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November 15, 2017

READER: Why aren't women infuriated over FAKE sexual misconduct claims? Remember the Presidential election campaign? It wasn't that long ago. One month before the vote all of these women came out and made FAKE claims against the President. NONE were true. It was proven they were Democratic operatives and were paid for false testimony. It's the same thing with Roy Moore. One month before the election. How convenient? It's now coming out one of the accusers worked for the Democrats and was paid for false testimony. Here we go again. Is anyone getting this? The media takes true claims about Weinstein and Spencer Tracey (or whatever his name is) and mixes it with FAKE news about Roy Moore in an attempt to make it all equally believable. FAKE sexual misconduct claims only make the true claims less believable. So now I pose this question again: Why aren't women infuriated over FAKE sexual misconduct claims?

READER: It's not that Roy Moore is a Republican; it's because he's not an establishment sycophant, and worse yet, he's an unabashed and outspoken Christian. The war against Christianity is full on, and Christians are becoming aware of it. Christian moral teaching restrains evil where generic jaw boning will never succeed.


The latest sexual harassment & rape accusations, have gone off the cliff -

yes I was assaulted as a child by the doctor when I was born - that was great by the way yesterday

we are at the point of just make stuff up & pass on hearsay as fact & evidence.

The biggest problem is real victims will get ignored.

the political ones only need to be good enough to damage someones opponent till the election

Roy Moore accusations "appear" totally fabricated to political attack him just before the election

almost the same as we saw last year on Trump - then all these accusers will disappear after the election...

but we have video of creepy uncle Joe Biden feeling every wife, girl friend & their daughters up

yet I have not heard of one accusation on him???

then we have Barbra Comstock "I don't know who it is, but somebody who I trust told me this situation,"

this gets into total hearsay - are we just making stuff up at this point???

There are real predators on both sides but this is a media accusation circus - its not even believable

but one thing to note:

this has shifted the the main sleaze medias attention totally away from the congressional hearings on Sessions, Uranium One, Hillary DNC scandals etc.

READER: Does the goings on in the USA both home and abroad (corruption etc.) make you two as ill inside as it does me ?

I didn't grow up thinking badly of my Government. I DO NOW.

WRH: I also grew up thinking we had a good government overall. Since 1994 I have had a world-class education as to just how corrupt it all is.

READER: I'm a self-hating, black Zionist homosexual trapped in a third generation German American male, heterosexual, Constitutionalist's body with severe cognitive advantage.

Please share my dilemma with your listeners so I can can get help before I take my black powder musket on a shooting spree at the nearest country club!

READER: Jeff Sessions needs to resign immediately.


AMEN!! AMEN!! Sang the choir. And if he doesn't resign - Fire the guy!!!

READER: "DUMB AS A BRICK=> Chelsea Clinton Celebrates New Sharia Law Barbie Doll"

'We Object to this uncalled-for, unfortunate, nasty smear!!!' The Brick Coalition