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August 15, 2017

READER: Regarding transgender sports people, the answer is simple, have three classes, male, female and uncertain, sadly I know this will disqualify me from the under twenties female wrestling competitions but that's life.

READER: Beautiful diplomatic handling of the Charlottesville mess -- am 15 minutes into tonite's show. Great that you invoke Rhodesia -- the long-term push is to hand America to over to savages and kill off the whites (or lights).

READER: The escalation of Antifa, Altright and police activities had its dress rehearsals in Maidan Square in Kiev 2014... the riots and shootings saw the removal of Victor Yanukovich and American lead coup inserting Porochenko... You will see an escalation on hostilities here including snipers firingon Antifa, Altright and police forces...... Get this word out to your audience....


Mike, there is a statue of Lenin in Seattle and no one is asking to remove it. Complete hypocrisy. Lenin wasn't even AMERICAN!