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November 15, 2016

READER: Just read that "article" (if you can call it that) about one of the Perennial Victims blubbering about a swastika painted on her door, and how this is "somehow Donald Trump's fault." And that "it seems like they've been given permission."

Really? WHo the hell is "they" "rabbi?" Got names, numbers, creeds, or are you just going to blame "white men?" What evidence does the CBC give that this is in ANY WAY related to Donald Trump? They don't even try. This is Soviet Pravda-level propaganda.

Speaking for Canadians here, I apologise to both Donald Trump AND the Americans who voted for him. The CBC is a fully-blown propaganda outfit using MY taxpayer money to spread this nonsense.

...and of course, they don't allow comments. Big surprise. But perhaps the CBC still has an Ombudsman.

If anyone wants to complain about the CBC's yellow journalism and HEAVY bias, here is the Ombudsman:

And I invite Americans to do it, too. After all the CBC seems to think meddling in the American election is OK, perhaps the Ombudsman should hear from Americans as well.

READER: Michael how would you go about to change a corrupt state election system ?
WRH: Sledgehammers on those electronic machines to start.

Nooses for those caught trying to rig an election would also help.

READER: Any business (especially media) that runs on its proprietor's love of money instead of passion for broadcasting, is bound to go corrupt, just a matter of time.

I believe that selling food and other unrelated to broadcasting is good if one is in food and other market style business and not broadcasting.

READER: JOHN FUCKING BOLTON. Damn this guy has enough problems right now. He is about to ditch 90% of his internet following. Who is advising him. He just threw me off his badwagon and i have been a ferverent supporter.

READER: Today Russia launched renewed attacks against Terrorists in Syria, including Al-Nusra. I believe this is the first time Russia has launched substantial strikes against these "good" terrorists, (they are good because they smile as they cut-off heads). I wonder if the US and friends will retaliate, if so, when and where... Europe possibly?

READER: Giuliani?

I thought he'd be good for Attn. Gen. , but then ,I thought if the investigations delve deeper into Clinton /Bush , what if it came out He knew before hand about 911?. your thoughts!

Newt , I thought would have been the perfect Sec. of St., Again , your thoughts.

"we the people" still have 2 very fine cards in the deck in that of Gowdy and Chaffetz.

WRH: Despite his past links to 9-11, Giuliani is a touch negotiator, coming out of his years as a prosecutor. That kind of aggressiveness is a good trait in a Secretary of State. I agree on Gowdy and Chaffetz. Maybe Gowdy for AG and Chaffetz for head of the FBI?

READER: Hi Michael and Claire,

If NASA is re-launched to investigate and colonise space, next generation telescopes etc.

Please can we stop and think of Neil Armstrong?

Just think where we would be if the waste of capital had been invested in space!

When Armstrong withdrew from Nasa because of the politics it was an indescribable shame.

WRH: I got to meet Armstrong after Apollo 11 and his concern was that he didn't want to be paraded around as a trophy while he got older and older. He wanted the world to remember him just as he was when he went to the Moon. So hs shunned a public life.

The same with Michael Collins.

Buzz Aldrin, of course, went a different direction. :)

As for the politics, that really got out of control under the "New NASA" and I watched close up while Dr. Gilbert Levin got cheated of the fame he deserved for detecting indigenous life on Mars during Viking ... all because of politics. That's why those of us who worked there know that NASA stands for "Never A Straight answer!"

READER: Re: New York Times contrition

Silly woman, you knew I was a snake when you took me in.

READER: Right now Trump is doing what any good business man does after the deal. You make a few concessions to those that helped to close the deal. That's just how it works and how the political game is played. That doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't have any awareness of what's going on around him or that he won't conduct his Presidency like a CEO that has the final say over those under him. Might be just a bit too early to start second guessing the man.
WRH: I agree. In any event, Trump at his worst is still better than Hillary at her best!

READER: Boy are the snowflakes in for a rude awakening when they finally sit down and watch

"Hillary's America, the secret history of the democratic party"

Democrats overwhelmingly voted against.... women's right to vote, women's rights, the abolishment of slavery, 12th, 13th and 14th amendments (all designed to give blacks full citizenship).

WRH: The snowflakes only watch Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" .... over and over and over and over and over ...

READER: Someone needs to do an intervention on obummer - he is waaaaay too angry and venge-full to allow him to run/ruin our country over the next two months. Or longer if he has the unmitigated gall and illegal audacity to declare martial law so he can stay in office and single-handedly go against the presidential vote of the majority of the citizens of the U.S. He is a sick man who in his uncontrolled anger, can wreck a great deal of damage to our country in a very short period of time.

READER: WRH: Obummer "is trying to undermine Trump before Trump can even get into the White House, and is clearly trying to salvage the New World Order agenda!"

More like 'savage' than 'salvage' - TheBummer is out there making a bloody fool of himself - great way to finish off his 'legacy' as an immature spoiled brat

READER: Hitler tried to free Germany from the international bankster mafia and Germany was destroyed.

Milosevic tried to free Yugoslavia from the international bankster mafia and Yugoslavia was destroyed.

Saddam Hussein tried to free Iraq from the international bankster mafia and Iraq is still being destroyed.

Gaddafi tried to free Libya from the international bankster mafia and Libya was destroyed, Gaddafi murdered.

John Kennedy WAS freeing the USA from the international bankster mafia when he was gunned down.

Donald Trump seems to wading into these same waters.

WRH: Yes, he is. Brave man!

READER: WRH: hitlery "committing massive election fraud, including an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants and 1.2 million dead people who voted for her, not to mention those computer vote machines that voted for Hillary when the button for Trump was pressed!

Assuming these dead & immigrant votes were counted, can you imagine Trump's vote-slaughter of Hitlery if these illegal votes were deducted from her total!!! Massive !!!

READER: I've noticed on your site that you're tagging browsers with a unique identifier. Why are you doing that? One of my browsers is #axzz4PzyOAibx as in when I go to your normal links, I see them like this:

What's the deal with that?

WRH: It's a tracking number to see who is linking to my website. Nothing to worry about for readers.

READER: You are right on!!! How did a ugly duckling get a lovely Lady Claire?
WRH: I got her drunk!