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May 15, 2018

READER: YouTube pulled your Wolfgang Halbig video
WRH: Imagine my shock!

READER: Last Monday you mentioned you would set up your seismograph machine. Iím just wondering if you had done so and if any results. Thanks.
WRH: Basically, it's an old geophone hooked into a DC amplifier then fed to the audio in on a laptop, where the signal is recorded on Adobe Audition. After a low-pass filter, I was detecting quakes coming from the Big Island. Absent calibration, the data isn't really useful. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

READER: Israeli proverb - "Shoot anything that moves and call it Hamas"

READER: Just listening to friday show while at work.

You mentioned spies in W.H.

George Webb now believes there were 3.

Bannon and Mooch were 2 of them...

Just an fyi.

READER: This was said by an actor in a Teddy Roosevelt movie from 1940 (the copyright said 1947)

Theodore Roosevelt-- Any man that claims to be an American and supports foreign -isms within our borders is not a true American.

--of course, I cannot find it in 4 search engines.

READER: Friend: President Trump is proposing a bill to set term limits for Congressmen. Who wouldn't want that?

Me: Congressmen.

READER: Wow...have you noticed in the comment sections pretty much everywhere you go today there is basically a spam-fest of Christian "zionist" idiots posting scriptures and praising "Israel" on the event of this stupid embassy move?

I have to wonder of they are astroturfers or just Scofield Bible deluded fools.

READER: where in bible does it say the American people of USA must fund the death & war agenda of god's chosen people ?

READER: You guys should seriously think about getting off the ring of fire.

Here in Florida, the occasional hurricane, a sink hole here or there, but the most pesky right now are the Love Bugs they who throw themselves on the front of your car at 25 mph.

Other than that, things are swell.

Get off those islands, ok?

READER: Spoke about the Trump lies on Sunday. His address of why the U.S. was pulling out of the Iran nuclear talks. Peppered with lies, the entire address. Despicable. You can always spot a liar based on his eyes, and his body language. Trump lied his ass off in that address. Clearly this speech was written by his good friend, Bibi.