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October 12, 2017

READER: "Weinstein looked bedraggled Wednesday in Los Angeles, a day after he said he would be flying to Europe to attend sex rehab"

After all the accusations against Weinstein as sexual predator, he only gets 'rehab'? out of country? Any average Joe accused of one sexual assault can spend years in prison. Simply stunning!!!

As is what a fat slob he is - obviously the only 'attraction' to the guy is his wealth & power, certainly NOT his looks or bod !!!

READER: Re: wienstein

It looks like the water in the alligator pond is drying up and the alligators are eating one another.

READER: I'm beginning to think the Las Vegas shooting was private enterprise for private gain. The CIA and its little friends might need a few million extra once in a while. It was an experiment. After all they got away with the Kennedy assassination and they got away with 9-11. Whoever the actual they is.

The bungling of the Clark county sheriff's dept was not at the direction of some government agency but the result of their own fear and incompetence. If I were sheriff of Clark county I would have plenty of experience with looking the other way and reading who the players are. This blows up in my jurisdiction and I am completely lost as to who the actors were. Ditto the FBI. What are they doing there? No one crossed state lines. They don't know what is going on either, so they do their usual suppress eye witnesses and fabricate evidence.

For example , the FBI (?) goes to Paddock's house and finds no evidence, or at least none that supports a story they want repeated. They leave. Now, wouldn't they as a matter of course surround the place with crime scene tape and wouldn't the sheriff post a 24 hour guard on the place? Did they? The house gets broken into. Now the FBI is going to have to go back and check. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts the evidence they needed will be there .

READER: What is the status of the 59 autopsies of the Last Vegas vics? Where were they done? Are they complete? Do the results indicate more than one shooter? What kind of weapon was used and what round was fired?

READER: The Boy scouts will now be admitting girls to their organization. Those who push this agenda are missing one very important point........ BOYS. It's Boy Scouts. BOY. I am sure they will push for the organization to drop "Boys", and they will just be known as, "Scouts". The insanity continues. Black is white; white is black. Attempt to confuse the masses. Control the herd. Steve

I will be calling in soon. No longer in California.3000 mile journey has come to an end. Down here in Central Florida. We left Windsor, CA at the right time. My area continues to burn. A disaster. Talk soon.

WRH: This whole PC scout thing will blow up in their faces at the first pregnancy!

READER: I noticed this today as one of the new coices you have when clicking on the "..." at the upper right of a FB post. "Hide all from Conservative Media"


This means that if you click this you will see nothing of what FB deems Conservative.

This is a viscous form of censorship where people give up their critical thinking to a Big Brother (FB) who then does a 1984ish thought control.

This must be a result of the work of the 2-3 thousand "Content Editors" FB has recently hired

I wonder if there is a "Hide all Liberal Content" equivalent, lol. -- though I don't want Fb making any content blocking for me.

READER: Antifa is supposed to have some 'get togethers' on Nov 4th to stir things up.

what if everyone ignored them? no counter demonstrations, nobody on the street to watch them march, nothing. just some police to keep them from smashing things up.

it would be a policy of non engagement, don't give them the attention they are seeking.

or do you think it would have a reverse effect that they might interpret it as the general population is cowering in fear and it might embolden them to step up their game.

they are irrelevant and will be tossed on the trash heap of history just like lots of other bad ideas. how can we hurry them along to the trash heap? any ideas/strategies?

thank you for all that you do.

WRH: Antifa was going to deface a bunch of statues of Columbus (the only immigrant Liberals do NOT love) on Columbus Day. Nobosy showed up, so I am not expecting anything to really happen on Nov. 4th.