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May 31, 2017

May 31 08:45

"President Trump slams Democrats, Russia investigation over Carter Page"

Carter Page testimony reportedly postponed indefinitely at the request of Democrats

May 31 08:41

Sorting Out Seth Rich

The acquisition and transfer of these emails has been risibly-- and without a shred of evidence-- ascribed to Vlad Putin and/or the Russians generally. This is part of the swamp-thing propaganda drumbeat meant to forestall any rapprochemént with Russia as threatened (or refreshingly promised) by Trump during his presidential campaign (the difference depending on whether you're an arms merchant, a bring-on-the-rapture world-burner or a Deep State imperialist psychopath, or you're a rational human being).

Against this agenda-serving "Russians did it" absurdity, Seth Rich has very plausibly (and by several witnesses) been identified as the actual source of the emails. He is said to have secured and delivered them, as a lone wolf, due to his disgust with the DNC and Clinton crowd's subversion of the democratic process.

If Rich really is the lone source of the emails, of course, the whole "Russians did it; beware the evil Rooskies!" thing evaporates.

May 31 08:40

Trump, NATO, G7, EU, Brexit, Manchester, and Seth Rich. Michael Rivero - May 30, 2017

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
May 31 08:36

Intel reveals its most powerful PC chip yet: The 18-core, teraflop-speed Core i9

The $1,999 Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, the i9-7980XE, is aimed at users carrying out heavy tasks such as VR video editing, 3D modelling, and special-effects creation,

May 31 08:36

ISIS Apologizes For Attacking Isael (Accidently)

May 31 08:33


Egypt has blocked the website of one of its most prominent financial newspapers, the paper's owner said on Sunday, expanding a media blackout initiated last week to curb what authorities called support for terrorism and fake news. Egypt blocked access to a number of news websites including Al-Jazeera and Huffington Post Arabic on Wednesday after similar actions by its Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

May 31 08:33

Residents mortified as Sunshine Coast Council chops, mulches trees in Urban Food Street

The Sunshine Coast Council has unapologetically chopped down and mulched 18 fruit trees on verges in Buderim within the hugely popular Urban Food Street (UFS) precinct.

The precinct has organically grown over the past seven years to span 11 streets in the leafy suburb, where produce grown on the verges is consumed by more than 200 people.

The area has been at the centre of a six-month stoush with the council after a complaint was made.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The complaint probably came from a local supermarket!

May 31 08:32

Fox News Loses Advertiser Demographic to MSNBC in May

It’s been a rough couple of months for Fox News ever since the conservative cable news network abruptly separated from top host Bill O’Reilly.

Since the O’Reilly sexual harassment scandal broke, the network has suffered multiple embarrassing headlines, including falling behind CNN and MSNBC in the ratings.

May 31 08:31

How Israeli Moves in Jerusalem are Scotching Trump’s ‘Ultimate Deal’

A decision by Donald Trump this Thursday could prove fateful for the immediate future of Jerusalem, the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the region.

He must decide whether to renew a presidential waiver, signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, that expires on June 1. The six-month waiver delays implementing a law passed by Congress in 1995 that requires the US to recognise occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate its embassy there from Tel Aviv.

It is a law every president for the past 22 years has baulked at. It would pre-empt the Oslo accords and negate Washington’s assumed role as “honest broker”. Carrying out Congress’s wish would deny the Palestinians East Jerusalem, the only credible capital of a future Palestinian state.

May 31 08:30

Scientific Study: Towers Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition

A European scientific study has concluded that on September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled demolition.

The study, conducted by four physicists and published in Europhysics Magazine, says that “the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition.”

May 31 08:30

5/30/17 Jerome Corsi SETH RICH & Updates! (pt-3) Alex Jones Infowars

May 31 08:22

Android apps punched out by Judy malware

As many as 36.5 million Android users may have been infected by advertising fraud malware that could have been lurking in Google Play Store for years.

The malware, dubbed "Judy" by the researchers at Check Point who discovered it, was found in 41 apps in the Store, all made by Korean publisher ENISTUDIO. While Google has now pulled all the infected apps, the discovery and the extent of the outbreak cast serious doubt on the efficacy of the Chocolate Factory's anti-malware checking system, Bouncer.

May 31 08:22

Windows XP crashed too much to spread WannaCrypt

What a time to be alive: the BSOD has become a useful feature

May 31 08:21

Jelly Belly sued by woman claiming she didn't know jelly beans contain sugar

When it comes to food, it turns out you can sue over just about anything these days.
A California woman is suing the makers of Jelly Belly jelly beans, claiming she was tricked into believing one of the company's candy products was free of sugar.

May 31 08:19

American Citizen Blasts McCain To His Face - Calls Him Traitor

May 31 08:18

American IDF Soldiers: We Fight for Israel on Campus

Four American/Israeli reservists from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will share their experiences of moving to Israel, serving in the IDF and their new venture, The Gideon Project, which sends them to college campuses to defend Israel against anti-Semitic propaganda and biased teaching. All four served as Lone Soldiers, IDF soldiers who come to Israel from other countries to serve.
Note: Please send in the UNITED STATES MARINES to solve this invasion of foreign military on our campus!

May 31 08:16

Document forgery in financial industry more common than you'd think, past employees say

Employees in Canada's financial industry are speaking out about falsifying documents, telling Go Public that potentially criminal acts — like forging and photocopying customer signatures, adding initials to blank documents and using Wite-Out to conceal information — are more common than most people would think.

"It was easily 85 per cent of the back sales team doing it," says a former CIBC financial services representative, who worked in several bank branches and noted that forging signatures on documents occurred at all her workplaces. CBC has agreed to conceal her identity.

May 31 08:16

BT considers scrapping 'gold-plated' pensions in bid to plug £14bn deficit

Former state monopoly BT is considering shutting its "gold-plated" defined-benefit pension scheme in an attempt to close its looming deficit.

BT's pension scheme deficit in 2016 is thought to be in the region £14bn, up from £10bn in 2015. Next month the telecoms giant will enter negotiations with pension trustees about the future funding of the scheme.

May 31 08:14

Plastic surgery patients face extortion in wake of clinic data breach

Thousands of private photos have been leaked by cybercriminals following the hack of a Lithuanian cosmetic surgery clinic.

A hacking group, using the nickname "Tsar Team", leaked images it claims came from the Grozio Chirurgija clinic servers. The group spaffed the data after targeted health facility's customers failed to meet extortionate payment demands.

According to police, a portion of a stolen customer database was released in March prior to the release of sensitive photos including nude images of patients on Tuesday.

Owl 1
May 31 08:14

Trolling NYC Sculptor Adds 'Pissing Pug' Next To 'Fearless Girl'

New York City sculptor Alex Gardega created a purposefully poorly-made urinating dog sculpture, titled Pissing Pug, and placed it next to the left leg of the Fearless Girl statue, appearing to urinate on the feminist-hailed statue.

May 31 08:13

South Korea military brass deliberately kept president in dark about THAAD: Probe

A South Korean presidential probe into the “unauthorized” US deployment of additional missile launchers in South Korea has found that the Asian country’s own military authorities had deliberately withheld the information from the new president.

The office of the newly-elected President Moon Jae-in announced on Wednesday that documents submitted to the chief executive shortly after he was sworn into office earlier this month were intentionally censored to conceal information on the installment of four new rocket launchers of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

Moon’s spokesman, Yoon Young-chan, said the country’s top military brass who briefed the president’s national security adviser last week deliberately excised references to any new launchers, or to the total number installed in the country.

May 31 08:12

‘Veterans for Peace’ confront President Trump about endless wars

A contingent of antiwar protesters in the hundreds, gathered Tuesday for a rally, at 11 a.m., at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. They were led by the president of the Veterans for Peace, Barry Ladendorf. They demanded a “stop to the endless war,” and a start to a genuine “peace-building movement.”

A coalition of about ten other antiwar, peace and justice organizations joined with the Veterans for Peace in the spirited demonstration. Nine speakers participated in the two-hour program, along with music provided by Pat Scanlon, the Fugs and others.

The speakers raised their voices about the endless U.S. related conflicts around the globe in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Syria. They put emphasis on the war drums beating daily for a conflict with North Korea, and also, thanks to the hawkish Neocons and our influential Military-Industrial Complex, a possible U.S. war, starting in 2017, with Iran.

May 31 08:12

NASA Sun probe team update: Watch live video here

Breaking with the recent focus on flinging probes and bots at our planetary neighbours, around July next year NASA will set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

Actually, the plan is for the Solar Probe Plus to stop a good 6.2 million kilometres (3.9 million miles) short of Sol's surface, where the craft will have to endure positively scorching temperatures of 1,377°C (2,500° F), but you can't deny us a neat Pink Floyd reference.

The mission has been planned for a while, and was previously branded the NASA Solar Probe; it's now called Solar Probe Plus, and today we should hear a bit more detail about what the applied physics brainboxes in charge have planned.

May 31 08:12

7/7 attacks: What is MI5 hiding?

The program entitled “London Under Attack” depicted a fictional terrorist attack. It was presented in a documentary style as if it were really happening. Surprisingly the simulation was as similar as possible to the real event that happened months later.

On the morning of 7 July 2005, there was one more territory that has caused controversy ever since. Senior Metropolitan police officer Peter Power was conducting a tabletop exercise that morning, that not only envisaged the attacks on the Underground involving three simultaneous explosions at 3 tube stations but a bombing on a bus. Power’s scenario involved the very same underground locations that were attacked in real life that morning.

Israel is Here Again

May 31 08:12

Teacher busted with meth, heroin at school accused of stealing from students to feed habit

Police allege Sloan told officers she had two “Xanax footballs” in her purse, but they recovered numerous syringes, including some with exposed needles and one loaded up with heroin. They allegedly recovered .4 grams of meth from her purse, according to court records.

May 31 08:11

CNN Host 'Beheads' Trump - Kathy Griffin

May 31 08:10

Mafia plundering Germany's care homes

Some 230 care home operators are thought to have created a systematic fraud network in Germany linked to the mafia, police say. Patients' rights groups say the government is giving organized crime a free ride.

May 31 08:05


May 31 08:05

'What was your reaction when your father was f***ing Monica Lewinsky?' Philippines president Duterte hits back at Chelsea Clinton after she criticised his 'joke' about troops raping women

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte has denounced Chelsea Clinton as he tried to defend a 'joke' he made about his troops raping women.

The controversial president - who has overseen the murder of thousands of drug users and has now declared martial law as he fights an ISIS insurgency - used Clinton's father's affair with Monica Lewinsky to attack the former first daughter.

May 31 08:05

Daesh and the West's Solid Stench of Death

Whenever the West's formidable military machine adds to its tragic litany of "collateral damage" – in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, the tribal areas in Pakistan – silence reigns. No Muslim full names on front pages.

Whenever NATO-GCC proxies add to their own tragic litany of premeditated massacres – across Syria, across Iraq – the perpetrators are excused because they're "our," "moderate" rebels and freedom fighters.

This inexorable, perverse, logic won't be altered. Now with a twist, because President Trump has explained to a startled world, via his Islamophobe speechwriter Stephen Miller, it's all Iran's fault.

Trump professed his faith while swearing over a glowing orb nestled in Riyadh, the alma mater of all forms of Wahhabi or Salafi-jihadi terror.

May 31 08:04

A dodgy crop: ESPN accused of photoshopping Tiger Woods' DUI mugshot to make his hair look BETTER

As the news of Tiger Woods' arrest for driving under the influence in Jupiter, Florida broke on Monday, one news outlet began to use a slightly different version of his mugshot.

ESPN proudly displayed the ubiquitous photo of Woods, but appeared to have given him a cleaner haircut via Photoshop in its 'Breaking News' banner.

His unkempt hair was cropped short in the ESPN version and the mugshot was displayed on a light blue background, as keenly spotted by Sports Illustrated.

May 31 08:00

Scott Pelley out at 'CBS Evening News'

Scott Pelley is being pushed out as anchor of "CBS Evening News," sources at CBS News confirmed to CNNMoney.

May 31 07:57


A group of IDF reservists had to be escorted out of a Students Supporting Israel speaking event by police following a large protest by pro-Palestinian students at the University of California, Irvine, last week.

The army veterans were visiting the campus as part of Project Gideon – an initiative of Reservists on Duty, an anti-BDS group in Israel in collaboration with the Lone Soldier Center – which enlists American IDF reservists to fight against BDS on university and college campuses across North America.

May 31 07:39

Woman, 19, is sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after she was 'raped at gunpoint by her cousin' in Pakistan

A 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to death in Pakistan after she accused her cousin of raping her at gunpoint.

The woman said she was asleep at her family home in Rajanpur, in the country's central Punjab province, when the attack happened.

She reported the crime to the local panchayat, a tribal court that operates outside the official justice system in remote areas of the country, but was told she had intentionally seduced her attacker.

May 31 07:38

Israel to cut vital services to 140,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds

The Israeli regime is to cut off water supply and other vital services to a pair of crowded districts of East Jerusalem al-Quds in the occupied West Bank, even though the sanitation condition in those areas is alarmingly deteriorating.

May 31 07:38

Email UCI Chancellor Gilman to tell them - protect your students, not Israeli soldiers on campus!

For four straight days this past May, a group of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers called “Reservists On Duty” harassed University of California, Irvine (UCI) students at their mock apartheid wall. The IDF soldiers surveilled, disrupted, and physically assaulted Palestinian members of UCI SJP, along with their Latinx, Black, Native and Jewish allies.

This occurred in full view of administrators who took no action to protect students from foreign military agents. When students complained, they were told that nothing could be done.

May 31 07:34

History teacher’s rifle triggers school lockdown. But there’s just one problem.

A parent dropping off his child at Florida’s Braden River Middle School last week quickly dialed 911 after seeing a man walking into the school carrying what looked like a rifle as well as bag that may have contained ammunition.

May 31 07:33

Virginia Tech students physically block staircase because it discriminates against the handicapped

Students at Virginia Tech University participated in a “sit out” demonstration Thursday afternoon to protest a new set of stairs that are not “handicap accessible.”

May 31 07:27

Kabul blast: Attack kills 80 near diplomatic area in Afghanistan

A huge suicide bomb ripped through a secure area of Kabul at the height of the Wednesday morning rush hour, killing at least 80 people and wounding more than 300, Afghan officials said.

The blast, which came a few days into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, was one of the deadliest to hit the Afghan capital in recent years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That sounds like a lot bigger bomb than can be carried by a person. More like a truck bomb.

May 31 07:23

Trump repeats criticism of Germany, Merkel stands by stance

President Donald Trump has renewed his criticism of Germany following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s suggestion that her country needs to adopt a more independent stance in world affairs.

May 31 01:53

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Is there any way to unite our country once again? We live at a time when our nation is deeply polarized and many people have chosen to completely give in to hate. There are a lot of Democrats that deeply hate Donald Trump with everything that they have inside of them, even though they might not be able to clearly explain to anyone exactly why they hate him so much.

May 30 18:51

MSM’s Right-Wing Bias Costs Corbyn ‘Fair’ Coverage, Says BBC Veteran Dimbleby

Veteran BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby has hit out at the British media for failing to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “fair” coverage in the run-up to the June 8 general election.

May 30 17:29

Trump Can’t Solve Israel-Palestine Conflict: Bolton

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says President Donald Trump will not be able to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict simply because the two-state solution is no longer “viable.”

May 30 16:58

The Meaning Of Assange’s Persecution

Nearly five years ago, Ecuador granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum at its London embassy. The original purpose of the asylum was to avoid extradition to the United States. Two years earlier, Swedish authorities had launched an investigation of Assange for sexual assault. Sweden has now dropped that investigation.

May 30 16:12

Activists in Connecticut Pushing To Improve Bill To Prohibit Warrantless Stingray Spying

By Michael Maharrey

Activists in Connecticut are working to improve a bill to limit the use of “stingrays.” If amended and passed, the proposed law would not only protect privacy in Connecticut, but would also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state.

The House Judiciary Committee introduced House Bill 7291 (HB7291) in March...

May 30 16:06

How the Gulf’s Petrodollars Fuel the Rise of Radical Islam?

The phenomena of Islamic radicalism all over the world is directly linked to the Islamic madrassahs (religious seminaries) that are generously funded by the Gulf’s petro-dollars. These madrassahs attract children from the most impoverished backgrounds in the Third World Islamic countries, because they offer the kind of incentives and facilities which even the government-funded public schools cannot provide: such as, free boarding and lodging, no tuition fee at all and free of cost books and stationery; some generously funded madrassahs even pay monthly stipends to their students.

May 30 15:51

House Of Cards: Netflix Is One Of The Poster Children For Tech Bubble 2.0

How can a company that is going to generate $2,000,000,000 in negative free cash flow in 2017 be worth 70 billion dollars? Netflix has soared in popularity in recent years, but so have their financial losses.

Owl 3
May 30 15:49

US Airstrikes In Afghanistan Tripled In 2017: Official

The US Air Force has tripled the number of airstrikes across Afghanistan since last year, according to a spokesman for US and NATO forces in the country.

May 30 15:46

Why doesn't anyone see the problem of debt? It's missing from today's economic models.

May 30 15:37

America's Deteriorating Nuclear Infrastructure, Three Mile Island Plant to Close In 2019

Exelon Corp.’s Three Mile Island atomic power plant, site of the worst U.S. commercial nuclear accident in 1979, will close in 2019 after losing money for five years.

May 30 15:37

Banco Popular’s Co-Co Bonds Plunge as Balance Sheet Chaos Revealed in Potential Forced Sale

“This sales process is atypical, as the seller itself cannot at this point make a rough calculation of what the value of the entity is, and if they can’t, neither can we.”

May 30 15:36

Roger Stone: EU Trying To Bully Trump Was An Epic Failure!!

Roger Stone joins the show and breaks down how the smug, European leaders treated Trump with contempt and condescension and why mishandeling him wrong could
lead Trump To Leave the Paris Climate Treaty.

May 30 15:25

"Your Question Assumes Facts Based On Anonymous Sources" Sean Spicer Calls Out All Reporters In The Room

Spicer Calls Out All Reporters In The Room For Blatantly Creating False Narratives And Shielding Themselves By Using The Word Anonymous Sources !!!SPICY!!!

May 30 15:24

Credit Scores Hit Record High As Recession Wounds Heal

Credit scores for U.S. consumers reached a record high this spring while the share of Americans deemed to be some of the riskiest borrowers hit a record low—a potential boon for lending and economic activity.

May 30 15:21

Evergreen State College Chaos Reigns: "Whiteness Is The Most Violent F**king System Ever"

Evergreen College Take over - Why is this not all over the news?

May 30 15:20


May 30 15:19

US Lawyers To Argue Female Genital Mutilation Is Constitutional

Lawyers will argue in a landmark trial that female genital mutilation is a right under religious freedom protected by the First Amendment. Two Detroit doctors and one of their wives are facing multiple federal charges for cutting two seven-year-old girls.

May 30 15:18

10 Best Strains To Treat PTSD This Veteran’s Day

Men and women of service are brave, noble, and have risked all that they have in honor of something much larger than themselves. These actions deserve the most sincere gratitude. Yet, all too often, veterans return to an environment that cannot support their needs. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) know first-hand the challenges that come with trying medication after medication with no relief. Thankfully, there’s medical cannabis. In honor of Veteran’s Day, here are 10 top strains for PTSD.
Some really euphoric strains here!

May 30 15:09

Hannity Unleashes Tweetstorm, Posts Rachel Maddow’s Advertisers

‘Fighting Fire With Fire’

May 30 14:58


Ted Nugent has proven again and again just what it means to be a true American patriot! He has been a big time supporter of our President. And now he just told Fox & Friends this little gem.

May 30 14:41

How Israeli moves in Jerusalem are scotching Trump’s “ultimate deal”

Jonathan Cook argues that 1 June will be decision day for Donald Trump regarding his election campaign promise to move the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem and thereby kill any prospect of a two-state solution.>>

May 30 14:38

Kathy Griffin Defends Trump Beheading Photo As 'Art'

Resistance leader, CNN New Year's Eve host and face-moccasin-saleswoman Kathy Griffin defended her gory photoshoot Tuesday afternoon by insisting it was an "expression of art."

May 30 14:27

Leftists Have No Sense Of Humor

You know you are getting old when even the judges look young; but another sign of aging is a failure to understand the humor of the young, a failure that on my part now goes back at least two decades. The things that the young laugh at nowadays escape me entirely. They seem to me offensive and banal in equal measure, an undesirable combination that is not easy to achieve.

May 30 14:12

It Begins! Close Obama Ally Convicted of 18 Felonies! Faces Life In Prison!

As she was stealing scholarship money from school children, Corrine Brown flew with Obama, partied with Pelosi, and campaigned for Clinton, and she was a Superdelegate!

May 30 14:10

S. Korean President Intends to ‘Make Breakthrough’ in Cooperation With Russia

South Korea is making nice with Russia. Looks like they are sick of the US.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in is aware of the importance of relations with Russia and plans to make a breakthrough in cooperation between the two countries, South Korea’s ambassador to Russia Park Ro-byug said Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Park and Russia's Deputy Culture Minister Alexander Zhuravsky signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation, according to which the two countries would hold a number of cultural festivals from 2017 to 2020.