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Scott Adams: Summer Fake News, Wall Construction, Iran

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S.E. Cupp asks why Kamala can’t seem to get traction
Have you seen Kamala’s tweets and the way she speaks?
She doesn’t seem to know how to “unlawyer”
Biden’s approach to climate change is…let’s go slow?
How does he sell that to his base with 12 year fears?
President Trump tweets for Iran to call him
He’ll treat their leaders with respect…while negotiating tough
NO Democrats have gone in to read the unredacted Mueller report
Multiple Republicans have gone in to read it
Not one single Democrat wants to read it, nobody is interested?
No curiosity, NOTHING useful for Dems in Mueller’s report?
DJ Akira the Don tweets about power of music to control people
The ability of music to manipulate emotions and behavior
NPR piece on Gen IV nuclear power
Far left NPR raising awareness of SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
Have the Democrats made a massive miscalculation on Biden electability?
He doesn’t excite…ANYONE
Alyssa Milano declares a “sex strike”
Finally…someone has brought the country together
Historically, it HAS been done before…and successfully
Respect to Alyssa for her commitment to activism
CO2 high absorption rate of a certain bush…plant more of those bushes?
Several CO2 scrubbing solutions look promising
Nuclear energy has moved from engineering to persuasion psychology
Nuclear is scary? Climate change is also scary
Gen III nuclear plants have NEVER melted down…not once
Gen IV is even safer and consume nuclear waste
How many Gen III or Gen IV nuclear meltdowns would you risk…
…to solve climate change?