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March 07, 2017

READER: Way back when Microsoft was under legal attack, it seems to have stopped maybe because a deal was made with the NSA CIA

READER: Seen articles about some brands of linux packages are also backdoored, I use Debian, never had a problem that I'm aware of.
WRH: If you're aware, then the backdoor is not working correctly.

READER: The huge military exercises, featuring 320,000 US and Korean troops; the 60 day timeline of these games; and now, coming implementation of the THAAD. At the moment, I would not bet against a major strike against North Korea in the next 60 days.

READER: Were going to let you go


Don't let it bother you

WRH: The guy keeps calling in trying to goad me into calling for armed rebellion.

READER: Re : female caller at around 2:00:00

....Hillary a f a d e d flower?!!!!!!!

Dear caller : you were being w a y too kind, but, on the other hand there are flowers, plants, including certain herbs, that actually kill people.

READER: The President - elect won the election with less than 40% of the popular vote but had the majority of electoral votes. The Republican Party had put forth a candidate to win several crucial states that could swing the electoral college.

The election was a bitter one with the Democratic Party fractured between two candidates.

The incoming President received so many death threats that he chose to arrive in Washington in secrecy. The security for the inauguration was the tightest ever with troops stationed on buildings throughout the day. This was an unprecedented amount of protection for any President - elect. Many members of Congress chose not to attend the ceremony.

Despite all of this . . . . . . Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as our 16th president on March 4, 1861.

READER: Hi Mike, I firmly believe our Nation is in such a state of Peril not seen since 1776. The corrupt are starting to get REALLY desperate. We both know NOTHING is More dangerous than a cornered animal. They have literally "bet the farm" on this Presidency, and things are decidedly turning against them.

"Obamagate" we will see is but the First stone turned over. It will get deeper and wider as time goes on. I think their next step will be a SERIOUS attempt on Pres.Trump's life. It will be open and obvious, and DRAMATIC.

They have no other options now. They cannot start a Civil War on the streets, the majority just don't buy their BS any longer. I think they will try for P.Trump AND crash the economy. It is their ONLY move to attempt to regain the Control they so desperately desire.

Their attempts to start a World War won't fly with Pres.Putin. He and Pres.Trump have agreed upon this. Now we see things falling apart for them in Ukraine, and soon France will be free of them.

These are certainly dangerous and Historic times. I agree with you, better NO GOVERNMENT than a Corrupt one.

Just to share some thoughts.....