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September 13, 2017

READER: Sadly while there is bragging as to large amounts of money raised by entertainers on call in telethon- Kelly and Ryan show or Ryan show described money raisers- five elderly people died in a nursing home in Hollywood Florida due to lack of air conditioning

Wondering how they got missed in beginning rescue stages

READER: i bet 50 cents in silver quarters DWS commits suicide by shooting herself twice.

michael hastings and seth rich faded fast

i now wish i hadn’t watched so many ‘gunsmokes,’ robin hood, or paladin tv shows growing up and that all those jimmy stewart movies were never made. makes waking up more painful when you realize in reality the fate matt, robin, paladin and mr. smith would meet.

in my favourite film, ‘white heat,’ and it took me many viewings to understand what cody jarrett’s subtext was when he shouts “only the treasury stuff!” He didn’t want to steal anything but the money created from air I don’t know any counterfeiters, yet presume, that’s their rationale

once i realized the implications of this, I began to see the film in a new light. I can’t say if this was an unintentional attack or an informed attack on the future we live in by a visionary or a crew of visionaries; writers, actors and Raoul Walsh the director (interesting man,) or it just happened.

I’m moving and jettisoning much. will send the dvd to you. I’m sure you know Norman Dodds and think you may have intro’d him to me and his whole 'take over the professors and you’ve got the minds,’ is so evident when an esteemed USC film cat interprets the film in xtras for the audience and it is totally party line.

It isn’t 1984, it isn’t V for Vendetta; it is sly and non of the perps went in front of HUAC but says a great deal about where are now.

READER: Kudos, Mike, for your desertation on Leonard. Myrtle Poor Bear was mentally disturbed and had a child. They knew this and threatened to take her child away and her income if she didn't lie about Leonard. The Canadians were pissed that they were lied to about Leonard (to get the extradition), they felt used by the FBI.

Anyway, thanks for your words today, very well put with surrounding detail. I remember, too, the mother's with their children, standing on the way to the courtroom, the curtains on the bus going by carrying the jurors were darkened so that they would not see that these "terrorists" were human beings with families. I remember also the playing of the on air broadcast on the radio, about the "compound" and how they fled from law enforcement. Where in the Hell were they supposed to go, this was the last place on earth they were allowed to be, there was no place to run, they felt it was an existential fight for survival. The unmarked cars just another in a long series of provocations, like North Korea, pushed to the limit, and all over a pair of stolen boots, unfortunately for the officers, the pickup truck (not a van as you say) had some explosives in it, wrong place at the wrong time.

READER: Listened to the show yesterday and listening now , you should start a drinking game take a shot of water (not sure if you want to drink alcohol while on the show) every time one of these no plane idiots call the show then drop them.

READER: Leah scientology

Wow they make the catholic cabal look almost sane-good! I've been watching 8 pm AE show off and on - tonite is the best so far! And leah has her mother on with bruce (30 yr+ hi insider)

READER: Listening to yesterday's podcast (9/12) on the subject of the rash of data breaches, your bewilderment of the governments inaction on the issue, I have to wonder if it is deliberate or at least complacency on our governments part.

Remembering the interview producer Aaron Russo gave where he revealed the globalist goal of "chipping" everyone, then running these data breach issues through the lens of "problem, reaction, solution" that our government seems to love to manipulate us with, it would seem the goal is to "muddy" our identities to the point where no one will be able to definitively prove who they claim to be. The fix for this..... "Here's your government issued, Central Bank approved, hack- proof, implanted biometric I.D.".

I would appreciate to hear your thoughts on this.

Love your show and thank you for all your efforts.

WRH: And all the crooks have to do is hack off whichever bodily part the chip is planted in to steal your data/money!


"In other news, several individuals who attended a Hillary Clinton book signing have gone missing. According to local police, spouses and other family members have reported that their loved ones were last seen at the signing and have not since returned.

And now, the weather."

READER: Have you looked at the cause of death assigned to Joseph Rago, a recent addition to the Clinton Body Count?:

Death blamed on sarcoidosis -- "a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells" (Wikipedia) whose cause is unknown. "Some believe it may be due to an immune reaction to a trigger such as an infection or chemicals".

So a mysterious apparently autoimmune condition involving an inflammatory response to xenobiotics or pathogens. Sounds like a convenient catch-all condition to explain poisoning. Note there is no definitive test for the condition ... also from Wikipedia: "Diagnosis of sarcoidosis is a matter of exclusion, as there is no specific test for the condition. "

READER: “Gold is the money of kings,
silver is the money of gentlemen,
barter is the money of peasants –
debt is the money of slaves.”..

READER: I've just finished, well actually gave up reading Hillary's new book "What Happened", which ironically has been leaked on the Internet.

I have to say in reading all the content of the first three pages, I had a relapse of my dyslexia or maybe the claptrap was really repetitive.

The most interesting thing I noticed while reading it was that there was one word missing from the book, actually the cover.

So with a little help from my paint program I made an amendment which I think you might find amusing. I'm sure you can find a spot on your website for it. LOL