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March 17, 2018

READER: I've just pushed through to the end of last Thursday's broadcast. You are one of the few journalists worthy of the name in this or any century.

READER: I'm wondering why a PEDESTRIAN bridge weighed so much?

READER: I think the bridge collapsed due to poor engineering.

The same type of engineering that is occuring here where i work at a mine site.

Here this company has been over the last few year hiring these immigrant engineers that have shoody degrees and are paying them peanuts

Numberous screwup engineering projects here electrical.mechanical etc.

Luckily no one has been killed but some have been injured. it a scam these big companies are using to lower wages.

In Canada this is the norm now.

READER: About that alleged nerve gas attack against a Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury, WHO PROFITS? Now there is a good reason for someone to get rich selling the UK government all types of "anti nerve gas" technology! Do these yokels who tow the anti-Russian line actually believe what they are saying? Would Putin be that stupid to allow ANY type of chemical attack while the his enemies are running around like a pack of hungry wolves looking for an "excuse" to attack the Russia/Syria/Iran defense infrastructure? Maybe some of Assad's "chemical attack inclinations" rubbed off on Mr. Putin?(that was just sarcasm). The CIA could call it officially "Dictators Lack of Remorse Syndrome"! Britain is being played like those in the movie "V for Vendetta", where government-sanctioned chemical attacks on its own people allowed a brutal and repressive regime to gain power and suppress ALL dissent.

READER: It just occurred to me (F.D.R. said nothing in politics happens by chance), what if the F.B.I.'s blatant failure to act on Cruz was intentional so the people will cry for action in advance on anyone who is considered a threat (Minority Report)? Then the F.B.I. would be required to act and the politicians would get behind the clamor from the public.

READER: This morning when I searched What Really Happened on youtube to watch your show it magically was not listed. So they have made it so your show don't show up on a search.

They have been censoring my channel since Dec 15, 2015. Now a days they simply don't count views, steal subscribers, ghost my comments on my own channel. Need to find another platform. Youtube is total scumbag after anyone who tells the truth about anything. 1984.

READER: Worse than the bankers rigging gold and silver prices and not having the gold that they sold you (or selling gold that they don't have via fraudulent LME unallocated paper spot contracts or COMEX Futures contracts) is the fact that we don't even have MONEY today. Therefore all financial transactions and economic numbers predicated on the existence of money are FRAUD and FORGERIES presently.

Electronic digits and paper fiat currencies in use today are NOT money, according to the law of the country that issues the reserve currency of the world, the US Dollar (Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution); or by the tenets of the science of Economics (i.e., fiat currencies are not money because they are not a store of value nor a unit of account due to the fact that NOT ONE fiat currency's value is actually determined or stipulated in concrete legal terms). Dollars and Euros and Yens are not even lawfully DEFINED as to what they all are exactly; what their economic worth and transactional value is. Hence, fiat currencies simply cannot constitute the legal foundation of any lawful contract!

(Also, there cannot be either inflation nor deflation in the ABSENCE of money. Both inflation and deflation are monetary events which cannot take place where there literally is no money.) What we have today is massive GLOBAL FRAUD mascarading as a monetary system based on the (fraudulent) US dollar because all fiat currencies are basically only a derivative of the US dollar, including the Euro, the Yen, the Yuan, the Rouble, the Shekel and the Riyal. Furthermore, why do a few people get the right to print fake fiat money out of nothing and buy your goods and services with it whereas you have to WORK to obtain the same worthless money created out of nothing? THAT is the question at the heart of the matter.

That the bankers manipulate interest rates or the price of gold via fraudulent Futures trading (by selling gold that they don't have) with fiat money is a moot point. To put it differently: why do the bankers get to have anything that they want without working for it and you, you don't? All this talk about market rigging, monetary theory and fraudulent (paper) gold trading is a cover-up for INJUSTICE. The US Constitution FORBIDS the use of debt as money; the US Constitution proscribes (debt) notes which is what the US dollar is presently.

Think, all other currencies are just another name for the US Dollar. What passes for money today is a CRIME, no more no less.

READER: there's one thing about Novachok I haven't heard mentioned on any news including even WRH: Given it was a Soviet, not Russian, invention, there's another country that would have a supply of it, and unlike Russia, that country has never gone through Chemical weapons disarmament. And with the fascists still in charge, surely Ukraine would have an interest in demonizing Russia.

It's quite possible that they'll find the poison used was indeed Soviet-made Novachok - either Ukraine's supply or the Russian supply that was handed over to the US for "destruction" after the USSR collapsed.

READER: I just finished re-watching the independent media documentary "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook."

I'm going to ignore the subject matter...there is a lot that can be said about Sandy Hook and the Florida false flag.

Rather I want to just mention the small group of independent media people that made this documentary. They did a great job. And they did it using the media outlets of their time: Google, Facebook, Youtube.

The sad fact is, they won't be able to make a video about the Parkland false flag because the very media they used to such great effect is now 100% against them. Google, Facebook and Youtube will NOT allow another "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" style video to be created.

The end of the documentary contains a statement from it's creators about how they no longer trust the mainstream media to provide the truth. That was in 2014. Here we are in 2018, the era of "Fake News" where the mainstream media is essentially an arm of the DNC (or whomever is controlling the DNC). The masks have entirely come off thanks to President Trump.

Speaking of "masks" the creators of the video blacked out their faces. And that was 2014, long before the current witch hunt against alternative media.

I note you had two or three more potential "shooting events" on your main page today. I have a feeling there will be regular "shooting events" until the Second Amendment is repealed. They are using the Port Arthur method..for some reason Sandy Hook wasn't enough. I guess we're going to see a "Port Arthur" every week now until Trump is suckered into doing what Hillary was supposed to do.

Strange days indeed, as John Lennon once noted.

READER: , just in case you have been pining for your childhood homeland we have been nailed with Noreasters this month with possibly another one on the way.

READER: Re: Plastic nanos

Plastics are xeno-estrogens. There are about 30 of them. That's where all this gender confusion is coming from.

READER: FWIW: Emotions are instantaneous value judgments. Heaven forbid anyone ever point this out. Emotions are supposed to remain as not to offend anyone by requiring them to actually apply their reason to analyze why the feel the emotions they do.

READER: I called Front Site to inquire exactly what the Commander membership includes. I had already become an online member and received a catalog of courses. I was told that with the Commander membership all their courses are free as long as you register two weeks in advance. The courses are two or four days each and cost $1,000 - $2,000. Members must pay for gun rentals and ammunition as well as a yearly $50 background check. I asked if having a medical marijuana card would be a problem, and was told no, that shouldn’t be a problem. I also asked about lodging. He said they are building a hotel on site, and they have free dry campsites. Besides courses in every type of firearm they offer courses in Empty Hand Defense, Edged Weapons, Rope,Rappel and Climb, as well as courses for kids. Absolutely incredible! I will beg/borrow to make this happen for myself and my husband and plan to talk to the few patriots we know here in Sacramento. I think you ought to do it too, as you won’t be on the island too much longer.