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November 2, 2015

Nov 02 08:11

13 UN Hostages Freed in S. Sudan Week after Abduction

Thirteen UN workers kidnapped by rebels in South Sudan have been freed a week after their abduction, the UN said on Monday.

Nov 02 08:11

Russian Bombers Destroy 237 ISIL, Nusra Front Targets in Syria in 2 Days

Russian bombers has carried out 131 sorties and destroyed 237 ISIL and Nusra Front targets in Syria's provinces of Hama, Latakia, Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa over the past 48 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.

Nov 02 08:10

Refugee Inflow Through Russia-Norway Border 'Huge Challenge'

The increased wave of refugees crossing the Russian-Norwegian border has become a serious challenge and both sides must deal with it, Ole Andreas Lindeman, the Consul General of Norway in the Russian city of Murmansk, said Thursday.

Nov 02 08:10

URGENT: Terrorists Confirm Death of 3 Top Commanders in Aleppo

Terrorist groups acknowledged the death of, at least, 3 senior commanders in Syrian airstrikes on the Takfiri militants' positions in Aleppo province.
Syrian army troops killed and injured all members of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group in a town in the countryside of Homs. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940811000300
The Syrian Army announced on Monday that its forces have engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL militants around Palmyra (Tadmur) in Central province of Homs. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940811000853
Battlefield sources announced on Monday that most of the militant positions, mainly those of ISIL, have come under large-scale operations of the Syrian army, popular forces and Hezbollah in the Eastern and Southeastern sides of Aleppo. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940811000724

Nov 02 08:10

‘No infrastructure for so many people’: German village of 102 getting ready to house… 750 refugees

A small German village containing just 102 residents and with almost no infrastructure will have to accommodate as many as 750 asylum seekers after a decision by the regional authorities. Villagers fear the area will be unable to cope with the burden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The regional authorities should take these 750 into their own homes and leave everyone else alone!

Nov 02 08:09

Pentagon Sees South China Sea Dispute Driving Calls for US Presence

Making the rounds in the Pacific and southeast Asia in his latest overseas trip, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter bragged about the growing regional interest around the South China Sea in hosting a US presence, attributing it to the disputes with China in the area.

China is one of 10 nations in the region around the South China Sea with conflicting maritime claims. The US largely doesn’t get involved in those disputes unless one of the parties involved is China, in which case the US always backed the other party.

Though most of these disputes have existed as irrelevant boundary disputes for many decades, the US has gotten a great deal of mileage out of railing at China for building an artificial island in the area near the Spratlys. This has included the US making high-profile sail-bys of the island, and making it clear they are doing so purely to spite China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Ashton Carter; sir, were I you, I would not be quite so quick to dismiss either China's military capabilities, or its political will to have the US leave them alone.

As you should be aware, the US government rarely gets what it is paying for, in terms of its military hardware and software, and the field performance thereof. In China, there is a tacit agreement between weapons manufacturers and the Chinese government that when weapons are field-deployed, they work as advertised, period, end of discussion.

As reported at the South China Morning Post on 3 September, 2015:

Fuelled by booming defence spending, the People’s Liberation Army is expected to today showcase breakthroughs in missile technology and military aircraft that reflect its increasing focus on projecting force beyond its borders, especially adjacent seas where it competes with neighbours for territory and resources. Here are 10 military hardware pieces that analysts and other nation’s defence experts will likely be watching out for.

Right now, the US military does not have the money, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with China.

And even with the US Navy defending these allies, the issue of quite how effective the US Navy can be against the newest weapons in the Chinese military arsenal, is ....questionable, at best.

Nov 02 08:09

Ordinary Chinese blame America for the Russian plane crash

"America's revenge did not take long." (480 likes) Jiangsu, Nantong

"The hand of American gangsters is behind all this!" (145 likes), Tianjin

"Mourning for the victims of the Russian people" (129 likes) Henan Nanyang

"99% it is connected to the USA" (38 likes) Jiangsu Wuxi

Webmaster's Commentary: 

US is not much loved around the world these days!

Nov 02 08:07

Rothschild Bankster Indicted for Illegal Banking Activities

Baron David de Rothschild was recently indicted by the French government after he was accused of fraud in a scheme that allegedly embezzled large sums of money from British pensioners.

Nov 02 08:05

Why the Most Liberal Cities Have the Worst Wealth Inequality

Wealth inequality has long been the cause célèbre of the Left, who are always quick to point the finger at the private interests in our society. They always blame the corporations and the banks for dominating the economy, and they criticize the government for not doing anything to stop them. While there is certainly an argument to be made there, it ignores one simple fact that most liberals would rather ignore. The cities where they predominately live, have some of the worst income inequality rates in the country.

That’s right. The places where they have the most influence over the laws, often have the widest divide between the rich and the poor. Of course, conservative areas are known for having this problem too, but in their case it’s not across the board. For instance, the South is riddled with income inequality, while the Midwest is fairly equal.

Nov 02 08:05

Catalonia and the Move Against Empires

Recently, the people of Catalonia voted in favour of seceding from Spain.

In the recent election, secessionist parties secured 72 out of the 135 seats, confirming that the majority of voters want secession. Artur Mas, region president of Catalonia and the leader of the Junts pel Sí movement, is seeking independence from Spain in 18 months.

This is great news for libertarians the world over, as, to our minds, this is a clear step forward for the Catalan people and for those who seek greater freedom from governments worldwide. And, of course, any blow against the present trend toward empires is a step in the right direction.

Nov 02 08:05

Windows 10 growth sluggish as Windows 7/8.x users stick with their OS

The monthly desktop operating system usage share figures are in from NetMarketShare and they show that Windows 10 growth is slowing down as Windows 7 and Windows 8.x users stick with their operating system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Windows 10 will open us all to more surveillance, possibly break older applications forcing us to buy upgrades which we cannot afford, take hours of time to install and configure, and based on Microsoft's history, will come with thousands of bugs which will cut into our productivity in the coming years. Microsoft hasn't given anyone a reason to go through all that other than that is what Microsoft wants! They can't GIVE their product away any more!

Nov 02 07:56

U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad

Nov 02 07:55

Want Your Testicles Batoned? If Not, Act Now

Was I ever surprised today when watching a Next News Network video about National Guard training. It said that “civil unrest” could lead to soldiers whacking citizens with batons “below the waist.”

Nov 02 07:53

A CIVIL WAR ERUPTS: Irate and fed up Swedes are now setting muslim ‘refugee’ centers on fire

Nov 02 07:50

Israel hosts its largest-ever international air force exercise

The “Blue Flag” exercise, which is continuing through November 3, pits the Israeli Air Force, the United States Air Force, Greece’s Hellenic Air Force and the Polish Air Force against a fictional enemy state, the captain in charge of all IAF exercises told The Times of Israel Thursday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did something "get away" from them and hit the Russian jetliner? That was the case with TWA 800, likely the case with MH370, and military accidents killing passengers jets are a little-reported fact of life!

Nov 02 07:50


With a debate raging over whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe, it seems reasonable that people would look toward the media, academia and scientists for answers. But major biotech companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Dow know this, too, and seem to be engaged in an effort to rig the results. GMOs are produced by recombinant DNA technology. How it works sounds like science fiction, or something out of a horror movie. Imagine: Genes from an insecticide are inserted into the genome of the corn plant, thus producing a crop that resists insects. The insecticide is made from the protein of a bacteria closely related to anthrax, and it works by making the guts of the insect explode.

Nov 02 07:47

Canada, United States to perform observation flight over Russia

"On October 2-6, as part of implementation of the international Open Skies Treaty, a joint Canadian-US mission plans to perform an observation flight over the territory of the Russian Federation on board a Canadian C-130J observation plane," chief of the ministry’s national Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Sergey Ryzhkov told TASS. During the flight, which will be performed along an agreed route, Russian specialists on board will control the use of surveillance equipment and observation of treaty provisions, Ryzhkov said. He also said that in the framework of the treaty, on November 2-6, a Russian group of inspectors plans to perform an observation flight on board a Russian An-30B aircraft over the territory of Germany.

Nov 02 07:46

It's funny how they made it out for the past week or so that Trump was #2 when he was really only number two in Iowa. Now a new poll has emerged showing how Donald Trump has 'Trumped' them all.

(INTELLIHUB) — A new poll released Oct. 30th by Investors.com reveals that Donald Trump is still the top GOP contender at 28% compared to Dr. Ben Carson who is now sitting at 23%. While Carson dropped one point from the previous month–Trump surged a whopping 11 percent.

Nov 02 07:43

Media: Egypt Air’s contract on maintenance of Kogalymavia aircraft expired 3 months ago

...Egypt’s local daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Monday citing an unnamed source in the Egyptian air company. According to the source in Egypt Air, the company operating at the Sharm el-Sheikh Airport, from where the ill-fated flight took off on Saturday morning, "had a contract for maintenance of the [Russian] company’s aircraft, which expired three month ago." Therefore, according to the source, the technical "inspection of the aircraft [by Egypt Air] did not take place before its flight."
Search area at Sinai crash site expanded to 30 square kilometers http://tass.ru/en/world/833510
A321 black boxes to be decoded in Egypt or in France http://tass.ru/en/world/833506
No possible causes of air crash in Egypt should be ruled out http://tass.ru/en/politics/833432

Nov 02 07:43

Russian airline reveals holiday jet crash could only have been caused by a 'mechanical impact' and NOT a technical fault or pilot error... as evidence points towards a bomb

Fears were growing today that a bomb could have destroyed the Russian holiday jet that crashed in Egypt killing all 224 people on board.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess someone wanted revenge on Russia for going into Syria. Now who could that be? One thing we know is that it is not ISIS as the photos and video put forward have all been exposed as fakes. This is a classic false-flag. There is one report. not yet confirmed, that security at the departure airport is handled by an Israeli company. It needs to be remembered that Israeli companies were also in charge of security at the airports used by the Shoe Bomber, the Crotch bomber, and all the 9-11 flights.

Nov 02 07:42


Did you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030? And did you know that a central database in Geneva, Switzerland will be collecting data from many of these cards? Previously, I have written about the 17 new “Global Goals” that the UN launched at the end of September. Even after writing several articles about these new Global Goals, I still don’t think that most of my readers really grasp how insidious they actually are. This new agenda truly is a template for a “New World Order”, and if you dig into the sub-points for these new Global Goals you find some very alarming things.

For example, Goal 16.9 sets the following target…

“By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Information control of this magnitude means control and tracking of everything you do; this is not innocuous, but diabolical in its scope and breadth.

It is not "for the good of the people", but for the good of the corporations, which will NOT be tracked, or surveilled, no matter how underhanded, and thoroughly immoral, their deals may be, perhaps leading to wars, and more wars, because they are profitable.

Nov 02 07:41


The buck, he suggests, stops not with censors or networks, but with the audience, with whose consent these authorities operate. Here's a transcript.?

In a 1959 interview with Mike Wallace, The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling described his experiences fighting the "antiseptic, rigid" qualities of censorship.

In this clip above, he describes "precensorship"—what would now be more often described as self-censorship—the prior knowledge of the writer of what he cannot get through, and therefore shies away from.

Nov 02 07:39

Chipotle-Linked E. Coli Outbreak: 'Jump in Cases' Expected

Health officials expect the number of people sickened by an E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle restaurants in Washington state and Oregon to grow while they investigate the cause of the infection.

As of Friday, three people in the Portland area and 19 people in western Washington had become sick from E. coli. Seventeen of them had eaten at a Chipotle restaurant during the past few weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Isn't the USDA and FDA supposed to prevent this from happening?

Or is this a case of industrial sabotage, given Chipotle's non-GMO stance?

Nov 02 07:37

Unrecognized Donetsk republic accuses Kiev of violating ceasefire 16 times over 24 hours

According to Donetsk News Agency citing DPR defense ministry, Ukrainian forces shelled the settlements of Spartak, Veseloye, Zhabunki, Shirokaya Balka, Kamenka and Krasny Partizan in DPR’s Yasinovatsky district, the settlement of Mikhylovka in the west of Donetsk and Kybyshevsky district. According to the DPR defense ministry, Ukrainian forces shelled DPR from positions in Avdeyevka, Peski, Kamenka and Butovka mine from artillery of 152mm caliber and mortars of 120mm and 82mm caliber. A total of 80 shells were fired over 24 hours. It was earlier reported that a resident of Oktyabrsky settlement in Donetsk’s Kuybyshevsky district was injured in the shelling by Ukrainian forces. On October 30 another resident was injured in the shelling by Kiev forces in Donetsk. DPR authorities addressed the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with a request to hold emergency Contact Group talks in connection with repeated violations of ceasefire regime in Donbass.

Nov 02 07:36


When Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s, he invited dozens of donors to spend the night at the White House. The practice provoked considerable controversy, but continues to pay dividends his wife, now running to occupy the Oval Office. The Center for Public Integrity reports that more than half of the donors it first identified as participants in what it called the “Fat Cat Hotel” two decades ago have contributed to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. “Of the 66 original ‘Fat Cats’ still living, 34 have donated a total of $1.15 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the super PACs supporting her since January 2013,” Liz Essley Whyte wrote. Most of the 34 individuals gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign $2,700, the maximum allowed under federal law during the primaries.

Nov 02 07:29

Kiev shares Russia’s grief over Sinai plane crash

One young man arriving told TASS of his surprise at seeing the offerings. "I thought I would be the one to come. But I see crowds of people, a sea of flowers, and people crying," he said. "Last year, nobody came after a Moscow metro accident. People were afraid as radicals were constantly on guard here and it was dangerous". "I felt ashamed for my country," he added. "But at last, people have recollected that we are brothers," said the man, refusing to give his name and calling himself "just a rank-and-file Kiever".
...Inscriptions alongside proclaim "Russia, we love and mourn together with you!", "Loved ones, we are with you, stand firm!", "We mourn together with Russia", "Russia, we are one people in spirit and blood!"

Nov 02 07:24

5 months in jail in Ireland for doubting “Holocaust" In Ennis, County Clare: Irishman sentenced to jail for being “offensive”

The defendant offended against “the greatest crime perpetrated...in the history of mankind,” said Judge Patrick Durcan. Shall Irish Zionists be imprisoned for giving offense due to negative characterizations of Palestinians, or has a special category of the offended been created for what the judge in this case hyperbolically termed, “the greatest crime perpetrated...in the history of mankind”?

Nov 02 07:22

The Extinction of Privacy and Personal Security Via Biometrics and the Cashless Society

By Graham Vanbergen

In a survey of 1,000 UK shoppers by the retail personalisation company RichRelevance, respondents were asked to rate a suite of in-store shopping technologies as either “cool” or “creepy”, and facial recognition fell decidedly on the creepy end of the scale.

In this survey it was found that companies will soon be using a range of technical tools to achieve sales via personalised product recommendations and promotions, screens displaying their products, possibly utilising an image of you and even getting assistants to bring products, say clothes, and automatically unlock dressing room doors.

Of course, the only way they can do this is by using facial recognition systems. As soon as you walk in store, your mobile gives you away...

Nov 02 07:22


There is one thing the deal makes clear, however. The Pentagon's share of the spending increases would be $33 billion in FY16, made up of a $25B increase in the Pentagon’s base budget and an $8B increase in the OCO. As for how the Pentagon’s $15 billion increase in FY17 will be allocated, the report in Defense News is silent.

Nov 02 07:15

CAUTION VOTERS: Trump slams Obama's Syrian plan! Carson in favor of the plan.

Nov 02 07:13

Death as an advisor

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson

Nov 02 07:11


Some of our readers have written to us, expressing confusion, surprise and dismay over Russia's recent decision to ban certain revisionist views of World War II and the HolyHoax. For the past 20 years, alternative scholars and researchers such as David Duke have been able to speak and write freely in the new Russia. This recent law appears to contradict the trend towards academic freedom, as well as freedom from Big Jewry, that had been established in Russia. After all, it was Putin who made the "anti-Semite" Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago mandatory reading in Russian High Schools. And it was Putin who hounded the Jewish Oligarchs into prison or out of Russia. And it was Putin who publicly said that the Bolsheviks were mainly Jewish. And it was Putin who blocked, and continues to block, the planned Jewish Holy Wars against Syria and Iran. What is going on here? Does this mean that Putin has suddenly sold out to the Jews, ala Rand Paul, as some have suggested?

Nov 02 06:58

100,000 People Face Winter In Tents And Animal Shelters In Gaza

By John Vibes

A spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees said this week that close to 100,000 people in Gaza will be spending this winter in tents, animal shelters, and shacks that will not do much at all to keep them out of the elements.

According to the spokesman, some children froze to death in Gaza last year due to inadequate living conditions...

Nov 02 05:52

A Conversation With Gilad Atzmon

21st Century Wire 'A Conversation with Gilad Atzmon' - Host Patrick Henningsen and special guest award-winning musician and author, Gilad Atzmon, discussing the power of the Israeli lobby in Europe and the US, and a deeper look into Jewish identity politics as detailed in Atzmon's new book, 'The Wandering Who?'.Don't miss this engaging discussion. This show aired in 2012 on SKY Channel 191 Paradigm Shift TV(PSTV) in the UK.

Nov 02 05:51

$43M, US-funded gas station in Afghanistan ?!?!?

'Colossal waste': Watchdog slams $43M, US-funded gas station in Afghanistan

It might be the world's most expensive gas station — not to mention a gross misuse of taxpayer money, according to a top government watchdog.

(*something stinks)

Nov 02 05:11

Palestinian Teen Killed [BEX>>>] after "Alleged" stabbing attempt

Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian who they say tried to stab a soldier in the West Bank on Monday, in the latest such incident in more than a month of violence. Palestinian officials said he was 16 years old.
Eleven Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings. Sixty-nine Palestinians have died by Israeli fire

(*I am of the opinion that the alleged stabbings consist primarily of the sustenance of bovine excrement . They're just killing these kids , and then lying about the circumstances . Why Not ? They'll destroy the home the kid came from without remorse .
I am also of the opinion the number of Israelis killed is a cooked number , because I think the notion of Palestinian attacks is flat out Bull$#!^)

Nov 02 04:28

Gilad Atzmon To Testify As EXPERT WITNESS In Canadian "Hate Crime' Trial Of Arthur Topham!

This is outstanding! Arthur Topham has responded to a fellow Canadian truth journalist Henry Makow in revealing additional details about his hate crime trial, which is entering its' 2nd and final week up in Canada. It turns out that renowned author, Israeli critic and pro freedom activist GILAD ATZMON has arrived in Canada and will testify as an expert witness in Topham's trial this week. The trial is being held in the city of Quesnel.

Nov 01 19:21

US terror-state invades Syria, uses chemical weapons, bombs hospitals, lies that Russia bombs hospitals

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

The US is a government of dicts: rule by what is said/dictated rather than limited government under our Constitution.

President Obama has declared further US unlawful War of Aggression to invade Syria; in usual irony to ignore all 16 previous promises of “no boots on the ground.” War law is crystal-clear in letter and intent: two treaties that armed attack is illegal unless under armed attack by another nation’s government.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s investigative writing was just verified that it was the US who conspired to kill over 1,400 Syrians with sarin gas in 2013. This mass-murder was a false flag event for the US to cause terror, blame a target, and then initiate an offensive military campaign propagandized as “helping innocent victims.” More analysis and video with Syria here, here.


Nov 01 18:39

One Of The Most Dangerous Volcanoes In North America Is Roaring To Life

More than 25 million people live in the vicinity of North America’s 2nd-highest volcano, and in recent weeks this volcano has been steadily rumbling and has been spewing out massive amounts of black smoke and ash.

Nov 01 18:37

Denmark's Prime Minister says "I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism, ... therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy"

Bernie Sanders has long referred to himself as a socialist rather than a member of the Democratic Party, which has naturally lead to a lot of questions about what socialism means to him. He consistently references the social models of the Nordic states — and especially Denmark — as his idea of what democratic socialism is all about. But in a speech Friday evening at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that while he's flattered to see Denmark discussed in a widely-watched US presidential debate he doesn't think the socialist shoe fits.

Nov 01 18:24

Budget Deal Includes $59 Billion Pentagon Slush Fund

The National Priorities Project's Lindsay Koshgarian discusses the socially beneficial investment that could come from reallocating the billions otherwise given to the Pentagon

Nov 01 17:37

The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

By Michael Snyder

Did you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030? And did you know that a central database in Geneva, Switzerland will be collecting data from many of these cards?...

Nov 01 16:31

Half of 25-year-olds live with parents, 1 million college students ‘Sugar Babies’, 31% of adjunct profs in poverty: Demanding obvious economic solutions yet???

*hyperlinks live at source*

American so-called “higher education” does exactly what it should: prepare college students for the real world. On 2015 Earth, students must learn the Orwellian condition that what we use for money is created as debt, producing an economy adding negative numbers forever with “developed” “modern” nations now $50 trillion in debt, the top 1% having more assets than the 99% combined, and the US top 1% has more assets than the bottom 90%.

Of course, the obvious solution is to stop creating what we use for money as a negative number owed to privately-owned banks, and have government create debt-free money for the direct payment of public goods and services. A preliminary cost-benefit analysis shows each and every US household would near-instantly achieve millionaire status with this upgrade.

Nov 01 15:34


It looks as though Israel and its friends may have brought down the Russian Metrojet plane which crashed in Egypt on 31 October 2015. Israel is angry that Russia has been frustrating its plans for Syria.

Nov 01 14:21

Obama crosses his own red line

Even when President Barack Obama sent United States troops back to Iraq and ordered the military to stay in Afghanistan, he insisted Syria would remain off limits for American ground forces. Now he's crossed his own red line.

Obama's announcement on Saturday that he was deploying up to 50 US special operations troops into northern Syria to assist in the fight against Isis (Islamic State) is the kind of incremental move that has defined his second-term Mideast strategy.

The US military footprint in the region is growing. But each step is on a small scale, so as to reassure Americans that Obama isn't plunging their country into another large, open-ended conflict.

However, experts and some of Obama's political allies say his slow ramp-up may not be enough to defeat the fast-moving militants.

Frederic Hof, Obama's former Syria special adviser, said "deploying a handful of US special operations forces ...

Nov 01 14:20

Deutsche Bank withdrawal disappoints

Moves by global financial players to close New Zealand-based operations are disappointing and put the local industry in danger of losing critical mass, a top fund manager says.

On Friday, Deutsche Bank announced it would close its Auckland office as part of a global overhaul that will see the German bank exit 10 countries and shed 35,000 staff in a bid to improve returns.

Twenty-nine fixed income and support staff will be affected by the closure, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

New Zealand clients would then be serviced from Australia.

Deutsche Bank's restructuring comes hot on the heels of Goldman Sachs' proposal to shift its Auckland-based securities trading operations, which employ fewer than 20 staff, to Sydney.

Paul Glass, principal of Devon Funds Management, said it was always disappointing when a player left the market. (Disappointing for whom??)

Nov 01 13:32

Civil War Erupts in Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground

Refugee centers in Sweden are being burned to the ground in what appears to be a statement against the significant number of refugees the country has allowed in. The multiple arsons have all been at facilities whichhouse or are slated to house immigrants.

Nov 01 12:54

‘Calculated to put American troops in danger’: Why US wants escalation in Syria

Sending some 50 US advisers to Syria illegally to train the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ looks like a calculated move. If, or when, someone gets hurt, the US will have a pretext for boots on the ground, believes retired US Air Force Lieutenant Col Karen Kwiatkowski......

Nov 01 12:35


Though we cannot state with certainty what exactly happened in each of the following cases, the pattern of cover up and potential motive appear to reveal a common thread.

Nov 01 12:24

Rubio Follows the Big Money

On the morning of Halloween, the New York Times broke the scary news that Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio had won a big jackpot: the endorsement of billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Singer. But aside from citing Singer’s praise for Rubio’s “message of optimism” and “work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” the story offered little explanation of what could prove to be a decisive turning point in the GOP primary race.

Nov 01 10:39

Austrian MP: 'Zionist money Jews are the global problem'

Austrian MP agrees that "Europe, and in particular Germany, are now getting what they deserve from Zionist Jews."

Nov 01 10:39

401(k) Limit Will Not Increase for 2016

Every year the limit for 401(k) contributions is evaluated and sometimes increased for the coming year.

Nov 01 10:38

Americans are Shopping Again But Remain Selective

For the past few months it’s been reported that American consumer spending has been lower than expected, but it’s finally on the rise again as Americans are shopping again, selectively.

Nov 01 10:32

Anti-New York Times / 11/1 Russian Plane Crash?

We here at The Anti-New York Times have always been averse to jumping to hasty conclusions. But we have no qualms about quickly forming hypotheses based on preliminary data, possible motives, means, and known historical precedent.

With regard to the Halloween crash over Egypt of Russian Airbus A321, operated by Metrojet, we hereby present some pieces of the puzzle that appear, at this point - to lead to a 'conspiracy theory' involving 'the usual suspects' (cough-cough).

Webmaster addition: I reject the obvious propaganda that ISIS shot down the Russian aircraft, and am still leaning towards failure of the rear pressure bulkhead as the cause of the accident. But this article makes a suggestion that should not be dismissed out of hand which is that the plane was bombed by CIA/Mossad as "punishment" for Russia's success in Syria.

Nov 01 10:29


Mr Sarkozy was on the plane at least three times between December 2012 and February 2013, for flights from Paris to Bordeaux where he was being questioned over a separate corruption scandal.? A judge ordered two mobile phones belonging to Nicolas Sarkozy to be examined in relation to a £35million cocaine smuggling scandal, it has been revealed today. The former French president’s name appears in court papers about an attempt to fly 680kg of the drug out of the Dominican Republic.

Nov 01 10:28

Culture and conflict resolution: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Lawrence Davidson argues that the belief – advocated by the newly-founded British body Culture for Coexistence – that cultural interaction ought to promote Palestinian-Israeli peace is unfounded and camouflages Israel’s policies of oppression and ethnic cleansing.

Nov 01 10:21

Why Is The Daily Beast's Russia Critic Silent About so Many Hideous Abuses?

A comprehensive review by The Intercept of the writings of Sam Charles Hamad — author of this Daily Beast article accusing the “global left” of remaining “silent” on abuses by Russia — reveals that he has been completely silent, shockingly and appallingly so, about the following wide array of severe global injustices, never once writing about, let alone condemning, any of this:


What could possibly explain Hamad’s stunning, disgraceful silence about these massacres, abuses, injustices, and extreme levels of avoidable human suffering? One might conclude from his utter silence that he supports these heinous actions. Or perhaps he is an apologist for the perpetrators, seeking to conceal their culpability by never acknowledging these crimes? Or he could just be a propagandist, fixating on certain acts of abuse and violence committed by some regimes while systematically ignoring those of others.

Nov 01 10:20

Russian plane crash: Airliner broke up in the air above Sinai desert: live

A video is circulating online, which is being reported as showing the plane exploding mid air.

But The Telegraph's team have spoken to experts who are doubtful about its authenticity. And it is not being circulated on the usual Islamic State propaganda sites, casting further doubt on suggestions it was filmed by Isil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, we can establish at least one fact; that propagandists are already shamelessly trying to exploit this tragedy for their own agendas.

Nov 01 10:16

Seeds of Corruption: “Unneeded, Unwanted and Unsafe,” the Case of Genetically Modified Mustard in India

In India, genetically modified (GM) mustard is edging closer to becoming the first officially approved GM food crop to be placed on the commercial market. This is despite a series of official reports that recommend against introducing GMOs to India. The Technical Expert Committee (TEC) Final Report is the fourth official report exposing the lack of integrity, independence and scientific expertise in assessing GMO risk.

Nov 01 10:14

Finally! Bibi Admits That Nazis, Not Palestinians, Launched Holocaust

Last week, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave us a rare and fresh insight on history – or the world's most ignorant rewriting of history.

The leader of Israel practically absolved Nazis of the Holocaust, and belittled the sufferings of millions of Jews. Bibi claimed that it was the grand mufti of Palestine who had convinced Hitler to exterminate Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 01 10:10

Report: UN Staff Transported 380 Pounds of Weed, Watched and Shared Child Porn, and Tried to Bring a Chainsaw onto a Plane

Staff at the United Nations downloaded and shared child porn, transported roughly 380 pounds of weed in an official vehicle, and repeatedly threatened each other with murder, according to an annual report on disciplinary matters and cases of criminal behavior issued by the international organization.

Nov 01 10:09

As Bush Slips, So Does His Party: The devolution of one of the nation's two major political parties, and its sanction of nonsensical beliefs on taxes, science and other issues, is the most important political development of our era.

The political press -- and presumably the donors and activists who consume it -- has handed Jeb Bush his walking papers. Another poor-to-middling debate performance last night in Colorado is the proximate cause.

Webmaster addition: The GOP party leadership is slipping, but Trump is revitalizing the GOP grassroots!

Nov 01 10:06

Bombshell! Europe Drops Charges Against Edward Snowden, Offers Asylum And Protection

This week, the European Parliament voted to offer Edward Snowden asylum and protection and drop all criminal charges against him. When at one time most of the world was bullied by the US government into pressing charges against Snowden and forcing him into exile, the entire European continent has now officially given him a pass.

Thursday’s 285 – 281 vote officially recognized Snowden as an “international human rights defender” and ensured that he would be free from arrest within European borders.

Nov 01 10:06

#JeSuisUnAntiSémite ~~ VIVE LA FRANCE

Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and “Free Speech”

Nov 01 10:05


“Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry declared in a speech he made to the Virginia Convention in 1775, at St John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. Fast forward 240 years, and if Israel and the US were able to pin those words to a Palestinian and decry incitement, they would do so in a heartbeat.

Nov 01 10:05


A coalition of NYC political groups protested NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio as he attended an event at Manhattan’s Sheraton Hotel. The protesters included supporters of the Palestinian struggle against Zionism: Mayor Bill de Blasio has on several occasions announced his support of the Zionist state.

Nov 01 10:05

Germany: Hundreds of refugees await at Austrian border in darkness

Hundreds of refugees waited at the Austrian-German border on Saturday at the bridge between Braunau and Simbach am Inn, ready to cross into Germany.

Nov 01 09:41

A man held for 14 years without being charged at Guantanamo wants an independent UK inquiry

A lawyer says newly freed Guantanamo Bay prisoner Shaker Aamer wants an independent inquiry to examine whether British officials played a role in his treatment.

Nov 01 09:40

Soldier in suicide bomber costume causes emergency response on Fort Bragg

A soldier dressed as a suicide bomber for Halloween caused an emergency response on Fort Bragg, officials said Saturday evening.

The incident happened on Friday night at an access control point, according to a Facebook post sent out by public affairs.

Nov 01 09:38

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting the Flu Vaccination

By Paul A. Philips

Once again, for those of us living in the Northern hemisphere the colder weather, shorter daylight hours have arrived. And here we go again. Out comes the mass media hype and fear mongering with all those propaganda ploys on a largely unsuspecting public persuading us to get vaccinated against the flu.

I have been drumming on for some years now about this. The only thing that can be said about these toxic vaccinations is they are great for lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. So, here are my reasons why I won’t be getting the flu vaccination...

Nov 01 09:36

Over 3,000 Killed in Iraq during October

Nov 01 09:29

How to avoid the curse of ransomware — software that forces you to pay money to unlock your computer

Every file on Danielson’s computer was replaced with a ransom note explaining his files were no longer his and if he wanted them back, he’d have to follow the provided link where he could pay to get the key to unlock his files.

His only thought? “Damn it. I’m screwed,” which was about the same advice he received from an IT expert he used for work, and Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Both essentially told him, “pay up or wipe your computer clean.” The ransom note even told him not to bother buying anti-malware software because his computer was beyond saving.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The NSA claims they cannot find these guys. Can't they follow the ransom? And the FBI's official recommendation (no kidding) is to pay up. Which raises the suspicion that ransomware, like civil forfeiture and traffic ticket quotas, are just another device by which a desperately broke US Government loots the people!

Nov 01 09:25

The LIE That Could END Ben Carson's Presidential Campaign, And The VIDEO That Can Sink Him.

Five years later, having been hotly pursued by the Texas attorney general’s office, Mannatech settled false-advertising charges for brazenly suggesting its products could treat or even cure Down syndrome, autism, cancer and more.

That didn’t diminish the good doctor’s enthusiasm. In 2011, he told Mannatech associates that the company had donated funds to get him an endowed position at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

“I had an endowed chair bestowed upon me,” Carson said in what was billed as a keynote at a 2011 Mannatech convention. “It requires $2.5 million to do an endowed chair and I’m proud to say that part of that $2.5 million came from Mannatech.”

That’s on tape, too. (The Carson campaign now insists “there was no contribution from Mannatech to Johns Hopkins,” claiming “confusion” on the candidate’s part.)

Nov 01 09:24

Norwegians are now becoming a minority in Norway!

By letting this illegal rat infested mass immigration come to Europe, the smallest populated countries like Norway and Sweden are now facing the reality of its native population becoming a minority in their own lands in under a decade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is the PLAN!

Nov 01 09:22

France: Protesters show support for Russia and Assad at Paris march

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Paris, Saturday, to show their support for Russia and the Syrian government.

Nov 01 09:12

U.S. Backed Moderate Rebels Put Alawite Women in Cages to Protect Themselves from Airstrikes

In order to deter the Syrian and Russian Air Forces inside the East Ghouta (collection of farms) region of rural Damascus, the U.S. backed moderate rebels from “Jaysh Al-Islam” (Army of Islam) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have placed kidnapped Alawite women in cages to protect themselves from airstrikes.

Nov 01 08:54

Cox Loses Lawsuit Saying Cable Box Fees Violate Antitrust Law: The jury awarded the suing subscribers $6.31 million in damages

A federal jury has ruled against Cox Communications, saying the company violated antitrust laws and awarding $6.31 million in damages to subscribers who sued the company, Multichannel News reports.

Nov 01 08:53

Blind man wins excessive force case against Denver police officer - A federal jury Friday awarded a blind man $400,000 in a lawsuit filed after his head was slammed into a counter by a Denver police officer.

A federal jury Friday awarded a blind man $400,000 in a lawsuit filed after his head was slammed into a counter by a Denver police officer.

Nov 01 08:43

Hillary’s email subject read ‘GUNMEN try to ASSASSINATE head of Libyan army’ but that’s NOT what she WROTE about…

Another tranche of Hillary’s State Department emails were released on Friday, and while all the “journalists” just guffawed at all the charming ways in which Granny Cankles wrote about emojis, conservatives found an email showing just how little she cared about security in Libya.

Nov 01 08:40

Va. schools implementing gender identity policy changes without informing parents

Five months after the Fairfax County School board hastily moved to change its nondiscrimination policy to include “gender identity” without consulting parents, a series of new documents has revealed that school administrators had already begun implementing controversial transgender policy changes before the vote even took place.

On the night of the May 7 vote, school board members informed concerned parents that a consultant would be hired to advise FCPS administrators on “best practices” for implementing the new policy, which was rushed through to a vote in the spring.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I miss school that focused on reading, writing, math, and science!

Nov 01 08:38

FLASHBACK - Japan Airlines Flight 123

About 12 minutes after takeoff, at near cruising altitude over Sagami Bay, the aircraft's aft pressure bulkhead tore open due to a preexisting defect, stemming from a panel that had been incorrectly repaired after a tailstrike accident years earlier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this is what happened with flight 9268, which also suffered a tail strike and had repairs made to the rear pressure bulkhead.

Nov 01 08:36

US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria

Obama’s decision to send Special Forces into Syria is being widely viewed as a US military escalation in the country. The troop dispatch also signals that the US trying to forestall Russian successes in wiping out Washington’s regime-change assets in Syria.

In short, the US Special Forces are being used as “human shields” to curb Russian air strikes against anti-government mercenaries, many of whom are instrumental in Washington’s regime-change objective in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To all members of the military: Is this what you put that uniform on to do? Be a human shield for terrorists?

Nov 01 08:34

The lazy reporting around Detroit's anti-Israel billboard

Of course, while the billboard is a simple exercise of free speech, albeit on a hot topic, the real story was WXYZ's terrible, irresponsible, and amateur reporting on the whole episode. First, the news station reported (and continues to report) that the billboard reads, "America first over Israel," something it clearly does not, as one could observe from the photo above, which was also in WXYZ's story. Now, you might say, what's the substantive difference between "America first over Israel" and "America first not Israel"? Perhaps there is none at all. But it does show how little thought was put into WXYZ's work on the story.

And it didn't stop there. The news team immediately defined the story in a quite nonsensical way:

"Is it meant to be anti-Semitic or something else entirely?"

Nov 01 08:33

Israel’s Apartheid State

Albert Einstein once said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. That’s how it seems to be with President Obama sending his Secretary of State, John Kerry, to attempt to resurrect the talks about talks between Israel and Palestine.

No one knows if the renewed unrest among young Palestinians who are confronting Israel again with stones and knives -- and in return bullets are fired to quell the protests -- is going to lead to a third Intifada. The signs are not propitious. If not today then certainly tomorrow. Israel is running an apartheid state which, as was South Africa’s, has a termination date built in.

Nov 01 08:32

MKs propose bill to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Labor and Likud members join bid to push controversial legislation to open up Temple Mount compound for Jewish prayer, currently permitted for only for Muslims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another provocation.

Nov 01 08:31

Haitian officials look into new allegations against man who founded orphanage

Haitian investigators are looking into new allegations of child sex abuse against an American man who founded an orphanage for boys in Haiti’s capital decades ago and who successfully sued a Freeport, Maine, man for defamation this summer.

Police with an arrest warrant searched unsuccessfully Friday for Michael Geilenfeld at a modest private residence in a mountainside community above Port-au-Prince and the nearby Wings of Hope home for about 30 physically and mentally disabled children and young adults. On its website, the facility says it is a “critical part” of Geilenfeld’s charitable organization.

Nov 01 08:29

Syria foreign minister says Vienna talks statement important: state TV

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said Sunday he recognized the importance of a statement from world powers after talks in Vienna seeking an end to the country's war, state television said.

World powers and regional rivals called following Friday's talks for a nationwide truce and the renewal of stalled U.N.-brokered talks.

During a meeting with United Nations envoy Staffan de Mistura, Moualem also reiterated Damascus's position that the fight against "terrorism" must take priority for a political solution to be reached.

Nov 01 08:22

Army chief: Russia threat demands review of Europe force posture

The U.S. Army is reviewing its force structure in Europe, measuring everything from crisis-response capabilities to its mix of armor and infantrymen, as the service adapts to counter a revanchist Russia, the Army chief of staff said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Those gosh darned rooskies insist on deciding for themselves how to run their own country, and by golly we cannot allow that!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 01 08:21

The Caliph at the gates of Vienna

History has a jolly habit of repeating itself as surrealist farce. Is it 1683 all over again, with the Ottoman Empire laying siege to Vienna just to be defeated by the “infidels” at the last minute?

No; it’s 2015 and a Caliph simulacrum – Ibrahim, a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — has prompted a gaggle of world powers, lesser powers and assorted minions to converge to Vienna to discuss how to defeat him.

Westphalians, we got a problem. None of this makes any sense if Iran is not at the table discussing a solution for the Syrian tragedy. Moscow knew it from the start. Washington — reluctantly — had to admit the obvious. But the problem was never Iran. The problem is the ideological matrix of goons who metastasize into Caliphs: Saudi Arabia.

Nov 01 08:19

US finally approves crucial ‘smart bomb’ sale to Turkey

The U.S. has decided to sell Turkey $70 million worth of “smart bombs,” a key item in a set of crucial weapon systems that Washington had been refusing to send to Ankara.

Nov 01 08:19

Germany seeks to extract itself from the Syrian conflict

Germany is attempting to escape from the rôle it was assigned during the Syrian conflict. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, is trying to organise a summit meeting between the major powers in order to negotiate a peace settlement. But this project promises to be very difficult to realise, in part because Germany bears a weighty reponsbility in the war, and in part because France persists in seeking to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic.