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March 03, 2017

READER: I have a term for Hillary Clinton. Americas herpes we can never get rid of her.

READER: is it time to rebuild Hadrian's Wall?

Independent Scotland would need ‘hard border’ with rest of UK

kinda interesting people all over are waking up that their countries are being invaded & destroyed by this globalist agenda

READER: Re :READER : ...."you just need to slow it down....&...mold her with a little patience . your show and the new president are moving mountains in only days."

If you slow down, I will crack the whip from over here!

..."mold her" ????

Mike, in case you haven't realised, is NOT a 'molder'. He s h a r e s Knowledge, Information, Courage and Wisdom he's accummulated during his very varied, full of experiences... life path.

READER: If I understand the issue, Sessions was asked if he spoke to any Russian officials "about the election". And he said "No." And we have no idea what he talked about. For all we know he talked about the grand kids. Before the election, everyone was pushing the idea that Clinton would win. After the election, there is no reason to talk about it because Trump had won. The election was history. A mutt point at best. They might have talked about the Trump administration. But the election? No point to do that.

READER: Hi Michael; We are so happy that Lady Claire is doing well. Prayers availeth much! We have always loved you all very dearly. I liked what you recently said about WISDOM. Thank you for sharing about Romans 13. I always had my question mark about that passage and as a believer in Yeshua. I saw it as a control tactic used by different entities. Watchman Nee used those teachings/China. Constantine had to do with that change. We are trying to use great Wisdom...Blessings, Love and Prayers
WRH: Thanks. I will forward to Claire. BTW, did you know that Yeshua translated directly into English is "Joshua?" The name "Jesus" was an artifact of first translating Aramaic into Greek, then Greek into Latin, then Latin into English. The real historical figure on which Jesus is based was actually named Joshua.

READER: if trump runs into delays and slow downs from democrats who want him to fail and be held back when he needs anything approved. and some democrats who are not dumb and support him while most including pelosi and who ever decide to stonewall.

can trump award / fund only the democrats who helped him ? and then make sure to single out and not fund the democrats state who delayed and refused to meet him half way.

do you get what i am trying to say ?

call it the stupid closed minded democrat govt employee clause or something ?

READER: Dems are just having a fit now they are going after Mike Pence because he used private email as Indiana gov which is legal under Indiana law

its the mishandling secret & classified data as Hillary did. - that is the problem

Mike Pence was not misusing or mishandling classified or secret data as Indiana gov

I've completely had it with the dems

WRH: Trump needs to stop being on the defensive and start going after some of these subversive ringleaders with his own charges. He should re-open that Hillary email probe and the Foundation.

READER: re: Why haven't you run for senate!

You've such great historic knowledge.. you deserve some place in congress -- if not the judicial branch. I suppose you don't hold the degree, but somewhere your expertise belongs in the "Hubble" . Just caught the first 5 minutes of today's cast, and I just can't figure out why you're still sitting there doing a simple service when you should be recognized for something greater. I've bragged about you for years -- but it's high time you kick it up a notch.

Still a great supporter after all these years, since 911.

WRH: Believe it or not, I came very close to being an official candidate for Vice President this last year. One of the independents, who had qualified for the ballot in a couple states, offered me the VP slot, but I was unable to make the financial commitment he asked for.

In truth, I think I am more effective operating outside the system, which seems to corrupt even the most noble of spirits. Certainly freshmen members of Congress are all but invisible during their first term until it is determined that they will reliably support the status quo.

There is also the issue of electability. I have no money, and my background, while colorful, is less than ideal for a political candidate. Then there is my shadowy past; the shorty leather nighties, the crunchy peanut butter, the fluffy slippers, an enraged English Sheepdog, thr broken small appliances.... I would hate for all that to show up in Jack and Jill Magazine!

READER: Still unable to find Russian salad dressing in any of the grocery stores here in Northern California. Decided to look for the recipe. Did you find Russian salad dressing out your way? Like I said on your show. Reminds me of the childness of our government towards France, when they didn't back our war on Iraq, and Afghanistan. Freedom fries, Freedom toast, and Freedom kisses. How ridiculious; childlike. Good show today. Here is the recipe.

READER: Just heard that NEST in the course of mapping the NY area, found an excessive high coming from the Israeli Embassy. It is reported that they stonewalled the NEST inquiries.

Makes me wonder...............

WRH: It actually happened years ago, but yes, there is a valid concern there.

Israel's first generation of nuclear weapons were built with weapons-grade uranium smuggled out of the United States in what was called the Apollo Affair. It would have been trivial to leave enough uranium for a bomb inside the US, because once you have that, construction of a uranium bomb is actually quite simple. So Israel could easily have an untraceable nuclear weapon inside the US "just in case."

READER: "Senator Bernie Sanders has blasted the Democrat Party, calling on its members to reject the organization as it stands today, and transform it into the ‘party of the people’."

Simple . . . purge the Party of all the people responsible for this past election's fraud. Get rid of the Clintons and to show the nation you mean business, file charges against Hillary for subverting the Democratic Party into her own little tool.. Cooperate with President Trump- if the Dems have something to offer to this nation they could if they got behind the President! Disavow neo-liberalism- get the neocons out of the Party. And most important- break with Obama for his shameful non-acceptance of Trump.

The Dems could win the election in 2020 with all this done and instead of opposing Trump, trying to make him go even higher on his promises. Call his bluff. Everything's relative, right?

WRH: We need honest elections to get rid of the troublemakers.

READER: Same with memory sticks. Before using for the first time, it's safest to set the computer to NOT read them auto on insertion. Wipe them fully including the boot sectors and partition Table. Reformat with DOS file format. You loose all the utilities that were on the hidden partition but who knows what else is in there. New computers often have a lot of nasty stuff in the hidden partition that slows down the computer, most of it is trial-ware. Cheaper to not pay the Microsoft fee and get or build a computer without it.
WRH: One favorite trick of hackers is to load up memory sticks with malware and then simply drop them around a targeted building hoping people will "find" them and use them in their computer.

READER: Mike, watching that Fox video of Tucker Carlson vs. Bill Nye the "phony" science guy, I thought it was at best a draw. They both descended into talking-at-once-raising-their-voices to drown each other out and it just ended like another episode of The View. I wish just once you could be in a televised debate with Nye (or Neil deGrasse Tyson) because you can marshal all those hard scientific facts & evidence that would demolish these frauds once and for all.

READER: About the Jue jitsu thing in Canada, I hope they don't figure me out! They might sent me to the guillotine as I'm a 3rd Dan in hapkido and a 1st in tiger kampo!!!!!
WRH: Your secret is safe with me.

READER: The lights upon us are dimming. We have been more or less abandoned by a press that proves incapable of informing us in anything approaching a disinterested fashion. As suggested, either the media are Clintonian liberals before they are newspapers and broadcasters, or they are servants of power before they serve us.

This is the media’s disgrace, but our problem. It imposes a couple of new burdens. We, readers and viewers, must discriminate among all that is put before us so as to make the best judgments we can and, not least, protect our minds. The other side of the coin, what we customarily call “alternative media,” assumes an important responsibility. They must get done, as best they can, what better-endowed media now shirk. To put this simply and briefly, they and we must learn that they are not “alternative” to anything. In the end there is no such thing as “alternative media,” as I often argue. There are only media, and most of ours have turned irretrievably bad.

And now they are doing much to land us in very grave trouble.

READER: Where is Trump at with a new Glass Steagal?

Looking forward to your show. BTW I don't listen to Richie Allen anymore as he is blinded with this anti Trump bias (like another caller said) which is counterproductive.