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March 14, 2016

Mar 14 11:15

WhatsApp Strong Encryption Frustrates US Prosecutors

The Justice Department has opened another front in the war against secure encryption by going after WhatsApp.

The DOJ is frustrated with the popular messaging app’s strong encryption and might go after its parent company, Facebook, in a case similar to Apple-iPhone Vs FBI.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Real criminals and terrorists know not to use the devices in the first place, or have developed their own encryption. This attack on the 4th Amendment is all about making sure law-abiding citizens are not thinking double-plus ungood thoughts about their anointed leaders!

Mar 14 11:13

Hundreds of New Illnesses Reported After Gas Leak Sealed

Hundreds of residents in the Porter Ranch community of Los Angeles are reporting new illnesses after they were told it was save to return.

Mar 14 10:51

Shaw, AR Massive Hail Storm Slams Motorists just south of Little Rock.

Mar 14 10:49

Turkey “Invades” Syria on the Eve of Geneva “Peace Talks”

Witnessing his Ottoman Empire remake dream crumbling on the ground in northern Syria, sultan Turkish President Recep Erdogan launched his highly touted (mini-)invasion into Syria this weekend. After a near month and a half of constant daily artillery shelling into Syria from the Turkish side of the border, Ankara has just stepped up its desperate aggression in the five year war to rid Syrian president Assad. Russian Foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov meeting in Geneva for peace talks resuming on Monday stated that Turkey is advancing its “creeping expansion” into Syrian territory which of course violates both the recent US-Russian ceasefire as well as all international law.

Mar 14 10:46

US Embassy Confirms Turkey Warned It About Terrorist Threat Before Blast

The US embassy in Turkey said it learned from the Turkish authorities about a terrorist threat in Ankara before the Sunday blast and had time to warn the US citizens and Turkish employees of the embassy.

Mar 14 10:43

This Is Where Right-Wing Radicalism Is Festering: While the Nation Watches the Presidential Race, Scary Things Are Happening at State Legislatures

After Thursday night’s Republican debate, where candidates competed to see who was most eager to commit war crimes, it’s understandable to be very afraid of the dark place Republicans want to take this country. Unfortunately, the news is even worse than that. While the nation’s eyes are riveted to the national stage, Republicans continue the multi-decade project of turning our nation into a right-wing wasteland by focusing their efforts where they can have the most impact with the least attention: state legislatures.

Mar 14 10:33

Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines

A report prepared by the Security Council (SCRF) circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO “food” and Western pharmaceuticals “at all costs.”

Mar 14 10:32

GMA Found Guilty of $11 Million Cover Up in GMO Labeling Fight

In a decision made public late Friday, a Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association violated Washington campaign finance disclosure laws by shielding the identities of major corporate donors funding efforts to defeat a food labeling initiative in Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In 2013, the top 10 contributors to GMA’s Defense of Brands account and their contributions (as of 12/3/13) were:

PepsiCo: $2.696 million
Nestle USA, Inc.: $1.751 million
The Coca-Cola Company: $1.742 million
General Mills: 996,000
ConAgra: $949,000
Campbell Soup: $441,000
The Hershey Company: $413,000
J.M. Smucker: $401,000
Kellogg: $369,000
Land O’Lakes: $332,000

Mar 14 10:30


So who is your choice? John Kasich? He voted for NAFTA when in congress and then presided over the industrial exodus as governor of Ohio. NAFTA was the beginning of the end of middle class jobs. Now he’s promoting TPP which not only will destroy more American jobs, but will threaten American sovereignty and our Constitution.

Mar 14 10:26

Sanders Now Leading in Illinois, Says He Doesn't Want the Endorsement of Rahm Emanuel

Kari Lydersen, author of Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago's 99%, says Sanders is tapping into popular anger against the corporate Democrat who has longstanding ties to the Clintons

Mar 14 10:24


Tax records of the Soros funded group, Open Society, shows that Soros gave 33 million dollars in funding that kept the Ferguson riots going among other civil disobedience the group has funded. Soros has used Open Society much as he has MoveOn.org to try to manipulate the discussions in order to push forward his plans for a socialist United States.

Mar 14 10:22

Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects; choose raw horseradish or these natural remedies instead

Antibiotics should really be a last resort when you are feeling unwell, and the misuse of them is leading to more and more bugs becoming resistant to antibiotics. These "superbugs", such as MRSA, are very difficult to treat, and according to Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, "the rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis. It is reaching dangerously high levels in all parts of the world."

Mar 14 10:20

Physical Gold Demand Strong In Emerging Markets and Limited Supply Leading To Higher Gold Prices

Consumers are lapping up physical gold at a time supply is declining, helping underpin a rally in gold prices.

Demand from emerging markets in particular is strong as currencies such as the Indonesian rupiah, the Malaysian ringgit and the Vietnamese dong has fallen sharply in the last 12 to 18 months against the U.S. dollar, prompting consumers in these markets to buy physical gold, which is seen as a haven in times of tumult according to CNBC.

Mar 14 10:20

Targeting China? Australian Military Bases for US bombers

Washington had decided to press its Australian allies on permitting a rotation of bombers at the Darwin and Tindal bases, notably the long-range, nuclear capable B-1B type, in the aftermath of rising tensions in the South China Sea. In 2011, it got Canberra’s acquiescence in increased US troop deployment on Australian soil, a measure that will see US personnel rise to 2,500 in 2017. For all of that, Australians still insist they are not under a benevolent occupation.

According to the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Auslin, “It is part of an overall rebalancing of military forces to the region.” It continues what is amounting to an increasingly dangerous theatre of demonstrations, with the USS aircraft carrier John C. Stennis along with a cruiser and destroyer stepping up patrols in an effort to maintain freedom of navigation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could have various long-term trade consequences for Australian regarding China, and I doubt that those consequences have been really thought through, in the approval of this deal.

Mar 14 10:17


Israel informed the companies on Wednesday that their products were banned from entering Jerusalem through the Beitunia commercial crossing.

You can beat this ban by buying Palestinian products …. Click HERE and HERE

Mar 14 10:11

Is the Ted Cruz Campaign Finally Imploding After The Latest Lies and Attacks on Donald Trump?

The Texas Senator should have defended Donald Trump’s speech if he agreed or disagreed with it. If he defended all speech popular and unpopular. He would have shown himself as a true statesmen. Instead, he missed a great opportunity to demonstrate good character standing up for the first amendment even if he opposes Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Ted really blew it as I see it.

Mar 14 10:06


In 1895, the fledgling Zionist movement dispatched a number of rabbis to Palestine to explore the possibility of establishing a homeland for Jews in the predominantly Arab country, then under Ottoman rule.

After scouring the country, the rabbis sent back the following message: “The bride is beautiful but she is married to another man”

Today, 120 years later the legitimate husband and the rapist turned-master of the house continue the century-old fight for legitimacy and possession of the land.

Mar 14 10:05


Meanwhile, a hugely provocative military exercise is underway, involving 15,000 US troops, 300,000 South Koreans, and an armada of US warplanes and warships. These war games are an annual event that enrages North Korea because they are obviously rehearsing an invasion of the North, and the decapitation of its leadership – namely Kim Jong-un.

Predictably, Kim threatened blood-curdling revenge on the US and its “South Korean and Japanese lackeys.” He ordered North Korea’s limited nuclear forces onto red alert. Whether pure bluff or not remained unknown. American generals claimed Kim’s ICBM’s can now hit the US West Coast. But the Pentagon also warned of Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Mar 14 10:02

Damascus rejects political transition without Assad

Syria has rejected a demand by a Saudi-backed opposition group to discuss a political transition without Syrian President Bashsar al-Assad, saying setting such a precondition for peace talks only ends them in failure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, we invade now!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 14 10:01

Freedom of Speech to be Denied by Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Well, here it comes: criminal prosecution for denying there is “climate change” all because this will be the next great tax to match Obamacare. Forget freedom of speech, that is following the 4th and 5th Amendments down the drain. We are heading into that dark, deep hole of authoritarian regimes.

I have friends who fled here from Eastern Europe and Russia. The one comment they make often is that everything they ran away from is happening right here. They see it, for that is what they fled. We tend to ignore everything until it is just too late.

Mar 14 10:00

Trump rally from the gound not CNN,

Mar 14 09:57

The Seven Most Vitriolic Passages in DOJ’s Response to Apple

In case there was ever any doubt, the Justice Department declared war on Apple on Thursday.

Prosecutors demanded that a federal judge force Apple to unlock San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone in a brief that bristled with so much venom that Apple’s top lawyer, Bruce Sewell, said it “reads like an indictment.”

Sewell, Apple’s senior vice president of legal and global security, was outraged.

“In 30 years of practice, I don’t think I’ve seen a legal brief that was more intended to smear the other side with false accusations and innuendo, and less intended to focus on the real merits of the case,” he said.

“For the first time we see an allegation that Apple has deliberately made changes to block law enforcement requests for access. This should be deeply offensive to everyone that reads it.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an assault against the 4th Amendment, pure and simple.

Apple is quite correct in fighting this, tooth and nail.

Mar 14 09:56

Proof That Ignorance Drives Clinton Voters

Although no organization that predictively polls the Democratic Presidential primaries has sampled the question (or its equivalent) “What is the most important reason why you prefer that candidate?” the assumption by political pundits has always been that, regarding Hillary Clinton voters, perhaps the most important reason for their choice of Clinton over Sanders is that she would be a stronger candidate against the Republican nominee in the general election than Bernie Sanders would be. The widely presumed argument there is that Clinton “has more experience” and is more “mainstream” than Sanders, whom ‘too many people’ consider to be ‘outside the mainstream’ because he is ‘farther left’ than she, who is the more ‘centrist’ of the two Democratic candidates.

Mar 14 09:50

Israeli Chief Rabbi to Troops: Ignore Courts, Commander, Just Kill Armed Palestinians

Amid ongoing condemnation of Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, who last month publicly declared “I don’t want a soldier to empty a magazine on a girl with scissors,” Israel’s chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef urged soldiers to ignore the Army Chief’s orders, as well as court rulings, and just kill any “armed Palestinians” they find.

Yosef argued that it was a religious imperative for all Jews to kill armed enemies and to be unconcerned with the rulings of the High Court or other officials, urging that the killings would serve as a deterrent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What about the unarmed Palestinians, Rabbi?!? What about women, children, and the medical fragile elderly?!?

The message you are sending to your followers does very much remind me of the statement made by Arnald-Amalric at the siege of Montsegur, who, upon hearing that there were woman and children in the besieged fortress, commanded the Pope's army to "Kill them all, God will find his own."

Will you take any moral responsibility when one of your followers, empowered and energized by your statements, decides to firebomb a Palestinian home, only killing innocent women and children?!?

Or, Rabbi, have you come to see all Palestinians as "the enemy", to be treated with the same genocidal frenzy with which Hitler treated the Jews in World War II?!?

Sir, I sincerely and respectfully ask you to think this approach through; it will create even more suffering for both Israeli Jews and the Palestinians, and continue to make a mockery of the Israeli judicial system.

Mar 14 09:49

Big Pharma Frightened After New Study Shows Cannabis is a Highly Effective Antidepressant

By Justin Gardner

A new study in the journal Neuropharmacology is showing yet again the incredibly diverse ways that medical cannabis can heal the body. We already know of several physical conditions it can treat—such as epileptic seizures, Crohn’s disease and neuropathic pain—but medical cannabis is also showing promise for the treatment of depression...

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Mar 14 09:47

Detroit Teacher: “Children Are Made Into Dollar Signs”

Teachers in Detroit Public Schools spoke to the World Socialist Web Site at the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) emergency meeting on Thursday. They expressed a deep concern for the future of the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) and frustration with the union, which has collaborated in the attacks on teachers and public education. A number of teachers emphasized that they felt the sickouts had represented a step forward, but have been stymied ever since.

Mar 14 09:34

Leaked Audio: Clinton Says Supreme Court Is ‘Wrong’ on Second Amendment

Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York last week, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Mar 14 09:32

Syrian al-Qaeda Seizes US-Made Missiles in Fight

Al-Qaeda’s Syrian wing, Jabhat al-Nusra, has turned on one of their traditional allies in Idlib Province, the US-backed Free Syrian Army wing called Division 13, accusing the group of planning to attack its own bases.

Nusra followed this up with attacks on the Division 13 bases, seizing both bases and a number of US-made anti-tank missiles from the group. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a number of FSA fighters were detained.

Nusra dominates the Idlib Province as the head of a coalition of Islamist-leading rebel factions. This coalition includes, or at least included multiple US-backed factions who are recipients of US arms. The US has expressed concern about Russian airstrikes against Idlib, even if targeting al-Qaeda, on the grounds they threaten American allies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is the US government giving weapons to alleged "Syrian moderates" who are completely impotent at keeping US-military supplied out of the hands of Syrian Al-Qaeda?!?

Mar 14 09:27

Ron Paul Warns of Dollar Collapse 100% In 28 May 2016 – China And Russia Are Preparing For A Bankrupt US Financial System

When the government spends more than it collects, the result is additional debt. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 until 2008, the U.S. accumulated slightly over $10 trillion in federal debt. In the past seven years, the debt has nearly doubled to more than $18 trillion. By the year 2019, it is projected to exceed $20.3 trillion. When interest rates rise, the impact will be felt by the federal government as well as everyday Americans. First, it will increase the government’s cost of borrowing, which will cause the debt to rise even faster. It’s entirely possible that even a modest rise in interest rates could cause the debt to spiral out of control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 14 09:25

Popular Asthma Drug Fraudulently Marketed by Pharma Companies: Whistleblowers

The limited number of patients who could be prescribed Xolair under this approval was a big disappointment. But so was the reason for the restricted indication: in clinical trials, the FDA had detected signs of early stage malignancies! The FDA also detected many anaphylactic responses (life threatening allergic responses) which earned Xolair a black box warning. Years later, Xolair was also linked to a higher risk of heart attack, mini-stroke, chest pain, and blood clots.

Mar 14 09:25

Disinformation Warfare: US Officials Working to Keep Russia, Europe at Odds

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Philip Breedlove recently took US hawks' campaign of Russia-baiting up a notch, suggesting Russia and Syria have 'deliberately weaponized' refugees to 'break European resolve'. The remarks, and the mainstream media's ability to convey them with a straight face, are an indication of a broken system, experts suggest.

Mar 14 09:24

Room With a Few: Just 28 Refugees Living in German Castle Converted for 320

A castle in Schleswig-Holstein that was prepared to be used as housing for 320 asylum seekers is now home to just 28 residents, as authorities there complain that the expected number of refugees have not materialized.

Mar 14 09:24


Aid money to Palestine ends up benefiting the Israeli economy, and may even help perpetuate the occupation, according to an analysis published last year. Published by Aid Watch Palestine, a Palestinian NGO that scrutinizes the spending of foreign relief money, the September 2015 study by Shir Hever suggests that at least 72 percent of foreign aid actually ends up back in Israeli hands. Palestine’s economy is dependent on foreign aid, although foreign nations sometimes pledge more than they actually give. The World Bank reported that of $3.5 billion pledged to Palestine in 2015, “only 35 percent has been disbursed, $881 million less than what was supposed to be disbursed so far” by September.

Mar 14 09:24

Germany says NEIN to migrants as far right demolishes Merkel in regional polls

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU party was humiliated in key regional elections on Sunday as voters delivered their verdict at the ballot box about her open-door refugee policies.

Mar 14 09:24

DREXIT - New BOMBSHELL for EU: Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union

MORE European Union turmoil is looming with more than 30 per cent of Danes signalling they would vote to leave Brussels if a referendum was held tomorrow.

Mar 14 09:23

'He should stay out' Barack Obama warned against interfering in Brexit debate

US President Obama has been told to stop interfering in British politics amid claims that he is preparing to make a major intervention to try to persuade voters to back the Remain campaign in the EU referendum.

Mar 14 09:23

Barack Obama will fly to Britain next month to urge voters to stay in the EU... but he is immediately accused of hypocrisy as he is reminded of how the US won independence

Barack Obama will fly to Britain next month to urge voters to back staying in the European Union, it was revealed this morning.
The US President is planning a 'big, public reach-out' to British voters to make the case for staying in the Brussels club.
But Brexit campaigners have hit back, saying the intervention from the president of a country that won its independence through a civil war was hypocritical and told Mr Obama to 'keep his views to himself'.

The US President (pictured boarding Air Force in Dallas yesterday) is planning a 'big, public reach-out' to British voters to make the case for staying in the Brussels club.

It will be seen as part of Mr Obama's efforts to repair relations with David Cameron after the US President criticised the UK Prime Minister over his foreign policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to President Obama; sir, forgive the "sang foid" characterisation here, but it appears that you are gallivanting off to the UK and Germany because you, and your administration, are pathologically incapable of fixing both the huge foreign and domestic policy blunders you have created, during your two terms in office.

The massive outsourcing/offshoring of jobs continues apace, because you are owned by the multinationals which funded your election cycles; real poverty, and real unemployment are at all-time highs; and the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and South Sudan continue apace with no negotiated settlements in sight for (most probably) years.

And this stop-off in the UK to attempt to sway British voters away from a Brexit will, ultimately, be just about as useful as was Netanyahu's address to Congress to shun the P5+1 deal with Iran; do you at all remember, sir, how that really made you feel?!?

Britons are thoroughly capable of choosing their own destiny, thank you very much, and they do not need you to tell them what is good for the UK.

Owl 3
Mar 14 09:22

Propaganda: Iran ordered to pay $10.5 billion for 9/11 by US judge

A US judge ordered Iran to pay over $10 billion in damages to families of victims who died on September 11, 2001 – even though there is no evidence of Tehran’s direct connection to the attack.

Mar 14 09:15

The Plutonium Files: MIT scientists fed radioactive oatmeal to schoolboys to see what would happen

Between 1946 and 1953, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted a horrifying experiment in which schoolboys were fed radioactive oatmeal, simply to support marketing claims made by the Quaker Oats company!

The study was performed on more than 100 boys, many of whom were wards of the state and had been falsely declared "mentally retarded," according to The New York Times. The boys were recruited to join the "Fernald Science Club." They – and their parents, for boys who had parental guardians – were told that they were taking part in a study "in connection with the [MIT] nutrition department" aimed at "helping to improve the nutrition of our children."

Mar 14 09:14

New police radar gun to catch people who text while driving

A Virginia-based company has been working on a device that will enable police to determine whether or not a driver is using his or her cell phone for texting while on the road.

Mar 14 09:12

REPOST - Hillary Clinton Warmonger

Mar 14 09:09

What Trump Supporters Were Doing Before Trump

Trump has also attracted attention for dissenting from the hawkish foreign policy views that are dominant in the GOP. For instance, he drew ire from GOP foreign policy elites after accusing former President George W. Bush of having lied about weapons of mass destruction in the run-up to the Iraq War. On the question of whether to remain in Iraq as of late 2007, Trump supporters scored a 0.62, which is relatively close to the 0.50 position (“The U.S. should set a deadline for withdrawing its troops”). That makes them less favorable toward the Iraq War than Cruz supporters (0.81) and closer to Rubio supporters (0.67). But when asked in late 2008, the future Trump supporters were slightly more likely to call themselves “hawks” than Cruz backers (0.68 versus 0.67), and markedly more likely than Rubio backers (0.52). Rubio presents himself as the most hawkish of the three candidates, but his base of support didn’t describe themselves that way.

Mar 14 09:07

“Free Trade”: The Elites Are Selling It But The Public Is No Longer Buying

“Free trade”: The elites are selling it but the public is longer buying it. Look at the support for Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, especially in light of Sanders’ surprise 20-point comeback in this week’s Michigan primary. With primaries coming soon in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, will Sanders’ trade appeal resonate again?

Mar 14 09:07

Mars TGO mission heads for Red Planet on methane quest

The probe will investigate whether the methane in the world's atmosphere is coming from a geological source or is being produced by microbes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know where my dime is wagered!

Mar 14 09:06

To Humbly Submit

Today, most leaders are primarily political rather than military, and even those who wear a military uniform almost never take part in actual battle, let alone lead the charge. For this reason, the original reason for loyalty and submission should be outmoded.

Why, then, does it persist? Well, in fact, it generally persists as long as there is prosperity and a people are prepared to tolerate dominance. However, should prosperity diminish dramatically, obeisance tends to diminish accordingly. At some point, the leaders conclude that they may be losing the submission of the people and need to reinforce it. This is done by one of two methods and, on occasion, both at the same time.

The first is force. An increased police state can create a greater assurance of submission through fear of those in uniform.

Mar 14 09:04

Draghi calls ‘helicopter money’ ‘an interesting concept’

The original intent of the ECB was to use the asset purchases to increase and improve the liquidity in the European banking system. However, we already warned in September he trickle-down effect of these asset purchases were insufficient, as the real economy saw just a fraction of the total amount spent on the asset purchases. The ECB has now reached the same conclusion, six months later than we did, and adding the corporate bond sector to its Asset Purchase Program-list was the only logical step. You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mar 14 09:04

February smashes monthly world temperature records by 'shocking' amount as 'climate emergency' declared

'In short, we are now hurtling at a frightening pace toward the globally agreed maximum of 2.0°C warming over pre-industrial levels'

Mar 14 09:01

Violent Trump Protesters Are Just Following Obama’s Orders: Here’s Proof!

President Obama recently claimed that things happening at Republican events are not “a consequence of actions that I’ve taken.”

But they’re certainly a byproduct of the “rhetoric” you’ve used over the years, Mr. Obama. And if “rhetoric” can be used to justify violence as you and the media have done in the case of demonizing Trump, then you are just as guilty as hell.

Mar 14 09:01


“A new report from the UN human rights office is accusing the US-backed government of South Sudan” of “encourag[ing] troops and their militia allies to loot private property and rape women” in lieu of pay.

The UN reported “that civilians suspected of supporting the opposition were burned alive or hacked to pieces by troops, with torture and forced displacement common.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rape, torture, looting and forced displacement, readers, is what is being done in your name, and with your tax dollars. Doesn't it make you proud to be an American?!?!?

And here is the reason why it is happening; as reported at en.wikipedia.org:

One of the major natural features of South Sudan is the River Nile whose many tributaries have sources in the country. The region also contains many natural resources such as petroleum, iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold, and hydropower.

It is about control over these resources, and making sure that they are only sold in the petrodollar, that US Government-enabled rape, torture, murder, and displacement are happening.

Mar 14 09:01

THIS Major GOP Presidential Candidate Took $588,375 From George Soros!

As “moderate” Ohio Governor John Kasich continues to remain in the Republican race, his PAC “New Day for America” just received a major donation that’s raising eyebrows among conservatives.

Soros fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller donated $488,375 to the Governor’s so-called “soft money” fund, according to records provided by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

George Soros, who has spent billions of dollars creating and funding far-left organizations such as MoveOn.org, ACORN, and countless pro-amnesty organizations. After donating countless amounts of money to Congressional Democrats, Soros just handed a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC $8 million.

Mar 14 09:00

BREAKING: A Ted Cruz SEX SCANDAL Appears To Be Looming?

The buzz focuses on Cruz and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson. Pierson is a former consultant for Cruz’s United States Senate campaign and is now the national spokeswoman for businessman Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which makes this a particularly uncomfortable situation.

Mar 14 08:59

Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses

There is money to be made on vaccines and GM mosquitos, and money to be lost if sales of pesticides and other chemicals are reduced. It is clear in which direction the politics will lean.

Mar 14 08:59

EXPOSED: In Secret, Closed-Door Meeting, DC Elite Make Their Pick For President

Last night, in a secret meeting closed off from the general public the DC elite of the Republican party made their pick for President. The Caucus was “closed” meaning only registered Republicans in DC (AKA lobbyists, bureaucrats,neocons, etc) got to pick who their nominee would be.

It won’t shock you who they picked.

Waiting on numbers, but Rubio has won the #DCcaucus.
— Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) March 13, 2016

This isn’t shocking. The RINO elite want Rubio so bad. He’s their puppet-boy and is going to continue their agenda of big government, open borders, and capitulating with the democrats.

Mar 14 08:58

7 Facts About Depression That Will Blow You Away

A silent tragedy in the history of modern health care is happening right now in America, but no one is talking about it. We have been told a story of depression: that it is caused by a chemical imbalance and cured by a chemical fix—a prescription.

Mar 14 08:57

Fukushima Five Years On: Not A Comedy Of Errors, A Calamity Of Terrors

Since it began March 11, 2011, thousands of freelancers have reported on the Fukushima-Daiichi triple reactor meltdowns and radiation gusher, the deluge of accidents, leaks, faulty cleanup efforts, the widespread contamination of workers, citizens, soil, food and water, and the long series of cancer studies, lawsuits, and ever-changing clean-up and decommissioning plans. As Japan Times reports last October, “Extremely high radiation levels and the inability to grasp the details about melted nuclear fuel make it impossible for [Tokyo Electric Power Co.] to chart the course of its planned decommissioning of the reactors.”

Mar 14 08:56

Your daily dose of BOOGA BOOGA! Schumer: Dam cyberattack was 'shot across the bow' from Iran

A cyberattack on a small dam in the suburbs outside of New York City was a "shot across the bow" of the United States and should be met with tougher sanctions against Iran, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Friday.

Mar 14 08:56

Could New Hampshire See Marijuana Decriminalized?

the New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill on March 10, that would decriminalize the possession of up to half an ounce of marijuana. Currently, New Hampshire state law considers the possession of any amount

Mar 14 08:54

Conservatives Want More War Spending, The People Disagree

Suggesting that hawk politicians are out of touch with the American people, a new non-partisan poll conducted by the University of Maryland showed that Americans would on average like to see the military budget decrease by $12 billion. Democrats and independents wanted even deeper cuts, but not even Republican voters wanted to see more money spent on the military. Could this by why the neocon-favored uberhawk Marco Rubio is going down in flames in the presidential primary? What is the lesson for other politicians? Finally a good news story today in the Liberty Report:

Mar 14 08:53

Tampa City Votes To Decriminalize Possession Of Small Amounts Of Cannabis

It’s rare when a city council mayor, police chief and anti-drugwar activist can agree on a new marijuana proposal, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Tampa, Florida. Tampa council members passed a new ordinance

Mar 14 08:52



The prior year has seen private military contractors hit Iraqi dirt harder than coalition bombs. In January 2015, Daily Caller reports, 250 contractors operated in Iraq while the Pentagon counted 2,028 in 2016. A seven page report facilitated the revelation, updating public-access data on contractor numbers and operations. The report also contained contractor information dedicated to Afghanistan, which vastly outnumber those in Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When one of the hottest areas of an economy has to do with the hiring of private mercs with which to pursue wars, you know that economy is in deep trouble!!

Mar 14 08:52

Virginia State Congress Passes Bill To Allow Specific Marijuana Oil Production In State

It appears that, after decades of oppressive and freedom-crushing drug legislation, even the state of Virginia is being forced to come to grips with the rising tide of public opinion that no longer views marijuana as the substance equivalent to al-Qaeda.

Mar 14 08:51

Your Tax Dollars Are Enabling Police Brutality In Egypt

Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement exploded into the headlines, violence by American police officers has come under fire from activists
and ordinary citizens alike. Less discussed, however, is how the U.S.
government winks at the police brutality of its client states abroad.

Mar 14 08:49

DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s Recall Over Glass Particles In Food

DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer’s and Lean Cuisine are all making the rounds in the news headlines as of late. But it is not because of a new product line or new marketing strategy – it is because of a massive recall due to the presence of glass

Mar 14 08:45

Stop the treatment industrial complex

As more individuals are being treated and rehabilitated both inside and outside prison walls, for-profit companies are stepping in and profiting. Community corrections is particularly expansive, and includes an array of out-of-jail programs like probation and parole services, halfway houses, day reporting centers, drug and alcohol treatment programs, home confinement, electronic monitoring, and various supportive services such as educational classes and job training. Although many of these services are provided by public-sector and nonprofit entities, the expansive reach of treatment and rehabilitation is increasingly attracting for-profit companies. Their success depends not on being effective, but in keeping as many people as possible under supervision for as long as possible. The lengthier, deeper and more expansive the treatment, the greater the profit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some countries, like Sweden, are actually making their prison rehabilitation services work, and Sweden is closing down a number of their prisons because they don't have enough prisoners to fill them.

I would be curious to see a well-documented study of how successful these for-profit treatment programs are in preventing recidivism.

IF the real numbers are terrific, fine; if they are not, then something is systemically wrong with the way in which these treatment programs are run.

Mar 14 08:43

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker Damns Obama’s Plan for Ukraine

Jean-Claude Juncker, the most powerful person in Europe, the chief of the European Commission and therefore Europe’s closest equivalent to America’s President, said, in a little-noticed comment on March 3rd, “Ukraine will definitely not be able to become a member of the EU in the next 20-25 years, and not of NATO either.” The article reporting this, at europeonline.magazine, also observed that, “The commission, the EU‘s executive, plays a leading role in accession negotiations between the bloc and aspiring members.”

Mar 14 08:42

In Alliance with Al-Qaida, Israel Is Stealing Syria’s Oil

The 1907 Hague Regulations, a cornerstone of international law, state that an occupying power must “safeguard the capital of these properties.” Stealing resources from an occupied territory constitutes the crime of pillage.

But in December 2011, Israel’s high court ruled that Israel’s occupation is unique and not bound by the laws against pillage.

Mar 14 08:41

Israeli Chief Rabbi to Troops: Ignore Courts, Commander, Just Kill Armed Palestinians

Amid ongoing condemnation of Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, who last month publicly declared “I don’t want a soldier to empty a magazine on a girl with scissors,” Israel’s chief Sepherdic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef urged soldiers to ignore the Army Chief’s orders, as well as court rulings, and just kill any “armed Palestinians” they find.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as Displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog." -- Harry Truman, 1947, private diaries

Mar 14 08:38


Police in the United States managed to escape prosecution when facing allegations they violated civil rights an incredible 96 percent of the time. This is almost the exact opposite of the conviction rate for everyone else, as normal citizens are are prosecuted at a rate of 93 percent.

The investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (the Trib), based on an analysis of nearly 3 million federal records, found that from 1995 through 2015, federal prosecutors overwhelmingly opted not to pursue prosecution. Indeed, the 96 percent refusal to press charges sharply contrasts with the rejection rate for all other complaints — just 23 percent.

Investigators found the most common reasons given for refusing to prosecute officers were “weak or insufficient evidence, lack of criminal intent required under a 1945 Supreme Court ruling standard, and orders from the Justice Department.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a cultural illness in may police departments across this country, and it is almost as though many police departments has reverted to the mindset of "Code Napoleon" law, in which any suspect was considered guilty until proven innocent, which is the polar opposite of American jurisprudence.

Mar 14 08:36

The Incredible Brussels Glyphosate Sheep Dip

In a tale of Brussels corruption almost too crass to believe, the Commission of the European Union is ready to approve a new license for a proven carcinogen, glyphosate, despite international warnings from WHO and independent scientists that it is toxic to humans and animals. Only huge protest has forced the EU to make a surprise postponement of its planned vote to re-approve.

Mar 14 08:36

Trump Rally - MAC-10 "Assault Weapon" Fired by Black Lives Matter Protester in Chicago Streets

Mar 14 08:36

Having healthy breasts removed 'does not help women avoid cancer and may do more harm than good'

The number of breast cancer patients having both their diseased and healthy breasts removed has more than tripled in ten years though there is no evidence it increases survival rates, a study has shown.

Researchers have warned that the surgery can lead to major complications including depression.

Mar 14 08:23

Trump Has Big Lead in New California Poll

In a new poll on the eve of two crucial primary votes in Ohio and Florida, Donald J. Trump has a commanding lead among Republicans in California, which is the state with the largest single remaining source of delegates on the path to the Party’s nomination for President.

Mar 14 08:18

Could artificial sweeteners like Splenda trigger cancer? Experts warn there's no safe dose

An artificial sweetener promoted as a healthier alternative to sugar may raise the risk of leukaemia, a study has found.

Italian researchers found Splenda, a sweetener which containing sucralose, was linked with an increased risk of this type of blood cancer as well as other cancers.

The team, from the Ramazzini Institute, called for ‘urgent’ follow up studies to assess whether the ingredient is harmful.

Mar 14 08:13

Exposing The Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look At Hillary’s Emails

Critics have long questioned why violent intervention was necessary in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s recently published emails confirm that it was less about protecting the people from a dictator than about money, banking, and preventing African economic sovereignty.

Mar 14 08:10

FDA to declassify electroshock therapy to same risk category as condoms and contact lenses

The Food and Drug Administration is set to allow for the dramatic expansion of electroshock therapy for patients who have been diagnosed with clinical depression, through reclassification of the devices used to deliver shock treatment, despite the fact that experts and former patients have attested to the damage such treatment causes.

As noted by mental health watchdog organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHRI), the FDA began the reclassification process for Electroconvulsive Therapy Devices (ECT) in early January. The change would lower the devices from their current highest-risk Category III classification, "to allow electric shock machines to be utilized in the treatment of specific alleged mental illnesses with less regulatory controls," the organization noted in an alert.

Mar 14 08:10

Why governments aren't all that different from street gangs

At some point, you may have heard someone call the government a "gang of thieves writ large," which is a generalization of a quote attributed to libertarian thinker Murray Rothbard. However, if you're not familiar with the philosophy behind that quote, you might mistakenly believe that it is nothing more than a clever observation on the wasteful and corrupt nature of government. That's because you may not be aware of the meaning of "writ large." It's synonymous with "clearly" or "obviously." In reality, Rothbard wasn't trying to make a clever statement. He was quite literally calling the government a gang.

Mar 14 08:06

The George Soros backed Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come

Moveon.Org is conducting fundraising activities from the Chicagoprotests against Donald Trump that prompted the Republican presidential front-runner to cancel a rally there Friday, and promises that more disruptions are on the way.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 14 08:02

As Twitter, Facebook and YouTube ramp up selective censorship, GoodGopher.com alternative search is more important than ever!

Love or hate social media, there is no doubt that it has become one of – if not the – most powerful ways to communicate and share opinions.

But questions are being asked as to whether those responsible for running of social media organizations, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are censoring information based on their own ideological viewpoints – or views that they are being paid to promote.

Mar 14 07:59


Well now it’s being alleged that Ohio’s GOP has intentionally set up a confusing ballot in a bid to try to make sure Donald Trump does not win.

The Dem ballot has one place for voters to mark their choice for president. Period.

The Republican ballot in Ohio this year apparently has two, leaving a lot more questions than answers about whether or not voters will understand how it works.

Mar 14 07:56

Microsoft's done a terrible job with its Windows 10 nagware

Why else would Redmond use security updates for 'more approachable' nagging?

Remember that Windows 7 laptop I allowed to upgrade to Windows 10? Then after a week's worth of disasters I reverted it back to Windows 7. I installed the GWX Control Panel to block further nags and attempts to force an upgrade only to have the latest Microsoft patch to Windows 7 (25 files in total) re-install the update feature. As a side note, the reversion turns out not to work properly. If you go from either Win7 or Win8 to Win10, then back, the tasks system gets totally hosed and unrecoverable.

Nice job, Redmond. You are really impressing the hell out of computer geeks!

Mar 14 07:54

Staff 'fury' as penny pinching IBM offers legal minimum redundo payoffs

Big Blue 'can't afford to enhance terms', got margins to consider

Mar 14 07:53

Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?

Very few if any ever thought Windows 10 would truly reinvigorate the PC industry, and they were right - IDC has pulled down forecasts on traditional device sales for 2016.

The analyst has clipped unit expectations by a couple of per cent, claiming global notebooks and desktops shipments into channels are now on course to decline 5.4 per cent to 260.9 million.

Mar 14 07:47

Social Security: The GOP vs. the American People

Donald Trump was the only one on the debate stage to side with the American people, not Wall Street. He reiterated his opposition to all cuts, including raising the retirement age. Politically shrewd, but there is reason to doubt that he is committed to that view.
Note: What reason reporter, just the facts.


Mar 14 07:42

Cruz and Rubio think Trump isn’t friendly enough to Israel, but the majority of Israeli Jews disagree

He has questioned Israel’s commitment to peace and has touted neutrality in Middle Eastern dealmaking, but a majority of Israeli Jews believe Donald Trump would be a friend to Israel if elected to the US presidency, according to the findings of a recent poll from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University.

Mar 14 07:38

Orthodox Jews Set Sights on N.J. Town and Angry Residents Resist

They show up on doorsteps to tell owners that if they don’t sell, they’ll be the only non-Orthodox around. Strangers, sometimes several to a car, shoot photos and videos. When they started pulling over to ask children which house was theirs, parents put an end to street-hockey games.
Note: President Harry Truman "The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.”

Mar 14 06:33


*hyperlinks live at source*


Fabrication  [2.1]

In the generation following the Civil War financial interests centered in New York City seized control of the American economy and transformed its distribution of wealth from one in which the richest 2% held 5% of the national wealth, into the one revealed by the Census of 1890 and fundamentally unaltered today.  The classic example of how corporate finance accomplished this occurred when the investment banking firm of J.P. Morgan, master builder of this system, melded America's principal steelmaking companies, themselves compounded by mergers, 29 in all, to forge U.S. Steel, Incorporated, on a scale sufficient to dominate American steel production nationwide, control the market and set prices throughout the 20th century and beyond.  

Mar 14 06:30


The March 1981 report on “entomological warfare” was prepared following research at the Dugway Proving Ground, the sprawling Utah facility where the Army tests biological and chemical weapons systems. The report examined the methods by which U.S. military members and civilians could come under attack by mosquitoes infected with yellow fever. The report notes that, according to U.S. intelligence information, Warsaw Pact nations “have attempted development of an EW capability.”

Mar 14 06:25


Last month, the Free Thought Project reported on the above the law tax haven established inside the United States by the Rothschilds. Before that, Baron David de Rothschild was indicted by the French government after he was accused of fraud in a scheme that allegedly embezzled large sums of money from British pensioners. Earlier this month, the French government announced that it has launched an investigation into the entire Swiss branch of the Rothschild’s banking empire. The world is waking up to the fact that these very powerful families operate in a legal class far separated from the one we find ourselves subject to.

Mar 14 06:20


At 1:00AM Friday morning, Johan De Leede (83), a retired World Bank economist, was killed by gunshots at his home in Mason Neck, Virginia. His wife, upstairs in the home at te time, heard a noise and went downstairs to investigate and found her husband collapsed on the floor, police said. "We have no credible evidence or leads at this point. It's a true mystery," said Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr. "This truly is a case where we need input from the community. We want to hear about any suspicious activity."


Mar 14 06:03

Obamacare Losing Enrollees: Exchange Enrollment Drops By Over 1.1 Million In Last Half Of 2015

When agencies release information on a Friday afternoon, it is generally because of unfavorable news they hope will lose potency over the weekend. On Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released 2015 end-of-the-year exchange enrollment data. After reviewing the numbers, it is understandable why HHS would want this release to attract as little attention as possible.

Mar 14 05:45

The Plutonium Files: MIT scientists fed radioactive oatmeal to schoolboys to see what would happen

(NaturalNews) Between 1946 and 1953, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted a horrifying experiment in which schoolboys were fed radioactive oatmeal, simply to support marketing claims made by the Quaker Oats company!

Mar 14 05:41

EXCLUSIVE: Just one Air Marshal a week deals with a disruptive passenger on a plane yet taxpayers still shell out $800MILLION a year

Only one air marshal a week actually deals with a disruptive passenger on a flight over the United States - but the TSA still spends a reported $800million a year on them.

An investigation by the Daily Mail Online has found the federal officers stationed on planes have responded to situations in the air just 164 times since 2012.

Mar 14 05:36

Are Agent Provocateurs Disrupting Trump Rallies?

An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order.

Steven D Kelley, a former CIA/NSA contractor, made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Saturday when asked to comment on the recent protests against Republican front-runner Trump.

Mar 14 05:29

NSA’s data to be shared with police

Data collected by the National Security Administration on the private communications of U.S. citizens will now be shared with law enforcement agencies, writes Radley Balko in the Washington Post.

Mar 14 05:26

Dist. 4 Voter Fraud Allegations Surface

The city election was March 1, and even though the votes have been counted, one seat may still be in limbo. There is a possibility ousted District 4 city councilor Cory Lewis could regain the seat he lost to his political rival, Robert Seeds.

First Judicial District Attorney Jennifer Padgett forwarded the absentee applications and voter oath documents collected from District 4 voters, to the State Police, so they could look into allegations of voter fraud.

Mar 14 05:23

Why we must remember the Holocaust

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum stands against this kind of blind destruction for all people and helps us remember what can go so wrong when we don’t face our own responsibilities and when we let our anger rule our lives.
Note: Expect the genocide of the Palestinians! Also, we should remember the holocau$t because it is the greatest lie in the history of civilization.

Mar 14 05:15

Top French Cardinal Hid Scouts Pedophile Scandal

ROME — For all those who say that the Catholic Church is doing all it can on clerical child sex abuse—namely the Vatican press office—there is yet another reason to doubt those lofty words. Meet the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who has denied he did anything wrong by hiding the well-known fact that Father Bernard Preynat was sexually abusing as many as 40 Catholic Scouts in France in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mar 14 05:08

Israel’s generals and their troubled relationship with the elected cabinet

ALL is not well between Israel’s cabinet and the generals who supposedly report to them. Major-General Herzl Halevi arrived at the Knesset on February 23rd for what was planned as a routine briefing for members of the defence committee of Israel’s parliament. Instead, the chief of military intelligence delivered a stark warning.

Mar 14 03:44

Dam Break Reported in Louisiana

March 13, 2016

Mar 13 22:29

US travel records show Putin propaganda chief who 'died' in suspicious circumstances in Washington hotel actually flew out of LA 40 days later, claims Kremlin

Millionaire Mikhail Lesin, 57, was found dead in $240-a-night in Washington DC last November. U.S. officials said he died of 'blunt force injuries'
But Russian politician Alexey Navalny claims to have proof that Lesin's passport was used 40 days after he 'died'

Mar 13 22:26

Severe penalties for anyone backing Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia says those linked to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah will be punished in accordance to anti-terrorism laws.

Mar 13 22:26

Syrian PM’s comments on Assad disruptive to peace: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has slammed as “disruptive to peace” remarks by his Syrian counterpart who has described President Bashar al-Assad’s ouster as a “red line.”

Mar 13 22:25

Donald Trump’s Tampa Office Is an Unlikely Melting Pot

So Mrs. Linsky, 55, understands that some may see certain contradictions in the fact that she is now spending several nights a week volunteering here at Donald J. Trump’s campaign office. “Like I’m just pulling the drawbridge up behind me,” she says.

Yet Mrs. Linsky is also quick to acknowledge a long list of racial fears and resentments that she says help explain why she is drawn to Mr. Trump: She is furious at undocumented workers who “come basically to see what they can get.” She is wary of Muslim Americans imposing their religion on communities in the United States. She is fearful of more American jobs being outsourced to China, India or Mexico. She even suspects President Obama “has a dislike for white folks.”

Mar 13 22:24

Combat Missiles Heading to US Found in Passenger Aircraft in Serbia

Serbian authorities have started an investigation into reports that two air-to-surface missiles, presumably destined for the US, were found in a passenger aircraft.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If those are the missiles in thew photo., those are mock-ups, not functioning weapons.

Mar 13 22:17


Alex Jones speaks with political insider Roger Stone on the plan by Hillary Clinton to disrupt Donald Trump rallies with radical left-wing provocateurs.

Mar 13 22:15

Bix Weir Reports Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion Confirmed

This week begins the 2nd half of March and the lead in to massive 1st quarter bank write-downs. The Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to the “3 Horsemen” of the USA derivative implosion: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

JP Morgan, Goldman Said to Discuss Buying Deutsche Bank Swaps

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Guess who gets stuck with the bill!