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Apr 06 08:39

Panama 'tax scam' lawyer is son of Nazi SS officer from dreaded Death's Head division who fled to South America then SPIED on Cuba for the CIA, brother reveals

The man behind a Panama 'tax scam' that guards the clandestine wealth of the global elite is the son of a Nazi SS officer from a unit known as the 'Death's Head division'.

Jürgen Mossack is at the heart of the biggest financial data leak in history, and has allegedly been helping world leaders, politicians and celebrities launder money, dodge sanctions and evade tax from his base in Panama.

It has now been revealed that his father, Erhard Mossack, was a member of the Nazi fighting unit known as the 'Death's Head division', a dreaded force during the Second World War.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how all those Israelis who always scream about the evil Nazis when they ask for more American tax money didn't hesitate to use a company founded by a Nazi to avoid paying their taxes.

Apr 06 08:37

Erin Elizabeth On The Murder Of Doctors Investigating Vaccines, Cannabis Oil and GcMAF!

Apr 06 08:32

The Panama Papers: This Is The Consequence Of Centralized Money And Power

Increasing concentrations of wealth and power that are free of any constraint (such as taxes) is not just the consequence of centralized money and state power--this inequality is the only possible output of centralized money and state power. The Panama Papers offer damning proof of this. Here is a graphic portrayal of just how concentrated global wealth really is: the top .7% (less than 1%) own 45% of all global wealth, and the top 8% own 85%.

Apr 06 08:16

Child sex sting: Disney World and SeaWorld workers busted in Operation April's Fools

A Disney World security guard and a SeaWorld janitor were arrested after being netted in a child sex sting run by Florida law enforcement, officials said.

The two were among 18 men busted in the Polk County, Florida, action dubbed Operation April's Fools. Those arrested had responded to fake online ads or profiles posted by detectives posing as children or as their guardians, according to the sheriff's office. The operation involved investigators from several Florida counties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess finding real criminals is too hard (especially if they are politicians), so the cops make their quotas entrapping people who otherwise would not have committed a crime.

But answer me this one question. Since there were never really any underage children involved, and no sexual contact occurred, exactly what crime has been committed justifying an arrest?

Apr 06 08:09

Homeless Man Owes Government Over $110,000 In Fines For Being Homeless

The recent case of a homeless man racking up massive fines has exposed the widespread police practice of fining homeless people for being homeless.

Émilie Guimond-Bélanger, a social worker at the Droits Devant legal clinic in Montreal spoke to the media about a case that she worked on where a homeless man racked up over $110,000 in tickets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somehow, I don't think that is going to solve the problem.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 06 08:08

Confusion in Iceland as PM says he did not resign

Iceland’s prime minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, has denied reports that he resigned over the Panama offshore scandal, saying in a press release that his party’s vice-chairman has taken the office for an “unspecified amount of time.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Get out those bananas and eggs again, Icelanders!

Apr 06 08:06

Nest killed its smart home hub: What do they owe customers?

While several of these are connected to my home network via Wi-Fi and can still function independently without an internet connection, there are increasingly more and more devices which are cloud-dependent and will literally stop working if those services end.

That's exactly what is going to happen to users of Nest's Revolv device smart hubs and cloud service, who were given six weeks' notice yesterday.

The shuttering of Revolv is occurring a mere 18 months after Nest's (and Google's) parent company, Alphabet, purchased the company, which was founded in 2013. Nest itself was bought by Google for $3.2B in January of 2014.

In my opinion, this is unconscionable. The Revolv devices, which were sold with "lifetime subscriptions," are a mere two years old.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is also a problem with subscription software, which requires regular contact with a license server to keep running. If the company goes out of business, or they simply decide not to bother with maintaining the server, the software the customer purchased under a lifetime license simply stops working.

Some software companies have acted responsibly and provided copies of the software that do not need to "phone home" to their registered users, but most simply take the approach that the customer should upgrade to the new periodic license versions.

This is a dangerous precedent.

Right now, Microsoft is desperate to get people onto Windows 10. The more people who use it, the more it turns out that Windows 10 is the new VISTA; a buggy, bloated disaster. New PC sales have flatlined since Windows 10 while refurbished XP and Windows 7 machines are selling like hotcakes online.

Under the precedent set by Google, Microsoft might get it into the greedy little minds to remotely disable or cripple Windows 7 and 8 machines to "stimulate demand" for Windows 10.

Linux looks better and better every day!

Apr 06 08:06

IRS Headquarters Building In Washington, D.C. To Remain Closed For Rest Of The Week Due To Fire

The headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service, near the Mall in Northwest Washington, will remain closed for the rest of the week after a fire there Monday forced evacuation of the building.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Someone emailed me about taking up a collection for the IRS fire. I said I could donate a gallon of gas.

Apr 06 08:03

Nest killed its smart home hub: What do they owe customers?

While several of these are connected to my home network via Wi-Fi and can still function independently without an internet connection, there are increasingly more and more devices which are cloud-dependent and will literally stop working if those services end.

That's exactly what is going to happen to users of Nest's Revolv device smart hubs and cloud service, who were given six weeks' notice yesterday.

The shuttering of Revolv is occurring a mere 18 months after Nest's (and Google's) parent company, Alphabet, purchased the company, which was founded in 2013. Nest itself was bought by Google for $3.2B in January of 2014.

In my opinion, this is unconscionable. The Revolv devices, which were sold with "lifetime subscriptions," are a mere two years old.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is also a problem with subscription software, which requires regular contact with a license server to keep running. If the company goes out of business, or they simply decide not to bother with maintaining the server, the software the customer purchased under a lifetime license simply stops working.

Some software companies have acted responsibly and provided copies of the software that do not need to "phone home" to their registered users, but most simply take the approach that the customer should upgrade to the new periodic license versions.

This is a dangerous precedent.

Right now, Microsoft is desperate to get people onto Windows 10. The more people who use it, the more it turns out that Windows 10 is the new VISTA; a buggy, bloated disaster. New PC sales have flatlined since Windows 10 while refurbished XP and Windows 7 machines are selling like hotcakes online.

Under the precedent set by Google, Microsoft might get it into the greedy little minds to remotely disable or cripple Windows 7 and 8 machines to "stimulate demand" for Windows 10.

Linux looks better and better every day!

Apr 06 07:57

David Cameron denies he, his wife or children will EVER benefit from offshore funds as he struggles to kill off toxic tax haven questions

In a series of retreats yesterday, aides then declared that Mr Cameron did not have a 'blind trust' for investments, and neither Samantha Cameron nor their three children currently benefited from any offshore assets.

Sources have now gone further by stating: 'There are no offshore funds or trusts from which the Prime Minister, Mrs Cameron or the children will benefit from in future.'

The assurance is still unlikely to satisfy critics including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who have demanded to know whether Mr Cameron benefited indirectly from money gained through tax avoidance, when he was younger or through his inheritance.

The statements so far have also made no direct reference to assets held by Mr Cameron's mother Mary.

Mr Corbyn has demanded in independent inquiry in the Cameron family's finances.

Apr 06 07:56

Crowd Source - Inside the company that provides fake paparazzi, pretend campaign supporters, and counterfeit protesters

I’ve been hired by a company called Crowds on Demand. If you need a crowd of people — for nearly any reason — Crowds on Demand can make it happen. Now it has taken me on as one of its crowd members, although the specifics remain a mystery. It’s an odd sensation to be headed into a gig with no idea what task I’m expected to perform. All I know is that I’ll be making 15 bucks an hour.

Apr 06 07:54

Supreme Court Denies 'DC Madam' Attorney Request to Release Records 'Relevant to 2016 Presidential Election'

Yesterday, Chief Justice Roberts denied my Application to remove the Restraining Order which prohibits me from releasing the D.C. Madam's Escort Service Records I believe relevant to the Presidential Election. Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 22, I am now renewing that Application to Justice Thomas - a procedural second bite at the apple so to speak. I will wait upon his decision - which in the normal course should come by the middle of next week - before taking any further action regarding those Records.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The system always protects its own!

Apr 06 07:53

Gulf Spill Settlement Could Save BP Billions In Tax Breaks

A federal judge has approved a multi-billion-dollar settlement over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Under the terms of the agreement, BP will pay more than $20 billion in penalties and claims over the environmental damage caused by the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

However, despite strong objections from environmentalists and lawmakers, BP can classify around $15 billion of that allocation as a business expense and deduct it from the company’s tax burden. Such a write-off could save the oil giant more than $5 billion.

Apr 06 07:52

NASA Nearly Crashed the Vomit Comet on a Reckless Trip to Greenland

In the first instance, NASA officials pressured the crew to transport a giant wooden engine from Houston to Costa Rica as a favor to a former astronaut, according to two of the crew members. Although the mission was successful, NASA seemed to deliberately avoid publicizing the flight.

On another occasion that year, the crew was asked to deliver Navy cargo to Greenland even though members of the crew said the trip was unsafe, resulting in a “near fatal crash,” according to documents from a NASA Inspector General investigation. Despite conducting an investigation, the agency says it never reviewed a video that was taken of the incident, and never contacted one of the crew members who was deemed the "principal witness."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When I was with NASA, I got to take a ride on the KC-135 version of the Vomit Comet. I didn't get to float around as I was tethered down operating some equipment, but neither did I puke! :)

Owl 1
Apr 06 07:47

Shots Fired: Wikileaks Accuses Panama Papers' Leaker Of Being "Soros-Funded, Soft-Power Tax Dodge"

Question aside about who it is that gets to decide which "innocent private individuals" are to be left alone, Wikileaks clearly did not like being characterized as conducting "irresponsible" journalism - and to the contrary, many in the public arena have called for another massive, distributed effort to get to the bottom of a 2.4TB treasure trove of data which a handful of journalists will simply be unable to dig through - and moments ago, on Twitter, accused the ICIJ of being a "Washington DC based Ford, Soros funded soft-power tax-dodge" which "has a WikiLeaks problem."

Apr 06 07:46


The Panama Papers psy-op will encourage the elite to move their money to the USA.

Rothschild has a trust company in Reno, Nevada.

Rothschild has been moving the elite's money out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, which are subject to the new international disclosure requirements, and into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt.

Trident Trust Co., one of the world's biggest providers of offshore trusts, has moved accounts out of Switzerland, Grand Cayman, and other such places and into Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Apr 06 07:46

Tens Of Thousands March Against Fujimori In Peru

April 06, 2016 - Some 50,000 people march in Lima to protest the presidential candidacy of frontrunner Keiko Fujimori exactly 24 years after the coup d'etat staged by her father.

Apr 06 07:45

Message to the Dutch from Ukraine: Vote against the Association Treaty!

Such a hard choice, isn’t it? Hmm, should I vote for or against “free trade” with neo-nazi thugs? It’s all about “European values”, right? Watch this message from a Ukrainian to the Dutch and then tell me how hard this decision is!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US backed the coup in Kiev to stop Ukraine from moving towards Russia, and drag it into the European Union. But since then, the loss of Crimea and the breakaway eastern republics have left Ukraine a shattered ruin of what it once was. Deep in debt, manufacturing and infrastructure destroyed, the EU sees the merger with Ukraine as all downside and no upside.

Apr 06 07:43

Ted Cruz and Pastors Smite Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Christian Evangelical support. Voter fraud,as well as Trump doing virtually No campaigning in Wisconsin,sending Palin in as his sub.
His support has been dropping since he made that groveling speech before AIPAC and talking about jailing women for abortions wasn't too smart either. I sure hope we are not being Perowwed!

MILWAUKEE — On Tuesday night, Christians saved Ted Cruz.
The Texan made winning Wisconsin look easy, waltzing to a double-digit victory in the Badger State and all but guaranteeing that the Republican Party will pick its nominee at a contested convention in Cleveland this summer.
But Tuesday’s result was not predestined—and it wasn’t just a series of unforced errors that made the Trump Train sputter. The Cruz team pulled off a singular organizing feat, corralling a sizable number of Christian pastors for last-minute endorsements that helped shore up his support among evangelical Christians.

Apr 06 07:42

Perth Mint Silver Coins Have Second Highest Monthly Demand

The Perth Mint’s sales of silver coins and especially Silver Kangaroos surged again in March and saw the second highest levels of silver coin demand on record as silver buyers in the western world continue to accumulate silver at what they believe to be depressed silver prices.

Apr 06 07:39

Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers

A billionaire and a Russia-controlled bank named in the Panama Papers have links to Hillary Clinton through two separate lobbying efforts — one through a Clinton-connected lobbying firm and another through Sidney Blumenthal.

Clinton is linked to Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, through Podesta Group, a lobbying firm co-founded by Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta, a major Clinton bundler.

Apr 06 07:36

Feds Seize $271,080 From Brothers, But Don’t Charge Them And Refuse To Give It Back

Apr 06 07:32

The Tiny State Of Vermont Is Forcing GMO Labeling Nationwide

When Vermont passed a law in 2014 that required all genetically engineered food sold in the state to be labeled by July 1, 2016, it likely had no idea it would force disclosure beyond its own borders.

With the deadline to comply fast-approaching, several major food producers have announced plans to voluntarily label products containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, not only in the small New England state, but nationwide.

Apr 06 07:32

Blood Was Literally Flowing in the Streets

The final straw was when the government shut down the banks. Once no one could withdraw money, it devalued the currency by 66%...instantly stealing more than half of peoples’ life savings.

The government declared martial law and the police killed 23 people.

At this point, it was too late for compromises. It was an “off with their heads”-type moment.

When the mob reached critical mass, it stormed the presidential palace. The president had to run for his life.

He escaped in a helicopter from the roof with only the clothes on his back.

Had he not escaped, the mob likely would have killed him Mussolini-style - shot him and then hung him upside down in public.

Can you imagine an angry mob storming the White House…forcing President Obama to run for his life?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, I can.

Apr 06 07:29

Mississippi’s Controversial ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Signed Into Law

Mississippi’s “religious freedom” bill has been signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant. The legislation creates a right to withhold services aiding same-sex marriage and extramarital sex, as well as from transgender people, based on religious objection.

Apr 06 07:24

BEX ALERT - Cameron: I Have No Offshore Funds

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When David Cameron's father died, David Cameron inherited the Blairmore Fund, which is tangled up in the Panama Papers scandal. So, either David Cameron gave away all that money, or he is lying above.

It is interesting to note, As Edward Snowden has already observed, that the same British Prime Minister who championed total surveillance on the British people is now demanding privacy for himself. But that is the way the elites think; taxes and surveillance for you, no taxes and privacy for themselves!

Apr 06 07:21

EU boss branded 'desperate' after claiming Thatcher would never have dreamed of Brexit

Referring to Britain’s first female premier, he said: “Even Margaret Thatcher had not predicted that someone would come up with an idea of Brexit, when in 1975 she said that ‘At a time of uncertainty in world affairs, Europe gives us a far better chance of peace and security’.”

But Mr Tusk was attacked for suggesting the ex-Tory leader was in favour of Europe’s political union.

Apr 06 07:20

Will Turkey-EU deal work? Listen to the 'unnamed officials'

What, exactly, are they so confident about? First, that Greece will be able to seal its borders. Second, that it will be able to manage humane detention centres. Third, that it will deport all migrants who try to steal across. And fourth, that Turkey will support the Syrians whom Greece does eventually deposit in ports such as Dikili.

It requires some chutzpah to envision a world in which all those ducks line up. Supporters will note that the first 200 deportations took place peaceably yesterday (there are 8,000 people slated for return to Turkey from islands in Greece). Sceptics – and I include myself here – will note that these refugees were mainly Pakistani, and as such were already being deported by Greece before the EU deal was signed. Things will likely take a turn for the worse when authorities begin to actually round up Syrians who arrived in Greece after the cut-off date of 20 March. “I will throw myself and my family into the sea,” one told the AFP news agency.

Apr 06 07:19

'Only Brexit can save the NHS' Ex Labour minister says EU is DESTROYING our health service

Former foreign secretary Lord Owen said the "dysfunctional European Union" is killing our health service with excessive regulation and constant meddling.

He warned that Brussels has now become "entrenched" within the NHS, adding that the upcoming referendum on June 23 is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to break free.

Apr 06 07:15

Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Resigns In The Wake Of “Panama Papers” Scandal

Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson announced his resignation on Tuesday amid mounting public anger over evidence that he and his wife owned a secretive offshore company called Wintris that managed millions of dollars of investments in three Icelandic banks that collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis.

Apr 06 07:10

Panama Papers’ Publishers Don’t Need To Sell Out WikiLeaks

When it’s all said and done, there’s no doubt that the hundreds of stories exposing the intricate web of tax avoidance and laundering, also known as the Panama Papers, will be an important blockbuster feat of journalism. The sheer size of the leak (11.5 million documents) and scope of the project led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (which brought together over 100 news outlets) is as staggering as it is impressive.

Apr 06 07:09

The truth about David Cameron's incredible family wealth – and why, despite his fight against tax avoidance, it will always be his weak spot

The PM has always been aware that if voters knew the scale of his wealth, they would consider him incapable of relating to their daily struggles.

Downplaying his family fortune has been vital to his political success – which is why this week’s reminder about his father’s links to tax havens is so potentially toxic.

Apr 06 07:07

Hillary Clinton's entourage blocks up traffic in New York as she gets $600 haircut at luxury Bergdorf Goodman salon before heading to Harlem on the campaign trail

She has been out and about in New York trying to woo voters in Harlem.

But before hitting the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton's entourage reportedly blocked up traffic on Fifth Avenue as she enjoyed an early morning hair appointment at luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman.

The Democratic presidential candidate had a busy day yesterday attending several events in Harlem before a rally at the Apollo Theater.

But obviously wanting to look her best, Page Six reported that her four black cars were spotted blocking up traffic outside Bergdorf Goodman, where she visited the exclusive John Barrett Salon on the ninth floor of the store, where a cut and blow-dry costs $600.

Apr 06 07:06

Police Release Damning New Footage For FBI On LaVoy Finicum Shooting (Video)

If you weren’t already 100% convinced that our federal government is the largest terrorist organization on the planet after you read the post earlier this week about theSpecial Agent in Charge at the the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Greg Bretzing, then the videos below should convince you.

Apr 06 07:01

Panama Papers: offshore firm set up by Cameron's father was moved to Ireland in year son became PM

A source close to Blairmore Holdings - which is still operating with assets of £35 million – said the company had been moved because its directors believed it was about to “come under more scrutiny”.

Apr 06 06:59

George Osborne won't answer if he's benefited from offshore funds

Chancellor George Osborne has evaded answering a series of questions with ITV News, on whether he has personally benefited from offshore funds.

During his visit to visit to the Ocado Customer Fulfilment Centre in Hatfield, when Mr Osborne was asked: "Do you now or will you in the future benefit from any offshore funds?", he responded by saying the current Government has done more than "any other previous British Government" to ensure "people pay the taxes that are owed".

Apr 06 06:57

US Aid To Israel Is ‘Too Much’ Say 61.9% Of Americans

A majority Americans say US foreign aid to Israel is excessive – either “much
too much” (32.5 percent) or “too much’ (29.4 percent). The single-question March 10, 2016 opinion survey, fielded through Google
Consumer Surveys, reveals only slight changes since it was first asked on
September 27, 2014. (For details on sample size, bias and other findings).

Apr 06 06:55

Donald Trump: Massive Recession Coming—Americans Already Feel It

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump predicted the U.S. economy was on the verge of a very massive recession. Trump cited high unemployment and an overvalued stock market as two main factors that will lead the U.S. into a recession. While his recessionary forecast took mainstream economists off-guard, I doubt his economic revelations were a surprise to the average American.

Apr 06 06:55

Syria Mufti: Terrorists Offered Peace in Return for Concessions to Israel

Since the outbreak of the foreign-backed militancy five years ago, the Syrian government has been receiving offers to make a tit-for-tat deal to end the crisis, Hassoun said in an interview with the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV channel.

Since 2011, “we have been receiving unofficial offers to make a deal that would end it: 'If you announce you would end hostilities against Israel and if you expel the Palestinian resistance from your territory and cut your relations with Hezbollah, we would stop fighting against you.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, once more we find that a war being paid for by US tax dollars and fought by Americans and Europeans ... is being fought to serve Israel!

Owl 3
Apr 06 06:51

St. Louis County suffers ballot problems, voting confusion

A voting debacle in St. Louis County left residents in more than 60 precincts unable to cast ballots Tuesday, leading the St. Louis County Council and Secretary of State Jason Kander to announce separate investigations.

Gov. Jay Nixon called the problems “inexcusable,” adding: “The St. Louis County Board of Elections, and particularly its two directors, must rectify these mistakes, explain how they occurred, and be held accountable for this unacceptable failure.”

Kander said his office’s Elections Integrity Unit would review the election in St. Louis County. He also called the election performance “unacceptable.”

Apr 06 06:48

FLASHBACK - Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

Apr 06 06:48

James Rickards: Biggest Collapse Ever-Get Gold Now, Gold Will Be $10,000 to $50,000 per Ounce In The Future

Apr 06 06:47

FLASHBACK - Charles Lindbergh's - September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech

Apr 06 06:47

Hedge Funds Are Part Of A Tricky Money Maneuver To Put Hillary In The White House

At the Democratic debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa on November 14, 2015, Hillary Clinton attempted to portray herself as the fierce enemy of hedge funds. She told the audience the following:


Apr 06 06:44

L.A. Activists Want To Bring Surveillance Conversation Down To Earth

Government surveillance is not an abstract thing, says Hamid Khan, coordinator for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. For the communities Khan works with in Los Angeles — from transgender people to recipients of government benefits to the homeless on Skid Row — surveillance is a daily reality that impacts their lives and exacerbates other societal ills, like mass incarceration and police violence.

Apr 06 06:42

Panama Papers: The truth about the Blairmore fund - by the man who exposed it

These facts are awkward for the Prime Minister: In the early 1980s his father Ian helped to establish an offshore fund, unabashedly named ‘Blairmore’ after the family’s ancestral family home in Aberdeenshire, which avoided ever having to pay tax in Britain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 06 06:42

1 In 4 American College Students Wants To Crush First Amendment Rights If Someone Is Offended

A newly-released Gallup survey indicates that a solid majority of students at America’s colleges and universities supports free speech on campus. However, a strong contingent of students wants to limit “hate speech” and speech that intentionally offend people based on some aspect of their identities.

Apr 06 06:38

Panama papers, call in to Mike Rivero

Please give a dollar a month on patreon https://www.patreon.com/ryandawson?ty=a
I will be discussing the Panama papers with Peter Lavelle later today

Apr 06 06:20

Hacking Democracy - The Hack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just one way for elections to be stolen by those electronic machines, and was not used in Wisconsin as this method does not reveal itself to the voter. The reports we are getting from Wisconsin are of voters whose machines would not let them vote for Trump, or switched the vote from Trump to Cruz. Down in Texas, the machines were switching Trump to Rubio. The obvious conclusion is that it is the Hillary team engaging in vote fraud to get rid of Trump so that Hillary can run against an easily beatable opponent in November; a tactic she learned from Richard Nixon's CREEP when she served on (and was then fired from) the Watergate committee.

At this point, the entire elections process is discredited and illegitimate, along with the Federal Government which has usurped the power of the people by such cheating.

Apr 06 06:15

Clinton Foundation received up to $3 mn from fossil fuel giants in 2008-09 – report

Hillary Clinton’s family foundation took millions of dollars from fossil fuel giants, according to a report, but this past week the Democratic presidential front-runner snapped at a Greenpeace activist, claiming to be “sick” of such allegations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary knows the whole global warming issue is a scam.

Apr 06 06:15

George Soros’ Anti-Kremlin Info Laundering Backfires on Clinton, Cameron

The Soros-funded framing of the document release aimed to smear Putin, but did more to expose the collusion of Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, and other Western scam artists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 06 06:13

David Cameron left dangerously exposed by Panama Papers fallout

David Cameron was left dangerously exposed on Tuesday after repeatedly failing to provide a clear and full account about links to an offshore fund set up by his late father, as the storm over the Panama Papers gathered strength in both the UK and elsewhere around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Brits.

Last time I visited the Tower of London, that large wood block was still there!

Apr 06 06:11

Angela Merkel Has Destroyed German Dominance in Europe

It’s a tragic irony. And it’s one that has hurt Germany. Angela Merkel has always sought a “European solution" for her numerous problems, which is what she’s constantly been reiterating in the wake of the migrant crisis. And yet the Europe that she refers to in her statements — the Europe that she holds above all else — has long since lost its patience with the German chancellor.

Merkel is no longer the European leader. They’ve turned their backs to her. From Scandinavia to the Balkans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 06 06:08

'Germany should reinforce Austria-Italy border'

Germany should send border police to back up Austrian police as they control their border with Italy in a bid to prevent migrants and refugees moving north through Europe, the German Transport Minister said on Tuesday.

Apr 06 06:08

Two-thirds of Germans want end to open borders

Germans appear to be losing faith in the idea of a borderless Europe, as the results of a poll published on Tuesday showed that two-thirds would prefer the government to end the Schengen free-movement zone.

Apr 06 06:07

BEX ALERT - EU Minister: "Europe WILL be diverse!", "there is not going to be" a White Europe in the future

Frans Timmermans, the Vice President of the European Commission, gave a speech saying that Europe is not allowed to remain majority White.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Apr 06 05:56

7 Internet Services That Are Screwing Over Devoted Users

Our high-tech world might not look like The Jetsons, but we're pretty damn close. We carry mobile erotica encyclopedias in our pockets and spend our leisure time getting casually murdered and sworn at by teenagers from Vladivostok to Montevideo. Yes, we live in a time of miracles, but some of those miracles are shittier than others. We're talking about such modern conveniences as ...

Apr 06 05:56

Hawaii under martial law was ‘military dictatorship’ (1941-1944)

In declaring martial law, all forms of civilian law were suspended. An entire new system of justice and order was instituted and controlled at the absolute discretion of Lt. Gen. Short — the newly declared “Military Governor” of the islands.

The transfer of power meant that all civilian courts would be closed, and all government functions — federal, territorial, and municipal — would be placed under military control. The U.S. Constitution was suspended and civilians no longer guaranteed any individual rights or protections from the government. Civilians had no freedom of speech, self-defense, assembly, or protections from from unreasonable search and seizures, inter alia.

Apr 06 01:52

Breaking: Trump supporters in Wisconsin report seeing votes being changed to Cruz

The reports are coming in from Wisconsin; Trump supporters are seeing their votes being switched to Cruz.

unitedmediapublishing.com reports: People voting for Donald Trump in today’s Wisconsin primary are seeing their ballots changed to show a vote for Ted Cruz.

Calls began flooding in early this morning to Madison-based ABC affiliate WKOW with reports of voting machines across the state switching votes entered for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to his establishment counterpart Ted Cruz. The station has spoken with multiple witnesses and is in the process of verifying statements from Burnett, Clark, Dane, Polk and Portage counties.

According to one witness identified as Jeremy Rogers from Burnett county, “It was the strangest thing. The machine literally would not allow me to vote Trump.>>>

Apr 06 01:19

The Anatomy of a Trump Defeat

Last Friday, four days before Wisconsinites would cast their ballots, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Sarah Palin headlined an event for the Milwaukee County Republican party. Donald Trump, whose unconventional campaign rests almost entirely on his public appearances, had left it to Palin to carry the banner for him while he jetted off to Washington, D.C. There, he would cap a dismal week by sitting down with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus for a remedial lesson in delegate allocation. It’s looking as if he will need it. Cruz trounced him in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, 50 to 33 percent, with 73 percent reporting, making a contested convention more likely in July.

(*It's all over but the cry from the voters from Wisconsin that their election was stolen . Seeing as this article comes from The NATIONAL Fricking REVIEW , there is , naturally , no mention of vote fraud in their Anatomy . I'm betting against them ever having the 'chutzpah' to publish their bottom line price for going against the people's choice , because they're just as spineless as their alleged candidate , Ted 'The Snot' Cruz
This article should be titled The Anatomy Of Electing The Criminal From The Other Party)

Apr 06 00:43

The Latest: Panama law firm files hacking complaint

One of the co-founders of the Panama-based law firm at the heart of the "Panama Papers" uproar says the company has filed a complaint with Panamanian prosecutors alleging that the data was stolen by a hacking attack from abroad.

Ramon Fonseca said Tuesday that the firm, Mossack Fonseca, has evidence the hacking was done from Europe, but he declined to give any details. "I can't say more because the case is already under investigation," he told The Associated Press.

Apr 06 00:29

Protest against AIPAC

Apr 06 00:25

Netherlands: Polling stations open for Ukraine referendum

Today citizens of the Netherlands can vote for or against the ratification of an association agreement between the European Union and the Ukraine. The first polling stations opened at 5:00 a.m. in Nijmegen and Castricum. Most others open at 7:30 a.m. As with other elections, the polling stations will be open until 9:00 p.m.

You can vote at any polling station in your municipality. Voting outside your hometown requires a voting pass, which had to be applied for in advance.

(*Ah good , Another election to rig !
whitehorse souce )

April 5, 2016

Apr 05 19:32

Cruz crushes Trump as Sanders beats Clinton in Wisconsin primaries

Cruz was projected by the Associated Press to have won the important midwest showdown just over half an hour after polls closed at 8pm CST. The Texas conservative could have picked up enough votes across the state to deprive Trump of most of the 42 delegates on offer.

Hillary Clinton also stumbled on her path to the White House, losing to Bernie Sanders in a Democratic primary that marked a sixth straight win for the Vermont outsider and shows his continued appeal among voters looking for radical change.

Apr 05 19:13

The Panama Papers Reveal The “Big Global Problem”

Op-Ed by John Galt

The largest data leak in history has people in a tizzy. Virtual lynch mobs are calling for the heads of all those who have appeared in various infographics documenting their supposedly-possibly-disturbing connections to suggested nefarious dealings … by associates, family members and childhood friends in many cases.

By extension, knowingly or not, these lynch mobs have quickly called on government to rein in anyone who might use a legal vehicle (for now) to protect their wealth.

I’d like to put aside the questions that have been legitimately raised about the geopolitical implications of who has been revealed, or questions about whether these alleged crimes are equal to what some of these individuals really could stand trial for, and focus instead on the reaction from the general public...

Apr 05 18:07

Cruz and Heidi Sex Scandal Going Nuclear!

New information has just come to light that clearly shows Heidi Cruz knows about Ted’s affairs and prostitution and has sent emails to the Cruz campaign admitting she knows and is OK with it! Sound familiar? Sound like Hillary and Bill?

Apr 05 18:05

Still Report #768 - Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

Apr 05 17:53

Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Resigns In The Wake Of “Panama Papers” Scandal

Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson announced his resignation on Tuesday amid mounting public anger over evidence that he and his wife owned a secretive offshore company called Wintris that managed millions of dollars of investments in three Icelandic banks that collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis.

Apr 05 17:27

Bitcoin & Gold Scare Establishment BIG Time

Apr 05 17:16

The AMA’s Opinion On Informed Consent

In the opinion statement of the American Medical Association’s Opinion on Informed Consent, we read this rather defining statement: The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. The patient should make his _ or her own determination about…

Apr 05 17:14

Kraft Quietly Removed Artificial Food Dyes From Their Mac And Cheese

But when natural health proponents scored another victory in December 2015, Kraft-Heinz didn’t say a word. And clean food activists had no idea the change had taken place. And what one would think would be a major announcement, Kraft-Heinz decided to remove artificial dyes from its Macaroni and Cheese products.

Apr 05 17:12

5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine Is Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths

According to the conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine, the world’s leading health practitioners in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine have it all wrong and are misinforming millions in practice...


Apr 05 16:41

Cruz Jumps Nearly 20 Points in National Poll, Now in Dead Heat With Trump

Cruz has 35.2 percent support compared to Trump’s 39.5 percent support, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released today. The poll’s margin of error is 4.8 percentage points. A March 28 Reuters poll also showed the two candidates tied nationally.

The statistical dead heat shows a significant leap in national support for Cruz, who trailed Trump by 20 points last month in the same poll.

The fix is in.

Apr 05 16:36

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star vandalized

According to People, vandals have covered the star with dog feces, a swastika and a mute symbol, just to name a few.

Apr 05 16:26

Insulin cost in U.S. have more than doubled

Apr 05 15:58

Project Fear Gets Personal: Cameron Equates Brexit To ‘Self-Harm’

David Cameron compares leaving the EU to ‘self-harm,’ a shipping lobby warns of a post-EU iceberg and a rogue entrepreneur decries Brexit ‘hysteria’. RT unravels the latest on Britain’s upcoming referendum.

With less than three months to go until June 23, more voices are being drawn into the debate over whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union (EU).

Apr 05 15:58

Why The National Enquirer's Hot Air Is Filling The Mainstream Media's Balloon

“Hot Air” — that was The Huffington Post homepage headline last Sunday on the National Enquirer‘s exclusive that GOP presidential aspirant Ted Cruz allegedly had five affairs.

It was the sensation that drove the news cycle that weekend, providing great entertainment in the verbal ping-pong between Cruz and Trump.

Apr 05 15:44

Private Matter? That’s Rich! Edward Snowden Deals Cameron A Twitter Takedown

David Cameron has been called out for hypocrisy by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden after the PM, who has presided over a raft of new surveillance powers, claimed his late-father’s tax affairs are “a private matter.”

In response, Snowden, who exposed the extent of GCHQ and NSA mass surveillance, tweeted: “Oh, now he’s interested in privacy.”

Apr 05 15:35

Clinton Opposes Transferring Government’s Costs More Onto Rich People

Hillary Clinton opposes fixing Social Security by taxing rich people more; she wants it to be done by cutting benefits to the recipients.

In 2008, Barack Obama said that he would consider eliminating the cap on Social Security taxes that blocks income above $97,000/year from being SS-taxed. The argument for that cap has been that above that income-level, the person is too rich to be included in either the benefits or the costs of the SS system.

Apr 05 15:22

Stop Voter Suppression

A crowning achievement of the historic March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech, was pushing through the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965. Recognizing the history of racist attempts to prevent Black people from voting, that federal law forced a number of southern states and districts to adhere to federal guidelines allowing citizens access to the polls.

Apr 05 15:20

Barcelona: Club promises Lionel Messi legal and financial backing over Panama Papers claims

While owning an offshore account is not necessarily illegal, El Confidencial reports Messi, who is widely considered to be the world's best player, set up "a tax fraud network" by using Panama company Mega Star Enterprises to avoid paying tax on image rights deals. The Madrid-based newspaper was part of the ICIJ investigative team.

Documents posted online by the Spanish newspaper show both the signatures of Messi and his father, Jorge, in acquiring Mega Star.

Apr 05 15:20

Panama Papers Hack: 11 Million Documents Reveal Decades of Elite Money Laundering and Tax Dodging

What’s interesting is that all the people “outed” by this hack so far appear to be foes of the American government, such as Russian President Vladmir Putin, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who was ousted after a U.S. regime change, former Libyan leader lynched during a U.S. regime change mission Muammar Gaddafi, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the current target of a U.S. regime change mission.

In fact, Russian diplomat Dmitry Peskov has openly accused the U.S. State Department and CIA as being behind this.

(read more)

Apr 05 15:18

In a 2011 speech, Bernie Sanders predicted the revelations of the Panama Papers

In 2011, as the United States prepared to confirm a trade deal with Panama, senator Bernie Sanders raised a red flag.

“Panama is the world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor. “And the Panama Free Trade Agreement would make this bad situation much worse.”

“Each and every year, the wealthy and large corporations evade $100 billion in US taxes through abusive and illegal offshore tax havens in Panama and other countries,” he said.

Hats off to Bernie.

Apr 05 15:16

The Grand Bargain Revisited

While we’ve always known that this “ordinance” was a stunning concession by the state, a compromise that for decades the state claimed would never happen, we did not realize at the time that the state was also working on a plan to release itself from any responsibility for the monster they agreed to create in the form of the UMB (Unitary Management Board).

Apr 05 15:12

Far-right leader's aides named in Panama Papers scandal

Aides to French far-right leader Marine Le Pen put in place a "sophisticated offshore system" to hide money, Le Monde newspaper reported on Tuesday in the latest disclosure from the Panama Papers.

The aim of the system, which sent funds to Hong Kong, Singapore, the British Virgin Islands and Panama, was "to get money out of France, through shell companies and false invoices, to evade French anti-money-laundering authorities," Le Monde reported.

Apr 05 15:11

FIFA Boss 'Dismayed' Over Panama Files Claims

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said he is "dismayed" that his "integrity is being doubted" in reports about the Panama Papers.

The leaked documents reportedly show he co-signed off on a contract with two Argentinian businessmen, Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, who have since been accused of bribery.

The 2006 deal reportedly happened when Mr Infantino was a legal director at UEFA.

It is alleged the Jinkis' offshore firm Cross Trading bought TV rights for UEFA Champions League football and then immediately sold them on for three times more.

Apr 05 15:06

The 8 most important things to read to understand the Panama Papers document leak

"How ironic—no, how perverse—that the USA, which has been so sanctimonious in its condemnation of Swiss banks, has become the banking secrecy jurisdiction du jour," wrote Peter A. Cotorceanu, a lawyer at Anaford AG, a Zurich law firm, in a recent legal journal. "That ‘giant sucking sound’ you hear? It is the sound of money rushing to the USA."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, we NEED that money to keep our Ponzi-scheme banking system afloat for another ... couple weeks." -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 05 14:51

When Donald Trump Makes Sense

Despite the fact that modern technological civilization is supposed to be founded on empiricism and rationality, most of our attitudes spring from emotions, indoctrination, or appeals to authority.

Apr 05 14:45


The Brazilian government negotiates an agreement with Germany to receive part of the Syrian refugees who are in a European country or wishing to travel to there – and has already opened a process to assess with the European Union (EU) a dialog to collaborate on the question of the treaties that assist the asylum seekers. In exchange, Brazil asks the governments of Europe to shoulder the costs of foreigners and their integration. The project was presented by the Ministry of Justice to the German Embassy in Brasilia last week. On March 30th a meeting was held with the EU delegation to start cooperation. Beto Vasconcelos, national secretary of Justice, confirmed the existence of dialog with Germans and the EU, indicating that, now, Brazil expects to receive specific proposals on the part of the Europeans on how to make this initiative. According to the secretary, Brasilia has opted for “boldness” to deal with the international crisis.

Apr 05 14:42


The permanent stationing of a US armored brigade in Eastern Europe was met in Germany with little understanding: General Breedlove said the measure was necessary to counter the aggressive Russians. The German papers express themselves surprisingly dismissive and write that it would make more sense to use the tanks in the Middle East against the Islamic State. US General Philip Breedlove, the commander of US forces in Europe said, the US and NATO turn in Eastern Europe “from security to deterrence.” Breedlove announced this doctrine on Thursday in the Latvian capital Riga, in connection with the earlier notice from Wednesday that a tank brigade with 4200 men in Eastern Europe will be permanently stationed in 2017. As a reason the US-General referred to the “reviving and aggressive Russia”. “We are prepared to fight and win if we have to,” Breedlove said after talks with NATO commanders from the Baltic.

Apr 05 14:35

More Than 7 Million Americans Are At Risk Of Experiencing Frackquakes

You need to know this. As if climate change, water contamination and gas leaks weren’t enough to worry about, now, more than 7 million Americans are at risk of experiencing dangerous earthquakes because of natural gas drilling in their states.

Apr 05 14:33


Apr 05 14:26


According to local medics, at least, 14 civilians were killed and 50 other wounded in Tuesday, after a rocket attack in Syria’s Aleppo. “Terrorists violated the ceasefire regime and launched dozens of rockets at the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood. Fourteen civilians were killed, 50 were admitted to the hospital with injuries,” an employee at the local hospital told RIA Novosti. Three residential buildings had been completely destroyed, added by him.

Apr 05 14:25

Organic Operations Up 12% In The US

Apr 05 14:23


The United States will use its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to block the sale of Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets to Iran. State Department Under Secretary for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon stated this on April 5 during a congressional hearing on Iran. Thomas Shannon told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that any such sale have to be approved by the UN Security Council. “The sale of Su-30 fighter aircraft is prohibited under UNSCR 2231 without the approval of the UN Security Council and we would block the approval of any sale of fighter aircraft under the restrictions,” he noted.

Apr 05 14:17

While Clinton Backed 2011 Trade Deal, Sanders Foresaw Panama Papers Fiasco

'Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes,' Sanders told Congress in 2011.

Apr 05 14:14

Greece Starts Deporting Migrants Under EU-Turkey Deal Amid Protests

Authorities on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios have deported more than 200 migrants on boats bound for Turkey.