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February 15, 2017


READER: A much more picturesque alternative to WASHINGTON COMPOST is WASHINGTON POSTERIOR

READER: Let's not forget the Johnstown floods where an earthen dam collapsed after much heavy rainfall. The dam had been neglected by the rich elite who used the lake for fishing and leisure. I had visited the dam site a few years ago. I could send you some pics if I can dig them up.

READER: Mike hi, heard your show from yesterday. I'm a foreigner living in Sochi / Russia, I can assure you besides the ski jump ramp all facilities here are in great use. you can see that on As a matter of fact, I joke with my Russian friends and people I meet, that Krasnaya Polyana (where the snow events took place) is actually the only place in Russia where you see people walking around with a smile on their faces ;) thanks for your reporting.
WRH: Sochi is the happy exception, and Top Gear used it as a location for some of their adventures.

READER: Re: Germany

Luckily Merkel has slipped a little in the polls but Martin Schulz does not seem a much better choice. He is in favor of immigration and he also is in favor of the EU. Although I did not see the poll numbers for a few days, last week Merkel was at 30%, Schultz was at 31%, the AfD was at 15% and the Communist "Die Linke" was at 10% with the rest going to other parties such as the Greens and the Pirate party.

I think Merkel knows that although she is not greatly favored, neither are the other parties. I find the Afd only slightly better than the others and the "Linke" just behind. In my opinion the worst choices are those in the lead: SPD and CDU. I can't believe I am going to move back to Germany in about a year I expect taxes to again go up there to pay for the military build-up as well as Social Benefits for the refugees. Oh why, Oh why, did I not choose to move to Russia?

READER: Hi Mike. Please tell your viewers and listeners that if they (and you) start attacking Trump at this stage, you are all playing right into the hands of the Globalists. This is what they want so stop it please. I remember someone saying Trump on his worst day is 100 times better than Hillary on her best day....

Also, I believe the independent media needs to give him the respect he deserves by always addressing him as President Trump, not Donald Trump or Trump. Before the election he was just Donald Trump. Now, considering what he has achieved against mountains of adversity, he surely deserves a new title and the people need to keep hearing it. And I also believe Claire would agree with me.....

Words contain power.

READER: Thank you for publishing the report as to Dresden

Probably few realize the hells done to German citizens or revenges taken by Allies after the war

Years ago I had an older neighbor- German married to a Ukrainian

I remember her telling me one day that when she was as a teenager working on family farm in Germany she saw planes from England flying in to bomb Germans

Many deaths

I suspect that this war as many were expressions of willpower of selfish egotistical leaders

All shrines in Poland

I remember reading that there were so many shrines because of all young men killed in wars when self centered rulers wanted to prove their prowess or were bored by sending young men to fight and die

READER: this is the couple who started this seed savers project. they welcome media questions and have a facebook page and a beautiful catalog. hope you can and will give them some air time for the mainland people.

READER: Isn't Eddie Griffin's call to assassinate Trump an arrestable offense? If shouting "fire" in a movie theater when there is none is not protected by the 1st Amendment, this should not be, either!