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Wanted Posters Issued for Alleged Israeli War Criminals

Tim King Salem-News.com

A group in Israel is exposing members of its government charged with war crimes.

(JERUSALEM / SALEM) – By now many already know that a series of wanted posters have been issued to help identify and possibly some day bring to justice, a number of Israeli officials who are suspected of acts of genocide and illegal warfare[1].

The posters were created and posted by an Israeli human rights group that is maintaining a great deal of anonymity at this point. Their Internet site, as Haaretz relates, details “alleged war crimes committed by senior government officials and Israel Defense Forces officers.”[2]

Some of the posters are included with this report, but there are many more. It is also safe to say that there are many, many more, but the lower level soldiers almost always get away with war crimes in Israel, like sniping ambulance drivers in Gaza during the unprecedented attack on mostly civilian targets on Gaza Strip[3].

Allegations of violations of International Law are not by any means restricted to the 2008/2009 winter siege on Gaza either, known as “Operation Cast Lead”, which claimed the lives of more than 1400. Schools and hospitals were targeted.

There is a history of war crimes committed by Israelis since the earliest days of the occupation; during the Nakba in 1948, at places like Deir Yassin. For more information about the Nakba or to read testimonials from people who experienced it, please visit the link below titled “The Nakba: Preserving our Narrative.” [4]

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