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April 18, 2017

READER: From a recent article about Trump’s illegal invasion of Syria: “Some Russian press today call the United States the most unpredictable nation in the world, and they are absolutely right.”

Actually ‘they are absolutely’ Wrong - U.S. warmongering polytricksters are totally ‘predictable’ - they can be counted on to commit mass murder all across the world. Doesn’t matter who is preznit or which congresscritters get voted in - they all are psycho killers. Who are destroying our country, along with all the countries they illegally invade.

READER: WRH: A reminder: McCain's actual job is supposed to be Arizona!


READER: Since Pres. Trump seems to be demonstrating a propensity for pyromania may I suggest a useful target, the Poppy fields of Afghanistan, where it could literally save over 10,000 thousands of lives a year here in the U.S. from opiate addiction

Just a thought.

WRH: Those poppies are the only thing the US isn't bombing in Afghanistan!

READER: Shock !!!!!

"Breeders, the straights"

I thought I was the only one who thought that thought my whole life.

Haa ha ha ha ha

READER: Trump is reminding me more and more of Woodrow Wilson. I'm expecting his daughter Ivanka to start running things like Wilsons wife did after he had his stroke. Wilson lost control of his presidency too along with getting us into a world war. I see that same look on Donald Trumps face.

READER: Subject: N. Korean Subs Around Hawaii

What are they doing there now?

WRH: I am not aware that anyone has actually detected North Korean subs around Hawaii.

READER: First i have to say i watched a small portion of your show live yesterday for the first time in a few years and i agree with the one caller you had, you are looking quite svelte now a days.

I'm not sure if you saw the NBC article about Alex Jones's attorney stating, in custody court, as a rebuttal to accusations made by his ex wife, that Alex is a "performance artist" and "nothing he broadcasts can be taken any more seriously than Jack Nicholson playing the role of the Joker" (paraphrasing slightly).

Not a very wise statement to make when hes battling all the fake news propaganda but i guess his childrens fate is an obvious priority over that.

Anyhow youre one of the only ones left still calling it like you see it as opposed to "towing the (new) line" in the pipe dream hopes of that Alt media WH press pass. Thanks

READER: Subject: state issued currency

how much return would each state get on currency printed/coined/issued by themselves. ......if they billed the taxpayers exactly the same amount of usury the federal reserve costs the American people ?

WRH: The theory is that a state-issued currency has no usury, and government should not exist to make a profit off of the people.

READER: Re: US forces are accused of killing 40 civilians by dropping bomb on a Syrian mosque which they 'wrongly thought was an Al Qaeda meeting'

Hasn't it been a long standing rule/law that a Church is not to be bombed? I also notice the same DOUBLE-TAP of Bombing the victims outside.

WRH: "Rules? We don' need no stinkin' rules!" -- Official White Horse Souse

READER: Google is now blocking independent media searches. They have become the gatekeepers to information. It's time to make them pay. STOP using google search. Here are a few others that are not blocking websites.,

I am no longer using google. The only way to teach these people is to hit them in their wallets. $$$$ lost. Send this info to all in your address book. NO longer use Google search engine.

WRH: I am using and

READER: Since the explosion of Little Kim’s prototype ICBM, about 54 hours ago, I got an email from a supporter who is a government weapons scientist. He prefers to remain anonymous, but I know his name and where he is employed and that alone is sufficient for me to believe him.

Let’s call him Tim. Tim says that in 2009 he was working with some US Army researchers who were working on a highly-classified, directed-energy weapons program. Tim was aware of the problems this project was facing in generating enough power to create a laser shot powerful enough to be an effective weapon.

He made a suggestion that instead of creating a super-powerful laser using only one color of laser light, that they create a more versatile weapon using the three primary colors of light; blue, red and green.

That way, the laser could be automatically tuned to the exact color that is best absorbed by the target in milliseconds.

WRH: Ideally for such a system to work most efficiently, it should be a single laser that can change its monochromatic frequency, not mix RGB (which still only produces three distinct frequencies). That is the theory behind the tunable laser.

Generally, the lower the frequency, the less you suffer from atmospheric "bloom." But once you get into the infrared, you start losing too much energy to atmospheric water vapor.

READER: Re: Susan Rice Net Worth Exposed: $50M As A CAREER Politician Making $172K At Her Max Salary

I have been saying this for years. The politicians are stealing us blind. How does a politician who has a yearly salary of 174 K end up being worth millions of dollars years later? It is quite obvious. They are making money under the table. Whether it be through insider trading on Wall Street, or being a shareholder in the DOD, (military industrial complex). The Ghost with the most," Pastey Boy". (John McCain), would be the biggest thief in Washington. Cut a hole in his 500 dollar suit, and watch the rats pour out. A criminal past. His criminal ways still continue today. This might be one of those pot calling the kettle black situations, as Trump has significant wealth. I seriously doubt that he will ever look into this crime of Self Enrichment, at the cost of the taxpayers. My theory. People of great wealth have acquired that great wealth by less than honest means. Cutting corners. Inside info, Payoffs. I believe,(without proof), that Donald Trump is that kind of businessman. If he is, the libtards are holding that Trump Card. to be played at another time. Maybe Steamroll him with several Indiscretions for an impeachment. Can we ever get a break? We jump out of the fire, and straight into the pot...... EVERY 4 YEARS.

READER: I'm sending this to you because it gives an indictment to the sensationalism of TV "News". An Australian chiropractor came under fire for giving an infant girl an adjustment for symptoms of colic. The adjustment last a second. The baby cried for 10-15 seconds then calmed down.

The chiro was blasted for this. They bring him on to the talk show and blast him. The two hosts, female, give him a lot of crap as hysterical moms. The two guests tried to come to his defense and talked glowingly of their experiences with chiros and were promptly interrupted.

They never report that the child is ok. They never bring on the parents for defending their decision to have their infant adjusted. In the process, the chiro is so flustered that he comes off looking terrible. Nothing he says will matter.

No doubt this TV show is littered with ads for drugs.

Thought I'd share it in the hopes that you'll share it and point out the "reporting" improprieties.

READER: Raspberry Pi Radio Station

Here's what all it's doing and only consumes 10% of it CPU usage.

Automatically switches between internet live feeds at the right time.

Downloads other streams and saves them for automatic playback at another time slot

Fetches the weather forecast, converts text to speech and plays that forecast at the top of the hour along with conditions collected from weather sensors connected to the USB ports. And the time, which is accurate to the second because the computer is constantly updating with the atomic time clocks, and the station ID.

All I have to do is listen on the radio just like any other radio station listener.

Automation is GOOD...

Last night I turned off my big radio station computer for the first time in years. Ahhh, been trying to get to this point for a very, very long time.

Thanks for pointing me in the Pi direction.

READER: Correct me if I'm wrong but..I thought modern "nukes" were Neutron weapons that only emit a burst of temporary radiation that does not cause fallout - only kills the people leaves the infrastructure. The news media is talking like all 'atomic' weapons are the old-fashioned dirty bombs like hydrogen that will cause fallout. Reading a story today about if the U.S. "nukes" north korea - people talking about how the fallout would spread. What fallout? I could swear we switched to neutron weapons and I thought the Russians did also.
WRH: I am afraid that Neutron bombs are a minority in the world's arsenals. And intense neutron bombardment can make other materials radioactive.

READER: I just wanted to let you know that my instructor as well as my classmates were floored to learn that our currency is borrowed at interest from a private central bank. I was deluged with a barrage of questions and I'm happy to say that your All Wars and 11th Marble articles helped me answer them all. I think the seeds were planted to foster a new generation of private central banking heretics. Mind you, I only presented the introduction to my persuasive speech last night. I will present my entire speech next week. Thanks Mike. Your efforts are not in vain.


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