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June 5, 2010

Jun 05 10:15

Pictures that tell the truth about the oil spill

Pictures that tell the truth about the oil spill.
look on the right and left of this first picture u will see the color the water should be (i'll prove this by more pictures) this shows underwater oil.. all the grayish white area is underwater oil!
***BUT NASA is ONLY showing only HALF the picture! so you will not figure out what u are seeing! the FULL picture is REALLY hard to find,, after several hours i tracked down one
here it is
notice ALL the blue color clean water that dose not have oil in it ?

here is picture of the water BEFORE the oil spill

Jun 05 10:10

Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Globalists In Crisis, Supportive Of Attack On Iran

Saturday, June 5, 2010
The 2010 Bilderberg agenda has been revealed by veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker and it paints a picture of crisis for the globalists, who are furious at the increased exposure their gatherings have received in recent years, as well as being dismayed at their failure to rescue both the euro and the failing carbon tax agenda, but more alarmingly according to Tucker, the majority of Bilderberg members are now in favor of military air strikes on Iran.

American Free Press muckraker Tucker has proven routinely accurate with the information he obtains from sources inside Bilderberg, which makes this year’s revelations all the more intriguing.

Jun 05 10:01

Banks Seized by Regulators in Nebraska, Mississippi, Illinois

Three banks with total deposits of almost $2.3 billion were seized by regulators amid losses stemming from soured real-estate loans, raising to 81 the number of U.S. lenders that have collapsed this year.

Regulators are closing banks at the fastest pace since the 1990s amid loan losses tied to real estate. The FDIC’s list of “problem” lenders is the longest since 1992. FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said the confidential list rose to 775 banks with $431 billion in assets in the first quarter. That’s an increase from 702 banks with $402.8 billion in assets at the end of the fourth quarter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Jun 05 10:00

Obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world

President Obama has secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US special forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world, with American troops now operating in 75 countries.

When Mr Obama took office US special forces were operating in fewer than 60 countries. In the past 18 months he has ordered a big expansion in Yemen and the Horn of Africa — known areas of strong al-Qaeda activity — and elsewhere in the Middle East, central Asia and Africa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note to President Obama; the alleged "Al-Qaeda" have nothing to do with the buildup of Special Forces, particularly in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, as you well know.

This is about the US wanting and needing the natural resources up which, or adjacent to which, the countries being infiltrated with US Special Forces, are sitting.

Afghanistan is a perfect example, literally cursed by its geography. Afghanistan was a target for invasion and occupation because it was the perfect place to install the pipelines with which to potentially control Eurasian oil.

There is only one small problem here, however, nearly 9 years on; the Afghan people want their country back, and are doing everything they can thing of to cause that to happen.

I would like to remind you, Mr. President, that as late as August of 2001, the Bush Administration was negotiating with the Taliban government on the rights to the pipeline routes, but considered the price being asked "too high". Then, conveniently, we had 9/11, and we were off and running with a war of occupation, which has still not brought about the outcome of "pacifying" the Afghan people enough to install the pipelines.

This is what our kids have been fighting for, getting maimed for life for, and dying for. Apparently, this price, in American blood and American money, is not considered "too high", either by the Bush Administration, or the Obama Administration.

I would also like to point out, Mr. President, that Russia and China have been making deals, rather than waging wars, to secure the energy their countries will need for the future of their countries.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the US has something to learn here.


Jun 05 09:59

Pictures from inside the Mavi Marmara after the raid.

Jun 05 09:50

Bilderberg See People With Income As “A Threat” To Their Agenda

Paul Joseph Watson

Friday, June 4, 2010
An astounding exchange between Bilderberg conference organizers overheard by a London Guardian journalist reveals that the elitists currently gathering at the Hotel Dolce Sitges in Spain see people with income as “a threat” to their agenda, highlighting the fact that the globalists are intent on eviscerating the middle class and lowering living standards.

The details of the conversation were revealed in Charlie Skelton’s latest Bilderberg blog for the Guardian website. Skelton was the last journalist to leave the Hotel Dolce Sitges.

Jun 05 09:48

U.S. Citizen Executed in Flotila Raid

Assassination of American citizen by Israelis. What will Obama do?

Jun 05 09:39

Gulf Oil Spill: Cap Placed Over Leak Collecting Only Fraction Of The Oil

Driftwood and seashells glazed with rust-colored tar lined the surf along the Gulf Coast's once-pristine white sand beaches Saturday, the crude from a busted oil well deep underwater showing up in greater quantities and farther east.

A cap placed over the gusher was collecting some of the oil, which had stained beaches with a waxy mess of tar balls and created an unusual orange foam in the surf.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the full measure of this catastrophe is made known, this will be characterized henceforward as "America's Chernobyl".

Jun 05 09:34

Burma is trying to build nuclear weapons and missiles, says US senator

The Burmese Government is attempting to build nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, according to a military defector who smuggled photographs and documents of secret nuclear equipment out of the isolated dictatorship.

Evidence presented by the former Burmese officer and weapons engineer suggests that the country is still a long way from creating usable nuclear weapons. But the fact that it has even a nascent nuclear programme will cause international alarm at a time when the West is struggling to contain the ambitions of Iran and North Korea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Senator Jim Webb: the US, in its invasion and occupation of Iraq, gave the world a magnificent object lesson as to what can happen to a nation which does not have a nuclear deterrent.

The Bush administration used the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, which it did not, as the springboard for its attack against, and occupation of, Iraq.

Welcome, Senator Webb, to the wonderful world of unintended geopolitical consequences.

And of course, any allegation that will make North Korea look even more like a rogue nation is always attractive to the US, to China's embarrassment.

Jun 05 09:32

The real story from Mavi Marmara: They were shooting to kill

Jun 05 09:25

US demands gloabl action against North Korea

The United States demanded North Korea pay a price for allegedly sinking a South Korean warship even as Washington and its Asian allies brace for possible "provocations" by the Pyongyang regime.

While condemning North Korea's alleged torpedo attack, which left 46 South Korean sailors dead, Washington and Seoul have called for calm and avoided talk of a military response.

But given the North's volatile reputation, the United States and its allies have to be prepared for possible violence, Morrell said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note to SecDef Gates, who obviously didn't get the memo on this; South Korea has already quietly referred this matter to the UN Security Council, where China will block any attempts at any actions against North Korea as a punishment for an act North Korea claims it did not commit.

Jun 05 09:20

"A Human Rights Nightmare is Occurring on Our Watch"

With 5% of the world's population, the United States today boasts 25% of its prison population. Despite declining crime rates in the last three decades (even in the midst of our current recession), rates of incarceration in the U.S. have been stunning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American model of prisons and incarceration does not work; the rate of recidivism is incredible.

As reported, June 2006, in:


"Within three years of their release, 67% of former prisoners are rearrested and 52% are re-incarcerated, a recidivism rate that calls into question the effectiveness of America's corrections system, which costs taxpayers $60 billion a year. Violence, overcrowding, poor medical and mental health care, and numerous other failings plague America's 5,000 prisons and jails."

We could learn much from Scandinavian countries, which have a far more enlightened goal of rehabilitation, rather than punishment per se, and the recidivism rates are far lower in these countries.

Jun 05 09:10

Reid statement defends Israel, essentially blames activists for their deaths

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is facing a bruising battle this election year, and probably needs all the help he can get. According to Maplight.org, the Senate Majority Leader has received $179,640 in pro-Israel campaign contributions.

Following the lead of the Obama administration, and nearly all elected US politicians on both sides of the aisle, Reid is firmly defending Israel's interception of a "freedom flotilla" headed for Gaza, which resulted in the death of at least nine activists, including a US citizen, based on the grounds that the country has a right to defend itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reid could not possibly have made it more obvious that he no longer works for We the People of the United States, but a foreign power; Israel. What a total sycophant!

We need politicians who put this country first, second, and third in this country, period, end of discussion.

Reid should be voted out of office, as quickly as humanly possible.

Israel's geopolitical interests are not the US's geopolitical interests, and Israel is moving heaven and earth to insure that the US goes ahead with "neutralizing" Iran for it, which will most probably result in a world war. Trust me: this is not in the US's best geopolitical interests.

Jun 05 09:08

rush limbaugh on obama, israel, & The Bloody Gaza Flotilla Attack

(*this man takes enormous quantities of Oxycontin , and then goes on the radio , and is accepted by some as someone who can explain current events..
here is what we get:

RUSH: Is anybody still surprised a community organizer with strong personal and political ties to anti-Israel leftists will not step up — will not organize support — for America’s best ally in the Middle East if not in the world? This whole thing with this “flotilla” is a Turkish setup designed to provoke exactly what has happened. The Israelis are out there playing by the rules.
(* you've seen enough , with that , I assume, to get my point. The man is in la-la land !)

Jun 05 08:59

Booms wouldn't keep oil from Pinellas beaches

If the BP oil spill ever reaches the Tampa Bay area, there are plans to set out floating booms to protect environmentally sensitive marshes and estuaries and mangroves.

But what about the beaches that are the lifeblood of the local economy?

Jun 05 08:58


Jun 05 08:57


Judge Richard Goldstone, who authored the controversial United Nations report criticizing the IDF for its conduct during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, has been removed from Hebrew University’s Board of Governors, the Jerusalem academic institution confirmed on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel throws another tantrum.

Jun 05 08:57


Jun 05 08:56

5 of 9 people killed on gaza flotilla were shot in the back

Jun 05 08:49

Israel seizes new Gaza aid ship

The Israeli navy boarded another aid ship bound for Gaza on Saturday, as Washington condemned as "unsustainable""a blockade which Israel enforced earlier in the week by killing 9 people aboard a Turkish vessel.

Jun 05 08:37

Eyewitnesses, both activists and reporters, contradict Israeli account

As Israel releases detained activists and journalists after the assault on the Gaza relief flotilla, they are beginning to tell their version of events. The story has so far been dominated by Israeli offical releases and “hasbara” so it’s important that the voices of these witnesses are heard by the international community. So far, though, these eyewitness accounts aren’t penetrating the U.S. media. If they did, more Americans would doubtless agree with the New York Times editorial calling for a “impartial international investigation” – not a self-serving one run by Israel.

Jun 05 08:30

UN rights chief says Gaza siege ‘illegal’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the siege is illegal, then every action Israel takes to enforce it is a crime.

Jun 05 08:21

Egyptian Men With Israeli Wives Lose Citizenship in New Ruling

A Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women... and their children, of their citizenship..... a ruling that cannot be appealed.... to prevent the creation of a generation "disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world." Children of such marriages "should not be allowed to perform their military service"...

Jun 05 08:16

Tories ready to reopen Dr David Kelly suicide inquiry

The investigation into the death of weapons inspector David Kelly is likely to be reopened, it has emerged.

The case has 'concerned' Attorney General Dominic Grieve and - as the highest ranking law officer in England - he is considering an inquiry to review the suicide finding, Whitehall sources say.

At the same time, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is considering a request from campaigning doctors to release medical files relating to the death.

Jun 05 08:15

DOW Futures for Monday already 300 down! LOOK OUT BELOW!

Jun 05 08:14

A Glimpse Into Jewish Collective Morbidity-introduction By Gilad Atzmon

As I was reading in the Guardian that nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara “were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head.” I came across "We Con the World', a new Israeli video production. ‘The greatest bluff’ they call the Free Gaza humanitarian mission . Considering the emerging news regarding Israeli execution on the Mavi Marmara, one would expect the Israelis to restrain their so called ‘Jewish humour’ for a while.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... or at least sing on key.

Jun 05 08:09


Jun 05 08:06

Turkish prosecutors go after Israeli politicians

The ?stanbul Bak?rköy Prosecutor’s Office has started a probe into Israel’s attack. Commandos stormed one of the main ships in the six-vessel flotilla, killing nine and injuring dozens of unarmed civilians in international waters. Prosecutor Mehmet Ta?tan, who serves at the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office Directives Bureau, is also aiding the Bak?rköy prosecutors. He listened to the testimonies of some of the wounded who were brought to Ankara by a Turkish air ambulance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever thought you would live to see the day when the leaders of Turkey are more moral and respectable than the leaders of the US?

Jun 05 08:05

Turkish activists' bodies riddled with bullets, says autopsy report

Autopsy results on the nine Turkish activists killed in Monday's raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship showed they had been shot a total of 30 times, many at close range, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported on Saturday.

Jun 05 08:03

Pictures of ex US marine Kenneth O'Keefe who was on board Mavi Marmara upon arrival in Istanbul airport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel attacks a US Marine in international waters, and President Pussy does nothing.

Jun 05 08:00

Erdogan may try to break blockade himself, Arab paper says

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considering arriving in Gaza himself to break the blockade of the Strip, Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustaqbal reported Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Am I too old to join the Turkish Navy? :)

Jun 05 07:57

Citizen's death may push US to review probe options into raid

Although having so far insisted that the Israeli administration is best positioned to lead an investigation into the Israeli naval forces' raid which led to the killing of the nine people on an aid flotilla in the eastern Mediterranean, Washington may have to reconsider its options upon learning that a US citizen was among those nine people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more important and bigger question is:

Did people in Obama's administration knew of flotilla raid operation was taking place?

Did they have advance knowledge before the raid took place ?

Were they in touch with Israeli officials while raid was going on?.

If so, then American people and the world need to know what these officials knew and how much support they gave to such operation.

Just to say: " we are sorry of loss of lives " will not do it, specially when a young American was killed in the raid and was shot with so many bullets, and many citizens who were killed are citizens of a NATO member country (Turkey), and ships attacked were sailing also under NATO countries flags..

Therefore America must support an international inquiry.

Jun 05 07:55

Robert Fisk: The truth behind the Israeli propaganda

I have, of course, been outraged at armed men boarding ships in international waters, killing passengers on board who attempt to resist and then forcing their ship to the hijackers' home port. I am, of course, talking about the Somali pirates who are preying on Western ships in the Indian Ocean. How dare those terrorists dare to touch our unarmed vessels on the high seas? And how right we are to have our warships there to prevent such terrorist acts.

But whoops! At least the Israelis have not demanded ransom. They just want to get journalists to win the propaganda war for them.

Jun 05 07:53

The other side of the Gaza blockade

Taysir Al Burai is severely disabled. He requires round-the-clock medical care. If he were allowed to leave Gaza, he could make a full recovery. But Israel won't let him

Jun 05 07:52


Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Saturday boarded the Gaza-bound aid ship “Rachel Corrie,” and directed it toward the the Israeli port city of Ashdod. The move came after warnings that Israel would not allow the vessel to reach Gaza, which is under blockade by Israel, and several days after an Israel Navy takeover of another boat headed for the Hamas-ruled coastal strip ended in violent clashes and the deaths of nine passengers.

Jun 05 07:50


Jun 05 07:48


Dealing with a terrorist state requires more than just words.

Jun 05 07:47

What if BP Never Stopped the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico?

What if nothing worked at all? What if the oil just kept coming out of the ground until it stopped naturally? How long would it take? What would be the consequences?

The quick answer is that they would be severe -- though nobody is quite sure how much oil might escape because nobody, even at BP, is sure how much is down there.

"It's huge. It's a big oil field," said Roger Anderson, an oil geophysicist at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. "If 20,000 barrels a day are escaping, it could stay there for years, then drop off. It could flow at a small rate for a very, very long time."

Jun 05 07:46


Some circles within UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, have been trying to introduce “the holocaust” into Palestinian school curricula in the Gaza Strip. In so doing, the organization is trying to appease certain Zionist-minded groups in North America, and to a lesser extent in Europe, which have been lambasting the UN body for “conditioning” the Palestinian school system to Arab ideological and political trends.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if one accepts the story of the holocaust (which given the vast number of lies by Israel this last week is looking ever more dubious), what does that have to do with the present day? Those children were not alive during WW2. Hell, I wasn't alive during WW2. These children are being brainwashed to accept what Israel does to them today because some Germans were nasty to Jews on another continent in the middle of the last century!

Nothing that happened 70 years ago justifies what Israel is doing today!

Jun 05 07:45

Israel's Currently Picking Our Next President

Sheeple Institute, Tel Aviv May 2010 meeting

In attendance were Fed head Ben Bernanke; FOX and Media Corporations Rupert Murdoch; New York Times head Arthur Sulzberger; "Wolf"; Sam Zell and Haim Saban, multi-media scions; 'Abe'; AIG's actual owners, the Greenberg family; Goldman Sachs head Lord Blankfein; US Treasury Secretary Geithner, along with Israeli PM Benny Nuttyahoo and Ehud Barak.

Jun 05 07:42

Rachel Corrie nears Israeli port of Ashdod

Following the take over of the vessel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement saying: 'Forces used the same procedures for Monday's flotilla and Saturday's sailing but was met by a different response.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which we know is a lie because there were no helicopters used last night.

Jun 05 07:40

Israeli commando ‘to get valor medal’

An Israeli commando who shot dead several activists in a recent attack on a Gaza-bound international aid convoy may receive a medal of valor, a report says.

The Times Online reported on Saturday that the nominated Israeli soldier single-handedly killed six campaigners on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara — one of the six ships of the Freedom Flotilla.

Jun 05 07:38

Obama Helps Obstruct Israel Investigation

Jun 05 07:37

Kucinich on Israeli Assault on Gaza Relief Ship: "There Must Be Consequences for Such Conduct"

The Israeli military assault on a ship carrying medical aid and construction supplies to the Gaza Strip has drawn a tepid response from the Obama administration, a belligerent response from Republicans such as Arizona Senator John McCain and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor and no response at all from most congressional Democrats.

The exception to the rule is Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the diisdent Democrat whose campaign website declares him to be "America's Most Courageous Congressman" and of whom MSNBC host Ed Schultz says: "There really is no greater change agent in Congress..."

Jun 05 07:34

Israel’s massacre at sea

The Israeli military’s killing of nine civilians and wounding of scores more on a ship carrying humanitarian supplies in international waters was an act of cold-blooded murder and a war crime.

Jun 05 07:31


The entire world joined with Israel in 1972 when Black September radicals murdered Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich. The world was never told of the torture prisons in Israel or the truth about the 1967 War, the “land grab” and the ethnic cleansing that followed. Even still, the Munich attack was an unthinkable horror, one Israel has now duplicated with the execution slaying of peace activists and humanitarian aid workers. The Israeli paper, Hareetz has published the autopsy results.

Israel executed wounded, abused corpses and emptied automatic weapons into bodies at point blank range. These were the acts of brutal animals, not humans.

Jun 05 07:26

Florida Gulf oil spill: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place

Gulf Oil Spill 2010: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place

As FEMA and other government agencies prepare for what is now being called by some, the worst oil spill disaster in history, plans to evacuate the Tampa Bay area are in place.

The plans would be announced in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, if wind or other conditions are expected to take the toxic fumes through Tampa Bay.

Jun 05 07:25

The Gaza Blockade Is Illegal and the Flotilla Attack Was an Illegal Act of War

Because the blockade of Gaza itself violates international law, Israel committed an illegal act of war attacking the convoy, regardless of who attacked whom first.

Jun 05 07:25

Open letter to president Obama by Dennis Kucinich

"...it is incumbent upon the Commander in Chief to call Israel to an accounting for its conduct in planning and executing the deadly military attack in international waters upon a peaceful flotilla carrying citizens from over 50 countries."

Jun 05 07:19

Joe Meadors Interviews

Joe Meadors was on the same Free Gaza boat that Israel seized in the Mediterranean on Monday. He is also a survivor of the 1967 attack by Israel on the US military ship the USS Liberty. Meadors says that the attack on the flotilla was illegal and that Israel needs to be held accountable for its actions.

Jun 05 07:11

What happened to us is happening in Gaza

Our ship had been inspected by customs agents in Turkey, a NATO member, who confirmed that there were no guns or any such weapons aboard. Indeed, the Israeli government has produced no such arms. What was aboard the ship were hundreds of civilian passengers, representatives of dozens of countries, who had planned to deliver the flotilla's much-needed humanitarian materials for the Gazan people. These Palestinians have suffered under an illegal siege - first imposed by Israel in 2005 and strictly enforced since early 2009 - which Amnesty International has called "a flagrant violation of international law."

Jun 05 07:10

People Power! The Swedish dockers' union decides on a blockade against Israeli ships and goods

People ask themselves how to react to Monday's bloodbath on the Mavi Marmara. Svenska hamnarbetarförbundet, the Swedish dockers' union, has made a first contribution to that debate: it has decided on a blockade against Israeli ships and goods from June 15 at 00.00 hour to June 24 at 24.00 hour. Here is their press release, in Swedish and in English translation:

Jun 05 07:09

Israel censors news on deadly Flotilla raid

Foreign media, and some Israeli journalists, have accused Israeli authorities of censoring news and interfering with journalists trying to interview the Freedom Flotilla activists who were trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip when they were attacked by Israeli commandos.

Israeli journalists from the left-leaning daily Haaretz have complained of extreme difficulty in contacting the top brass in political and military echelons willing to give interviews and comment on the debacle.

Furthermore, the Israeli military had imposed a blackout on the names and nationalities of the activists on board the Freedom Flotilla and refused to reveal in which hospitals the wounded were receiving treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Freedom of the press is considered a cornerstone of Democracy. In order for the voters to make good choice, they must be fully informed what the government is doing. If the government of Israel is blocking the press from covering the attack on the flotilla, then Israel cannot be a democracy.

Jun 05 06:50

Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Globalists In Crisis, Supportive Of Attack On Iran

The 2010 Bilderberg agenda has been revealed by veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker and it paints a picture of crisis for the globalists, who are furious at the increased exposure their gatherings have received in recent years, as well as being dismayed at their failure to rescue both the euro and the failing carbon tax agenda, but more alarmingly according to Tucker, the majority of Bilderberg members are now in favor of military air strikes on Iran.

Jun 05 06:47

Gazan Survivalism by Karen Kwiatkowski

As Israel is increasingly the North Korea of the Middle East, Gaza is perhaps the Harrison Bergeron of our modern era. Sadly, Harrison’s destruction is the aim of the Handicapper General, just as a wholesale and final destruction of Gazan society and economy is clearly the Israeli government objective. The small strip of desert, once a food exporter has been made a modern concentration camp, not unlike the fantastical case of Manhattan in the dystopian Escape from New York.

Jun 05 06:27

Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

Six of the nine passengers killed in an Israeli raid on an aid convoy bound for Gaza were shot by a single Israeli commando, who is being considered for a medal of valour for saving his injured comrades as passengers attacked them with clubs, knives and even guns they had taken from downed Navy Seals.

Jun 05 05:32

Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla

It is unthinkable that Israel’s premeditated deadly assault on the humanitarian flotilla could have gone ahead without a nod from Washington. James Petras lambastes Barack Obama and the U.S. Government for their refusal to condemn Israel and their outrageous political cover-up of a deliberate criminal act. In the face of such State complicity, the only way to put pressure on Israel is for civil society to sustain the world-wide boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) against all Israeli products, cultural activities and professional exchanges.

Jun 05 05:28

Massacre on the Mediterranean: Synopsis

There is a great deal to discuss regarding the recent episode in the Middle East specifically the attack on the humanitarian-aid vessels, or flotilla, that were headed to Gaza by the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces. In the aftermath 9 civilian deaths, including one nineteen-year-old American, were reported and countless more injured. The Prime Minister of Turkey called the attack a “bloody massacre”...

Jun 05 05:23

Rep. Sherman: Prosecute U.S. Citizens involved with Gaza Flotilla

On a press call hosted by a pro-Israel organization, Rep. Brad Sherman, Democrat of California, told reporters that he intends seek the prosecution of any U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla.

“The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 [PDF] makes it absolutely illegal for any American to give food, money, school supplies, paper clips, concrete or weapons to Hamas or any of its officials,” Sherman said on the Israel Project call, conflating Hamas and Gaza’s civilian population. “And so I will be asking the Attorney General to prosecute any American involved in what was clearly an effort to give items of value to a terrorist organization.”

Jun 05 05:13


Join WitnessGaza.com as they travel to Gaza. Witness what happens on board the Flotilla. Watch their videos.

Just before 9am this morning, the Israeli military forcibly siezed the Irish-owned humanitarian relief ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, from delivering over 1000 tons of medical and construction
supplies to besieged Gaza. For the second time in less then a week, Israeli naval commandos stormed an unarmed aid ship, brutally taking its
passengers hostage and towing the ship toward Ashdod port in SouthernIsrael. It is not yet known whether any of the Rachel Corrie’s passengers
were killed or injured during the attack, but they are believed to beunharmed.

Jun 05 04:52




Report: Autopsy shows Gaza activists were shot 30 times
Nine Turkish activists killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship, including one with U.S. citizenship, were shot a total of 30 times and five died of gunshot wounds to the head, Britain’s Guardian newspaper says.


Jun 05 04:00

Chutzpah and hasbara

So, going through Israel is not an option. Attempting to get aid through the port at Ashdod means that little if any of the aid will reach the intended recipients. Israel has proved this time and again. The blockade is a premeditated act of savagery and sadism, and Israel does not intend to allow international aid to disrupt its calculated cruelty. Israel insists on its 'right' to hijack vessels in international waters that might actually disrupt this barbarism-by-design. Now it insists that if activists resist such hijack efforts, even with the most elementary, non-lethal weapons, as is their right, it can murder them with impunity.

Jun 05 03:52

Turkey Threatens to Suspend Relations With Israel, Issues Ultimatum

It seems to me with the news that the Turkish dead may’ve been shot execution style during the assault on the ship that Turkey has no choice but to go down this road. All I can say is that if Obama doesn’t get religion on this and but quick he may lose an ally who he’ll need more in the long run than he will Israel. Not to mention that the Turkish demands are in Israel’s long-term interests as well (though no Israeli politician could admit this).

I just read a breaking news item on the Haaretz ticker that says Prime Minister Erdogan has offered to join the next Turksih aid convoy to Gaza. I find that hard to believe. But still the idea of it should concern Israel.

Jun 05 00:55

Abkhaz Local Official Killed in Gali

The head of the local administration of the village of Rep in the Gali district of Abkhazia, Dmitry Katsia, was shot dead late on Thursday evening. Katsia’s car was reportedly attacked by 3 armed men.

Two days earlier before this murder, one Abkhaz customs officer was killed and two others were wounded when their car was attacked close to the village of Saberio in the Gali district.

Abkhaz leader, Sergey Bagapsh, who summoned a national security council session on June 4, said "the Georgian trace in quite obvious" in both of these incidents.

Jun 05 00:23

Israelis had shoot-to-kill policy, says activist

Israelis had shoot-to-kill policy, says activist
Friday, June 04, 2010 - 02:50 PM
Israeli commandos shot passengers at the rate of one a minute during the bloody raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, a Briton on board the main vessel said today.
"Mr Patel said he was not visited by anyone from the British mission and Ms Harrison said the consul told her that Israeli officials had prevented him visiting captured Britons."
“I see that as an insult from Israel to the British, that they were denying the British consul the right that citizens have.
“I also see it as a sign that the British don’t have the strength to stand up to Israel.”

June 4, 2010

Jun 04 23:04

CIA's Favorite Newspaper Says: U.S. 'secret war' expands globally as Special Operations forces take larger role under Sociopaths

Nobel Peace Prize President asks Special Ops like a twisted sociopathic child, "Tell me what you can do. Tell me how you do these things."

Washington Post
"... Special Operations commanders have also become a far more regular presence at the White House than they were under George W. Bush's administration...'We have a lot more access,' a second military official said. 'They are talking publicly much less but they are acting more. They are willing to get aggressive much more quickly.'..."

WAR IS PEACE in your name as you keep signing that tax form...

Jun 04 22:49

JAMES PETRAS: Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla

This is dedicated to the brave Turkish martyrs on the Mavi Marmara, May 31, 2010, and to the 34 murdered American sailors on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 – all victims of an unrepentant criminal state – Israel.

Introduction: Israel Crimes on the High Seas

Jun 04 22:27

Al Jazeera reports that the Navy is insisting they go to Ashdod. Passengers say 'no'. Navy says they will drag boat to Ashdod.

Jun 04 21:10

Ethan Bronner of NY Times confirms Israel started hostilities on flotilla!

"The crack of an Israeli sound grenade and a hail of rubber bullets from above were supposed to disperse activists, but instead set them into motion. And when three Israeli commandos slid down ropes out of helicopters to take over the ship, a crowd set upon them. "

Jun 04 21:01

CONFLICTING REPORTS - SKY NEWS reports they talked to passengers just now. They have NOT been boarded and are on their way to Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a lot of disinformation being put out and more than a few hacked twitter accounts. Hard to say what is going on.

Jun 04 20:48

Protest continues at Israeli embassy

About 50 people are continuing to blockade the Israeli embassy in Dublin today in protest at Israel’s policies on Gaza.

Members of the Irish Anti-war Movement gathered outside the embassy on Pembroke Road in Ballsbridge last night following a protest and have remained there in an attempt to keep the building closed for the day. The embassy generally closes at lunchtime on Friday.

Richard Boyd Barrett, chair of the movement, said they had undertaken the protest to highlight the “continued inhuman blockade" of Gaza.

Jun 04 20:47

Under Scrutiny, IDF Retracts Claims About Flotilla’s Al Qaeda Links

When placed under journalistic scrutiny, the IDF is being forced to admit that its claims about the flotilla’s links to international terror are based on innuendo, not facts. On June 2, the IDF blasted out a press release to reporters and bloggers with the shocking headline: “Attackers of the IDF soldiers found to be Al Qaeda mercenaries.” The only supporting evidence offered in the release was a claim that the passengers “were equipped with bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, and weapons.”

Jun 04 20:36

'Rachel Corrie' boarded at 5:50 am

A couple of hours before the ship was seized, a Malaysian NGO which was co-sponsoring the ship, "Perdana Global Peace Organization" stated on its website that the ship's passengers had agreed to let an international force search the ship, before it proceeded to Gaza. The statement said that, while the activists rejected Israel's right to blockade Gaza, the activists "request and invite for an independent international body, preferably inspectors from the the United Nations to board the ship and do the necessary to certify as to the nature of the cargo on board.

Jun 04 20:22

Activist group says Israeli navy intercepts new Gaza-bound aid ship Rachel Corrie

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Details are sketchy. Israel has jammed all communications, but according to initial reports the hijacking was nonviolent and there are no injuries or deaths. Seizure reportedly happened 35 miles from shore, again in international waters.

Jun 04 19:05

Israel attacked with US supplied weaponry, illegal use (AECA).

Josh Ruebner
Posted: June 4, 2010 02:53 PM
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Justice for All? A Tale of Two Victims: Leon Klinghoffer and Furkan Dogan.
"It doesn't sound as if the Obama Administration will be scrambling fighter jets anytime soon to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak for ordering these attacks against U.S. civilians.
Since the Obama Administration is having trouble deciding how to punish Israel for injuring and killing U.S. citizens, here's a suggested first step: launch an investigation into whether Israel violated the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

Jun 04 18:44

US Navy destroyer USS San Jacinto stops pirate attack on Maltese flagged ship

Thursday, 3rd June 2010 - 10:26CET
US warship disrupts pirate attack on Maltese flagged ship
The American Navy destroyer USS San Jacinto (CG 56) on Monday disrupted an attack by nine Somali pirates on a Maltese-flagged vessel, the Navy said.
"The American Navy vessel arrived quickly and followed the pirate skiff in a helicopter. Navy sailors boarded the skiff and arrested the pirates, who threw their weapons into the sea.
The USS San Jacinto has detained 22 pirates so far in the last seven days. The pirates were turned over to Yemeni Naval Forces."

Jun 04 17:39

Shame behind the silence of America over Israeli crimes

Paul J. Balles answers some poignant questions regarding the United States’ double standards on Israel and its failure to condemn Israel’s murder of peace activists aboard the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla.

Jun 04 16:20

Israel warns Gaza-bound 'Rachel Corrie' to stop

Israel issued a last-minute public appeal to the vessel, carrying 1,000 tons of aid supplies and 11 passengers, including the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire, to dock instead at the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Jun 04 16:18

June 4, 2010 4 minutes ago Proof emerges IDF audio of radio communication with Mavi Marmara is fabricated.

Jun 04 16:09

Gilad Atzmon on Israeli collective madness

Gilad Atzmon, a British writer and musician who was born in Israel and served in the Israeli army, believes that the raid will lead the world to “see what Israel is all about”.

“They are convinced that the more people they kill, the more people will be deterred to jeopardise what they regard as their security,” Atzmon told Russia Today (RT)

Jun 04 16:04

“No citizenship without loyalty!” Fascism in Israeli society

Neve Gordon detects a disturbing trend in Israeli society, manifested recently in the way pro-government demonstrators reacted to protests by Israeli Jews and Arabs against the murder of peace activists on the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla.

Jun 04 15:01

Alan Dershowitz - Israel's Actions Were Entirely Lawful

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Everything Hitler did was legal under the laws of Germany. Did that make it right? Should the world not have intervened on humanitarian grounds?

Jun 04 14:57

'Mad Dog' Diplomacy: Cornered Israel Baring Its Teeth

Moshe Dayan, Israel's most celebrated general, famously outlined the strategy he believed would keep Israel’s enemies at bay: “Israel must be a like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

Until now, most observers had assumed Dayan was referring to Israeli military or possibly nuclear strategy, an expression in his typically blunt fashion of the country’s familiar doctrine of deterrence.

Jun 04 14:49

After Greece now Hungary Admits: We Cooked The Books

The previous government, which pledged to narrow the budget gap to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product this year, "manipulated" figures and "lied" about the state of the economy,

Jun 04 14:41

SA recalls Israel ambassador after flotilla attack

The Israeli government said it regretted South Africa’s decision to recall its ambassador to that country following the killings of nine activists on a Gaza flotilla.

Jun 04 14:35

Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range

Israel was tonight under pressure to allow an independent inquiry into its assault on the Gaza aid flotilla after autopsy results on the bodies of those killed, obtained by the Guardian, revealed they were peppered with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We HAD to do it. They had pointy sticks!!!!"

Jun 04 14:29


Having taken a risk on Washington and agreed to talks with Israel, Palestinians are wondering what Obama will do about Israel’s murderous aggression, writes Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no peace process and there never was. If Obama won't stand up to Israel to protect Americans, he has zero credibility standing up to Israel for the Palestinians.

Jun 04 13:52

Irish ship the Rachel Corrie is 100 miles from Gaza

The Irish aid ship, the Rachel Corrie is less than 100 miles from Gaza, but Israel's foreign minister has said it will not be allowed to dock there.

Nine activists died on Monday when Israeli commandos stormed another vessel in the convoy.

Nobel Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire said they are due to reach the Hamas controlled enclave at 0600 BST UK time.

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin said the ship should be allowed to proceed to Gaza.

"Those on board the Rachel Corrie have made clear their peaceful intentions and have stated that they will offer no resistance to Israeli forces.

Jun 04 13:51

As MV Rachel Corrie draws nearer, Israel mulls easing Gaza blockade

After a week of intense international criticism for its raid on the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla,' a senior Israeli official told the Monitor the government may ease the blockade that the MV Rachel Corrie is now drawing fresh attention to.

Jun 04 13:47

Blinding the witnesses

There is something way too literal about Israel shooting out the eye of a witness to its crimes.

This photograph of Emily Henochowicz’s bandaged face needs to be seen by the world.

Jun 04 13:46

US Government OFFICIALLY attacks Conspiracy Theories!

Jun 04 13:40

Sayyed Nasrallah Marks Solidarity with Freedom Flotilla in Dahiyeh

Sayyed Nasrallah paid tribute to the besieged people of Gaza and the Palestinian people in general. “I salute the activists who took part in the freedom making flotilla, their martyrs, and their wounded. I also salute the Lebanese activists who participated as messengers of the resistance and the Lebanese will.”

Jun 04 13:03

The end of the Gaza blockade, the beginning of NATO occupation?

I am very concerned that the call for the blockade to end on Gaza, as made by Hilary Clinton, will result in the international occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

U.N. Troops occupying stolen land... Great.

Jun 04 13:00

Turkey Considers Cutting Israel Ties to 'Minimum' over Gaza Flotilla Raid

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said on Friday that his country may reduce its relations with Israel to "a minimum" over the Israeli Navy's deadly raid of a Turkish-flagged humanitarian aid ship bound for the Gaza Strip.

Jun 04 12:25

US schools switching to 4-day weeks to save money amid sluggish economy

Many districts that have the shortened schedule say they've seen students who are less tired and more focused, which has helped raise test scores and attendance. But others say that not only did they not save a substantial amount of money by being off an extra day, they also saw students struggle because they weren't in class enough and didn't have enough contact with teachers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are coming to a point in US history where we will soon see the complete privatization of education, because neither states nor the Federal government can afford it.

Additionally, the Federal Government will consider education and critical thinking impediments to teaching those drafted 17 year old young men and women (yes, the next draft - or whatever they call it - will include our young women) how to hold a rifle to pursue their stated path of endless war.

Jun 04 12:18

Another War Is Required to Burn $13 Trillion of U.S. National Debt

US Treasury slips into the red announcing $13 trillion debt

Anna Bodrova also said that the US economy uses another reliable method to cope with such problems. The United States takes either physical or financial participation in military actions somewhere across the ocean.

It is not ruled out that the US will soon increase the defense spending to write off a big part of its debt,” the expert suggested.

Indeed, the USA has been using military actions for its economic revival since the Great Depression of the 1930s. A war boosts the industrial development, gives more jobs to people, etc.

Experts believe that the war in Iraq was launched to postpone the American crisis, which started brewing in the USA at the end of 2000.

Jun 04 12:09

Preparing the American Invasion of Pakistan

That objective is to destroy the leadership of the Taliban and Al-Qa’eda. They believe they can’t do that with drone strikes, or at least drone strikes alone. The drone strikes are politically unpopular, and even some serious COIN bloggers criticize the program bitterly. Basically, they’re looking for an excuse to do something more than drone strikes in Pakistan. President Obama may have found that excuse:

" The U.S. military is reviewing options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan in the event that a successful attack on American soil is traced to the country’s tribal areas, according to senior military officials.[...]

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This site has been predicting that we may well see the presence of US troops inside Pakistan for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, that prediction, based on the current mind-set of the White House, and Pentagon, may very well come to pass in the not too distant future.

Rather than actually fix the fundamental infrastructure problems which make insurgency against the government look attractive to some, the Pakistani government and military officials have decided instead to look the other way while the US carries out a high-profile drone assassination campaign against the Pakistani people.

Those looking the other way have been well-compensated by the US taxpayer for this.

The fury the Pakistani people at both their government's compensated refusal to stop the US carnage will ultimately take the shape of some kind of retaliation against US interests, most likely inside Pakistan.

And that will be the moment the US military uses as its justification of a huge, unilateral strike.

Jun 04 11:56

What if it Were Your Child?

Almost every subject can be argued two ways, especially when the subject at hand is as controversial as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. No matter how unjust the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip is, there will always be those biased souls that justify it with the "Hamas terrorists" argument and the hackneyed Israeli pretext of state security. However, one subject, which cannot possibly have a flip side to it, is the torture of children. Only a deranged and perverted mind could justify that. Oh, and of course, Israel’s security establishment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These torture crimes against Palestinian children are supported with your tax dollars: doesn't that make you feel extraordinarily proud to be a part of this process?!?

Jun 04 11:53

November '56: Defining Moment

An angry Ike ordered the French and British out of Suez, threatened to sink the pound if the Brits did not depart and told David Ben-Gurion to get his troops off the Sinai or face U.S. sanctions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we got President Pussy!

Jun 04 11:53

Under Scrutiny, IDF Retracts Claims About Flotilla’s Al Qaeda Links

"Attackers of the IDF soldiers found to be Al Qaeda Mercenaries"

The IDF distributed this press release on June 2. The following day, it changed the headline, essentially retracting its lurid accusation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The IDF lies to the world as a matter of standard operating procedure; this time, however, it absolutely got caught, and had to retract its accusations against the humanitarian aid workers, who were trying to deliver desperately needed supplies to Gaza.

Jun 04 11:51

Israel Is Incapable of Conducting an Impartial Inquiry

A day after the United Nations Security Council passed a watered down resolution demanding a neutral and transparent investigation of the murder of nine activists and piracy on the high seas, Hillary Clinton has opined that Israel is perfectly capable of conducting an impartial investigation. Now either she’s the stupidest woman in creation or she’s being disingenuous and we all know she’s far from being stupid. Allow me to advise the Secretary of State to stop acting the fool and come to terms with why it’s absolutely impossible for Israel to conduct such an inquiry.

Jun 04 11:50

Israeli PR machine won Gaza flotilla media battle

Reporting by mainstream media on the Gaza flotilla attack was unbalanced and dominated by Israel's edited version of events

The provenance of photographs of weapons supposedly found on the boats has been questioned in the blogosphere. Photograph: AP

From the moment that the Israeli naval commandos launched their attack on the flotilla aiming to break the siege of Gaza by carrying humanitarian aid to the territory, the struggle by both sides to dominate how the media covered the events – a struggle that began days in advance of the 4am attack on Monday – entered a completely new phase.

Jun 04 11:48

Yes, Obama is “Engaged” – in a Colossal Crime

Any meaningful discussion of the oceanic version of Chernobyl would challenge a political system in which huge corporations are empowered to seek profits with absolutely no regard for the consequences to Earth or Man. Viewed from that angle – the only sane perspective – questions of whether Obama is fully or only partially "engaged" are ludicrously ill-framed. Engaged in what, in subduing and caging the corporate animals that are defecating in humanity’s only nest? Clearly not: BP is the operative government in the Gulf, with the Coast Guard as its muscle.

Jun 04 11:45

Video: 'Price to pay' for opposing Israel

Glenn Greenwald, a former constitutional lawyer and civil rights litigator, said this muted response is due to the "huge political price" US politicians must pay for being seen as adversarial to Israel.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Greenwald, a contributing editor for Salon.com, said what is clear is that the Obama administration has given its full support to the Israeli government once again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every single politician who cannot shut up about what a "tremendous friend they are of Israel" shouldn't even get elected as dog-catcher, let alone as a congressional representative.

All Israeli-firsters have no place in this government. We need politicians who puts US citizens first, second, and third, in their decision making processes.

Jun 04 11:42

Detailed Compiled Eyewitness Accounts Confirm Cold-Blooded Murder and Executions by Israeli Military

After carefully studying the eyewitness accounts, it can be concluded that "the fighting" on the Gaza Peace Flotilla between heavily armed Israeli commandos and unarmed civilians was deliberately instigated by the Israeli military.

The actions of the Israeli commandos ordered by the Israeli government were characterized by cold-blooded murder and executions. According to testimony of the passengers, individuals who surrendered were killed, while a white flag was flying. Because some activists in critical condition were refused aid by the Israelis, they also died.

The Israeli commandos, through their actions, deliberately triggered these acts of self-defence, with a view to demonizing the passengers and justifying Israeli brutality.

Jun 04 11:38

Desperate Financial Situation, Biggest Debt Bubble in World History: Fifty Statistics About The U.S. Economy

The truth is that what we are experiencing is not simply a "downturn" or a "recession". What we are witnessing is the beginning of the end for the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen. Our greed and our debt are literally eating our economy alive. Total government, corporate and personal debt has now reached 360 percent of GDP, which is far higher than it ever reached during the Great Depression era. We have nearly totally dismantled our once colossal manufacturing base, we have shipped millions upon millions of middle class jobs overseas, we have lived far beyond our means for decades and we have created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why SecDef Gates has telegraphed to the world that US foreign policy, henceforward, will consist of nothing but perpetual wars!

Unfortunately, what the knuckleheads in Washington and the Pentagon haven't factored into this approach is, we have lost and offshored our manufacturing base; we can no longer make the equipment to support a sustained military offensive globally.

And because of this, it is very likely that the next wars the US will pursue (think: Iran) will involve nuclear weapons.

Jun 04 11:36

Erdogan invites Russian Putin to conference in Turkey

Russian Prime Minister Putin expressed his sorrow over killing of nine people during the raid.

He called on everyone not to escalate tension in the Middle East, adding that they were in favor of lifting of embargo on Gaza.

Jun 04 11:35

Dr. Alan Sabrosky: Israel Says No, The US Agrees: Time For The World To Get Serious

So the predictable dynamics are unfolding. Anywhere the US does not have a veto, Israel is being condemned for its latest atrocities and for its illegal blockade on Gaza. Israel as usual has its puppets in the US Congress and the US mainstream media coming to its defense. And Israel has rejected demands from the UN, plus all of the major powers (except, of course, the US) to lift the blockade and stand aside.

Jun 04 11:33

'Israel will never apologize'??

The Israeli prime minister has defended the deadly attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla and says Israel will never apologize for the incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is the absence of shame or remorse that fuels the rage of the world.

Jun 04 11:32

Gaza returnees share horror stories from Israel

Buhamd said: “I saw a soldier shooting a wounded Turk in the head. There was another Turk asking for help, but he bled to death.”

Jun 04 11:31

Washington Comes to the Aid of Israel over Gaza Convoy Massacre

The raid was no accident. All the signs are that Israel has been stepping up its provocations to engineer a casus belli for a war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Tel Aviv sees as unfinished business its inconclusive wars: the first in Lebanon in 2006, and the second in Gaza in 2008-09.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for wars and more wars coming from Israel, courtesy of our Israel enabler in chief, Barak Obama.

And note, concerning the flotilla massacere; the vicious, multiple beatings of an older American humanitarian aid worker, and the assassination of an American kid brings not even one whisper of upset from the US State Department against Israel!

Jun 04 11:29

BP oil spill may fuel drive for carbon tax

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BP and the US Government screw up, and you get to pay for it.

Meanwhile, my caption for the photo, "Aw forget about Israel, look at THIS interesting little critter I found!!!"

Jun 04 11:20

Captured and detained by Israel, an American tells his story

When on land, Larudee was taken to the processing area, but refused to cooperate with authorities, who wanted him to say that he entered the country illegally. "This happened at 18 miles at sea, which is well beyond their own territorial waters, or anyone's territorial waters," he said. "We were in international waters. We weren't violating anyone's sovereignty or breaking any rules that we knew of, even by their standards."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently battered and murdered US humanitarian aid workers mean absolutely nothing to the Obama administration.

Note in the article that it was ultimately Greek officials who negotiated for Larudee's exit from Israel, and not the US State Department!!

Jun 04 11:16

Jews' Genetics Make Them A 'Distinct Population': NYU/Yeshiva Study

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If anyone but Jews makes that claim, they are accused of being anti-Semitic!

And if this study rejects (odd choice of words, as opposed to "refute" or "disprove") the theory that the Ashkenazi are descended from converted Khazars, why do the Ashkenazi, alone among all the other Jewish people, have the pale white skin of the Caucasians?

Jun 04 11:15


Jun 04 11:14

American, 19, Among Gaza Flotilla Dead VIDEO

Furkan Dogan, who was born in New York, was shot five times, including four times in head. That is not self defense, that is execution.

Obama is studying the situation.

McCain thinks we are not doing enough to support Israel in this crisis.

Biden wonders what all the fuss is about.

What happened to this country? I remember a day when our government sent in troop to protect American medical students in Grenada. Look where we are today. A foreign government illegally bored several ships in international waters (which is an act of war), some of which were flying the American flag, and then shoots one US citizen in the face (four times) and our government does nothing? What is wrong with that picture?

Jun 04 11:10

Peres: World always against us

"Israel is going through a difficult time, and to my regret there is a structural majority against Israel in the UN," President Shimon Peres said Thursday during a visit to soldiers wounded in the IDF raid on the Gaza flotilla.

"It doesn't matter what we do – and of course this is not a majority of justice. There is no way of passing logical and positive resolutions regarding the Middle East with the Arab lobby in the UN," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Shimon Peres: playing the victim here will not work.

Your commandos murdered humanitarian aid workers in cold blood, period, end of discussion.

Jun 04 11:01

‘Mad Dog’ Diplomacy

Moshe Dayan, Israel’s most celebrated general, famously outlined the strategy he believed would keep Israel’s enemies at bay: "Israel must be a like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."

But the Israeli commando attack on Monday on the Gaza-bound flotilla, in which nine activists have so far been confirmed killed and dozens were wounded as they tried to break Israel’s blockade of the enclave, proves beyond doubt that this is now a diplomatic strategy too.

These trends are likely only to deepen in the coming months and years, making Israel an ever greater pariah in the eyes of much of the world. The mad dog is baring his teeth, and it is high time the international community decided how to deal with him.

Jun 04 10:59


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desert Peace calls the IDF on their tasteless and pathetic propaganda videos.

Jun 04 10:58

Israeli commandos ready to board the 'Rachel Corrie'

The same commandos who launched a nighttime assault on aid ships bound for Gaza will also try and stop the Irish aid ship Rachel Corrie.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear late Thursday that the ship will not be allowed into Gaza but will be boarded and brought to an Israeli port.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Pussy is down in the gulf harrumphing and scowling mightily at the oil leak, about which he can do absolutely nothing, in order to distract Americans from the fact that President Obama, as commander in chief of the mightiest military in the world, is able to do something to guarantee the safer arrival of the humanitarian aid to Gaza, but chooses not to do so, even as the body of a teenage American killed by Israel a week ago is lowered into the ground.

Obama isn't really furious at the oil leak. He is furious that the world sees he is nothing more that Israel's "House Darkie", impotent and helpless, and BP is just the convenient whipping boy for Obama/s rage.

What Americans must confront is the clear evidence that the government in Washington DC serves Tel Aviv, not the American people. And it is time to deal with that reality.

I hereby declare that if the Rachel Corrie is stopped and the aid workers harmed in any way the fault will lie with President Obama who knew Israel was going to attack the aid fleet and stood by while a US flagged ship was hijacked in international waters and while Americans were being kidnapped and killed. Obama allowed Israel's atrocities to happen once. If he allows it to happen again then he is just as guilty of war crimes as Israel. More to the point there will be no question that the government of the United States values Israelis above Americans and that is something Americans should not tolerate inside their own nation.

Jun 04 10:57

Pentagon Ordered to Make Cuts to Spend Billions More on War

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has ordered Pentagon agencies to find tens of billions of dollars in spending cuts so as to ensure that there will be more money left over to spend on war.

Secretary Gates’ plan is said to be seeking a way to “guarantee 3 percent real growth each year, beyond inflation” in spending on combat operations. The rising budget deficit has the Pentagon afraid that it will be difficult to lobby for massive increases to its already record budget every year going forward.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, folks, there you have it: Gates has just told the American taxpayers and the world that the US government's foreign policy consists only of a state of perpetual war.

Jun 04 10:49

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes and start a new government? 7 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

Jun 04 10:48

Nobel laureate on aid ship: we won't resist Israel

Israel insisted Friday that it won't let an Irish aid ship breach its blockade of the Gaza Strip, setting the stage for another maritime showdown with pro-Palestinian activists undaunted by a deadly raid earlier this week.

Jun 04 10:46

Israelis subdued captain by pointing gun at a child

According to a report in The Guardian, an Algerian activist, who gave her name as Sabrina, revealed that Israeli troops pointed their gun at a one-year-old Turkish child in front of his parents to force the captain of the Mavi Marmara to stop sailing.

Many reports have emerged from among the 124 activists who crossed over into Amman, Jordan, yesterday.

In an interview with Sky News, IT professional Hasan Nowarah, from Glasgow, described the moments as the Israeli troops descended on the ship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli military "the most moral military in the world", my astrolabe!!

Jun 04 10:46


The names, and in most cases the photos, of the nine people murdered by Israel have finally been known but only upon their arrival to Turkey. They are all Turkish nationals but one, a 19 years old boy, is also US citizen.

Jun 04 10:45


Please reproduce and circulate as widely as possible

Jun 04 10:44

Doubts Grow Over Israel’s Value as US Ally

Israel’s disastrous raid in international waters Monday on a Turkish-flagged flotilla carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza has resurrected a long-running debate over whether Washington’s close alliance with the Jewish state really serves U.S. strategic interests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...Washington’s close alliance with the Jewish state..." fundamentally does not serve US interests, and particularly not at this point in history.

Unfortunately, however, there is a degree of "death-grip" Tel Aviv has over the US government, and has had for some time now.

Precisely the nature of this is hard to determine, but one has to wonder if there is not some kind of Israeli "vetting" of American political operatives before they are allowed any success in American politics to insure that they will adhere completely to Israel's geopolitical agenda, no matter how detrimental that agenda might be to the US's interests.

This could be no clearer evidence of this than the slow, darkly kabuki-like march toward a war against Iran, a country which is simply developing a nuclear energy program, to which it has every right as a signatory to the NNPT (which Israel, of course, will not sign).

And because Israel has decided that Iran, which has no nuclear weapons, and has its nuclear activities monitored by the IAEA, is an "existential threat", Israel fully expects the US to "neutralize" it militarily, just as happened in Iraq, with an horrendous cost in blood and money, not to mention the consequences of DU poisoning of both the Iraqi people and our own soldiers.

There will be no 4th round of sanctions at the UN security council against Iran; China will see to that. However, there will be unilateral and multilateral sanctions, courtesy of the US, the EU, and the UK, and at some point, Iran will be provoked into a response, or there will be some kind of "false flag" event to kick the war off.

But however it comes about, a war against Iran doesn't serve the US's interests in the Middle East at all; it serves Israel's interests only.

Jun 04 10:42


Long ago, I was made to understand that Palestine was not Palestine;

I was also informed that Palestinians were not Palestinians;

They also explained to me that ethnic cleansing was not ethnic cleansing.

Jun 04 10:38

American teenager among those killed in Israeli raid of aid flotilla

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Dorgan died of "gunshot wounds," but he declined to confirm Turkish media reports that he was shot four times in the head and once in the chest at close range.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The good news is that your online activism has forced this issue into the forefront of the public consciousness, and now the White House is having to respond to the murder of an American.

The bad news, as illustrated by Crowely's refusal to go into the details of Dorgan's wounds, is that the US Government still hopes to trivialize the murder of an American by Israel. As Biden put it, "What's the big deal?"

Jun 04 10:36

Plutocrats Convention

The secretive Bilderberg club of the rich and powerful, meeting in Barcelona, may decide the fate of the Euro, and much else.

Jun 04 10:35

Gaza flotilla raid: Joe Biden asks 'So what's the big deal here?'

Gaza flotilla raid: Joe Biden asks 'So what's the big deal here?'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What if it were YOUR teenage kid with four bullets in his skull? Would it be a big deal then?

Jun 04 10:26

BP, Coast Guard withheld video showing massive scope of oil spill

Federal officials and the oil giant BP effectively conspired to keep the worst images of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from the public, according to a report Thursday.

The US Coast Guard, which is coordinating response efforts to the spill on behalf of the government, had hours of video showing the extent of the spill within nine days after the spill began. But by that point, they'd released only a single fuzzy still image.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 04 10:26

Gaza Flotilla Survivors Returning to Bay Area SF Press Conference Set for Monday

Jun 04 10:22

How Israeli propaganda shaped U.S. media coverage of the flotilla attack

This campaign of suppression and propaganda worked to shape American media coverage (as state propaganda campaigns virtually always work on the gullible, authority-revering American media). The edited IDF video was shown over and over on American television without question or challenge. Israeli officials and Israel-devoted commentators appeared all over television — almost always unaccompanied by any Turkish, Palestinian or Muslim critics of the raid — to spout the Israeli version without opposition. Israel-centric pundits in America claimed, based on the edited IDF video, that anyone was lying who even reported on the statements of the passengers that Israeli fired first.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But less than 10% of Americans are watching ABCNNBBCBS news and our numbers have doubled this last week. Israel's slaves have revealed themselves for the world to see and mock this last week.

Jun 04 10:20

Gaza returnees share horror stories from Israel

Activists who were on the flotilla bringing aid supplies to Gaza that was attacked on Monday continued to recount the horror of the attack and its aftermath on Thursday. Many of them speak of a wounded Turkish citizen being shot in the head by an Israeli soldier.

Ali Buhamd, deported from Israel along with 18 other activists, was on the Mavi Marmara, a passenger ship in the flotilla that was attacked by Israeli naval forces in international waters on Monday. There are at least nine dead because of the attack according to Israeli officials, but witnesses, such as Humanitarian Aid Foundation (?HH) President Bülent Y?ld?r?m, say more people were killed and their bodies dumped into the sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Israeli government thought, for one second, that these murders could stop a growing, furious understanding of what the siege of Gaza has done to the Gazan people - and stopping those have the courage to attempt to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to them, even if those attempts result in more murders - they were and are profoundly mistaken.

Jun 04 10:16

Contractor: BP Is Trying To Hide Dead Animals, Since The Ocean Will Eventually Wash Away The Evidence

In recent weeks, reporters and photographers for major news organizations around the country have been speaking out about the attempts by BP to prevent them from getting a first-hand look at the Gulf Coast oil spill. A CBS News crew was threatened with arrest when it tried to photograph the spill, and a BP representative in Louisiana told a Mother Jones reporter that she couldn’t visit the Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge without a BP escort.

Jun 04 10:15

Zionism’s un-Christian Bible

“Sustained by a dubious exegesis of selective biblical texts,” Stephen Sizer concludes, “Christian Zionism’s particular reading of history and contemporary events . . . sets Israel and the Jewish people apart from other peoples in the Middle East . . . it justifies the endemic racism intrinsic to Zionism, exacerbates tensions between Jews and Palestinians and undermines attempts to find a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, all because ‘the Bible tells them so.’”

Jun 04 10:13

Autopsies reveal 9 men on Gaza aid boat shot, 5 in head

Autopsy results by forensics experts in Istanbul revealed that all nine of the men killed by Israeli commandoes aboard the humanitarian convoy that had planned to dock in Gaza died of gunshot wounds.

The autopsy results give clues about how the violence unfolded after Israeli commandoes stormed the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in the pre-dawn hours on Monday.

Five of the men died with bullet wounds to the head, said Dr. Haluk Ince, the director of Istanbul's Medical Examination Institute, said Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These actions on the part of the Israeli commandos can only be characterized as cold blooded murder.

Jun 04 10:10


Jun 04 10:07

BREAKING NEWS: 'Rachel Corrie': We intend to arrive in Gaza in 24 hours

Audrey Bomse of the Free Gaza Movement said: “The situation is we lost all contact with the boat.

“We assume this was sabotage by the Israelis."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Israel succeeds in cutting all communications between the Rachel Corrie and the world, then they will move in for the kill and make up any story they want after the fact. Had the Aj Jazeera reporter not been able to transit his video off of the Turkish Passenger ship before the Israelis succeeded in jamming communications, the world would see Only Israel's version of what happened. "Gee, we are sorry but just as we arrived the passengers decided to commit mass suicide and destroyed their own ships. There are no survivors!"

Jun 04 10:03

Still Deep In The Hole, States Are Likely To Raise Taxes Further

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... which will drag what is left of our commerce to a total standstill. How does stupidity like this attain high office?

Jun 04 10:02

U.S. expects Security Council vote on Iran next week

"We've seen sanctions introduced in the U.N. Security Council that we believe will be voted on next week and approved by the U.N. Security Council," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Western diplomats at the United Nations said they expected the vote to come at the end of next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless these sanctions have been watered down to the point of absolutely nothing except symbolic, I would be very surprised to find both Russia and China coming on board for this.

Jun 04 09:58

Pennsylvania: Tax Revenue Falls Short

Tax revenue for the state was $125 million short of projections for May, leaving the state with a $1.2 billion shortfall for the budget year ending June 30, the State Department of Revenue said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Know why all these states are coming up short on tax revenue? Because they are relying on the official US Government unemployment figures for their forecasts, and the official US Government unemployment figures are being fudged for political purposes.

Jun 04 09:56

Al Jazeera Reporter: Israel Fired On Gaza-Bound Ship Before Boarding (VIDEO)

A reporter and producer for the Arabic news organization Al Jazeera who was on board the Gaza-bound aid flotilla during Monday's deadly raid gave a firsthand account of the grisly scene aboard the ship to the network Thursday.

According to Jamal ElShayyal's account of the raid, the Israeli military had fired on the Mavi Marmara before boarding the ship. "It was evident there was definitely fire from the air, because one of the people who was killed was clearly shot from above -- he was shot, the bullet targeted him at the top of his head," ElShayyal said. "There was also fire coming from the sea as well." This account differs from the one given by the Israeli military.

The reporter also describes being mistreated by officials alongside other civilians before his Thursday release.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli spin machine version (dutifully parroted by Us Corporate media) is imploding faster than the speed of light.

Jun 04 09:56

Texas Business tax revenue below projections

The state's business tax is coming in short of budgeted projections.

New revenue figures from the Texas comptroller's office show $3.6 billion has been collected from the business tax as of the mid-May payment deadline. The Austin American-Statesman reported the figures in its online edition Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the tax death spiral. As tax revenues drop, taxes are raised and spending slashed.

But as taxes increase business activity is suppressed or forced to move elsewhere, so tax revenues drop. As the state slashes jobs, those people go on unemployment, so their tax revenue contributions vanish.

There is only one solution this side of revolution. Tell the Federal Reserve to get stuffed and start using currency issued by the state for the people to use interest free.

Jun 04 09:53

S.Korea refers ship sinking to UN Security Council

South Korea has referred the alleged sinking of one of its warships by a North Korean torpedo to the UN Security Council, President Lee Myung-Bak said Friday.

"Today, the Republic of Korea government referred the matter of North Korea's attack against the Cheonan to the United Nations Security Council," Lee said in a speech to an annual security forum in Singapore.

"If we think that after a while North Korea's action will be condoned and that stability on the Korean Peninsula will somehow be maintained, then we would be fooling ourselves because North Korea would once again resort back to attacking others," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let us hope that the UN security council does not blame North Korea for an act it may very well not have committed; this looks and smells completely like a false flag, intended to draw North and South Korean into military conflict.

Also, China will veto any kind of retaliatory action South Korea may want to see happen.

Jun 04 09:53

Oregon faces $563M budget shortfall

Oregon lawmakers need to trim $563 million from the state budget in the next year, according to a state revenue forecast released Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people must make do with less, so that the bankers may have more.

The people must make do with less, so that the bankers may have more.

The people must make do with less, so that the bankers may have more.

Jun 04 09:51

NATO chopper downed in Afghanistan

The chopper landed in Baghlan province, according to the officials, due to technical problems and was then destroyed by NATO fighter jets out of fear of falling into the hands of Taliban militants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Technical problems." Right. Sure. Three more and that pilot will be an enemy ace!

Jun 04 09:51

A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State"

Question: Dr. Roberts, the United States is regarded as the most successful state in the world today. What is responsible for American success?

Dr. Roberts: Propaganda. If truth be known, the US is a failed state. More about that later. The US owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the US “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants, (2) Europe’s, especially Great Britain’s, self-destruction in World War I and World War II, and (3) the economic destruction of Russia and most of Asia by communism or socialism...

Jun 04 09:49

Nobel laureate: ‘We will sit down,’ if Israeli forces board aid ship

An Irish aid boat steaming towards Gaza still plans to break the Israeli blockade, a Nobel Peace Prize winners who is on board vowed today, saying its passengers and crew "are not afraid".

However, "Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate Máiread Corrigan-Maguire, who was on the ship with other activists, said they were determined to press on but would offer no resistance if Israeli forces came aboard," the Associated Press reports.

"We will sit down," she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from the ship. "They will probably arrest us ... But there will be no resistance."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, offering "no resistance" is utterly no guarantee that Israeli commandos will not shoot these people in cold blood.

Jun 04 09:45

US-South Korea exercises may wait for UN diplomacy: Gates

Joint US-South Korean military exercises may be put off to allow time for Seoul to secure diplomatic support at the UN Security Council against North Korea, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

"I think there's a sequencing involved in this and it may be there's a desire first to see what can be accomplished at the UN and then think about next steps beyond that," Gates told reporters at a security conference in Singapore.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the US is backing away from confrontation with North Korea because the current South Korean government got its clocks cleaned in the recent elections there; the US will have to wait to see how this shakes out.

Jun 04 09:44

New liberal fans: Meet Anthony Weiner, ultra-hawkish backer of Israel

Will the liberals who only know Weiner from his feisty MSNBC appearances and his staunch support of the president’s domestic initiatives be put off when they hear him taking the “Israel can do no wrong” side in the debate over Israel’s botched raid, in international waters, of a humanitarian aid flotilla?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.A politicians who proclaims themselves a friend of Israel thus in the same breath proclaims himself an enemy of America.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

That is the only issue this election.

Jun 04 09:41

Defiant activist ship steams on towards Gaza

The Rachel Corrie activist ship kept its course for a Saturday arrival in Gaza -- or confrontation -- as world anger simmered over Israel's deadly raid on an earlier blockade-busting bid.

We started out to deliver this cargo to the people of Gaza and to break the siege of Gaza, that is what we want to do," the 66-year-old said as the vessel steamed towards the impoverished Palestinian enclave.

The MV Rachel Corrie was just hours from Gaza but the 15 aboard -- Irish and Malaysian activists, four Indonesian crew and a Scottish captain -- did not intend to leave international waters and run the Israeli gauntlet until after daybreak Saturday, organisers said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Israeli government: the flotilla massacre backfired.

What you have managed to do with this is focus world attention on the siege of Gaza, the cavalier inhumanity of what is being done to the Gazan people, and the apparent Israeli "final solution" for them.

Killing or wounding anyone on the Rachel Corrie is going to be met with an international fury you will not be able to contain, even with the US blocking for you at the UN.

The question is, what shape that fury will take.

Jun 04 09:38

MV Rachel Corrie due to reach Gaza within hours. “The world is watching”

The MV Rachel Corrie, a cargo ship in the Freedom Flotilla whose passage from Ireland was delayed by mechanical difficulties, is now hours away from its destination.

“I commend this courageous action of brave international civilians who are carrying essential medical, education and construction materials denied by Israeli suffocating and illegal siege on Gaza. It is vital that they have maximum support by the international community!” a Palestinian political leader, Dr Mustafa Barghouthi, told Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Maguire today. She and other activists on board the cargo ship carrying humanitarian aid from the Republic of Ireland to Gaza, said they hope to reach their destination by Saturday morning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Turkey, now is a good time for those warships of yours to show up.

Jun 04 09:34

Lift the Siege of Gaza

In June 1948, our wartime ally imposed a blockade on Berlin, cutting off and condemning to death or Stalinist domination 2 million Germans, most of whom, not long before, had cheered Adolf Hitler.

Harry Truman responded with the Berlin airlift, in perhaps the most magnanimous act of the Cold War.

For nine months, U.S. pilots flew into Tempelhof, carrying everything from candy to coal, saving a city and earning the eternal gratitude of the people of Berlin, and admiration everywhere that moral courage is admired.

That was an America that lived its values.

Jun 04 09:25

BP, Coast Guard withheld video showing massive scope of oil spill

Inside the unified command center, where BP and federal agencies were orchestrating the spill response, video monitors had already displayed hours of footage they did not make public," ABC News' veteran investigative reporter Brian Ross reports. "The images showed a far more dire situation unfolding underwater. The footage filmed by submarines showed three separate leaks, including one that was unleashing a torrent of oil into the Gulf."

BP told the network they'd turned the video over to the Feds, and the decision to release the video was on the Feds alone

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Neither BP nor the Federal government wanted the public to see the horrendous extent of the damage they knew was happening.

Jun 04 09:24

"We were kidnapped," Swedish author says of Gaza flotilla raid

'It was an act of piracy. We were actually kidnapped,' he said in Berlin, speaking publicly about his ordeal for the first time since being deported from Israel following the incident.

Jun 04 09:22

CEO: BP will make good on $10 billion in profit payouts to shareholders, despite spill

BP's shareholders may receive more this year from the company's coffers than those affected by the spill in the Gulf of Mexico will receive in their lifetime.

BP CEO Tony Hayward has indicated that he will go ahead with massive dividend payouts to shareholders in the aftermath of the worst oil spill in US history. $10 billion in payouts are scheduled for this year. The cost of the spill has been estimated in the tens of billions, but ExxonMobil only ended up paying a $507 million settlement for the 1994 Exxon Valdez spill after 20 years of appeals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported this morning at:


"If the cap doesn't work, we're going to have three times the amount of oil in the Gulf of Mexico," conservationist Rick Steiner told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Thursday.

As much as 46 million gallons have already leaked into the Gulf. If the "cut and cap" operation fails there could be more than 138 million gallons of oil spilled before a relief well is finished in August."

That BP is allowed to cavalierly "cap" their losses on this catastrophe while paying out this kind of dividend is criminal.

Jun 04 09:21

Hamas and Al-Qaeda and Iran!...oh my

At one point he stated that Iran would smuggle weapons into Gaza via these "supposed" relief craft,and would set up an "Iranian port on the Mediterranean", if israhell were to lift the blockade. Perhaps he should ask his doctor if Hemlock is right for him. This man should be in a home somewhere.

Jun 04 09:20

hursday, Jun 3, 2010 17:55 ET Captured and detained by Israel, an American tells his story

"I have never struck anyone in more than 20 years," he said. "I was beaten. There is black and blue all over my body. They inflicted pain on me on a frequent basis because I did not recognize their authority."

Everyone on all of the ships was completely unarmed, he said. However, on the Turkish ship -- where the civilian fatalities occurred -- some passengers clashed with the soldiers and tried to beat them up as they descended on the ship. (Larudee was on a different vessel.) "But that is akin to what the passengers on the hijacked 9/11 did to hijackers who had taken the aircraft," he said. "In other words, they resisted someone who was invading their ship."

Jun 04 09:16

Interior Minister seeks to strip Israeli Arab MK of citizenship

Interior Minister Eli Yishai petitioned Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to help him revoke the Israeli citizenship of Israeli Arab MK Hanin Zuabi, who took part in efforts to break Israel's blockade of Gaza on a flotilla of aid ships earlier this week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Freedom of speech is a foundation of Democracy. If Israel punishes a member of the Knesset for a different opinion with revocation of citizenship, then Israel does not have freedom of speech and hence cannot be a Democracy.

Cease all financial aid to Israel immediately. They are not a democracy, they are not our friends, revealed as nuclear-armed they do not need our weapons (and in any event last weekend used those weapons against Americans). Revealed as nuclear-armed and with Israel's attempted sale to South Africa, it is illegal for the US Government to send your tax dollars to Israel under the 1976 Symington Amendment to9 the 1961 Foreign Appropriations act and the Glenn Act.

Jun 04 09:08

Prayers, tear gas and terror

The Israeli attack was timed for dawn prayers – when a good number of the men aboard the Mavi Marmara were praying on the aft deck of the big Turkish passenger ferry, as it motored steadily through international waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Jun 04 09:02

ADL Rewrites New Testament

What happened is really not debatable. But it is unacceptable to speak. Anti-Christian Jews can be blamed for nothing. Their leaders must be portrayed as always wise, balanced, good and moderate. As a people, they were never xenophobic or legalistic. And they had nothing, nothing, to do with Jesus' death. The nails went through His hands and feet as if by magic. There was no murder.

Isn't it interesting? Jewish leaders allow others no such exoneration.

In Germany, there is no such convenient bleaching of history. A radically different situation prevails. There, no one can be free from their ancestral guilt. No reparations can be enough....

Jun 04 08:38

American, 19, Among Gaza Flotilla Dead

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Furkan Dogan, who was born in New York, Was Shot Five Times, Including Four Times in Head. That is not self defense, that is execution.

Obama is studying the situation.

McCain thinks we are not doing enough to support Israel in this crisis.

Biden wonders what all the fuss is about.

All these politicians, including the hundreds who take campaign money from AIPAC which represents the nation that just hijacked a US flagged ship in international waters, kidnapped 12 Americans, and murdered one, all hope they can convince you that immigration and gay marriage are the issues this election year.

I disagree

The issue is Israel.

No government can serve two masters and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.A politicians who proclaims themselves a friend of Israel thus in the same breath proclaims himself an enemy of America.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

That is the only issue this election.

Jun 04 08:27

Gaza flotilla attack: Turks killed by Israeli soldiers given heroes' funeral

Turkey's president, Abdullah Gul, said his country's once close ties with Israel would never be the same again.

In Tel Aviv, Israelis later demonstrated outside Turkey's embassy, throwing stones and calling its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a "terrorist".

Jun 04 08:08

Maine Filmmaker Caught in Israeli Raid Returning to Maine

While most of the violence was aboard the Turkish-flagged ship, Hamann suffered a minor injury when a grenade, intended to shock, not kill, landed near his foot.

Moe Hamann told the paper he talked with his son yesterday. Scott Hamann told his father he has a ticket to fly to New York's JFK airport tomorrow, then onto Maine. Hamann's film and computer equipment are being held by Israel, the paper reports.

Jun 04 08:04

Report: WHO overstated H1N1 threat

A joint report into the handling of the H1N1 outbreak has found that some scientists who advised governments to stockpile drugs, had previously been on the payroll of big drug companies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oooooh, now there's a big shockeroonie!

Jun 04 07:02

Lawyers Claim Google Wi-Fi Sniffing ‘Is Not an Accident’

Lawyers suing Google claimed Thursday they have discovered evidence in a patent application that Google deliberately programmed its Street View cars to collect private data from open Wi-Fi networks, despite claims to the contrary.

Jun 04 06:54

21 Miles Off The Coast of Palestine

Here is a strange echo from history.

It is a documentary made by the BBC in 1973 about the story of the ship, the Exodus.

It was the ship full of Jewish refugees - many of them survivors of the Holocaust - that tried to break the British blockade of Palestine in 1947. The participants from both sides appear and describe in detail how British soldiers boarded the ship 21 miles off the coast of Palestine killing 3 of the refugees and wounding others.

It caused an international scandal and was a PR disaster for the British government. It is seen in Israel today as one of the most significant events that led to the founding of the modern Israeli state.

Jun 04 06:51

Caught in the oil

AP Photographer Charlie Riedel just filed the following images of seabirds caught in the oil slick on a beach on Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island.

Jun 04 06:44

Report condemns swine flu experts’ ties to big pharma

Scientists who drew up the key World Health Organisation guidelines advising governments to stockpile drugs in the event of a flu pandemic had previously been paid by drug companies which stood to profit, according to a report out today.

An investigation by the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the not-for-profit reporting unit, shows that WHO guidance issued in 2004 was authored by three scientists who had previously received payment for other work from Roche, which makes Tamiflu, and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), manufacturer of Relenza.

Jun 04 06:15

BP wrestles cap over leak as Obama heads back to Gulf

BP engineers capped a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico but failed to stop it gushing more oil Friday, as a "furious" President Barack Obama prepared to head back to the stricken coast.

After the cap, the next chance to halt the flow of oil would not come until mid-August, when two relief wells are due to be completed.


Let's not forget that hurricane season is beginning. We may not see this resolved until December. And by then, the Gulf of Mexico will have to be renamed to the Gulf of Petrolium.

Jun 04 05:52

McDonald's pulls Shrek glasses in U.S.

McDonald's in the U.S. is recalling 12 million "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses because of cadmium in the painted design.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers early Friday to immediately stop using the glasses. It was not yet clear if the recall extended to McDonald's in Canada.

The 16-ounce glasses being sold as part of a promotional campaign for the movie "Shrek Forever After," were available in four designs depicting the characters Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots and Donkey.

Jun 04 05:05

Why did Israel attack civilians in the Mediterranean?

Israel weighed in advance the consequences of its attack against a humanitarian convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip. What were its objectives in triggering a world diplomatic crisis, and why did it defy its Turkish ally as well as its U.S. protector?

The attack launched by three Israeli Saar missile patrol boats on 31 May 2010 against the "Freedom" flotilla in international Mediterranean waters denotes a headlong rush on the part of Tel Aviv.

The "Freedom" flotilla stems from an initiative by human rights activists [1] [2], supported by the Turkish government. Its aim was to take humanitarian aid to Gaza and, in so doing, to break the blockade illegally enforced by the Israeli army against more than 1.5 million Gazans.

Jun 04 05:01

Gaza flotilla: Israel accused of ‘sabotaging’ Irish aid ship Rachel Corrie

Israel has been accused of sabotaging communication systems on the Irish registered aid ship MV Rachel Corrie which is bound for Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian campaigners behind the latest seaborne attempt to break the blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave said that they had lost all contact with the vessel.

The Free Gaza Movement said that it assumed Israel must have sabotaged systems on board the ship, whose passengers include a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a former UN assistant secretary-general.

As a result they plan to pull it back to port and pack it with celebrities and journalists, in a direct challenge to Israel.

Jun 04 03:57

US Media's pro-Israeli Bias: Response to the Freedom Flotilla Slaughter

In America, "any sort of debate back and forth, any sort of incisive editorial comment in the major newspapers, is almost completely absent....There are no significant countervailing voices" to deter Israel from getting away with murder, an illegal blockade, aggressive wars, and the most extreme crimes against humanity; its latest, of course, the massacre of peace activists taking aid to besieged Gazans.

Besides coming from officials and their spokespersons, Israel's propaganda arm, Israel Politik, said "Israel had no choice but to stop the flotilla from breaking the blockade....While Israel was forced to take action in international waters, its actions are supported by international maritime law."

Jun 04 03:37

The Legal Framework of International Law The Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla by Israeli Navy Commandos on May 31, 2010

By Lynda Bray

Crimes against Peace and
Crimes against Humanity

During the pre-dawn hours of May 31, 2010, the Israeli Navy attacked the six civilian vessels of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The attack took place in international waters against ships flying under national flags of countries with which Israel is not at war, namely Turkey, Greece and the United States. The ships were carrying civilians from more than sixteen countries.

Salient points:

Since no state of war existed at the time, the attack on these vessels constitutes an act of war against those governments under whose flags the vessels were sailing. [...]

Continue Reading

Jun 04 03:31

Justin Raimondo : This Says It All

Israelis kill American – Joe Biden says: “What’s the big deal?”

What is US foreign policy in the Middle East all about – and for whose benefit is it being conducted? In two short paragraphs, this news story says it all:

“The U.S. confirmed that an American citizen, identified as 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, was killed by multiple gunshots during the Israeli raid on a flotilla carrying activists attempting to run a blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said the U.S. has made no decision on a response to Dogan’s death.”

Apparently official Washington is torn between issuing a mild protest, and thanking them. [...]

Continue Reading


Jun 04 03:27

Erdogan: Israel in danger of losing its “best friend” in the Region NATO HQ Seething

By Juan Cole

As funerals were held in Turkey on Thursday for 7 Turks and 1 US citizen, a new wave of anger swept over Turkey at Israel. The popular emotions have potential implications for Turkey and NATO in the Middle East, and therefore for the United States and the Obama administration.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara on Thursday that Israel must review its policies lest it lose its best friend in the region, i.e. Turkey. [...]

Continue Reading


Jun 04 03:21

Review of Zionism, Militarism And The Decline Of US Power by James Petras

December 2009 issue of Culture Wars magazine – Ken Freeland

The hegemonic influence of Zionist-Israeli forces over America’s foreign policy, particularly Middle East policy, is a phenomenon without historical precedent. While right-wing radicals, with their focus on patriotism and constitutional values, set off early alarms about this perceived foreign domination,the Left pretty much slept through its insidious ascent to power. [...]
Continue Reading


Jun 04 02:20

URGENT CHILD HEALTH RISK - McDonald's recalls Shrek glasses 'tainted with cadmium'

Fast food chain McDonald's has recalled 12 million drinking glasses promoting the new Shrek movie because painted designs on them contain the toxic metal cadmium.

Cadmium can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and brain. In the case of the Shrek glasses, there are concerns about long-term exposure to low levels.

The metal, it says, could leach from the paint onto a child's hands, and then enter the body if the child put an unwashed hand to his or her mouth.

"We believe the Shrek glassware is safe for consumer use," said McDonald's USA spokesman Bill Whitman.

I believe McDonald's USA spokesman Shill Whitman should shut the f*** up.

Please spread this around. Even big oil stopped using cadmium plated nuts & bolts many years ago.

Jun 04 00:01

United States of Zionist America- 2010 Will Be the Summer of Rage

So why am I so angry?

I heard today - in addition to the rest of the murders commited by the scum-Israelis that they shot an American 19-year-old three times in the head. I consider that an execution.

June 3, 2010

Jun 03 23:34

BP's Top Two Officials On Rig Are No-Shows At Crucial Hearing

Donald Vidrine, BP's "company man," overruled the rig's chief mechanic and driller and pushed to speed up the process by remove the drilling mud faster to save BP money on the day of the tragic explosion, according to testimony from rig owner Transocean's Doug Brown on Wednesday.

Vidrine did not testify as scheduled on Wednesday, citing an unspecified medical condition.

The other top BP official on the rig, Robert Kaluza, also declined to testify, invoking his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

Note the highlighted text above. It is an obvious grammatically incorrect edit -- a hurried typo to spin the "to save time" mantra? I don't believe the current media mantra that removing the mud was done "to save time." From what I can gather, I believe that removing the mud was extremely non-standard.

Jun 03 22:24

Israeli Flotilla Attack Creates Chaos in the Knesset

All parliamentary decorum was lost in the Israeli Knesset as Haneen Zoabi strode to the podium to address the membership. Zoabi had been on the Mavi Marmara when elite Israeli commandos landed on the flotilla flagship from helicopers. In an earlier press conference in Nazareth following her release, Zoabi intimated that the Israeli government wanted to cause casualties during their interception of the humanitarian aid convoy: “Israel had days to plan this military operation…They wanted many deaths to terrorize us and to send a message that no future convoys should try to break the siege of Gaza.” (quoted by Jonathan Cook, Global Research, June 3, 2010)
Knesset Response to Zoabi’s Statements

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We can't see you and we can't hear you and you can't make us, NYAH NYAH NYAH!!"

Jun 03 22:22

Elderly activist shot and 'let bleed to death'

An elderly man was shot and then left to bleed to death after Israeli commandos stormed the Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza.

Released activists who had been on board the 'MV Mavi Marmara' claimed yesterday that the commandos waited more than an hour before treating the wounded.

Jun 03 22:21

Activists describe "bloodbath" on Gaza-bound ship

Freed after days held incommunicado in Israeli jail, survivors of Monday's storming of an aid ship described a "bloodbath," with people shot before their eyes and desperate efforts to treat the wounded.

Those aboard the flotilla returned home on Thursday after being held in Israeli jail since the raid, at last able to give their own accounts of the incident in which Israeli troops killed nine activists aboard the cruise liner Mavi Marmara.

Jun 03 22:21

Keiser Report ? 46: Social Fury builds up! Guillotines, Conspiracy Theories & Financial Terrorism

"They own these securities in their own accounts, Congresspeople, Senators and House of Representatives. That's why they aren't acting in the interest of the folks who don't own shares in the financial terrorism. If al Qaeda went public via Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and was trading for $140 a share on the New York Stock Exchange, nobody in America would be against al Qaeda, nobody in Washington would be against al Qaeda, because its shares are all listed on the exchange and they all own shares..."

Jun 03 21:52

Ocean currents likely to carry oil along Atlantic coast

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: A detailed computer modeling study released today indicates that oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico might soon extend along thousands of miles of the Atlantic coast and open ocean as early as this summer. The modeling results are captured in a series of dramatic animations produced by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and collaborators.

Jun 03 21:46

Fu FDA- defeated in federal court over censorship of truthful health claims

This is "big deal" news: The FDA has just been defeated in federal court over its censorship of truthful health claims for a nutritional supplement that helps prevent cancer.

Health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord spearheaded the effort, along with the Alliance for Natural Health.

Health freedom has just been handed a significant victory by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, which ruled last week that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) violated the First Amendment rights of a nutritional...

Jun 03 21:21

Gilad Atzmon's warning

Jun 03 21:18

BA says sorry for bin Laden boarding pass gaffe

British Airways apologised on Thursday after a photo of a boarding pass for passenger "bin Laden, Osama" appeared in an in-house magazine, touting the benefits of online check-in.

The photo -- including a Frequent Flyer programme number for the Al-Qaeda chief and a seat allocation near the front of the plane -- was published in LHR News, a publication for BA staff at London's Heathrow airport.


Booga Booga - Be vewy vewy scared!!!!!

Jun 03 21:15

Obama brother refused entry to UK

Barack Obama's half-brother was denied entry to the UK after being accused of a serious crime on an earlier visit, the Home Office has confirmed.