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Mar 14 07:59


Well now it’s being alleged that Ohio’s GOP has intentionally set up a confusing ballot in a bid to try to make sure Donald Trump does not win.

The Dem ballot has one place for voters to mark their choice for president. Period.

The Republican ballot in Ohio this year apparently has two, leaving a lot more questions than answers about whether or not voters will understand how it works.

Mar 14 07:56

Microsoft's done a terrible job with its Windows 10 nagware

Why else would Redmond use security updates for 'more approachable' nagging?

Remember that Windows 7 laptop I allowed to upgrade to Windows 10? Then after a week's worth of disasters I reverted it back to Windows 7. I installed the GWX Control Panel to block further nags and attempts to force an upgrade only to have the latest Microsoft patch to Windows 7 (25 files in total) re-install the update feature. As a side note, the reversion turns out not to work properly. If you go from either Win7 or Win8 to Win10, then back, the tasks system gets totally hosed and unrecoverable.

Nice job, Redmond. You are really impressing the hell out of computer geeks!

Mar 14 07:54

Staff 'fury' as penny pinching IBM offers legal minimum redundo payoffs

Big Blue 'can't afford to enhance terms', got margins to consider

Mar 14 07:53

Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?

Very few if any ever thought Windows 10 would truly reinvigorate the PC industry, and they were right - IDC has pulled down forecasts on traditional device sales for 2016.

The analyst has clipped unit expectations by a couple of per cent, claiming global notebooks and desktops shipments into channels are now on course to decline 5.4 per cent to 260.9 million.

Mar 14 07:47

Social Security: The GOP vs. the American People

Donald Trump was the only one on the debate stage to side with the American people, not Wall Street. He reiterated his opposition to all cuts, including raising the retirement age. Politically shrewd, but there is reason to doubt that he is committed to that view.
Note: What reason reporter, just the facts.


Mar 14 07:42

Cruz and Rubio think Trump isn’t friendly enough to Israel, but the majority of Israeli Jews disagree

He has questioned Israel’s commitment to peace and has touted neutrality in Middle Eastern dealmaking, but a majority of Israeli Jews believe Donald Trump would be a friend to Israel if elected to the US presidency, according to the findings of a recent poll from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 14 07:38

Orthodox Jews Set Sights on N.J. Town and Angry Residents Resist

They show up on doorsteps to tell owners that if they don’t sell, they’ll be the only non-Orthodox around. Strangers, sometimes several to a car, shoot photos and videos. When they started pulling over to ask children which house was theirs, parents put an end to street-hockey games.
Note: President Harry Truman "The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.”

Mar 14 06:33


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Fabrication  [2.1]

In the generation following the Civil War financial interests centered in New York City seized control of the American economy and transformed its distribution of wealth from one in which the richest 2% held 5% of the national wealth, into the one revealed by the Census of 1890 and fundamentally unaltered today.  The classic example of how corporate finance accomplished this occurred when the investment banking firm of J.P. Morgan, master builder of this system, melded America's principal steelmaking companies, themselves compounded by mergers, 29 in all, to forge U.S. Steel, Incorporated, on a scale sufficient to dominate American steel production nationwide, control the market and set prices throughout the 20th century and beyond.  

Mar 14 06:30


The March 1981 report on “entomological warfare” was prepared following research at the Dugway Proving Ground, the sprawling Utah facility where the Army tests biological and chemical weapons systems. The report examined the methods by which U.S. military members and civilians could come under attack by mosquitoes infected with yellow fever. The report notes that, according to U.S. intelligence information, Warsaw Pact nations “have attempted development of an EW capability.”

Mar 14 06:25


Last month, the Free Thought Project reported on the above the law tax haven established inside the United States by the Rothschilds. Before that, Baron David de Rothschild was indicted by the French government after he was accused of fraud in a scheme that allegedly embezzled large sums of money from British pensioners. Earlier this month, the French government announced that it has launched an investigation into the entire Swiss branch of the Rothschild’s banking empire. The world is waking up to the fact that these very powerful families operate in a legal class far separated from the one we find ourselves subject to.

Mar 14 06:20


At 1:00AM Friday morning, Johan De Leede (83), a retired World Bank economist, was killed by gunshots at his home in Mason Neck, Virginia. His wife, upstairs in the home at te time, heard a noise and went downstairs to investigate and found her husband collapsed on the floor, police said. "We have no credible evidence or leads at this point. It's a true mystery," said Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr. "This truly is a case where we need input from the community. We want to hear about any suspicious activity."


Mar 14 06:03

Obamacare Losing Enrollees: Exchange Enrollment Drops By Over 1.1 Million In Last Half Of 2015

When agencies release information on a Friday afternoon, it is generally because of unfavorable news they hope will lose potency over the weekend. On Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released 2015 end-of-the-year exchange enrollment data. After reviewing the numbers, it is understandable why HHS would want this release to attract as little attention as possible.

Mar 14 05:45

The Plutonium Files: MIT scientists fed radioactive oatmeal to schoolboys to see what would happen

(NaturalNews) Between 1946 and 1953, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted a horrifying experiment in which schoolboys were fed radioactive oatmeal, simply to support marketing claims made by the Quaker Oats company!

Mar 14 05:44

Liberal tolerance towards a disabled Trump supporter

Mar 14 05:41

EXCLUSIVE: Just one Air Marshal a week deals with a disruptive passenger on a plane yet taxpayers still shell out $800MILLION a year

Only one air marshal a week actually deals with a disruptive passenger on a flight over the United States - but the TSA still spends a reported $800million a year on them.

An investigation by the Daily Mail Online has found the federal officers stationed on planes have responded to situations in the air just 164 times since 2012.

Mar 14 05:36

Are Agent Provocateurs Disrupting Trump Rallies?

An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order.

Steven D Kelley, a former CIA/NSA contractor, made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Saturday when asked to comment on the recent protests against Republican front-runner Trump.

Mar 14 05:29

NSA’s data to be shared with police

Data collected by the National Security Administration on the private communications of U.S. citizens will now be shared with law enforcement agencies, writes Radley Balko in the Washington Post.

Mar 14 05:26

Dist. 4 Voter Fraud Allegations Surface

The city election was March 1, and even though the votes have been counted, one seat may still be in limbo. There is a possibility ousted District 4 city councilor Cory Lewis could regain the seat he lost to his political rival, Robert Seeds.

First Judicial District Attorney Jennifer Padgett forwarded the absentee applications and voter oath documents collected from District 4 voters, to the State Police, so they could look into allegations of voter fraud.

Mar 14 05:23

Why we must remember the Holocaust

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum stands against this kind of blind destruction for all people and helps us remember what can go so wrong when we don’t face our own responsibilities and when we let our anger rule our lives.
Note: Expect the genocide of the Palestinians! Also, we should remember the holocau$t because it is the greatest lie in the history of civilization.

Mar 14 05:15

Top French Cardinal Hid Scouts Pedophile Scandal

ROME — For all those who say that the Catholic Church is doing all it can on clerical child sex abuse—namely the Vatican press office—there is yet another reason to doubt those lofty words. Meet the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who has denied he did anything wrong by hiding the well-known fact that Father Bernard Preynat was sexually abusing as many as 40 Catholic Scouts in France in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mar 14 05:08

Israel’s generals and their troubled relationship with the elected cabinet

ALL is not well between Israel’s cabinet and the generals who supposedly report to them. Major-General Herzl Halevi arrived at the Knesset on February 23rd for what was planned as a routine briefing for members of the defence committee of Israel’s parliament. Instead, the chief of military intelligence delivered a stark warning.

Owl 2
Mar 14 03:44

Dam Break Reported in Louisiana

March 13, 2016

Mar 13 22:29

US travel records show Putin propaganda chief who 'died' in suspicious circumstances in Washington hotel actually flew out of LA 40 days later, claims Kremlin

Millionaire Mikhail Lesin, 57, was found dead in $240-a-night in Washington DC last November. U.S. officials said he died of 'blunt force injuries'
But Russian politician Alexey Navalny claims to have proof that Lesin's passport was used 40 days after he 'died'

Mar 13 22:26

Severe penalties for anyone backing Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia says those linked to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah will be punished in accordance to anti-terrorism laws.

Mar 13 22:26

Syrian PM’s comments on Assad disruptive to peace: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has slammed as “disruptive to peace” remarks by his Syrian counterpart who has described President Bashar al-Assad’s ouster as a “red line.”

Mar 13 22:25

Donald Trump’s Tampa Office Is an Unlikely Melting Pot

So Mrs. Linsky, 55, understands that some may see certain contradictions in the fact that she is now spending several nights a week volunteering here at Donald J. Trump’s campaign office. “Like I’m just pulling the drawbridge up behind me,” she says.

Yet Mrs. Linsky is also quick to acknowledge a long list of racial fears and resentments that she says help explain why she is drawn to Mr. Trump: She is furious at undocumented workers who “come basically to see what they can get.” She is wary of Muslim Americans imposing their religion on communities in the United States. She is fearful of more American jobs being outsourced to China, India or Mexico. She even suspects President Obama “has a dislike for white folks.”

Mar 13 22:24

Combat Missiles Heading to US Found in Passenger Aircraft in Serbia

Serbian authorities have started an investigation into reports that two air-to-surface missiles, presumably destined for the US, were found in a passenger aircraft.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If those are the missiles in thew photo., those are mock-ups, not functioning weapons.

Mar 13 22:17


Alex Jones speaks with political insider Roger Stone on the plan by Hillary Clinton to disrupt Donald Trump rallies with radical left-wing provocateurs.

Mar 13 22:15

Bix Weir Reports Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion Confirmed

This week begins the 2nd half of March and the lead in to massive 1st quarter bank write-downs. The Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to the “3 Horsemen” of the USA derivative implosion: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

JP Morgan, Goldman Said to Discuss Buying Deutsche Bank Swaps

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Guess who gets stuck with the bill!

Mar 13 22:14

Major Disaster Declared for the State of Louisiana

“I have traveled to every corner of the state to assess the damage of this flooding,” said Governor Edwards. “I want to emphasize that this is an initial declaration. We appreciate the quick response from the federal government to our request, and we will continue to work with them to ensure that every citizen who is impacted by this storm receives the disaster assistance he or she needs. State and local officials have given timely support to every parish in need, and we will continue to work around the clock until we are out of the woods.”

Owl 3
Mar 13 22:04

Russia Will Work to Persuade N Korea to Return to Negotiating Table

Russia favor further negotiations with North Korea in order to solve nuclear weapon issue by peasefull means, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Mar 13 22:03

Lavrov: Kurds must be invited to Geneva peace talks to preserve Syria’s integrity

Moscow strongly insists that the Kurds be invited to the the upcoming Syrian peace talks in Geneva, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, suggesting that leaving them out could endanger Syria’s territorial integrity.

“If the Kurds are ‘thrown out’ of the negotiations on Syria’s future, how can you expect them to want to remain within this state?” Lavrov said in an interview with Russian REN TV channel aired on Sunday.

“We believe that the process, which starts in Geneva, must necessarily include the Kurds, if we all mean what we say in declaring our commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Mar 13 22:02

Ankara bombing: President Erdogan vows to bring terror 'to its knees'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to bring terrorism "to its knees" after an attack in the capital Ankara that killed at least 34 people.

Mr Erdogan said the suicide car bomb would serve only to strengthen the resolve of Turkey's security forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Erdogan is about to uncork on the Kurds.

Mar 13 21:36

Race-Baiting Comedian George Lopez Mocks Donald Trump Attack

Comedian George Lopez posted a disparaging and vulgar caption along with a video of a startled Donald Trump grabbing the arm of his Secret Servie agent today. The attacker himself re-posted Lopez remarks on twitter.

Mar 13 20:56

Ankara Blast Death Toll Reaches 34 - Turkish Health Minister

Thirty-four people were killed in the blast in the centre of Ankara on Sunday, said Turkish health minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu.

"Thirty people perished at the scene, while four died in hospital. We suspect there could have been one or two suicide bombers among the casualties," Muezzinoglu told journalists at a press briefing in Ankara.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is going to be blamed on the Syrian Kurds to justify invasion.

Mar 13 20:56

Turkey blocks social media following Ankara attack

A court in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Sunday evening ordered a ban on access to Facebook and Twitter, after images from the deadly car bombing earlier in the day in the city were shared on the social media platforms, Reuters reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Got something to hide, Erdogan?

Mar 13 20:53

Marco Rubio Defends Trump Attacker, Who In Return Posts Little Marco's Videos (!)

The maniac who broke though Donald Trump's security barrier Saturday is posting Senator Marco Rubio videos on his social media accounts. Rubio defends the attacker in the video, scoffing at Trump for daring to say that the man may have ties to ISIS. Thomas Dimassimo, purportedly a Bernie Sanders supporter, jumped the barrier and was eventually tackled by Secret Service agents, after successfully slipping past at least two of them. Dimassimo had both his hands on the stage, ready to pounce on Trump, when the Secret Service finally subdued him. He was released from police custody shortly after being arrested and began gloating about his attack on the internet.

Mar 13 20:50

H&R Block: Customers paying twice as much to satisfy Obamacare penalty

Halfway through tax season, uninsured filers are paying more than twice as much as they did last year to satisfy Obamacare’s penalty for lacking coverage, H&R Block said Tuesday in an analysis that found other customers are still struggling to match their incomes to tax credits they got from Uncle Sam.

The tax-prep giant said its customers are paying an average penalty of $383 because of the Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate,” compared to $172 last year.

That’s because the mandate, a lever designed to bring healthy people into the new marketplace, rose from $95 or 1 percent of qualified income — whichever is greater — in 2014 to $325 or 2 percent of income for 2015.

Mar 13 20:15

Could This Letter We Found From Bill Clinton Could Cost John Kasich the Ohio GOP Primary?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tells GOP voters lots of things as he campaigns on the stump, among them that he can “make great deals with Democrats,” and that he is a “defender of the 2nd Amendment.”

But a letter — from former President Bill Clinton — unearthed just days before the critical Ohio primary reminds voters Kasich made a deal to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans on one of the most critical votes on guns ever — the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

Mar 13 20:07

Ankara blast: Turkish court 'blocks Twitter and Facebook' after explosion

After the attack kills 34 people and images from the explosion are widely shared, a court orders social media sites to be blocked, say local users

Mar 13 19:55

Proof That Ignorance Drives Clinton Voters

Although no organization that predictively polls the Democratic Presidential primaries has sampled the question (or its equivalent) “What is the most important reason why you prefer that candidate?” the assumption by political pundits has always been that, regarding Hillary Clinton voters, perhaps the most important reason for their choice of Clinton over Sanders is that she would be a stronger candidate against the Republican nominee in the general election than Bernie Sanders would be. The widely presumed argument there is that Clinton “has more experience” and is more “mainstream” than Sanders, whom ‘too many people’ consider to be ‘outside the mainstream’ because he is ‘farther left’ than she, who is the more ‘centrist’ of the two Democratic candidates.

Mar 13 19:54

Israeli rabbi: ‘Killing Palestinians commanded in teachings of the Torah’

ed note–BUT REMEMBER, there is a YUUUUUGE difference between Zionism and Judaism, lest we forget--

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them...You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”--Book of Deuteronomy

Mar 13 18:25

How Billionaires Use Nonprofits To Bypass Governments And Force Their Agendas On Humanity

As wealth becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the billionaire class is increasingly turning to foundations and non-profits to enact the change they would like to see in the world. Amid the rise of philanthrocapitalism, growing numbers of critics are raising serious questions about whether this outsized influence is doing more harm than good.

Mar 13 17:37

'Vast possibilities' for trade, says Iran's Foreign Minister

New Zealand's trade with Iran could surpass pre-sanction levels and tap into "vast possibilities", Iran's Foreign Minister has said ahead of a meeting with Prime Minister John Key today.

Mohammad Javad Zarif has also defended Iran's human rights record and ballistic missile testing.

"We continue to buy butter and milk products from you, but we are interested in going beyond that and engaging in long-term economic relations with New Zealand," Dr Zarif told Radio New Zealand this morning.

Iran's Foreign Minister said new trade possibilities included investment in petrochemical products, and high-tech areas such as geothermal, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Trade was top of the agenda for a meeting between Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Dr Zarif yesterday, that was described as a "refresh"of the relationship between New Zealand and Iran.

The two men met in the Beehive yesterday after Dr Zarif arrived during his tour of six countries in Asia-Pacific.

Mar 13 17:36

TPP 'endangering settlements' - Maori claimants

Maori claimants have told the Waitangi Tribunal that the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement risks endangering important future settlements from the Ngapuhi settlement to water rights claims.

The Waitangi Tribunal's hearing on the Trans Pacific Partnership began in Wellington today and is set to go all week. The TPP contains a clause allowing the Government to give preferential treatment to Maori under the Treaty, but many of the claimants questioned whether it would be willing to invoke that.

Bryce Lyall, speaking for Ngapuhi, said that iwi was moving toward settlement. "They are concerned the Crown's ability to provide redress will be compromised." He said the Crown would be the sole arbiter on when to invoke the Treaty exception and there was concern the risk of a challenge under investor state disputes processes would have a "chilling effect" on the Government's willingness to do so.

Mar 13 16:59

The False Flag Of Regime Change

The political sphere in the West is experiencing thrombosis; elites are clogging up the system with opportunistic theories relating to finance, security/surveillance and above all, toxic propaganda-overload. Programmes operated by elites for elites, are everywhere in evidence. The political shift away from the need of ‘the people’ to have a voice in the navigation of the-ship-of-state has been insidious and prolonged, with truth being consigned to the propaganda knackery. Social reality has been rendered mute due to the grip private interest groups have on the body politic …and all of this imparting jittery signals to a population readying itself for a change of war-lord at the White House.

Mar 13 16:33

DEMOCRATS MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY: Here’s the Video That Will Finally DERAIL Hillary!

I don’t know what else to tell somebody after they watch this shocking video about the Clinton crime syndicate. If you watch it and still vote for her then you absolutely serve satan!

There are hundreds of witnesses for these scandals of drug running, murder, coverups, financial frauds and so much more. If you don’t wake up listening to these regular people who lived through the Clinton crimes in Arkansas then you might as well serve satan himself!

We have a real chance to stop Clinton this time. This time, the Internet is here and we can share this video throughout the planet in the weeks until the primaries start! Do your best!

Mar 13 16:29

Bernie Sanders: Fascist for Mediocrity

"Fascism" is a pretty fun catch word in today's politics. Usually applied to extreme "right-wingers", allow me to make a case for why Bernie Sanders is the most fascist candidate of them all...

Mar 13 15:49

Cannabis Legalization Would Raise £1bn A Year In Tax – Study

Legalizing cannabis and selling it to over 18s through specialist shops would raise £1 billion in tax annually, according to a far-reaching study.

Mar 13 15:48

Poor Shaming: Murdoch-Owned Paper Targets Homeless While NYPD Trashes Their Stuff

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post is under fire after one of its front page “poor shaming” stories about a homeless woman led to the destruction of her property by city thugs Wednesday.

Mar 13 15:22

Twitter Goes off on Terrorist Bill Ayers After He Tweets a Picture of His Dining Room “Altar,” Spells It Wrong

The media loves to talk about terrorists, and even demonize patriots as domestic extremists, but Obama pal Bill Ayers actually set off a bomb in the capitol with his group The Weather Underground back in 1971 and somehow magically got pardoned (friends in high places). It’s been said that Obama’s political career began in Ayers’ living room.

Ayers is also an American elementary education theorist and a retired professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he has held the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar…

And apparently he can’t spell the word “altar” right.

Check out this "alter":

(read more)

Mar 13 13:43

German voters' damning verdict on open-door migration: Angela Merkel is punished in crucial state elections as far-Right party wins big vote with call to stop flow of refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU party was humiliated in key regional elections on Sunday as voters delivered their verdict at the ballot box about her open-door refugee policies.

Exit poll results in three out of 16 German states foretell a wipeout in next year's general election as the hard-right capitalized on public disquiet and altered the political landscape forever.

Baden-Wuerttemberg - solidly middle class and home to blue chip companies like Porsche and Daimler - was won by the Green Party after Merkel's CDU lost nearly 11 percent support since the last vote there in 2011.

Mar 13 13:16

Erdogan Threatens To Shut Down Constitutional Court

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the most senior constitutional court in Turkey with being permanently shut down after the court released two detained newspaper editors who had spoken out against Erdogan’s tyrannical regime.

Mar 13 13:15

Hillary Clinton Breaks the Irony Meter

At the March 9 Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton had this to say about competitor Bernie Sanders’s favorable comments on Castro’s Cuba and the Sandinista regime in the ’80s: “if the values are that you oppress people, you disappear people, imprison people or even kill people for expressing their opinions…, that is not the kind of revolution of values that I ever want to see anywhere.” This, coming from a former Secretary of State who backed a right-wing coup in Honduras and proudly name-drops Henry Kissinger – Henry Kissinger! – as a close friend and mentor, is the kind of thing the Onion can’t compete with.

Mar 13 13:09

Are Both Trump And Sanders Falling For A Dirty Trick From Clinton?

On Saturday, I provided a transcript of a remarkable allegation by a gifted private investigator who has a background not only as a crackerjack reporter about political dirty tricks in both Parties, but formerly as Richard Nixon’s top dirty-trickster himself, and who has recently turned against the Republican Party’s establishment and become a Trump supporter:

Mar 13 12:39

The Blessed Bigotry of Mr Trump

Marry, and you will regret it; do not marry, you will regret it, – said the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. So you can marry, and yes, you can vote for Trump – even if you will be disappointed. Because if you vote for Clinton (or God preserve us, Cruz) you will head into nuclear disaster and enslavement of mankind. Trump is a long shot for sanity, but it is better than a sure disaster.

Mar 13 12:12

Mike Rivero explain WRH's beginnings

Mike Rivero explain WRH's beginnings, how he was blackballed out of Hollywood for exposing the murder of Vince Foster

Mar 13 11:25

Credible Account Says Clinton Is Behind Violent Protesters At Trump Rallies

This concerns the question of the identity of the people who are behind the violent protesters at Donald Trump’s rallies.

There are going to be ad-hominem attacks against me for my reporting this account, which will contradict the myths that both progressives and conservatives hold regarding the U.S. government, but anyone who recognizes that the press to this day hides its having hidden the incontestable fact that George W. Bush knowingly falsified, lied regarding the evidence concerning “Saddam’s WMD,” will at least give this account, and its source, fair and unprejudiced consideration, as being possibly accurate and honest. Sometimes, in order to get to the truth in a case, it’s necessary to rely upon the testimony of people that one considers despicable; the FBI wouldn’t be able to crack many cases otherwise — and, sad to say, neither can I. So: please don’t dismiss me for relying here upon a researcher whom I personally detest — and whom you might likewise detest.

Mar 13 11:16

ISIS fear-mongering spoofs - Updated

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is trying to rebrand ISIS from US tool to something we should be so scared of we wet ourselves, so I am reposting this page where we collected together all the ISIS spoof images created over the last few months.

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WRH Exclusive
Mar 13 11:14

AE911Truth’s New Webinar Series Launches this evening (Sun March 13th, 7pm EST)

AE911Truth Webinars will be a recurring four-part webinar series with founder and CEO Richard Gage, AIA. Using a visually redesigned 9/11: Blueprint for Truth slideshow, the series will provide an overview of the evidence regarding the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings.

The webinars are intended to greatly expand the number of people who are able to attend our presentations. The series is particularly geared toward architects, engineers, and other technical professionals who are new to the evidence, though we invite people of all disciplines and knowledge levels to attend.

Participants are not required to register. All you need to do is visit http://AE911Truth.org/webinars at the regularly scheduled times (see below).

Mar 13 10:57

George Soros: (Helping Nazis) "Was The Happiest Time of my Life"

Mar 13 10:57

George Soros: Nazi Sympathizer

We left off showing George Soros's proud involvement in his best organization, Open Society Institute, (OSI), which he used way to "push" ideas that otherwise were not very good. As shown below, this organization had its beginning with George Soros right after his work with the Nazi Party in 1945 but Soros was not able to create what he wished until 1993.

The Open Society Institute (OSI) was founded in 1993 by the multibillionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros. When Soros attended the London School of Economics (LSE) beginning in 1947, he was exposed to the works of the Viennese-born philosopher Karl Popper, who taught at LSE, and whom Soros would later call his "spiritual mentor."1 Most notably, Popper's 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies introduced Soros to the concept of an "open society," which affected him greatly.2

Mar 13 10:55

Are the 'overwhelming majority of violent criminals' Democrats? Ted Cruz said so

"Cruz is misinterpreting our research," the authors told PolitiFact.

Mar 13 10:54

Cruz on Violent Criminals and Democrats

Sen. Ted Cruz misrepresented an academic study when he claimed that the “overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

The claim is based on research that found a majority of ex-felons in three states registered as Democrats. But that was a study of all ex-felons, not just violent criminals, as Cruz framed it. Also, a follow-up study of three additional states by the same authors found the majority of ex-felons in those states were neither Republican nor Democrat.

Mar 13 10:53

FLASHBACK - Militant BLACK Obama Youth Group: Let's SCARE the SHIT out of WHITE Grandma?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if these were some of the people causing the ruckus in Chicago.

Mar 13 10:48

Use of Fear to Silence Climate Skeptics Is An Assault On Reason

Even the threat by US Attorney General (AG) Loretta Lynch that the FBI are going to examine the role of climate skeptics for charges under the RICO is deeply disturbing. It is the practice of leaders who hold a singular political view from either extreme to isolate and threaten. Totalitarianism occurs on the left and the right.

While Lynch was threatening skeptics, President Obama held a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at which they announced total agreement on the need to fight climate change. Both present themselves as leaders who only have the people and the planet at heart, but consider the actions of what Trudeau’s father Pierre did when his belief in centralized government was challenged.

Mar 13 10:47


Mar 13 10:35

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Critics have long questioned why violent intervention was necessary in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s recently published emails confirm that it was less about protecting the people from a dictator than about money, banking, and preventing African economic sovereignty. The brief visit of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Libya in October 2011 was referred to by the media as a “victory lap.” “We came, we saw, he died!” she crowed in a CBS video interview on hearing of the capture and brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi. But the victory lap, write Scott Shane and Jo Becker in the New York Times, was premature. Libya was relegated to the back burner by the State Department, “as the country dissolved into chaos, leading to a civil war that would destabilize the region, fueling the refugee crisis in Europe and allowing the Islamic State to establish a Libyan haven that the United States is now desperately trying to contain.”

Mar 13 10:33

BEX ALERT - Iran fires 2 missiles marked with 'Israel must be wiped out'

Iran test-launched two ballistic missiles Wednesday emblazoned with the phrase "Israel must be wiped out" in Hebrew, Iranian media reported, in a show of power by the Shiite nation as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visited Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although this artcicle claims Iranian media reported on the missile graffiti, no specific media outlet is named. And one has to wonder why such a provocative message would be allowed on a test missile, or why the Iranian media report it, knowing it plays into the US and Israeli propaganda effort.

In any event, below is the highest resolution image I could find of the test, and no signs of any such message are visible.

This is just another lie to start a war!

Mar 13 10:28

War On Terror Turns Inward – NSA Surveillance Will Be Used Against American Citizens

In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.

– James Madison, Founding Father and 4th President of these United States

Mar 13 10:27

A Rigged And Rotten System

The poor Republicans! A Washington Post story wonders if the party could “break in two.” Party stalwarts are threatening to desert to Hillary. And a Texas newspaper worries that the GOP could be “on the verge of extinction.”

Mar 13 10:26

REPOST - Rivero challenges the NSA

The US Government insists their demand for a ban on strong encryption or back doors into all of our electrinic devices is to stop crime and terror.

But over the course of a year, as documented on this page, What Really Happened issued six encryption challenges based on systems of encryption created and programmed here on an air-gapped computer.

Now, I am not an encryption expert, and only a moderately decent programmer. The NSA would have a strong motive to break my codes to discourage others from creating their own systems of encryption.

None were ever solved.

If I can beat the NSA, it means real criminals and terrorists can defeat the NSA and keep their communications private.

Hence, the real agenda of the government is not to stop crime and terror but to monitor the American people to make sure they are not thinking those double-plus ungood thoughts about how this nation is being run!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 13 10:09

Israel furious over Iran's anti-Semitic missiles

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called on world powers to punish Iran after the country test-fired two ballistic missiles emblazoned with the phrase "Israel must be wiped out" in Hebrew.
Note: The world doesn't care about Israel being furious. The world is furious about the lying nuclear weapons Israel has.

Mar 13 09:54

Trump Looking Into Paying Legal Fees Of Old Man Who Sucker Punched Protester

Om NBC's Meet The Press, GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said very clearly that he does not condone violence, but that it's a one way street- when protesters get violent it's okay, but when his supporters punch back it's terrible; and that the double standard not fair.

Mar 13 09:50

Merkel Faces Test

Merkel faces test as polls open in German regional elections
Voting booths in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt opened at 8 a.m. local time (0700 UTC) on Sunday. More than 12 million Germans are eligible to vote in the polls to elect new regional parliaments in the three states.
A failure to win at least two of the three states in Sunday's vote would be a major setback for Merkel, who's trying to rally support among European leaders to strike a deal with Turkey to reduce the migrant flow

Mar 13 09:46

President Obama urges SXSW audience not to be 'absolutists' on encryption

As a practiced politician, Obama avoided coming down too hard on any one side, and he said he wasn't able to discuss the ongoing FBI vs. Apple case at all. But by and large his message was that sacrificing some degree of privacy for the sake of our safety has served the country well for hundreds of years, and he expects we'll figure out a way to do so digitally as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We already proved that the NSA cannot find real criminals and terrorists able to create their own encryption. The real issue is that the government is scared that the people are waking up to what has been going on in this country and they want to scan all of our communications for "double-plus ungood" thinking!

Mar 13 09:42

Turkish Opposition Sues Erdogan Government for Supporting Terrorism

Turkey’s main opposition party has filed a lawsuit against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing Ankara of "aiding and abetting a terrorist organization."

Mar 13 09:42

Eagles of Death Metal Frontman: Security Might Have Been 'in on' Paris Attacks

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Kennedy, Jessie Hughes, the lead singer of the band Eagles of Death Metal opened up about a terrorist attack on his band and concertgoers that took place at a Paris concert, and he alleges that security guards at the venue may have been involved.

Mar 13 09:36

Chris Matthews at center of new NBC scandal as it emerges guests on his show Hardball gave his wife at least $79k to fund her political campaign

Despite saying last June that he would be 'transparent and fair in our coverage' when his wife announced she was running as a Democrat for the open seat in Maryland's 8th District, it seems MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews has gone back on his word.

Guests on his long-running cable-news show - mainly current and former prominent politicians - have contributed at least $79,050 to Kathleen Matthews's campaign - and her husband hasn't uttered a word about the money.

Mar 13 09:36

World War Three? North Korean submarine 'goes missing' as US and South Korean soldiers carry out amphibious landing exercises 

North Korea has been searching for one of its submarines that has been missing for days off its east coast as tensions mount in the region, where U.S. and South Korean troops staged a big amphibious landing exercise today,

The submarine may be adrift under the sea or have sunk, perhaps after a technical problem during an exercise, CNN quoted U.S. officials with intelligence of secret U.S. monitoring of the North's activities as saying.

The missing submarine comes after North Korea has said it is developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles although doubts about that were raised after Western experts said publicly released footage of tests appeared to be fake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooooooo ... if North Korea's threat is a fake, why is the US practicing for an invasion?

Mar 13 09:35

Syrian Army, Allies Launch Large-Scale Military Operations near Strategic Town of Kabani

The Syrian army and the popular forces stormed the Takfiri terrorist groups' fortified positions near the strategic town of Kabani and hit the militant groups' line of defense from the overlooking heights of Jabal al-Zweiqat on the Southern side of the town.

Mar 13 09:34

Nobody Knows the Identities of the 150 People Killed by U.S. in Somalia, but Most Are Certain They Deserved It

The U.S. used drones and manned aircraft yesterday to drop bombs and missiles on Somalia, ending the lives of at least 150 people. As it virtually always does, the Obama administration instantly claimed that the people killed were “terrorists” and militants — members of the Somali group al Shabaab — but provided no evidence to support that assertion.

Nonetheless, most U.S. media reports contained nothing more than quotes from U.S. officials about what happened, conveyed uncritically and with no skepticism of their accuracy: The dead “fighters … were assembled for what American officials believe was a graduation ceremony and prelude to an imminent attack against American troops,” pronounced the New York Times. So, the official story goes, The Terrorists were that very moment “graduating” — receiving their Terrorist degrees — and about to attack U.S. troops when the U.S. killed them.

Mar 13 09:33

Nationwide demo in France against police state

Social unrest continues to mount in France. For the third time in four days, nationwide demonstrations have been held, this time against the ongoing state of emergency. More protests are planned for next week as the government refuses to withdraw the unpopular austerity reforms. From Paris, Press TV's Ramin Mazaheri explains.

Mar 13 09:32

Obama chides UK & Saudi Arabia, says conflict with China is possible

US President Barack Obama says there is “the potential for conflict with China,” while also criticizing the UK for being “free riders” in an interview with The Atlantic magazine. However, he also dispelled myths regarding President Vladimir Putin’s poor timekeeping.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 13 09:31

Trump answers critics who say he's inciting violence at campaign events

Donald Trump on Sunday disagreed with criticism that he and his supporters have allowed campaign rallies to be overrun by violence and injury.

“Nobody’s ever been hurt,” the GOP front-runner told “Fox News Sunday.” “Some of these protesters are bad dudes. They swing and they punch.”
Trump also argued that his events consistently draw tens of thousands of people -- including 35,000 recently in Alabama -- so the protests and problems are only a small part of his overall campaign.

“When you think about it, who do you know has been hurt?” he asked.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Trump is guilty of “political arson,” adding that “the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong, and it’s dangerous,” The New York Times reported.

(*Both The Democratic Front Runner and The New York Times fail to consider that Donald Trump has not had supporters instigate violence in any other camp's rallies . That said be on the look out for a reverse play at a Sanders event , which will also get put back on Donald , by every last opposing candidate AND the media at large .)

Mar 13 09:30

Russia says no to Syrian federalization as former NATO commander talks partition

While media rumors claim that Moscow sees a post-crisis Syria as a federalized state, Russia denies holding such an opinion. At the same time, a ‘plan B’ mentioned by John Kerry to break up the Arab country has gained backing from an ex-NATO commander.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Russia was engaged in talks with other global powers on the possibility of turning Syria into a federal state.

Mar 13 09:29

Gunmen storm popular Ivory Coast beach resort, 7 reported dead

Gunmen have reportedly attacked the Ivory Coast beach resort of Grand-Bassam, which is popular with Westerners. Reports say there are casualties.

Two gunmen opened fire on a beach, injuring several people, a local tourist guide told France24. According to Reuters, there were four gunmen involved in the attack.

Mar 13 09:29

Korean Peninsula: On the Brink of a New War?

Northeast Asia is sliding towards a new conflict more than six decades after the Korean War, with the US and South Korea holding their largest-ever joint military drills, while North Korea is threatening the US and South Korea with a preemptive nuclear strike.

Mar 13 09:28

Despite Massive Increase, Latest ‘Aid’ Package Doesn’t Meet Israeli Expectations

Reports in the Israeli media, quoting Israeli officials familiar with the conversations between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and visiting Vice President Joe Biden suggest that the US VP has warned that the next aid package will be a significant increase over the previous one, but will be short of Israeli expectations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Give me what I want, or I will say the "H" word again and reduce you to a quivering pile of emotional wreckage on the floor!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Mar 13 09:27

Donald Trump & The Planned Implosion Of The USA Funded By Soros Executed By Bill Ayers

It appears the origin for the violence in Chicago originates from the alignment of various left wing teams: Occupy Wall Street, Anarchists, the Soros funded MoveOn.Org, F**k The Police, Black Lives Matter, and organized with the campaign team of Bernie Sanders And Convicted Felon Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

Mar 13 09:23

Federal Judge Inadvertently Confirms Existence of NSA Spying Program

After he was arrested, Hasbajrami was told his emails to another individual were swept up by the PRISM program. He filed a motion to have the evidence against him dismissed, because the warrantless surveillance program violated his reasonable expectation of privacy. If his motion had succeeded, the New York Law Journal cites his attorneys saying his guilty plea would have been vacated.

In a ruling handed down on February 18 but not made public until this week, Federal District Court Judge John Gleeson ruled against Hasbajrami, saying the collection of email evidence against him was “reasonable in light of the Fourth Amendment’s protections.”

The ruling noted that under the relevant law, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, prosecutors are not required to specify the exact people and places they plan to keep under surveillance when they apply to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Mar 13 09:17

Don't Expect the Fed to Raise Rates -- At Least, Not This Week

Yes, the Federal Reserve will consider interest rates at its meeting this week.

But "consider" is the operative word. >>>

Mar 13 09:06

We Warned You: Chicago Trump Shutdown Is Just the Beginning

No other news organization has documented the rise and origins of the groups behind Friday night’s madhouse as thoroughly as the team at Breitbart News. From its origins being exposed in the film Occupy Unmasked before the election cycle to covering and exposing every aspect of the new Black Lives Matter incarnation, we’ve given readers the intellectual ammunition to understand the dangerous rise of the new American left in the Obama era.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 13 08:53

Hawaii Citizens Beat Monsanto, Bypass ‘Right To Spray’ Pesticides Bill

Residents of the Hawaiian Islands just breathed a sigh of relief – literally, as the deadline passed for Hawaii’s House Judiciary Committee to hear House Bill 849, relating to Right to Farm, that would force residents to succumb to pesticide spraying without any say. All the while, companies like Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and BASF use Hawaii land as a testing ground for GM crops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Score one for the good guys!

Mar 13 08:52

Kasich Backers Knock Trump Ad Off Air in Ohio

Television stations across Ohio are refusing to run advertisements from the Trump campaign that are critical of Gov. John Kasich because of a technical election law violation in the ad.

New Day for America, the “super PAC” supporting Mr. Kasich, sent complaints to stations about the ad, saying that it was “falsely attacking Ohio Gov. John Kasich,” and that it did not comply with federal regulations for political advertising.

“No disclaimer appears at the end of the advertisement paid for by Donald Trump,” Matt Carle, executive director of New Day for America, wrote in the complaint. “Consequently, this advertisement is in violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, and it must be removed from the air.”

Mar 13 08:50


Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, has taken credit for the violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago. He promised similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political events leading up to the election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Attention Rivero's Rangers; Post this story EVERYWHERE! We have to counter the below TV Ad that tries to lay the blame for the violence on Trump.

Mar 13 08:49

North Korean submarine missing and presumed sunk, say reports

A North Korean submarine has gone missing at sea and is presumed to have sunk, according to reports from the US and South Korea.

The vessel had reportedly been operating off the North Korean coast during the week when it disappeared.

A South Korean defence ministry said Seoul was investigating the reports. Pentagon officials declined to comment on the matter.

Mar 13 08:48

Police pepper-spray crowds in Kansas as Trump vows to press on with rallies

Republican frontrunner praises supporters and blames ‘these other people’ for disorder after protests forced him to call off Chicago appearance on Friday

Mar 13 08:46

Splenda ingredient, sucralose, linked to leukemia

New research shows the main ingredient in the artificial sweetener Splenda, called sucralose, has been linked to leukemia. Italian researchers published their findings in the January edition of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. The study found "significant dose-related increased indicence of males bearing malignant tumors" and a "significant dose-related increased incidence of hematopoietic neoplasias in males" after being fed high amounts of sucralose for their lifespan.

Mar 13 08:45

Netanyahu Calls on World Powers to Punish Iran for Missile Tests

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called for world powers to take “immediate punitive steps” against Iran, following its ballistic missile tests last week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We don't like what they did, so you have to go kill them for us!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Mar 13 08:45

BEX ALERT - Super PAC ad hits Trump on escalating violence

The 60-second spot, which is airing on national cable and could hit Florida airwaves Monday, starts with a montage of Trump's comments about wanting to punch protesters In the face and goes on to highlight the alleged assault of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields by Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, I worked in commercials for a very long time, and this spot had to have been in production BEFORE Chicago!

Mar 13 08:42

American graduates dumber than other countries' high school dropouts

In spite of being only one quarter the size of them, the United States spends nearly the same amount of money on video games as China. One would think since Americans spend tens of billions annually on video games, they would naturally be technologically savvy. However, the results of the PIAAC study show that is simply not the case. In fact, the average American citizen comes in dead last for being able to perform simple technological procedures.

"Clearly, we have some work to do in this country," says Peggy Carr, the acting commissioner of the government's National Center for Education Statistics.

When it comes to basic technological skills like using email, buying and returning items online, using a drop-down menu, naming a file on a computer or sending a text message — Americans rank dead last.

But it's not just daily technology tasks that Americans fail at accomplishing, they also scored terribly in math and literacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you, Common Core!

Mar 13 08:41

Kasich Admits He Did Not File Enough Valid Signatures to Appear on Pennsylvania Ballot

A couple days ago we reported that team Kasich was facing a court challenge to their ballot access in Pennsylvania. Specifically, the plaintiff in the case alleged that Team Kasich failed to file the required 2,000 valid signatures to appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania. The Kasich campaign filed 2,184 signatures, but the plaintiff alleged that well over 184 of those signatures were invalid and/or fraudulent for a whole host of reasons.

During the course of a court hearing yesterday on the matter, the lawyers for John Kasich made a stunning admission: they realize good and well they did not get enough signatures to legally appear on Pennsylvania’s ballot.

Mar 13 08:38

Hillary Clinton Warmonger

Mar 13 08:35

What Is Dark Money And How Does It Influence Elections?

Mar 13 08:33

Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch

"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," wrote a Merck & Co. employee who was actively plotting to murder or discredit doctors who had voiced concerns regarding the adverse health effects of an anti-inflammatory drug called Vioxx.

Launched in 1999, Vioxx was extremely popular (with more than 80 million users worldwide), as its makers heralded the drug as being the answer to inflammation, minus the nausea that often follows with anti-inflammatory medication.

It was later discovered that the New Jersey-based Merck & Co. was knowingly selling a drug that frequently caused heart attacks and strokes in its unsuspecting victims. A study revealed that Vioxx actually doubled the risk of heart attacks and strokes, prompting the company to voluntary withdraw the drug from the market in 2004.

Mar 13 08:25

IPhone Just The Beginning: Obama Just Announced He Wants A Backdoor To Everything

While visiting South By Southwest (SXSW) on Friday, President Barack Obama argued that the government should be given a backdoor to all encrypted smartphones and communications devices. Although Obama repeatedly played the child molester and terrorist cards, he never confronted the possibility of U.S. intelligence agencies abusing their power at a level far more technologically advanced than the KGB, Stasi, or SAVAK.

Mar 13 08:25


U.S.-backed Syrian rebels say al-Qaida militants have seized their bases and stolen weapons in a series of raids in the northern Idlib province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a nice cover story to explain how US weapons keep showing up in ISIS and Al Qaeda hands, but we already know from the emails about Benghazi that Hillary Clinton was smuggling US weapons used against Qaddafi from Libya to ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria to use against Assad.

Mar 13 08:21

US Launches Rockets Into Southern Syria From Jordan For First Time

The U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group fired three land-based artillery rockets into southern Syria from Jordan for the first time, the Pentagon said Friday. The strikes underscore the growing coordination between the coalition and opposition groups based in the southern Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported below, these rockets almost hit a Russia Today news crew.

Mar 13 08:20

Mikhail Gorbachev to RT: America wanted to rule the world but lost its way

The Ukrainian issue has intensified the tension that existed between the West and Russia: now, another Cold War is possibly lurking on the horizon. Are we to witness another stand-off - or will it be averted? The relations between Russia and the West seem to be stuck at dead-end, so is there hope common ground will emerge between the two? We ask these questions to the man who prides himself on ending the Cold War, the last leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, on Sophie&Co today.

Mar 13 08:20

RT crew comes under fire while filming in Daraa city, Syria

Mortars landed next to where an RT crew was filming in the city of Daraa in southwest Syria, RT's Lizzie Phelan reported from the scene.

"Two mortars [were] fired from opposition turf near where we were filming," Phelan said, reporting from the area close to the border with Jordan.

Mar 13 08:17

Trump Warns Sanders About Rally-Crashers: "Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!"

After a maniacal Bernie Sanders supporter nearly stormed the stage at a Trump rally in Ohio yesterday, Donald Trump sent a warning to socialist Bernie Sanders three hours ago. Trump wrote "Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!"

Webmaster addition: ATTENTION DONALD TRUMP (Or whoever monitors this site for his campaign)!

You are being tricked into a fake conflict with Bernie Sanders that will harm you both. Who benefits from that? Hillary Clinton! Who is the mayor of Chicago? Rahm Emmanual, who used to serve in the Clinton White House and remains a close friend of the Clintons!

Don't be a sucker.

Remember, Hillary served on (and was fired from) the Watergate committee. She has had a full education of all the dirty tricks Richard Nixon's CREEP pulled in his re-election campaign, and rest assured she will use them all against you!

Mar 13 08:13

Let us examine what happened at the last Donald Trump rally in Chicago