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January 14, 2018

READER: Are you guys ok?
WRH: Claire is still dealing with back pain. Other than that we are just tired all the time.

We were rattled by yesterday's false alarm as was everyone else around here.

Thanks for asking.

READER: Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Hawaii's life, their breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.

READER: LOL! April Ryan is losing it and so is CNN! I’m starting to worry about CNN’s “mental fitness.”

“In the beginning it was like every 25 or 30 minutes you would get the same three stories repeated,” an observer recently noted. “Now it’s the same three stories every 10 minutes.”

Okay, that’s Michael Wolff talking about Trump. But to me, it’s a much more accurate statement when applied to CNN’s coverage these days. They repeat themselves with “alarming frequency.” Just try to turn on CNN and not see the word “Russia” on the screen.

READER: Well mate that would have been a nice way to start off a day hey ... thinking your about to get fucking vapourized ... nice cunts ...

Anyway hope u and clare are ok i havnt missed a single show in over a year ..

cheers mate

READER: Will dispatch an emergency set of underwear as soon as I can . . . . unable to help Claire unfortunately ;-)

READER: These "pathetic and insignificant crumbs’…" are still better than no crumbs at all from the hypocritical Dems that have no problem giving our tax money away to illegals - they should be helping US citizens at home first and if we have extra then help legal immigrants.

READER: If a person believes the end of the world coming via nukes.."AAAAAAAAAAA!"

If a person understands that the Koreans are not suicidal..." Please pass the jam."

It was a mistake and not another government fear factor plan as we know happens enough.

But; people are now more on edge about how they over reacted that makes them more on edge..not less in the future. If it were real..Just kiss your loved one good bye..As there is nothing a person could have done.

READER: After everything you & Claire have been experiencing lately, today certainly did not lower your stress levels. Please know you are in my thoughts, praying you two stay healthy and safe.

READER: testing the waters?

"go into your homes..."

were there any ER/deaths from the scare?