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January 05, 2018

READER: mike, include that fiber cable can not only break, the end caps get dirty and inhibit transmission. this would mean that miles of optic cable needs cleaning maintenance.

the more things change...

READER: I have not listened that much lately so I am not sure wether you have covered this in your show, but judging from your recent show and your attitude towards Trump it seems like you have not considered this, or discredited it.

Have you heard about the executive order freezing all assets of human rights abusers, and that Guantanamo is being upgraded to detain VIP prisoners?

There are rumors on line that Trump is now acting and arresting human traffickers and the human rights abusers, and that people like John Podesta, George Soros, the Bushes, and others are either already detained or soon to be detained.

What is your take on this?

WRH: We did cover this, and my attitude is I will believe it when I see it.

Just because a President signs an E.O. does not mean it gets carried out, and the example I use if Kennedy's E.O. to remove control of covert paramilitary operations from the CIA and transferring them to the Pentagon. It was never carried out.

READER: Good Morning Mr Rivero, I am a big fan of your show and long time listener, I actually came across your website by Googling the phrase "What Really Happened" coincidentally. I know you are big on encryption and I recall recently hearing you talk about a way in which you could send a message on a picture. I noticed this the other day at work and found this article online. When you receive this email if you have a gmail account. Send the picture to yourself and then search the number 5565 you will find that gmail can see numbers on a picture even if written. I haven't tried different fonts, but I must say It was a little scary when I confirmed it. Fyi

READER: Re: "snowfalls are just a thing of the past"

I thought I might be timely to see again, as it was being laughed at nearly everywhere by 2010, the year we got, in Delaware where I then lived, 100 miles North of here, 18 inches in mid December, before it was technically winter, and before that pile melted, another 20 inches in early January. My wife and I shoveled, by hand, 200 feet of driveway to free our vehicles, only to have the snowplow on the road in front repeatedly pile 4 feet of frozen chunky road scrapings in the mouth of my freshly and tediously cleared driveway--all he would have had to do was, after being asked politely, lift his plow at every drive someone had gone to the effort to clear. But that is too much to expect for a taxpayer who pays his bloated salary when the standard is "good enough for government work"

I love that article. No one seems to remember the warnings from the 70s of the impending ice age, now making headlines again. I'm sure the ice age to come will be blamed on "global warming", with a side order of collusion between Trump and Putin mixed in The Independent has disappeared that article from their history. Many articles from the last several years that quote parts of it and that try to link it take you to the current Independent front page. You can't get there from here--except through you. Thanks again.

Here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, it has snowed a foot since it began after dark yesterday, starting with an inch of sleet, now with drifts deeper than my knee-high rubber boots, and still snowing and blowing. Nor'easter winds are gusting to 50 mph, and ripped a piece of aluminum facia board off this 100 year old farmhouse. 60,000 customers are without power in Virginia Beach, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that connects Delmarva and the Hampton Roads/Norfolk/Va. Beach area is closed after a tractor-trailer blew off the bridge and the driver died. Without that bridge tunnel the only way from here, 30 miles south of the VA/MD line, to the Norfolk naval station(60 miles using the bridge tunnel) is to go north 60 miles to Salisbury Maryland, west to the DC beltway 100 miles, then south on 95 to Richmond, another 100 miles, and then southeast on I-64 50 miles to the Hampton Roads area that includes the giant military complex at Norfolk. Hopefully by tomorrow this snowstorm will be a "thing of the past".

READER: Trumps voter integrity commission has been disbanded, this doesn't make since, unless they want voter fraud to continue !

To serve both parties I quest the Money grabbing globalist communistic socialist elitist


Research Nick Penniman

READER: Photo from New Hampshire.

READER: AG obSessions is rescinding the Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country,,,,. obSessions will instead let federal prosecutors where pot is legal decide how aggressively to enforce federal marijuana law

So this is why obSessions cannot even begin to do his job of going after Real Criminals like Hillary - he's too busy destroying the rights of millions of US citizens who would sure like to be left alone !!! The guy is not only inept,but tsar-istic as well. Who gave him the right/power to do this???

READER: “Homelessness is completely unacceptable in a compassionate community such as ours,” the councilor wrote" from his 30-room "compassionate" mansion, each room hosting giganto heaters keeping the place at a "compassionate" 80degrees,

If Mr.Councilor doesn't want the homeless freezing their buns off on the street, why does he not show how "compassionate" he is and invite each and every homeless person he meets, to come hang out at his digs???