Venezuela sends 15,000 troops to Colombia border | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Venezuela sends 15,000 troops to Colombia border

President Hugo Chavez's government is sending 15,000 soldiers to the border with Colombia, saying the military buildup is needed to increase security, combat drug trafficking and root out paramilitary groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Chavez is not so much sending a message to Columbia as it is sending a message to the US, which has recently signed a "military base pact" with Columbia.

As reported here on 30 October, 2009:

"In a private, low-key ceremony, the U.S. ambassador and three Colombian ministers today signed a pact to expand Washington’s military’s presence, a deal that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has called a threat to the region’s security."

"No details of the pact were immediately provided. However, officials have said it would increase U.S. access to seven Colombian bases for 10 years."

Under the pact, U.S. military personnel will continue to enjoy diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Some Colombians had objected to exempting U.S. military personnel from local criminal jurisdiction."