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March 20, 2017

READER: caller .....trying to say unions .......without saying unions are the riot makers

READER: Re wiretaps

With the anti President Trump people saying no wiretaps ould be allowed by Obama without approval, it would not include other methods of eavesdropping like you discussed on Friday show.

WRH: The Obama supporters are playing games with the word "wire-tapping" as if that is the only thing Obama could have done.

READER: listened to the first few muinite of todays broadcast, am recording, listening to the hearings, no one is asking about the Israeli dual citizin adam schiff who is shaping the dialog, literally bulldozing the hearing. It is about russia.

READER: That clip from "Good Night and Good Luck" is one of my all time favorites. I'll post that on social media from time to time to the ignorance of my friends and followers who pass by it without a glance because the refuse to be illuminated, preferring to post photos of their breakfast at the Waffle House which seems to get a better response.

READER: FBI Comey Russia hearings today....

You're going to want to hear Chairman Nunes' initial opening statement, specifically his first 3 or 4 sentences where he berated Putin and Russia for attacking Ukraine, defending Assad in Syria, and his swipe at Russia Today for peddling American conspiracy theories!

This guy is a piece of work!

If I see a transcript, or YouTube link before your show starts, I will pass it along. This Russia bashing was rich!

READER: Re Magdalen laundries

Hi Michael

Thank you for publishing this article

I read about laundries many years ago

The treatment of women especially unmarried mothers was despicable

I remember a friend -going to watch documentary and could not believe at first

She was ill from thoughts

Then eve of St Patrick's Day I decided to check on a deceased in 39s relative who was Bishop in Tuam near Galway

And I found an article of abuse that rivals Laundries

Bon Secours home for mothers and children

Bodies of dead children found in underground tunnels

Will send article later

There is an article in Washington Post

Cannot be explicitly angry at Irish as Canada's indigenous in a residential schools received vicious treatment from nuns and priests

Also in Ireland children left in orphanages often by unmarried women were brutally abused physically and psychologically

I had a friend who lived in one orphanage

Great psychological damage much repressed

Her mother came to retrieve her when she was 16 but thankfully a woman who used to visit and whose family was going to move to Canada brought her with family

Later adopted her

My hopes in all this is that there is a hell

READER: Hi Mr Rivero, I know of you and watch your site for news for years... havent heard you on infowars for awhile and there was some kind of a falling out im aware but i still see you crosspost an occasional article from, at, or concerning them so was hoping it wasn't all negative. My content isnt negative just one of concern.

Their disqus based message boards are undergoing intentional censorship and i have screenshots proving it. Stupid hateful posts are allowed to spam up hundreds of posts all day, anything actually insightful seems to be censored, certain constructive and antiwar posts seem to be censored. I dont think infowars is doing it and I dont think they are even aware of it. Emails to them about it with screenshots go unanswered. It's been happening for months that I know of but I didnt have before/after screenshots until more recently, or/and couldn't rule out petty personal wars either.

It's one thing to have it done on facebook or even google, but when several 'truth' sites are using a news article comment system themselves engaging (or allowing unopposed) random censorship i consider that of concern.

READER: Comey testifying lying....

He says anonymous Russian sources?

If you look close enough you could see tiny brown pieces of human excrement flying out his mouth.

READER: You both have dedicated a large portion of your lives to finding and publishing the truth.

One thing positive is that the main news outlets have been exposed. However, with that a bunch of phoney information is being tossed around on the internet.

The main consolation for people like you and I are that we stayed the course. That in itself is the greatest testimony.

READER: Loved your photo with the PC Roberts article regarding mainstream-media!! That woman's voice is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Further, I'd pay handsomely to see a stake driven thru that woman's tongue!!!!! (I refuse to call her by name; ass clowns don't deserve respect)