Time for that Old Time False Flag Redux. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Time for that Old Time False Flag Redux.

Get ready people because they are at it again. Yes, those wild and crazy, zany Marx Brother’s typos posing as art students, without palettes, brushes or berets are back on the scene. We’re hearing from people in B.C. and maybe we’ll even hear from people in A.D. that… Israelis with vans and pickups are modifying their rides for the mini-monster truck, explosive competitions. They’re hot and heavy. They’re in a hurry. They got to get it online, on time and never mind, it’s coming to an urban area somewhere in the great gentile, murder land of the not so United States, Canada or wherever there are a lot of you useless breeders and eaters.

Why are they revving up now? Well, folks, the bottom has dropped out on the 9/11 concealment industry. The Apocalypse is going nova with getting the truth some new walking around shoes. Everywhere you look now there’s a new group that’s hammering on that old 9/11 side walking, side winding blues. They know that ‘some of us’ know that they know that we know that they know that we know and they got to get the focus off the truth. Truth is a hot, scalding discomfort for the Zionist world conquest tour. Who knew that Zionism actually meant the entire planet? Go figure. It doesn’t matter what you figure because they got a Chinese abacus that says, “You lose”.