Free Expression; Tweedledum and Tweedledee. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Free Expression; Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

I went to a news item about John McCain and it didn’t make sense to me. He was talking about Iran threatening Israel. I never see Iran threatening Israel. I do see Israel threatening Iran but, once again, I must be missing something. I see something about Barack Obama at the same site. He’s talking about pulling out of Iraq and I can’t understand what all those massive permanent military installations are about or why I get the feeling that there’s one body with two heads giving the illusion that something different is possible when neither side acknowledges that 9/11 was a government operation. I don’t understand why Israel, with one of the most powerful military capacities in the world, is made to look like a frightened virgin surrounded by an outlaw biker gang.

It’s even weirder when this frightened virgin is hammering a population in apartheid and doing what looks to me like really evil things and it’s perfectly okay. Every day they push the Palestinians deeper and deeper into a smaller corner. They do things that would earn universal condemnation for anyone else, yet tweedledee and tweedledum keep saying that nobody is going to hurt their pal, this frightened swooning virgin. I can’t get a handle on it.