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September 01, 2016

READER: Hi Michael,

I have been going to auctions for decades. I was at one this last week where a used washer and dryer that would normally be offered for $100 each, sat there with no bids at $25 for the pair.

Things have been going down for the last year. Owners with little stores could buy stuff cheap, but their stores are already full of stuff that does not move.

I was at another auction where a table saw that would normally go for $125 or more, sold for $25.

One good thing about all this is that the economics do not help Hillary.

READER: "Gun sale bans for medical marijuana users constitutional, US appeals court rules"

So let's see - if you have a medical marijuana card due to severe back pain, that is good reason to ban you from owning a gun?

Man, these bozos sure are super-crazed !!

READER: hiLIARy unfit for duty because of health ?

what is the fit for duty requirement for the office of handouts & corruption ?

READER: Hey Mike I have a couple thoughts on these celebrities that are threatening to leave the country if Trump wins.

#1. Why is it I have not heard of any celebrities threatening to leave if the hag gets in.

#2. If they hate the thought of a Trump presidency that much than they support Hillary and all the treasonous shit she has done. They cannot claim ignorance on all her corruption. These celebrities, I think, are traitors to the Constitution and as far I am concerned they can leave as long as they agree to never come back. And the the gov’t can take their money for leaving. Wonder how many of them know about that little scam the gov’t has.

READER: Everyone who works and pays taxes receives their w2 form and affixed to it is a corresponding voter registration form with that persons name stamped on it. You work .. You vote. Why should the freeloaders have the right to influence the option for a fair and better government? Ps .. All veterans get a lifetime voter registration approval .. What's your opinion? Love and support the show
WRH: I think the original idea is best. US citizens get to vote. Non-citizens do not.

READER: Hey Mike:

Just watching the vids about Halbig's big vanishing act. These "people" don't honestly think Halbig's disappearance is going to be un-noticed and unavenged? No...I think this is just the beginning of a big sweep of Sandy Hoax skeptics. We will see, but stay frosty, that Pozner actor appears to have some "spooky" powers, if you get my drift.

I have to wonder...all roads seem to lead to Soros. Especially where Hitlery and her hatred of the 2nd Amendment comes in. Who can forget Chelsey Hubble's glee about Scalia's death? I think Obama fancies himself a Supreme Court Judge. Is there any way to trace Sandy Hoax back to Soros? I wonder. Interesting the number of Jewish names amongst the actors participating in the hoax. Interesting the number of Jewish names who want the 2nd Amendment repealed.

READER: In 9th grade my daughter - a straight A student - got the first D in her life in the Common Core final science exam (sigh) despite As on all her quizzes, tests and homework. It seems the problem is that she did not hew the global warming line. Her dad is going toe to toe with the school system.

She simply said there was no peer reviewed evidence. Wow. Fireworks.

READER: Hi Michael,

I've been a frequent Australian listener for a few years.

I love the show, but don't care much for the website.

I know you once tried to upgrade it but had some issues and maybe gave up.

I always feel bad for you that you don't have a good studio or all the stuff you need to do better than you already do.

The reason I found your site was initially because of the 'All Wars are Bankers Wars' video, and I moved across from being an Alex Jones viewer.

In the same way I originally found Alex from his documentary videos.

I was thinking that you should run a funding campaign on a new website.

You could request donations to upgrade your website and operation, but also offer to create a few more (say 6) documentary videos like all wars are bankers wars on the best topics as voted by members.

That would give something back in return for asking for funding and also create a product that would increase your viewership.

I can even give you a free website template (as I have a few spare already paid for) or try to build a small fundraising site for you if you want. See here - It even includes playing music files.

I could play around with a small site, but upgrading the existing wrh site is a lot of work and maybe too much for me, but I could help you to move in that direction.

I have paid for website templates I probably wont use and I don't want them going to waste.

Happy (belated) Birthday too btw.

WRH: After the November election I plan to completely redo the website to fix the accumulated issues and improve security. Recommendations for software/templates that will match the current functionality are welcome.