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Russia Isolated? US And Britain Excluded From Syria Summit

There were several takeaways from the recent Quadrilateral Summit in Istanbul on finding a peaceful settlement to the war in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin convened with his counterparts from Turkey, Germany and France for a two-day summit last weekend in a convivial and constructive atmosphere.

The four powers signed a communique emphasizing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. It was Putin who underscored the inviolability of the Syrian government of President Assad as the internationally recognized authority in the Arab country. The communique also endorsed the right of the Syrian nation to self-determination over the future political settlement, free from external interference.

These principles have been stated before in a previous UN Security Council Resolution 2254. But it seems more than ever that the sovereignty of Syria has been widely accepted. Recall that not too long ago, Turkey and France were calling for President Assad to stand down. That demand is no longer tenable, at least as far as the four powers attending the Istanbul summit are concerned.

The upholding of Syrian self-determination bears the stamp of Russia’s long-held position. The acceptance of this position by Turkey, Germany and France is testimony to the key role Russia has established in ending the nearly eight-year war in Syria and now creating the framework for a peace settlement in the war-torn country. This framework has been made possible after Russia’s principled military intervention nearly three years ago, which prevented Syria from being destroyed by Western-backed insurgents.

Ironically, the US and Britain have been pursuing a policy of trying to isolate and delegitimize Russia in international relations. Evidently from the Quadrilateral Summit in Istanbul, Moscow is far from isolated. It is perhaps the linchpin power for the reconstruction of Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because it was not invited to the conference, is no guarantee that the US government will do the right thing, which would be it's pulling its military from the country; Israel still wants, desperately, for the US to destabilize Syria to the point where it will become a failed state.

And as of 24 September, 2018, John Bolton made the following statement:

John Bolton says the US will stay in Syria until Iran and its Proxies are Gone

For Bolton to have made this statement, it is painfully clear that the US government is perfectly fine with catching hostile fire from Syrian, Iranian, and/or Russian forces in Syria.

This creates a potential for war by the US and Israel against Russia, Syria, and Iran.