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December 24, 2015

Dec 24 08:26

ALL bluefin tuna caught off West Coast are radioactive

Studies suggest that all bluefin tuna caught off the U.S. West Coast are likely carrying radioactive isotopes from the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Dec 24 08:22

Israel Now Iran's Uninvited Partner In Syria - A No-Win Situation Needs Brinkmanship

While Iranian and Hezbollah Fighters are taking losses - Russia is swapping intel with Israel - That is a no-win formula - Brinkmanship is required.

Dec 24 08:02

Strategic Moves in East Asia Leave US Policymakers in a Panic

Affiliated with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), one of Washington's key think tanks on military affairs, Shevin-Coetzee and Hellman warned that "as Russia manages to straddle" the fine line between crisis management and strategic planning, managing "immediate crises and investing in future partnerships," US policymakers must attempt to do the same.
World cities. Harbin
China to Open New Russia-China Cooperation Area in Harbin
In particular, mindful of the Obama administration's long-standing intention to 'pivot' toward Asia, and of Moscow's new, more assertive stand, the analysts suggest that "policymakers cannot afford to neglect the Asia-Pacific [region] and the increasing role that Russia is playing there. Home to vibrant economies, emerging powers and more than half the world's population, the region holds significant economic promise."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could someone at the State Department and Pentagon, have possibly reminded President Obama that the setting up of sanctions against Russia for "allegedly" annexing Crimea (which Russia did NOT do) would set the stage for a vast Sino-Russian reset, economically, and with regard to enhanced military cooperation?!?

Why does the US government, collectively, seem to value, as one of its primary criteria for hiring people, the almost pathological inability to see anything through to its logical conclusion?!?

IF I, as an ordinary US citizen, could have seen this coming from miles away, why couldn't the US government?!?

Dec 24 07:51

"Unstoppable" California Gas Leak Now Being Called Worst Catastrophe Since BP Spill

Since initially reporting on California's Alison Canyon gas leak, more details have emerged on the scale (and potential for no solution) of the problem as the infamous Erin Brockovich writes, "the enormity of the Aliso Canyon gas leak cannot be overstated. Gas is escaping through a ruptured pipe more than 8,000 feet underground, and it shows no signs of stopping," as according to the California Air Resources Board, methane - a greenhouse gas 72 times more impactful in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide - has been escaping from the Aliso Canyon site with force equivalent “to a volcanic eruption” for about two months now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question which needs to be asked is, how was this allowed to snowball into such a catastrophe, with such potential harmful effects, and not handled when it was manageable?!?

There were some nasty assumptions, leading up to this, where reality and wishful thinking collided.

But what’s making this massive leak so difficult to stop pertains to the storage ‘container,’ itself. “We have the largest natural gas storage system in the world,” boasts Chris McGill, vice president of the American Gas Association. In the United States, old underground oil fields are often put to use as storage vessels for natural gas — because, hey, that geology worked just fine to hold oil for millions of years, so why not natural gas? In fact, there are some 300 such depleted subterranean oil fields being employed this way around the United States. Aliso Canyon, a natural gas storage site since the 1970s, has one of the largest capacities: 86 billion cubic feet. During the summer, gas earmarked for winter heating is pumped into these underground cavities by SoCalGas — and the process is reversed with the turn of the seasons. However, this year, workers encountered what quickly became evident was anything but a typical hiccup. As Wired reported: “On October 23, workers noticed the leak at a 40-year-old well in Aliso Canyon. Small leaks are routine, says Bohlen, and SoCalGas did what it routinely does: put fluid down the well to stop the leak and tinker with the well head. It didn’t work. The company tried it five more times, and the gas kept leaking. At this point, it was clear the leak was far from routine, and the problem was deeper underground.” Beginning December 4th, SoCalGas crews began drilling a relief well to intercept the fissured pipe

SoCalGas and SEMPRA should be sued out of existence for creating this massive flustercluck.

Dec 24 07:33

Erdo?an’s Turkey, King Salman’s Saudi Arabia and the Coming “Sunni” War for Oil

Erdo?an-Saudi War Aims

Erdo?an’s Turkish military and most especially his Turkish intelligence, MIT, headed by close crony, Hakan Fidan, is playing a key role in the planned Saudi-Turk-Qatari coalitions move to destroy the regime of Assad and at the same time seize control for them of the rich oil fields of Iraq between Mosul and Kirkuk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, there now, you have it; Turkey hasn't really retreated from Iraq, because they are looking to seize Syrian and Iraqi oil assets, and the US government is simply enabling this effort.

However, the 500 lb gorilla, sitting on the Buesendorfer piano, is Russia.

Russia has responded to an invitation by the Syrian government to get rid of all jihadis in the country, and Russia has been doing an inestimably fine job of doing this.

Neither Turkey or the US have been invited by either the Syrian government nor the Iraqi government to provide any assistance in this process.

With Putin's position intractable on this issue, it is only a matter of time before he will feel that he must respond militarily against Turkey, NATO, and the US; at that point, we are definitely looking at the "official" start of World War III, although it really has already begun.

Dec 24 07:17

Lawsuit Unleashes Documents Alleging FDA Covered up Risks of GMOs Since 1991

A previously unreleased set of Food and Drug Administration documents related to genetically engineered (GE or GMO) foods alleges the agency was aware of possible risks to humans as far back as 1991.
The documents were released through a lawsuit filed by Steven Druker, a public interest attorney and executive director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity (ABI). Druker obtained a reported 44,000 pages of messages, memos, and reports from the FDA. Twenty-four of the most damaging documents are highlighted on ABI’s website and in Druker’s recent book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth.

Within the documents are several key pieces of information. First, in the FDA’s “Statement of Policy: Foods Derived From New Plant Varieties,” dated May 29, 1992, the agency stated it was “not aware of any information” showing these products differ “in any meaningful way” from other food, despite memos showing researchers did, indeed, still have questions about the safety of GE foods.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every time a government official says or writes anything, you can fully expect it to be a complete lie.

Dec 24 07:10

The Coming Saudi Crack-up?

President Obama, like generations of Western leaders, has coddled the oil-rich Saudi monarchy by tolerating its reactionary politics, its financing of radical Islam and its military support for Sunni jihadist terrorism. But the spoiled Saudi leaders may finally be going too far, as Daniel Lazare describes.

After meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he promised to intensify efforts to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by increasing aid to Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate. A few weeks later, he assembled a coalition of nine Sunni Arab states to launch nightly bombing raids on Yemen, quickly reducing one of the poorest countries in the Middle East to ruin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In geopolitics, one is definitely known by the company one keeps.

I have a very smart cousin, a professor emeritus of Constitutional Law, who has frequently remarked that if the US government spent just a fraction of what we have spent on these endless wars on workable, renewable energy, that we wouldn't be in the pickle we're in regarding our "friends" in the Middle East, including the Al-Khalifa Sunni monarchy in Bahrain.

At this point, Saudi Arabia has really morphed into a "frenemy", and the myopic US State Department is certainly culpable here, for enabling that to happen.

Dec 24 07:02

Republican Candidates Defend Killing Civilians To Fight Terrorism – and So Do Democrats

There's a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the "war on terrorism."

There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate and elsewhere in which a number of them appeared to be advocating the large-scale killing of civilians through aerial bombardment as a legitimate means of defeating the so-called “Islamic State.” (ISIS or IS)

These statements did not simply rationalize military operations that result in large numbers of civilian deaths, which politicians in both parties have supported for decades, but actually advocate the killing of civilians as a legitimate tactic in counter-terrorism warfare.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whether Democrats or Republicans, both parties are owned by the death machine of the military industrial complex; unfortunately, without other candidates as alternatives, no matter who Americans vote for next year, they will be voting for more wars, more deaths, and more maimings of Americans to ultimately enhance the bottom line of American and multinational corporations.

Dec 24 06:48

Criminal Roots: A shocking exposé on the Clinton family and their rise to power

A plethora of controversy and allegations of steamy sexcapades, treasonous business scandals, illicit criminal activity, drug trafficking, and even a number of mysterious deaths has surrounded the Clinton family for years.

In fact, these scandals, many of which have been documented, may be some of the best kept secrets hidden from the American people to this day.

According to an underrated documentary film titled “The Clinton Chronicles,” which contains scores of multiple eyewitness testimonies, the Clinton family is “sick” and may be one of the biggest criminal syndicates to have ever occupied the White House, aside from maybe the Obama Administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Everyone in America should see this documentary.

The Clinton family is, and has always been, a criminal enterprise in the extreme, which is one of the primary reasons Hillary should never get the nomination, or be elected.

We've had enough of sociopathic Executive "thugs in chief", have we not?!?

Dec 24 06:41

Montenegro Officially Invited to Join NATO - Gov't Statement

NATO issued a formal membership to Montenegro in early December. The decision triggered protests in the capital, gathering some 5,000 opponents.
The European Union and Montenegro opened negotiations on Monday on another two chapters on the country’s accession into the bloc.
Montenegro Opens Two More Negotiating Chapters for EU Accession
"According to the procedure, the extending of the invitation letter will be followed by the opening of accession negotiations which will last several months. Following their completion, NATO member states are expected to sign a protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO and begin the process of ratification. The protocol will enable Montenegro to take part in most NATO meetings," the statement reads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More encirclement of Russia, I see, with which the Putin government is not likely to be very happy.

Dec 24 06:36

The Trade Wars Begin: U.S. Imposes 256% Tarriff On Chinese Steel Imports

Two weeks ago, when looking at the latest import price index data, we showed something disturbing: China has become an all out exporter of deflation. As the chart below shows, In November, import prices from China decreased 1.5% over the past 12 months, the largest year-over-year drop since the index declined 1.7% for the year ended in January 2010.

How did this happen? As we explained, with all of its domestic markets fully saturated, China has had no choice but to export its soaring commodity production as we explained in "Behold The Deflationary Wave: How China Is Flooding The World With Its Unwanted Commodities."

As we noted then, shipments of steel, oil products and aluminum are reaching for new highs, according to trade data from the General Administration of Customs. That’s because mills, smelters and refiners are producing more than they need amid slowing domestic demand, and shipping the excess overseas.

Dec 24 06:32

Disney and the NBA team up with billionaire backed anti-gun group to target your 2nd Amendment rights

ABC and ESPN backed “public service” announcement includes star NBA players pushing leftist gun control narrative

Dec 24 06:28

Michigan Leftist Kicked out of Trump Rally Also Mentioned Muslims, New Jersey and 9/11, But Insists That The Dancing Israelis Story Is An "Anti-Semitic, Racist, Urban Legend"

Believe it or not, I was not the only person who confronted Donald Trump about his alleged "thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11." Early in Trump's speech, a soft-spoken man in his 20's had stood up from the bleachers and told Trump that it's not true that thousands of Muslims were cheering on 9/11 in New Jersey. He was quickly ejected without incident, but I found him afterwards and interviewed him. He said that he would not use the term 'Jew,' that that is 'anti-Semitic,' and that it is "our duty as white people to fight white racism." He told me that he doesn't support Israel, and has a lot of anti-Zionist Jewish friends. He had never heard of the Jews arrested on 9/11, insisting that sounds like another "anti-Semitic, racist urban legend." You just CAN'T make this stuff up!

Dec 24 06:28

Outrage over video of Jews mocking Palestinian baby’s death

A video depicting ultra-orthodox Jewish wedding-goers mocking the death of Ali Saad Dawabsheh — an 18-month-old Palestinian baby who was killed in an arson attack in July — has prompted widespread criticism. The video, aired by Israel’s Channel 10 late Wednesday, was filmed at a wedding in Jerusalem three weeks back, Haaretz reported.

“The shocking pictures that were broadcast this evening show the true face of a group that constitutes a danger to Israeli society and to the security of Israel,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in a statement released Wednesday.

Isaac Herzog, leader of the Zionist Union, reportedly wrote on Twitter: “You miserable people, you’ve forgotten what it is to be Jews. You disgrace your skullcap, your prayer shawl and the name of God. Whoever dances at a wedding and celebrates the murder of a sleeping baby is not Jewish and not Israeli. He should be put behind bars as quickly as possible.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is the very extremism and racism inflamed and enabled by the Netanyahu government, which causes these kinds of acts, and only becomes"uncomfortable" for that government.... when it becomes public, gets on the net, and goes viral.

Only when it becomes an embarrassment, from which that government then wants to distance itself, does this kind of behaviour on the part of ultra-orthodox settlers, upset the government.

And I will almost bet you this: no one will ever be charged for this murder.

Welcome to Israel; the Middle East's "assassination nation", when it comes to Palestinian toddlers and kids.

Just ask those who survived "Operation Protective Edge", where rapporteurs for the UN gave the IDF the GPS coordinates to schools and hospitals where innocent women and children were giving shelter, only to have them bombed.

As reported at theguardian.co.uk in 2014:

A deadly attack on a school in the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza has been denounced as a "moral outrage" and "criminal act" by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. At least 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded after a projectile struck a street outside the school gates on Sunday morning. The school was sheltering more than 3,000 people displaced by fighting in the area. It has been the scene of heavy bombardment by the Israeli military and fierce clashes following the suspected capture by Hamas fighters of an Israeli soldier, later declared killed in action. In a statement, Ban called on those responsible for the "gross violation of international humanitarian law" to be held accountable. He said the "Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites." At the time of the strike – about 10.50am local time – dozens of children and adults were clustered around the gates buying biscuits and sweets from stalls set up by locals. The missile struck the ground eight to 10 metres from the open gates. Witnesses at the scene less than an hour after the explosion claimed it had been fired from one of the many unmanned Israeli drones in the air above Rafah. Advertisement United Nations officials in Gaza described a "shelling incident" or an air strike. It was impossible to determine the exact provenance of the projectile, but it was the third time in 10 days that a UN school had been hit. Earlier this week, Israeli tank shells lstruck a school in the northern town of Jabaliya, killing 16 in an attack denounced by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, as "reprehensible". In all, seven UN schools have been attacked during the conflict. Israeli spokesmen have previously blamed poorly aimed or malfunctioning Hamas mortar fire or rockets for several such incidents. Elsewhere in Rafah, more than 30 people were killed in bombing and shelling on Sunday morning, bringing the total number of dead in the city in the past 48 hours to more than 100. The school – the Rafah Preparatory A Boys school – is one of more than 90 shelters run by the UN in Gaza to provide a safe haven to Palestinians fleeing the fighting. Air strikes and shelling continued across much of Gaza on Saturday despite the Israeli military operation "changing gear", according to spokesmen. Amid scenes of chaos, wounded from the school were taken to the two small hospital facilities still open in Rafah. With no mortuary facilities available, families collected the bodies of the dead almost immediately. In the corridors of the Kuwaiti hospital, stunned casualties lay on beds or slumped in chairs.

Dec 24 06:21

The IRS can nix your right to travel: “They could revoke your passport on your honeymoon”

Never mind the fact that the IRS itself has been unconstitutionally taxing most Americans for the past century.

Dec 24 05:02

Why Jeb Bush's Attacks on Donald Trump Miss Their Mark

After first trying to ignore the billionaire bigot, and then getting humiliated by him, Jeb is now making his willingness to stand up to Trump the centerpiece of his campaign. He’s just released an ad entitled “The Only One,” in which he slams Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie (a sure sign that Christie’s surge in New Hampshire is real) for not attacking Trump. By contrast, the ad shows Jeb lustily going after the GOP frontrunner, while words like “chaos candidate,” “unhinged,” and “liberal” flash onto the screen.

At first glance, this seems laudable. But there are a couple of problems. For starters, >>>

Dec 24 04:45

Western US faces high risk for avalanches Christmas week

The threat for avalanches will be high in the western United States over Christmas weekend
A persistent train of storms since November across the West has consistently caused new layers of snow to fall, some loose and some compact.

Avalanches are triggered when there is a compact layer of snow above a loose layer of snow.

Dec 24 04:35

BDS Slams Israeli Envoy's Settlement-Made Gifts as ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’

The global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has condemned Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the US, for giving American officials Christmas gifts produced in West Bank settlements, saying the move was a “cheap publicity stunt.”

Dec 24 00:51

The Israeli War on Christmas…and Christianity

Bentzi Gopstein’s call for ethnic cleansing of Christians and Palestinians from Israel mirror those of Trump here in America. Israel itself is lurching farther and farther toward fascism and outright religious hatred, if not war.

December 23, 2015

Dec 23 21:47

136-year-old and Still Strong

A chocolate factory in Meriden,CT has nearly been in business for a century and a half with no signs of slowing down.

Dec 23 20:19

A Crushed Generation: Photography under Siege in Gaza

Life in Gaza became impossible, to the extent that the UN Conference on Trade and Development released a report last September warning that Gaza could become ‘uninhabitable’ in less than five years, if current economic trends continue.

Dec 23 19:31

58 Facts About The U.S. Economy From 2015 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

The world didn’t completely fall apart in 2015, but it is undeniable that an immense amount of damage was done to the U.S. economy.

Dec 23 18:29

America’s Dying Democracy

Democracy, as a noble principle of self-governance, is fading away in big ways and small, with special interests seizing control of both media and politicians and with the people increasingly manipulated and misinformed. In this impassioned appeal, Bill Moyers calls it “the fight of our lives.”

Dec 23 18:29

Will Sandra Bland Get Justice? Family Speaks Out After Grand Jury Won’t Indict Anyone

Family members and supporters are demanding justice for Sandra Bland after a grand jury failed to indict anyone for her death.

Dec 23 18:13

The Syrian opposition circus comes to town

If a ‘Syrian opposition’ is the desired outcome, this can only come organically from inside Syria, when Syrians are no longer under the threat of violent conflict.

The alternative, of course, is this Syrian opposition circus that is gearing up for a fall in Vienna. You can pay these clowns through the nose, but you will never get a performance out of them.

Dec 23 17:51

The Federal Reserve: There Will Be No Economic Recovery.

bankster games can raise stock market indexes but not fix the economy

Dec 23 17:46

Free Speech Not Allowed? Mall of America Can’t Stop Black Lives Matter Rally over Jamar Clark Death

Is freedom of speech welcome at the Mall of America? A judge has rejected an effort by the nation’s largest shopping center to stop a Black Lives Matter protest.


Dec 23 17:04

Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Government that Obama Imposed

On December 23rd, Gallup headlines “Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership,” and reports that “nearly nine in 10 Ukrainians (88%) say corruption is widespread in their government, and about eight in 10 (81%) see the same widespread problem in their country’s businesses.” 8% of Ukrainians now say they “have confidence … about the national government.” 17% approve of the job-performance of their President, Petro Poroshenko. While the pre-coup President, Viktor Yanukovych, was in office, 2010-2014, that figure had been averaging about 23%, and was never as low as Poroshenko’s is now.

Dec 23 16:50

NYPD cop charged with felonies for falsely arresting man video recording

NYPD cop Jonathan Munoz began pawing a woman in a suggestive manner before turning to her friend and arresting him for trying to record.

Dec 23 16:25

Rackets Science: the Influence Peddlers Protection Act of 2015 (H.R. 2029)

snip: Made simple, what Obama failed to mention is that plutocrats took more than half the amount of the whole federal budget as their price, payable in future tax expenditures, for allowing the government that they own to continue functioning. What Bernie Sanders calls the “billionaire class” has taken over a formerly public bridge by force of bribery and is now charging tolls worth half its value to keep the non-military level of it functioning for civilians another year.

Dec 23 16:21

The Big Short: "Every American Should See This Movie & Be F##king Pissed Off"


Dec 23 15:56

Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires

The infamous rightwing Israeli Benzi Gopstein, leader of the Jewish extremist terror group Lehava, is back in the headlines. He wants all the Christians out of Israel, and they can take their holiday with them. On December 17, the Haredi website Kooker published (Hebrew) an article by Gopstein: “Christmas has no place in the Holy Land … Let us remove the vampires before they once again drink our blood” and claimed the establishment of the state of Israel was “the most ringing slap in the face the church ever received” after centuries of failed attempts to eliminate Jews.

This is nothing new, Gopstein is a Kahanist and claims Jewish law mandates the burning of mosques and churches.

Dec 23 15:38

Border Patrol Officer viciously beats elderly couple for helping an injured woman

— On the night of December 4, Carol LaDue and her husband Richard were travelling along County Route 37 near Massena, when they saw an injured woman lying in the road.

The woman was 33-year-old Ashley McDonald, who’d just been hit by a car and was dying.

Dec 23 15:35

The media LIED: Liberal, Puerto Rican professor destroys media lies about Trump’s Mexican comments

No Trump did not label all Mexicans as rapists – the media just purposefully misrepresented his comments to confuse you

Dec 23 15:34

UK police accused of institutional racism

The family of a refugee murdered after police in Bristole failed to protect him in 2013 against a mob has accused police of institutional racism.

Dec 23 15:28

UK criticizes Russia airstrikes in Syria

British foreign secretary dismisses Russia’s military tactics in Syria as unacceptable claiming that Russia’s airstrikes don’t target the ISIL militants.

Dec 23 15:20

Greece gets one billion euros in third bailout

Greece’s international creditors this week handed over a payment of one billion euros under the terms of its third bailout programme after Athens met their demands for further tough economic reforms.

Dec 23 15:02

Cameron ‘urged to act’ after US bans British Muslim family from Disneyland trip

Mohammed Tariq Mahmood, from Walthamstow, London, was preparing to board a flight with his brother and nine of their children on December 15, but officials from US Homeland Security stopped them as they queued in the departure lounge at Gatwick Airport.

Dec 23 14:52

Nimitz Staying in Bremerton

The ship will join the USS John C. Stennis, marking the first time two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers have been homeported in Bremerton.

Dec 23 14:30

Human rights in US a catastrophic failure: American researcher

The rising death of an African Americans by the hands of white police officers highlights the “catastrophic failure of human rights in the United States,” a researcher and historian in Washington says.

Dec 23 14:16

Neocons Threaten to Start New Party if Trump Wins GOP Nomination

On Monday the guiding light of the neocon faction of the Republican party, Bill Kristol, said a third party will be required if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.

Dec 23 14:11

Corbyn calls soaring homelessness disgrace

Jeremy Corbyn blamed the Tory government’s austerity policies for the deteriorating problem.

“It’s a disgrace that young and often vulnerable people are among the hardest-hit from the government’s cuts to welfare – cuts that make it far harder for people facing homelessness to get back on their feet,” he said.

Dec 23 13:49

Internet is a driver for development: Putin speaks at Moscow ‘Internet Economics’ forum

Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking part in the ‘Internet Economics’ forum in Moscow.

Dec 23 13:09

Huge fire destroys Museum in Sao Paulo

A huge fire has engulfed the Museum of the Portuguese Language in central Sao Paulo, Monday.

Dec 23 12:46

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front Row Anti-Zionist Heckler (WRH Member) Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself


And he stops his speech, listens to me, and replies "He's all right. He's okay... He's very committed, He's got a lot of energy. He's on our side." The news footage video shows the whole speech, and all of the remarks that Trump is making about me as I am shouting. I find Trump's remarks VERY interesting. Keep in mind, to several of the other protesters who disrupted his speech that very same night, Trump called them 'Losers,' 'weak,' and 'get them out of here.' But me, he said I could stay. WHY?

Dec 23 12:29

Video: Days before Christmas, Bethlehem erects ‘resistance tree’ outside Nativity Church

The city of Bethlehem erected what they call a “Resistance Tree.” The tree, an olive tree which was recently uprooted by Israeli forces from a nearby neighborhood, was placed in the center of the main square, overlooking the towering Christmas tree and historical Nativity church. Instead of baubles and tinsel, the Resistance Tree was decorated with tear gas canisters clinking together like bells, photos of Palestinians recently killed or detained, Palestinian national scarves and sling shots.

Dec 23 12:29

Most Tory MPs leaning towards Brexit, Cameron said to issue pro-EU dossier

Ahead of the EU referendum in 2016, the UK ruling party currently appears divided. Most Conservative MPs are strongly leaning towards exiting the bloc, that's according to the chair of the Tory leave group. Meanwhile, speaking at the latest EU meeting, the party and country's leader David Cameron clearly expressed his willingness to stay.

Dec 23 12:11

Taliban launches offensive, regains control of key points in biggest Afghan province

The Afghan government has suffered a major setback, after Taliban fighters took control of key locations in the South of the country.

Dec 23 11:27


Following the United Nations vote recognizing the state of Palestine, Netanyahu's tantrum over the Iran P5+1 deal, followed by more pressure that Israel admit to their nuclear weapons, not to mention Netanyahu's attempt to blame the Palestinians for the Holocaust, I predict that Hollywood, ever eager to remind us all of how Israel and the Jews have suffered and deserve our unquestioning support as they shower white-hot flaming death onto the Palestinian children and steal more of their land, would immediately green-light a whole new batch of movies about Hitler, the Nazis, and so forth.

So I started to wonder, after decades of Hollywood obsession with events that happened before I was even born (and I am sixty three), they gotta be scraping the bottom of the barrel for movies about Nazis.

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 23 11:19

Donald Trump: It was a great mistake to bomb the Serbs who were our allies in both world wars

Donald Trump with Larry King on the occasion of the anniversary of the bombing of Serbia criticized Bill Clinton and criminal attack on Serbs, the ally of America in both wars.

- The Clintons have made a mess in the Balkans and Kosovo. Look what we did to Serbia in an aerial bombardment from a safe height. Those same Serbs rescued American pilots in World War II.

It is a mistake that we bombed a nation that has been our ally in two world wars. Clintons believe that was a success, and I find it shameful.
I extend an apology to all the Serbs for the error of American policy, primarily Clinton’s. We need allies in fight against Islamic terrorism who have combat experience fighting this evil - and that in Europe are the Russians and the Serbs.

If I become the head of America the foreign policy will change the course that has until now often been wrong. "

Dec 23 11:11

Southwest jet to make emergency landing in Oakland

A Southwest Airlines plane experiencing gear issues is expected to make an emergency landing soon.

Flight 2547 is currently circling just outside the Oakland International Airport. Officials say the jet is expected to make an emergency landing at the airport at 11:30 local time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

UPDATE: Plane landed safely.

Dec 23 10:36

Bill for Obama family holidays tops $98m

United States President Barack Obama's 16-day Christmas getaway in Hawaii will bring the cost of his family's personal travel during his time in office to more than $US70 million ($98 million), according to a new study.

Dec 23 10:36

Illegal Alien Sentenced to 4 Life Terms for Rape and Sodomy of 2 Alabama Children

A 40-year-old illegal immigrant was sentenced to four life terms for the rape and sodomy of two children in Bay Minette, Alabama last week.

Michael Rodriguez Garcia received four life sentences to run concurrently for the rape and sodomy of the two children, according to court documents. Garcia also received an additional ten years for enticing a child for purposes of performing sexual acts.

Dec 23 10:34


Israel has a good working relations with Daesh, too. I was told that Daesh troops entered the Palestinian camp al Yarmuk being equipped with long lists of Palestinian activists. They were assembled and publicly executed. The Palestinians think that Daesh received the names from Israeli secret service and acted upon their request. Moreover, Daesh never ever attacked a Zionist target.

Dec 23 10:34

Israeli Embassy Trolls White House, Exclusively Gifts Settlement Goods

This year’s holiday gifts from the Israeli embassy come with a politically charged message: the occupied Palestinian territories are part of Israel.

Israel's ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, tweeted on Monday that all of the presents he is sending this holiday season will be products produced in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights. The gifts will include wine, olive oil, body cream, and halva, the Israeli embassy told The Huffington Post.

In a letter to gift recipients, Dermer described his decision as an effort to “combat the latest effort by Israel’s enemies to destroy the one and only Jewish state,” specifically referencing the recent European Union decision to label goods originating in the occupied Palestinian territories to differentiate them from products made within Israel’s 1967 borders.

Dec 23 10:23

'We're done': CNN cuts off conservative guest's microphone

"Stop, stop, stop. That's not fair," the CNN host said. "It is not fair. It is a low blow. It is not fair. I want to end this. This is the lowest of the low. It has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. It's a cheap shot."

Lemon then motioned to his producers to cut Schlichter's microphone, and the discussion was brought to an abrupt end.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 23 10:18

BEX ALERT - Climate change, El Nino bring balmy December in parts of Canada, scientists say

So far, this year's balmy November and December in many parts of the country is because of a super El Nino bringing warm air from the Pacific. It's a naturally-occurring event that takes place every few years. The pattern of ocean temperatures disrupts the typical flow of air in the atmosphere and relieves chilly Canadians with mild winters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They dismiss the volcanoes erupting on the ocean floor to try to drag everyone back to human-caused global warming.

Dec 23 10:16


Wishing you and yours the Merriest of Christmases …
And the Happiest 2016!
May we finally see Peace on Earth!

Dec 23 10:16


Dec 23 10:13

The Obama administration fought a legal battle against Google to secretly obtain the email records of a researcher and journalist associated with WikiLeaks

The Obama administration fought a legal battle against Google to secretly obtain the email records of a security researcher and journalist associated with WikiLeaks.
Newly unsealed court documents obtained by The Intercept reveal the Justice Department won an order forcing Google to turn over more than one year’s worth of data from the Gmail account of Jacob Appelbaum (pictured above), a developer for the Tor online anonymity project who has worked with WikiLeaks as a volunteer. The order also gagged Google, preventing it from notifying Appelbaum that his records had been provided to the government.

Dec 23 10:12

BBC Biased? EU money to media giant cause accusations ahead of Brexit referendum

Critics of the British Broadcasting Corporation have said that financial contributions from the EU could unbalance its reporting of next year’s expected referendum on whether the UK should remain a part of the European Union.

Dec 23 10:08

5 Creepy Changes The Government Forced On Movies & TV Shows

Some shows and movies put their agenda right in your face: Transformers was made to sell toys and Camaros, Battlefield Earth was made to placate the space aliens that live inside John Travolta, and Alvin And The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked was blatantly advocating for the total genocide of the Danish people. But sometimes a TV show or movie's agenda isn't so clear, because it has been influenced at the highest levels by people you wouldn't expect ...

Dec 23 10:07

Flashback 1998 - "The Final War for Jerusalem - Why Permanent Israeli Victory Is Now Within Reach"

As the world plunges headlong toward the imminent revelation of Moshiach while the last walls of the exile disintegrate, the number of confused gentiles ready to change is rising exponentially. If the Jewish people immediately begin preparing adequate structures for the Noachide movement, this tide will be channeled directly into a glorious revelation of Truth.

But if we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, this same overwhelming force for social change can, G-d forbid, be diverted to empower Amalek's final assault on holiness. It is not a matter of whether gentile society will explode in the face of the growing crisis; this event is an inevitable, and fast-approaching, reality. We do not want to miss this incredible opportunity to provide light in the final moments of darkness.

Dec 23 09:57

Mass Shooting in New Orleans That Didn’t Get Top Media Attention

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One of the emails I received recently dramatically pointed out a dichotomy: There was a very serious mass shooting—17 victims shot—in the Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, by a 32-year-old black man, Joseph “Moe” Allen in the latter half of November 2015—the 22nd, which the emailer can’t figure out why there was no Internet media uproar following the incident like we see when there are similar incidents involving Caucasian shooters. Rather interesting, too, it seems the alleged perpetrator fled a DWI checkpoint 2 days before the park shooting. Hmmm!...

Dec 23 09:45

Five top banks paid no UK corporation tax last year: JP Morgan and Bank of America among names using tax breaks and saying they have made loses to avoid huge bill

Five of the world’s biggest investment banks paid no corporation tax in the UK last year, despite making millions of pounds in profits.

JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank AG, Nomura Holding and Morgan Stanley all said their main British arms paid no corporation tax.

An analysis of figures filed by the banks showed they used tax breaks and losses generated during the financial crisis to reduce their bills.

Some paid no tax in the UK because they said they had made losses in London – while reporting profits in much smaller arms in lower-tax countries.

Dec 23 09:43

‘The Tendency Is to Just Publish the Police Blotter’

At times when media or politicians talk about video, like that of a Chicago police officer killing a 17-year-old, as inciting public unrest, you’d think they believe it is not the horrific action shown, its context and implication, that inflamed—but simply the video itself. It’s as if when it comes to police violence against mostly poor, mostly people of color, some believe things would go easier if we just didn’t know.

Dec 23 09:41

Brussels bonus bonanza: EU bureaucrats pocketing a backdated pay rise worth £74MILLION today – including £2,700 for President Juncker

Brussels bureaucrats will today pocket thousands of euros in generous Christmas bonuses despite their shambolic handling of the migrant crisis.

In the face of the tightening of belts across continent, the European Union is to reward its civil servants with a bumper 2.4 per cent pay rise next year costing nearly 100million euros (£74million), it can be revealed.

The inflation-busting increase will be backdated six months to July meaning staff will get an extra treat in their pay packets today.

Dec 23 09:40

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States; The meaning of "Natural Born."

The inclusion of the "Natural Born" requirement for the Presidency was proposed at the Constitutional Convention by Chief Justice John Kay, who wrote, "Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government and to declare expressly that the Command in Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen..."

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 23 09:36

Has EU referendum been rigged already? 'In' camp allowed to outspend 'Out' campaigners by 50 per cent while PM is set to send 'pro-European' dossier to every family in UK

Campaigners for Britain to leave the EU could be outspent by their opponents by £6million, it emerged last night.

Rules signed off by David Cameron mean the ‘Out’ campaign will be able to spend no more than £11million in the critical final weeks of the campaign, while those pushing for Britain to stay in the EU will be allowed to spend £17million – 50 per cent more.

Eurosceptics said last night that the spending limits provided further evidence that the referendum rules are ‘stacked in favour’ of the Government, which is expected to campaign to keep Britain in.

Dec 23 09:36

Even Funerals Are a Giant Financial Scam in America!

Americans don’t realize how much we get ripped off on practically everything in this country. Who can afford this ridiculously high-priced lifestyle being billed as “The American Dream” anymore?

Well it turns out, even in DEATH, Americans are getting ripped off, and the lies about this one go back to at least the days of Abraham Lincoln!

(read more)

Dec 23 09:36

Busted! CIA reveals Hillary and Obama armed ISIS

The Obama administration pursued a policy in Libya back in 2011 that ultimately allowed guns to walk into the hands of jihadists linked to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and al-Qaeda (AQ) in Syria, according to

Dec 23 09:31

But who are they? Top Gear reveals new presenters who will front the show alongside Chris Evans - but no one's ever heard of them before

Top Gear's new line-up has been revealed but nobody has ever heard of two of the presenters who will front the show alongside Chris Evans.

Journalist Chris Harris and German racing driver Sabine Schmitz have been selected after the likes of Jodie Kidd, Zoe Ball and Suzi Perry all ruled themselves out.

It comes as filming of the BBC show descended into chaos as two key backroom staff quit.

Dec 23 09:29


In 2008, the Pentagon bought 20 refurbished cargo planes for the Afghan Air Force, but as one top US officer put it, “just about everything you can think of was wrong.” No spare parts, for example. The planes were also “a death trap,” according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. So $486 million was spent on worthless planes that no one could fly. We did recoup some of the investment. Sixteen of the planes were sold as scrap for the grand sum of $32,000. That’s 6 cents a pound.

Dec 23 09:29

Congressional Lunatics on the March

By Jon Rappoport

Rand Paul: nobody read the $1.1 trillion bill before passing it.

Paul went to say that no Democrat or Republican in the House or Senate read the bill before voting on it.

But of course the US federal government is not out of control. Perish the thought. The elected representatives are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do: spend money. It doesn’t matter where the money goes or how much of it there it is. These are minor points...

Dec 23 09:28

NYU Tells Student To Give Up Applying To School Because He’s Too Poor

An official from New York University just threw the school into the spotlight after his response to an email from a Brown University senior asking to waive the fee to an application went viral for its insensitivity toward low-income students.

Dec 23 09:27

AZ lawmaker who believes Earth 6,000 years old leads education panel

An Arizona lawmaker who believes the Earth is 6,000 years old is the new chairwoman of the state Senate committee that oversees education-related legislation.

Dec 23 09:04

Fox host: Men are sick of being feminized and Donald Trump is ‘their last hope to get their masculinity back’

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros asserted on Tuesday that men in the United States could get their “masculinity back” by voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Dec 23 08:54

What Fresh Horror Awaits The Economy After Fed Rate Hike?

By Brandon Smith

There is one predominant reality that must be understood before a person can grasp the nature of the Federal Reserve and the decisions it makes, and that reality is this: The Fed’s purpose is not to defend or extend American markets or the dollar; the Fed’s job is ultimately to DESTROY American markets and the dollar...

Dec 23 08:39

The Myth of Bad Posture and Misconceptions About ‘Correction’

By Marco Torres

“Sit up straight son,” said practically every parent around the world at some point. It’s been drilled into us that bad posture will be the source of great pain and discomfort in the future if not corrected. But what if there is no bad posture? What if our posture is a reflection of who we are and changing it has nothing to with either a rudimentary adjustment of joints and muscles or mental focus on obtaining that perfect plumb line. Many postural correction inventions and therapeutic manipulations will have you believe that there is a perfect posture to be attained. Let me explain why bad posture is a myth...

Dec 23 08:29

Condi Rice Sums Up the Democratic Party in 75 Words

“If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim. You will feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievment is entitlement. So now you think you are owed something and you don’t have to work for it and now you’re on a really bad road to nowhere because there are people who will play to that sense of victimhood, aggrievement and entitlement, and you still won’t have a job.”

Dec 23 08:26

Moscow to consider countermeasures after US extends anti-Russia sanctions

Moscow says it will consider countermeasures after the US announced an updated sanctions list targeting 34 individuals and entities in order to “pressure Russia” over the Ukraine crisis.

"Today's steps support the US commitment to seek a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine by maintaining our sanctions on Russia," the US Treasury Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Kremlin, in turn, said it will analyze Washington’s decision and may develop countermeasures.

Dec 23 08:25

Turkey ‘officially acknowledges’ attack on Su-24 was a planned step - Russian MoD

A recent statement by a Turkish official revealing detailed awareness of Russian Air Force sorties in Syria can be regarded as “official acknowledgment” that the operation to down the Su-24 was a planned step, Russia's Ministry of Defense said.

Dec 23 08:23

FLASHBACK - Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11

In the context of the 14th anniversary of 9/11, it’s important to remind people that we still don’t know what happened that day.

What is known about 9/11 is that there are many incredible facts that continue to be ignored by the government and the mainstream media. Here are fourteen.

Dec 23 08:21

RAW: Iraqi army launches offensive to recapture Ramadi from ISIS

The Iraqi Army launched an assault to recapture the city of Ramadi from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Tanks, artillery and mortars were deployed as part of efforts to wrest back the centrally located Iraqi city. ISIS prevented civilians from leaving Ramadi ahead of the Iraqi offensive.

Dec 23 08:19

Will Russia Buy 'Used' Mistrals From Egypt?

New cars are often offered at high fixed list prices set by the manufacturer. A trick car dealers use to circumvent such fixed list prices and to sell more cars is to "sell" the new car for a day or two to some strawmen. These cars are marketed as "demonstrator" or per-registrated cars. The "used car" is handed back to the dealer who sells it to the originally intended buyer for a price lower than the manufacturer's list price.

A somewhat similar trick, though not involving pricing, seems to be in the making for a set of interesting war ships:

Dec 23 08:19

Anti-Inflammation Molecule Identified in Maple Syrup

By Heather Callaghan

Researchers have identified a molecule found after the maple syrup process that might fight inflammation.

Natural health lovers have seen many alternative sweeteners come and go. Yet, the tried-and-true and humble maple has been waiting in the wings for its turn. It’s only recently that maple syrup started turning heads...

Dec 23 08:18

Anonymous declares cyber war on Turkey over ‘supporting ISIS’

The Anonymous hacktivist group has taken responsibility for a powerful cyber-attack on the Turkish sector of the internet last week. It promised to continue waging cyber warfare on .tr domains until Ankara stops the “insanity” of supporting Islamic State.

Dec 23 08:18

Precursor to a future event? Secret Service Agent's Badge, Gun and USB Flash Drive Stolen Near White House

A Secret Service agent with the Presidential Protective Division was robbed of his gun, badge and other sensitive material near the White House on Monday.

A man reached into the agent’s parked car on G Place in downtown Washington yesterday afternoon and grabbed a bag from inside. Its contents included a Sig Sauer handgun, an APX6000 radio, handcuffs, a USB flash drive, a black Patagonia bag and a Secret Service badge, number 1266.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Secret Service isn't living up to their image we see in the movies, is it?

The APX6000 radio has GPS location tracking, so in theory, when whoever stole it turns it on, it could give away their location.

Dec 23 08:10

Researcher issues 'call to action' to force release of hidden drug safety data

Dr. Nav Persaud, a family doctor in Toronto, asked and received thousands of pages of documents from Health Canada, and what he saw made him question the effectiveness of a popular morning sickness drug.

But he can't talk about it, because Health Canada forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement, and threatened him with legal action if he makes the data public.

Dec 23 08:09

Front-Row Protester Tells Trump "ISRAEL DID 9/11!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This man called into the radio show yesterday!

Dec 23 08:09

Turkish security forces use tear gas, water cannons against protesters in Diyarbakir

Police deployed tear gas and water cannon against several thousand protesters gathered in the streets of the Turkish city of Diyarbakir to protest against the curfew imposed on the city.

Dec 23 08:03

Former Pastor Charged With Felony For Informing People About Their Rights

In the United States, politicians and their corporate masters get away with murder. They may bomb children to pieces and poison Americans with chemical agents, but they will likely never be charged for their crimes. Rather, stringent punishments in America are often reserved for the truly ‘dangerous’ criminals: the whistleblowers, the nonviolent drug addicts, and one man in Michigan who was recently arrested and charged with a felony for attempting to educate jurors about their rights. His experience is not the first of its kind.

Dec 23 08:02

Virginia to stop recognizing concealed carry gun permits from 25 states

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced Tuesday that the commonwealth will no longer recognize out-of-state concealed handgun permits, part of a national push to circumvent legislatures opposed to tightening gun laws.

Dec 23 08:00

Washington Post deletes cartoon of Ted Cruz’s kids as organ grinder’s monkeys after candidate complains

Responding to complaints from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), the editorial page editor of the Washington Post pulled down an online cartoon depicting the GOP presidential candidate’s children as organ grinder’s monkeys.

Dec 23 08:00

Jeb Bush: Putin is gaining influence in the world

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Jeb Bush criticized his rival Donald Trump for his sympathy to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jeb Bush said that Russia was trying to challenge the United States in global scale.

"Putin is organized to challenge the United States across the world now. He views his success by pushing us back. We're losing influence around the world and Putin is gaining influence," Bush said on CBS's "Face the Nation." "He's not an ally. He's a dictator. He's a bully," Jeb Bush added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And, and, his mother dresses him funny. And... his dog smells bad! " -- Boosh


The fact is that the United States is in decline and headed for a collapse not unlike the USSR. But the politicians in Washington DC and the bankers on Wall Street cannot admit to themselves that they wrecked the place, so it simply must be the fault of the eeeeevil Putin, or the eeeeevil Muslims, or the eeeeevil Iranians, or the eeeeevil Chinese, or the eeeeevil ... you get the idea.

The United States is dying, suicided by the money-junkies and their lackeys in Congress. All Putin is doing is making sure that the US Government doesn't destroy the rest of the world as it thrashes about in its death throes.

Dec 23 07:59

School Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Free Food To Hungry Child

A middle school in Idaho fired a cafeteria worker for the worst reason ever — because she fed a hungry child. Darlene Bowden was placed on unpaid leave on December 15 after she gave a free lunch to a 12-year-old student who said she did not have money for food.

Dec 23 07:56

The Myth of ‘Taking Out’ ISIS

“Tough-guy-gal-ism” remains the dominant rhetoric of Official Washington as politicians and pundits compete to outdo each other in advocating bloody remedies for “taking out” the Islamic State. But the armchair warriors misunderstand the problem and offer no solution, writes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

Dec 23 07:56

Apocalyptic Scenes: Drone footage shows destruction in Jobar, Damascus

RT crew took drone footage that shows the destruction in the Jobar region of Damascus.

Dec 23 07:55

West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey

Dec 23 07:54

Western experts: Russia wants to destroy our empire of goodness

For many years, Western people believed that Russia can not make any progress in foreign policy, nor can it express its own sovereignty and defend its positions. Every time it happens, leading Western publications are so shocked that they put Russian President Putin on top of their rankings of international policy-makers.

However, Putin works as any statesman should work on an international level. On the basis of international law Russia defends its sovereignty and national interests. However, our American partners are so used to their own exceptionalism that they cannot even accept the idea that someone else can use their own rhetoric or show political resistance to them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and littered with sloppy analysis. A dangerous hallmark of the US Government in recent years is a tendency to execute policy without thinking it all the way through to all possible outcomes, especially the worst case. It is beyond question that the vast majority of actions by the US Government, whether military or economic, have not produced good outcomes. Sadly, I see this trend continuing as DC is trapped in a rigid group-think living in a McCain-esque fantasy world.