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July 15, 2016

READER: FOX News claims to have proven that the Nice production was the work of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) – by virtue of an article in the “al Qaeda Magazine” ‘INSPIRE’ which described how a would be terrorist should drive a truck to kill the ‘infidels’. Here FOX reads from a 2010 (Issue 18) copy of INSPIRE they just happened to have at hand for dictation:
WRH: INSPIRE, like SITE, is a propaganda front. We know that because INSPIRE featured Adam Gadahn, the "American Al Qaeda" on their cover. But Adam Gadahn was a phony. His real name was Adam Pearlman, he was Jewish, and his grandfather was a board member oif the ADL!

READER: from now on all white box trucks will be referred to as 'assault trucks'.

Official White Horse Souse


READER: I noticed that is some of the postings lately, titles such as “Muslim Migrant Rapes Swedish Girl…..”, etc. are now being featured.

I think these titles are misleading because such acts are prohibited in the Islamic guidance (considered a capital crime) and the use of the word “muslim” in such headlines is misleading.

A muslim is a monotheist who tries to follow the guidance from all monotheist prophets. Therefore, a person committing such acts is not representative of the word “muslim” and cannot be given the title of “muslim”. Of course, there are many people pretending to be muslims or hypocritical in their behaviour.

However, I think only a person affiliated with Zionist ideology would promote such titles, and I don’t think that you are a Zionist.

WRH: I think you are being rather naive.

Let's shift off Muslims and use Christians for the counter example. Christianity supposedly teaches love and compassion, and we have those commandments about not killing, not stealing, not lying, and not committing adultery. Yet the news is full of Christians who behave badly, especially priests who molest small children (which earn banner headlines at WRH).

Good people will do good things. Bad people will do bad things. Both will often claim their religion as the reason.

WRH: I agree!

READER: The State of Alert in France after the Paris attacks was supposed to end very soonthis month. They have increased the period another 3 months after this.

Obviously this could be another proof that these attacks are State sponsored. I bet next attacks are scheduled for October i would presumed.

READER: Hi Michael, Just wanted to let you know that Everytime I share your program from U-TUBE (via Ron Gibson ) to Facebook, they immediately delete it.

This is just wrong, but they don't care. They are just as Corrupt as is our Government.

Just wanted you to know my friend. My best to you and Claire !

WRH: I am not surprised.

READER: Breathed has a good one...

"Like a Clinton."

READER: I thought of an idea that thought I could pass onto you and maybe even talk some of your Rangers to participate in.

Unfortunately, I can only do this while I am at home with my DVR.

My idea is that if a "breaking news story" (cough, cough, wink, wink) is happening, I would pick one of the cable news channels or, maybe even one of the over the air channels and start recording from beginning to end. If I have to, program the DVR to record all up coming "scheduled shows" so that way I know I will get most of the first few hours of the breaking news story.

My reasoning is that it seems that when the drill goes live, most of the script mistakes are made at the beginning and then later the re-take is made with the changed script.

I thought maybe if others would do this, just pick a channel and hit play record. Then when it's all done, the notes then can be compared.

If enough of the Rangers do this, I am sure that most, if not all the alphabet channels will end up on someones DVR.

Strength to you and your wife :)

READER: Not sure if im losing my mind or not but didnt you just ( maybe a member story) run an article 2 or 3 days ago stating france was NOT going to extend the hightened security bit ? which they announced today was going to be extended … for obvious reasons. =
WRH: Apparently there was an argument over that, and Hollande won it. He may wish he hadn't as the French people, already in the streets over austerity, are now pointing out how that state of emergency did not prevent this attack.

READER: 28 of the 32 pages declassified?

Do the other pages say blank blank and blank?

READER: i had sent u an email about the comment i posted about 911 and SAIC being a main player. the comment only shows up when im logged into YT otherwise when im logged out the comment doesnt appear. no owonder im not getting likes on it, no one can see it. this is another way YT censors.