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"We believe that the government and the police have embarked on a strategy of repression to stop, crush or marginalize the burgeoning progressive movement that gained world attention in the protest against the WTO in Seattle last year." -- International Action Center attorneys announcing the filing of a class-action lawsuit on behalf of protestors at the WTO Ministerial meeting in Seattle, Washington, April 1999


AQAP (AL Qaeda Arabian Peninsula)

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Mar 16 05:45

Self-Driving Cars Programmed to Sacrifice As They Hit the Road: "Someone Is Going to Die"

Self-driving cars are poised to take over U.S. roads and destroy American jobs… and they will also kill people, even if by accident.

The robot car revolution hit a speed bump on Tuesday as senators and tech experts sounded stern warnings about the potentially fatal risks of self-driving cars.“There is no question that someone is going to die in this technology,” said Duke University roboticist Missy Cummings in testimony before the US Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation. “The question is when and what can we do to minimize that.”

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Mar 16 05:43

The Terrorist Watchlist, Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, and Gang Stalking

I have written several times on Intellihub about being watchlisted and have noted that there are different types of watchlits, and that being placed on one watchlist does not necessarily mean that you are placed on a second or third.

Mar 16 05:35

Colorado juries keep letting people go for driving on weed, prosecutors and cops furious

Colorado prosecutors are getting frustrated at jurors for daring to exercise rationality instead of blindly following the will of the State. A growing number of juries are acquitting people of driving under the influence of cannabis, even when tests show they are over the state’s legal blood-THC limit.

Mar 16 05:18

Nationally promoted activist calls for white people to kill themselves to atone for their “white privilege”

A now viral YouTube clip shows two heavily promoted black student activists from the University of West Georgia literally calling for white people to kill themselves in order to atone for their so-called white privilege during a debate at Harvard University.

Mar 16 04:57

Was This Dead Oil Exec's Car Hacked?

You ever notice with stories like this, investigators never even consider the possibility of foul play? The media is already floating the possibility of suicide, yet murder... never once mentioned, as if it's not even remotely feasible that someone might want to silence a billionaire oil exec who co-founded the largest independent gas producer in the country the morning after he's federally indicted on bid rigging charges?

Meanwhile, with technology as hackable as it is these days, bicycles are starting to look better and better all the time...

Mar 16 03:00

London Stock Exchange Group Announces Merger With Deutsche Börse AG

Providing there is 100% acceptance of the offer, the merger will mean LSEG shareholders will own 45.6% of UK TopCo and DBAG shareholders will hold 54.4%.

In the statement the groups said the merger would create a leading Europe-based global markets infrastructure group with a highly complementary combination of asset classes to improve growth for both companies whilst offering an enhanced product offering for customers.

Xavier Rolet, CEO of London Stock Exchange Group plc said:

“We are creating an industry-defining combination which will be a leading global market infrastructure business, very well positioned to create new benefits and efficiencies for our customers and increase value for our shareholders.”


Mar 16 02:14

Traffic accident leads to voting snarl

U,S. District Judge Susan Dlott called Secretary of State Jon Husted about her concerns shortly after 7:30 and then issued her written order to keep the polls open at 8:13 p.m., Husted's spokesman said.

"A judicial order ... after the polls closed makes it hard to keep the polls open," said Alex Triantafilou, Hamilton County's GOP chairman and a member of the county's board of elections.

He said poll workers in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont and Warren counties found out about the extension from media reports and worked feverishly to accommodate voters who showed up after 7:30 p.m. It's unclear how many polling places didn't get the word, or how many late voters didn't get to cast ballots.

Until the late confusion, few problems were reported and most polling places in Ohio

Mar 16 01:59

Christie: Denying Trump Republican nomination at brokered convention may be 'very dangerous'

Asked what he thought should happen if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz failed to reach the needed 1,237 GOP convention delegates to win their party's nomination, the governor argued against a brokered convention.

"I think it will be very difficult, if someone comes in close, and has a clear plurality of the delegates, to deny them the nomination," Christie said. "I think it's a very dangerous thing for any party to engage in: To disenfranchise the way people are voting."


March 15, 2016

Mar 15 20:40

Strategic areas of D.C. to be shutdown starting 4 a.m. Wednesday morning for ‘Homeland Security Event’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — As of late Tuesday night one, like myself, can only sit and wonder why parts of D.C. are being strategically shut off by Homeland Security and controlled starting as early as 4 a.m. Wednesday morning for what officials are reporting as a ‘subway inspection.’

Owl 1
Mar 15 19:11

BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000

Latest example: In the above video, Silverstein says of the new WTC-7, which replaced the one he famously confessed to demolishing on 9/11/01:

"We got the designs. And the first design meeting was in April of 2000. And construction began shortly thereafter, in 2002."

One slight problem: If he hadn’t been planning the illegal, un-permitted, homicidal demolitions of WTC-7 and the entire World Trade Center complex that took place on September 11th, 2001, there would have been no point to any such design meeting back in April, 2000 … and no opportunity for beginning construction of a new WTC-7 in 2002.

Mar 15 19:10

How close is Donald Trump to the GOP nomination? Here’s our real-time tracker.

If no more delegates came in for any candidate tonight, Trump would need to more than two-thirds of the delegates from tomorrow onward to be the uncontested nominee, and Ted Cruz would need to win 90 percent of them. But there are still votes to be counted tonight. As it stands, Trump needs about 58 percent of every remaining delegate -- including the ones we know he'll add in Illinois -- to be the nominee for the Republican party.

Mar 15 19:07

Who Will Get Marco Rubio’s Delegates? The Republican Convention Is About To Get Wild

Needless to say, what happens to Rubio's modest trove of delegates could be huge, because Trump desperately wants to secure the nomination outright, securing at least 1,237 of them so that he doesn't have to face a contested convention. For a candidate like Kasich, that's really the only feasible way he can become the Republican nominee, and that's getting closer to being true for Ted Cruz, too.

Mar 15 19:01

John Kasich Wins Ohio, Keeps GOP’s Contested-Convention Dreams Alive

Fox News and CNN both called the state for Kasich shortly before 9 p.m. CNN’s exit polls showed Kasich with 45 percent of the vote and Trump with 38 percent and Ted Cruz in a distant third with 14 percent.

Mar 15 18:59

Illinois Called for Donald Trump (CNN, NBC)

The early GOP presidential primary vote count for Illinois is showing Donald Trump with a huge lead of 40 percent, compared to 26 percent for Ted Cruz and to 22 percent for John Kasich, who's basking in an Ohio victory.

Mar 15 18:30

BEX ALERT!!!: Op-Ed How a monstrous Putin beat the U.S. in Syria

Max Boot! Go figure. The Neocons are in full blown panic mode!

The entire world was surprised when, at the end of September 2015, Vladimir Putin suddenly started moving Russian aircraft, tanks and troops into Syria.

This week, the world is equally dumbfounded by the Russian president's announcement that he is withdrawing the "main part" of his forces in Syria.
Putin loves to spring surprises on the world, and that's not hard to do when you are an absolute autocrat who doesn't have to rally popular approval for your actions. Just as in the 1930s, it seems that today dictatorships act while democracies dither.

Mar 15 18:17

Snowden Bombshell: Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance “Never Stopped a Single Terrorist Attack”

Bulk data gathering programs used by US intelligence have no effect in combating terrorism and have failed to prevent any attacks in their 10 years of operation, whistleblower and former NSA contactor Edward Snowden, claims in a recent interview.

Mar 15 18:16

Kasich Clinton Win Ohio

Kasich and Clinton win in Ohio, according to projections

In the other big prize of the night -- Ohio -- John Kasich has won, according to a CNN projection.

(*A long winded article from Cincinnati , and that was the only line I saw after I raked through it to find something on Kasich . A real Lightning Rod ! NATIONAL REVIEW Endorses it's , well , I lost count , Candidate For President !)

Webmaster addition: The first returns from Ohio had Trump 12 points up, then suddenly it reversed and with just 8% of the state reporting, Kasich is declared the winner. I have my doubts.Ohio voters are not stupid. They know that Kasich will not be the Nominee. He is in last place. Voting for Kasich is a wasted vote.

Mar 15 17:59

Rubio Drops Out

Super Tuesday 3: Marco Rubio drops out; Trump, Clinton win Florida

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has won the GOP presidential primary in his home state, according to a CNN projection

Rubio is dropping out of the presidential race after losing the Florida primary to Donald Trump and failing to unite the Republican establishment against the billionaire front-runner.

"America is in the middle of a real political storm, a real tsunami and we should have seen this coming," Rubio said

Hillary Clinton has won the North Carolina and Florida

Mar 15 17:56

Clinton wins North Carolina primary; Trump leads Republicans

Trump was leading the Republican field with 40 percent of early returns. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was in second, with 36 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich was in third, with 12.7 percent

Mar 15 17:50

Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades

As Microsoft auto-upgrades more PCs to Windows 10, some users are complaining that they weren’t adequately notified.

Reports of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades have been circulating for the past few days on Reddit and Twitter, after the last Patch Tuesday. These users say they never approved or initiated the upgrade, and were dragged away from their Windows 7 (or perhaps Windows 8) installs anyway.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After the last patch, Microsoft tried to upgrade Claire's choir lap[top to Windows 10, but we already tried that and reverted.

Mar 15 17:48

We Are Being Killed On Trade – Rapidly Declining Exports Signal A Death Blow For The U.S. Economy

Exports fell precipitously during the last two recessions, and now it is happening again. So how in the world can anyone make the claim that the U.S. economy is in good shape? On my website I have been repeatedly pointing out the parallels between the last two major economic downturns and the current crisis, and I am going to discuss another one today. Since peaking in late 2014, U.S. exports have been steadily declining, and this is something that we never see outside of a major recession. On the chart that I have shared below, the shaded gray bars represent the last two recessions, and you can see that exports of goods and services plunged dramatically in both instances…

Mar 15 17:46

Trump supporter receives death threats, home vandalized

Donald Trump supporter Judy Beaty explains how her life is threatened and her home vandalized after putting up Trump signs in her yard.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 15 17:25

Big wins for Trump and Clinton in Florida

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set for decisive wins in the crucial presidential primary in the US state of Florida.

Mr Trump, the Republican front-runner, has over 45% of the votes with half of the results reported. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is on about 28%.

Meanwhile Mrs Clinton has 65% with her challenger Bernie Sanders on 33%.

Owl 2
Mar 15 17:11

Ireland to Prosecute Top Banker Who Destroyed Their Economy — Guess Where He Was Hiding

By Claire Bernish

A former head of a major Irish bank has been extradited from the U.S. and brought before Dublin District Court to face several charges stemming from the bank’s role in the 2008 financial crisis.

David Drumm, former chief executive of Irish Anglo Bank from 2005 until 2008, had been arrested in Boston in October 2015, and originally attempted to fight extradition — but he recently withdrew the objection and was returned to Ireland early on Monday...

Mar 15 16:55

No voting extension in Orange, despite ballot mistake

Voting hours will not be extended in six Orange County cities where not enough ballots were printed, a spokeswoman for Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles' office said.

Cowles had asked Secretary of State Ken Detzner earlier in the day for a one-hour extension in those cities, as elections officials scrambled to print more ballots and make alternative arrangements.

However, Cowles and Detzner now agree that no additional voting time is needed
(*"BOOM"! , Shut Out .)

Mar 15 16:20

FBI Has New Plan To Spy On High School Students

The FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies as potential future terrorists, warning that such “extremists” are in the same category as ISIS.

Mar 15 15:44

Super Tuesday 3 exit polls: Economic worries, feeling of GOP betrayal dominate

Voters in Tuesday's contests expressed worries about the economy and a broad sense among Republicans that their party has betrayed them, according to early exit poll results.

Mar 15 15:26

The Horrific Cashless Society

In this article, Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold Switzerland, talks to economist and Mises Institute Senior Fellow Thomas DiLorenzo. This exclusive interview covers central bank monetary policies, Keynesian economics, the economic“recovery,“ political correctness, and much more.

Mar 15 15:19

Caught In The Corporate Feeding Frenzy

The “human resources” departments of huge corporations are known for issuing helpful bulletins to employees, such as this old joke: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Owl 3
Mar 15 15:18


A US District Court Monday cleared the way for the State of Texas to join landowners in a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Governor Greg Abbott announced the “good news” yesterday, tweeting the state would be allowed to intervene in a complaint filed by nine private landowners, a county sheriff and three Texas counties challenging the federal agency’s “unconstitutional and arbitrary seizure of thousands of acres of private property along the Red River.”

Mar 15 15:09

Video: ‘History Repeating Itself’: US-Backed Syrian Army Unit Reports Being Raided By Islamist Terrorists

Washington-backed Syrian rebels known as Union 13 say Al-Quaeda affiliate Al-Nusra plundered its US weapons.

Mar 15 14:46

DARPA Will Pay You (Yes, You!) to Build a Homemade Bomb

In an effort to defend against improvised explosive attacks, the Pentagon’s research arm DARPA is looking to pay crafty hobbyists capable of turning household items into bombs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The entrants' names are then saved to a database to be rounded up and tossed in a camp at the start of the revolution.

Meanwhile, I can just see the lawsuit when some kid, encouraged by DARPA, blows himself or herself up with a home-made bomb!

Mar 15 14:44

St. Patrick was never canonized a saint by the Catholic Church

While millions around the world will celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17, the sad fact is that Patrick has never been canonized by the Catholic Church and is a saint in name only.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Happy Mr. Patrick's Day" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Mar 15 14:31

Feeling the Pressure: Erdogan 'May Become Even More Isolated'

The next few months may see the further isolation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who will continue to antagonize more people at home and abroad, according to Ian Bremmer, a well-known US political scientist.

Mar 15 14:30

Rubio vows to stay in even if he loses Florida

Even if he loses in his home state of Florida on Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio said he will continue on the campaign trail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I am a loyal member of the get-rid-of-Trump team!" -- Mark O. Rubicscube

Mar 15 14:17

Donald Trump just hit a critical threshold for the GOP nomination — one that his opponents might not

In theory, then, Trump could be the only candidate to hit the bar before the July convention.

Of course, once the convention arrives, that doesn't really matter at all.

As former Republican National Committee counsel Ben Ginsberg noted during an appearance on MSNBC last week, Rule 40 is not a hard-and-fast rule for the convention. The convention will have a Rules Committee in which 112 representatives will battle over the final guidelines for eligibility to receive the nomination. Rule 40's eight-state boundary could become 25 states or two states. In 2012, in fact, the Rules Committee bumped it up from five to eight, which is why that's where it stands right now. (The rules document notes that it dates from the 2012 convention, with a few updates by the party.)

Mar 15 14:14

Selective Memory? Clinton Says US ‘Didn’t Lose A Single Person’ In Libya (VIDEO)

US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to overlook the killing of four US citizens during an attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi when insisting Monday that “we did not lose a single person in Libya”.

Mar 15 14:14

New Trade Law Could Reverse 50 Years Of US Economic Policy Regarding Palestine

British private security contractor G4S announced Wednesday that the company will liquidate its operations in Israel after reporting a steep drop in annual profits. The multinational, which sells services and equipment to Israeli detention centers and West Bank checkpoints, has long been a focus of the BDS movement. But a new U.S. law, signed late last month by President Barack Obama, may complicate the economic shaming campaigns that have been gaining traction around the world.

Mar 15 14:04

Ted Cruz: Illegal Alien? NO PAPERS (Canada Born - Entered Illegally in 1974)?

Mar 15 13:32

Dilbert Comic Creator: Media Is Going to Get Trump Assassinated

The media has just been called out for inciting violence against Donald Trump by an unlikely source. Or at least, it would seem unlikely for people who only know Scott Adams as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. He’s also a competent political commentator who has been following Trump’s presidential bid. Though he is no fan of any of Trump’s policies, in a recent blog post he explained how the media’s portrayal of the presidential candidate, may lead to his assassination.

Mar 15 13:31

More than 417,000 Ohio voters cast ballots early

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some of them two and three times! :)

Mar 15 13:30

Migrants Place Children On Train Tracks To Protest EU Border Restrictions

Images of the protest were captured over the weekend, and feature the babies and toddlers holding signs that read “open the borders” and “We understood the EU advocates human rights not human trafficking.” Another read “I’m child and might not know much, but I believe treating people disrespectful for being born on the other side of the planet is called: ‘RACISM’.” However, the children were surrounded by their parents when these photos were taken, and they didn’t appear to be any immediate danger.

Mar 15 13:30

What the Trump Phenomenon Means for Israel – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

Trump’s insistence on staying “neutral” when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian problem has not cost him any popular support. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have “sneeringly lambasted” Trump for not supporting Israel, but to no avail. Trump just “laughed all the way to the top of the Republican presidential field.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You can;t vote for Trump! We own your government! We own YOU!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Mar 15 13:29

A GOP Super PAC Just Released This Attack Ad Comparing Trump to Hitler

People in this country are so damn fed up with our nation’s brand of corrupt politics, this ad only makes people want to vote for Trump MORE and now also question whether or not we’ve all been lied to about Hitler.

(Read More)

Mar 15 13:28

Carson super-PAC morphs into VP vehicle

After spending more than $10 million in a failed bid to make Ben Carson president, the main super-PAC supporting the retired neurosurgeon is now transforming itself into a big-money vehicle designed to make Carson Donald Trump's vice presidential pick.

Mar 15 13:19

Bill and Hillary's Interventions Raise New Doubts About NATO

“I know the United States has taken some actions against terrorists inside Libya, particularly ISIS training camps,” Hillary told CNN on February 23, “and I support that.”

These actions are open and covert preparations for an allied war in Libya, as I reported last week, drawing on French media. Hillary may not have known the full story when she talked to CNN. But given her experience, contacts, and leading role in promoting the first Libyan war, she certainly knows what’s coming.

Mar 15 13:04

Voters In Florida Unable To Vote At Polling Places Because Of Technical Issues

Voters in critical states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina are heading to the polls today to cast their votes for president in the 2016 race.

We have heard a lot about voter fraud over the last few years and that is certainly an important issue but another problem that isn’t talked about as much is technical problems at polling places which appears to be happening in the state of Florida already about half way through the day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those "technical problems" ARE the election fraud!

Mar 15 13:01

Project Fear? US General Says Brexit Could ‘Weaken NATO’

Leaving the EU could cause serious damage to the NATO alliance and leave Europe vulnerable, according to a top US general.

Mar 15 13:01

Thousands Of Refugees Try To Cross River Near Greek-Macedonian Border (Recorderd Live Feed)

Some 12000 people remain stranded in Idomeni’s refugee tent city, while trying to pass to northern Europe.

Mar 15 12:54


Donald Trump may soon have another round of primary election victories under his belt despite technical glitches, delays and his name not being on the ballot at some polling stations in Florida.

Voters in the Orlando suburb of Apopka were turned away Tuesday morning because polling locations ran of out Republican ballots. Fox Business producer Jennifer Eckhart reported Trump’s name did not even appear on some ballots in the town of Jupiter in Palm Beach County.

“Hearing reports from friends in my home state of Florida that @realDonaldTrump is left OFF of voting ballots at various polling stations,” tweeted Eckhart.

Mar 15 12:24

Will a Trump Victory Actually Dislodge the Neocons?

Although I fully share the jubilation of others that Donald Trump may be taking a wrecking ball to the GOP establishment, I don’t hold the view that Trump’s candidacy will reduce neoconservative power. Matthew Richer, Justin Raimondo and other writers whose columns I usually welcome all believe that Trump’s rise as a Republican presidential candidate may help bring down his bogus conservative enemies. The more Trump’s popular support soars, the more the neocons have supposedly turned themselves into paper tigers. The establishment Republicans whom they “advise” have not marginalized Trump; nor have the neocons and their clients been able to elevate as GOP frontrunner someone who serves their purposes. The fact that prominent neocons like Robert Kagan have indicated their willingness to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of a GOP presidential candidate they don’t want, has underscored the emptiness of their opposition to Mrs. Clinton.

Mar 15 12:23

BEX ALERT - This is the end of the line for Trump

Donald Trump will probably clinch the GOP presidential primary nomination with wins in Florida, Illinois, and maybe even Ohio on Tuesday.

But that's where the good news for Mr. Trump ends, because he's about to find out that what's worked for him in the early stages of his campaign and through the primary elections won't carry over to a general election contest. And that's especially true with Hillary Clinton being the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The establishment has been singing requiems and writing obituaries for Donald Trump since day one, but Trump keeps rising from the media-created ashes like a phoenix, because We The People are fed up with the establishment ... which includes Hillary Clinton!

Mar 15 12:23

11 Major Retailers Closing The Most Stores

Mar 15 12:07

Top US General Proposes Resuming Strikes Against Taliban

A senior American general has recommended the White House resume offensive airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to a report.

Mar 15 11:52

Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to 3 US big banks

~Lender looking to complete sale of $1.1 trillion swaps book.

~Deutsche Bank has sold about two-thirds of book since 2015

Deutsche Bank AG, the lender exiting some trading operations, is in talks with JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. to sell the last batches of about 1 trillion euros ($1.1 trillion) in complex financial instruments, people with knowledge of the matter said.
Deutsche Bank, based in Frankfurt, has sold about two-thirds of the portfolio of uncleared, mostly single-name credit default swaps since last year and wants to sell the rest within the next few months, according to the people, who asked not to be identified as the talks are private. The three U.S. banks have already purchased some of the instruments, the people said.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The banks buying these derivatives, Citigroup, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are all American banks, which means that when these derivatives explode, it will be the US taxpayers ultimately picking up the tab here.

Mar 15 11:42

Pentagon Expects Lull in Afghan Fighting for Poppy Harvest

The Afghan army's struggling 215th Corps in southwestern Helmand province is expected to get some respite in the coming weeks as the Taliban turns its attention to the lucrative poppy harvest, according to the U.S. military.
Army Brig. Gen. Wilson A. Shoffner said that the recent spike in attacks in which the 215th Corps has lost ground to the Taliban in Helmand is expected to drop off in the coming weeks as the insurgents focus on securing the harvest and moving it to the smuggling routes through Pakistan and Iran.

In Helmand, by far Afghanistan's major producer of opiates, the harvest moves "within the province from south to north as the weather allows, and we expect to see the same sort of pattern this year," said Shoffner, the main spokesman for NATO's Operation Resolute Support.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'd laugh at this; the only problem would be stopping laughing.

This headline should have read: "Pentagon ENGINEERS lull in Afghan fighting for Poppy Harvest."

And why?!? Please see the following articles:


When the Taliban had opium production nearly eradicated, why is it that under US/NATO occupation, the opium production has soared in Afghanistan?!?

The stark, and ugly reality of the answer can be found here, as reported at americanfreepress.net, almost two years ago:

One of the big questions asked by naïve media talking heads is: Where does all of this heroin come from? The answer is the same as it was a decade ago following a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-led invasion of Afghanistan: 75%-80% of the world’s heroin is exported from Afghanistan. In spite of the fact that the U.S. military controls a great deal of that mountainous country, production levels hit record highs last year. - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/is-cia-fueling-new-u-s-drug-epidemic-using-... Since American forces have been entrenched in Afghanistan for a dozen years and have squandered over $700B to date, AMERICAN FREE PRESS has long been one of the few publications to openly address a highly taboo subject. Namely, elements within the CIA having been heavily involved with illegal narcotics trafficking since the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s and Iran-Contra in the 1980s. On March 13, this reporter contacted investigative historian Robert Morrow, whose research into the murder of CIA-sanctioned pilot Barry Seal is unparalleled. Seal claims to have run drugs for U.S. intelligence. In terms of CIA links to the Afghan heroin trade, Henderson said: “They’ve been running it from the get-go, all the way back to when the Mujahideen were formed. It’s been the same game starting with Jimmy Carter’s people through Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton and now Obama.” Henderson provided more details: “After the Vietnam War when heroin stopped coming out of the Golden Triangle, the CIA set up bases near Afghanistan in the late 1970s. CIA asset Osama bin Laden helped train these men, and soon warlords were planting poppies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Obama’s advisors work for the same neocons as did Bush’s. These same people do the dirty work.

Mar 15 11:39

Meet MoveOn.org: The New KKK

No sheets and a new look for a very old strategy.

Meet MoveOn.org. The new Ku Klux Klan. The newest leftist incarnation of that old leftist formula that combines racism with violence to push the progressive agenda.

The American Left has a horrendous history of flat out racism and bigotry, liberally salted with violence. From the 19th and early 20th century Klan, on to the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground of the 1960s and early 1970s, on to today’s Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, the Violent Left has trucked in racism or violence or both. The common thread being the goal of shutting down opponents when not terrorizing them into silence.


Mar 15 11:39

Leftist Groups Are Posting Anti-Trump RENT-A-MOB Ads on Craigslist

What a surprise!
The left is posting Rent-a-Mob ads on Craigslist.

Rent-a-Mob supplier to MoveOn.org, and other Soros-related Disturbances–

Mar 15 11:17

Ankara Bombing Shows Turkey’s War Fueling Blowback Beyond Kurdish Southeast

Monday’s massive car bombing in the Turkish capital of Ankara, the second such bombing in three weeks, is being loudly blamed on the Kurdish PKK by ruling officials, hoping to parlay it into increasing support for their ever-escalating war against the Kurdish southeast.

Yet if the claims hold true, it reflects a big problem for the Turkish government, that their war against the Kurdish separatists is fueling some pretty major blowback outside of the southeast, and the Erdogan government’s gleeful escalation into Kurdish territory, as well as attacks against Kurdish areas in Iraq, aren’t making Ankara any safer.

Turkey has no shortage of security woes, with a long border with ISIS, war against seemingly every Kurdish group in the region, and a Marxist-Leninist group that launches its own bombing attacks from time to time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey has to be through diplomatic negotiations, not assassinations of the innocent, as happened in Cizre.

And if you, perchance, did not hear about or read about it through the corporate outlets of the presstitutes and whorespondents, there is good reason.

This got reported on Friday of last week, by rt.com. Please read this, and share it with everyone you know. William Whiteman, the reporter who reported this story, deserves a medal, as does rt.com, which published it.

Harrowing accounts of an alleged massacre of dozens of Kurdish civilians in the southeastern Turkish town of Cizre have been collected by RT’s William Whiteman, who traveled to the area following reports of a brutal military crackdown on the population. Trends Turkey crackdown on Kurds Reports of Turkish troops slaughtering hundreds of civilians trapped in the basements of Cizre, which is located in Turkey’s Sirnak province, first surfaced in February. Some 150 people were allegedly burned to death in one of them. That particular claim was made by Turkish MP Feleknas Uca from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, who spoke to Sputnik agency. These and other trapped people were reportedly denied access to food and medical supplies. However, until now, the alleged atrocities committed by the Turkish forces could not be substantiated on the ground. Whiteman found witnesses who survived the offensive and were able to show the exact place of the mass killing, while providing terrifying details on what had happened. Three, four – maybe five hundred people. There were old people, women and children – some as young as 10 years old. They killed a heavily pregnant woman,” added the woman, blaming Erdogan for indiscriminately killing innocent people during the so-called counter-terrorism operation against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) separatists. “Women and children lived here. Erdogan killed all of them with heavy artillery, he destroyed this home,” added the woman. While inspecting the town, Whiteman reported a strong scent of decomposing bodies. This led him to another chilling discovery – a building whose basement has served as a mass grave. 150 allegedly 'burned alive by Turkish military' during crackdown on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Between 45 and 50 people were burned alive in one of the buildings, according to a local woman speaking to Whiteman. What is worse, many of the victims appear to have been cold-bloodedly beheaded by the Turkish troops, she said. “They [Turkish forces] burned all of them. When we entered this basement we found decapitated bodies,” the witness told Whiteman. “They burned them and beheaded them.” RT has submitted the footage shot in Cizre to HRW (Human Rights Watch), MSF International and MSF Middle East (Médecins Sans Frontières), the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), the OHCHR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), and Amnesty International. The channel asked if the organizations in question are planning to investigate the claims of Turkish forces' atrocities against civilians there, and if any statements will be made. Ever since the military operation on the Kurdish population in the Cizre region began, members of the European Parliament have been addressing Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in open letters and public speeches, calling on him to put an end to the violence in Turkish regions inhabited by Kurds.

Apparently, in Edrogan's mind, "counter-terrorism" means wholesale genocide of the Kurdish people; will someone, please, in his sphere of influence, disabuse him of this notion?!?

Mar 15 10:56

Apopka polling places run out of Republican ballots

Residents voting at Errol Estates told News 6 that more ballots were retrieved about an hour later, but some voters had to leave because of other commitments.

Elections officials told News 6 that more ballots were also printed and sent to World of Life Church. News 6 reporter Amanda Castro spotted an official delivering a box of ballots to the church around 12:30 p.m.

Officials also allowed voters to use the ADA ExpressVote machine, which is typically only used for voters with disabilities.

Some residents said they waited two hours to vote at the church because of the delays.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No doubt the "technical difficulties" (nudge nudge wink wink) are hitting the areas where Trump is ahead!

Mar 15 10:55

Europeans Staring at Total Failure in Ukraine

Increasingly frantic diplomatic efforts by European leaders show growing desperation to settle Ukrainian crisis before failure of sanctions policy becomes obvious.

As the political situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate – with the government paralysed as a result of the power struggle between Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk – the Europeans are becoming increasingly desperate.

They are also becoming increasingly frustrated with the Ukrainians whose intransigence is prolonging the crisis.

However the Europeans have no exit strategy and are staring at total failure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That'll teach them to go along with the US agenda!

Mar 15 10:54

George Soros Engineers Violent Donald Trump Protest

Mar 15 10:50

March 14, 2016 Violent Trump Protesters VS Peaceful Trump Supporters, North Carolina

Mar 15 10:48

Russia to persuade North Korea to return to talks - Lavrov

Moscow will attempt to persuade Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table on the nuclear issue and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Sputnik News cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying.

“We have been cooperating (with the United States) in the same way on the Iranian nuclear program, because we don't need new nuclear powers and at the same time we need to protect the universal right of every state to nuclear energy, which we did, once the agreement with Iran was reached,” Lavrov was cited by the website as saying on a Russian television channel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wish Foreign Minister Lavrov the best of luck in getting Kim Jung Un back to the negotiating table.

But were I a betting woman, I would not necessarily bet on the success of such a gambit right now. Kim Jung Un is watching a mock invasion of his country by US and South Korean troops, and I cannot imagine that this is sitting quite too well with him, and notice that he has told his scientists to prepare more nuclear tests.

Unfortunately, because of the military poking and prodding he has received from both South Korea and the US government, he may feel that the only way he can negotiate from a position of strength is to have several workable nuclear bombs on tap, with guidance systems that will get them to go where he wants them to go; at least, that seems to be his thinking at the moment, based on what he has been doing militarily.

Also, reported yesterday at antiwar.com, we have the following:

According to the latest reports out of the reclusive nation’s state media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who recently claimed his nation already had perfectly functioning nuclear warheads, announced today the country intends to test a design for such a warhead. If this happens the impact would be huge. North Korea has claimed an enormous nuclear capability for years, but beyond a few underground tests their capabilities are unclear, and most doubt they have a deliverable weapon. Kim was also said to announce planned test-fires of several types of ballistic missiles capable of carrying such warheads “soon,” though it was unclear exactly which ones. North Korea has some designs that could theoretically reach the US, but reliability and accuracy are in serious doubt.

Mar 15 10:47


September eleventh, two thousand & one, was a very strange day. Of course we are told, enemies, hostile to Americans, people hating our Freedoms, attacked various locations near the heart and control centers of American power, New York City and Washington, DC.

We were told hijackers acting in synchronicity, boarded state of the art airliners in several cities, carrying passports and box cutters (like a "shank" used in prison), quickly overwhelmed the cockpits of the various airliners and soon were at the controls - piloting mankind's most sophisticated flying machines toward a nefarious destiny. We later learn these pilots had trained to fly the world's most sophisticated jet airliners by obtaining a few hours of training in single engine, high winged, Cessna airplanes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article falls for the "no plane at Pentagon" hoax, but otherwise hits the mark.

Mar 15 10:45

“Obama admits VT was right on Syrian gas attacks”

“Jeffrey Silverman traced the sarin gas, from Georgia into Turkey where Serena Shim of Press TV caught Google Idea Groups running it across the border from Hatay into Idlib and into the hands of al Nusra where the slaughter began. American fingerprints were on all of it except for the phony communications, which were traced down to Israeli submarine landings off Latakia where radio relay units disguised as rocks, yes we aren’t kidding, were used to create the intercepts that never really existed.”

“US President Barack Obama has said he is “proud” that he stood up to intense pressure in 2013 and refused to order airstrikes against Syria on allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons near Damascus.”

Mar 15 10:43

Snowy, wet conditions affecting travel in the Sierra

The snow is creating some near white out conditions in the Sierra, where it’s been snowing all day. KCRA 3’s Mike Luery shows what the travel conditions are like in the mountains.

Mar 15 10:42

343,916 Reasons Why The Fed Is Anything But Independent

Since the 2004 Presidential election, Bloomberg reports that individuals listing the Fed as their employer have made legally capped donations totaling $436,555 to federal candidates, parties and partisan political action committees. Of that, $343,916, or 79 percent, went to Democrats.

Mar 15 10:41

Hillary will never survive the Trump onslaught: It’s not fair, but it makes her a weak nominee

There are many nauseating aspects of the new reality TV series, “America Picks a Prez,” which airs around the clock on every single channel on earth: the cynical, open-air conspiracy between our Fourth Estate and Donald “Ratings Viagra” Trump. Ted Cruz uttering the word “prayerfully“ while not exploding into a cloud of synthetic piety. Caucasian patriots heroically exercising their right to punch people of color.

Among these, let me nominate one more: listening to Hillary partisans explain to those of us who support Bernie Sanders just how naive we are. Only Hillary, we are told, has a real shot at winning in November. She’s the only one with a realistic grasp of how Washington works, whose moderate (and modest) policy aims might, realistically, be enacted. It often sounds as if Clinton’s central pitch to voters isn’t that she has a moral vision for the country, but that she owns the franchise on realism.

Mar 15 10:40

Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved

Mar 15 10:40

Obama plans to kick-start U.S. business with Cuba on Havana trip next week

Obama will arrive with a delegation that includes the CEOs of Xerox and Marriott International to help nudge along deals in the works. U.S. airlines are set to resume commercial flights to Cuba this summer, a New York-based research facility is working with Cuban researchers on a lung cancer vaccine, and an Alabama-based tractor company has won approval to build a factory near Havana. Hotel chains Marriott and Starwood could announce their own deals during the president's trip, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. And AT&T could join Sprint and Verizon in providing roaming services on the island.

Cementing as many of those deals now is key, given Congress' current refusal to lift the trade embargo against Cuba and Republican presidential candidates' opposition to Obama's opening with the Cuban government, said Ralph Patino, who is nearing a deal with the Cuban government to open a building products and supply store outside Havana.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We're doing business with Vietnam, for Pete's sake; a country at which we were at war!!

Not lifting the trade embargo with Cuba makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, except to punish Cuban leadership, and the Cuban people. As to the leadership; both Raul and Fidel Castro are older gentlemen, and will not be around forever.

Mar 15 10:39

How an obscure committee could decide the GOP nomination

The four GOP presidential campaigns are quietly preparing for a battle over an obscure rule-making committee that could control the balance of power in a contested Republican National Convention in July.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No candidate from a brokered convention has ever been elected President. The GOP "leadership" might as well hand Hillary the keys to the White House right now and be done with it, as that is clearly their real goal.

Mar 15 10:38

Video: RAW: Millions Take Part In Biggest Anti-Govt Protest In Brazil

Some 3 million people have taken to the streets of Brazilian cities to demonstrate their disapproval of the country’s president.

Mar 15 10:36

Reports: Trump Left Off Some Florida Ballots; “Dozens of Complaints”

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name was left off Florida primary ballots according to reports relayed by Fox News’ Jennifer Eckhart on Twitter who said the local Fox affiliate has received “dozens of complaints.”

Mar 15 10:32

Jessica Savitch predicts catastrophic global warming by 1990's

Mar 15 10:29

The Government Wants Apple To Turn Over The iOS Source Code So It Can Spy On Any iPhone

The latest filing in the legal war between the planet’s most powerful government and its most valuable company gave one indication of how the high-stakes confrontation could escalate even further.

In what observers of the case called a carefully calibrated threat, the U.S. Justice Department last week suggested that it would be willing to demand that Apple turn over the "source code" that underlies its products as well as the so-called "signing key" that validates software as coming from Apple.

Together, those two things would give the government the power to develop its own spying software and trick any iPhone into installing it. Eventually, anyone using an Apple device would be unable to tell whether they were using the real thing or a version that had been altered by officials to be used as a spy tool.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very clumsy attempt by the (alleged) US Justice Department to throw the 4th Amendment to the Constitution under a bus; I hope apple sticks to its guns on this.

Mar 15 10:27

US Media -Trudeau Visit to DC "No Big Deal". Michael Rivero

Mar 15 10:26

MARCO UNIVERSITY: Rubio’s Own For-Profit Education Scandal Bubbles Up in Florida

In recent weeks, Sen. Marco Rubio has tried to hammer GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Trump University. Multiple reports, however, suggest that this line of attack could backfire on the young Senator, who has financial ties to scandal-plagued for-profit colleges that preyed upon U.S. students. What’s more, Rubio used his stature as a U.S. lawmaker to help the for-profit college operation.

Mar 15 10:23

Hillary Finally Admits Her Funders Get What They Pay For

Hillary Clinton has finally admitted that she creates public policy, deciding life and death for thousands, based on favors that have been done for her. I know you believed that when Saudi Arabia and Boeing put millions into the Clinton Foundation that had zero impact on her crusade to put through major weapons sales by Boeing to Saudi Arabia. I know her secret speeches to Goldman Sachs can't possibly have hinted at her providing any services in return for the big checks. But Hillary herself now says otherwise.

Mar 15 10:21

Russians ask Putin to slap sanctions on Hillary Clinton over Yaroshenko case

A group of Communist Party lawmakers is seeking to impose sanctions on US officials involved in the kidnapping and jailing of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, proposing Hillary Clinton as the first candidate for the blacklist.

In their letter, quoted by popular daily Izvestia on Monday, the MPs reminded that at the moment of Yaroshenko’s kidnapping, Hillary Clinton occupied the post of US Secretary of State, which means that the special operation against the Russian citizen could not have been developed and executed without her knowledge and sanction.

“Americans love to start media scandals about human rights violations all over the world and at the same time don’t give a damn about these rights themselves – they kidnap, torture and incarcerate whoever they want and wherever they want,” one of the signatories, Communist Party Secretary Sergey Obukhov, said in comments.

Mar 15 10:20

41 civilians killed, 75 injured in coalition airstrikes on Yemeni market

The Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes hit a market in Yemen’s Haja province on Tuesday, killing 41 civilians and injuring 75 others, according to a senior provincial health official.

The director of Haja health department, Dr. Ayman Mathkour, told Reuters that three airstrikes hit the market in the Mustaba disctict.

Mar 15 10:20

Facing backlash, Clinton says coal still has a future

Facing a backlash from Appalachian Democrats, Hillary Clinton's campaign on Monday tried to reaffirm her commitment to coal communities one day after declaring on national television she was going to "to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."

Mar 15 10:19

Hawaii's last sugar plantation workers can get federal help

Workers left without a job when the state's last sugar plantation closes this year will be able to get financial help.

Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Co. employees who lose their jobs will be able to get money through a federal program to help replace lost wages, U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, announced Monday.

About 675 Maui residents work for Hawaii's last sugar plantation, which plans to end sugar operations by the end of 2016. Under the federal program, workers could receive up to $2,000 a month for a year while they're retrained for a new job. That's in addition to state benefits and job training.

Mar 15 10:18

Clinton’s Jaw-Dropping Claim About U.S. in Libya: ‘We Didn’t Lose a Single Person’

Hillary Clinton said at the MSNBC Democratic town hall Monday night that “we didn’t lose a single person” in Libya, despite the fact that four Americans died in Benghazi while she was secretary of state.

Clinton was defending the Libyan state and what the Obama administration has billed as one of its greatest foreign policy successes. But Clinton was also among the first to point out there’s still much more work to do in the North African country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 15 10:17

‘Top Priority’: Next-Generation US Nuclear Submarines Head Navy’s Budget

The US Navy is requesting over $1.8 billion from Congress for the upcoming fiscal year to begin developing and building new nuclear ballistic missile submarines, a top priority for the military branch, according to a Congressional Research Service report.

Mar 15 10:12


NYC, DC, are you ready?! The rumors are true, and we’re thrilled to announce that registration for the 2016 Gaza 5K is officially OPEN!

Sign up now and join us at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 26 and Rock Creek Park in Washington DC on Saturday, May 21 for a morning of movement and solidarity.

Mar 15 10:06

Florida Primary Ballot Problems: Duval County Precincts Face Computer Problems And Check-In, Voting Delays

Primary voting precincts in Duval County, Florida, went offline Tuesday morning when, shortly after they opened, the Jacksonville-area polling locations were faced with technical difficulties. The computer problems affected voting across all 199 precincts in the county, resulting in delays at some locations.

Mar 15 09:52

The Fed Can’t Bailout Deutsche Bank But It Can Bailout JPM, Citi and Goldman

Webmaster addition: Deutsche Bank is in trouble with derivatives, so it sells those derivatives to JPM, Citi and Goldman Sachs, so that when those derivatives come due, YOU, the American taxpayer, get stuck with the bill!

Mar 15 09:51

Invisible Ballots

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the documentary mentioned by a caller to yesterday's radio show.

Mar 15 09:48

Netanyahu’s Loosening Grip

Pandering to Israel has been a long-revered rule of U.S. politics, but Donald Trump’s refusal has shown that Israel’s grip on American policymaking is weakening

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot, does not, and will not serve the American people. A friend of Israel is no friend of America. In these dark times America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third!

Mar 15 09:47

School may expel Muslim teens for standing up to bullies — after ignoring their pleas for years

o Muslim teens say their New York school has ignored about bullying for years — and now they may be expelled for fighting back.

Adam and Jameel Siam said they have suffered anti-Muslim harassment for at least two years at Williamsville East High School, but they said administrators have done nothing to address their complaints, reported WIVB-TV.

“I was bullied for Osama bin Laden, I’ve been called a terrorist,” said Jameel, a junior. “We’ve been called terrorists, go back home and make bombs in your basement or you’re going to come back and shoot up the school — and it’s just like, people kept pushing our buttons.”

The boys have attended schools in the western New York village since preschool, but they said the bullying has recently grown worse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The school administrators should have put a stop to this years ago; the only reason these kids wound up in a fight was that the administration did nothing to prevent this bullying, and that is a damned shame.

Bullying is a lousy thing, but when it is premised on ethnicity and religion, it is just so vilely immoral, that I hardly know where to begin.

I would like to hope that ALL faith communities in the areas where this family is living rally around them, and offer some protection against this harassment.

When Mike and I were living in Greater Los Angeles, I met some Muslim businessmen who moved here for the same reasons my ancestors did; to live away from the evil of prejudice, and practice their religion freely; to have the opportunity to work hard, and succeed in your chosen profession, and to create a better life for their kids.

Unfortunately for these young men, and their families, that "American dream" is being warped into a nightmare, so faith communities Amherst, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

No innocent kid should ever be blamed for the evil other people might have done, just because they are Arab and Muslim, period, end of discussion!!

Mar 15 09:46

Much More Than Just Trump

Most Trump supporters don’t want the government to do something for them; they want the government to quit doing things to them. They viscerally revile the elite—it’s personal—and they want no part of that class or its government. They know how to take care of themselves, and many know the government hurts the most those whom it ostensibly protects.

Mar 15 09:45

Colorado delegates split evenly after Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton

Winning a Super Tuesday state by 19 points seems like it would matter, but Sen. Bernie Sanders’ victory in Colorado didn’t earn him more delegates than Hillary Clinton. In fact, she may end up with an even greater amount, despite a big loss at the polls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 15 09:44

Here's How The Establishment Will Steal The GOP Nomination From Trump

The political establishment in America is terrified.

Donald Trump gets closer to securing the GOP nomination with each passing month and his rivals on both sides of the aisle are in disbelief.

Worse - or “better” if you enjoy entertainment - Trump has seemingly given up any attempt to be anything other than... well... than Donald Trump. He recently offered to pay the legal fees of a supporter who punched a protester, shouted almost maniacally about “Bernie guys” at a recent rally, and frankly seems to have gone punchdrunk with his newfound political clout.

That’s not necessarily a criticism. Heaven knows it’s funny and obviously there’s something highly satisfying about watching the establishment squirm.

Mar 15 09:43

How to Steal a Nomination From Donald Trump

All three of Trump’s Republican opponents are now convinced (even if some are loath to concede it publicly) that the current front-runner is the only candidate in the field who still has the chance to win the 1,237 delegates that would ensure his nomination in Cleveland. But if Trump is unable in the remaining primaries and caucuses to line up the necessary delegates, the convention will be deadlocked on its first ballot and then have to vote again—and possibly again and again—until a majority emerges.

That could offer mainstream conservatives and party regulars the opening they would need to take the nomination from a candidate who almost certainly will have accumulated more delegates and possibly millions more popular votes than his rivals. Of the other candidates, only Ted Cruz is focused on trying to finish ahead of Trump in the delegate count, even if neither gets the majority

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ignoring that little inconvenient fact that Ted Cruz is not a natural born US citizen and therefore cannot serve as President.

Mar 15 09:41

Trump triumphed due to downward mobility

For the past six months my Republican friends and I have watched Donald Trump’s ascendancy and asked ourselves whether the voters had gone crazy. The voters aren’t crazy. We in the Republican elite were crazy: we thought we could allow the American economy to remain a rigged game indefinitely. The voters think otherwise. That’s why Trump is winning. That’s also why Bernie Sanders, the least likely presidential candidate in living memory, gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money. If you don’t give people capitalism, the late Jude Wanniski used to say, they’ll take socialism.

Mar 15 09:39

Paedophiles hiding behind Anonymous mask to lure children and share explicit content

Hackers and cyber activists are exposing paedophiles online after they discovered sexual predators were hiding behind the guise of Anonymous members in order to lure victims and share explicit content.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How do you know they are not real Anonymous members?

Mar 15 09:35

Confusion on Ohio GOP primary ballot; what you need to know

So here’s the problem, on the Republican ballot there are two sections to vote for a nominee. In the first ballot question, voters are asked “For Delegates-at-Large and Alternates-at-Large to the National Convention.”

That is followed by the list of candidates. (Adding to the confusion is seeing names like Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum. Because those candidates dropped out after the ballot was prepared their names stay on the ballots.

But the real confusion comes in with a second ballot question. This time it reads “For District Delegates and District Alternative to the National Convention.” Again all the candidate’s names are listed for you to vote on. But wait, why is there a second ballot question and a second chance to vote for a nominee? Which column is counted? Which one will determine the winner?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you Ohio would be where the GOP tried to take the nomination away from Trump and force a brokered convention.

Mar 15 09:34

Fertilizer applied to fields today will contaminate water for decades

Nitrogen fertilizer applied to farmers’ fields has been contaminating rivers and lakes and leaching into drinking water wells for more than eighty years. Dangerous nitrate levels in drinking water could persist for decades, increasing the risk for blue baby syndrome and other serious health concerns.
Dangerous nitrate levels in drinking water could persist for decades, increasing the risk for blue baby syndrome and other serious health concerns, according to a new study published by researchers at the University of Waterloo.
Nitrogen fertilizer applied to farmers’ fields has been contaminating rivers and lakes and leaching into drinking water wells for more than eighty years. The study, published this week in a special issue of the journal Environmental Research Letters, reveals that elevated nitrate concentrations in rivers and lakes will remain high for decades, even if farmers stop applying nitrogen fertilizer today.

Mar 15 09:32

GOP's DEMISE & SOVIET-STYLE ONE Party System | Mike Rivero

Mar 15 09:32

The Political Economy Of Argentina’s Settlement With The Vulture Funds

After 15 years of court battles, injunctions, smear campaigns, lobbying, and other interventions, the vulture funds have finally won a tentative agreement with the new Argentine government. Vulture funds — the name preceded this particular dispute — are so called because they buy up defaulted debt for a very small fraction of its face value, then sue (and use other tactics) to collect an exorbitant return.