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October 03, 2017

READER: According to the published diagram, the stairs (fire escape) are adjacent to the Mandaly suite. After the shooting stopped gunmen had nearly an hour to exit the door from the adjacent hotel room, walk a few feet and enter the door to the stairwell to make an exit.

READER: When listening to the 60, thereís a pause. Then I swear I hear a change in the pitch in the fire that appears out of sync with the previous fire. Different weapon? Different weapon from a different direction reverb? I can identify it when I hear it. You have to be listening for it. Itís out of sequence from the previous blast and a higher pitch in db but itís not small arms. Itís a big gun. 223 at 400 yds? Please. Higher cyclical rate and pitch way way too high.

READER: WRH: I still want to know how this guy got all those weapons into his hotel room past security!

Don't feel like the LoneRanger on that question !!!!

READER: WRH: Alternate theory: Stephen Paddock was registered in that room. Let us postulate that the real shooter(s) knocked on his door, entered the room, then killed him so they could use the room as a sniper's nest, then fled, leaving Stephen to take the blame.

Seems you might have the answer to your query 'how he got all those weapons past hotel security' - he didn't - the government goons brought them in - they do not go through security, just flash badges and walk around the security gate.

READER: Mike - in case you didn't have this handy - Federalist Paper No. 28

"If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual State. In a single State, if the persons entrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair." -- Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper No. 28

WRH: Good one!

READER: Ever wonder why the performers at these concert shootings are never hit? Who better to shoot to heighten your agenda than a red neck, right wing, gun supporting country western star?
WRH: At that range, hitting a specific target takes time away from simply firing into a crowd.

READER: Boy the banks are getting greedy again. I have a ARM for my mortgage and after the 3 years when it expired it has gone up a quarter percent a year. Just got my statement and in Nov they are raising it 3/4 from 4.5 to 5.25%. Wonít affect me too much because I am getting ready to sell my house and move to Vegas. Getting out of this high taxed cold rainy liberal state. If you ever get back to the mainland do not go to MN.
WRH: I seem to get that warning about all 49 states I am not currently living in!

READER: This Vegas thing already has more holes in it than Swiss cheese! An event like that in rifle range of a high building with open windows and SECURITY(?) is unable to stop a guy with getting AT LEAST nine rifles into his room? Did it not cross these Israeli-trained security people that it just MIGHT be possible for someone to do something like this, in whatever state of mind they may be? Or, just like on 911, did they clear a pristine guilt-free path for the actual shooters?

We all have our suspicions on here but the ultimate string pullers in the drama that unfolds before us, something rarely this shocking in full public view, are far removed from the actual participants. Some people in covert positions of influence and power seem to want to totally enflame the American people against each other! It's plain as day to me and always has been- governments use divide and conquer(control) tactics, through the media and false flag actions, as a matter of policy. Even assuming this story actually is based on facts- that this guy came out of nowhere to be Charles Whitman II for one night! You can bet the media is always ready to spin fear, divisiveness and sheer misinformation to control the masses!

Believe the improbable/impossible . . . deny the obvious. Then go back to sleep sheeple.


There is also a 6 th problem Mike.

I have been trained in my younger years on MG 42 and FN rifles during my BGS years.

The distance from the Hotel to the concert is at least 3 football fields.

This was supposed to be an armature. If you had any rifle experience you will know that shooting down from higher up will take experience and then some to hit anybody. This alleged gunman has fired and killed 59. I don t believe it. Even if somebody would have use an MG 42, he may have hit the first shot dead on; the remaining shots would be all over the place. That was the reason we took out ammunition every 3th shot on the belt. You cannot control your shots. Then there is the immense heat those automatics create within the guns barrel. 600 shots plus the missed ones? You change the barrel at least 5 times on an MG 42.

Some of those people may have been shot from that distance; most could not have been in my opinion.

The guns may have changed over the years; their accuracy to hit a target in full automatic has not.

WRH: The shooter wasn't aiming at specific targets. He was firing into a dense crowd.

READER: Via Michael Savage's show. Steve Paddock's neighbor, a Marine veteran, also denies any reasonable notion that this could be believable. Says he was just an ordinary friendly guy with no hot button issues, even liked Trump. That + the interviews with guys brother, all support public perplexity & feeling like this stinks to high heaven.

The truth will never be broadcast. But #1, we are tired of being lied to by our shady government, and #2a, policies will try to be pushed resulting from this, and #2b - the squabbling amongst our split nation's people will just intensify the toxic division.

Also, there's a CNN presstitute interviewing concert survivors, and the gal tells "reporter" that there's NO WAY there was only one shooter... and bullets were spraying over them from ground level from more than one direction. The CNN reporter "corrects" the survivor on what she experienced if you know what I mean. If you want the clip-I'll retrieve it for you.

READER: I had drawn the same conclusion you did. I know you said that he was in the wrong place, but I have a slightly different take. I think he was targeted. You would need someone who had legally purchased firearms in order to promote the background check fallacy, and the need to restrict various gun types. He simply does not fit the profile in any way shape or form.

There is also the fact that he was on the 32nd floor, a poor choice unless you're looking for a patsy much the same as the Book Depository was a very poor choice. If he is the real shooter who planned this out, again the 32nd floor is a poor choice. Since he is a regular in Vegas he could have booked a better suite especially in a week long stay.

When I heard the news I thought there was something amiss, particularly watching the video's and listening to the sound. I've heard live fire without ear protection as a veteran. The sounds were too loud to be coming from 300 to 400 yards away.

I still can't believe that he was able to bring in 23 weapons, some of which were long guns, without anyone noticing.

I have not heard anything about the particular weapon he used as of yet.

READER: Iím listening to the recording and it sound like 2 weapons firing. Any thought?
WRH: More than a few people have noticed that.

READER: Mike, where is the video footahe from the 100's of cameras that must show what went down with the shooter carrying in all those weapons????

READER: mike....right before i heard you give your hunch ( i watch delayed cast off of gibson channel so i dont always get to see you live) i was getting ready to write you about the same thing. the patsy was dead in the room before the shooting happened. that was the same thing they did with the aquino killing. they blamed rolando galman but expert film witnesses who were shown the footage at the tarmac area said galman was dead before the shooting and you could see ice on his teeth as he was released from the morgue to be brought to the scene and dumped on the tarmac.

READER: Why do I think of it now? Remember the DC sniper? A retired Army guy and I think he worked in supply, found asleep in a motel parking lot with his 20 year old homosexual lover, right?

A big fat white guy, presumably a detective has enough presence of mind to immediately walk over and pop open the trunk and show all the cameras his find.

A long barreled AR-15 with a scope, 30 round banana clip and suppressor about a foot long at the end of the barrel. I remember it like yesterday.

This is where I leave it. I like Swiss cheese too but something with this many holes in it and I canít help but feel cheated.

1350 fps and this guy wasnít smart enough to make sub sonic ammo. 45 auto, yes you can get that down to 900 fps. In fact, I think you want 45 auto around that speed anyway.

30 round banana clip? I would use a straight 10 round clip. Banana clips look cool but itís cumbersome and gets in the way. Not good for sniping.

My point is I cannot believe what I saw and thatís how it was sold.

READER: I donít belive this guy did the shooting. Itís easy to set up a guy you make dead. So I have a question. The story so far is that the guy shot himself. This alone doesnít make sense. Why not at least try to take some cops out with you? So hereís the question. Have they said where the guy shot himself? Was it in the head, the gut, under the chin, in the mouth? Was it more than once, like Gary Webb? It will also be interesting to know if powder burns are by the wounds or on his trigger hand.
WRH: There is little factual information being let out. I think they are afraid the folks on the internet will tear it apart.

READER: Something sounds fishy here... and he had no military background?!!

Steve had nothing to do with political organizations, religious organizations,Ē said his brother Eric Paddock, who lives in Orlando, Fla. ďNo white supremacist organizations. Nothing as far as I know, and I've known him for 57 years. Something just incredibly wrong happened to my brother."

READER: Spot on, I'm totally with you on this "Stephen Paddock is a patsy" angle. Looks to me like he was killed by "someone" who turned his room into a sniper's nest.

But let me just make a bet here: how much do you want to bet the security cameras will be "not working that night?" It's Las Vegas, and there are cameras everywhere but...they'll magically have no record of whatever went on in this hotel. Purely a coincidence of course, nudge wink.

And given Hitlery's insistance on shoving herself in the middle of this mass murder (other than the fact that she loves the smell of blood), I'm convinced this particular false flag was planned LONG in advance. She can't resist because this was going to be her big moment in the sun to bring in the gun control legislation as Madame President. Another one of "her turns" taken by Trump.

Some coincidence that the witch was spouting nonsense about silencers today, and now we find this is the week there is a vote on whether to ban them or not. Just another "coincidence" I'm sure.

I'm sure there will be many more "coincidences" in the days to come.

READER: Hello Mike. Long time listener, first time emailer. Hope all is well by you and Claire. I really enjoy your show, and your both yours and Clair's insights on the world stage.

Regarding the shooiting in Vegas, I like you have reservations into "what really happened" - pun intended... On a serious note, however, there are many details that the mSM is quick to overlook and not mention pertinent details.

I have included some angles which might bring some serious questioning into what could have happened...

1.The guy had 2 planes and was a pilot, so why would he use guns if he wanted to do a mass killing?

2. th two broken windows where the shooting occured were VERY FAR APART.. did the shootings take place in 2 hotel rooms?

3. For a 64 yr. old man, he made over 1000 shots, and even if he had 30 rd clips, he would have to reload EACH GUN at least twice-maybe three times EACH to amount to 1000+ shots Ö

4. The Distance between the TWO broken windows, this guy would have to be a TRACK STAR to fire off a 1000 rounds in TWO MINUTES!

5. Being a Hotel, Resort, and CASINO, I am almost 100% sure, that the Mandalay Bay would have a pretty darn good security team WATCHING the coming and going's of ALL Patrons...Especially, ones who are bring over 10 LONG Guns....

Just thought i'd drop you a line Mike. Enjoy your show, and thanks for your Patriotism to our Country..

READER: infwrs is now saying pddk was doing eyesis work getting paid large sums so he could pay off gambling debts..
WRH: Yesterday they were saying he was working for Antifa.

READER: Passing this on in case you would want it. Someone ran a Twitter API scooper script to find the original uploads of all the eyewitness videos from last night's shooting (i.e. without any generational re-encoding quality loss or editing or MSM voice-overs). And then they archived those originals in as-is condition at a publicly accessible Catbox account (Catbox = donation-supported ad-free headache-free Dropbox clone):


READER: ďMy floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.Ē

There is the proof you are right.

If the guard helped the shooter for money, why would the cops kill him? Why would he still be there?

If the guard was a confederate then its not a lone madman shooter , AND if he was paid to let the wet team up to the floor with the weapons he would be killed to keep him quiet.

Look for which cops get promotions or transfers to the fbi.

This is a last gasp by the dems to grab the guns before all the RINOs get fired out of office.

READER: Dear Mike,

I can only express sorrow what has happened.

I wish you and Claire well.

I can only comment what is happening is a dismantling of the USA. To what end I don't know. Leaves China, Russia and India in control. But to take them out is the destruction of mankind.

I don't understand this psychotic end game. Is it actual mass murder of the masses and a lone suicide of the elite.

There are no winners and the elites who massed guns and land are easy targets in a world without rules. I just don't understand.

The USA racial and political hatred, but currently one sided. Football a backbone of American pie now denigrated to another failing institute.

Good luck. Don't understand the end game. Money power isn't it. When these material things gone what is left. I really don't understand.

Take care.

Live in HK if shit happens I'm white and dead if humanity goes. Maybe Yun my partner can help but she is not Cantonese.

READER: Stephen Cobert does serious and ends with gun control

--might be a time to flood him with comments from the real world.