Scott Adams: China, Iran, NK, Trump Taxes, Socialism, Coffee, and Guns | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: China, Iran, NK, Trump Taxes, Socialism, Coffee, and Guns

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Gun control proposal: Make it illegal for Democrats to own guns
Why would Dems object? Solves half the problem
Another Proposal: ALL gun owners REQUIRED to join NRA
They promote gun safety, responsible use, important stuff
NRA membership is essentially gun control and safety
Jerry Nadler and Congressional Oversight
Manufacturing crimes and stalking President Trump
People are being manipulated into committing crimes…
…without even realizing they’re committing a crime
NYT legally obtained some…illegally obtained, Presidential tax info
If you understand business and taxes, smart, legal tax stuff
If you understand finance, nothing unusual in his taxes
China is smart, nobody says they aren’t
They’re stalling for time, wearing down the other side
Our pending election puts TIME on their side, so stalling
President Trump tweets China waiting/hoping for Biden
There’s NO WAY China agrees to a deal before election
Do we need a deal? Tariffs of 100 Billion sounds pretty good
Russian armament sales are a major portion of their economy
World instability is extremely profitable for Russia
World instability also good for American armament industries
President Trump was the TOP MALE recipient of FEMALE donations
President Trump, TOP MALE candidate…per FEMALE donors
Monmouth University poll says only 10% like socialism
Okay…but Dems don’t label what they want as “socialism”
Social Media banning people
Urgent need for some sort of appeals, 2nd chance process
James Woods ban is a perfect test case for appeals process
He referenced a famous movie line in a tweet
What punishment…if any, does that deserve?
Who should get to decide?