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October 06, 2017

READER: as we know, when SITE comes out that he converted to ISIS we all know its total BS I will need a snow plow size pooper scoop to get through all the crap & disinformation that has come out this week. yet we still don't have the truth and the official story stinks.

they are over selling this so much that he is the lone ringmaster of death & joined the criminal group known as the circus of crime, to became a killer clown - its that ridiculous ya I just stole that from marvel comics "circus of strange."

I'm not buying this load of BS

everyone with a political agenda is just making stuff up and tossing it out there

READER: " Trump has urged the Senate Intelligence Committee to look into American media to see why “so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!"

Yeh - that is like asking the fox to investigate the hen house. Government 'committees' have a vested interest in damning independent news sources (e.g., WRH) whilst okaying anything corporate media has to say, as long as corporate media prints/airs what the government wants it to. This 'urging' is absurd.

READER: So much for the cashless society!

A week or so before the hurricane hit Houston, the AT&T system went down in a large area North or San Antonio. It went down after 5 pm and stayed down over night. It became a "cash only" area.

No gasoline, groceries, medicine or a simple nut and bolt were available without cash. Nothing available at restaurants unless there was cash in hand. And, you couldn't get cash from an ATM because they rely on the phone system. This was after the banks had closed, so no help there either.

There was no word about it on local news. That made me wonder if it was a small scale test of a sudden cashless society.

Nothing could point out more clearly the dangers of a cashless society.

Not to mention, the simple push of a delete key and you and your money don't exist any more.