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August 02, 2016

READER: I have emailed the republican committee and explained these fair weather republicans endorsing hitlary will not be forgotten.

READER: Current caller

Art is one of the first people I've heard who's ready to discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Many of the small ones, not backed by big money, are forced to make sacrifices. Please tell him I congratulate him. It's the first time I've heard this side of the discussion, and I agree.

READER: Don't know if you heard yet but the Syrian Army found a large warehouse filled with weapons, formerly controlled by the "rebels". The crates that were not yet opened, were all with NATO markings. I hear the video may be on Youtube.

READER: Here's some interesting info. Please tell me what you think of it: 1) ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama's National Security Adviser. 2) CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obamaís Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. 3) ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney. 4) ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obamaís Deputy Press Secretary. 5) ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obamaís Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood. 6) CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clintonís Deputy Secretary Tom Nides. Etc... etc... Get the picture?

READER: I send mail to cnn from time to time when I feel they have insulted my intelligence. It is probably a great admission on their part of how corrupt/biased they really are that this is not possible right now.... Either they're email system is broken or the website has shut off these functions ( this is what I think ) if you notice they no longer allow comments on almost any story - because the comments destroy they're agenda. I also do this with Reuters because they are just as bad and seem to work in concert with cnn for the prestitute message.

Since you have some swing let everyone know feedback to these " media " companies is a great idea - maybe even overload something!

WRH: The corporate media websites started blocking "unfriendly" posters, then when they got called on the obvious censorship they stopped allowing cvomments at all.

READER: Why doesn't Trump tell everyone he can when he is on national TV like Fox News to go see Hillary's America? Have you seen it yet? It is three times better and more informative than Clinton Cash. People clap and cheer after watching it...
WRH: He may yet do it.

On the other hand, it isn't like the Independent Media isn't promoting the film.

And no, I have not seen it yet. It's not playing anywhere near where I live.

READER: Heard your little rant about flashlights today... (last week . . . just got back to this email in my draft folder)

I've also given up on MagLights.

I'm also attached to having a good flashlight and have done a bit of research. You may aware of a lot of these things... so please forgive my ramble about things you already know.

The company Cree make some of the brightest n best quality LED light bulbs. Many brands use Cree LED bulbs and of course every company isn't equal... but at least begin by looking for flashlights that utilize Cree bulbs.

Amazon has the benefit of product reviews... but of course many companies write their own reviews and one has to read them with skepticism. I mainly read the 1 and 2 star reviews to find out about known negatives.

Earlier this year I ordered several each of 4 different flashlights.

They're all still being tested... but so far I like em all.

I took three of these with me on a 2 month trip to India and Thailand in March/April and developed preferences according to application.

WRH: When Cree first came out with 100 watt equivilents I converted our home over to them, but I found they had a high failure rate. I have not tried their flashlights.

Almost all my flashlights are now rechargeable LEDs. That 7 cell maglight was more of a souvenir, as I had bought it during my very first film production, and had used it all the way through to LOST. It just bothers me that American companies no longer bother to make their batteries leak proof, to boost replacement sales of flashlights and other electronic equipment.

READER: I am really concerned about the people that Trump has hired to assist him with his campaign. This last ridiculous incident with the Muslim Parents of the fallen soldier that Crooked Hillary drudged up at the DNC, could have been thrown right back on her, with this simple statement when his Father told Trump to read the Constitution... All Trump had to say was, Hey sir, I did not send your son to war, I had nothing to do with it. Hillary Clinton sent your son to war in Iraq, not me! What is the world does Donald Trump have to do with his son's death?

Do you think that Trump may take a dive and concede to Hillary in exchange to run New York? What is with Trump taking on the bait from Hillary? I am concerned now that the DEMS know all too easily how to get his goat and bait Trump now!

WRH: My view is that Trump is dangerously naive when it comes to hardball politics.

READER: I'm surprised Hillary hasn't faked an attempt on her life to blame on Russia. More "proof" Trump and Putin are scheming together. Wouldn't put it past her.
WRH: I wouldn't rule out Hillary having Bill shot and using the sympathy to win the election. If she could do it to Vince Foster, she can do it to anyone!

READER: Hitlary claimed - even bragged that she and Bil were ďdead brokeĒ when they left the White House. Clintonís preznit salary was approximately $200,000 to $400,000/year (Clinton signed legislation to raise the president's annual compensation from $200,000--its level since 1969--to $400,000) and they earned that for 8 years = for a total income of over a million dollars. So if Hitlary couldnít manage on that enormous amount of money, she certainly is NOT qualified to be preznit at a time the US goffernment is in serious financial debt. She is a super-lousy financial mis-manager Ė so CANNOT be preznit overseeing the countryís finances.

READER: I like your write-up on the nonsensical "god" particle and the religion at CERN. To be sure, I've always felt that the people running the LHC were rather cult-like (right down to the arrogance of putting the statue of Shiva in front of their billion-dollar toy). But they still haven't found that "dark matter" have they.

No matter, the "gawd" particle is now the "accepted" truth. Anyone saying it is nonsense is now a "nut" or a "pseudoscientist." The Media has Spoken (TM) and it is now pop-culture gospel along with Einstein's crazy hair.

I was sitting at the doctor's office today and happened to find a copy of the local newsrag on the seat next to me. I flipped it open to guessed it...yet another glowing, dripping article about Hillary Clinton and how her "success" shows how she broke the "glass ceiling" blah blah blah blah blah blah. And more of the usual tripe about "she's hated by so many because she's a Successful Woman (TM)"

Now that Assange has literally dropped the digital bomb, you can bet the media will be in FULL cover-up of the dispatches. Even if there is an e-mail that reads: "FROM: H.Clinton Subject: I KILL BABIES" they will ignore it and continue the dripping whitewash.

Clinton has become like the "gawd" particle: accepted "official" gospel. The media is NOT going to report on her many crimes. There will be no digging into her past. She will be the First Female President (TM) and it Will Be Celebrated (TM).

But at least Trump managed to get the message out about the fixed voting machines. He really needs to make more noise about this. His squabble with that Muslim useful idiot for Hillary is very counterproductive.

WRH: No, they cannot find the dark matter.

READER: "Itís just a matter of time until a terror attack occurs in Britain Ė thatís the warning from the head of Londonís Metropolitan police."

If he knows so much this will happen, perchance London's police chief should get off his media butt and Stop It Now!! These dorks are either bought out by the false-flaggers, or he's just plainly an incompetent wimp not qualified for his professional position

READER: why can fbi charge you with a crime by claiming we are lying to them, when they lie to us and we catch them in the lie and still fbi face no charges ?
WRH: Because they are the overseers and we are the slaves.

READER: The media has been working around the apparent notion that Hillary is ALREADY President. Any exposure of Clinton wrong-doing is quickly assigned to innocent error, while at the same time that same media lambasts Mr. Trump on a 24/7 basis. I don't think Hitler even had THIS much power- the media at your disposal(which is no surprise to me since that media IS CIA, one of Hillary's weapons) to spread lies, innuendo, smearing and whatever damaging stuff it can come up with to try and ruin a man with NO blood on his hands while protecting a candidate with the blood of thousands ALREADY on her hands! And let me add one more thought- suppose in reality only 20% Americans were still clueless to the Clinton's background and alleged (or proven!) crimes.

With the power of the media and voting establishment at your disposal, you STILL could win the election through massive fraud. And even if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so what? These war-mongering modern-day Ziocrusaders will just crush ANY American movement that wants a truly populist candidate for President(Now that Israel has even the US law enforcement doing it THEIR way! Modern-day brown shirts.) The real coup d'etat happened in 1963 people, and NO ONE has ever been indicted for that because the establishment maintains the stupendous lie that Oswald was the assassin! 99% Americans agree but so what- the establishment maintains the lie. The same thing would go with any Clinton "election". The fraud would be massive and easy to prove but so what? "Who has the power now you suckers!"(loud Hillary laughing and coughing in the background) Russia is the LEAST of America's problems. The people poking Russia in the eye EVERYDAY are the problem!