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June 14, 2017

READER: USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10) commissioned June 17, 2017.

How long will it be before we see the USS Steve Scalise?

READER: shooter was unable to pay taxes and permit fees on his business ?

so he wanted to address how corporations in washington avoid paying taxes ?

yet he has to pay taxes ?

so he went to public wifi areas to go online and avoid detection by irs or fbi or ?

sold everything and headed for revenge ?

like airplane pilot who crashed into irs building because nobody would listen to his right to redress of grievance ? ?

READER: I wish I'd been on the line with you when you mentioned that Voyager was now 20 billion kilometers from Earth. My instant reaction would've been: "Oh, how I envy it..."
WRH: Just you and Chuck Berry!

READER: heard your response to the caller slamming alex jones in the second hour on monday (about 1h35m on youtube) that "you would like to see the independent media pull together to create a single network". It might be time to reach out to alex again because that seems to be exactly what he is trying to do ....

*mike cernovich, roger stone and several others have been mentioned as either getting their own show or weekly hour block etc

*his regular presenters at various times have also been mentioned as getting their own permanent timeslots or show, beyond the test programs where the two ladies and two younger guys had their own slots for a couple weeks .

since the details seem to vary each time its mentioned, its hard to be sure but it seems like he intends to at least double their daily time on air, far beyond the current "11-3 show" and "nightly news"

WRH: I have sent Alex a few emails over the last several months, including a warning that Pizzagate looked like a set-up, but he never replies.

READER: I need you to refresh my memory. What is the name of the water filter you have. I brought the same one a couple years ago and when my hard drive crashed a few months ago I lost the info on it and I canít remember the name of the company that makes it.
WRH: Pure Effect

I tested our water back when the Flint situation happened and found that our water is fine coming out of the tap, so I actually replaced my Pure Effect filter a few months back with a much smaller PUR that attaches to the faucet.

READER: So I'm wondering why Hillbag still has her top secret clearance, something that should have been revoked long ago.

The only answer I can think of is: they are going to try to install her as president still. Or, they think she will be able to "rule from the shadows" but that's really not her style.

And given the increasingly shrill insanity of these bullshit "Russia" hearings, I can totally believe that at least some of the Democrats still think they can overturn the election.

I hope I'm wrong. They seem oblivious to the anger they are inspiring in the population that is getting REALLY sick of this crap.

I wonder of Soetero still has his top secret clearance. We haven't heard much about his "shadow white house" in a while.

READER: Fox "Breaking News" story today. It appears the Democrats have the evidence of a Russian collusion benefiting President Donald Trump. IMPEACHMENT is now on the table. Their evidence.

It appears that President Donald Trump's son, (Baron), was caught passing a note to a Russian Foreign exchange student in his class. The note was retrieved by the teacher. The note said: "Make America Great", "Vote for my dad".

A little humor at the expense of the ridiculous MSM, and the Democrats. They can't find anything to corroborate their "Illusion of a Russian Collusion". The laugh is on them. Forward this on.

READER: What makes me so angry is that these claims of interference in the elections are merely diversionary, they are attacking to keep from or slow down the attacks which do have evidence of crimes committed and are not yet charged or properly investigated... The real question is why these tactics are being so successful. By now it is quite clear to me these diversions are being allowed to completely divert attention from real crimes and real criminals.. Can some one explain why Russia worked so hard to get Hillary elected??? If Russia did interfere in our election, why does it all favor Hillary????