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October 08, 2016

READER: obummer "will commute the sentences of another 102 offenders, mostly cocaine dealers."

Meanwhile Leoanrd Peltier sits in prison after decades of illegal incarceration for a crime he did not commit. Surely TueBummer has been contacted often by Free-Peltier requests for his release.

Obummer, instead, releases drug dealers. So much for the goofermint war-on-drugs ...

READER: If I was Putin, I'd be tempted to preemptively stop that hoax: I'd shoot down (or better yet, force to land at my base) one of the planes looking just like mine, and then when the US and loyal media complain, my narrative would be "We were shooting at one of our own planes that had gone rogue and was no longer listening to our commands. Oops, it was actually a US warplane... But then why was it painted in our colors?"

Probably I'd still take a lot of heat in the media for my "aggressive action", but the world population would know the US has been painting its war planes in my colors, so that "it was a RUSSIAN plane that committed the atrocity!" scam wouldn't be believed anymore.

READER: We aren't allowed to complain about dead people voting because dead lives matter.

READER: A Republican and a Democrat arrived at the poling station and were asked for their ID.

The Republican showed his birth certificate.

The Democrat showed his death certificate.


READER: I've been reading WRH for many years. Your philosophy and interests seem to consistently align with mine, so I generally respect your choice of content. Occasionally, we part company. It's usually over a minor issue and as often as not, we end up in the same camp, although our arrival times may not coincide. We seem to agree that Hillary is no damn good. Your website has been exemplary in exposing the bitch. However, not all your "members" seem to agree with us about the evil that is Clinton.

Ive seen hit pieces on Trump that manage to find their way into WRH. WTF?? The latest was a very effective, but unfair slander on Trump; within a larger submission from a member calling himself Carl_Herman. This dirty hit piece was posted Oct 6 at 19:57. Watch the excerpt from the Andy Griffith movie, where Andy plays a deranged populist, who Carl_Herman uses to make Trump out to be a dangerous maniac. Im not an enthusiastic Trump booster, but I find this message way out of line for a website that is supposed to share my anti-Clinton views. I think you should disavow this and other such outrageous Trump slanders and quit posting such stories from Carl and others like him.

WRH: That was posted by a member and yes, some of the members are obvious pro-Hillary plants. It is a tough call between respecting the First Amendment and slapping down obvious propagandists.

READER: Women trying to reach Gaza Stopped in international waters- warships Do they now think that they own the oceans etc? I would hope to hear a protest from Canada but I am reminded of time when Some Canadian politicians were in Israel and Palestinians were being bombed and the only complaint I seem to remember was irritating sound of sirens

READER: mike listening to your thursday 10/6/16 show, your caller "peter" saying there are not enough ships to move too many troops to attack the U.S., does not take into consideration that billy bob during his term as slick-prexy signed EO PDD60. which in effect will prevent u.s bases on conus or anywhere for that matter to launch on warning against incoming missile attacks until after each base has absorbed the first strike. AND the launch codes since they were put under the control of the prexy, another billy bob doohickey, when the exasperated base commander calls the prexy for launch codes they won't get an answer.

watch the hackman/denzel movie crimson tide. the epilogue states that because of the battle of wills featured in the movie on whether to launch or not, the codes were now (circa 1998's billy bob era) under the prexy.

READER: The "Creepy Clown" nonsense

I've been ignoring this idiocy since anyone with a brain can figure out it is a hoax generated by the "look at me!" generation on "social media"...but this video breaks it down pretty well, reminding us all that sites like Facebook actively experiment on their users:

So is this a deliberate psy-op? And to what end?

WRH: Someone may have hoped this would be a fad on the independent media, so the corporate media could make fun of us, but like you, I just ignored it. Alternative theory; those clown masks will be the hot item for Halloween.

READER: I know you dont cover hockey but this is an exception. A few years ago a popular player that used to be on the MN Wild died of an overdose of painkillers. They grabbed a friend who sold him prescription painkillers. The case finally came to conclusion today (5 years since his death now) and the judge refused to give this guy jail time because the painkillers he sold him were different from the ones that killed him. So this means the cops nailed a guy and didnt care if he was the right guy or not and neither did the prosecutors. They tried to put the wrong guy in prison for this and they knew it. They had to know he wasnt the one who sold him the drugs that killed him long before the court got involved.

READER: Today i started plugging your broadcast and website each time i make a comment to videos on Youtube. I think you said they block you now. So i always end my comment with: I am a Michael Rivero Ranger ... along with where to find The Truth.

READER: Hey Michael, Just want to comment how I can't find a live cam of the storm. Seems funny to me. I know some of them would be down with the hurricane but when I tried to view some in the path of the storm they were all down for one reason or another. I mean I checked at least a couple dozen cams. Couldn't find anything with hurricane winds and the few live cams I did get in FL were not in the path and not very stormy at all. Just think this whole thing is odd - like "you and your family and children are all gonna die if you don't leave now". They were even saying "look, the hurricane is a scull shape". Really, WTF?
WRH: Webcams are generally not built to last and as the economy plunges, they are not being replaced. There used to be a live webcam at Haleakela crater on Maui. The web page for it is still up, but the camera has not worked for more than a year.

READER: I live in Australia, we have crazy gun control. We are not allowed to use ANYTHING but our own hands for self protection. And if your trained in any martial art etc, they consider you a weapon. So if you beat up someone who try's to hurt you, you are in BIG trouble, and will most likely spend time behind bars. Since the 1996 gun grab and control laws, we have lost so many rights and we can't stop the Government now. Even if you try to protest, you must ask the Government for permission to protest and pay a fee. If they say no to your protest action (which they call non-sanctioned protesting) you will get at minimum a $25000 fine, and more often than not, jail (spelt gaol here) time. And your Government keeps using us in Australia as the leader of gun control. Thought you guys might enjoy a bit of truth about being "free" in Australia.


"They are telegraphing how they plan to steal this election! Early voting, where the dead and illegals are already voting by the thousands!"

Yep. Jus' like with their invisible rally attenders.

READER: Just a message to burst Mo's bubble. Concerning an invasion of America being impossible. Mo America is already being invaded by Illegals across the southern boarder with Mexico.

READER: if there was 2 events

1..... for hillary supporters.


1...... for those who had their life destroyed or were screwed over by the clintons.

* which event would have the biggest turn out of Americans ?

standing room only ?