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September 06, 2016

READER: Hi, Mike. I hate to say it, but my wife and I had an argument. Not the yelling and screaming and shouting and chase the husband out into the yard in her housecoat and curlers waiting for the cops to show up but the vocal disagreement kind of arguing. She is type-2 diabetic. The quack has her on (among other things) Bezalip for cholesterol and Coversyl for high blood pressure. According to the contra-indications, you have to be very careful taking Coversyl as a diabetic. She also takes Jenuvia, which is supposedly used to control blood sugar.

When it comes to the side effects for these drugs, she checks all the boxes. Abdominal pain. Trouble sleeping. Irregular urination. WEIGHT GAIN. She is 5-foot-nothing and pushing 260 pounds. I am a 6’2 and have got myself down to 260 from 290 two years ago. And 280 last year. I’ve lost 10 pounds since April. And I’m not really even trying. I don’t get a lot of exercise, but I have modified my eating habits. My wife, Melissa, on the other hand has also modified her eating habits, she gets tons of exercise (pardon the pun). She bikes two-and-a-half miles each way to work. She is working on her feet all day. And yet she continues to go in the wrong direction.

It’s got to be the drugs she is on. There is absolutely no other explanation. She denies the drugs have anything to do with her pain. “It’s my weight. I have to lose the weight.” Well, the drugs are causing her to gain the weight in the first place!

I’ve told her about David Nicholson, the former director of the NHS in England, who stopped taking statins and noticed an almost immediate improvement. I also told her how Drew Carey, the actor went into diabetic remission. I’ve tried to motivate her, but I’m not getting through. I can’t compete with the goddamned quack. Whenever I even broach the subject of wanting to get her off those drugs, she says, “What do you want to do, kill me?”

With regards to my own health, I have really been shedding the pounds – and inches – since I ditched soda and fast food completely. I had kidney stones back in April and ended up being taken to Hollywood Presbyterian. That’s the hospital – or at least one of them – that had to pay a cryptolocker ransom. But not on the day I was there, fortunately. You can’t believe the service I got after they checked my health insurance. Zero co-pay, no deductible, full coverage (I didn’t even get a bill from the LAFD for the ambulance). I was in the CT-scanner inside of half-an-hour. I actually felt good about being there. Of course, that might have been the morphine talking. When they released me, I took a cab over to the Walgreen’s at Santa Monica and Western where my wife met me. She gave me S-H-one-T down one side and up the other for my appalling eating habits. Now it’s time to return the favor.

I know you’re not a doctor, Mike, but you seem to be very knowledgeable about these things. Are there any supplements you can recommend? She is a fan of vitamins, but also insists on taking whatever the doctor throws at her. She does like you. She listens / watches your Ron Gibson podcasts along with me sometimes. She absolutely despises Hillary Clinton and she is voting for Donald Trump. I hate to admit this, but maybe she’ll listen to you because she won’t listen to me when it comes to her medication and her health.

WRH: As you say, I am not a doctor, but you can find information about statins (which may have been the cause of death in my younger brother).

As for blind trust in the medical-industrial complex, I suggest you watch "Vaxxed" which amazingly enough is still up on YouTube at

READER: "Hey, for enough money laundered through my foundation, I'll GIVE you a phone with access to everything! Just give the $" Hilla$y

READER: Watched vaxxed and let the cdc know how I feel about them - here is their feedback email page.

READER: Good Morning Mike & Claire;

I was reading the article about Vince Foster with Claire's commentary of what it has cost in exposing the Clintons.

I dread to think what life would be like IF (as Sir Winston Churchill once wrote in the early days of World War Two; "The terrible if's accumulate!") the Clinton Crime Cartel Party (another version of CCCP) gets back into the White House.

I was stationed at Little Rock AFB during the time the Hillbillary Edition was inhabiting the drug-laden Governor's Mansion. I knew that if this man got into the White House, horrible things would continue to happen.

I left the US with my then fiancee' (now wife) for her home country in New Zealand. I have never been back; I have missed Christmasses with my oldest daughter age 33, I missed her wedding, and I missed her 3 university graduations. I have no VA Healthcare (I am a USAF Service-Connected Disabled Veteran) and we live on my VA Compensation here in the most expensive nation on earth!

At one time I was 'investigated' by the U.S. Secret Service based on an 'anonymous' tip from a source hostile to me (1999). I confronted the staff at Senator John Glenn's office over the subject of freeemasonry, and it's illegal and unlawful influence on U.S. politics & they called the FBI (this was in 1995). I have an FBI file 465 pages long, and I have never been arrested, nor do I even have a parking ticket. Only part of the FBI & Secret Service files have ever been released; nothing new there,...

In the event that this horrible woman Hellary is vote-frauded into office, and you guys need to flee the territory of the U.S. in the event your lives are threatened or perceived to be under threat, then by all means come to New Zealand; we have a spare bedroom, and you can stay for up to 90 days on a visa waiver stamp.

I was followed around in the U.S. and lied to by the same SS agents who visited me 3 years before their actual knock on the door, had my cold-engine restored Ford Mustang fire-bombed w/ a magnesium thermite device, etc

Take care-

WRH: When I was originally blacklisted, I was angry and fought back the only way I could. But as the years passed and I uncovered more lies, frauds, and deception perpetrated against the American people by the government, I realized that the issues were a lot larger than just what happened to Claire and I. To me, it was obvious the nation was on a path towards a new World War as a "fix all" for an economy that was not only mismanaged, but being looted and plundered by all of the insiders.

I still think that the US Government is headed towards the same fate as the USSR, brought down by the accumulated weight of lies and corruption, to be replaced by something better.

READER: After reading your Editorial remarks on the Dr. Drew show being cancelled article I thought I’d share this info with you as you would be most interested in knowing this knowing how much you and Claire have suffered over the years due to them. I and my family have suffered due to them as well but I won't go into it here. My mother and husband are both dead due to them.

She is suffering from "cranial wasting disease". There is no known cure. He has it also. Someone introduced it into them after the C***toons ran off with a LOT of money and never paid it back. They are above the law when it comes to paying back borrowed money. It may LOOK like Parkinsons some days....dementia some days.... brain trauma some days....blood clot.....stroke some days...and other days they can appear quite normal.....BUT trust me it was introduced to their bodies by someone who was REALLY PISSED OFF by them running off with a LOT of money when his Foundation was being set up back in the 1990's. He was a former Colonel in the French Foreign Legion and into arms selling and drug importing and a good friend of his from Mena days. It was concocted in a lab by a very clever chemist paid for by a VERY VERY wealthy man....he's laughing at them both right now in a South American country (Paraguay to be exact). He is wheelchair bound due to a parachuting accident less than 10 years ago. His concoction is not detectable either and all their doctors have NO idea just what ails both of them.. Notice how BOTH of them are going downhill at the same time? They didn't pay him back when they said they would....and now both of them are not long for this world. Remember Hugo Chavez? He had cancer eat him up very quickly....and he too probably screwed over this same person. I'll give you a big hint. He goes by the name Wynn (not his real first or last name). Wynn as in “I win and you lose.” Those guys in the FFL can be pretty sadistic when thinking up torture for their enemies. He has known to induce this into several of his enemies and they are still living very miserable lives. Those big time players in the arms smuggling areas know him well. He has his OWN army literally to do his bidding. He was/is very big over in the Middle East. He’d have dinner with Saddam on a regular basis. Probably never heard of him as he is a shadow player type guy. Ever wonder why Huma puts up with her shit? She's a plant by this guy. Has been for years. Notice how she always had a gloomy face when around her? But she has a big smile on her face when she is around her buddy Huma. He times his stuff to really do it’s damage about 20 years down the road so no one can pin it on him or even figure out what it is. Ever wonder why they left the WH "broke"? It was directed at Wynn so he would not keep bugging them for this money. And also a lot of the seed money was never paid back either just like Wynn was never paid back a dime.

How do I know this stuff you ask? My son listened to hours and hours of tape recordings done in the WH back in 96…done by the insiders themselves. On the tapes were many happy hours with her bragging that she hit him with a telephone causing his jaw to be broken and another time she kicked him so hard that one of his balls had to be surgically removed from his body and placed back where it belonged. He was on the phone with some Aussie guy who wanted his money and he could not speak right and Aussie asked him what was the problem…Oh my wife broke my jaw with a telephone. Their favorite weapons to use on each other were ashtrays and telephones. He did hit her repeatedly with both…and she did the same with him giving him many concussions. He gave her several really bad ones with telephones as well. Maybe the frenzel lenses were needed due to a thrown telephone?

I know this is not to make you feel better about what happened to you and Claire….but at least you can tell Claire that they are now getting theirs….very very soon .....and all the money in the world will not cure them. Sit back…you now have a front row seat for all the fun to come and now know why and how.

READER: I was watching the noon news on the local station. They reported that Clinton is still beating Trump in the national polls.

I decided that I will look up some of those polls and vote for Trump. I searched and all I could find were reports on poll results, but not a single actual poll.

WRH: If the polls show Trump winning you will never see them on the corporate media (although CNN has been honest that Trump is ahead in their latest poll).

READER: Since the electoral college is who actually elects the President, if Hillary is not convicted or does not die before the election she will be the next President of the United States. She has an incredible lead in electoral votes over Donald Trump. Wishing will not make her lose. True is right - The system is rigged. So, the next thing is to figure out what to do if Hillary is elected POTUS. This is not encouraging, but it is reality. So, you should find more articles on how to defeat her lead in the electoral college than dealing with useless polls and things that in the final analysis do not matter at all. Will a huge scandal derail her? Probably not. Of course, I am a rural blacksmith and artist who only knows what he reads, but the signs do not look too good to me.
WRH: The American people have been pushed to the limit. If the electoral college tries to reverse a landslide victory for Trump it could well trigger an uprising.

READER: READER: If Hillary can drum up $143 from donors, they all know the fix is in. .... They know she's going to win!

Question - if “they” know the fix is in (s-election rigged) and they “know she’ going to win”, then why are they pouring millions into her ‘campaign’? These are not all rich corporate folk who want favors, they also include G.Sorryos who runs the whole show so doesn’t need bribes-for-favors.

So again, if they already ‘know she’s going to win’, seems millions of those $47 are wasted/down-the-sewer ‘donations’. But then, they, unlike us normal folks, gots lots of excess millions to throw away.

READER: "Trump Takes Lead Over Hillary 45-43 in CNN/ORC Poll"

Don't believe a word (or number) of it - if corporate media gives him a 2% lead, it is probably 20% at least. They just gotta keep the numbers close so they don't wind up with egg on their corrupt faces ...

READER: I just finished watching "Vaxxed" and I couldn't help but think of an episode of the "Brady Bunch" from 1969 called "Is there a Doctor in the House". All six kids come down with a case of the measles. They were sent home from school, sent to bed to recover. The doctors came -- yes, a house call -- examined them and basically told them to keep doing what they were doing and to let the disease ride itself out.

Now you have 644 cases among 300 million people and it's and epidemic. I had the measles. And the mumps. That was 40 + years ago and I have lived to tell about it.

I wonder why that episode was never mentioned in the movie.