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Afghanistan hit by record number of bombs

Air Force and allied warplanes are dropping a record number of bombs on Afghanistan targets.

For the first half of 2008, aircraft dropped 1,853 bombs — more than they released during all of 2006 and more than half of 2007’s total — 3,572 bombs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: very graphic picture of a dead Afghani child at the top of this article.

No country on this planet has ever successfully won a land war from the air. The outgoing NATO U.S. Forces commander has stated in plain English that we need around 400,000 troops to do this successfully: we only have 47,000 troops in Afghanistan now, and where the precisely the additional 353,000 troops are supposed to come from, no one has a clue.

What the US and NATO troops can do with continuing such assaults, is to further radicalize Afghanis against the Karzai government, and make the Taliban look like the good guys.

So what now?

Continue to bomb the hell out of the country, declare victory, and leave?

Or attempt to include insurgents into the political process and discussion?

The second possibility is the only logical thing the Karzai government, the US and NATO can do, if there is going to be any possibility of peace for this country.

Unfortunately, this administration and logic have never had much of an on-going relationship.