Democrat Congressperson Omar
People can like something…for completely different reasons
Kamala supports recreational weed…cause it brings people joy
Good political answer, smart voter persuasion by Kamala
Legalization is an obvious, easy path to free votes
BBC reports a Trump supporter beat up one of their reporters
Rule 1: First version of an emerging story is generally wrong
A point / counter-point listing for climate change arguments
Qualified people on both sides offer their arguments
Provide links and data to support arguments / rebuttals

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