MAJOR: Maduro Successfully Evicts CIA Infected U.S Embassy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

MAJOR: Maduro Successfully Evicts CIA Infected U.S Embassy

Employees of the US Embassy in Venezuela left the diplomatic mission. This is stated on the website of the Foreign Ministry of Venezuela.

“We inform you that on January 25, the staff of the US diplomatic mission in Caracas was recalled in accordance with the deadlines set,” the statement reads.

Maduro issued an order to the U.S Embassy in Venezuela, that it must ‘evict’ and that U.S citizens must leave. Pretender to the presidency, Guaido, stated to the contrary that the U.S can and should stay. He issued the formal letter on National Assembly letterhead, and signed it ‘President of the Republic’. U.S officials initially recognized this letter as legitimate, and stated their intention to remain in the Bolivarian republic.

When Venezuelan officials reminded the U.S Embassy that not only was this contrary to law in theory, but that in practice their water and power could be shut-off instantaneously, the U.S began to reconsider its position, and staff began to return back to Washington D.C.