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January 08, 2018

READER: Re: The Post movie

Or when the NYT and the WP actually did their jobs.

I haven't seen this, nor will I. Meryl Streep looks too much like Hillary, for some reason.

WRH: Yes, it's a turd-polish for sure!

READER: Just put yourself in the place of the betrayed. What a horrible man Bannon is.

These people really don't care about the country. The only man that really does is Trump alone.

But, it is soo difficult. He cannot do it alone. Unlike Obama he is at least trying.

Thankfully he used his bully pulpit to expose the dubious media to the American people.

He's made us look good warriors.

Cheers! Thanks for your dedication to the American people and your country.

READER: Well, I see that Oprah thinks she wants to run for president.

I don't see it.

She was 60 just three years ago. which means she will be 66 when Trump's first term is ended. I really think America will look for a Kennedy figure or a Sandra Bullock in the next election. Not only has America been subject to the old, the ones they have seen tend to be batty.

Oprah has that movie star personality that always is looking for approval. It might get her close, but I don't see her getting the cigar.

Another problem she has is her fantastic wealth. Wealth is a lot like beauty. When you got it, you don't have to try as hard, therefore you don't.

And there is the military-industrial complex. Can it support a woman that gives away cars to a whole audiences, cries when she hears sad stories, or takes her show to South Africa to shine a light on poverty and AIDS? Not likely.

READER: Oprah for prez?

It just occured to me..ignoring the obvious media circus around Oprah for President, or rather to read between the lines: the media is no longer supporting Hillary for 2020. If they're openly cheering for Oprah that means that Hillary is well and truly FINISHED politically.

...unless Oprah chooses her as the running mate but do you really think Hillary would want to be second banana?

I can see a replay of Hillary being thrown under the bus the way she was to make way for Obama.